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#rockbox log for 2004-08-29

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00:14:18JonodudeI was wondering if someone could help me
00:15:07JonodudeUSB issues...
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00:16:11uskiJonodude, what is your problem?
00:16:50JonodudeWell, I recently purchased a new motherboard, processor, and some other stuff
00:17:19JonodudeTo get to the point, when I plug in my Recorder 20, the computer freezes everything except the cursor
00:17:48uskimust be an OS problem
00:17:49JonodudeWhen installing the drivers, the computer froze up as well.
00:17:58JonodudeWin98, eh?
00:18:00uskithis confirm what i suppose :)
00:18:10uskiWin98 doesn't have a very good usb support...
00:18:40uskiwhat's your computer ?
00:18:49uskiwhat is the motherboard, CPU, ... ?
00:19:12uskiyou may want to install the drivers of your motherboard
00:19:14Jonodudemotherboard is ASRock.
00:19:33JonodudeCPU: AMD 2000-something
00:19:44uskiand you are running win98 on this ?
00:20:31Jonodudeit's all I've got right now...
00:20:41uskiok. the problem is that win98 is not supported anymore by microsoft.
00:20:51uskistock drivers are not updated anymore
00:21:09uskiso for new chipsets, new devices, ..., you need to install the latest drivers from the manufacturer
00:21:19uskihere, you seem to have a problem with the USB subsystem
00:21:29uskiyou should try looking if there was a Cd with your motherboard
00:21:37uskiif yes, try looking for USB drivers in it
00:21:42uskiif you find some drivers for win98
00:21:44uskiinstall them
00:21:51uskiand then try again
00:21:57JonodudeOkay, thanks, I'll try that
00:21:59uskibut my advice is to avoid using win98
00:22:10uskiit is outdated :)
00:22:22JonodudeEh. No money here.
00:22:34uskiheh :\
00:22:37Jonodudereally - I depleted my life's savings upgrading.
00:22:59uskitry installing the drivers
00:23:03uskiand come back to tell us the results
00:23:13uskiif i'm not there, i am sure you will find somebody else to help you
00:23:27uskialso, remember there is a mailling list dedicated to rockbox
00:23:38uskimaybe you can try posting there if what i said doesn't work
00:23:49JonodudeThe included motherboard disc has some USB drivers...
00:23:52JonodudeI'll try those
00:24:07JonodudeOkay, BRB
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00:25:42scott666why would you spend your life saving upgradign a computer running win98?
00:28:18uskiwell, i think he had a very old system, like a pentium 200 or so
00:28:35uskiso he bought some new motherboard with video, audio, network, and so on, a new CPU, and some RAM
00:28:55uskiand he didn't have some money left to buy windows xp
00:29:05uski(i have to tell him about linux btw ;))
00:29:41scott666yeah, that was my initial reaction
00:29:46scott666'linux is free...'
00:30:04scott666and then theres always suprnova/kazaa
00:30:12uskiunfortunately, many people don't even know that linux exists
00:30:34scott666the new gmini was on /. today
00:30:38uskiand 90% of people who know it does think it is a "system for geeks", you see what i mean :)
00:30:48scott666too true
00:30:51uskiwell, maybe he wants to be honest
00:31:03uskimaybe he doesn't want to use a pirate copy
00:31:06uskithat's his choice
00:31:15uskibut at least, we have to tell him to consider free alternatives to windows
00:31:35scott666i've been meaning to install linux (being a geek and all), but i just never got around to it
00:31:40midki'd never pirate an os..
00:31:56scott666sure you wouldnt midk
00:32:01midkapps/games are one thing, the whole os is another
00:32:48scott666i didnt pirate my copy of xp, but i do feel its my moral obligation to screw M$
00:33:12midkjust don't use "M$" stuff in that case.
00:33:21midkyou're pirating a piece of shit? you must be proud of yourself.
00:33:24uskii have many Windows XP licenses
00:33:30uskisold with my different computers
00:33:35uskiand i do not use them
00:33:47midkuski, you purchased them, correct?
00:33:49uskiWINDOWS IS SHIT. for me.
00:34:07uskiif people are happy about it, then it's ok for them
00:34:10uskibut im not happy with windows
00:34:15uskimidk, i was forced to buy these licenses
00:34:25midki guess you don't understand, i'm AGAINST pirating an OS, not WITH it.
00:34:26uskicomputer vendors don't allow you to choose
00:34:30scott666i had the option to not buy windows when i got my computer
00:34:32uskiyea i understand
00:34:40scott666i chose to because i want to play games
00:34:54uskiscott666, i didn't, otherwise i wouldn't have that much licenses
00:35:18scott666 <−− highly reccomend these guys
00:36:04uskiim playing with an online internet camera, with zoom/pan/tilt features
00:36:13uskiit's a panasonic model, located in some university
00:36:17uskiwith a 21x optical zoom
00:36:29uskithis camera costs at least $1299
00:36:40uskiit's funny, i can see people very far away ;)
00:36:55uskii would give the url but i don't want it to be in the irc log.
00:37:08uskiif you want it, ask me for it and i'll give it in a private chat window
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00:42:28JonodudeI'm back
00:42:37midkfollow her scott
00:42:44JonodudeAnd... no luck
00:42:59midkfollow someone
00:43:23scott666wonder where that tables going
00:43:46uskii have to make me such a webcam
00:43:51JonodudeComputer froze up, so I left it plugged in to see what would happen. I came back a little while later and found the computer un-froze, but no Archos "drive".
00:43:58uskiunfortunately i will never be able to buy a zoom lens
00:44:05uskiJonodude, hmm
00:44:18uskiwhile you were away
00:44:22uskiwe had some discussion about you ;)
00:44:25uskido you know linux ?
00:44:29uskiit's a free OS
00:44:36JonodudeSure, I've heard of it
00:44:39uskiwith all the features that win98 has
00:44:41scott666those chick's table got jcaked!
00:44:45uskiwhat are you using your computer for ?
00:45:23uskiinternet, games, wordprocessing, ... ?
00:45:32JonodudeExact Audio Copy, web surfing, occasional game, and actually my schoolwork
00:46:05uskiat least, linux is free. i don't know if you can really use it, but i'd like to help you with it. some people prefer to get a pirate copy of windows XP, but some others, like me, prefer a free OS
00:46:18uskithe major problem with linux nowadays is the games
00:46:24uskimany games are made only for windows
00:46:35JonodudeLike Motocross Madness, I'd guess
00:46:45uskiyea :)
00:46:56scott666but you get tux racer
00:47:03scott666mostly the same thing
00:47:37uski(midk, scott666, stop play_ihng with the cam i want to seez sth)
00:48:00JonodudeMy father mentioned something about an XP "student edition"?
00:48:18uskiXP SE
00:48:23uskiis a "light" edition of windows x
00:48:24scott666wasnt that the one theyre releasing to korea thats totally crippled?
00:48:31midkhaha, nm
00:48:32uskiit will allow you to run only 3 apps simultaneously
00:48:37uskialso, many features have been removed
00:48:39scott666yeah, thats the one
00:48:49uskiit is meant for the asian market
00:48:55uskiwhere almost all copies of windows xp are pirated ones
00:49:05uskimicrosoft thinks that they will start selling windows xp by making a cheap edition
00:49:10uskiunfortunately... err...
00:49:14uskii don't think it will work...
00:49:25JonodudeYeah. That's pretty lame.
00:49:28scott666i dont understand how you can expect someone to use a computer with onyl three apps
00:50:14scott666firewall, anti virus, ____
00:50:18uskiand the funnyiest is the excuse microsoft told about this
00:50:26uskithey said... they said...
00:50:36uskifunny isn't it ?
00:50:48scott666this was on /., right?
00:50:55uskiyea a few days ago
00:50:58uskiJonodude, sic.
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00:51:17*Jonodude laughs out loud
00:51:43uski(too bad there isn't a loudspeaker on the cameraa, so we could say "HEY YOU, BOY ! BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YA !"
00:52:02scott666that would be awesome
00:52:05uskiyea rofl
00:52:10scott666i wanna be able to shout at these people
00:52:23uski"STOP LOOKING AT HER, IT'S MY GF !"
00:52:32uskihey stopi saw a girl
00:52:33uskiRED ALERT
00:52:36uskilet me look at her
00:52:55Jonodudewhat are you doing?
00:53:00scott666ooh, frisbee
00:53:47scott666that guys been on that bench for a while now
00:53:49uskiJonodude, we're looking through the windows of the building next to our common room with a special IR camera
00:53:52uskiwe're all roommates
00:54:01uskidon't we, scott666 ? :)
00:54:17JonodudeOh, you know, I have a PCI USB 2.0 card I bought for our other computer, because it did not come with 2.0. Would using that make a difference?
00:54:26uskiJonodude, it may.
00:54:36uskitry putting it, and before doing anything, install the drivers of it
00:54:41uski=> stop the computer
00:54:44uski=> put the card in it
00:54:47uski=> install the driver
00:54:52uski=> connect your archos
00:54:54JonodudeYep, that's how it goes.
00:54:55uskiin this oprder
00:55:53JonodudeHowever, I noticed lately (or observed) that its speeds were more like that of a 1.0 USB
00:55:54scott666stupid trees
00:56:02JonodudeNot sure why it would seemingly slow down.
00:56:16uskiJonodude, im not sure win98 has support for usb 2.0
00:56:23uskiand i think it's because of this that you are having trouble
00:56:29JonodudeThat could be it...
00:56:35uskiyou know, last time microsoft shown the usb support of win98
00:56:38uskithey got a blue screen
00:56:48uskiyea, bill gates having a blue screen in front of hundreds of persons
00:57:00uskiit gives you an idea of the usb support :)
00:57:03scott666i got my archos to work with 98
00:57:08scott666usb 1.1 only
00:57:16scott666uski: ive seen that video, its great
00:57:22uskiyea lol
00:57:27uskihey look at the cam
00:57:32uskithere is some girl at the upper-right corner
00:57:43JonodudeHey, in linux, you can boot up in windows, correct?
00:58:01uskiJonodude, linux is another OS
00:58:04uskiin linux, no windows
00:58:07uskiin windows, no linux
00:58:11uskiit's not the same at all
00:58:19JonodudeI know
00:58:29uskibut you can have both in the same computer
00:58:33JonodudeI thought I remember hearing that you can choose which OS to boot, or something
00:58:33uskiand if you have some CD-ROM reader
00:58:37uskiyou can even use a bootable linux CD
00:58:41uskithey work great
00:58:44uskii would advice using Knoppix
00:58:53uskiit's called having a multiboot
00:58:53JonodudeSounds interesting.
00:58:56uskiyea, it is
00:59:04uskiso you don't have to install anything on your harddrive
00:59:10uskiyou can work on linux, as if it was installed
00:59:10JonodudeThat would be good if I just wanted to transfer files.
00:59:16uskiyou can even save and open files from/to your hard drive
00:59:19uskiwiuthout installing anything :)
00:59:32uskiLOL the camera
00:59:35JonodudeSince my little "upgrade", I have a better processor than our other computer. :)
00:59:38uskisee the boy drinking
00:59:47JonodudeSo I'd really like to use this one for USB transfer
01:00:02JonodudeHmm, people sell XP on ebay
01:00:06uskithen, try using knoppix
01:00:12uskidon't buy there
01:00:15JonodudeI wouldn't dare
01:00:18uski99% of chances to get a pirate copu
01:00:34uskiif you really want a pirate copy, don't give money to these guys, and download it
01:00:46uskii don't advice you to do it, but at least, don't give money to pirates
01:01:07uskiscott666, more zoom, more zoom ! :D
01:01:09JonodudeNah, I don't like pirating things. ;)
01:01:27uskineither do it
01:01:32uskithat's why im using linux :)
01:01:41uskiand almost every software for linux is free
01:01:47uskiat least, you can find everything you need for free
01:01:55uskithere are very good offices suites like OpenOffice
01:01:57uskiand so on
01:02:12uskino need to pay a bunch of money for something buggy ;)
01:02:13JonodudeUnfortunately our CD-writer has recently died so...
01:02:19uskiwhere do you live ?
01:02:33uskiok. if you were in europe i could have sent you a Knoppix CD ;)
01:02:47uskibut i'm afraid of high shipping charges to send one to the US
01:02:58uskimaybe you can find someone in the USA who would accept to burn you a CD
01:03:28JonodudeSo, how does this Knoppix work? I mean, do you download the OS files and simply burn them to your CD?
01:03:58uskiyou will get a big .iso file
01:04:00uskiit's called an image
01:04:01scott666you download an image file
01:04:04uskido you know what it is ?
01:04:22uskiit's a file that is a "copy" of all the content of the CD
01:04:24scott666and your bios has to be able to boot to a cd
01:04:30uskithe CD burner will burn the data in this file straight into the CD
01:04:42uskiscott666, it must be able to do so as it is a modern motherboard
01:05:28JonodudeYeah, I had to do that because my floppy did not work for some reason...
01:06:30Jonodudestill can't get it to work, but since I have a LAN I can copy any files from a floppy from our other computer to this one.
01:06:31uskiscott666, midk: lol the camera... look at the [thing to sleep] !
01:06:44uski(what's the english name for this ? the light-blue thing)
01:07:06Jonodude"thing to sleep"? "light-blue"?
01:07:30AciD`anybody managing the mailing list here ?
01:07:43 Join Nibbler [0] (
01:07:53uskihmmm maybe
01:09:08uskipillow is where you put your head, right ?
01:09:27uskiok :)
01:10:08*uski is still learning english =)
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01:11:08JonodudeAs I understand it English is not a very "friendly" language for foreigners?
01:11:17 Join AciD` [0] (
01:11:23uskiwell, i like the english language
01:11:40uskibut at school they don't teach us usefull vocabulary
01:11:45scott666i hear its easy to learn english if you already know french and german
01:12:05scott666but i cant speak from experience, because i already know english and i dont know german
01:12:05AciD`that's not right for french
01:12:17uskii only know french ;)
01:12:24scott666i know some french
01:12:35scott666i went to france this summer, it was fun
01:12:42JonodudeI'd like to learn some other languages
01:12:47JonodudeNot that'd they'd be very useful to me
01:12:51BlueChipperl is a good language
01:12:52scott666i suggest french
01:12:58scott666pythons good too
01:13:17JonodudeThat's right; I want to learn PHP
01:14:56uskiscott666, where did you go to france ? im french :)
01:15:18scott666various places
01:15:37scott666that i cant think of off hand
01:16:40uskiok :)
01:16:47uskiand why was it fun ? ;)
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01:17:54scott666because! its a foreign country
01:19:02 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:19:16Jonodudeyeah, that's it
01:19:38scott666i was supprised id actually learned as much french in school as i did
01:20:13scott666im going to complain to my french teacher about how useless all those tenses are
01:22:48scott666damn you plus-que-parfait!
01:27:41AciD-more than perfect !
01:30:25scott666i foudn that, its a nice tool
01:31:55Jonodudere:knoppix - haha, 699 MB download. :P
01:34:10Jonodudethe knoppix website translation thinger isn't working so well...
01:45:47uskiscott666, i never use this tense
01:45:54uskiwell, i do, but it's not mandatory
01:45:59uskiit's only if you wanna speak a perfect french
01:46:07uskii mean, you have to use it for a correct french
01:46:12uskibut we will understand you even if you donj't use it :)
01:46:26uskimany people do not know how to use these tenses correctly
01:46:31uskibrb, have to drink a bit
01:46:59scott666uski: myself included ;-)
01:47:01uski(who's zooming on the light ? scott666 ?)
01:47:07scott666not me
01:47:12uskii entered a contest to win a network camera
01:47:22uskimaybe i'll win :))
01:48:57scott666dstar5 had a much less nice camera at his library
01:49:08scott666i saw him walk past it
01:50:59uskido you have the URL ? :)
01:51:25scott666i may have it in logs
01:51:33uskigive it ! ;)
01:52:27scott666got it
01:53:46uskiok ty
01:54:22scott666the timelapse mpegs are cool
01:54:34scott666really shows how few people walk past
01:56:31scott666ooh, a spider crawled across the cam
01:56:41uskiyea lol it's very frequent
01:59:16uski02:04 a.m.
01:59:17midklater uski
02:02:07Jonodudeoh, hey guys, can you explain to me exactly how the resume feature works?
02:02:11JonodudeI have it set to always ask
02:02:19JonodudeBut sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't
02:02:29JonodudeWhether or not I was playing anything when I shut off.
02:02:39 Part BlueChip
02:03:40JonodudeI think it has to do with how I shut it off.
02:03:51JonodudeSometimes, I just hold the OFF button until the unit turns off.
02:03:56JonodudeSometimes I press it twice
02:04:05JonodudeAnd sometimes I go to "Shut Down" in the main menu
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04:27:35Siege77Hey... quick question... anyone know where you can order remotes for the recorder?
04:28:02Siege77checked it out
04:28:05Siege77archos is a little bitch
04:28:14Siege77they don't keep older products availible is all i could suggest in that case
04:28:46Siege77its cool... thanks dude.. i appritiate it
04:28:58Siege77i just stumbled upon rockbox
04:29:04Siege77dam it kicks some ass
04:30:00Siege77alright.. i'm out.. later dude.. thanks again!
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11:07:45GauchoDudedo any of you know the pinout of the Archos Jukebox 20 USB A to USB A cable ?
11:08:02dwihnoNot really
11:08:31dwihnoYou can purchase A-A cables, ya'know
11:08:38dwihnoOr are you doing some cool mod?
11:09:08GauchoDudesimply trying to get a cable & not pay Archos 40 bux US
11:09:44GauchoDudethinking I'd like to patch 2 USB's together temporarily till I get the exact one
11:10:19dwihnoI paid roughly $9 for my cable
11:10:36dwihnoworks as good as the archos cable .)
11:11:54GauchoDudethats the only one I have been able to find
11:12:03GauchoDudedo you have a VOM ?
11:12:34dwihnoGo to a computer store, tell them what you want, and they'll fix it.
11:12:53GauchoDudelooked already
11:12:58dwihnonot everything has to be done online .)
11:13:00webmind hmm, i paid 50~60 bucks for my usb cable
11:13:14dwihnowebmind: ouch!
11:13:15GauchoDudeto test the pinouts
11:13:21webmindbut thats a 24 karat one..
11:13:29GauchoDudeyeah Archos wants 40 bux plus shipping
11:13:43webmindGauchoDude, rippoff
11:13:55GauchoDudeif someone here could test their cable and tell me what pins go to what pins
11:13:59GauchoDudeI could make my own
11:14:28webmindGauchoDude, its anormal usba - usba
11:14:39*dwihno bakes a cake... all this cable talk has given me the munchies
11:14:48webmindchecked ?
11:15:10GauchoDudethere is no such thing as a "normal" usb A to usb A
11:15:15GauchoDudeI checked
11:15:27GauchoDudethat cable is a non-standard cable
11:16:24webmindwell.. its sold quite commonly
11:16:45webmindi could even buy one in iceland
11:16:48GauchoDudedunno where you live, but I checked locally here
11:16:51dwihnoI'm considering getting one for backup purposes
11:17:24GauchoDudejust checked
11:17:27GauchoDudenothing there on it
11:18:30midkit's [one of] the most common usb cable[s] ever.
11:18:39GauchoDudeno, its not
11:18:43GauchoDudebut thx fer the link !
11:18:43midkwhich one?
11:18:50midkat the archos place, top or middle
11:19:03webmindbtw.. sells affordable cables.. if u live iin the us
11:19:03midker, newmp3technology
11:19:15GauchoDudeyeah newp3tech has 'em
11:19:22GauchoDudeI was hoping to find the pinouts
11:19:26midkwhich one? top or middle.
11:20:03midk$9.99 isn't bad
11:20:06midkwhy don't you want it?
11:20:10webmindGauchoDude, usb pinout is on
11:20:32GauchoDudeI want to make one now, and not wait for shipping
11:20:40GauchoDudewebmind, I'll look
11:20:50GauchoDudeits not
11:20:54GauchoDudelooked now twice
11:21:11webmindi see it in front of me
11:21:13midkrun out to an electronics store.
11:21:20webmindunder connectors
11:21:23midkin a few hours you can.
11:21:49GauchoDudeI'm there webmind... where
11:22:07webminduniversal serial bus
11:22:18webmindsearch the page for it
11:22:45GauchoDudeFWIW thats the "official" USB org response to Type A to Type A cables
11:23:54GauchoDuderight.. this I know webmind...
11:24:00GauchoDudewhat I'm trying to determine...
11:24:16GauchoDudeis if the cable used for the archos, is straight thru or twisted
11:24:28GauchoDudefor instance, does pin 1 go to pin 1, etc
11:24:37dwihnosounds most reasonable to me
11:24:41GauchoDudeor are pin 2/3 reversed
11:24:46 Part amiconn
11:24:46GauchoDudewhich does dwihno ??
11:25:21webmindGauchoDude, that there not compliant to the standard doesntmean they're not common
11:25:36GauchoDudeok... whichever webmind
11:25:45GauchoDudeI've checked all the local places here in town
11:25:48GauchoDudeno one carries them
11:26:07dwihnoGauchoDude: 1 to 1, 2 to 2 and so forth
11:26:16webmindweird.. every decent electro shop ive visited has them
11:26:26GauchoDudedwihno, you know that for a fact or saying that ?
11:26:34dwihnoThe first computer store I went to carries them.
11:26:38dwihnoGauchoDude: Just a guess...
11:26:45webmindand some online shops has them aswell.. as shown above
11:26:51GauchoDudenot doubting you folks
11:26:58GauchoDudejust haven't found 'em here in Buffalo, NY
11:27:18GauchoDudetell me about it
11:30:35midkbed, nite
11:32:08 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleep (
11:35:25 Join edx [0] (
11:43:40uskii had huge troubles trying to find usb A to A cables, if you're speaking about that
11:53:28GauchoDudeok just made one up from 2 USB cables
11:54:32dwihnoLet's see if it works
11:54:36dwihno1-1, 2-2 and so forth?
11:55:36GauchoDudeseems to be thus far
11:55:45GauchoDudenow I'm gonna try rockbox :)
11:55:57GauchoDudenot sure if batteries are charged enuff but soon will see !
11:56:04dwihnoHooray for me, the technically impaired \o/ :)
11:56:24dwihnoI was right \o/ :)
11:57:11GauchoDudewell I didn't have too many choices
11:57:21GauchoDudeI knew power wouldn't be reversed (I thought)
11:57:25GauchoDudeand only 2 data pins
11:57:31GauchoDudeso I had 50/50 chance
11:58:01dwihnohush! let me have my moment of glory :)
11:58:10dwihnoand my cake is starting to smell lovely!
12:09:41GauchoDudeok it accepts files :)
12:12:05dwihnoseems like your cable works then
12:12:12dwihnogood for you :)
12:12:21GauchoDudeso far
12:12:25GauchoDudeits a cob job
12:13:47dwihnoI am considering making a cable shorter
12:14:04dwihnoMy computer barely powers an external disk using the usb connector
12:14:12dwihnoSo if I make the cable shorter...
12:14:50dwihnowhat do you think?
12:15:34webmindhow much shorter?
12:16:42GauchoDudeoh won't make much difference
12:16:44dwihnothe current cable I have is approx 50 cm
12:16:51dwihnoso if I make it ~ 20
12:17:27dwihnoGauchoDude: I beg to differ... Using a cable only 20 centimeters longer is a no-go
12:18:06dwihno(been there, tested that)
12:19:58GauchoDudecould be, depends on alotta things though
12:20:04GauchoDudedirectly attached USB device ?
12:20:07GauchoDudeusing a hub ?
12:20:12GauchoDudepowered hub ?
12:20:15GauchoDudelaptop ?
12:20:21dwihnoConnecting it to a powered hub, it runs (barely)
12:20:23GauchoDudedesktop PC with beefy powersupply ?
12:20:50dwihnoMy laptop won't juice it up (not even the cardbus usb2 card)
12:22:55GauchoDudeyeah my opinion on that is... use a power supply for your external HDD
12:23:20dwihnoit's a 2.5" ... it should be runnable
12:24:11GauchoDudebut bear in mind, the electronics to power the IDE to USB bridge also suck up power
12:25:31uskimaybe like 10mA ? :)
12:25:39uskinothing compared to the power requirements of the HDD
12:25:51GauchoDudemebe like 500 mAh or more
12:25:57GauchoDudedepends on alotta stuff...
12:26:11dwihnoI need to get a soldering iron as well.
12:26:32dwihnoJust twisting the cables won't do this time ;)
12:26:35GauchoDudeto power up a hdd, requires a STABLE 5 volts with at least 500-700 mAh draw
12:26:49GauchoDudewithout dropping voltage below say 4.5 volts
12:27:48GauchoDudeso if 1 foot of cable draws that much in terms of resistance
12:27:57GauchoDudeI wouldn't bother trying it
12:28:05dwihnoThe current cable works
12:28:21GauchoDudek, could be a thicker wire inside too
12:28:27GauchoDudeless resistance
12:28:35dwihnoAlthough it sometimes feeds insufficient power, which makes the disk "click" one or two times
12:29:32uskiGauchoDude, believe me, the electronics inside the USB to IDE bridge do not needs a lot of power
12:29:39GauchoDudeI think this JB 20 is fuxed
12:29:50GauchoDudeuski, depends, but it sure don't draw nuffin
12:30:30GauchoDudeI know the one in HP external burner sux the juice
12:30:58GauchoDudein my...
12:32:24GauchoDudeworks perfectly as a HDD
12:32:42GauchoDudenewly formatted it, put the factory archos firmware on it...
12:32:54GauchoDudeboots, and says "5.08"
12:33:04GauchoDudethen screen either goes blank or is garbage..
12:33:20GauchoDudeput the roxbox 2.2 on (including sub directories)
12:33:23GauchoDudeand a few MP3's
12:33:28GauchoDudedoesn't boot at all
12:33:53GauchoDudebatteries appear to be well charged, been plugged in for 6-8 hours and read high on my Volt meter
12:34:23dwihnoDamn, I'm pleased with my digital camera.
12:39:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:39:53webmindwhich type?
12:40:58dwihnopentax optio 550
12:41:17dwihnoLots of grain in low-light environments, but otherwise, it's kickass!
12:45:14dwihnoThis cake was gooood.
12:48:21GauchoDudethe unit plays songs
12:48:24GauchoDudeand buttons work
12:48:29GauchoDudebut display don't work :(
12:48:48GauchoDudeit works some I think
12:49:08GauchoDude'cuse it displayed "USB CONNECTED" for awhile when I first attached it
12:49:16GauchoDudebut I can't see the menu or track list
12:49:34GauchoDudebut its playing songs just fine, and I can hit + - to scroll thru tracks
12:50:51GauchoDudeany suggestions ?
12:51:32GauchoDudeok guess I'll try the archos firmware
12:53:16dwihnoyou need to disconnect the cable
12:53:28GauchoDudeit is
12:58:04GauchoDudenow I turned it off completely
12:58:09GauchoDudeplugged it into USB
12:58:16GauchoDudeshows up, can move files...
12:58:28GauchoDudeand now displayse Jukebox ver: 5.08
12:58:39GauchoDudeso apparently, the rockbox never loaded
13:00:53GauchoDudeany suggestions ?
13:01:35GauchoDudeplus, odd thing is... latest jukebox firmware on Archos site is 5.07a, not 5.08
13:02:20dwihnoif the unit is plugged in before you start it up, it will use the archos' firmware for the usb part (unless you've flashed)
13:03:05GauchoDudeit was on batteries
13:03:19GauchoDudelemme try sumfin
13:05:55GauchoDudeplugged into what ?
13:05:58GauchoDudewall or PC ?
13:06:34GauchoDudeoh wait
13:06:39GauchoDudeits working !
13:07:12GauchoDudesort of
13:07:17GauchoDudescreen is still a bit goofy
13:07:30GauchoDudethink I got a bad screen or solder joint to the screen
13:08:53GauchoDudeok better
13:09:12GauchoDudenow I think I have 5.07a working, but screen still is somewhat haywire
13:09:24GauchoDudegonna try rockbox 2.2 now
13:10:30GauchoDudeok, so now...detach it
13:10:32GauchoDudepower off
13:10:40GauchoDudethen power on, should take new firmware right ?
14:39:18***No seen item changed, no save performed.
14:50:13 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:50:13 Quit GauchoDude (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:53:17 Join AciD` [0] (
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16:57:08 Join lImbus [0] (
17:02:50 Join BlueChip [0] (
17:04:14BlueChipjust did a cvs update and got an error in "sysfont.c" ...I know the fonts changed recently and I have ensured that /fonts is updated - anybody have any idea what my trouble is?
17:04:53BlueChiphey there limbus
17:05:01lImbus... BlueChip, long time not ssen
17:05:08BlueChipbeen soooooo busy lately
17:05:12lImbusno, no idea at the moment.
17:05:27lImbusit works fine without having changed mor than usual
17:05:32lImbuswhich error ▀
17:05:36BlueChipthanks anyway, i've done something silly I'm sure
17:05:52lImbusI wonder why you're sure
17:06:01BlueChip /sysfont.c:19: error: syntax error before "_font_bits"
17:06:24lImbusBTW: need a gmail-account ? 've got 6 invitations to sharre
17:06:38BlueChipwell my assured'ness probably stems from my guess that others have not seen this trouble
17:07:03BlueChipthanks for the offer of gmail, but you missed your chance by about 14 hours - LOL
17:07:17BlueChipI helped someone here last night and they made the same offer :)
17:07:53BlueChipdone much yourself lately?
17:08:28lImbusno, beeing hard working too (and some holiday).
17:08:49BlueChipwhat is your job/study?
17:10:02lImbusapplication developer at
17:10:40lImbusthis includes developing a proper dev language (c/c++-dialect) with compiler and virtual machine
17:13:31BlueChipsorry - gf == nmi
17:13:57BlueChipsounds like good fun - whats the target platform?
17:15:04lImbusall win32
17:15:10lImbuswhat's nmi ?
17:15:18BlueChipnon maskable interrupt
17:15:25lImbuseehe. of course
17:15:43BlueChip...on matter how hard i try
17:17:41BlueChipis this your first real use of C/C++
17:18:30lImbusehh. I'm 22 years old, working for that company since 5 years now. yes, it's my first real job ;-)
17:18:51BlueChipstill enjoying it?
17:20:07lImbuswell. there are some spoilers, but mainly I'm happy (very !) to have a good comfortable job
17:20:45 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:21:14lImbusmanagers, decisions, bosses
17:21:29BlueChipahh, yes, start reading Dilbert - it will help :)
17:21:40lImbusI do. since 5 years !
17:21:56lImbusit furthermore helped a lot to learn english !
17:22:40BlueChiphmmm, let me guess "since 5 years" ...German?
17:23:00lImbusgerman-speaking belgian, working in germany.
17:23:40BlueChipuse "for" instead of "since" ;)
17:24:06lImbusdoes "for" imply i'm still reading dilbert ?
17:24:17lImbusi didn't got that one
17:24:34lImbusnice, tnx
17:25:19BlueChipwelcome - i used to ignore such things, but I have met many people over the years who have asked to be corrected
17:27:27BlueChip"kiwi, kumkwat and fig delight" ...I think shampoo has just crossed the line - LOL
17:40:55 Join bagawk [0] (
17:58:15 Join amiconn [0] (
17:58:56amiconnBlueChip: Do you still get that sysfont.c error? (sorry for log peeking)
17:59:46BlueChiphi ami: yes, and I still haven't spotted the source of it yet (excuse the pun)
18:00:18 Quit AciD` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:00:26amiconnBlueChip: You have to recompile convbdf, this isn't taken care for automatically (lack of dependencies)
18:00:43amiconncd into /tools, and "make convbdf"
18:00:45 Join AciD` [0] (
18:00:46BlueChipd'oh! ...knew I'd kick myself! Thanks dude
18:01:43BlueChipwoohoo :)
18:02:03lImbusshouldn't it hurt more ?
18:02:08lImbusoh, maybe it does !
18:02:58BlueChiphow's life with you - i see you've been keeping yourself real buy in the CVS logs :)
18:03:28BlueChipshould that read... I see, from the CVS logs, that you've been keeping yourself busy
18:04:50amiconnYes, I want to keep the size of my to-do lists down (at least one of them - the rockbox to-do list)
18:05:16amiconnIt's still not empty - there are a number of nasty bugs in rockbox :(
18:09:19amiconn(1) I found a way to reproducably get a corrupt .playlist_control file - it seems that there is a bug in the file system (Linus also suspects that)
18:09:52amiconn(2) mpeg.c accesses null pointers - ouch! (detected with my new debug feature)
18:10:06amiconn(3) loading a .cfg file stops playback
18:10:32amiconn(4) The playlist code seems to have a bug concerning usage of relative directories
18:11:24BlueChipI wish i could reliably recreate the bug where the DAC gets switched off and left, until you restart the file
18:11:30bagawkhow do you get errors #1?
18:14:12 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:14:58amiconnHow to reproduce (1): From stopped state, move the cursor to hover over a directory containing music. Do not enter it, but press On+Play. From the OnPlay menu, select Playlist->Insert. Playback starts. Press stop, and try to resume with On -> "Playlist control file is invalid"
18:15:47amiconnI did already look into it a bit: it seems the file gets written correctly, but chopped off on close()
18:16:13bagawkit did not work for me
18:16:58bagawkahh got it now
18:17:06amiconnHmm. Linus was able to reproduce it too. What Archos + rockbox version do you use?
18:17:31bagawkthe first time i did it, mt rewsume was delayed
18:17:38bagawkthe second, i did it immediatly
18:17:44bagawkit worked then
18:18:35bagawkhumm it only work on certain directoriess for me
18:19:41lImbusrecursive playlist insertion ?
18:20:28bagawkthere were only mp3's within that folder
18:23:42BlueChipI've gotta eat now - be back soon :)
18:23:55 Nick BlueChip is now known as bc|feeding (
18:29:48 Part amiconn
18:31:21 Join AciD` [0] (
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18:47:17 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:56:53 Join thomas[ger] [0] (
18:57:32thomas[ger]hi there from germany ... assistence required for technical question about recorder 20
18:57:37thomas[ger]please help :-)
18:57:49lImbusyes please ?
18:59:14thomas[ger]i own a recorder 20 with rockbox flashed on it - problem: when i connect the jukebox to my computer (i often use it as a second harddisk) it wouldnt charge the batts any-more, so after short time the jukebox just say goodbye and shuts itselfe down
18:59:37thomas[ger]what to do ? - wrong settings ?
18:59:48lImbusa recorder v1 or a v2 ?
18:59:52dwihnoCheck if you are using the deep discharge option
19:00:03thomas[ger]rec v1
19:00:13thomas[ger]already checked turning off and on ... nothing helped
19:00:25lImbusmhmm. as far as i know it's not planned at all to charge the rockbox by usb
19:00:56thomas[ger]that wouldnt be so good, as i am using it often as harddisk
19:01:07dwihnothomas[ger]: you _do_ keep the charger connected while the usb cable is connected?
19:02:03lImbusmhmm. then there was a misunderstanding. I thought you were charging BY / WITH usb.
19:02:31lImbusI do use it the same, and there is no problem. Which version of software do you run ?
19:04:32thomas[ger]latest cvs
19:04:57thomas[ger]and yes i do use the standard charger while connected to usb
19:05:30lImbusthen I should try it a least once too. maybe ther's something changed / broken
19:05:37*lImbus is looking for cable
19:07:21lImbusmhmm. debug->battery does not take care of usb_inserted
19:07:55thomas[ger]what means ? (yeah i am a n00b *gg*)
19:09:24lImbusyou can't plugin usb while in debug menu (somewhere, I suppose it's all the same)
19:11:10thomas[ger]so is it kind of "normal" it stops charging while connected to usb ?
19:11:49thomas[ger]*gg* see n00b :-)
19:12:14lImbusI just noticed another small ugly thing. it hasn't to do anything with your problem. I am actually updating to latest cvs so I can check your problem
19:12:37thomas[ger]btw it also happend with the 2.2 version
19:13:04lImbusaah. ok. then it's definately no software-problem.
19:13:25thomas[ger].k so next thing to check would be the batts ?!
19:13:39lImbusdunno. lemme think about.
19:14:04lImbusare you able to charge the batts in the device WITHOUT usb ?
19:14:47thomas[ger]yeah ... thats working ... it even shows the charging process while connected to usb, but after short time it stops until all power is gone
19:16:14lImbusmhmm. if you charge your rockbox without usb, does it still last as long as usually.
19:16:24lImbusif not, that would mean broken (or worn out) batts
19:17:26thomas[ger]yep they last as long as usual ... is there a way to connect the batt-conectors, so i can use it without any batts ?
19:17:55lImbusmhmm. frickel
19:18:24thomas[ger]what ? :-)
19:19:26lImbusyou ask me if there is a way to do it without batteries, and I tell you it#s what they call "frickel-loesung" in german
19:20:01thomas[ger]lol ...
19:20:45lImbusunforutnately, there is no way to run the device without batteries. god only knows (or not even him) why they developed it that way.
19:32:08lImbushave you got another set of batteries or even better another device.
19:32:16lImbusmhmm. makes not sense anyways
19:36:30thomas[ger]no ...
19:36:37thomas[ger]will buy new batts
19:36:43thomas[ger]and see what happens
19:36:49thomas[ger]thank u anyway
19:53:17 Quit thomas[ger] ("Verlassend")
20:11:10 Join maikeul [0] (
20:12:40 Quit bagawk ("umount /dev/brain")
20:17:57 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:23:18 Join bagawk [0] (
20:25:14 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
20:28:22 Quit gromit` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:31:58 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:34:49 Quit bagawk ("umount /dev/brain")
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22:50:37 Join amiconn [0] (
23:11:26 Join edx [0] (
23:18:20 Join bagawk [0] (
23:25:37 Join Bagder [0] (
23:27:38amiconnhi Bagder
23:29:06amiconnI'd like to ask some questions concerning the code, if you don't mind
23:29:36Bagdergo ahead
23:31:19amiconn(1) A (probable) inconsistency: In wps.c, there are 2 functions for temporary display of information, display_keylock_text() and display_mute_text(). While the former uses splash(), the latter uses it's own custom screen. Why is that?
23:31:46Bagderprobably just because it hasn't been fixed
23:32:07Bagderthe splash function wasn't around from the beginning
23:32:27amiconnOk, so I'll try to change that into splash() for the latter too
23:32:41Bagdersounds like a sane thing to do, yes
23:34:08amiconn(2) Who wrote the *id3tags / _id3tags array handling within mpeg.c? I'd try to fix that myself, but it looks a bit too messy for me to fully understand... This one does NULL pointer accesses, even writes, frequently!
23:34:35BagderI believe Linus wrote that
23:34:45Bagderhe's mr mpeg.c
23:34:56amiconnLuckily there is nothing writable at address 0 in our boxes...
23:35:18amiconnOk, so I'll ask Linus when he's around.
23:37:31bagawkamiconn: check out my mail on the topic ROMbox on the fm
23:38:59amiconnbagawk: ?
23:39:22bagawkon the mialing list
23:40:02amiconnbagawk: Ah ok, it wasn't there when I first checked (after your msg), but now it is
23:40:11bagawk: )
23:43:06bagawkarchos must be using the same firmware for the ondio, and v2
23:43:58bagawkand thus similar hardware i would think
23:44:08amiconnbagawk: Hmm, ok. It might indeed be the case that the ondio isn't too much different from our current hardware based. Still, this issue would need someone with some degree of both development and reverse-engineering skills _and_ with an Ondio available to figure out the differences
23:45:17 Join moormaster [0] (
23:45:35 Join _alf [0] (
23:48:22 Quit moormaster (Client Quit)
23:48:50amiconnBagder: Another one: Is there something that would speak against shortening the debug menu code a bit (without sacrificing functions, that is)?
23:49:21Bagdernot that I can think of, no
23:49:55bagawkamiconn: are you talking about removing things?
23:50:32uskiBagder: finally, did you find a new recorder ?
23:50:47BagderI did, but it hasn't arrived yet
23:51:15bagawkBagder: recorder v1?
23:51:39Bagderrec 20 v1, the good old fine model ;-)
23:52:49 Join bagawk_ [0] (
23:53:05 Quit bagawk (Nick collision from services.)
23:53:21 Nick bagawk_ is now known as bagawk (
23:53:42 Quit midk (Remote closed the connection)
23:54:26amiconnBagder: display_mute_text() with splash() does work :)
23:55:42 Join midk [0] (
23:55:51 Quit edx ()

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