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#rockbox log for 2004-09-05

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11:32:53kratznichanyone present?
11:35:55kratznichFYI - i've bought my self a recorder V1 with 20 gig and black bumpers - not blue like the most. It is not flashable. Might that the black bumpers are an inicator for non-flashable recorder v1's
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16:35:07[SL]Renegadeis there anybody
16:35:26[SL]RenegadeI have a question to rockbox
16:35:47[SL]RenegadeIs there a german documentation for rockbox?
16:37:07dwihnodon't think so
16:38:16[SL]Renegademhh, i want to use rockbox in the flash rom, but im afraid of harming my jukebox recorder
16:38:43[SL]Renegadealso my english isnt so good
16:39:05dwihnowhich build do you intend to use?
16:39:16[SL]Renegadewhich build?
16:39:39dwihnothere's the so-called "rombox" build (don't think it's automated yet) which runs entirely from rom
16:39:53dwihnosaves some extra precious kbytes of mpeg buffer! :)
16:41:59[SL]Renegade?? i dont know of what you are talking about, but i want rockbox as firmware in the flashrom of my jbr and im searching for a german documentaion
16:42:31dwihnoIf I was you, I would download the daily build and flash it
16:42:47[SL]Renegadeok, i will try
16:43:10dwihnoyou install it as normally, and then you "play" the UCL file
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16:43:41[SL]Renegadeand then it will be flashed?
16:44:04[SL]Renegadeso that it runs fron the startup
16:44:28[SL]Renegadesounds easily
16:44:33dwihnoShould be
16:44:47[SL]Renegadei have another question
16:44:48dwihnothe first install was different
16:45:00dwihnonow when I come to think of it
16:45:28[SL]Renegadedo you know was "akku" mean?
16:45:47[SL]Renegadei dont know the word in english
16:46:03dwihnoTell me a sentence in german containing the word
16:46:06[SL]Renegadethe NiMH batteries
16:46:51dwihnobatteries are batteries :)
16:47:25[SL]Renegadeyo, but in german "Batterien" are not chargeble
16:47:43[SL]Renegade"akkus" are chargeble
16:48:15dwihnoSo what are you looking for? :)
16:48:19*dwihno looks confused
16:48:35[SL]Renegadeso can i use "akkus" with 2000 mA/h
16:49:50dwihnoThe higher the mAh rating, the longer the unit will run! :)
16:50:02dwihnoI keep 2300mAhs myself
16:50:45[SL]Renegademy batteries doesnt work anymore
16:51:12[SL]Renegadeso i ordered new batteries with 2000mA/h
16:51:50dwihnoRemember to reconfigure rockbox for the new rating... The estimation of the runtime is based on that value
16:52:49[SL]Renegadeok, so i have rockbox to say that i have 2000 mA/h Batteries
16:53:29dwihnowould be neat if rockbox could auto-detect the battery type ;)
16:55:46[SL]Renegadeok, at monday i will get the batteries i ordered, then i will try them out and i will be back here in this channel. thx so far
16:56:36dwihnono problemo
16:57:17[SL]Renegadeok i hope we will c u soon, bye!
16:57:33[SL]Renegadewe = I ;)
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21:45:24methangasit's nothing, i just forgot i had setted my client to autojoin this chan, so i got caught in the middle of a command
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23:30:42amiconnhi Bagder
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23:37:13Bagder"Your uclpack seems to not support −−none, making a fake ucl"
23:37:25Bagderthat's what happens if you use the older uclpack
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23:37:58amiconnBagder: Did you update your patch?
23:38:07Bagdernot yet
23:38:35amiconnI thought so because of that message...
23:38:45Bagderits in my work version
23:39:21amiconnI wanted to check, but I don't have the old binary around anymore (and didn't bother compiling the ucl source)
23:39:42BagderI build an older one and tried
23:40:14Bagderis my recorder v1 version with binutils 2.15
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23:42:34amiconnBagder: Is there a .map file for that?
23:43:09Bagdernow there's a .map one too
23:43:31Bagderthis is till without that align fix for the .lds file
23:44:39amiconnDid you find out how to tell the linker to use a different default alignment? I found that there is a SUBALIGN keyword, but this doesn't seem to work with binutils 2.14
23:46:30Bagdernope, I have no idea
23:46:46amiconnBagder: −−> [an internal server error occured]
23:47:06amiconnPerhaps the web server doesn't like the .map extension...
23:47:47Bagderok, try it as instead
23:48:32amiconnThis one works, thanks.
23:49:39amiconnThis is funny: Your .ucl is 40 bytes smaller than mine (if I compile plain cvs)
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23:51:04amiconnDid you get the latest cvs changes? (Henrik added a warning when .rockbox is missing)
23:52:15BagderI'm not entirely sure
23:52:48amiconnProbably not, since it says 040904-1006
23:53:41amiconnSeems to work ok, btw.
23:57:42BagderI think I can commit this soon, and we'll work on it from there

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