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#rockbox log for 2004-09-06

00:01:26amiconnI agree. The .map file looks good too
00:06:45amiconn(other than binutil 2.15 do have even more bugs concerning the display of fill byte counts than binutils 2.14)
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00:18:04Mark0hi....plz i need help with mine Jukebox 20 Archos
00:18:07Mark0anyone? Pl
00:18:37Bagderyou could try simply asking
00:18:38midkgive it a few seconds.
00:19:15Mark0Hmm look i power jukebox up it says HD Error...when iw ant to instal it on my pc via usb my pc reboots with blue screen of death so it has a conflict?
00:20:39Mark0does any one know what i can do to make it work?
00:21:37BagderI don't use windows
00:22:01Mark0damn... but do u know ANY solution?
00:22:12Bagderit is probably bad drivers
00:22:17Bagderor just bad windows
00:22:46Bagderbut HD error sounds pretty bad too
00:23:11Mark0hmm.... i have win xp
00:23:16Mark0divers are the newest ones
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03:45:18NorrinQuick question, what's the difference between the FM Recorder and Recorder V2?
03:46:03midkwell, have a look at the faq as suggested when you enter the channel:
03:47:43NorrinThanks, it's been a while since I was up on Rockbox, I remember now. This was the one some had the FM part in, others didn't. Thanks again.
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07:30:47LinusNthank you
07:32:37midkhey LinusN
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07:33:02*dwihno doesn't like IE! It won't handle PNG transparencies too well :/
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07:38:37midki spots small bug in *.lang
07:39:02midk# The "voice' entry contains how we want the speech UI to pronounce this.
07:39:12midkyou start with " and end with '
07:39:16midkfix it quick! ;)
07:41:14dwihnomajor bug indeed ;)
07:41:59midki'd prefer to classify it as 'tremendous' but thought that might be pushing it just a little.. :)
07:43:09dwihnoOr perhaps "tremendous' ;)
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08:45:06amiconnhi all
08:45:42midkhey amiconn
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09:07:56Bagderok, the rombox build stuff is committed
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09:17:15dwihnorombox to the people!
09:18:19midkwhere are rockbox t-shirts?!
09:18:23*midk protests
09:19:03dwihnoYeah, where are they? :)
09:19:09dwihnoI'll make my own!
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10:03:35midkbed, nite
10:03:39 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleep (
10:03:49Bagdernight midk
10:04:28midk|sleeplater bagder
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10:15:59Bagderhey Z
10:16:23BagderI'm coming over with a few cakes on wednesday
10:16:32Zagoroooh, nice
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10:16:47Bagderyou could "warn" the other guys
10:17:26Zagori went for a 250km ride in the smart this weekend. it was better than I thought, actually.
10:18:26[IDC]Dragon"better than I thought"? You don't have much expectations from your new ride?
10:18:55Zagorwell it's a city car, so i didn't know what to expect really
10:20:45[IDC]Dragonamiconn: the next Ondio is due at noon
10:21:28Bagderthe next?
10:21:39[IDC]Dragonnext on ebay
10:22:57[IDC]Dragonamiconn: do you read?
10:25:21 Join Lynx_ [0] (lynx@
10:27:28[IDC]DragonBagder: thanks for daily ROMbox!
10:27:50Bagderyes, it'll be nice to have there
10:28:05[IDC]Dragon tiny question: would there be a way to avoid MAXROMSIZE in the makefile?
10:28:34Bagderwell, how would we know what the maximum size is?
10:28:41[IDC]Dragonit's sortof duplicate, from the start address in the config header
10:28:50Bagderhm, right
10:29:00Bagderyes, it is fixable
10:29:25Bagderso what's the math to get the max size from that?
10:29:39[IDC]Dragon256K - romstart
10:30:13[IDC]Dragon(for very fwe people who replaced the chip: 512K - romstart)
10:31:20amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Now I'm around
10:31:37amiconnAnd I know about that Ondio, though it's an SP only, not an FM
10:31:52[IDC]Dragonamiconn: you wanted a cheap one...
10:32:34amiconnYes, and for the fact that you got an FM, I should try to get a SP, so we can figure out the differences...
10:32:41[IDC]DragonI found a nice small embedded MMC driver
10:33:14amiconnAlthough a FM would be of more "real" use for me...
10:33:36[IDC]DragonArchos told me there's only one PCB
10:33:49[IDC]Dragonso I think there are no real differences
10:33:51amiconnAnd "cheap" is a relative property
10:34:11[IDC]Dragonthe radio is supposed to be crap
10:34:52[IDC]Dragon(like with the FMR, I guess)
10:34:57amiconnA new Ondio FMR costs 109,- € in web shops, whie the SP costs a mere 60,- €
10:35:24amiconnAnd the MP3 codec is most likely different, since the SP can't record
10:35:40[IDC]Dragon[10:33] <[IDC]Dragon> Archos told me there's only one PCB
10:36:28[IDC]Dragonbut it's a risk, that's true
10:37:02[IDC]Dragonhowever, get what you like ;-)
10:37:36amiconnAs I said, that depends on the (relative) term "cheap".
10:40:22Bagderif it is for rockbox work, I think we should sponsor you from the fund
10:40:44[IDC]Dragonwhoh, how big is that fund?
10:41:07BagderI'm not sure, Zagor is the man for that
10:41:36[IDC]DragonI've spent 87%u20AC on that OndioFM, still waiting for it to be delivered
10:42:11[IDC]Dragonthe EUR symbol didn't look OK
10:43:08[IDC]DragonJens, yours looks better
10:43:10amiconnUnicode 20AC == EUR symbol
10:43:26amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Use a real irc client ;)
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10:43:45[IDC]DragonI see yours, but mine is a hex dump
10:45:28amiconnIt looks like cgiirc doesn't properly interpret unicode entities in the incoming data. Maybe there's an update for it. Zagor?
10:46:00[IDC]Dragonwe use the latest and greatest
10:46:17Zagorill check
10:46:42Zagorheh, last release oct 29, 2003 :)
10:49:39[IDC]DragonJust got notice that the Ondio will ship today.
10:50:18dwihnoRockbox on ondio! that would be swell!
10:50:47[IDC]Dragonnot really. The capacity is too small.
10:50:58[IDC]DragonRockbox will be overpowered on it
10:51:22BagderI managed to remove the fixed max sizes from the makefile
10:51:44[IDC]Dragonbookmaks and playlists on a boy that can barely hold 2 albums
10:52:05[IDC]DragonBagder: nice!
10:53:37[IDC]Dragonphew, this make and perl stuff is cryptic
10:53:49[IDC]Dragonhope I'll grip it one day
10:55:09Bagderwhere I live, it is mandatory knowledge for successful living! ;-)
10:55:42[IDC]Dragonnot an axe and a fishpole?
10:55:59Bagderthat's next on the list ;-)
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11:06:45[IDC]Dragonbbl meand be back later, I guess?
11:21:38Zagorjörg where do i find your modified uclpack?
11:22:56[IDC]Dragonhang on...
11:23:14[IDC]Dragonare you using v1.01?
11:23:26[IDC]Dragon(the "original" one?)
11:23:47[IDC]Dragonin twiki, rombox page
11:24:04Zagorah, good
11:28:20[IDC]Dragonyesterday I checked ucl v1.03
11:28:50[IDC]Dragonno difference for the "real" code, just a profiling options and more make targets
11:28:51 Join LePoulpe303 [0] (
11:29:14[IDC]Dragonso no real reason to switch
11:29:24LePoulpe303Hi all
11:29:33[IDC]Dragonhi one
11:52:51amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The Jukebox Recorder 6 (!!) is now available from archos again...
11:53:15[IDC]Dragonrecorder 6?
11:53:18dwihnorecorder 6?
11:53:28amiconn6 GB
11:53:49[IDC]Dragonmaybe they found a box in a closet
11:53:51dwihnoMy mind went thinking recorder v6 or something :)
11:54:58amiconnThey want € 159,95 for it...
11:56:47dwihnoThat's a fair price
12:03:54LePoulpe303have you read the thing about the Apple iPod ? people who wants to change the battery p
12:04:04LePoulpe303must send the ipod back to apple
12:04:10LePoulpe303and pay 150 ¤
12:04:45LePoulpe303with no garranty that they will not send them back another Ipod (with empty disc)
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19:14:33bagawkmidk: are you ignoring me?
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20:37:22bagawkhi amiconn
20:37:45bagawki just made a new personle build, 1.821 mb ram :)
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23:29:58amiconnhi LinusN
23:30:15 Join ze [0] (
23:31:48amiconnLinusN: While looking at the file.c code, I got an idea of how to speed things up a little (if this isn'Ttimplemented already - I didn't find it):
23:32:08amiconns/isn'Ttimplemented/isn't implemented/
23:33:06amiconnflush_cache() uses fat_seek() to make sure it writes to the correct sector
23:33:29amiconnfat_seek() wades through the fat chain, so this is a time consuming pro
23:34:01amiconnHowever, most of the time the position is already correct.
23:34:18LinusNyes, most of the time
23:34:29amiconnSo fat_seek() could check if someone tries to seek to the very same sector, and immediately return in this case
23:35:31LinusNyes, we can save lots of performance if we better keep track of things
23:36:19amiconnI'm currently writing a little test program to check whether my interpretation of the posix standard concerning the O_TRUNC handling is correct.
23:37:22amiconnIf it is, I'll adapt file.c. However, I can't use the test code that is under firmware/test/fat
23:38:54amiconn(1) no mkdosfs and no loopback device for cygwin (2) I don't quite understand what it does
23:40:18LinusNyou don't really need the loopback device, but mkdosfs is kind of necessary
23:40:34amiconn(1) could be replaced with using bochs (iirc)
23:42:11amiconnOr (another method, since the only thing I really need is a file with the 1:1 structure of a fat volume): Use a real volume to store something on it & then copy it to a file with dd
23:43:03LinusNsure, that's an option
23:52:41FrihetI hope asking this question does not break any rules. Let me know if it does and I'll cheerfully drop out. Bug 949268. On my JBR FM 20GB, I can only put 15 files in a directory. The 16th repeats forever. Anybody interested in a $100 donation to the project to fix this? I really need to but 60 or so files in a directory or I'm going to have to get a new box.
23:53:40Frihetput 60
23:54:05amiconnFrihet: Any other special conditions to make this bug show up? I have many directories with more than 16 files in it (my biggest one contains 228), and I never encountered that....
23:55:10FrihetNo special conditions of which I am aware. Someone said something abot v1 or v2, but I am not aware of anything.
23:56:17amiconnThe jukebox model itself shouldn't matter. (LinusN: correct?)
23:57:29LinusNFrihet: i made an attempt to fix that, but it didn't work very well
23:57:36amiconnFrihet: What size are those mp3s (typically)?
23:58:18FrihetOften very short, 10 seconds or so.

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