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#rockbox log for 2004-09-08

00:02:03 Join wildstoo [0] (
00:02:27wildstoohey.. does anyone know who wrote the voice generation VB script?
00:02:58wildstooi'm trying to work out how to omit underscores from the voice output, or just change them into pauses
00:10:35amiconnwildstoo: Which VB script are you talking about?
00:16:55 Quit edx ()
00:25:06wildstoothe one that generates voice samples for directories
00:25:39wildstooon this page ->
00:29:03wildstooi'd maybe work it out but my VB isn't exactly hot :)
00:30:51amiconnAh ok, this is the script that generates the talkbox clips. You have mp3 names containing underscores, and don't want them spoken
00:31:04wildstooyou got it :)
00:31:38wildstooin fact, every single mp3 and directory in my collection has underscores instead of spaces
00:32:13wildstooand as you can imagine renaming all of them and then modifying/regenerating playlists for each album/collection would be a nightmare
00:32:17amiconnWhy do you do that? Imho this does look ugly... Anyway, lemme look if I have a solution
00:33:17wildstooi dunno.. stylistic habit.. and it helps if i upload an mp3 to my linux webserver.. no ugly %20 in the path :)
00:33:52amiconnI prefer to read clean file names on my local boxes...
00:35:18wildstoopersonal preference i guess.. i'd like a similar option in Rockbox, tbh.. "display underscores as spaces"
00:35:35wildstooseveral MP3 players (winamp, for example) have this option
00:35:57 Join Naked [0] (
00:36:10 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
00:38:16wildstoobtw, since you seem reasonably knowledgeable (even though you haven't come up with an answer yet :).. is there any reason i shouldn't have the JB connected to mains while on the USB port?
00:38:25amiconnwildstoo: Try the following: (1) at the end of line 44 ("Dim strCharacter..."), add ", RegExp"
00:39:27amiconn(2) Just after line 70 ("Set FSO...") add a new line reading "Set RegExp = New RegExp"
00:40:09wildstoodone and done
00:40:30amiconn(3) Add another line reading 'RegExp.pattern = "_"'
00:41:27amiconnChange line 164 (now most likely line 166) to read:
00:42:01amiconnClipSpeak = RegExp.replace(Right(ThisFldr,Len(ThisFldr)-LastSlash), " ")
00:42:34wildstoothat should do it?
00:42:35amiconnThat should work
00:42:49wildstooi'll give it a shot
00:43:11*wildstoo checks he's wearing the right headphones
00:43:19amiconnBasically, this creates a regular expression object, which is then used to replace all "_" with " " for the spoken text
00:44:01amiconnIf you are using Linux, you might know about regular expressions, don't you?
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00:44:35wildstooi understand, i just had no idea of the best way to do it.. since my VB knowledge extends to.. uh.. a little ASP
00:44:59amiconn is your friend...
00:45:06wildstooi don't use linux except on my webserver.. i installed it once, got scared and went back to Win2000 (at the time)
00:45:28wildstooRegExp is one of those things i read every couple of weeks and always think "i should learn more about that"
00:45:28amiconnAh ok. I'm mostly on windows too
00:45:31wildstoobut never do
00:46:54wildstoowell the script is running.. and keeps taking focus from this window.. grrr
00:47:22amiconnUrgs, this does replace the first underscore only. I'll lookup something...
00:47:22wildstoofinished.. time to listen
00:47:40wildstooeek hehe
00:48:02wildstoothanks for all your help so far
00:48:19amiconnplace another line above that Regexp.pattern one: = true
00:50:03wildstoois the JB supposed to get pretty toasty when it's charging?
00:52:09wildstooyay that works
00:52:19wildstooit's reading them sensibly now
00:52:20amiconnYes, it sometiimes gets a bit hot, especially when charging & accessing USB at the same time
00:53:33wildstooyeah that's what i'm doing
00:53:38 Quit _aLF ("Leaving")
00:57:45wildstoothanks for that solution, amiconn
00:58:08wildstoonow i just need to get the option added to the display in Rockbox :)
00:58:22wildstooi can live with it tho.. hehe
00:58:41amiconnI dealt with that RegExp object a bit while writing another script that deals with rockbox speech - my script for voice file generation :)
00:59:41amiconnThat reminds me I should move & document that in the wiki...
01:00:16wildstooah you made a script to generate .voice files
01:01:21wildstooheh, you are Jens - guess i should read more
01:01:31amiconnYups. There are more parts involved than just the script though
01:01:59amiconnSome of that parts are not developed by me
01:02:54wildstooin that case.. is it possible to modify the script i have to use a different voice.. like the Crystal Mike one?
01:03:00wildstooit sounds a lot better in most cases
01:03:28wildstooi know i probably have to have the crystal voice engines installed
01:03:40amiconnIirc, the script just uses the voice you selected in the speech control panel
01:04:01wildstooerr i meant the AT&T Mike one..
01:05:20amiconn(if it is an english one, that is. If you want to change that you have to know the hexadecimal windows language id and change line 115 accordingly
01:05:33wildstooheh i only have Microsoft Sam at the moment.. i'm pretty sure i can get the AT&T ones from work or something.
01:08:09amiconnYou can download Microsoft Mary & Mike for free, though you'd have to download the whole Speech SDK 5.1, which is > 60 MB
01:09:07wildstoohm i was wondering why my computer was crawling - then i realised i had EVE Online running but minimised.. doh
01:09:25wildstoothe AT&T ones are way better
01:13:32wildstoobtw, what is ROMBox?
01:13:50wildstooread some references to it on the mailing list archives but still dunno what it is :)
01:14:43amiconnDo you know about flashing rockbox?
01:16:30wildstoooh, is it just loading RockBox into flash rom?
01:17:17wildstooahh i see something about it now.. heh i have a studio so it doesn't apply to me :)
01:17:25amiconn"Ordinary" flashing stores a compressed rockbox binary in the flash, which is decompressed to ram at boot and executes from there
01:18:04amiconnRomBox is storing the uncompressed rockbox binary in the flash, executing it directly from there and therefore leaving more ram for buffering mp3s
01:20:50amiconnI'm just updating the downloadable packages
01:26:28 Quit wildstoo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:26:35 Join wildstoo2 [0] (
01:28:02 Join wildstoo [0] (
01:28:49wildstooamiconn - since you had some input into the voice files.. is there any way to get rid of that annoying audible pop/click at the end of many of the menu commands
01:29:05wildstoothey're especially obvious with the AT&T voices
01:29:23amiconnThat clicking is a tradeoff... because of the at&t voices
01:29:39 Quit wildstoo2 (Client Quit)
01:29:41wildstooa tradeoff between what?
01:30:12wildstooare those clicks in the actual samples themselves?
01:30:16amiconnIn order to make spelling and number voicing reasonably fast, the pauses at the beginning and end of the clips have to be cut away
01:31:05wildstoowhat's the format of the .voice files? are they one big mp3 file or a bunch of concatenated ones?
01:31:21amiconnThe at&t voices have the drawback that they are not completely silent (digital zero) in these pauses, so I modified the clipping tool to clip if the level is below some threshold
01:32:27amiconnHowever, that means the clip is shut off when it is not yet completely silent, and this causes a pop/ click.
01:33:54amiconnThe voice files are basically a bunch of .mp3 files, pre-bitswapped and concatenated together, and containing a table which holds the starting point and length of each clip
01:34:33wildstooi guess what i'm asking is "is there a reasonably easy way to remove the clicks?" :)
01:35:22wildstooi have a feeling the answer is gonna be "yes, make your own voice file"
01:35:39amiconnYou could generate the .voice file with real zero-clipping only, but then spelling and number talking will get really slow with the at&t voices
01:36:27amiconnEven in that case there are occasional clicks (although significantly less)
01:37:46wildstoowait.. is there a separate clip for each letter of the alphabet, and also a clip for each menu entry?
01:38:33wildstoothe General Settings one (Mike AT&T) is really bad
01:38:40amiconnI considered to build a bit more "intelligence" into my script, using the rigorous trimming only for those clips that are used for spelling and numbers
01:38:40wildstoolike.. "General Settings *CLICK*"
01:40:16 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:40:49wildstooi think that would be great.. i don't notice so much when the options are being spelled but the actual phrases are very noticable
01:41:04wildstooat this volume level the click on a couple of the clips is actually kinda uncomfortable
01:43:17wildstooi assume the script does it all in one process.. there's not a script to assemble a .voice file from a bunch of .wav files is there?
01:44:34amiconnWhat do you want do do? The script does all stages automatically, but the stages can be changed.
01:45:31amiconnFor each clip (1) A .wav is generated with SAPI TTS (2) This .wav is trimmed as described (3) It is converted to .mp3 with lame
01:46:06amiconnFinally, the "Voicefont" program assembles the .voice file from those .mp3 clips
01:48:18amiconnwildstoo: Try this one:"> This is generated without aggressive trimming
01:51:10 Quit radu (Nick collision from services.)
01:54:09wildstooheh.. that one only plays in the left channel
01:54:12wildstoovery loudly
01:54:12 Quit wildstoo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:55:14 Join wildstoo [0] (
01:55:23wildstooremind me to RIGHT click on links in here
01:55:59amiconnwildstoo: (playing only left chan) Hmm, strange. Lemme check..
01:56:17wildstoohm the clicks are slightly less pronounced on some menus but they're still there
01:57:27wildstoohmmmmm.. the clicks are different each time
01:57:59wildstooif i trigger the General Settings clip over and over, sometimes there's a very loud click at the end
01:58:05wildstooand other times it's a lot quieter
01:58:14wildstooso it's not just the sample itself
01:58:22wildstoosomething in the way that it's played back (or stopped)
01:59:43wildstoonah it's not only playing left channel.. something happened when i switched the JB off and on again.. doing it again fixed it
02:00:47wildstoobut as i said, the clicks are different each time, which suggests it's not the samples themselves but the way they are being played (or stopped)
02:00:48amiconnI don't get noticeable clicks with this one. The only exception in the main menu is "Info", which does click a bit
02:01:35wildstoodo you have it on "on hover"?
02:02:14wildstooswitch back and forward between Sound Settings and General Settings.. when i do that i get a different level of click each time.. sometimes almost silent, sometimes very loud
02:02:24amiconnThe "on hover" settings selects when and how directory names are spoken. It has nothing to do with the voice menu
02:03:42amiconnIf you switch menu entries before the clip for that entry has ended, the clip will be stopped prematurely. This is not always 100% clean
02:04:34wildstoonah i mean don't switch in the middle.. wait until the end of the clip.. until it clicks :)
02:04:36wildstoothen switch
02:04:55wildstooseveral times and listen to the difference
02:05:04wildstooit may just be my player, but i hope it's not :/
02:05:49amiconnI don't get this (but then I have a recorder, which has a different codec chip
02:06:21wildstoomust be something in the chip then :/
02:07:50amiconnAnyway, I'm off now
02:08:08 Part amiconn
02:19:52 Quit wildstoo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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02:53:03 Join midk [0] (
02:53:08pikebtw, here's some interresting trivia. one thing iriver "forgot" to include on the iriver, is a clock... this is probably why there's no "true" shuffle as of yet
04:03:44 Nick grogro is now known as gromit` (
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05:57:45 Join kaboofa [0] (
05:58:14kaboofaanything new in the world of rockbox development?
05:58:34dwihnoI would say rombox
05:58:53kaboofai read about that on the mailing list
05:58:56kaboofaseem like cool beans.
05:59:07dwihnoRather impressive; lots of extra kbytes for the mpeg buffer!
06:00:47kaboofaIt would save battery too, right? because you have to read from the hard disk less often?
06:01:05dwihnoSomebody said something about a 4% runtime increase
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07:22:01 Join LinusN [0] (
07:28:45LinusNthank you
07:30:16 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleep (
07:30:20midk|sleepbed it is... nite all
07:30:24midk|sleepps, hello LinusN :)
07:59:40 Join Zagor [242] (
08:09:28*LinusN is digging up some iHP-140 hardware info
08:09:37LinusNgot the FM chip now
08:13:43dwihnoiriver hard disk player?
08:14:21dwihnoNeato! :)
08:14:34LinusNcheck out the rockbox wiki
08:19:23dwihnoGreat :D
08:19:26dwihnoI love it!
08:24:01Zagornot everyone does, unfortunately
08:25:27dwihno:/ ?
08:26:00Zagorone guy in the german web forum complaints that we are "stealing focus" from his site. i'm trying to get in touch with him for a proper discussion.
08:26:43LinusNa true team player :-)
08:26:54dwihnoSo what's wrong with porting rockbox to every player in town? :)
08:27:13Zagori think it's mostly a misunderstanding. i hope so anyway.
08:28:17dwihnome too
08:28:26dwihnoFree beer ... and rockbox for all! :)
08:39:52LinusNZagor: where exactly is the hardware info at iriverlounge?
08:40:36Zagorburied in the threads on the german section (.de)
08:42:51*LinusN wants some hardware
08:43:15Zagori scouted some yesterday. the 20gig version is ~350 euro
08:43:54Zagormaybe we can find a used one somewhere too if we want to save some money
08:44:31***No seen item changed, no save performed.
08:48:29dwihnoHardware private investigator Linus is on the loose!
09:11:50Zagorfound a used for 2800sek
09:15:48LinusNi am looking into the bdm interface issues
09:18:45 Join Bagder [0] (
09:33:51 Join Lynx_ [0] (lynx@
09:57:49LinusNman, digging in that german forum is really a pain
09:58:05Zagorespecially if you don't know german ;)
09:58:15*Zagor doesn't
09:58:21Bagderperfect opportunity to learn! ;-)
09:59:01LinusNand it seems like those guys aren't much into sharing their info
10:03:15Lynx_need german-speaking help?
10:04:12Bagderbtw, no problems with my new camera with gphoto2
10:04:20LinusNi know my fair share of german, so i can manage
10:04:40Lynx_dann ist's ja gut ;-)
10:04:51LinusNZagor: i must be looking at the wrong place, i see very little information in that forum
10:06:46HeadieI got a H-120 and I live i sthlm.. does that help? ;)
10:07:14Headiein sthlm even
10:07:32dwihnoGive it to Linus and he'll give it a good home ;)
10:07:48LinusNwhat's the diff between 120 and 140?
10:07:55Zagordisk size
10:08:08Headielol.. he can have a look at it.. ;)
10:08:52LinusNHeadie: i would want to take it apart...
10:12:04LinusNit's funny, to even bother to add a copyright text to the picture of the internals...
10:12:43Headiewell if you can put it together again it'll be okidoki..
10:13:46LinusNHeadie: i appreciate it, but i'd rather have my own, since i need to have it for a while, and probably need to solder some wires to it etc
10:13:55Zagori think we should rather buy our own :)
10:14:30LinusNthe bdm wiggler issue is somewhat problematic
10:16:08 Join pfavr [0] (
10:17:52 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
10:19:39Headiewell, you guys should be able to buy onr quite cheap now I think.. Just scan the web some and you'll find one..
10:20:10[IDC]DragonI spot some iRiver activity
10:20:22Headiebut if not, give me a shout and use mine..
10:21:14HeadieYes and we (IRiver) users love that.. ;)
10:21:16Zagori found one on blocket for 2800
10:21:20 Join amiconn [0] (
10:21:23[IDC]Dragonwhat's the url for that forum?
10:22:05pfavrin case anyone hasn't noticed - rockbox is on slashdot right now
10:22:23Headie2800 sounds quite much for a used H120.. I think that at least.. Should be possible to find a new one for that price..
10:22:26[IDC]Dragonoh, where and what for?
10:23:31[IDC]Dragontopmost, found it
10:23:32Zagoroh crap, slashdot again...
10:23:37Bagderseems a bit premature for a slashdot post
10:23:50[IDC]Dragonwho's pushing us here?
10:23:55*pfavr I didn't do it
10:24:00Zagorpeople always post about immature stuff
10:24:57pfavrthey're linking to the wiki - wonder how it will stand the slashdot effect
10:25:45BagderI bet we'll find out! ;-)
10:26:50*dwihno wants to see the server hit graphs tomorrow ;)
10:27:17*pfavr wants to see them now ;-)
10:27:52LinusNtalk about making a hen out of a feather
10:28:10pfavrthat's what slashdot is all about
10:28:52dwihnoI wonder how many people will join the list and start talking about iriver stuff.
10:29:15Zagori'll post a small note
10:29:49Bagder"Funny nobody mentioned it and why they'll be sued because they're not doing it as a hobby but as a company."
10:30:04Bagderalways clueful people
10:30:07Zagoryeah. slashdot is full of really confused people.
10:30:41pfavror just "normal" confused people
10:31:41Zagornot so much traffic on server: in: 102 k / out: 94 k
10:32:08[IDC]Dragonmore in than out?
10:32:08Zagorof course the us aren't awake yet
10:32:25Zagorwe do a lot of stuff on that server, so it's not just http traffic
10:32:25[IDC]Dragonso people write stuff
10:32:29Bagder"I tried to read the story, but it gave me a "nothing to see here, move along" message for a while."
10:32:40Bagderthat's your old load-stuff, right Zagor?
10:32:43pfavrfrom slashdot: "Just got an iPod last week. Now I suck."
10:32:47ZagorBagder: yeah
10:33:51Bagdershouldn't that just be removed, it doesn't do right anymore, does it?
10:34:06Zagorit doesn't?
10:34:16BagderI'm guessing, I don't know
10:34:32Zagorwe're still running 2.4 on that machine
10:35:35 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
10:39:07amiconnStill old gcc on the daily build server - no v2 rombox :(
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10:50:28 Join wget [0] (
10:51:30 Quit wget (Client Quit)
11:18:32[IDC]Dragonamiconn: is the recorder rombox from the daily build OK?
11:20:25 Join DMJC [0] (
11:21:34DMJCwould .mod playback be possible on an iriver?
11:22:06Zagorpossibly yes
11:22:43DMJCI've got an ihp-140..
11:23:46DMJCvery happy with the news
11:23:50 Join joh_ [0] (
11:23:54joh_slashdot :)
11:24:07 Join lImbus [0] (
11:24:11Zagoryeah, prematurely again :)
11:24:36amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Didn't try it, as I built my own
11:24:37[IDC]Dragonwhat prematureness did we hav e last time?
11:24:58joh_How do I hack? :) If I insert a destroyed firmware, how do I recover?
11:25:01[IDC]Dragonamiconn: np
11:25:14Zagor[IDC]Dragon: it was at the very beginning, when we barely had mp3 playback working. people were complaining that we werent better than the archos firmware
11:25:16amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Got that Ondio on eBay yesterday... :)
11:25:34[IDC]Dragonamiconn: congrats!
11:25:43DMJCdoes the player require it's firmware to be working to read/write to the player?
11:25:44[IDC]Dragonfor how much?
11:25:50Zagorjoh_: using a special hardware device (BDM) which can flash without the cpu
11:26:06amiconn[IDC]Dragon: € 48,62 (including shipping)
11:26:09DMJCah k
11:26:26DMJCthere is a reset button on the bottom of the iriver, what does that do?
11:26:31ZagorDMJC: yes, but only a little. the usb+disk is handled by a separate chip so the firmware only needs to activate it
11:26:35ZagorDMJC: no idea :)
11:26:43joh_Zagor: ok, does it flash via the USB, or do I have to open the player and connect it to the metal?
11:27:05DMJCiriver's firmware is great..
11:27:09Zagorjoh_: if you screw up your flash you have to open the player
11:27:19DMJChowever... if it could be cloned, and then expanded upon...
11:27:42Zagorwe don't really care about their firmware. we just want to run our own :)
11:27:46joh_people have been screaming "Playlist on the fly" in the iRiver forum for ages
11:28:05DMJCI meant as long as the existing features and controls were kept.
11:28:15DMJCthe interface os pretty damn usable
11:28:17Zagori'm off for lunch. see you later
11:28:23 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:28:36DMJCplaylist on the fly would be awesome... otf delete was insanely nice
11:29:33DMJCsomeone found that a german battery enhanced the life of the player to 28.5 hours without a recharge
11:31:30joh_The iriver firmware is probably mounting the filesystem read-only when playing
11:32:00DMJCit allows deletion
11:32:16DMJCbut it only deletes when you've stopped playing music
11:36:20DMJChas anyone tried to drop a 60gb drive in an iriver?
11:39:53*[IDC]Dragon just got a new toy: a Syncbox
11:45:23 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.2/20040820]")
11:46:33amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did your Ondio arrive yet?
11:49:13 Join ashridah [0] (
11:55:22[IDC]Dragonamiconn: no, still not, but I got a Syncbox ;-)
11:58:42ashridahcorrect me if i'm wrong, but the firmware contains the code to decode mp3/ogg/wma on the iriver h series, correct?
12:00:57 Join joh__ [0] (
12:01:50 Quit joh_ (Read error: 242 (No route to host))
12:07:04lImbusare there still any recording bugs known ?
12:11:03lImbusI recorded for more than 8 hours yesterday, (=> 500 MB). I opened that file with CollEdit, it says about 116 minutes. saving it with CoolEdit gave me a file of about 110 MB
12:11:04 Join webguest68 [0] (
12:11:45lImbuswhen I drop that laaarge file in winamp, it does not display the length, and file info says it's soundlength is -518
12:11:59lImbusbut winamp plays the file, and allows skipping.
12:14:31 Join salimfadhley [0] (
12:17:26amiconnlImbus: If you record that long, rockbox is unable to create a xing header with index table, since the frame counter in the mas chip overflows. Some tools don't like this. Did you listen to the whole recording in winamp, if it contains errors?
12:18:24lImbusi listened and skipped to some parts. and the end, it was still ok
12:20:46 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
12:20:52Zagorashridah: yes
12:20:59lImbusis that an issue for "fix vbr header" ?
12:21:03ashridahyeah. that's what i thought.
12:21:18*ashridah really hopes the iHP series has enough spare firmware for interesting things
12:23:02ashridahpersonally, i just wish i could find a foolproof way to make my iriver iHP 140 boot to dos or something.
12:23:25ashridahi've tried almost everything short of installing windows ME to get it to format with system files included.
12:24:02ashridahsyslinux bitches since it's fat32 as well. i could probably get grub or lilo to work, but i'd rather get dos working, since then i can just use loadlin in a pinch.
12:24:08Zagorboot to dos? you mean booting from the usb disk?
12:25:18ashridahHP make a tool that supposedly works on smaller USB dongles
12:25:22Zagorwhat happens when you try?
12:25:36ashridahwell, since i can't get a bootable system onto the disk at this point, not a lot :)
12:26:00Zagorwhat is preventing it?
12:26:49ashridahwell, a) win2k doesn't format large fat32 filesystems (and won't make them bootable anyway. b) DUSE for dos seems to take an insane amount of conventional ram, so i can't use format /s from dos, and i haven't got a windows 9x install handy to try that.
12:26:59ashridahHP's tool may well work on win9x for all i know
12:27:24ashridahthe bios itself seems to not have any major issues with the idea of booting from a usb device.
12:27:40ashridahi managed to get the mbr to whinge once.
12:28:09Zagortry ranish partition manager. it can format any way you like.
12:28:27ashridahah, damn, of course, you mean the one included with XOSL.
12:28:36ashridahgood thinking.
12:28:44*ashridah adds that to the list of things to try.
12:33:37 Join darkskiez [0] (~mbryars@
12:35:07 Join webguest75 [0] (
12:35:24 Quit webguest75 (Client Quit)
12:42:10 Part darkskiez ("Leaving")
12:43:08 Quit webguest68 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:43:39 Quit lImbus (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:44:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:49:23[IDC]Dragonmy Ondio is here now!
12:51:03dwihnoThat was fast.
12:51:11dwihnoJörg: Did you ebay it?
12:52:38[IDC]Dragonit's new, in shiny shrinkwrapped box
12:53:04[IDC]Dragonthe player is smaller than I thought
12:53:13dwihnoPhotos! Photos! :)
12:53:44[IDC]Dragondon't have my digicam here, later in the evening
12:54:02dwihnoSo what are you going to do with it now?
12:54:11dwihnoNice paperweight? :)
12:54:28[IDC]Dragondissect it first
12:55:15[IDC]DragonI have no real use for it, onlx got it because it's so similar to our platform
12:55:59[IDC]Dragonmade in china, what else...
12:56:23[IDC]Dragonbut batteries included
12:56:45Zagorwhat kind of battery is it?
12:57:47[IDC]Dragonit has a "backback", thicker than I thought
13:02:15[IDC]Dragonlots of cables in the box
13:02:21 Quit joh__ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:03:21dwihnohow expensive was it?
13:03:40[IDC]DragonI'm facing 3 philips screw, looks like it will open up without further resistance
13:03:57dwihnoJörg vs. the Screws
13:04:08[IDC]Dragon87 Euro with shipment, no bargain
13:04:15dwihnoSweden vs. Czech republic - 1-6
13:04:24dwihnoThat was a nice price dude!
13:04:31dwihnoI have to get one was well :D
13:04:36dwihnoDschörman shoppe?
13:04:37[IDC]Dragonshould I open it up first, or maybe once power it up?
13:05:09dwihnoyou decide
13:05:38[IDC]DragonI see a BGA packaged chip
13:05:50Zagori'd power it up once to see it works before you break it ;)
13:07:00[IDC]Dragonsame french music on it ;-/
13:08:17dwihnoBaguette techno deluxe!
13:08:49[IDC]Dragonmaybe I should keep it this time
13:08:57Zagor[IDC]Dragon: have you tried with later gcc versions than 3.3.1? such as 3.4.2?
13:09:18[IDC]DragonZagor: no, but either Linus or Jens
13:09:50 Join webguest62 [0] (
13:10:02[IDC]Dragonwas no gain
13:10:20LinusN3.4.2 gave larger executables
13:10:20 Quit webguest62 (Client Quit)
13:10:52Zagortried 3.3.3 as well?
13:11:14amiconnZagor: I tried 3.4.1 on cygwin, same result (larger binaries)
13:13:44Zagori'll try 3.3.3
13:14:10[IDC]Dragonamiconn: how about -Os
13:14:37amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Didn't try that while comparing compiler versions
13:15:16amiconnZagor: I _wanted_ to try 3.3.3 / 3.3.4, but didn't get the gccs to compile (on cygwin)
13:15:59[IDC]Dragon90 Mo free, those french guys can't shake it
13:16:28dwihno[IDC]Dragon: Chake which what who?
13:16:58[IDC]Dragonthe octets instead of bytes
13:20:38Zagorhmm, refuses passive ftp
13:22:02 Join webguest04 [0] (
13:22:41 Nick webguest04 is now known as ripnet (
13:27:36ripnetim very happy that people are trying to get Rockbox working on the iRiver - ive recently upgraded from a Archos to iRiver... would be well cool on a 120mHz processor with 2 screens :) (i realise its very early days, but the intent being there is cool)
13:29:08LinusNdon't hold your breath, we've only started investigating
13:29:34LinusNwe have a long way to go
13:33:16*[IDC]Dragon went to the lab and opened the ondio
13:33:26[IDC]Dragonthey glued the LCD to the CPU, grr
13:33:28dwihnoJörg: Any interesting findings?
13:33:39[IDC]Dragonnot really
13:33:48[IDC]Dragona Philips tuner chip
13:35:57LinusNsame as in the iriver then :-)
13:40:32ripnetyeah, but i still remember the 'blinking led' days of Archos :) i hope that you manage to load the firmware from disk ARchos style rather than require a re-flashing. The way i see it working is a hacked iRiver software (maybe against your 'clean' approach) that checks the hard disk for ajbrec.ajz equal (iriver.ajz?) and if it finds it, loads it into ram and runs it. That way we dont risk bricking the iriver from a bad flash
13:41:36Zagorunfortunately that would illegal, so we can't do that. we'll simply have to make the flash routine as safe as possible.
13:42:09ripnetmaybe a buffer overrun? that wouldnt be illegal...
13:42:51Zagorbut not very practical either. would you want to have to trigger an overrun through some obscure action every time you start your player? :)
13:43:49Zagorwe've managed creating a fairly fool-proof flashing routine for the archos, so i don't think it will be a problem for the iriver either
13:43:50ripneti suppose so... unless we are very lucky and find one involving a long filename or something
13:44:24ripnetyeah, i flashed the archos several times, and never had a problem
13:46:11LinusNthe problem is how to fall back to their firmware
13:46:23 Quit DMJC (Remote closed the connection)
13:46:52ripnetdo we know if its executed from rom, or copied to ram first? i guess we need a hardware geek to build a debugger module before we can answer such questions
13:46:53 Join webguest01 [0] (
13:47:06 Part webguest01
13:47:12LinusNi'm looking into that as we speak
13:47:20ripnet:) nice
13:47:42LinusNi will eventually need an iriver as well :-)
13:47:55Zagorbah, you suck :)
13:48:50ripneti dont understand why iRiver dont see that it would be to their massive advantage to release some info on it
13:49:05 Join krism [0] (
13:49:23ripnetnda's aside, the processor is not subject to secrecy agreements, nor is the boot process
13:49:44 Quit krism (Client Quit)
13:52:35 Join Gacel [0] (
13:52:41Gacelhi everybody
13:55:10Gacelread about the iriver project... maybe i can help... but probably not in the early stages (experienced developer delphi, c (palm development) and a bit asm and german speaking)
13:55:19Gacelanybody i should talk to here?
13:56:04Zagorwell we are in the early stages right now, so there's not much coding work to be done yet
13:56:52Gaceli read so much ;) maybe just note down my email in case you need someone
13:57:12Zagorbut we need to do some work with the build system that you might be interested in helping with. we need to restructure the directories to make room for more optional drivers.
13:57:30ripnetGacel - similar to you - Delphi, c on palm (and pocketpc)_ bit of asm - english speakingg tho ;)
13:59:21Zagorone suggestion has been to "port" rockbox to native win32 or linux, as an excerice in making our build system accomodate varying platforms
13:59:45Zagorcake time, bbl
14:00:18Gacelhow much asm is in the source?
14:01:18ripnetas i remember from when I had the Archos, virtually no asm, just for boot loader and byte swapping. May have changed since
14:03:53Gacelso a win32 port would be restructering to support different drivers for different platforms and building the drivers for win32
14:07:12Gacelshould probably wait until the hardware peaople are sure they can get a custom flash to boot :)
14:14:09 Quit ripnet ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:20:00 Join ripnet [0] (
14:23:09ripnetbeen looking as a strings of the decoded iriver frmware ( i assume thats allowed and would not compromise our legal position), and found some interesting bits like Error loading operating system - unless thats just junk from the compiler environment, could it mean that it can load an os from disk? or just ghopeful thinking?
14:23:37ripnetits just junk :( also got a ntldr is missing
14:28:23[IDC]DragonHey, I can start Rockbox on the Ondio! ;-)
14:28:35[IDC]Dragonwhith a patched header
14:29:24[IDC]Dragonafter the logo, it says ATA error: -11, Press ON to debug
14:29:47[IDC]Dragonbut there is no suitable ON key, what a pity
14:33:19 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
14:34:32ashridahah, that reminds me. if any of you are using linux, there's a couple of bugs when using the iriver ihp devices that crop up. fixes the most easily triggered, but there's at least one other that causes the usb device to hang while reading, requiring a restart of the system to reset the usb-storage driver into a known state
14:35:13ashridahit's triggerable after long periods of activity, and possibly not fixed with the patch that the linux-usb-devel guys managed to toss me.
14:35:38ashridahbut 2.6.8 is definently necessary to prevent data corruption
14:37:33Gaceljust use windows and replaced the iriver database software with my own ;)
14:40:34ripnet running 2.6.3 and having no problems at all. sed Linux to put the entire 40 gig and to rsync my music on daily
14:41:18ashridahripnet: you compile that kernel yourself, or is it a distro-provided one
14:41:47ripnetmandrake provided one
14:41:54ashridahi've definently seen this in every original source based kernel i've used, and it was an acknowledged bug in the USB driver (which admittedly, only exists because the device itself has bugs)
14:42:17ashridahi think i know of some other mandrake user who wasn't having issues either
14:42:25ashridahbe nice if they'd damned well forwarded the patch earlier.
14:42:48ripnetsometimes it fails to hotplug (very rare), and i have to re-boot the box to get it to pick it up (no /dev/sda)
14:42:54ripnetbut never corruption
14:43:19ashridahripnet: as i say, it's possible it was fixed. the actual workaround is about 3 lines.
14:43:30ashridahit didn't hit the mainstream kernel until 2.6.8 however.
14:43:55ashridahand it doesn't stop it from taking 30 seconds to wait and reset the device when it happens either.
14:44:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:45:06ripnetdo u happen to know which source file it is? i can check my source tree to see if the fix has been applied
14:45:22ashridahgimme a few to dig up the patch itself.
14:45:37ashridahthere we go
14:45:42 Join lImbus [0] (
14:46:26ashridahit basically catches the undersize usb packet that claims to be a 'GOOD' packet (hah), and asks the scsi layer to retry. the scsi layer resets the device by default then, waits a while and rerequests the data
14:46:48ashridah(the actual reset time seems to take a while because of the difference in the way linux resets the usb device when it happens compared to windows)
14:47:25ashridahbut before 2.6.8, plain kernels happily pass unallocated and uninitialised packets of data back to the scsi layer, which happily passes it to the vfat layer.
14:47:51ashridahresult: painful corruption of read data. (particularly when reading the directory tree)
14:48:22ashridahdon't know if it affects written beyond side effects from the bogus data read in
14:48:58 Join jomofo [0] (
14:49:15jomofojust heard about the IHP firmware idea
14:49:35dwihnoRings on the water...
14:49:36jomofoanyone around involved in this
14:49:40ripnetdoesnt seem to be patched in my kernel... but ive read gigs of data with never a problem... maybe iRiver fided it in newer models? i have the 40 gig one
14:49:51[IDC]Dragonwe should open #rockbox_iriver ...
14:50:15ashridahi've got the iHP-140 too, and no, my player is barely 6 months old, and afaik, they never changed the model, they just went onto the 300 series
14:50:16jomofohow're those toes....
14:50:48 Join dehgenog [0] (
14:51:15midkhm, sounds like you're really going to attempt this mm? :)
14:51:16ashridahripnet: we're not actually sure what triggers the bug, it could be a particular usb driver that's rubbing the ihp the wrong way.
14:51:21dehgenogCan or will Rockbox playback unprotected AAC?
14:52:07LinusNdehgenog: no
14:52:10[IDC]Dragonguys, all this is far too early
14:52:37jomofonot trying to lean.... will help when you're ready
14:52:53Zagor[IDC]Dragon: patience. it'll die out when it scrolls off the slashdot frontpage :)
14:52:54dehgenogThen, is there a minimally lossy way to get AACs over to mp3s?
14:53:08[IDC]Dragonthe slashdot article was very premature, right now it's far more ideas than facts
14:53:15jomofozagor - not really... this got posted to
14:53:24Zagorah, ok
14:53:32dehgenog[IDC]Dragon slashdot is always premature
14:53:39[IDC]Dragoniirc, nobody ran a singly byte of own code on the iriver
14:53:40jomofo^for sure
14:53:51 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
14:54:16kurzhaarrockerAre those rumors that the Iriver comes with rockbox installed correct? :)
14:54:24ashridahi'd thought you guys were considering this long before now, but that could have been some other mob.
14:54:25*Zagor slaps kurzhaarrocker
14:54:35dwihnoNow that's great humour!
14:54:39dwihno\o/ Langhaar \o/
14:54:40Zagorashridah: we've been discussing various hardware for a long time
14:55:03[IDC]DragonI found the Ondio now. ;-)
14:55:08ashridahZagor: understandably. i think some other mob started to do an alternate firmware for the iriver devices tho, but it got abandoned or something.
14:55:49jomofothe most I have seen on hacked fw for the IHP is the hex editor posted to their site....
14:55:58Zagoryeah that happens a lot. most projects don't reach the critical level of actually running code. mostly hopes and dreams.
14:56:01jomofopeople have been swapping pics, but that's about all
14:56:17jomofoonly heard of a few crashes...
14:56:24ashridahripnet: anyway, i'd be interested to know what mandrake did that avoided the issue completely, but as long as it doesn't corrupt on you, and you're aware of the potential for danger with vanilla kernels, that's good enough for me
14:56:53dehgenogthe only reason I am here is because I'm looking for an alternative to the iPod as they hahve horrendous quality control issues atm
14:56:55ashridahjomofo: yeah, i've been tempted to use a pre-prepared modified firmware, but i'm not game enough yet :)
14:57:29jomofoI'm not screwing around with it either... I already have a full-time job
14:57:37jomofothat I'm not doing right now... ;)
14:57:44ashridahdehgenog: the iriver devices aren't bad, imho. OTF playlists and gapless playback are only half implemented, and there's a minor outstanding bug afaik, but it's definently a far more complete product imho :)
14:58:04Zagori've heard the shuffle is "fun"
14:58:13jomofoash: you're right... Zagor: you're wrong
14:58:16ashridahZagor: heh, there's a sneaky way to workaround that.
14:58:27jomofothat delete file idea is bs...
14:58:35dehgenogthe bug has soemthnig to do with shuffle?
14:59:01ashridahdehgenog: nah, apparently the drive spins up if you visit the nav menu while playing, and if you don't choose a song then and there, it doesn't spin down
14:59:11jomofothe device does not contain a math processor, and someone gave the random # generator project to their kids third grade class to work on...
14:59:30jomofoshuffle on the player is garbagio...
14:59:34ashridah(which, admittedly, isn't quite as bad as people make out, since it costs more power to spin up a drive than to keep it running for a relatively comparable time period (still more than you want tho)
15:00:09[IDC]DragonI'm off
15:00:12 Part [IDC]Dragon
15:00:14Zagordoes it store settings on disk or somewhere else?
15:00:15ashridahjomofo: which delete file idea? the one where you plonk in a bunch of small silent files and delete them to rearrange the order of the shuffle?
15:00:29ashridahZagor: close as i can tell, it has a tiny amount of cmos or something
15:00:35jomofothat's the one... it works, but that's a crappy way to go about it
15:00:50ashridahsince none of my settings have died, even tho i've formatted and partitioned the device about 6 times since the recent firmware came out :)
15:00:56Zagorwe've spotten an eeprom on the board, but it's unclear if it's connected to the cpu
15:01:02ashridahjomofo: yes, it's sucky.
15:01:24ashridahso you've actually dissected it? care to take some high res digital photos?
15:01:25Zagorashridah: ever removed the battery?
15:01:28ripneti get around the shuffle by having a mythtv system, which grabs a few shows a day for me and encodes to mp3. I then rsync them to the jukebox daily, so the file order is different every day. This has the nice side effect that shuffle is random each day :)
15:01:31jomofoZagor: can you pm via the web client here...?
15:01:38ashridahZagor: heh, not until after my warranty expires, thanks :)
15:01:41*kurzhaarrocker tries to think of a use of an eeprom that isn't connected to a cpu.
15:01:42Zagorjomofo: dunno :)
15:01:58ashridahkurzhaarrocker: state machine
15:02:00Zagorfor photos/scans, check the attachments on
15:02:37ashridahkurzhaarrocker: i built one a couple of years back. 8 bit D-register, eeprom, couple of switches and a clock source == mini state machine
15:02:38Zagorkurzhaarrocker: the fm recorder has one for the usb/ata bridge configuration iirc
15:02:42ashridah(in effect, a cpu of its own)
15:03:06Zagor...and since iriver uses basically the same bridge it could be the same
15:03:17kurzhaarrockerashridah but if you had a cpu at hand you probably would have used that to control the eeprom...
15:03:44ashridahkurzhaarrocker: well, there was an eeprom programmer handy, and a parallel port to monitor things.
15:03:50ashridahbut the device was mostly self-controlling
15:03:51LinusNthe eeprom on the fm/v2 is programmed at the factory
15:04:12LinusNand contains the config parameters for the isd300
15:04:36ashridahisd300 == usb-storage controller yes?
15:04:36kurzhaarrockerSo it's the isd300 that reads it. Interesting.
15:04:47kurzhaarrockeryes, ashridah
15:05:40ashridahheh. three people in my group of friends have an iriver player now. and it's set to grow by at least two in a month or so
15:05:45ashridahnot one of them bothered with the ipod
15:06:20 Quit lImbus (Remote closed the connection)
15:07:27kurzhaarrockerZagor: that eeprom you spotted was that such a small serial thingie like a 93C46 (which can be found on most Ethernet cards)?
15:08:20Zagorit's an ISSI-401-401-39. see
15:09:36Zagorhas anyone verified the flash btw? the chip markings are awfully hard to read
15:11:22ashridah"I think it is possible to fry an iHP player by flashing a bad firmware. There doesn't seem to be a generic bootstrap loader which reflashes the firmware from the HDD if something goes wrong. " eek.
15:12:15Zagorthat's solvable
15:12:32ashridahyeah, but would solving it involve taking it apart
15:13:09LinusN"solvable" means that we write a safe boot loader
15:13:15Zagorwe've been through this with the archos already
15:13:20ashridahah, cool.
15:13:54ashridahbtw, if you can make it themable from the hard drive without needing to modify the firmware to change the images, that'd be really cool :)
15:14:19ashridah(i imagine there's a lot of work to do first tho)
15:15:51LinusNthemes are last on my list
15:16:05LinusNand will always be :-)
15:16:25ashridahfair enough however.
15:16:27Zagorwe'll start with getting rockbox running as-is and then take it from there
15:16:33kurzhaarrockerIf the weather is bad next week I'll put triggered recording up on my list :)
15:16:45*LinusN starts a rain dance
15:18:36 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
15:19:03dehgenogman i was looking forward to buying a new ipod at the end of this summer so badly
15:20:12ashridahdehgenog: in my case, buying the ihp was a no-brainer. a) the store had them, and ipods were harder to find b) didn't need odd software to copy music c) (most importantly) Vorbis support out of the box.
15:20:29ashridahsoon as i saw that on the box, i was sold, the guy at the store didn't even have time to give me a spiel :)
15:20:30dehgenogwhoa whoa
15:20:37dehgenogi have never heard it supports vvorbis
15:20:39dehgenogthat is insane
15:20:53ashridahi have a lot of music in ogg vorbis support.
15:21:04 Join LePoulpe303 [0] (
15:21:04dehgenogI have virtually none from using iTunes
15:21:38dehgenogand no iHps are reported to have the 4th-gen ipod audio defect?
15:22:10ashridahi'm not sure about the details of the ipod or any of its issues
15:22:13LePoulpe303Hi all
15:22:19ashridahi've heard rumours, but not from someone who owns one
15:22:24ashridahnone of my friends have one
15:23:10dehgenogwell lots of peopel discussing it and finding the real symptoms at ipodlounge −− have you seen the article
15:23:17ashridahthey're definently solidly constructed, i did hear about issues with the attached earphone jack with the ipod
15:23:49dehgenogyeah its apparently because on this model the chrome runs right around the headphone jack
15:24:15ashridahbut the audio quality on the iriver device is fantastic, in my considered opinion (i don't have a basis for comparison however, but many people have said that it's more solid than ipods)
15:24:46ashridahhrm. ipodlounge is german. i'm australian, and i never took german at high school :(
15:24:57dehgenog ?
15:25:02jomofoashridah: audio is supersweet
15:25:08jomofoon the ihp
15:25:23ashridahjomofo: i know it's sweet, i have one, i just don't know how much more sweet it is
15:25:24dehgenogohh ashridah I thought you were talking about the HP-Pod
15:25:35ashridaherk. no
15:25:42dehgenogoho then heh I se
15:27:25dehgenogthat sucky shuffle is a turnoff though
15:27:48ashridahi never use shuffle. even before i knew about it
15:28:14Zagordehgenog: do the latest ipods still insert gaps between tracks?
15:28:38dehgenogit's minimal now but yes
15:28:48dehgenogi just signed the petition for its removal
15:29:14ashridahZagor: i've heard nasty things about the ipod and trying to play .wav files, where it reads 32 megs, waits until it's all played out, then unloads it and loads the next chunk with a gap inside the song or something. sounds horrible :)
15:29:34ashridahi have mp3s that are 70 megs, let alone one wav file that was 300 megs long (don't know how i didn't end up encoding it)
15:30:23Zagorashridah: yes i've heard that too: it never plays music and reads the disk at the same time.
15:30:56Zagorcan you confirm or deny this, dehgenog?
15:32:06dehgenogif you use enourmous files it has zero buffer
15:32:17LinusNhow lame
15:32:54dehgenogI'm not sure if its completely incapable of playing straight from harddrive, but its normal operating behavior tries to keep HD off
15:33:03dehgenogto save battery
15:33:47LinusNof course, but the playback shouldn't be interrupted
15:34:17ashridahthe iriver certainly has no problem reading new chunks of an mp3 or .ogg mid playback
15:34:42LinusNthat's elementary imho
15:34:49dehgenogi don't think its interrupted
15:34:55dehgenogI've never heard of that for a single file
15:36:15LinusNat least the early ipods paused the playback when it filled up the buffer, if the song was larger than the buffer
15:37:31LinusNwell, some people claimed that it did, i haven't heard it myself
15:37:41ashridahi was told this was explicitly for .wav files
15:37:56ashridahit's pure hearsay on my part tho
15:38:28dehgenogyeah. it definitely doesn't happen with Apple Lossless −− so if it's happening with wav's its an isolated bug
15:42:47LinusNwe really need to find out which LCD the iriver uses
15:45:01LinusNgotta go, cu guys
15:45:36 Part LinusN
15:55:41jomofoashridah: you mean vs. the ipod?
16:09:58 Quit dehgenog ("x-chat aqua. yeah this here's a mac. come and get it")
16:34:12 Join methangas [0] (
16:34:12 Quit jomofo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:34:44 Join webguest22 [0] (
16:34:53 Join webguest50 [0] (
16:35:24 Quit webguest50 (Client Quit)
16:36:05webguest22Will the rockbox firmware still give me the many equalizer options that the archos firmware gives me?
16:36:17Zagormore, in fact
16:36:34webguest22bass, bass boost, treble, loudness, etc?
16:36:55Zagoryes. but we have even more detailed bass definition parameters.
16:37:22dwihnoThat MDB stuff got me all confused
16:37:28dwihnoOr whatever it's called
16:37:30webguest22wow, read about it on slashdot this morning... very glad i did. I'll have to give it a try
16:37:32Zagoryeah, it's mostly for the hardcore people
16:38:05Zagorwebguest22: go ahead. i don't think you will regret it :)
16:38:41webguest22can i alway uninstall it and reinstall the archos firmware if I prefer?
16:38:54dwihnoIt's as easy as removing ajbrec.ajz from the root
16:39:07dwihno(and remove the .rockbox directory, to remove misc. files)
16:39:17webguest22ok, thanks a lot. I will download it now.
16:39:47dwihnoMake sure you download a version suitable for your hardware.
16:40:03ripneti used it for ages on Archos recorder 20 - its very good indeed
16:40:16webguest22The sound quality is the main reason why I prefer the archos over the ipod.... the ipod just doesn't sound very "full"
16:40:21dwihnoI've used it ever since we got mpeg playback
16:40:29dwihnoHallelujah for Linus!
16:40:44dwihnorockbox sometimes make me go all religions and stuff ;D
16:41:40 Join egor [0] (
16:42:22webguest22I have the archos multimedia jukebox... does anyone know the correct rockbox firmware off the top of his head?
16:42:32webguest22if not, i can figure it out.
16:42:35Zagorit's not supported i'm afraid
16:42:41Zagoronly the mp3 players, not the multimedias
16:42:45webguest22ahhh damn.
16:42:51dwihnoit's a different beast
16:43:49webguest22oh well, sounds like you guys are on to something. I'll check back every so often to see if y'all offer one for that player.
16:44:35webguest22I saw on slashdot that the iriver will be supported. Ever though about fixing the poor sound quality of the iPod?
16:44:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:44:48dwihno"iriver will be supported" ...
16:44:48Zagori posted about that on slashdot
16:44:57dwihnoexaggeration deluxe
16:45:15ZagorWe are not looking at the iPod or Rio Karma since they contain a chip made by Portalplayer that you have to sign away your firstborn to see the docs for. That is a silly practice we do not wish to encourage. The iRiver contains hardware with published docs.
16:45:17Gacelfunny how people thinks such things can be done in days :)
16:45:38 Quit egor ()
16:45:44 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
16:45:53ashridahGacel: most of the people complaining about the delayed firmware on the iriver forums seem to think it's 'easy'
16:45:55ZagorGacel: you should see some of the requests we get... "can you please compile rockbox for XXX"
16:45:57dwihnoI want to keep my first born.
16:46:05webguest22ok, I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks for y'all's time.
16:46:09dwihnoZagor: Should've seen that coming...
16:46:22dwihnoJust like it would compile on any system :)
16:46:34Zagori usually think of it as a kind of compliment. we make it look easy.
16:46:47*ashridah remembers fondly developing stuff for the motorola 68hc11, where an accidental # in the 100's of lines of asm cost him 6 days of time
16:46:50dwihnoIsn't it easy then? ;)
16:47:10Zagorsure, just point and click in the right boxes
16:47:31 Quit webguest22 ("CGI:IRC")
16:47:32ashridahyeah, isn't it like in the movies, where that guy wrote a virus for the alien mothership in a day?
16:48:02dwihnoHe used a MAC to write it as well :D
16:48:05ashridahprobably convenient that a) the aliens used macs and b) the aliens didn't know computer security
16:48:05dwihnoMacOS 9!
16:48:22Zagori always suspected macs were alien tech...
16:48:22dwihnoJeff Goldblum is THE movie hacker :)
16:48:28dwihnoGood one
16:50:01*ashridah wanders off to debunk other stupidities on the slashdot comments
16:50:22dwihnoSlashdot - If you've seen it here, it's for real!
16:50:59ashridahheh. i haven't got a single negatively moderated post on slashdot
16:51:06ashridaheven for some of my more radical posts
16:53:06 Join webguest16 [0] (
16:57:10 Join egor [0] (
17:08:42Zagorspeak of the devil:
17:12:13 Quit webguest16 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:12:17ashridahi'm assuming people just don't realise how different your average consumer device is from any other consumer device
17:13:28Zagoryeah, maybe
17:13:28Zagori'm off. see you later.
17:13:28 Part Zagor
17:20:26ashridahsleep sounds like a good idea.
17:22:02 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
17:26:30Gacelits the same when people ask if i can do mac versions of my windows programs or pocketpc versions of my palm programms...
17:27:02 Part egor
17:30:01 Join cozze [0] (
17:37:33 Join edx [0] (
17:43:44 Quit pike (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:43:56 Join pike [0] (
17:53:49 Join _Blaster [0] (
17:57:19_BlasterI read about the plans on a iriver firmware, just wanted to stop by and let you know it sounds like a great idea!
18:06:45 Part _Blaster
18:25:08 Join benschi [0] (
18:25:29benschihi people..
18:36:27benschiok any news from the new project with the iriver?
18:37:24Gacellol... define news ;) it has just started...expect weeks before you can see anything
18:40:25benschiyeah yeah i know
18:40:28benschibut whats about konrad
18:40:33benschithis little cry baby
18:40:44benschidoes they work together
18:40:58Gacelno idea, i am new here
18:41:01benschior are they just discussing in the moment
18:44:47 Quit benschi ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:44:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:57:43 Join waxline [0] (
19:03:11 Join lImbus [0] (
19:03:15 Part Lynx_
19:03:26Gaceltime to go, cu
19:03:32 Part Gacel
19:04:14 Quit ripnet ("CGI:IRC")
19:13:52 Join rddawg [0] (
19:13:53 Join SillyFly [0] (
19:20:05 Quit rddawg (Remote closed the connection)
19:22:09 Join webguest11 [0] (
19:22:15webguest11I have a query about daily builds
19:22:19webguest11can someone help me please?
19:23:38webguest11I just downloaded the daily build for my FM recorder, but everytime I turn off the unit, it reverts back to the old version, and I have to rolo the ajbrec.ajz file to get back to the daily build. how can I fix this?
19:23:41webguest11I just downloaded the daily build for my FM recorder, but everytime I turn off the unit, it reverts back to the old version, and I have to rolo the ajbrec.ajz file to get back to the daily build. how can I fix this?
19:25:33 Quit webguest11 (Client Quit)
19:25:41 Join webguest97 [0] (
19:25:50webguest97 I just downloaded the daily build for my FM recorder, but everytime I turn off the unit, it reverts back to the old version, and I have to rolo the ajbrec.ajz file to get back to the daily build. how can I fix this?
19:26:27webguest97CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?
19:28:34webguest97I'm on my own I guess
19:29:33 Join [SL]Renegade [0] (
19:29:35 Quit webguest97 (Client Quit)
19:29:57 Join webguest64 [0] (
19:30:09[SL]RenegadeNow I have rockbox on my Jukebox Recorder 20
19:30:22[SL]Renegadegreet work!!!
19:30:32[SL]Renegadegreat of course
19:31:04[SL]RenegadeI have a question, anybody there?
19:32:04lImbusIf you hurry up. gotta go
19:32:44[SL]Renegadei´m from germany, my english is not so good
19:33:43[SL]Renegadehow can i play videos on zhe jukebox
19:34:26[SL]Renegadedwihno, are you there?
19:34:44lImbusyou have first to convert them to the rvf, then you can "execute" them on the box
19:35:06[SL]Renegadewhich prog do have to use to do this?
19:35:35lImbussee this:
19:36:37 Quit SillyFly (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:37:42 Quit webguest64 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:37:57 Part lImbus
19:53:09 Join OJman [0] (
19:53:35OJmanWhats up?
19:56:31OJmanAre there any plans for making mods to the Gmini 400 - the new gizmoid from Archos?
20:01:50 Part cozze
20:06:47OJmannot many alive here. Ahwell....latah
20:06:51 Quit OJman ()
20:17:31 Join taaz [0] (~dlehn@
20:25:38 Quit waxline ("[x]chat")
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20:51:38 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
20:53:06 Join benschi [0] (
20:53:33benschiany one of the iriver team here???
20:53:54[IDC]Dragonthere is no "team" yet
20:54:15[IDC]Dragonseems we're still slashdotted
20:56:19[IDC]Dragonthe article was too early
20:56:34 Join lImbus [0] (
20:56:43[IDC]Dragonfact ist that a few developers here are having an eye on the iriver now
20:59:12pikewarms the old hearf to hear that ^ :)
21:00:12benschiwhich article?
21:00:54[IDC]Dragonin slashdot, I thought that's why you came here
21:01:11benschioh man, no no...
21:01:21benschii followed the whole discussion sinse 31.august
21:01:37benschibut whats up with konrad and mr anderson
21:02:35benschiwhat does slashdotted mean?? sorry for my bad english
21:03:33[IDC]Dragonappearing in, causing the attention of many nerds
21:04:20benschinow i read on the german board, iriver lounch and misticriver
21:04:28benschihmmm , are you also a developper?
21:04:48benschii finally tried to translate slashdotted! hehe... nice try or?
21:05:47benschida tu ich mir ja leichter..
21:06:02benschikennst du dich ein wenig aus, wies nun aussieht im bereich der alternaitiven firmware
21:06:04[IDC]Dragonno, please stay english in public chat
21:06:42[IDC]Dragonif you don't mind, I try to work on Rockbox in parallel
21:06:43benschiprivate message?
21:08:35 Join zeekoe [0] (
21:11:20 Quit [SL]Renegade (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:12:46 Quit benschi ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:15:42[IDC]Dragonamiconn: are you there?
21:16:34[IDC]Dragonhave you seen that Rockbox runs a bit on the Ondio?`
21:16:54[IDC]DragonI'm updating scramble.c now
21:17:16amiconnIt doesn't run very far yet ;) ata error -11
21:17:32[IDC]Dragonhow surprising!
21:17:49[IDC]Dragonwhere is the disk? I seem to miss something...
21:18:10[IDC]Dragonwill complain
21:18:55amiconnYou mentioned the radio chip... it's a different one from the recorder FM
21:19:15[IDC]Dragonyes, unfortunately
21:19:46amiconnDid you already identify the other chips?
21:20:04[IDC]Dragonthere's almost no new chip
21:20:55[IDC]Dragona small one for the power supply
21:21:19[IDC]Dragonand a new one for the MMC-USB bridge
21:21:28amiconncpu and lcd controller should be the same, although the cpu could be the variant with 8 K iram and no rom
21:21:40[IDC]DragonI doubt it
21:21:46amiconnwhat mp3 codec? mas3587, rev B2 ?
21:22:07[IDC]Dragonthe one PCB I've seen without boot ROM had a huge CPU chip
21:22:25[IDC]DragonB2, yes
21:22:28 Join Studio10 [0] (
21:22:51amiconnNext stage would be tracing connections and drawing schematics imho.
21:23:34amiconnChances are that things are connected to different port pins, and you already mentioned that the button assembly is different too
21:24:11amiconnI'll soon see what the Ondio SP looks like, and figure out more differences
21:25:11amiconnDid you already take some pictures?
21:26:11 Join [IDC]Dragon2 [0] (
21:26:23[IDC]Dragon2lousy client, disconnected me
21:26:26lImbusI see double
21:26:35amiconnlImbus: Me too ;)
21:26:44[IDC]Dragon2I don't feel like typing that again
21:27:17lImbus[IDC]Dragon, you can "ghost" him: /msg nickserv [IDC]Dragon password
21:27:43[IDC]Dragon2further dissection tricky: 1) LCD glued ontop of CPU, 2) firmly attached daughterboard
21:27:48amiconnlImbus: Only if he registered his nick. He didn't
21:27:53[IDC]Dragon2I'll make some pictures
21:29:19amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Got my remarks?
21:30:39*[IDC]Dragon2 checks log
21:31:19[IDC]Dragon2now I do
21:31:43[IDC]Dragon2let's make an Ondio twiki topic
21:32:37amiconnGood idea, although I can't contribute yet
21:35:21amiconnSee what's on to of the wiki stats now: Guess what?
21:35:36amiconns/on to/on top/
21:36:32amiconn /.
21:40:39[IDC]Dragon2you can help me with wiki
21:41:14amiconnWhat can I do?
21:41:54 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:43:24[IDC]Dragon2teach me how to upload pictures and place them in the text
21:44:52amiconnStarting point: being _not_ in edit mode, but viewing the article you want to attach/ insert the images into
21:46:08amiconnThen click on "attach" (bottom line). Choose your image file, insert a comment and check "Link" and "Hide file". Then upload
21:46:39amiconnThe image will be embedded at the end of the article now. Got into edit mode and move the link as you like
21:49:16[IDC]Dragon2try ArchosOndio topic
21:52:03amiconnI'd use "MultiMediaCard" for MMC (no space). Then we create a small topic, linking to wikipedia
21:52:58[IDC]Dragon2please feel free to improve
21:53:55amiconnYou said that the lcd is glued to the cpu. Any idea what glue this might be?
21:54:21[IDC]Dragon2haven't done a chemical analysis yet
21:55:29[IDC]Dragon2the kind that comes off when pulling gently and steady :-)
21:55:34 Join ywwg [0] (~owen@
21:57:37[IDC]Dragon2what a bad solder jod underneath
21:58:49*[IDC]Dragon2 goes cleaning it
22:03:38 Join claussen [0] (
22:04:30claussenAs much as I'm interested to see what can be done with custom firmware for the IHPs, I'm mostly driven to try to re-engineer the joystick on the main unit
22:04:36claussenit drives me batty.
22:04:47claussenHas anyone documented the internal workings of it?
22:09:10*zeekoe is away: I'm busy
22:11:45 Quit ywwg ("Connection reset by Lain")
22:19:42[IDC]Dragon2amiconn: IO just added another picture
22:24:10amiconnAh, very nice. The cpu is the version with rom
22:24:40[IDC]Dragon2i need to do the uart boot mod
22:24:54 Quit methangas (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
22:25:15amiconnLooks like the cpu uses 12 MHz clock
22:25:22[IDC]Dragon2yes :-(
22:25:32[IDC]Dragon2I was about to say that
22:25:40amiconnWhy :(
22:25:52[IDC]Dragon2because of USB, I guess
22:26:45lImbusboach. ich geh' gleich ratzen, liebes
22:26:55lImbusoops, sorry, wrong window ;-)
22:27:18 Nick [IDC]Dragon2 is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
22:27:27amiconnI wonder how the mmc is controlled from the cpu. The ata interface in our jukeboxes is rather primitive...
22:27:45[IDC]Dragonwith the serial used as SPI
22:29:22amiconnI hope this one doesn't need bitswapping...
22:31:24 Quit claussen ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:31:26[IDC]Dragonin the Ondio, the MAS can be used in parallel mode for both rec and play
22:32:04[IDC]Dragonthis time, it's bidirectional :-)
22:35:49amiconnAh, nice one. This would also enable pcm pass through without modification, if we can get hold of that.
22:36:10[IDC]Dragonwith what memory to store it?
22:36:19amiconnToo bad that the storage capacity is so limited :(
22:36:48amiconnBut this could help if someone wants to implement a .mod player
22:37:19amiconnBtw, how did you figure that out so fast?
22:39:15[IDC]Dragona friend at Archos told me
22:43:04[IDC]DragonI added a table for the chips
22:43:16[IDC]Dragonwhy does the headline come out so bad?
22:43:36[IDC]DragonI'd like to add links, how do I do that?
22:44:29[IDC]Dragone.g. for the flash it should be:
22:44:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:45:11amiconnheadline: You used an "l" (ell) as second spacer instead of "|" (vbar)
22:46:58amiconnI can't edit, as you still have the topic locked. Links to external pages: [[http://whatever.url/][descriptive text]]
22:47:22[IDC]Dragonwith all the brackets?
22:47:44amiconnThere is a TextFormattingRules link below the edit box, which pops up a nice informative window ;)
22:49:51[IDC]Dragonhow do I avoid it interprreting anything with mixed case as a keyword?
22:50:04[IDC]Dragone.g. SanDisk
22:53:36 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:54:27 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:54:27 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:54:42amiconnGrr, got disconnected (t-offline)
22:59:57[IDC]Dragonsome liks added now
23:01:34[IDC]DragonI can't find info about the AU9330, only about its follow-up, the 9331
23:03:32[IDC]Dragonurl extrapolation?
23:03:34amiconnAlthough, no data book link there
23:03:45[IDC]Dragonyes, I did that, but no datasheet
23:08:26[IDC]Dragonsorry, my box uses the 9331
23:10:27[IDC]Dragonso Archos now equips that one
23:12:22[IDC]Dragonbut sorry for misleading
23:12:43[IDC]DragonI was told it's a 9330, but now a 9331 is used
23:12:43amiconnmetacrawler was my friend here.
23:13:28amiconnI think both chips are very similar. The 9330 is even mentioned in the 9331's datasheet
23:14:37amiconnIf it works the same way is in the jukeboxes, we'll only have to know how to detect usb, and how to disable/ enable the chip
23:21:46 Quit salimfadhley (Remote closed the connection)
23:21:54amiconnI found some interesting reading regarding a possible source of recording problems for those who record from spdif:
23:36:47 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:40:27amiconnhi hardeep
23:57:00hardeepso, i see that we have an iriver port done... =)

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