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#rockbox log for 2004-09-09

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00:16:17midk[IDC]Dragon, did you make any Ondio progress?
00:21:02[IDC]Dragonstill beeping
00:21:02[IDC]Dragonrockbox shows the logo and the port screen
00:21:57midkvery cool
00:22:15midkbut, what do you mean by beeping? it outputs a beep noise through the headphones?
00:24:46[IDC]Dragonbeeping with a continuity tester
00:24:46[IDC]Dragonto find out what's wired where
00:25:15midkoh. :)
00:25:24midkcool cool
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00:58:51midk^ found by strath :)
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01:04:47bagawk[IDC]Dragon: you got a ondio?
01:05:49bagawkdoes rockbox work on it with no changes?
01:06:41[IDC]Dragonnow tell me where the disk is
01:07:29bagawkwell i though it *could* be possible that there are using some sort of ata-to-flash chip or something
01:07:32lImbusmidk: you should've been here over the (european) day. lot's of requests to get it running
01:08:11midklImbus, you mean bagawk perhaps? :)
01:08:24lImbusno. worse
01:08:34bagawki have to go to school again now
01:08:37midk"it" being.. rockbox on the iriver?
01:08:42bagawkwant be here much in the day
01:08:50lImbusthe ondio is far nearer to get it running than the iriver
01:09:16lImbusmidk: yes
01:09:20midkcould you define "it" then? still no idea what you're talking about
01:09:28lImbus[01:09] <lImbus> midk: yes
01:09:29midkaha, yes, sounds interesting of course
01:10:04lImbusthat's why there have been a few ondios bought.
01:13:00lImbusI ought go to bed now. cya all
01:13:02bagawkfrom /. : cience: Robot Eats Flies to Generate Power
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01:16:59bagawkRockbox Plans Open Source Firmware For iRiver Gear
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01:17:19bagawknow slashdoted 3 times :)
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02:02:24Studio10Can anyone speak to the possibility of using rockbox on a "Studio 10" model? It appears to be very similar to the Studio 6000 shown in the roxkbox documention. Is there a compatibilty list that I am overlooking? Thanks. Dale.
02:03:07[IDC]DragonStudio10: this works
02:03:14midkyour compatibility list is the very first line on the page.
02:07:30[IDC]Dragonamiconn: wrong info, the direction of the MAS buffer is fixed :-(
02:08:54amiconnSo mp3 playback is via SDI as well?
02:09:29[IDC]Dragonmust be, haven't checked
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02:37:11amiconnI'll follow that example
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09:06:22[IDC]Dragonthe morning after
09:08:23Zagornice ondio photos. i see you got the lcd off the cpu.
09:09:11[IDC]Dragonyes, wasn't too difficult
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09:10:33[IDC]Dragonmy build system extension doesn't work for the plugins
09:11:00[IDC]Dragon(not that Im currently worried to be unable to build Ondio plugins)
09:11:30dwihno[IDC]Dragon: Tell us about your progress :)
09:12:17[IDC]Dragonsee wiki
09:13:34*dwihno goes wiki
09:14:46dwihnoMe likey
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09:46:05Zagor[IDC]Dragon: is it still stopping on ata -11?
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09:46:36Bagdertime to remodel the daily build page/table
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09:47:10Zagoryeah. i think we can simply shorten the names a bit
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09:47:46Bagderbut I think it could use a cleanup somehow anyway
09:48:09[IDC]DragonZagor: still no MMC driver written, sorry ;-)
09:48:29[IDC]DragonBagder: don't include the Ondio yet ;-)
09:48:34Zagori thought the mmc was just for expansion?
09:48:46Bagder[IDC]Dragon: no, but preparing for it can't be bad!
09:48:52[IDC]Dragonthe internal chip is also an MMC
09:51:06BagderZagor: I think perhaps offerig only the last day's build on the daily-build page, then we have one page for each binary for the last 5-6 days
09:52:41Bagderthen we could even possibly have tiny little pictures for each link, like on the download page
09:53:06Zagoroooh, flashy :)
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10:14:59[IDC]Dragonhi LinusN!
10:18:51Bagderas a test
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10:25:27Bagderdo we have a pretty picture for the windows installer?
10:28:03Bagderok, I'll use the rockbox logo instead for now
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10:35:30SmoothOperatorIs the Ondio being worked on now? I saw it mentioned on the homepage
10:36:42SmoothOperatorif it succeeds i can see this request coming "Make the Ondio play music from its onboard memory and the Multimedia card at the same time"
10:36:57SmoothOperatorbecause currently u can only use one or the other, not both at the same time
10:38:30 Part LinusN
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10:38:46SmoothOperatorwelcome back linus
10:39:00Zagorin any case, ondio means we need to introduce multi disk support
10:39:19SmoothOperatorwas just curious
10:39:20LinusNyes, we need mmc drivers
10:39:26SmoothOperatori quite like that new Sony device
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10:40:17SmoothOperatorshame it only plays atrac3
10:41:38Zagorwell that's sony for you
10:43:36dwihnoZagor doesn't like memory stick either ;)
10:43:54dwihnoI would prefer if my phone supported SD cards instead.
10:44:06LinusNwe don't like any design that locks you into proprietary single-source solutions
10:44:49Zagorsuch as rockbox ;)
10:44:50dwihnotrue, true
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10:47:08LinusNBagder: what's the goal with this exercise?
10:47:08ZagorBagder: why the logo?
10:47:27Bagderze: because I have pics for the binary downloads
10:47:32ZagorLinusN: making the daily build page smaller
10:47:38ZagorBagder: ah
10:47:52LinusNi see
10:48:11ZagorLinusN, Bagder: any objections to replacing the old 2.96 native gcc on labb?
10:48:40BagderZagor: I already have a 3.4 installed
10:48:48Bagder /usr/local/gcc34/bin
10:49:28Zagori'm updating binutils anyway
10:50:12Bagderconsider the sh-elf upgrade too
10:50:30Zagoryeah that's why i need to upgrade binutils :)
10:54:19SmoothOperatorwill MP3 ever die away in favour of these DRM enabled WMAs, AACs ATRAC3s and what not?
10:55:05dwihnoIn their DRMs ;)
10:55:15dwihnodreams. get it? hahaha :)
10:55:26SmoothOperatorwell its what the record companies want
10:55:30SmoothOperatordrm enabled players
10:55:35SmoothOperatorno more simple dragging and droppin
10:55:51Bagderok, try now
10:56:28Bagdera bit simplistic still, but it is fewer links now
10:57:05dwihnoBagder: Imho, there should be small images of the units :)
10:57:12SmoothOperatorIn the UK its dangerous to wear Ipod headphones
10:57:39LinusNBagder: i like it
10:57:51dwihnoSmoothOperator: How come?
10:57:56Zagorweird, i can't get cross-gcc 3.4.2 to build
10:58:12Bagderdwihno: yes, that's my plan as well
10:58:13SmoothOperatorbecause wearing those ipod headphones marks you as an ipod owner and you will get beaten up for your ipod
10:58:53dwihnoBagder: swell! \o/
10:58:56SmoothOperatorim not joking
10:59:09dwihnoSmoothOperator: they hate it that much?
10:59:43Zagordwihno: no doofus, they steal it. like mobile phones.
11:00:03dwihnoZagor: :O
11:00:12dwihnoSorry, I wasn't thinking
11:01:03 Join [av]bani [0] (
11:01:20dwihnoZagor: they want that piece of junk? perhaps they sell the batteries ;)
11:01:45SmoothOperatorthe ipod cant be a piece of junk if everybody wants one
11:02:04Zagorpeople buy whatever is marketed. the ipod is marketed, ergo people buy the ipod
11:02:23SmoothOperatorso if the archos had the same publicity would it sell the same way?
11:02:39Zagorno they are not comparable
11:02:48SmoothOperatorboth HD MP3 players
11:03:19Zagorarchos is a 2.5" player (100gig), ipod is an 1.8" player. not the same thing.
11:03:25SmoothOperatoranyway guys i've got to go to work
11:03:55Zagormost people prefer the smaller type
11:04:09 Quit SmoothOperator ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:07:26Zagorcan't find any cheap used iHPs
11:07:43Zagorthe used cost about the same as the new, since people are buying them new at expensive places...
11:08:10[av]baniheh, ihp is hefty enough it could run uclinux
11:08:16[av]baniwithout problems
11:08:28[av]baniquite unlike trying to shoehorn it into archos
11:09:04[av]banijust about any audio format should be doable, and i dont know why iriver finds it so hard to make gapless mp3
11:09:05Zagoryeah, but theres not much point in running linux on it
11:09:28[av]baniim guessing they bought 3rd party binaries and were only able to glue them together
11:09:36[av]banithey have no idea how the internals work or dont have the source or something
11:09:49Bagderwith Linux you'd get a whole lot of tools not made to run on a portable harddisk player
11:09:52*dwihno bought his archos thanks to Zag, Bag and Linus
11:10:05Zagorgapless mp3 is difficult because mp3 doesn't actually support it
11:10:09[av]baninot much point yeah, but itd be cool :)
11:10:15[av]baniworlds smallest linux :)
11:10:39Zagorso you need to perform various hacks to workaround a limitation in the format
11:10:43[av]banizagor yeah, but there are good mp3 implementations which do a reasonably good job at cut+paste
11:11:11[av]banithe rio does it, so its possible
11:11:20Bagderdwihno: check the daily build page now
11:11:21Zagoryeah, so I've been told
11:11:41[av]banianyone know if the ihp actually runs at 140mhz?
11:11:56[av]banithe coldfire part is clocked at 140, but does the iriver run it that fast
11:12:03[av]baniseems awfully fast for a portable
11:12:04Zagordunno yet
11:12:08 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
11:12:16[av]baniseems to me that would eat a lot of power
11:12:19Zagorwell you need a bit of juice to decode ogg and mp3
11:12:28Zagornot to mention encode
11:12:35[av]baninot really, the ipod can just do ogg in software
11:12:41[av]baniand its not a screamer
11:12:49[av]banicourse they use integerized ogg, but still
11:13:20Zagoripod is a dual arm-7, not the same thing
11:13:27Zagoralso it doesn't encode ogg, does it?
11:13:47Zagorreal-time, i mean
11:14:07[av]baniooh, haha
11:14:15[av]banicoldfire is 68k core, cool
11:14:21[av]banii grew up on 68k asm ;)
11:14:22dwihnoBagder: Looks great! A small note though... I keep a 1600x1200 resolution... Are you sure 1024 width persons will see it?
11:14:31dwihnoIt's a bit wide
11:14:48[av]banino, but the iriver doesnt encode ogg either ;)
11:14:51BagderI could split it in two lines
11:15:11Zagordon't. it works fine this way.
11:15:17dwihnoPerhaps V2 units on the second line?
11:15:38Bagderit'll need to be split if we get ondio in there
11:15:39Zagor[av]bani: well does the ipod encode mp3 then?
11:15:51dwihnoa <br /> after the images perhaps?
11:16:08[av]banii dont think the ipod does encoding at all
11:16:18Bagderdwihno: ah, right
11:16:31Zagordwihno: no need, browsers wrap it anyway. try it.
11:16:53Zagor[av]bani: that's what i thought too. hence it doesn't need as much power.
11:16:55dwihnoZagor: you're so right
11:17:00LinusNthe iriver has an 11.2896MHz oscillator, and uses an internal PLL to generate the CPU clock
11:17:26LinusNand i'm pretty sure that the clock can be adjusted in real time
11:17:28[av]baniprogrammable pll?
11:17:52[av]banihm, wonder if the coldfire tolerates realtime freq changes
11:17:54LinusNso we can run on a lower frequency for playback, and boost it for encoding
11:18:09Zagoryes, i would expect the clock to be adjusted to not waste cycles/power
11:19:10[av]bani8k icache, thats huge for an embedded device
11:19:19 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
11:19:50[av]banion-cpu pll?
11:20:08[av]baniwoo, embedded ide?
11:20:11LinusNthere is an internal pll, yes
11:20:20LinusNand it can be reprogrammed in real-time
11:20:34LinusNyou enter the "pll bypass mode" while doing it
11:20:44LinusNrunning directly from the oscillator
11:21:00LinusNthen you switch back after reprogramming the pll
11:21:07 Join amiconn [0] (
11:21:14Zagor96k sram. we can fit half our code in there :)
11:21:15[av]baniah, so keeps it running albeit slowly :)
11:21:33[av]banithats not counting the sdram
11:22:01LinusNthe sdram is not clocked from the pll
11:22:02[av]banicourse theres unlimited storage on disk really
11:22:38[av]baniput a barebones kernel in flash, and put all the interesting app stuff on disk
11:22:50Zagorsram is faster, thus you want frequently used code there. on archos we just have a few k sram
11:23:02[av]baniso you dont have to worry about torching your ihp with upgrades
11:23:15[av]banianyone know whats up with the emu?
11:23:16Zagorthat makes it slow. we'll flash everything.
11:23:31Zagorduring development, disk loading is better
11:23:47[av]baniwell, if the feature set outgrows flash
11:24:07[av]banipeople are asking for sid etc :)
11:24:14Zagorthen we'll solve it somehow. that will take quite a while though... :)
11:24:24[av]baniso you can just store plugins on disk
11:24:31Zagorwe do that today, yes
11:24:57[av]baniiriver is going to be a huge step up from the constraints you had :)
11:25:16[av]banihuge flash, fast cpu with big caches and ram
11:25:25[av]baniand all sorts of on cpu goodies
11:25:25Zagorin terms of ram and flash, yes. but the feature set is pretty much the same.
11:26:09LinusNah, i was wrong, the sdram clock seems to be derived from the pll :-(
11:26:31ZagorLinusN: well that's bad for performance but good for power :)
11:27:05[av]baniooh, heh
11:27:20[av]banisdram may not tolerate wild speed changes
11:27:55Zagorwe'll find out...
11:30:05[av]banii'm guessing the LW052A is used to select between the dsp and the FM radio
11:30:08[av]banimake sense?
11:31:05[av]banione way to make sure i guess would be to put a probe on the pins and watch :)
11:31:19LinusNlunch time
11:31:25Zagorlunch time, see you in an hour or so
11:31:30 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:31:51[av]banialso the cpu has to know when the usb bridge chip is activated or not, im guessing one of the gpio pins is hooked up
11:41:35 Part [av]bani
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12:56:43[IDC]Dragonhi amiconn, I didn't see you sneak in
12:58:41 Join pfavr [0] (
13:06:08lImbusamiconn: vbrfix did the job with my big recorded file for winamp, but CoolEdit still cuts it.
13:06:27lImbusso everybody keep in mind CoolEdit is a silly biatch ;-)
13:08:22*LinusN has an iriver ihp-120 now
13:08:44 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
13:08:47[IDC]Dragonthat was quick
13:08:52Zagorshopping is fun :)
13:08:55LinusNzagir and i bought it over lunch
13:09:15LinusNwe have a huge problem
13:09:19[IDC]Dragonbuy 10 pizza, get one free?
13:09:24LinusNi can't see any LED!
13:09:30LinusNno blinking
13:09:37[IDC]Dragonthe Ondio also has none!
13:09:40Zagorwe need another platform
13:09:50LinusNproject 1: add a LED
13:09:51Zagorwe can't work without led
13:10:06[IDC]Dragon1st mod
13:10:22LinusNthere are two leds on it
13:11:59LinusNabove the joystick, two thin "stripes"
13:12:13 Join zeekoe [0] (
13:12:31LinusNi wonder how long it takes to charge...
13:12:37Zagorweird place
13:13:14Zagorcan you believe with that massive display they only use four lines of text!?
13:13:24LinusNfor real?
13:13:38Zagorthat's what the marketing material i found says anyway
13:13:53Zagori guess we'll find out when the battery wakes up :)
13:14:49[IDC]Dragonyou can't use it yet?
13:15:03LinusNthat's why i didn't see the leds
13:15:10dwihnoLinusN: Phew! A unit without a led... How could we live without RLD; )
13:15:33LinusNthe left led is green, i don't know which color the other one is :-)
13:15:41dwihnoit'll be a surprise
13:15:42dwihnored? :)
13:15:56[IDC]Dragonblue, pink, white?
13:16:08LinusNi must resist the urge to take it apart until i see that it's working
13:16:22LinusNthat was a pain with my fm recorder
13:16:31[IDC]DragonI know that feeling
13:16:36LinusNbut as soon as i saw it was working, i took it apart
13:16:38[IDC]Dragonhad it yesterday
13:17:18[IDC]Dragonsniff, you guys drag all the attention from my little ondio project
13:17:39*dwihno thinks how you guys must be during christmas when it comes to opening presents
13:18:07[IDC]Dragonthey must have screws
13:18:09LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yeah, that's bad in a sense
13:20:42*Zagor cheers for [IDC]Dragons ondio project :)
13:20:57dwihnoMe too!
13:20:58Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: i have a notion your ondio project may finish earlier tho ;-)
13:21:01dwihnoHooray for Jörg!
13:21:07[IDC]Dragonsob, thanks ...
13:21:39dwihnoNow get to work ;)
13:21:56[IDC]Dragonsir, yes sir
13:22:02dwihnoHere. Have a cookie.
13:25:28dwihnoSwedish guys, you know how the semesterersättning works?
13:26:49zeekoedwihno: is that about school?
13:26:56zeekoedwihno: i might have the same thing
13:27:19zeekoeuntil last year it was 42 points, 42 weeks, 3 trimesters
13:27:56LinusNit looks like the MAD decoder is a very good candidate for the iriver
13:28:22zeekoenow it's 60 ECTS (European CrediT System or so :P), 40 weeks, 2 semesters (2 weeks less school! :))
13:28:54LinusNencoding is a totally different beast
13:30:09zeekoeLinusN: for what i'm reading now, MAD seems to use 24 bits, dithered to 16
13:30:14zeekoewouldnt that be slow?
13:31:00dwihnozeekoe: njae, I'm working full time. I'm no student.
13:32:03zeekoedwihno: ok... i just read something about holiday pay or so... i was thinking of the wrong thing :)
13:32:05Lynx_do all of you core developers work in the software/electronics business?
13:32:32dwihnozeekoe: heh, ok
13:33:31[IDC]DragonI do
13:33:31LinusNthe left led is a charge indicator and the right one is a hdd indicator
13:33:49ZagorLynx_: yes
13:33:53[IDC]Dragonis the right one red?
13:34:37LinusNdon't know
13:34:56[IDC]Dragonelse the platform is incompatible
13:35:15zeekoenot for the (color) blind people
13:35:25zeekoethey can still use it
13:39:30ashridahLinusN: yes, the HDD light is red
13:39:40ashridahthe charging light is green
13:39:46*ashridah looks at his just to his right
13:40:17LinusNso it can be RLD compatible :-)
13:40:30LinusN"RLD inside"
13:40:34zeekoebut it doesnt have a hard disk, has it?
13:40:47ashridahzeekoe: the H series? yes it does.
13:40:49LinusNRed LED Death, a "famous" rockbox hard disk problem
13:41:04zeekoeor are you talking about the iRiver now?
13:41:17dwihno\o/ RLD compatibility \o/
13:41:17ashridahzeekoe: i am
13:41:25ashridahred led death?
13:41:32ashridahis there an entertaining backstory to this?
13:41:32zeekoeooooh... i was thinking about the ondio
13:41:42*Zagor is removing all quotes from the wiki, to end the complaints
13:42:01zeekoe1) turn on your archos, hd spins up 2) shake it a bit 3) you get the red light of death
13:42:18ashridahzeekoe: nice.
13:42:32ashridahzeekoe: that said, iriver make flash and cd-based players.
13:42:34LinusN"a bit"
13:42:44LinusNi have to shake it like hell to get rld
13:43:06ashridahmy player takes longer to boot if i'm moving about while it's booting, but that's about it
13:43:37ashridahthe drive probably takes longer to stabilise.
13:44:04LinusNit's the same on most players, including archos
13:44:04zeekoewhen i put the v1 recorder in my pocket, when starting to drive away with my bike, i really have to be careful the first few seconds (when the hd spins) or a RLD will appear
13:44:10ashridahthe original unit i had had a weird bug when it got warm from use or being in a pocket, although i got it replaced the moment i found out how to reproduce it
13:44:18LinusNthe rld problem applies to only a few hard disk models
13:44:55zeekoelike hitachi dk23da-20...? :S
13:45:39dwihnoI got a hitachi disk as well
13:46:01LinusNzeekoe: that one, yes
13:46:02dwihnoAnd I never got the RLD using the original IBM disk
13:46:17ashridahthe drive in my iriver is a toshiba MK4004GAH
13:50:00amiconnzeekoe: (MAD using 24 bits): Of course this is slower than 16bits, but still should be possible on 140 MHz Coldfire in realtime. It is possible in realtime on 68060 with 50 MHz
13:50:30ashridahzeekoe: yeah.
13:51:05LinusNmad should be possible, especially if we make use of the MAC
13:53:06dwihnoToo many abbreviations! %/
13:53:42LinusN?Too many abbrev error: -493
13:54:29Zagoranyone looked at MAD before (i.e. anyone volunteering?)
13:55:06Zagorthat's one thing we can start with right away, even before we can run anything on the target
13:55:13Zagorsame with ogg (tremor)
13:55:23dwihnoMAC is ... ?
13:56:33dwihnoa DAC but manually instead of digitally?
13:57:01ZagorMultiply And Accumulate, it's a part of the processor
14:00:25[IDC]DragonI very briefly worked with MAD
14:00:41[IDC]Dragonbut I'm booked
14:01:01 Join Nire-work [0] (~Nire-work@
14:01:10zeekoe[IDC]Dragon: you should look at the ondio first, and better charging code :)
14:01:16Nire-workhey everyone
14:01:29Nire-workjust wanted to say thanks for taking on the iRiver port !!
14:01:37Nire-workI'm very excited about this
14:01:47ZagorNire-work: have you worked with MAD or Tremor? ;)
14:04:11[IDC]Dragonzeekoe: I didn't do that charging code
14:05:33LinusNno, but you should fix it :-)
14:05:51LinusNonly germans are allowed to work on the charging code
14:06:41zeekoe[IDC]Dragon: i recall you once speaking of a redo of the charging code
14:06:47LinusNwe all do
14:06:58zeekoe[IDC]Dragon: may be me though, being weird
14:07:04LinusNin the terms of "someone should fix this"
14:08:51zeekoenot that i need it... right now... although i just bought some stuff to finally complete my charger
14:09:18zeekoea 7805 plus 5.1V zener should be able to make 10V, doesn't it?
14:09:38zeekoeor 10.1V
14:11:04amiconnzeekoe: Or just use a 7810
14:11:12zeekoecouldnt get one
14:11:21zeekoe7809 were sold out too
14:12:00zeekoei think i'll just try, if it doesnt work i blow up about 25 eurocents
14:13:20[IDC]DragonLinusN, zeekoe: yes, the charging is something I'm at least annoyed by
14:13:54[IDC]DragonI sortof have it on my list
14:14:05[IDC]Dragonlacking the motivation
14:14:14zeekoelol... i know that
14:14:23zeekoeif i could only buy motivation :P
14:16:54amiconnLinusN: r u there?
14:18:40amiconnWould you mind if I extend screen_dump() to take a parameter? (The filename it should use; if you hand it a NULL pointer, it would still compose the filename as it currently does)
14:19:14amiconnThen this can be put into the plugin api, for use by e.g. etchasketch
14:19:33zeekoewhee :)
14:21:31LinusNamiconn: good idea
14:22:08amiconnzeekoe: The inverse function (bmp loading) is on it's way too...
14:22:37[IDC]Dragonbut not a generic bmp load, I hope
14:22:46amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Why not?
14:22:56[IDC]Dragonin the core?
14:23:02amiconnNo, as a plugin lib
14:23:22[IDC]Dragonbmp can have so many formats
14:24:07amiconnWell, it won't support all formats, only uncompressed one. I'll try to get it supporting 1/4/8/24 bits depth though
14:24:08[IDC]Dragonbitmap, palette, true color, reverse or forward lines, even compression
14:26:40Zagorbmp is a lovely format...
14:27:23amiconnImho bmp is much easier than jpeg. I tried to understand that idct stuff...
14:27:37Zagortiff! :)
14:29:09[IDC]Dragonjpeg has also a lot of flavours, but most are not popular
14:32:00 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.2/20040820]")
14:33:38zeekoeamiconn: cool! (a bit late :-))
14:39:54 Join Bagder [0] (
14:41:53Zagorneato, the DAC supports 24-bit audio
14:42:12Zagorand so does libmad
14:42:23zeekoeenough leeching done @100mbit :-) /me -> home
14:42:27 Quit zeekoe ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
14:45:07amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Could you extend descramble.c the same way you extended scramble.c?
14:45:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:47:01*Bagder made an "windows installer" picture
14:47:33Bagderjust to have something
14:48:18amiconnBagder: The lower right corner deliberately left free for adding the Ondio? ;)
14:48:41Bagderwell, there are only three images so... :-)
14:51:21LinusNBagder: i have an iriver on my desk
14:51:33Bagderdoes it run rockbox yet? ;-P
14:51:46*Bagder ducks
14:52:43[IDC]Dragonamiconn: does it need extension?
14:52:56[IDC]DragonI thought it is less picky
14:53:10amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Didn't try it yet
14:53:36[IDC]Dragoncomplained first ;-)
14:53:43amiconnBagder/ Zagor/ LinusN: Still no sh-elf-gcc 3.3.x on :(
14:54:12Zagorno. i failed building it for some reason
14:54:23Bagderdid the newlib trick?
14:54:40Zagorno, but 3.4.2 failed too, which shouldn't need that
14:55:04Zagorsame error: "as: unrecognized option `-big'"
14:55:07Bagder3.3.4 failed for me as well, even with the newlib trick
14:55:36Zagori thought my binutils was too old, but nope same error with latest
14:55:40 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
14:59:11amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I thought both tools are symmetric
15:00:12ashridahwhat happened to the scans of the iriver PCB in the wiki?
15:01:02ashridahah, nevermind. earlier revision of the page still has them.
15:02:37 Join Bagder [0] (
15:06:37ashridahLinusN: you've got the H120 correct?
15:06:56 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
15:07:14Zagorashridah: I removed them since people from complained. we'll make new ones and put up tonight
15:07:27ashridahah, so they weren't taken by you? fair enough
15:07:49LinusNi just tested the iriver
15:07:58LinusNthe remote is übercool
15:08:27ashridahLinusN: it is handy, yes. works in the 3xx series, although the 3xx only comes with a remote keypad, you can order them separately
15:08:29LinusNbut the ui gets on my nerves
15:08:51ashridahgetting used to the keys takes a bit
15:09:01ashridahi can use it unconciously now
15:09:34LinusNjust that any false keypress takes you back to the playing screen annoys the hell out of me
15:10:58midktheir menu system isn't too good
15:11:14midkit's like.. up = back, down = "enter", right = down, left = up, no?
15:11:21[IDC]Dragonamiconn: the decramble tool doesn't need to verify the "device ID", for us it's ok if it just descrambles
15:11:38[IDC]Dragonusing the -fm or -v2 option will do
15:11:41ashridahmidk: uh. no
15:12:12midkoh, good.. i had (have) an ifp-395t.. it's funky like that
15:13:03ashridahmidk: the nav stick is 'left = up directory' 'right = into directory/play file' 'up = go up an entry' 'down = go down an entry'
15:13:15ashridahalthough the remote's a little more fiddly
15:13:50midki was talking about the menus.. i wasn't sure if they'd extended the stupidity to the browser too ;)
15:14:04midkifp-395t works like that in the browser, yeah
15:14:11midkbut the menu is really odd
15:14:52ashridahthe menu doesn't quite work the same. you have to click the nav stick to enter an item, but left still pulls you back up a level in the menu.
15:15:48midkmhm, that's better than the ifp series then
15:17:10ashridahisn't the ifp a lot more compact?
15:17:28midkyes, flash player..
15:19:30Zagorah, found my mistake with crossgcc. 3.3.4 compiling now.
15:19:58LinusNZagor: what was it?
15:20:18 Join zeekoe [0] (
15:20:19Zagori didn't use a −−prefix where it could find the sh binutils
15:20:28midki've used an online h-1xx
15:20:42LinusNZagor: you should set the PATH
15:20:43midkit was a java app or something, can't remember where
15:20:47ashridahmidk: an online h-1xx?
15:20:51ZagorLinusN: that doesn't matter
15:20:53BagderI find the name "h1xx" funnily close to "haxx"
15:21:16LinusNtrue, you need both a prefix and a path
15:23:22Zagorbah, too early. now it claims to not find sh-elf-ar, even though it's in the path
15:24:01Bagderits funny how it always fail in different ways to different people
15:25:46LinusNyou often need to configure everything from scratch when you have made a mistake
15:26:09LinusNre-running configure again with different parameters is often not enough
15:26:21LinusNand i hope you did install binutils?
15:34:57Zagortrying a clean configure
15:51:37LinusNthe hdd led seems to be connected directly to the hdd
15:53:21dwihnothat sux
15:53:26dwihnolame solution
15:54:03Zagorlame for us, but not necessarily a lame solution if all you want is a hd led.
15:54:17Zagori hope the left one is controllable at least
15:54:31dwihnoWhat if you want to switch disk?
15:55:42Zagorwell i don't think the led is disk-specific. it just connects to the ata controller or something like that.
15:55:57Zagor(guessing wildly)
15:56:29dwihnoI need sleep.
15:56:31dwihnoThat's for sure
15:57:19LinusNwe'll see when i open it up
15:57:33[IDC]Dragonstill closed?
15:57:56[IDC]Dragonhow do you know about the LED connection then?
15:58:03Zagorstill the sh-elf-ar problem :(
15:58:13LinusNit updates the free space info when it leaves usb mode
15:58:27Zagordoes it flash in usb mode?
15:58:32LinusNZagor: do you use the same prefix for both binutils and gcc?
15:58:54LinusNZagor: no, you copy the file and then perform the flashing
15:59:28Zagorno i mean does the led flash when you modify the disk in usb mode
16:04:39LinusNyes, that's why i think it's connected to the hd
16:05:20Zagorthat's what I thought. and i agree.
16:06:10 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:11:01Bagderand no, I didn't write that myself
16:11:29dwihnoI agree too! :)
16:11:43dwihno(just to join the cool commenting crew)
16:14:09LinusNBagder: congrats
16:15:10BagderI noticed slashdot climbing as referer to the curl site
16:16:21 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
16:23:31 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
16:24:32 Join silencer [0] (
16:26:52 Join edx [0] (
16:26:54 Join methangas [0] (
16:29:10 Join zeekoe [0] (
16:32:07 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:32:08 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
16:36:50 Join Scion [0] (
16:37:39Scionhehe :p
16:38:28Scionim having some trouble with my archos jukebox recorder
16:38:37Scionjust installed the rockbox 2.2 firmware
16:39:22zeekoewhat trouble?
16:39:29zeekoehave you tried the latest version?
16:39:47Scionyes ive tried it
16:39:59Scioni get the 'dir buffer is full' error
16:40:21Scionbut even tho i change the max 'files in dir' to say 2000
16:40:28Scioni get the same when i boot it up again
16:40:30Scionand its back at 50
16:41:01zeekoetried this?
16:41:39Scionyes, i tried it as well
16:42:04Scioni can try again tho
16:42:46LinusNScion: we have put some documentation on our home page
16:42:54LinusNthere is a FAQ
16:43:04LinusNand the FAQ contains your question
16:43:31Scionyea i read it earlier, did what it says too
16:43:38Scionbut it still doenst work :(
16:43:53Scionmabye im doing something wrong..
16:44:03LinusNdid you force a disk spinup?
16:44:09Scionyea, with the usb cable
16:44:28LinusNtry doing it by playing some music instead
16:44:59Scionhm, how? i get nothing on my screen unless im in the option menus
16:45:16LinusNtry pressing F2 and change the file filter
16:45:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:45:45Scioni should mention i have installed another harddrive, could that mess it up somehow? a 40gb
16:45:53Scionok, lemme try
16:48:17 Join JoeBorn [0] (
16:48:33Zagorhey joe
16:49:09JoeBornfirst time using this IRC web client. Kind of cool.
16:49:20Zagoryeah it's quite primitive but effective :)
16:49:29Scionnow it only boot up partly and then shuts down
16:50:12LinusNScion: wow
16:50:42LinusNScion: you should try the latest daily build
16:50:58Scionim using the latest build now
16:51:15zeekoehey, cool redesign of the daily build page
16:51:45Zagorzeekoe: our graphics artist bagder did that
16:51:56LinusNScion: and it crashes?
16:52:09zeekoeand rombox in the builds... whooo
16:52:56Scionyea, only booted up to about 1/3 of the way and then froze up
16:53:00Scionthen turned off :p
16:53:18Scionill try put in the firmware again
16:53:21LinusNScion: which model do you have?
16:53:44zeekoejust wondering... does booting into the original archos firmware work correct?
16:53:45Scionjuxebox recorder
16:53:52Scionoriginally 6gb? i think
16:54:25Scionzeekoe, yea it does
16:55:08zeekoelol, nice charging animation :-P
16:56:40Scionthe daily build freezes then turns off, the 2.2 build boots up correctly but i get the 'dir buffer' error message
16:56:54Scionis there any place i get ahold of build 2.1 for instance?
16:57:08LinusNScion: why would you want that?
16:57:51Scionjust to try, isnt there a 'bug' in the current builds that sets the max files to only 50?
16:58:06LinusNScion: did you do a complete install of the daily build, or did you just replace ajbrec.ajz?
16:58:11Scionjust replace
16:58:23LinusNthen i understand why it crashes
16:58:28Scionah :P
16:58:34Scionim a noob at this
16:58:35LinusNrule 1: always follow the instructions
16:59:07LinusN(unless you know what you're doing)
16:59:42Scionfair enough
17:02:36LinusNthe 5249 coldfire has dedicated ATA interface logic builtin
17:03:04LinusNi guess the iriver uses it, so we won't have to figure out how it is used
17:03:47*ashridah idly wonders how much cpu power there is left over while decoding mp3 or oggs
17:04:02LinusNgotta run
17:04:05LinusNcu guys
17:04:12 Part LinusN
17:06:22Scionsomeone thank linusn from me :p
17:06:24Scionworks great now
17:06:27 Quit ashridah ("sleep.")
17:06:29Zagori will :)
17:08:20Zagorannoying that we haven't found out the lcd controller yet
17:11:26[IDC]Dragonis it an external controller?
17:13:26Zagormost likely chip-on-glass. it usually is
17:13:50[IDC]Dragonthe line drivers at least, yes
17:14:09[IDC]Dragonthe LCD can be "intelligent", or may need to be scanned
17:17:43Zagori haven't seen any controller chip, so I think it's on the glass too
17:21:46[IDC]Dragonthe CPU might have an LCD controller, automatically reading a frame buffer and pumping the scan data to the dumb LCD
17:22:19[IDC]Dragonor, the LCD contains that buffer and has a command interface
17:22:35Zagoryes but there is no lcd in the block diagram:
17:22:41[IDC]Dragonlike the one in the JBR
17:22:58Zagoryes, that is what I think
17:28:09Zagorgotta go, see you later
17:28:12 Part Zagor
17:28:28 Join benschi [0] (
17:29:03benschiany news concerning the rockbox iriver team?
17:36:03JoeBorni need to go, talk to you all later.
17:36:45 Part JoeBorn
17:40:04Lynx_benschi: they are working on it. Linus has one now.
17:45:15benschiare there any news?
17:45:27benschiare they still searching for all the hardware specifications?
17:46:53Lynx_benschi: yes, from what I read here they do.
17:53:07benschiOK; THX
17:53:15benschicya, have to do some jov for skool
17:53:29 Quit benschi ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:00:52 Part Lynx_
18:07:36 Join pike [0] (
18:10:29 Quit pike| (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:14:36 Part Scion
18:15:33 Join Zagor [0] (
18:17:44 Join pike| [0] (
18:17:44 Quit pike (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:30:32 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:30:47 Join edx [0] (
18:31:35 Join benschi [0] (
18:32:53 Quit benschi (Client Quit)
18:39:08 Join z0rr123 [0] (
18:39:46 Nick z0rr123 is now known as R3nTiL (
18:41:26Zagorurgh, sox crashes when I feed it the output from libmad...
18:44:48 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
18:45:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:59:51 Part pillus
18:59:52 Quit R3nTiL (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:12:56 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
19:21:12Zagorah nice. streaming the libmad output to /dev/dsp produces nice crisp sound.
19:22:00Zagornow lets try cross-compiling...
19:25:39*dwihno keeps his fingers crossed
19:28:20Zagorwell i have to build the compiler first :)
19:28:44 Join z0rr123 [0] (
19:29:12 Nick z0rr123 is now known as R3nTiL (
19:29:24dwihnoah, that issue ;)
19:32:36 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:47:07 Quit R3nTiL ()
19:47:38 Join edx [0] (
19:57:09Zagorwth? i'm telling it to only build C and then it tries to build libstdc++ anyway :-|
19:59:15amiconnYeah, building gcc is fun ;-/
20:00:45 Join midkay [0] (
20:01:43 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:05:12 Quit epictetus (Remote closed the connection)
20:05:13 Join epictetus [0] (
20:19:53 Part lImbus
20:39:22 Join benschi [0] (
20:45:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:47:06zeekoejob for school done? :)
20:50:02zeekoe<benschi> cya, have to do some jov for skool
20:52:12benschibut i also felt very very ill
20:52:21benschiso i took a very hot bath and chilled in my room
21:08:34 Quit benschi ("CGI:IRC")
21:38:01kaboofaYay calculus homework!
21:51:40 Join scott666 [0] (
22:06:34 Join LinusN [0] (
22:08:14 Nick grogro is now known as gromit` (
22:10:54LinusNi have now taken my iriver apart :-)
22:11:27LinusNmuch easier than the archos
22:11:56 Join lImbus [0] (
22:12:04lImbushi all
22:12:18ZagorLinusN: scanned it yet?
22:12:53LinusNuploading in a few minutes
22:13:34Zagorneat. i'm working on libmad atm.
22:13:45LinusNsaw that, good
22:13:54LinusNstill no cross gcc?
22:14:45Zagoryes it works, it was a manual foobar (wrote enable-language instead of enable-languages...)
22:17:13Zagoryeah... wasn't easy to spot though
22:20:23 Part Nire-work
22:21:38Zagordecoder.o: ELF 32-bit MSB relocatable, Motorola 68020, version 1 (SYSV), not stripped
22:24:27 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
22:25:03Zagorrather difficult to test though :)
22:26:05LinusNno simulator?
22:26:19Zagordownloading it now
22:26:47LinusNso that's why the server connection is so slow... :-)
22:27:20Zagornah, this is locally at home. the connection is faster there :)
22:29:24LinusNthe iriver firmware surely leaves a lot to wish for :-)
22:30:12LinusNthe EQ is a joke, imho
22:30:32Zagorwell we are spoiled brats ;)
22:36:21LinusNbga packages are small and nice, but makes it impossible to measure...
22:39:12lImbushow many layers does the pcb have ? 4 or 6 ?
22:40:28Zagorwell, no more guessing what the chips say :)
22:41:08ZagorlImbus: i can't find a mark
22:41:36 Join D0gbert [0] (
22:42:08D0gbertI thought that u might want to have the dump of the iHP's ram
22:42:17lImbusZagor, so what's your guess ?
22:42:22LinusNthe ram?
22:42:37ZagorlImbus: oh I don't know. 4 should be enough, i think
22:43:21D0gbertI've managed to dump a RAM image with a modified version of the coldfire emulator
22:43:46D0gbertthe firmware consists out of roughly two parts
22:44:30D0gberta) the loader which inits the SDRAM and some other stuff and copies the second part to the ram, b) the firmware which is run from the ram
22:44:39 Join JoeBorn [0] (
22:45:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:46:55D0gbertthe decrypted firmware file can't be disassembled very well, contrary to the ram image
22:46:58D0gbertso, anyone interested?
22:48:23 Quit JoeBorn (Client Quit)
22:49:41D0gbertwhere shall I put it?
22:51:14 Join JoeBorn [0] (
22:52:32LinusNcan you put it on a webserver somewhere so i can d/l it?
22:52:41D0gbertyeah, sure, mom plz
22:53:16LinusND0gbert: you built a wiggler yourself?
22:53:45D0gbertnopes, that's just a result of the coldfire emulator
22:53:50D0gbertbut I think that it's accurate
22:54:12D0gbertI wasn't able to dump the interrupt vector table though :/
22:54:29 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:54:58LinusNnow what exactly is the emulator then? a simulator?
22:55:07 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:55:07 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:55:41LinusNah ok
22:55:50D0gbert <- a modified version of that software
22:56:22D0gbertthe base address is 0x31000000
22:56:38D0gbertand the entry point is 0x3108A6B0
22:56:51Zagori wouldn't mind a copy of the modified emulator either :)
22:56:51LinusNso you ran the iriver firmware in the simulator
22:57:16D0gbertLinusN, yes
22:57:52D0gbert describes the memory mapping
22:58:23D0gberteven though the 'unknown' ram isn't really there and was just a way to ensure that the emulation of the motorola thing was working correctly
22:59:03D0gbertZagor, it's a rather shabby hack and still lightyears away from a public release =)
22:59:57Zagorah, too bad :)
23:00:05 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:00:06D0gbertI eventually got fed up with the slow speed of development and the attitude of some person and I lacked the time, so I got myself an iPod and sold my iHP
23:00:41LinusNtraitor! :-)
23:00:43Zagortoo bad for us...
23:01:10*LinusN will build a bdm interface soonish
23:01:34LinusND0gbert: i have d/l'ed the stuff
23:02:20D0gbertok, I'll better delete it before some iriver guy sues me for copyright infringement =)
23:03:42LinusNthe silk screen on the PCB is quite helpful
23:03:57Zagoryeah, that's a friendly touch :)
23:04:41Zagorscans on wiki now
23:05:32D0gbertr there any other questions u might want to ask me?
23:05:36LinusNbig,bigger,huge :-)
23:05:52ZagorD0gbert: did you get anywhere about the lcd controller?
23:05:56LinusND0gbert: any idea at all about the lcd?
23:06:29D0gbertlol, no, I only managed to find the routine which seems to be responsible of the LCD in the SDRAM
23:07:39D0gbertthe SDRAM contains strings which I guess are supposed to be given out to one of the UART ports
23:07:43LinusNi need to find out where to connect my logic analyzer
23:08:00LinusNto trace the lcd signals
23:08:06 Join miner49er [0] (
23:08:36Zagorremove the lcd and use the connector pads
23:08:53D0gbertthey describe some of the functions, that's how I found out the address of the LCD procedure
23:09:13D0gbertwhich is 0x31045050
23:09:18LinusNhow do i remove the lcd?
23:11:13Zagorno idea. you have my hardware ;)
23:11:14D0gbertok, if there is any way I can help you, then you can reach me thru all the iriver boards..
23:11:25D0gbertgood luck and gn8 :)
23:11:29ZagorD0gbert: great, thanks!
23:11:57 Part D0gbert ("bye")
23:15:39lImbuslooks like big help
23:16:58elinenbehow is everyone doing?
23:17:10Zagorgreat. we have a new toy!
23:17:14elinenbeI see.
23:17:24elinenbeI guess I am going to have to go out and get an iriver today!
23:17:36elinenbeI am excited −− it is a VERY nice piece of hardware!
23:17:47elinenbeanyone trace the leads yet?
23:18:01Zagorwhich? there are quite a few... :)
23:18:29elinenbetrace the schematics... the board?
23:18:56Zagorah, no. we just bought a player today.
23:19:06Zagorafaik nobody else has done it either
23:19:33elinenbehow many players does the devteam have?
23:19:39Zagorone so far
23:19:45elinenbeI will have to write a game for it :)
23:19:50elinenbethat's about all I can do.
23:19:51JoeBornhow long will it take you to trace the schematics?
23:20:22elinenbeJoeBorn of Neuros fame?
23:20:27ZagorJoeBorn: oh we don't expect to ever really complete. we just do as much as is feasible and useful.
23:20:28JoeBornthat's me
23:20:47JoeBornah. How many layers is the main board?
23:21:07elinenbeJoe, it's impossible to use that source code without a compiler that we can have access to!
23:21:12Zagori don't know. linus has our only hardware and I couldn't make it out from the scanned images
23:21:20JoeBornI know, I know :(
23:21:42JoeBornyou can get the evaluation copy :(
23:21:46 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
23:21:48 Join silencer_ [0] (
23:21:51elinenbehow large is the flash rom in the iriver? and the ram?
23:22:03Zagorelinenbe: 2 MB flash, 32 MB ram
23:22:18elinenbewow!! talk about a lot to play with!
23:22:32elinenbeZagor: are you salivating with ideas for this new project?
23:22:36LinusNelinenbe: check out the wiki
23:23:13Zagorhehe, not really. it's not a revolutionary step in hardware, more evolutionary. nothing really new, hardware wise. just more space and speed.
23:23:30elinenbeLinus.. I perused it.... it's starting to actually look usable!
23:23:53elinenbeZagor: although the hard drive space is much less (well, can be less) then let's say an 80 or 100 gb archos...
23:23:53LinusNthis board is harder to trace than the jukebox, since they use BGA packages :-(
23:24:06Zagorelinenbe: exactly. so not everything is better.
23:24:33elinenbethe iriver 3xx series is kind of a piece of shit compared to this 1xx series.
23:24:42Zagorelinenbe: really? why?
23:24:52elinenbeless battery life, thicker, worse remote.
23:25:05elinenbeI guess you can use it as a usb host, but that is not something i would do oftern.
23:25:12Zagori didn't know. i thought they were basically the same.
23:25:15Zagorexcept for the display
23:25:34Zagor...and better buttons
23:25:35elinenbehas dogbert done a good deal with the iriver?
23:26:08elinenbeZagor: which has better buttons?
23:26:15elinenbethe 3xx or 1xx?
23:26:45Zagor3xx, at least by the look of it. i don't like the joystick type navigation button on 1xx.
23:27:16elinenbehas anyone gotten a LCD light to blink yet? That was such an exciting time for rockbox.
23:27:19Zagorbut i have never tested a 3xx, so i don't really know
23:27:29lImbusZagor, buttons: yeah, makes some games impossible
23:27:34elinenbenow 3 years later it will all happen again... you guys are really talented!
23:27:42Zagorelinenbe: we haven't run a single instruction yet. it's a bit harder than on the archos.
23:28:09elinenbeyeah, it just doesn't pull the firmware off the disk...
23:28:18amiconnelinenbe: What exactly is an *lcd* *light* ? ;)
23:28:19elinenbebut you can make it do that later on! :)
23:28:50elinenbesorry... the lcd...
23:29:10ZagorJoeBorn: do you (neuros) record ogg too or only mp3?
23:35:26 Quit miner49er ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7/20040514]")
23:37:30Zagoranyone know if BYTE_ORDER is an internal gcc macro?
23:39:27lImbuslol. sounds processor-specific
23:39:41Zagorwell, not much in this channel isn't ;)
23:40:45elinenbeso, Zagor, Linus, etc... what's the timefram until rockbox is up and running on the 1xx? 1 day? 2days? ;)
23:41:25elinenbeNo, I'm just giving you a hard time. I really hope you progress goes well. I am all excited!
23:42:46Zagorgosh, the Tremor API uses 'FILE*'. not very embedded-friendly...
23:43:56LinusNi guess we'll have to rely a lot more on disassembling the original firmware this time...
23:44:31Zagoryeah, maybe
23:45:25LinusNi think we can assume that it is a lot like the reference design as well
23:46:21Zagoryes, many things look quite similar
23:46:32Zagorand we have full schematics for that
23:47:07 Quit lImbus (" The IRC Client of the Gods! -> <- HydraIRC")
23:47:14 Join lImbus [0] (
23:47:15LinusNthe need for a bdm interface is imminent
23:47:35JoeBornsorry, stepped away, just mp3 and wav
23:47:50amiconnLinusN: There are issues left to solve with "classical" rockbox...
23:49:15Zagoramiconn: absolutetly. but won't there always?
23:50:31Zagorvorbisfile.o: ELF 32-bit MSB relocatable, Motorola 68020, version 1 (SYSV), not stripped
23:53:23LinusNamiconn: have you investigated more regarding the corrupt frames?
23:53:50amiconnNo not yet. Have to do some longish recordings with varying levels for that.
23:54:14Zagordoes it only happen on long recordings, or has anyone gotten it on short ones aswell?
23:54:19amiconnHowever, I found some ineresting reading yesterday, concerning possible corruption when recording from spdif
23:54:39amiconnToo bad I don't have any spdif capable equipment apart from the jukebox itself
23:54:46*amiconn looks it up
23:56:09amiconnFound it:
23:56:16lImbusamiconn: there are cheap pci-soundcards with electrical and optical spdif digi-out
23:56:36zeekoeand most dvd players have optical spdif
23:56:41amiconnlImbus: But I don't have a stationary pc, only my laptop and my Amiga
23:56:50amiconnzeekoe: Mine doesn't
23:57:07zeekoehm... ok... then you're out of luck on that one...
23:57:42lImbusAmiga: w00t !
23:57:58lImbusmy laptop has spdif with a breakout-cable (dell inspiron)
23:58:32lImbusfor 5.1 and all that stuff I'll never see.
23:58:48zeekoeyou can get a sound card for your amiga, there must be some with spdif
23:58:52zeekoealthough not cheap

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