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#rockbox log for 2004-09-13

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00:11:22amiconnFunny, there is a rejected feature request to support the iriver ihp1xx (!)
00:14:04amiconn..and even a second one!
00:14:15LinusNtime to reboot, cu soon
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00:31:31LinusNZagor: what's the coldfire target called?
00:31:40LinusN(building a toolchain)
00:32:59amiconnLinusN: Did you read about my file system stress test?
00:33:10LinusNyes, any results?
00:33:57amiconnStill running, but it already read back and compared >1 GB. No single bit error so far :)
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00:40:29LinusNmaybe there is some code that disabled the irq for a long time
00:40:52LinusNor that the inverted LED affected some port bit fiddling somewhere
00:42:52amiconn..or this really has to do with the spdif recording bug of the mas. I can't test yet, but I'm just collecting parts for building a toslink->chinch converter, buying the missing parts tomorrow
00:43:15LinusNdo you have a 48kHz source?
00:43:34amiconnNo, 44.1 kHz only (CD)
00:43:50LinusNif this is the s/pdif bug, then why is it working so well with 2.2?
00:44:47amiconnI have no idea, but I still want to test to rule this out
00:45:40LinusNand he also claims it works better on an empty disk
00:46:07amiconnYes, that's indeed strange. Perhaps he should test with my test plugin?
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00:47:59amiconn(It would need a bit of polishing, and it requires a custom .ajz because fsync() is not in the plugin api in cvs)
00:48:18LinusNhe says it got worse somewhere around when i changed the led behaviour
00:49:15amiconnYes, but he also says he can't remember exactly which version and therefore which change introduced this. The led change did nothing to the low level recording code...
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00:51:54amiconnThe recording led change was introduced on Jun 22. Only 3 weeks before that (Jun 3) you introduced recording pause, which _did_ change the recording code...
00:51:59Zagori'm off to bed. see you tomorrow.
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00:52:13LinusNamiconn: yeah, i'm looking at that code as we speak
00:54:40LinusNwe should build a pre-pause version and have him test it
00:58:27amiconnBtw, you fix to get the complete last frame apparently doesn't work.
01:01:32LinusNthat sucks
01:01:40LinusNthe mas is so silly
01:03:17LinusNreboot time again
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01:10:00amiconnre LinusN
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01:12:04webguest06Can anyone please tell me the current progress of the ihp rockbox porting?
01:12:24amiconnLinusN: All those changes to mpeg.c since Jun 03 just look about right to me
01:12:46amiconnBut on Jul 05 I enabled optimized ata...
01:13:09pikewebguest06 it's hardly begun, and dude, they will TRY port it, they never said it WILL happen for certain
01:13:14LinusNwebguest06: i have taken apart my ihp-120 and am investigating
01:14:35LinusNthat's about it
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01:16:36webguest06thanks for the info
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01:45:51amiconnLinusN: On 2004-08-20, Paul responded on the ml that a special version you sent to him fixed the recording problems. What was special in that version?
01:46:51amiconnErr, this was 2004-08-10, and on 2004-08-20 he said that there are still many bad frames
01:47:22LinusNhe had two problems, 1) it spontaneously froze, 2) corrupt frames
01:47:43LinusN1) was fixed by disabling ATA optimization
01:47:52LinusN(my special build)
01:48:03amiconnI wonder if his hd has a hw problem...
01:48:25LinusNthen 2.2 should fail as well
01:49:52amiconnDid you also disable the optimized recording transfer routines in your special build?
01:50:54amiconnGrr, hunting a bug that does not show up on the own box is a nightmare
01:55:38LinusNtime to sleep
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01:59:01webguest96anyone there?
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02:08:58webguest96do you about archos problems with xp?
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04:34:08ZaNewats the key combo for hold?>
04:34:21midkat the wps only: f1+down
04:34:37ZaNecool thank u much
04:35:02ZaNehow do u install a patch?>
04:35:16midkyou have to set up a development environment
04:36:00ZaNe? Im party stupid when it comes to that stuff ?
04:36:33midk:) sadly i just today reinstalled linux, haven't yet re-setup my environment, otherwise i could do it for you...
04:36:54ZaNehow can i get a environment up?
04:36:54midkyou could try bc's devkit, that will give you an environment, but you still have to apply the patch and compile yourself
04:37:16ZaNeic wat kind of script does it use?
04:37:36midka makefile
04:37:49midklook here for the devkit
04:39:37midkthere's a tutorial for building there, as well.. after you get it compiled you just have to read the patch doc to learn how to apply the patch and then just re-run make
04:40:05ZaNekool i will look into that
04:40:18ZaNebut do you know if there are ne kind of screen saver stuff out
04:40:21midkif you've got a specific question, feel free to ask
04:40:31ZaNelike after a certan mount of time it runs a plugin
04:40:33midkthe plugins work as screen savers.. do you have a recorder?
04:40:41midkno (not yet at least)
04:40:45ZaNei want it to come on auto
04:41:07midknot yet, sorry
04:41:48ZaNeu know if ne comming out
04:43:14ZaNejust 1 more question
04:43:24ZaNewat about the video playback feature
04:43:30ZaNehow u get that stuff working
04:43:40midkcheck out the documentation
04:44:24ZaNei am but wat is BPS Video Converter
04:44:50ZaNeBPS Video Converter?? how i get that
04:45:24midk"Use google if you need."*
04:45:34ZaNei am
04:45:45midknothing comes up?
04:45:48ZaNebut after i dl it waht i do with it
04:45:51ZaNeits dling right now
04:46:59midkjust output to uncompressed AVI, at 112x64
04:47:11midk" Convert your movie file to an AVI file, uncompressed, and with the size: 112x64."
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04:47:20ZaNekk let me try
04:49:51ZaNeok its done installing. not to boot it... after step five it confuses me
04:50:04midk'not to boot it'?
04:51:29ZaNenow to boot it
04:51:57midkok.. step five being what?
04:53:07ZaNeerr how u turn off key lock... sry thats sorta a spure question
04:54:31ZaNenvm im a dumb ass
04:54:33midk..ok, let me know if you have a real question?
04:54:52ZaNeya why does the key lock not turn off sometimes
04:55:09midkkey lock?
04:55:17midkoh... it should be fine, f1+down
04:55:23midkif your box isn't frozen
04:55:26midkit only works at the WPS
04:55:32ZaNek fixed it
04:55:44ZaNesry im dumb when it comes to this stuff
04:57:33ZaNewell im out night
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07:09:58plokIn terms of getting an iRiver iHP to pull apart, is there any possibility of setting up a fund we could donate to so one could be purchased?
07:10:38LinusNyou could donate to the rockbox paypal account
07:10:40dwihnoI guess the rockbox fund might be used for that
07:10:53dwihnoMorning, Linus
07:10:58LinusNwe have bought one already with that money
07:11:14LinusNand i have taken it apart
07:11:38midkit's good to know that our money is given to linus so he can purchase things to disassemble. ;)
07:11:38plokUnsoldered the CPU?
07:11:42LinusNbut i want a device that i can destroy
07:12:10LinusNmidk: unsoldering the CPU
07:12:23dwihnoLinusN: Ah. Interesting way to get rid of the aggrevations :)
07:12:35dwihnoI smash my porcelain when I'm feeling angry ;)
07:13:18LinusNit seems like iriver is very generous with returns, even when the user has killed the box
07:13:35LinusNso there aren't many broken ones out there
07:14:07LinusNand those with broken ones probably don't hang out here or in the iriver forums :-)
07:14:22dwihnoLinusN: why do you want to unsolder it?
07:14:38LinusNit's a BGA package, which means that i can't get to the pins for measuring
07:15:29LinusNand it's extremely difficult to solder it back
07:15:46LinusNand unsoldering it without melting the cpu is hard as well
07:16:24dwihnoyou need to unsolder the cpu, fix the "broken" unit and solder it back along with attached cables for measuring?
07:16:36*dwihno knows nothing of these hardware ninja moves
07:16:44plokLinus, based on what you know, what are the chances that a successful port to the iHP1xx range will mean a successful port to h300 range?
07:16:52LinusNno, soldering it back is virtually impossible
07:17:05dwihnoLinusN: so how are you going to measure it?
07:17:11LinusNplok: the chances are good
07:17:46LinusNdwihno: i'm not measuring live signals, i'll just check which pins go to which chip
07:18:02LinusNto draw schematics
07:18:14dwihnoLinusN: aah.... when you said measuring, I started thinking volt meters and stuff
07:18:34dwihno"stuff" including virtually anything regarding electronics ;)
07:18:35LinusNbad choice of words, maybe :-)
07:19:07dwihnonah :)
07:23:15*plok is away - Automatically set away. - messages will be saved.
07:34:15plokWhen making a Paypal payment with a credit card, is it treated as a cash advance or just a normal credit card payment?
07:34:39LinusNa normal payment, afaik
07:35:15LinusNwhen i pay, i see nothing special in my eurocard bill
07:37:25plokSorry, never used paypal before. Do I make a payment to paypal and have that much credit on my paypal account, then make payments to rockbox from that paypal balance?
07:43:11LinusNafaik, you don't even have to have a paypal account to make a payment
07:44:13plokI see, making a donation now. Do you have any idea of how far away we are from getting another iRiver to sacrifice?
07:44:20plok(in us dollars)
07:46:33LinusNi have no idea
07:46:58LinusNit just feels bad to slaughter a perfectly working device ... :-)
07:47:00pikeLinusN, maybe place an ad "Broken iriver ihp wanted"
07:47:13LinusNi'll do that...somewhere
07:47:31pikeshame irivernordic has banned sell/buy posts
07:47:58plokBut it won't die in vain
07:47:59pikeI wonder what their standpoint is to all this. maybe they are nice guys and can donate a broken unit?
07:48:48pikeICQ: 245504035
07:48:48DBUGEnqueued KICK pike
07:48:48pikeTelefon: 08-653 19 89
07:49:04pikesame guys that run irivernordic, this si the company part that sells units
07:49:32pikenoone ever hurt from asking, hehe
07:49:43pikeI can do it, if you feel "uneasy" about it
07:51:57LinusNi'll do it
07:52:40pikedont forget to mention they can do it anon :p
07:54:23plokWorked! It's very easy to spend money on the internet these days :)
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07:58:37*LinusN bows humbly
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08:02:43amiconnhi all
08:05:40amiconnMy filesystem test completed without a surprise, i.e. without a single bit error. Rockbox file system seems to be rock solid :)
08:07:04LinusNi don't know if i should be happy or not :-)
08:09:48amiconnI plan to try another modification this evening, and have some question
08:11:09amiconn(1, this has nothing to do with my modif, but it's suspicious) the SCI0 init seems to be wrong. It's no bug, but it doesn't do exactly what the comment says if I am correct:
08:12:08amiconnThe comment says "set baud rate to 1 MBit/s", but BRR0=3 is 750 kBit/s if I read the datasheet correctly
08:12:58plokLinus, would you estimate the iRiver CPU is beefy enough to play movies?
08:13:17LinusNamiconn: i bet it's correct on the player
08:13:39LinusNplok: sure
08:13:59amiconnLinusN: This calculation is based on 12 MHz clock. Did you measure the generated clock?
08:14:00LinusNif the jukebox can do it, the iriver will do it as well
08:14:19LinusNamiconn: i think i did, but that was a loooong time ago
08:14:21plokThe screen on the H340 is really good :)
08:14:29LinusNplok: i haven't seen it
08:15:40plokI showed my friend yesterday and he said he thought it looked a lot better than the lcd on the archos Multimedia
08:15:46ploknot that I've seen a MM
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08:21:40amiconnLinusN: (2) Why do we transfer max. 30 bytes from rec_tick() ? If we transfer as long as eod is low, and if it goes high wait a short time (< 5 usec) to see if it goes low again, this should automatically give us all dma blocks belonging to a frame?
08:22:19amiconn(3) Doing this would required that the irq is no ,longer edge detect, but level detect?
08:22:27LinusNyes, but i didn't want to do that, since it would hog the cpu for quite a while
08:23:04LinusNhowever, the optimized loop would not take that much time, would it?
08:23:29LinusNhi Zagor
08:23:46 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
08:23:56amiconnLinusN: Hmm. As it is now, the next irq follows immediately at return from the isr, so it wouldn't make a difference, would it?
08:24:05LinusNnot really
08:24:35amiconnIn fact, this could be even faster, because the additional return->call sequences are saved
08:24:41LinusNi remember having problems with that approach back then, but we should try it again
08:24:44amiconnmorning Jörg
08:25:55[IDC]Dragonjust to bore you iriver guys: the ondio has a backlight preparation
08:26:07amiconnLinusN: Well, maybe it will still not deliver a complete frame, because the dma blocks are 30 bytes each, and there may be a smaller residue
08:26:45[IDC]DragonI just measured the live I/O signal to the empty footprint, it behaves like a backlight level
08:26:58amiconnI wonder how the archos guys did it - the archos fw doesn't save a truncated frame at the end
08:27:02Zagor[IDC]Dragon: but no components (leds) mounted?
08:27:04LinusNno, it will not give us a complete frame, but the burst transfer will probably be more effective
08:27:25[IDC]DragonI think it's EL, not LEDs
08:27:54[IDC]Dragonfor LEDs, the PCB would need a preparation (footprints)
08:28:41amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Perhaps the Ondio SP has backlight...
08:29:08[IDC]Dragoneducate me about the iriver status: is it possible to execute own code?
08:30:25[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I've googled for ondia and backlight, the reviews I saw complain about it's absence
08:31:07[IDC]DragonbutI sure don't mind you getting one with
08:31:12LinusN[IDC]Dragon: not yet, we need a BDM interface
08:31:39[IDC]Dragonisn't there some hacks to exchange the bitmaps in the firmware?
08:31:58plokLinus, in keeping with my very premature questions.. the H340 has USB on the go that will mount a device that identifies as a Mass Storage Device. If we get rockbox working, is it at all possible we'd be able to write custom drivers for other USB devic
08:32:32LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yes, we can create a flash image, but we don't want to do it until we have a safe way of reflashing a dead box
08:32:46LinusNplok: no
08:32:54LinusNdifferent USB chips
08:32:55[IDC]Dragonah, sounds familiar to me ;-)
08:33:07plokoh well! :)
08:33:36LinusNthe first thing we want to do is an iriver-rolo
08:34:05[IDC]Dragonthe iriver has no procedure to boot from disk?
08:34:47plokHmm.. when I upgraded my iRiver firmware I had to copy to disk but then go into a menu item and manually update the firmware from there
08:37:22amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I'm going to buy the missing parts for my toslink converter today. Only 3 parts missing after I digged up some parts from my "collection"
08:38:02amiconnI also found schematics for the reverse converter, but are not going to implement that for now
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08:50:36[IDC]DragonLinusN: how many buttons does the iriver have?
08:51:13amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you see ?
08:51:29[IDC]Dragonamiconn: no
08:51:36[IDC]DragonZagor: thanks
08:51:54[IDC]Dragonamiconn: sorry, yes
08:52:00[IDC]Dragonnice attempt
08:52:00pikeZagor, have you "played around" with your iriver? which fw version ?
08:52:20Zagorpike: linus has our only hardware yet
08:52:35plokthe H340 has 9 buttons + a sliding Hold switch
08:52:36Zagorin lots of small pieces... :)
08:52:42pikeoh.. my mistake..
08:52:56Zagorright, i didn't count the hold switch. h100 has it too
08:54:00pikeI see that irivernordic/directman is online on msn now.. but I'll not discuss with them, coz one unified front is best
08:54:00plokCan we advertise for 2nd hand irivers on mistic river?
08:55:31Zagori don't see why not, if they have a suitable place for it
08:56:01pikethere's also irivers official forum to consider
08:56:08pikeand alot of mispleased iriver users
08:56:44LinusNpike: i've sent them an email
08:57:35LinusNplok: i posted a "call for help" on misticriver a few days ago, no reply yet
08:57:44plokAh, ok :)
08:59:03pikeextremely crappy forum software
08:59:23Zagorpersonally i'd like to hold posting on the forum until we actually have something to show. people are too jaded by vapor projects.
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09:00:46pikethe only ones who doesnt know about the project are the n00bs
09:00:54 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
09:00:54 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
09:01:54Zagorpike: maybe, but whenever someone of us speaks it is easily taken as an "official statement". and I prefer to make those after we succeed, not before.
09:03:50pikeyou made headline news on hydrogenaudio also some day ago,
09:07:20 Join Bagder [0] (
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09:14:30Zagorbtw, i just noticed yesterday the xclef hd-500 uses the qfp-packaged 5249. a few connections can actually be traced by the photo.
09:15:58Zagornot enough to be really useful though
09:16:45pikedo they both use the same chips otherwise?
09:16:57Zagorpike: most are the same, but some differ
09:21:51[IDC]Dragonwhere does rockbox configure PA3 as the ATA bus wait input?
09:22:05[IDC]DragonI need PA3 as GP out
09:26:13Zagorheh, i don't find it either. isn't it input by default?
09:27:15[IDC]Dragonit's the default, yes
09:27:32[IDC]Dragon(just found that in the datasheet)
09:27:54[IDC]Dragonnot just input, but waitstate input
09:33:20 Join LePoulpe303 [0] (
09:48:05 Part [IDC]Dragon
09:50:43Zagorplok: is the center blue "navi" thing a button too?
09:51:28 Quit plok ("Leaving")
09:58:26Zagorwe should find an x11 guru to help us fix multikey support in the sim
10:00:07 Quit Atur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:05:52 Join Atur [0] (
10:08:27Zagori'm fascinated that player users haven't been yelling at us for making "vol" more difficult to reach than "next".
10:11:52Zagori know i'd be annoyed
10:14:06LinusNhehe, the balance setting on the Player has been broken since june 21
10:14:42Bagderwho uses balance anyway? ;-)
10:15:04Zagorthe relevant question seems to be "who uses the player anyway"...
10:15:09LinusNprobably no the most used feature...
10:17:05*Bagder counts 41 .rock files
10:17:17Bagderonly 21 are documented in the wiki
10:19:37Zagorhmm, the draw-on-two-screens-with-different-size concept of the iriver is rather messy
10:20:22Zagorwe need to run all display code twice, with different size constants
10:20:25amiconnZagor: On the player, the original archos fw only allows volume adjustment from the menu?? If so, rockbox is a huge improvement over that!
10:21:10 Join lImbus [0] (
10:21:17Zagoramiconn: i don't remember what the original does. probably something like that. i would still want single-key volume if I was using it though...
10:21:24*Bagder runs away
10:21:26 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
10:22:12ZagorLinusN: have you taken the remote apart yet?
10:22:46LinusNi still have warranty left :-)
10:23:13pikeI think you can buy spare remotes? (if you wanna dissect one)
10:24:02LinusNi'm concentrating on the main unit to begin with
10:24:58Zagoryeah, just curious how much logic is in it
10:27:29 Join roganjosh [0] (
10:30:13Zagorpike: that's nice
10:31:16pikexcept that color was "not in stock
10:31:24pikethere's 2 others that are in stock, same price
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10:55:03amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Just saw your mail on the ml. If you want more users to do a test, you should provide the Ondio SP variant as separate .ajz (not everybody is familiar working with a hex editor)
10:56:33[IDC]Dragoncan they both have the same name?
10:56:53[IDC]Dragonnot everybody is familiar with renaming files... ;-)
10:57:13 Join tboy [0] (~xxx@
10:57:49tboygood morning
10:58:29*Zagor has an ocdemon bdm pod in his hand
10:59:01amiconn[IDC]Dragon: No, they can't have the same name within the same wiki topic :(
10:59:08[IDC]DragonZagor: typing with only one hand then? ;-)
10:59:43tboyI just set up the cygwin environment on my windows
10:59:44[IDC]Dragonwhat does it look like?
10:59:54tboyand when I try to compile
10:59:58tboyor as I compile
11:00:05dwihnosounds flashy
11:01:07Zagorit's the simple wiggler in
11:01:26tboyI get this error atoll could nout be found in cygwin1.dll
11:02:02tboyis anybody familiar with this
11:02:26[IDC]Dragontboy: you have an inconsistant cygwin then
11:02:53dwihnoZagor: "The Wiggler does not currently work with Linux"
11:02:56[IDC]Dragonor the dll in more than one place, with different versions
11:03:35Zagordwihno: yeah, but that's just their software
11:04:09dwihnoZagor: aah, neato :-D
11:04:10[IDC]Dragondwihno: so they have to port that first, before the iriver attempt can continue...
11:04:43dwihnoZagor: is there software currently available?
11:05:04Zagorany particular software?
11:05:04tboyoh ok
11:05:35tboy[IDC]Dragon: I'll see if I can find these dlls
11:05:45tboy[IDC]Dragon: thanks
11:11:16Zagorm68k-bdm-elf-gdb looks interesting
11:12:56Zagorcoldfire bdm gdb article:
11:13:42dwihnoZagor: was thinking about gdb software for the bdm
11:13:50dwihnoZagor: That's what is needed, right?
11:14:02Zagorit looks pretty generic, so we probably just need to modify the cable
11:22:18 Join roganjosh_ [0] (
11:25:38tboyok now it works
11:37:23 Quit roganjosh_ ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.2/20040803]")
11:41:11 Quit roganjosh (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:43:37tboyI seem to encounter another problem
11:43:48tboywhen the compiler gets to rombox
11:44:34tboyit says /home/rockbox/rombox.elf error 1
11:46:54tboycould it be that I have to specify where the ucl components are
11:47:04tboyor the ucl compressor
11:47:29tboyI didn't read anything about that in the tutorial on the rockbox site
11:50:45 Join ashridah [0] (
11:56:30tboy[IDC]Dragon: In your FlashingRockbox guide
11:56:54tboy[IDC]Dragon: you say that the UCL Pack should be placed in the same directory as the sh1 compiler
11:57:37tboyI see that the compiler can't find the...oh wait
11:57:45tboyI have to build it first :D
11:57:53tboy[IDC]Dragon: sorry about that
12:03:26tboyhmm...well no I compiled/built the ucl-package
12:32:13 Join MrMoo [0] (~me@
12:42:21 Join GhUl [0] (
12:47:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:49:35tboyit seems like the compiler
12:49:44tboydoesn't find the ucl package
12:49:52tboyto compile and make rombox
12:51:46tboyI'll try to set the path in my profile
13:02:42[IDC]Dragontboy: you have uclpack.exe, right?
13:03:19[IDC]Dragonif not, grab it from the RomBox twiki page
13:03:49tboyyes I compiled it myself
13:03:57tboybut where should I place it
13:04:03tboyI put in the tools directory
13:04:31[IDC]Dragonno, I think tools is not in the path
13:04:47[IDC]DragonI placed it next to the sh cross compiler
13:05:12tboyyes I did that to
13:05:37tboywell I made a dir in the same directory as the sh compilers directory is
13:05:58tboyshould I place it in th sh-cross compiler's directory
13:06:01[IDC]Dragonthat no good
13:06:22[IDC]Dragonyes, it need to be in a dir which is in the path
13:06:35[IDC]Dragonnot some subdir
13:07:18 Join R3nTiL [0] (
13:07:27tboyoh ok
13:07:33tboywell I'll try that
13:09:57tboy[IDC]Dragon: does your ondio have a backlight?
13:10:18tboy[IDC]Dragon: I saw you guys talking about it yesterday
13:10:47tboy[IDC]Dragon: since I was thinking of getting one, I thought you might know
13:11:13tboy[IDC]Dragon: you have the FM, right?
13:11:20[IDC]Dragonprobably Archos saved it away
13:11:24[IDC]DragonFM, yes
13:11:28tboyi was thinking of getting a SP
13:12:10tboyits strange, because some pictures I have seen of the two ondios
13:12:24tboythey have two different colored/backlit screens
13:13:19tboythe sp has blue colored and the fm green, its like that on the archos page too, iirc.
13:13:47tboyok so now it makes the ucl files
13:13:57tboybut it still kicks me out with an error
13:14:35tboy/opt/sh1/lib/gcc-lib/sh-elf/3.3.1/../../../../sh-elf/bin/ld: region FLASH is ful
13:14:35tboyl (/home/rockbox/rombox.elf section .rodata)
13:14:35DBUGEnqueued KICK tboy
13:14:35tboycollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
13:14:35tboymake[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/rombox.elf] Error 1
13:15:07tboydoes this have anything to do with the space limitation
13:15:32tboyis it aborting the building because I have an FM
13:16:18Zagoryes, fm is too big for rombox
13:16:25tboyI was going to remove some debuging stuff
13:16:29tboyto get it to fit
13:16:43Zagorgood idea
13:16:57tboygut what is that error telling me
13:17:11tboydid you guys implement some size check
13:17:22tboyor is there something missing in my environment
13:17:24Zagor"region FLASH is full" means the linker cannot put all code in the designated region
13:17:59tboyok, let me try something
13:19:24Zagorheh, C-x-5-2 works in textmode too
13:19:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:19:32*Zagor is an emacs geek
13:23:46pikelast nite in bed I thought about the 68k compatible cpu. then I thought of aminet
13:24:00 Quit GhUl (Remote closed the connection)
13:24:16Zagorpike: yeah there can be some gems to be found
13:24:39pikelike maybe mp3 decoders? although I think they may be fp oriented
13:24:43Zagortrouble is most dont come with source iirc
13:24:58LinusNisn't libmad good?
13:25:09pikelibmad is good. anything that dither I like
13:25:30Zagori've already added libmad to rockbox, so we're set in the mp3 decoder department
13:26:13Zagorsome nice m68k-optimised sidplay code would be good :)
13:26:38[IDC]DragonI'm away
13:28:42pikehow the f** can accessing ftp with mozilla firefox make it nuke
13:29:13dwihnolibmikmod! :)
13:29:22dwihnochiptunes to the people ;)
13:29:33dwihno"you want it, you port it"? :)
13:30:29Zagordwihno: actually I've looked at libmikmod already. unfortunately it uses gobs of malloc
13:31:10Zagoralthough i have a feeling we need to add a small heap to support just such code. even tremor (ogg) requires malloc
13:31:10pikeClips is a quick util I wrote for playing PlaySID songfiles from a shell
13:31:10pikeor similar.
13:31:10pikeplaysid.library and xpkmaster.library are required.
13:31:10DBUGEnqueued KICK pike
13:31:10pikeFull assembly source is included.
13:31:22Zagorpike: hehe
13:32:39dwihnoZagor: how much memory does the ihp have?
13:32:45Zagor32 MB
13:33:07dwihnoWell, a few K's could be reserved for dynamic memory allocation
13:34:08pikeI've been wondering about something.. how can a 130?mhz cpu work with batteries.
13:34:27pikeit's mindboggling for me
13:34:33dwihnoPerhaps it might be possible to do the mp3 decoding in lesser mhz
13:34:36pikeand work for so many hours
13:34:43Zagordwihno: yes, hopefully
13:35:03pikebut ogg/vorbis is not optimized for playback
13:35:11pikempc is :)
13:36:57dwihnoZagor: Do you know at which frequency the original firmware works?
13:37:05CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:37:05*dwihno senses great battery times
13:37:12dwihnoIf this decoder will use less juice
13:38:18Zagorwell i'm guessing iriver uses motorola's mp3 decoder, which is probably rather heavily optimised. so we'll probably use more power at least initially
13:39:23dwihno32 mbyte buffer is a bit insane :)
13:39:26dwihnobut I love it
13:39:58pikefigures.. asm src
13:40:03Zagorpike: yeah, but that is heavily optimised amiga-specific assembler with a bucket of dirty tricks thrown in...
13:40:21dwihnoI recall that Sundell guy.
13:40:46amiconnZagor: If you can get hold of the sources, there is a highly optimized 68k mp1/2/3 decoder library for the amiga: mpega.library by Stephane Tavenard
13:41:09pikeYes, the 6502 emulation is very fast in PlaySID, actually the emulation code is constructed by a program, and it uses every kind of dirty trick I could imagine
13:41:32Zagori think focusing on the emac will bring us the most bang/buck
13:42:19LinusNthere is no bdm code for m68k in the official gdb
13:42:35Zagorhence the sf project
13:42:47LinusNbut there is bdm code for PPC, using the maccraigor wiggler :-)
13:45:55pikemaybe this could be worthwhile?
13:46:04pikeoptimized libmad for 68k
13:46:30dwihnocool stuff
13:46:31Zagorcould be interesting
13:46:38dwihnothe mad decoder
13:46:41dwihnois nice
13:50:38amiconnThe mpega.library by Stephane Tavenard is still 2 times faster than this optimized libmad version
13:54:25 Quit R3nTiL ()
13:58:52Zagori don't see this being optimised much at all. seems more to be a mpega wrapper around libmad
13:59:25pikeyeah I may bw wrong, he may have just used some switches to make it a tad faster
13:59:33pikecompiling wise
13:59:46Zagoryeah that what it looks like to me
14:04:42Zagorah, finally found some power numbers: 1.3mW/MHz
14:05:23Zagorat 96MHz that means 125mW
14:06:50Zagoram i calculating all wrong, or is that less than the sh7034@12MHz?
14:07:38Zagora motorola sheet claims "MP3 decoder requires only 19MHz"
14:09:02LinusNlooks like i have to extend the ocd driver in gdb for the macraigor ocd wiggler
14:09:13LinusNwell, well...
14:09:28LinusNi don't mind
14:09:31Zagorit's not like you have anything better to do ;-> question
14:23:52tboyI read somewhere that compiling with -Os should give me a smaller binary
14:23:58tboyso I could get it to fit my FM
14:24:54tboynow I've tried adding this in the makefile
14:25:04tboyI guess this is wrong
14:25:10tboysince its not working
14:25:22Zagoryou need it in both firmware/Makefile and apps/Makefile
14:25:39Zagori don't know if it actually makes the binary small enough to fit though. haven't tried it.
14:25:40tboyso I just add it behind -C
14:25:50Zagorno, add it in CFLAGS
14:31:39 Join benschi [0] (
14:32:01benschi@zagor, whatz up
14:32:07benschieverything fine?
14:33:40tboyyes it made it smaller
14:33:44tboyabout 1500 bytes
14:34:02tboyI thank thats ok
14:36:37benschiany news about the LCD screen?
14:37:26Zagornothing more than Dan Hollis verifying that it's not one from
14:40:02Zagorwe'll have to measure the signals and/or disassemble the firmware. the markings appear to be a dead end.
14:40:49tboyZagor, do you have a iriver?
14:40:58tboyan iriver?
14:41:03LinusNyes, but i have it
14:41:13tboy^^ ok
14:41:47tboyit sounds kinda exciting
14:42:02LinusNit's fun, yes
14:42:44tboyI guess the newer iriver, the ones with the color displays, use different cpus etc.
14:42:50LinusNsame cpu
14:43:13LinusNdifferent lcd and different usb chip, but it looks like a lot of things are the same
14:43:36tboyis the iriver you got there, linus, a ihp-1xx?
14:43:54Zagorwe could use some scans of that too :-) I bet they use the Philips ISP1362 USB OTG Controller
14:44:17tboythe ihp usb 2.0
14:45:01tboydon't the 110 have less memory than the 120-140?
14:45:29LinusNi don't know
14:45:37tboyoh ok
14:46:35tboyso with this cpu that the ihp are using, will you guys be able to use integrate decoders for codecs like AAC/MP4
14:47:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:49:06LinusNany coded that has free source code and doesn't eat too much cpu
14:50:22tboywell I'm not that fond of ogg, doesn't it need pretty much juice
14:50:52LinusNit does, but it's perfectly possible
14:51:46LinusNi mean, the original firmware plays ogg, so why shouldn't we?
14:53:01pikeFAAD2 :)
14:54:18Zagoraac license fees: 1 to 100,000 units: $0.50/unit
14:55:01LinusNthanks a lot :-(
14:55:05pikereally? FAAD 2.0 src
14:55:08pikefor decoders?
14:55:26pikehow can they host this freely then?
14:56:16Zagorthe license is for apples codec. i didn't know about faac.
14:57:33tboyguess this could be used, right?
14:57:36pikeFAAD2 is a HE, LC, MAIN and LTP profile, MPEG2 and MPEG-4 AAC decoder.
14:57:36pikeFAAD2 includes code for SBR (HE AAC) decoding.
14:57:36pikeFAAD2 is licensed under the GPL.
14:58:03pikesbr is nice, it's what mp3 pro did for mp3 (not that I like mp3 pro)
15:00:20Zagorunfortunately it's a floating-point implementation, which most likely means the coldfire will run it too slowly
15:01:45 Quit benschi ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:03:14 Join pillo [0] (
15:06:27Zagor"Please note that the use of this software may require the payment of patent royalties." −−
15:07:20pikeit's included either in mplayer and or FFMpeg suite
15:09:06Zagorwell let's just say the floating point issue stops it and leave it at that :)
15:09:39pikenot for me, I'll continue hunting for a decoder that *could work* :)
15:11:27tboywell it would be cool to find one that is free of payment/royalties and floating points ;)
15:12:16Zagorthe patent virus is unfortunately uncurable. the own the *idea* of aac compression, and there is no way to get around it.
15:12:40Zagor..other than supporting FFII in their work for stopping software patents in europe
15:13:11pikebtw.. isnt their roaylties for mp3 decoders also?
15:13:56Zagori won't discuss legal issues in this channel. sorry.
15:18:03tboyok, I got rockbox for my FM to fit the memory
15:18:09tboyor the flash rom
15:18:37Zagorone way to handle the dual displays semi-easily would be to display the remote buffer on the main unit when the remote is plugged in. then we "only" have to support dynamic sizing, not two different buffers
15:18:40tboyI'm gonna try to rolo my build and see how I crippled the debug menu
15:19:38Zagoramiconn, LinusN: how are we on the spdif issue? is it a confirmed bug or are we chasing a ghost someone says exists?
15:20:20LinusNwell, i haven't verified it with s/pdif, and neither has amiconn
15:20:38LinusNbut it's probably not a ghost
15:23:32amiconnZagor: I *will* verify this, buit first I have to build a toslink->electrical converter. I'll do so this evening.
15:24:40midkgotta go.. back later or tomorrow
15:25:10 Quit midk ("Leaving")
15:26:15Zagoramiconn: ok, sounds good
15:29:24Zagortboy: works?
15:29:34tboyI flashed it
15:29:42tboyand its running
15:29:50*Zagor smells a "but"
15:29:56tboy^^ well
15:30:47tboyoh ok, I think now I understand the whole thing
15:31:00tboyrombox is just the normal ucl, but uncompressed
15:31:16tboyI thought it was a different bootloader
15:31:23tboywell ok, its working fine
15:32:36tboyshouldn't I have more free buffer now?
15:33:01Zagoryes, a bit
15:33:31tboyit dowsn't seem to have changed, or is it only that marginal
15:33:40tboythat I can't see it
15:33:51tboywell it says 1.780mb
15:34:02Zagorwiki says "about 170 kb more ram"
15:34:25tboyhmm maybe I got pawned :D
15:34:29tboyno just joking
15:34:54Zagormy non-fm has 1.615 free without rombox, so I'd say you simply remember wrong :)
15:35:06tboyok that could be it
15:35:29tboywell ok this looks ok
15:35:44tboynot sure if its really worth it, but sure was fun
15:36:02tboywhat does the carch mem accesses do?
15:36:22tboyI probably won't be able to use it but
15:36:52tboyis it some sorta log-thing?
15:37:05Zagorit's for catching buggy code that writes in bad addresses
15:38:17tboyyep you're right about me remembering wrong
15:38:34tboymine has 1.614mb free without rombox
15:41:29tboyI just noticed something
15:42:05tboyI didn't know you guys implemented gapless play
15:42:33tboyor I haven't been paying attention to the development
15:42:39Zagorthat's old
15:42:54tboy:) well
15:43:16tboyyou guys have really made this mp3 player a whole lot better
15:43:21Zagorbut it requires that the mp3 data is prepared for it
15:43:38Zagorwell there wouldn't be much point otherwise, would it? ;)
15:43:47tboyyes, so it can buffer it in time
15:44:11tboyyea, but I admire what you guys are doing
15:44:35Zagornot just so we can buffer the data, the internals of the format is not designed for gapless playback so you need to make your files gapless specifically
15:44:57tboyoh ok
15:45:25Zagor if you really want to know :)
15:45:37tboyis there any other project like rockbox, that has had any success
15:46:35Zagorit depends on what you mean "like rockbox". another mp3 player firmware? no
15:46:54tboysuccess as rockbox has achived
15:47:29Zagorthat is very subjective. i like to think we are pretty unique, but i'm sure there are people who disagree.
15:47:30tboyoopss type achieved
15:48:22tboywell yea I guess unique is the right word, now that I think of Linux on Ipod and the avos project
15:48:39tboythose two are both trying to get linux running on their devices
15:49:03tboywhile rockbox is an os built from scratch
15:49:24tboyand which objective is to be a good music player
15:49:34tboywith some nice features on the side :)
15:50:23Zagorthose two also don't have a finished product that users are running
15:51:21tboyexactly, that kinda success has not been reached by any other project, that I know.
15:54:15LinusNgotta go, cu folks
15:54:28 Part LinusN
16:02:05tboyI'll be going to
16:02:08 Part tboy
16:07:35Zagoryay, ibm is donating voice recognition software to the apache foundation. direct-to-text dictaphone anyone? ;)
16:19:56ashridahscrew that. patch it into UT 2004, so we can finally order bots via voice recognition :)
16:20:07ashridah(on linux anyway)
16:21:44 Join R3nTiL [0] (
16:25:15 Join Lucretia_ [0] (
16:26:17 Quit _Lucretia (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:33:01 Join Elemeno [0] (
16:34:20 Quit R3nTiL ()
16:34:31Elemenohey, I have an Archos FM Recorder, and when I try to turn it on the green LED just flashes real quick four or five times and them nothing happens. anyone ever face this?
16:35:23Zagorhow is your battery?
16:35:33Elemenoit's fine.. at least halfway
16:35:43Zagorcan you access the disk in usb mode?
16:36:09 Join methangas [0] (
16:36:10Elemenowell, it didn't work before, but I just plugged it in and it works
16:36:18Elemenoit seems to be kind of sporadic
16:37:00Zagorsounds like a hardware problem, i'm afraid
16:37:35Elemenohmm.. any idea what it could be? I just recently replaced the LCD screen on the thing, and I thought everything was working fine
16:38:41Zagori'd suspect something with the power. if you have another disk try that.
16:39:07Elemenoanother hard drive?
16:40:08Elemenonope, I'm afraid not
16:40:57ElemenoI hope this HD is not messed up..
16:40:59Zagorthat's probably not it anyway. does it make a difference how hard you push the on button ?
16:41:20Elemenoit doesn't seem to, no
16:41:25 Part [IDC]Dragon
16:41:39ElemenoI mean, whether I barely press it or hold it in for a couple seconds, it'll either work or not work
16:43:01Zagorwell i'm afraid I'm no eletronics wiz so I can't help you any further
16:43:02ElemenoI wonder if it can be related to something being loose or not touching entirely right, because if I move the Archos, sometimes it will turn off
16:43:27Zagorcheck the battery connections, sometimes they are bent and the battery loses contact
16:43:41Elemenoall right. thanks for the help
16:44:13 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
16:44:42LePoulpe303What is the best utility to defragment MP3 players ?
16:45:47pikeprob the same as windows uses, if it's the same filesystem
16:45:59pikeand I do not mean their defrag
16:46:04LePoulpe303windows one seems slooooooooooow and very uneffective
16:46:21Zagoryou normally never need to defragment mp3 players
16:46:43LePoulpe303Zagor: oh yes ?
16:47:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:47:48ZagorLePoulpe303: mp3 players don't get fragmented, since you don't do a lot of writing to them
16:47:53pikeok if I make a post @ HA where I ask for a broken ihp unit ?
16:48:10Zagorpike: sure, go ahead
16:48:37 Quit Elemeno ()
16:48:53ZagorLePoulpe303: and even if it was fragmented, you would not gain anything measurable by defragmenting it since disk access is very sparse
16:51:31LePoulpe303ok ; good arguments Zagor ; you win ; i shut down diskeeper who is blocked to 10% of the analysis since 5 minutes ;-)
16:52:26pikeargument is valid, if all you do is fill your hd, then never removes tunes
16:52:59LePoulpe303i remove a lot
16:53:19LePoulpe303i put 10 albums ; i keep 5 songs ; then 10 albums again , etc ..
16:53:55Zagormp3 files are so big that fragmentation doesn't become an issue even with lots of add/remove
16:55:27Zagoryes, the files are fragmented. but each fragment is big enough that it does not become a performance penalty
16:59:06pikean email adress ppl can mail to if they have a broken ihp unit ?
16:59:33LePoulpe303i should buy a bigger disk, so that i would put all my tunes on the player , then i don't need to remove anything .....
17:00:53pikehow many MiPS is the coldfire again?
17:01:13Zagor125 MIPS @ 140 MHz
17:03:53LePoulpe303on which iRiver model do you plan to port rockbox ???
17:05:04Zagorthe h100 series
17:06:48Zagorbtw, i read somewhere that the 140 is a little *thicker* than the 120. that sounds strange, anyone know if it's correct?
17:07:15pikeit is
17:07:20pikedue to the thicker hd
17:07:27pikedouble plattered, single in 120
17:16:46Zagorgotta go
17:16:47 Part Zagor
17:47:07 Join GhUl [0] (
18:09:35 Quit GhUl (Remote closed the connection)
18:09:37 Quit lImbus (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:16:51 Join GhUl [0] (
18:23:58 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
18:24:25 Quit GhUl (Remote closed the connection)
18:33:34 Join ripnet [0] (
18:38:04 Nick grogro is now known as gromit` (
18:43:02 Quit Atur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:43:55 Join DMJC [0] (
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18:48:26 Part pillo
19:28:04 Quit Lucretia_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:28:38 Join R3nTiL [0] (
19:29:05 Join Lucretia_ [0] (
19:58:33 Quit R3nTiL ()
20:07:39 Quit ripnet ("CGI:IRC")
20:10:26 Join ripnetUK [0] (
20:13:10 Join webguest68 [0] (
20:18:29 Join webguest69 [0] (
20:18:41 Quit webguest68 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:19:11 Join Bagder [0] (
20:19:19 Quit ripnetUK ()
20:31:14 Quit webguest69 ("CGI:IRC")
20:38:58 Quit mecraw (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:39:37 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
20:46:30*amiconn is completely puzzel
20:47:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:47:55amiconnI did a 12 hr test recording, the only change being that m/s encoding is disabled. I didn't get a single frame sync error...
20:48:12amiconnBut m/s encoding was on in 2.2 ........
20:59:38 Join lImbus [0] (
21:11:21 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:11:42amiconnevening Jörg
21:11:46[IDC]Dragonhi Jens
21:11:55[IDC]DragonI see you got your Ondio
21:12:05[IDC]Dragonany pictures of the inside yet?
21:12:20amiconnNot yet. I have to decide what to do first.
21:12:31amiconnCurrently soldering the toslink converter
21:12:31[IDC]Dragonbusy with recording tests
21:13:01[IDC]DragonI suggest you do that chapter first
21:13:09[IDC]Dragonmore relevant for 2.3
21:13:40[IDC]Dragonbut I don't want to stress anybody
21:13:54amiconnI have a suspicion what's going on with Paul's recordings, although this is very wild speculation.
21:13:57[IDC]Dragonfeel free to decide to go out for a beer!
21:14:26amiconnAny news concerning usb mode?
21:14:46[IDC]DragonI want to take off the daughterboard
21:15:03amiconnChances are the dautherboard is not there in the SP...
21:15:08[IDC]Dragonso I can measure at the USB bridge while operating
21:15:23[IDC]Dragonit will be there
21:15:32[IDC]Dragonit carries the ear jack
21:15:50amiconnNothing else?
21:15:51[IDC]Dragondunno why they made it this way round
21:16:07[IDC]Dragonthe recording jack is on the main PCB
21:16:29[IDC]Dragonno, else there's only the tuner on that board
21:17:20amiconnNo line in jack on the SP, there is a blind plug at that place
21:17:55amiconnThe archos fw handling is not very intuitive, imho
21:18:28amiconnThere is some music "preinstalled", I guess it's the same as on all archos units
21:18:47amiconn(Don't remember if it was on my v1 though)
21:18:59[IDC]DragonI think it was
21:19:15[IDC]DragonI liked the handling
21:19:38[IDC]Dragonwith recording and FM not hidden in some menu
21:20:23amiconnMaybe it's different on the sp. There is a "main screen" where you can select between settings and browser
21:21:34amiconnIf you go to settings, there is a menu, with sub-items. But if you change a setting. you can only leave with the menu key, jumping back up to the main screen
21:21:58amiconnIf you want to change multiple settings, this is annoying
21:22:11amiconnBtw, the rockbox idle timeout works
21:22:34[IDC]Dragonit did power off?
21:23:04amiconnI wonder how. There is no pin for switch off given, both in the jukebox port assignmments (except fm/v2) and the Ondio?
21:23:35amiconnOr do I have to clean my glasses?
21:23:36[IDC]Dragonthat means it has power off like the FM
21:23:58amiconnHow do player and v1 power off?
21:25:48amiconnWe have to do an all-new battery scale... The symbol is constantly flashing
21:27:45amiconnWe really need button debouncing... The Ondio buttons seem to be crap (or you didn't get the levels completely right
21:29:13 Join GhUl [0] (
21:29:59 Quit Bagder (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:30:13[IDC]DragonFM and V2 have power on PB5
21:30:30[IDC]Dragonfor player and V1, it's hardware
21:31:12amiconnBut poweroff by software is possible on player and v1... I wonder how this works
21:31:49[IDC]DragonFM and V2 still hardware-power off, but with pressing off for a longer time
21:31:59amiconnYes I know
21:32:19[IDC]DragonV1 powers off by software? Are you sure?
21:32:54amiconnDouble click off-off -> "safe" powerdown, implemented by Linus. On the player it's in the menu only
21:33:15amiconnDon't you run a daily build?
21:33:19[IDC]Dragonabout the buttons: have you compared your port readings to my table?
21:33:23amiconnOr a cvs build even?
21:33:35*amiconn does it quickly
21:33:45[IDC]Dragoncvs, but I power it off the old-fashioned way
21:34:11*[IDC]Dragon goes to make an MMC adapter
21:34:18[IDC]Dragonaway now
21:34:46 Join Bagder [0] (
21:35:42amiconnAN4: No button: 001 Up: 1FB Left: 353 Right: 2A7 Down: 14E
21:35:54amiconnA bit higher than yours
21:36:54amiconnAN3: No button: 279..27C On/off: 003
21:38:00amiconnAN1 and AN2 are identical, can't test AN0 (no MMC card)
21:38:11amiconn*identical to your values
21:52:44 Quit pike (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:52:46 Join pike| [0] (
21:52:50 Nick pike| is now known as pike (
21:53:20[IDC]Dragonbak again
21:57:08 Join scott666 [0] (
21:59:32 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
21:59:32 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:08:43 Join gcc [0] (
22:19:40 Part gcc
22:21:58GhUlGhUl is gaming. !gameinfo for more info.
22:24:20Bagderwhat do I type for *less* info? ;-)
22:24:54 Join ripnetUK [0] (
22:24:54 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:25:36 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
22:29:50GhUlI'm back from the game!
22:36:31 Quit gromit` ("Client exiting")
22:40:18amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Converter is done, now let's test...
22:41:55amiconnWhic pin is spdif in on the recorder?
22:44:17*[IDC]Dragon checks
22:44:25[IDC]Dragonyou should hear it...
22:45:19[IDC]Dragondunno, would have to try
22:46:11amiconnBoth don't work :(
22:47:24[IDC]Dragonok, I'll check
22:47:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:49:35[IDC]Dragonthe left channel
22:49:51[IDC]Dragonif you use a 3,5mm -> Cinch cable
22:50:00 Join tboy [0] (~xxx@
22:50:07[IDC]Dragonthe tip contact
22:50:26 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
22:51:17amiconnThe left is spdif out (digged up my scope) My spdif converter doesn't emit anything, though the dvd player sends (i can see the light in the fiber)
22:51:25tboyI've got a little problem
22:51:47tboywhen I try to convert a bitmap to rb with the compiled tools
22:52:19tboyI end up with the right picture, but its inverted
22:52:44amiconn[IDC]Dragon: ARgh! Of course it couldn't output anything, since my input power connected broke
22:52:57amiconnNow it works, nice....
22:53:52amiconnBtw, there is a simple rule: SPDIF In is for recording, which is the right channel, and the right plug is usually red.
22:55:04 Join Zagor [0] (
22:56:52tboyI now tried to invert the picture and then convert it to rb
22:57:21tboybut it then shows up Inverted on my box
23:01:02amiconnWhen I play back the file I just recorded via spdif, the time & bit rate display is totally f***ed up: Bit rate 813 kbps, and it plays 0:40 of 0:29 (!!)
23:02:01tboyok, thanks anyway
23:02:19tboyI'll better get going
23:02:24 Quit tboy ("I'm sporting mIRC 6.1")
23:08:05 Join LinusN [0] (
23:13:12 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Get hot chicks here!")
23:21:37 Quit Lucretia_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:23:05 Join Lucretia_ [0] (
23:30:52amiconnmp3fixer really must have a bug: If I feed an mp3fixed file back into mp3fixer, it does find further corrupt frames?!
23:31:25Zagordoes it ever not find corrupt frames, or does it just not fix them?
23:32:33amiconnIt tells that it fixes (i.e. cuts out) the corrupt frames. When using a second time, it spots some more, sometimes at the same and sometimes at other byte addresses.
23:33:00Zagorwhat if you run it on a normal lame-created mp3 file?
23:34:12amiconnI'll try that...
23:34:43 Join SmoothOperator [0] (
23:35:04SmoothOperatorhey boys
23:35:18SmoothOperatorheya Bjorn
23:40:33*[IDC]Dragon tries to uart-boot the ondio...
23:45:33*Zagor found the x11 button bug
23:46:01*LinusN is soldering wires to the tiny, tiny lcd connector
23:48:29amiconnZagor: Checked a folder of lame-created mp3s. mp3fixer did not find bad frames there. It seems the bad frame detection works, but the fixing is broken
23:49:30amiconnFurthermore, mp3fixer has problems displaying byte counts >256 MB
23:49:36LinusNthe lcd seems to be connected in parallel
23:49:37SmoothOperatorOn the Ondio, would you be able to use the MMC slot and the onboard memory at the same time with Rockbox, not one or the other like the Archos f/w?
23:50:39LinusNi'm trying to connect wires for logic analysis to the lcd data bus, but the pads are soooooooo small
23:50:45amiconnSmoothOperator: Using both at the same time is not possible because of hardware limitations, but we could make it selectable
23:50:51 Quit Lucretia_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:51:06 Join Lucretia_ [0] (
23:51:19amiconnBut first we need to have a working mmc driver at all
23:52:54amiconnThose mp3 tools are all fishy :( They don't agree on the errors in my test files...
23:53:41LinusNwe should write our own
23:53:58amiconnYes, I really have to get my hands on that.
23:54:54*[IDC]Dragon gives up uart-booting
23:55:27[IDC]Dragonsomehow it locks up when accessing ROM or Flash
23:55:47[IDC]Dragonbut in general, it works, it has read the flash ID

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