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#rockbox log for 2004-09-18

00:00:19webguest82a search for "hardware" showed nothing like that.
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00:25:05bagawkhey bagawk
00:25:13bagawki mean BC
00:25:22BClol - hey bag man :)
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00:28:55scott666_were going through webguests like nothing
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00:29:21webguest97broken ihp-120
00:29:57bagawkhow much?
00:30:02scott666High bidder: zagor101
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00:30:08BCwebguest: "" ...hmmm
00:30:34webguest97ok, just wanted to let y'all know.
00:30:47scott666zagor's already found it
00:33:02webguest97I logged in earlier to ask about my usb problem.
00:33:40webguest97Is there anywhere to look for hardware recommendations/features? (www)
00:33:54BCwhat is your problem?
00:34:11webguest97I bought the recorder10
00:34:20PaulSWere you the guy with the PC you couldn't install drivers on?
00:34:21webguest97should have gotten the 20
00:34:28webguest97PaulS: yup.
00:34:42webguest97I wish I had known in advance.
00:35:03bagawkouch :P
00:35:06webguest97I bought the device specifically for rockbox.
00:35:20BCso your problem is "cannot install XP drivers"?
00:35:26webguest97It'll still work fine under linux.
00:35:44webguest97My problem is "must have admin" :(
00:36:00BCdownload an admin hack disk from somwehere?
00:36:05webguest97I wanted to copy files off it to a cd at work.
00:36:07bagawki have one if those :)
00:36:26webguest97Not worth getting into trouble for.
00:36:27PaulSHe doesn't have admin access to his work machine, but his recorder 10 needs a non-standard usb-storage driver. But he likes RockBox enough to get another Archos, so he's asking for recommendations.
00:37:11webguest97I didn't realise there were any other differences between 10 & 20 besides storage.
00:37:26webguest97Should this be in the FAQ?
00:37:27BCoh righty - buy a "Archos Jukebox Recorder 20 Version 1"
00:37:43webguest97I was SO close. :)
00:37:45BC20 has usb 2.0 on an (iirc) isd-300 chip
00:37:56BCthe 10 is usb 1.1 on a (iirc) isd-200 chip
00:38:02webguest97Faster transfers are good.
00:38:20webguest97Is there a max HD size limit?
00:38:29PaulSwebguest97: People don't tend to assume people can't install drivers on Windows. I don't think I've bought a piece of hardware in the last couple of years that didn't come with a "driver disk" whether or not it was needed.
00:38:31webguest97Or will any drive work?
00:38:43BCyes ...but it's bigger than any currently available drive (that I am aware of)
00:38:52webguest97I hate windows.
00:39:08webguest97I left Microsoft when Win95 came out.
00:39:15BCdid you ask your sysop for help?
00:39:20PaulS(Never mind the fact that I never opened these disks, since the drivers are always either antiquated or don't apply to the (usually non-Windows) operating system I'm running)
00:39:31webguest97sysop :) how old are you?
00:40:02BCi could really date myself and speak of the BOFH
00:40:22BC...and fidonet - LOL
00:40:28webguest97Ok, you'd appreciate my new (to me) computer then.
00:40:39webguest97SGI Indigo2
00:40:51BCkewl :)
00:40:51webguest97I'm gonna try to put debian on it.
00:40:59PaulSMy SGI O2 is still sitting in the corner of my office.
00:41:30webguest97I also have a sun IPX case that'd make a great Mini-ITX machine.
00:41:33BCI had to turn down one of those about 6 months back - no more room :(
00:41:41BC^^^ SGI
00:42:06webguest97My first machine was a timex-sinclair w/2k ram.
00:42:10BCA good friend of mine still has PDP in his back room
00:42:35BCmy first was the Sinclair ZX81 with 1K ....I missed the ZX80 with only 256bytes
00:42:56webguest97No on/off switch, and a 1bit I/O
00:43:23webguest97the same bit ran the display and the cassette.
00:43:56webguest97The archos is huge and powerful by comparison.
00:44:28BCit makes me laugh when people say you could not run doom on it
00:44:38BCthey pretty much have doom running on the Spectrum now
00:45:14webguest97I'm amazed at what determined hackers can accomplish.
00:46:02webguest97I just hope enough hardware is open enough so this sort of thing can go on.
00:46:27BCGet your stop-watch ready, the Nintendo DS is due out soon
00:47:16bagawkme want PSP
00:49:02BCyou would likely enjoy the "winnerdemo" for the PC
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00:53:41webguest97gotta go, long drive ahead.
00:54:03webguest97plenty tunes thanks to rockbox. Thanks!
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01:01:56amiconnBC: you rc.
01:02:13BCreally cold?
01:02:35amiconnremember correctly. Just read up the discussion, was busy coding before
01:02:48BCahh, cool - thanks
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01:45:11bagawktime to go
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07:55:35midki'll reboot, brb
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08:12:54midkreboot now, brb
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11:49:00webguest65hi guys
11:49:14webguest65What can you say about the status of the H Series port?
11:54:38dwihnolinus has got a wiggler to investigate more throughly
11:57:09webguest65what is the status? when can we see the first working code?
11:58:43dwihnodunno, if ever
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12:01:00dwihnonow that's an attitude I don't like
12:01:14dwihno"gimme gimme gimme"
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18:18:58qwmmangez mes mères.
18:23:59qwmje vous déteste des types! vous êtes un déshonneur de ma famille!
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19:30:48midkreboot again brb
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22:01:21Zagorhowdy linus. had time to wiggle any?
22:01:59LinusNnope, family takes a lot of time and energy
22:02:51LinusNi can't find the TEA signal on the pcb, can you?
22:04:35dwihnoLinusN: got the shift key fixed... although cleaning the entire keyboard will be a two week project
22:04:38LinusNit's not crucial
22:04:44LinusNdwihno: nice
22:05:25Zagorcould it be under the isd300 board?
22:05:37LinusNdwihno: saw your chat with the nice fellow asking for the iriver status :-)
22:06:09dwihnoLinusN: I got a bit pissed off, to be honest
22:06:33dwihnoOn the behalf of you hard working guys
22:09:55Zagormmm, I seem to have misplaced my player :(
22:14:04Zagorahh, found it
22:14:35elinenbeLinusN: how is the wiggling going?
22:14:47ZagorLinusN: bring out your spare 34063 :)
22:16:07LinusNZagor: just give me the player
22:16:25LinusNelinenbe: haven't started
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22:20:00benschihey whatz up guys
22:20:10benschiany news, about the iriver work?
22:21:23Zagorbenschi: nothing exciting. this will take a long time.
22:22:34benschii know.. but, any special news?
22:22:50Zagornope :)
22:24:13 Quit benschi (Client Quit)
22:36:49Zagorthe player sim screen update is annoyingly slow
22:37:32LinusNoh yes, that's partly my fault
22:37:58Zagorwhat is taking so long?
22:38:24LinusNi added an lcd_update() call some time ago, because the lcd isn't updated when i should be
22:38:34uskiLinusN, i sent you a package 2 days ago ;)
22:38:41uskisorry not to have sent it before :(
22:38:46LinusNuski: thanks
22:39:15LinusNthere is no lcd_update() for the plöyer you know
22:39:18Zagorso it updates once for each char? each pixel?
22:39:33LinusNeach char, i think
22:39:57Zagorit completely kills remote X performance. 60kb/s sustained...
22:40:08LinusNi can imagine that
22:40:16LinusNwhy remote?
22:40:48Zagorbecause I have lots of code on labb that I don't want to check in yet. and I also avoid copying back and forth, to avoid mistakes
22:41:07LinusNi see
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22:55:34Zagordoes anyone want a neo player to hack on? mine is collecting dust...
22:56:08uskiwhat kind of hacks can be perfomed on these ? :)
22:56:14uskii was considering buying an Ondio
22:56:39Zagorthe neos are pretty much like the archos players
22:56:49Zagori have the in-car model
22:57:46Zagorvery first-generation hardware
23:09:11 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
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23:51:44Zagoractually we might not want to have a CONFIG_LCD define instead of HAVE_LCD
23:51:56 Quit scott666 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:51:58Zagorsince it would make all types exclusive
23:52:25Zagorwe are soon going to have a grayscale lcd, and perhaps later colour ones
23:52:47 Join scott666 [0] (
23:52:57Zagorshould those not use be LCD_BITMAP ?
23:56:22 Join webguest36 [0] (
23:58:49LinusNZagor: there will probably be several levels

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