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#rockbox log for 2004-09-26

00:05:32 Join gromit` [0] (
00:10:05amiconnYeah!! I can access the Ondio internal flash :-) :-) :-)
00:10:22dwihnoCongrats! Great news!!! :)
00:10:32midki thought it was the same as the recorders, btw?
00:11:02amiconnmidk: Not talking of the flash ROM, but the internal mmc-like flash chip (128 MB)
00:11:24midkdoh! :) very cool!
00:11:40amiconnIt now tells me (hacky reading from the CID): STM128 Rev. 6.4 Dat. 09/2003
00:13:00midkof any use?
00:13:34amiconnAhem, what use is an mp3 player if you can't access the mass storage device the mp3s are stored on?
00:13:53midki mean what it tells you.
00:14:14amiconnBasically, it tells me that the access works
00:14:57amiconnNow I know what I did wrong all the time. Better reading the datasheet more thoroughly is actually helpful
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00:20:30 Join gromit` [0] ("> <== milestone photo
00:25:18dwihnosoldering iron
00:25:41amiconnThere is no soldering iron in the picture...
00:25:43dwihnodamn that looks cool
00:25:53dwihno(although I can't understand jack) :)
00:26:36 Join scott666_ [0] (
00:27:44dwihnoI congratulate you, nevertheless.'
00:28:02 Join MisticJeff [0] (
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00:29:07amiconndwihno: Next task is to implement all the various access functions. Once that I know how the lowest level access has to be done, this shouldn't be that hard, although a lot of code to write
00:32:40amiconnI guess I will sleep well this night
00:36:23amiconnGood nite folx!
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09:39:05Kinslayramiconn: why are you wasting time on irc? get back to implementing all the various access functions :)
09:41:10amiconnWhy not doing irc in parallel? It's basically a good idea to have a "brain pool" around ;)
09:45:26Kinslayrso then either ask questions or go back to work :>
09:53:31 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
09:53:49 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as [IDC]celebrating (
09:54:19[IDC]celebratingcelebrating Jens' success, I meant
09:54:32[IDC]celebratingno such long nick allowed
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09:55:50amiconnBah, just got disconnected
09:55:57amiconnMorning Jörg
09:56:22[IDC]DragonHeyYa :-)
09:56:39amiconnWanna try my (still hacky) code on your Ondio?
09:56:54amiconn(I'm interested if i works with your external MMC too)
09:57:59[IDC]Dragonbut I'll be gone very soon
09:58:18[IDC]Dragonfriends are moving today, we'll help them"> (link will take a couple of minutes until it works)
10:00:28amiconnCurrently I'm investigating the rockbox code for references to the ata routines. Not all functions that are internal only are necessarily declared static
10:01:46amiconnPlus, I will change the bitswap to use an unsigned swaptable again. While this does not change the speed of it, and only makes it 2 instructions larger, it allows me to re-use the swaptable (in IRAM)
10:02:44amiconn(Unfortunately this rules out my geek swap :( )
10:08:04 Join ashridah [0] (
10:09:35[IDC]Dragonwhy is the swap not useable as-is?
10:11:14amiconnThe swap is, but for the poll-reading I want to swap the bytes as they come in. I need a swaptable for that, and don't want to introduce another one. The one in bitswap.S is already there, and even in IRAM. But I need an unsigned table to use it in the form swapped_byte = swaptable[byte]
10:12:19amiconn(I could declare byte as signed char, but this is dirty imho)
10:13:33[IDC]Dragonyou could cast at the access
10:14:32amiconnHmm, maybe I do this. Still have to change bitswap.S a bit to make the swaptable symbol global, and imho it is a good idea to introduce bitswap.h
10:18:01[IDC]Dragonyes, bitswap.h is theway to go
10:19:59[IDC]Dragonhmm, your latest didn't work for me (internal MMC)
10:20:19amiconnWhat does it say?
10:20:27[IDC]DragonCMD0 response FF (100)
10:20:38[IDC]Dragonno CMD1, stuck
10:20:55amiconnDid you update to latest cvs? It does need my adc.c fix
10:21:07[IDC]Dragonah, guess not
10:21:51amiconnShouldn't get stuck though...
10:22:46[IDC]Dragonadc.c was old
10:23:34amiconnSTM128 ?
10:23:50[IDC]Dragonfor inernal, yes
10:24:08[IDC]Dragonthe external is dead
10:24:32amiconnHmm. Is this the one you suspect to be bad in general?
10:26:37amiconnMine works. Next thing I'll do is polishing the routines a bit, then throwing together a debug menu function, checking and identifiying both internal & external card. When this is checked in, our other user can test with his 1 GB card.
10:27:10[IDC]Dragon"our other user", he
10:27:34amiconnI'll forward his mails to you (I did ask him for permission)
10:28:40[IDC]Dragonmy STM is dated 06/2003
10:28:56[IDC]Dragonbtw, we seem to have the same desk
10:29:08amiconnInteresting, so it's really the production date
10:29:20[IDC]Dragonsame rev.
10:30:04amiconnMy 256 MB card seems to have a lazy programmed CID register. It's name is "MMC", rev 0.0, and the production date is 12/2002. (Can't believe that)
10:31:15[IDC]Dragonhih, who knows?
10:32:17[IDC]Dragonit's Harry Potter's card, platform 9 3/4
10:34:11amiconnMy routines will be prepared to work with 2 cards, so if the browse part of rockbox is extended to support this, it'll be easy to do.
10:34:37amiconnMany of the ata specific functions don't make sense for mmc...
10:35:31amiconnShall we introduce HAVE_ATA as a complement for HAVE_MMC?
10:39:55[IDC]Dragonno worry
10:40:09[IDC]DragonI need to get going
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16:37:32SilentGuyhi there
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18:01:03 Join [NiTrO]Crossupma [0] (
18:02:00[NiTrO]Crossupmais it possible for me to flash my rockbox studio 10? Like they have done with the Recorders?
18:06:09[NiTrO]Crossupmaso that it will do a cold start
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20:05:53 Join WhiteStar [0] (
20:05:59WhiteStarHi ^^
20:06:44WhiteStarSomebody here? / Jemand da?
20:10:05 Quit WhiteStar (Client Quit)
20:10:46 Join Whitey [0] (
20:10:55 Nick Whitey is now known as WhiteStar (
20:11:42WhiteStarWenn mal jemand da ist, bitte Bescheid sagen. Bin Archos JB Recorder Neuling und hab ein Ladeproblem.
20:12:33WhiteStarIf somebody's there, please help me with a charging problem as I am an Archos JBR newbie
20:20:47 Join LinusN [0] (
20:20:55LinusNWhiteStar: what's your prob?
20:20:56 Join bagawk [0] (Lee@bagawk.user)
20:22:00WhiteStarThe JBR doesn't seem to be able to charge correctly... it turns off while chargeing
20:22:33LinusNdoes it say that it's charging?
20:22:37WhiteStarthe batteries supplied where 1800mA instead of 1500mA as the rockboxx documentation says...
20:22:53WhiteStarbefore it turns off, yes... but it does not seem to charge.
20:23:14LinusNok, you seem to have a broken regulator
20:24:04WhiteStarwell i'll call an return it on tomorrow i guess...
20:24:24LinusNit's easily fixed, but if you can return it...
20:24:34LinusNwhich model is it?
20:24:37WhiteStarhow could i fix it?
20:24:47WhiteStarArchos JBR 20 with black bumpers...
20:24:55LinusN"easily", still requires soldering skills
20:27:44LinusNi have to go now
20:28:15LinusNthe chip that is broken is called 34063, a voltage regulator
20:28:22 Part LinusN
20:28:58WhiteStaruh... returning it sounds good.
20:30:22bagawkyes :)
20:30:26bagawkcan you do that?
20:34:49WhiteStaryep... it's brand new
20:35:27WhiteStarwell it was a demonstration device but i have warranty nevertheless
20:36:49bagawkthats good
20:41:23WhiteStaryep... but it's a unnecessary experience nevertheless
20:41:59bagawkhow are you liking rockbox so far?
20:42:59bagawkhumm time to go see you
20:43:01 Quit bagawk ("umount /dev/brain")
20:44:02 Quit webmind (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:44:35WhiteStareveryones leaving oO
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21:07:06 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:10:12 Join bc|feeding [0] (
21:15:00bc|feedingJust out of desperation, I hope I can throw an OT question here ...Does anyone have any idea of a DirectShow player which will write it's output to disk?
21:15:03 Nick bc|feeding is now known as BC (
21:22:16 Join [IDC]Dragon2 [0] (
21:22:44[IDC]Dragon2WhiteStar: returning the unit is "dangerous"
21:23:32[IDC]Dragon2it's not manufactured any more, Archos seems to have no replacements
21:23:47[IDC]Dragon2somebody here got a Gmini instead
21:24:00[IDC]Dragon2on which Rockbox is useless
21:25:41 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:25:55 Nick [IDC]Dragon2 is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
21:26:15[IDC]DragonWhiteStar: are you there?
21:36:39WhiteStarthere are new units sold at
21:36:50WhiteStarso i think they do have replacements
21:37:11[IDC]Dragonperhaps, just a suggestion to check first
21:37:26[IDC]Dragonbefore getting a surprise
21:37:30WhiteStarbesides, the company i have it from is in charge, not archos directly... so they can go get one for me...
21:37:34WhiteStarthanks ^^
21:44:52WhiteStarwhat kind of device do you have?
21:45:57[IDC]Dragonmainly the Recorder
21:46:13[IDC]DragonV1, USB2
21:46:24 Quit midk__ ("just STOP it arspy")
21:47:08 Join Poddan [0] (
21:47:14Poddanhey peeps
21:47:31Poddancan anyone help me enabling ID3 file-showing?
21:48:15Poddan"browse directories using ID3 tags"
21:51:25Poddananyone awake?
21:51:30WhiteStarthat's what i have here...
21:52:07Poddanwhitestar, u think u can help me?
21:52:12WhiteStari am, but i'm a newb, sorry...
21:52:23WhiteStari don't even have a working device here...
21:52:28Poddanoh allright
21:53:05Poddanits allright, just cant get the ID3 browsing to work
21:59:19Poddanbtw, how do u install patches?
22:00:03[IDC]Dragonyou need to compile Rockbox
22:00:33Poddanhaha, sorry for being such a newbie at this, but how do I do that in the easisest way, if I have windows?
22:00:49[IDC]Dragonthe "kit" from BC is nice for new developers
22:01:09 Quit Poddan ("CGI:IRC")
22:06:24BChi [IDC]Dragon, how's life?
22:18:28 Join amiconn [0] (
22:20:46amiconnGood evening
22:20:54BCevenin' ole bean
22:23:49 Quit WhiteStar ("( :: NoNameScript 3.79 :: )")
22:23:53[IDC]DragonBC: you just missed a "customer"
22:24:22BCi noticed - thanks for the reccomendation
22:25:04BCI've been on the net for some 6 hours scouring to find the util I need to convert the new Hitch Hikers Guide episode to MP3 format
22:25:11amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Got the forwarded mails?
22:25:28[IDC]DragonB: I'm using the gcc 3.3.1 from your kit, too
22:26:08[IDC]Dragonamiconn: yes, and you told me the content already
22:26:37[IDC]DragonBC: I coudn't get any other gcc 3.3 to work
22:27:27[IDC]Dragonamiconn: btw, what was your MMC showstopper?
22:29:04amiconnAhem, reading the datasheet more thoroughly should have saved me from digging in the disassembler listings: The builtin flash (and probably some other cards too) want 8 extra clock cycles after sending their response before they are ready to receive the next command
22:30:39[IDC]Dragonlazy cards :)
22:31:38[IDC]Dragonside note: the Alcor USB bridge very likely contains an ARM7
22:32:13amiconnUh? Does that mean it has more computing power than our main CPU?
22:32:14[IDC]Dragonso we have a better CPU there than the main one
22:32:33 Join midk [0] (
22:33:06[IDC]Dragonbut I strongly doubt we can offload tasks to there ;)
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23:11:08 Quit pike (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:12:11 Quit BC ()
23:13:53 Join pike [0] (
23:19:02 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:36:37 Join Bagder [0] (
23:36:59 Join cptbaboon [0] (
23:37:16cptbaboonanyone around?
23:38:05cptbaboondoes anyone have a link or a place where i can get a serial cable for an archos av300 series pvp, cus i need one asap!
23:38:24*Bagder has no idea
23:39:11cptbabooni did a bad install of some new firmware, and now it jsut lets me use the usb mode only and gets really hot
23:39:34cptbaboonso i kno i can reflash the firmware easily through linux and with a serial service cable
23:39:40cptbaboonbut i cant find anywhere to get em
23:43:28midkusb mode only?
23:43:34midkyou mean AVLO?
23:43:43cptbaboonyea that dohinky
23:43:47midk'Error: check config, usb mode forced' or something?
23:43:51cptbaboonit screwed my lil buddy up
23:43:59midkif that's the message, no it didn't
23:44:08midkyou don't need anything except a usb cable to fix it
23:44:14cptbaboonok how?
23:44:49midkyou need to get the avlo package again, and copy over the .cfg file included (boot.cfg or avlo.cfg or something)
23:44:59midkmodify it to fit your needs of course
23:45:04cptbabooni didnt get that to begin with
23:45:10cptbabooni got some linav or somehitng
23:45:22cptbaboonand like parts and pieces and then i flashed the firmware with the avlo.ajz
23:45:38cptbaboonand i renamed the avlo.ajz or whatever to cjbm./ajz so it flashed with that and stuff
23:46:05midkavlo needs a cfg file to function
23:46:24midkcopy over the included one (or read the 'how to install' documentation, that may help)
23:46:33cptbabooni reformatted the entire ahrd drive cus i got so frustrated
23:46:37cptbabooni was like grrrrrrrrr
23:46:39cptbaboonand stuff
23:46:47cptbaboonall this is new to me
23:46:56cptbabooni sjtu installed the avlo bootloader or somehting
23:47:00cptbaboonand none of that came with it
23:47:03cptbaboonthis explains alot
23:47:04midki know what you mean.
23:47:09midkin the package there is an installation doc
23:47:24cptbaboonthey should tell me this to start with lol
23:47:32cptbaboonand if they did
23:47:33midktell you what to start?
23:47:35cptbaboonmake it a little more clear
23:47:40cptbaboonnv mind
23:47:58cptbaboonok i downlaoded the avlo package fomr sourceforge
23:48:00midki guess my point is, if you aren't sure of what you're doing look for the often provided documents
23:48:02cptbaboonand it has 5 files in it
23:48:12midkavlo.cfg will fix it. copy it to the root of the archos
23:48:41cptbaboonreadme, todo, avlo.bin, avlo.ajz, and avlo (microsoft outlook config file???? i thi k its jsut a confgig file lol)
23:48:47cptbabooni will do that
23:49:47cptbaboonthanks dude
23:49:50cptbaboonit works again
23:50:15midkchange a few things is my suggestion: do you have default.bin? for avos?
23:50:38cptbaboonwhenever i try to laod the archos FW it laods then the thingy shuts off
23:50:43 Join scott666_ [0] (
23:51:15cptbaboonis it supposed to? or is it jsut a error yet ot be fixed
23:51:15midkwell first off.. get rid of the avlo's ajz and make sure archos FW is the cjbm.ajz
23:51:33midkhappens for me, i'm pretty sure i know why.. it's still experimental anyways
23:51:58cptbaboonand then with the avlo bootloaded, which is the best to use, winav, or linav?
23:52:03cptbabooni want mp3 playing at least
23:52:16midkhave to make this quick
23:52:19midk(use archos fw for that_
23:52:24midkget this,
23:52:39midkcopy cjbm.ajz to your c:\ drive (or d:\ or whatever)
23:52:43midkdo the following:
23:52:49cptbabooni did that before when i was trying to fix it
23:52:50midkstart, run, "cmd" [enter]
23:52:52midkcd c:
23:53:06cptbaboondescramble -mm cjbm.ajz default.bin
23:53:11midkdescramble.exe -mm cjbm.ajz default.bin
23:53:19midkcopy default.bin to your archos
23:53:33midkchange avlo.cfg to load 'default.bin' for Archos FW instead of 'cjbm.alz'
23:53:39midkyou should be ok to go
23:53:42midki've got to run now
23:53:44cptbaboonawesome dude
23:53:47cptbaboonthanks alot man

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