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#rockbox log for 2004-09-27

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00:09:58poddanhi all (again)
00:10:07poddandoes anyone here use Jukebox Manager?
00:10:44BagderI don't know what that is
00:11:02poddanits a program to manage files and such on your jukebox
00:11:03Bagderso count me as a no ;-)
00:11:32poddananyways, there is a function where u can test the speed of your jukebox, by either sending 1MB or 10 MB
00:12:16poddanjust wanted to see ur results
00:12:48BagderI don't use windows ;-)
00:13:49poddanhehe, allrighty then
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05:02:01ByronI need some help, I am a blind archos user and I downloaded and installed RockBox but I don't hear any voices on my Archos, can anyone help me?
05:04:05midkyes, you need the .voice file to go with it
05:04:33Byronahh, where on the website can I find it?
05:04:42midkhmm, hold on a moment
05:04:58ByronI figured it'd be built into the original firmware.
05:05:13midknope, would take too much space. it's a lot more convenient to have it a seperate file
05:05:52midkhmm, the voice page is missing
05:05:55gromit`i saw voices files on amiconn website
05:06:05midki was going to point it out:
05:06:12gromit`hello btw :)
05:06:15midkwell, try this:">
05:06:17midkhey. :)
05:06:18Byronhi there
05:06:45Byronahh here we go
05:06:45ByronVoice clips to download
05:06:56Byronit was hiding in the documentation
05:07:04midkare they there?
05:07:07midkthe page is missing for me
05:07:10Byronit says I need a daily build to make it work
05:07:16midkgot one?
05:07:24midkah, yes, there they are
05:07:29ByronHow do I install a daily build?
05:07:34Byronjust unpack it in the root?
05:07:46midkyeah. or use the windows installer (if you're using windows)
05:07:56midkunpacking is fine.
05:08:45Byronsame thing with the voice... unpack to root?
05:09:09midkcopy it to /.rockbox/lang and rename it english.voice (i believe)
05:12:42Byronwoo hoo, it works!
05:12:44Byronthanks guts
05:12:59midkno problem
05:13:07midkdo you want it to spell out your filenames/folders?
05:17:48ByronMight not be a bad idea.
05:18:09midkit's in the general settings->voice menu. 'Voice Filenames' or something like that
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05:23:08Byronis there any way to make the archos SAY the filename instead of spell it
05:23:28ByronI had to turn on the spelling, but it won't pronounce the filenames
05:27:16midknope :\
05:30:05Byronran this thing read text files?
05:30:41midkthe voice file has a set of predefined phrases
05:30:47Byronawh darn
05:30:51midkso that it can be small and only what's needed to be spoken is included
05:30:56Byronohh well
05:30:59midkit doesn't know every word or anything
05:40:23Byronokay, thanks... it works great now... I'm happy
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07:54:58LinusNnite midk
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08:36:27dwihnoI tried to recover data from my 2.5" disk...
08:36:29 Join Zagor [242] (
08:36:36dwihnoSeems like it's gone to Hitachi heaven :/
08:36:50LinusNdwihno: or hell...
08:37:32dwihnoI just thank my lucky star I was able to recover all source code
08:43:54Bagder_dwihno: is that LinusN ? ;-)
08:45:51LinusNhis lucky star? oh yes.
08:47:54dwihnoThe disk sure made a lot of clunky sounds while copying
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08:59:11dwihnoWell, rest in pieces, old chump.
08:59:24dwihnoAnyone got any ideas of an offline css validator?
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11:12:51[IDC]DragonHello kurzhaarrocker et. al.
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13:32:04DMJCdoes anyone have an iriver ihp-120/140?
13:32:22Bagdernot me
13:32:28DMJCjust want to know, does it need power going through the usb cable to sync with a computer?
13:32:49DMJClooking at rigging up a usb recharge cable
13:32:52BagderI don't think any unit requires that
13:33:10DMJCso I can make it recharge, and sync with the comp at the same time...
13:33:23Bagderyou mean charge over usb?
13:33:37BagderI don't think the 120/140 does that
13:33:48DMJCah.. I'll explain it better
13:33:57DMJCthe 140 uses a 5 volt power supply
13:34:03DMJCsame as usb carries..
13:34:11DMJCthe idea is you split the usb cable
13:34:23DMJCand make an end that fits the power socket on the iriver
13:34:34DMJCthat draws power through the usb port
13:34:42BagderI'm not a hw wiz, but I think you're wrong about the powers involved
13:35:00DMJCdc in 5.0v
13:35:10Bagderbut I'll shutup, this is not my area
13:35:48DMJCI think it's alright
13:35:51LinusNDMJC: there are such cables
13:36:16DMJCso I just need a data switch then..
13:36:22LinusNcalled "minisync" cables
13:36:47DMJCyou can't listen to an iriver while it's data is connected to a pc.. should be simple enough to rigup
13:36:57LinusNbut they are apparently shaky when running winxp
13:37:28LinusNehum, what are you trying to accomplish?
13:37:34DMJCyI'm not running XP
13:37:40DMJCgentoo linux here
13:38:33LinusNyou want to sync and listen at the same time?
13:38:44DMJCno, just recharge and listen
13:38:53LinusNplug in the charger then
13:39:11DMJCI want to carry around one cable that I can use to copy files and recharge with
13:40:00LinusNinternal usb?
13:40:06LinusNor pccard?
13:40:28LinusNgood, many pccard usb solutions can't deliver enough curent
13:45:06DMJCnice.. except I'm broke..
13:45:19DMJCand i know I have all except one part needed
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14:22:54azurehi all!
14:26:35 Part azure
14:29:08*[IDC]Dragon made a dummy LCD strip for UART boot
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14:37:32[IDC]DragonLinusN: do you read?
14:37:33LinusN[IDC]Dragon: cool, how?
14:37:44[IDC]Dragonthat was quick ;-)
14:37:57[IDC]DragonI have a broken LCD here
14:38:03LinusNpoor you
14:38:11[IDC]Dragonno worry
14:38:29[IDC]Dragonthat was somebody else's box, a donation
14:39:01[IDC]DragonI have some LCD parts
14:39:08[IDC]Dragonso fixed that
14:39:47[IDC]Dragonto come back to the boot cable, I took the strip from the broken LCD and soldered bridges into it
14:40:25[IDC]Dragonso instead of a UART boot mod, I can just plug this one in
14:41:56[IDC]Dragonto pull PB1..3 low
14:54:42amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Trying to uart-boot the ondio?
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14:55:17[IDC]Dragonyes, I already did, but got fatigue from holding the test clip
14:55:41[IDC]Dragonthe serial is nicely available at the MMC slot
14:56:29[IDC]Dragona piece of copper striped prototyping PCB serves nicely as an adapter
14:57:20[IDC]DragonI made one, as wide as the MMC, with that notch at the front
14:57:37 Join MooMaunder [0] (~me@
14:57:45[IDC]Dragonbut the back much longer, cable attached to there
15:01:48 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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15:30:37 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
15:31:06[IDC]Dragonah, CGIIRC works again
15:32:07[IDC]DragonLinusN: remember our tuner chat last week?
15:35:39LinusNthe fm chip can operate in either 3-wire or i2c
15:37:29Zagor[IDC]Dragon: I broke your cgiirc connection by restarting apache. sorry for that...
15:41:12BagderZ/L: you get these "new member join" mails too?
15:43:27 Join methangas [0] (
15:43:40BagderI just thought we could ask him once to stop sending them, I mean for all three of us
15:43:55Bagderrather pointless mails
15:44:08*Bagder runs off
15:46:25[IDC]DragonLinusN: I was a bit confused about the tuner hookup
15:46:44LinusNthe data sheet displays the pinout mirrored! :-(
15:46:57LinusNsilly philips
15:47:02[IDC]Dragonnow it's clear, I2C is used, the clock is same like LCD, data is PB4, tis own
15:47:17[IDC]Dragon... its own
15:47:43[IDC]Dragonthe enable is high active, so mutually exclusive with the LCD
15:48:00[IDC]Dragonsimilar trick as the JBFM
15:48:27LinusNZagor: the left-side menu looks weird in the wiki pages
15:48:49[IDC]DragonArchos leaves the LCD /CS asserted down all the time, except for during tuner access
15:49:37[IDC]Dragondunno if that increases LCD power drain by the controller
15:50:56[IDC]Dragonmy question is: I'll be replicating the I2C code for another pin pair
15:51:45[IDC]Dragonor we could share it, passing a handle or such
15:51:57LinusNah, so we need a better way of addressing the pins
15:52:25[IDC]Dragononly if we want to shere the code
15:52:34LinusNi think we want that, don't you?
15:52:55[IDC]Dragoni'm unsure, it's not terribly much
15:53:00LinusNwe might need an i2c driver for the iriver as well
15:53:30LinusNso a more generic one is probably a good thing
15:53:37[IDC]Dragonif it's "just" one, you only have to adjust the pin banging
15:53:56LinusNin your case, we need two instances
15:54:29LinusNi have to go now, but i think we might benefit from a generic approach
15:54:35[IDC]Dragonthat's what I meant by "handle passing"
15:54:41[IDC]Dragonok, c u
15:54:46 Part LinusN
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17:30:19 Part Zagor
17:36:33amiconn[IDC]Dragon: As I'm quite near to reading the first real data sectors off the mmc, I thought about the necessity of DMA access. Actually there is very little benefit from doing that (although most likely I'll still implement that)
17:40:55[IDC]Dragonhi Jens
17:40:56 Quit Kinslayr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:41:43[IDC]Dragonare you bitswapping the whole sector, or while you poll bytes off?
17:42:13amiconnI'm now swapping while polling. It's faster that way
17:43:24amiconnThat's why I made the fliptable global and part of bitswap.h
17:45:26[IDC]Dragon"swapping while polling" is perhaps not faster, but less latency for the sector
17:45:39 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
17:45:54[IDC]Dragonelse you can sleep while waiting for DMA finished
17:45:56amiconnWe have to wait at least 32 clock cycles for the next byte anyway
17:46:15[IDC]Dragonoh, so no continuous DMA possible?
17:47:01amiconnWhy do I think DMA won't gain much performance: Yielding while DMA is running would clearly drop performance, since the max. possible DMA size is 1 sector. Yield() round-trip is several milliseconds
17:47:41[IDC]Dragonyes, I thought so too, because it walks around all threads
17:47:55amiconnThe only advantage with using DMA is that if interrupts occur during MMC transfers, the data transfer continues, while with polling it does not
17:48:20[IDC]Dragonyou'd have to do a hard-codes CPU sleep
17:48:54amiconnArchos uses DMA for data sectors, but polls for end-of-DMA
17:49:28[IDC]Dragonhow about the 32 clock cycles wait then?
17:51:13[IDC]Dragon(swap) How about a swapbyte() macro, so hiding the table and any signed/cast business?
17:55:11[IDC]Dragon(could be an inline function as well)
18:00:13amiconn(swapbyte macro) Sounds like a good idea
18:01:11[IDC]Dragonfor DMA, don't bother too hard now, let's read write at all first ;-)
18:01:17amiconn(32 cycles) The max. serial clock is 3 MHz, which equals 4 clock cycles per bit, so 32 clock cycles per byte. I mean, as long as the loop takes less that 32 cycles, I can use it for swapping while reading with no speed loss
18:01:32[IDC]DragonI'm itching for file access
18:02:20amiconnWith DMA, it is not possible to swap while reading/writing, so the sector has to be swapped afterwards/beforehand. This will in fact increase latency
18:02:51[IDC]Dragonif doing multiple sectors, this can be ping-ponged
18:03:27amiconnYes I thought of this, but it needs 2 sector buffers. 1024 bytes of IRAM...
18:03:42[IDC]Dragonbut I still don't understand the 32 clk implications
18:03:44amiconnThe latency for the first/last sector will still be there
18:04:16[IDC]Dragonif it's _between_ bytes, how can the DMA insert such a pause?
18:04:33amiconnThe DMA waits until the SCI is ready
18:05:13[IDC]Dragonready=read, yes, and then kicks off the next
18:05:27amiconnFor this to work, you have to enable the SCI interrupt, but at priority 0, so the cpu doesn't catch it.
18:06:43[IDC]Dragonbtw, I tried the SCI bit order flag of the higher CPUs, looks like we really don't have it, no unducumented goodie
18:09:13amiconnMy local ata_mmc.c still doesn't do more than the one you know, but I cut down some more unneeded ata stuff and restrucured my routines. Does look much cleaner now.
18:09:15[IDC]Dragonfor the sector buffer while reading: for read polled swap, you place directly, yes?
18:09:34amiconnYes, and for writing as well
18:10:14amiconnWithout DMA, I don't need any sector buffers
18:10:22[IDC]Dragonwith writing, we later could indeed do an early return
18:10:35[IDC]Dragon(with DMA sector buffer)
18:12:31[IDC]Dragonbut let's poll everywhere first
18:13:53 Join xen` [0] (
18:19:32[IDC]DragonI'm out of here
18:19:38 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
18:21:48 Join MooMaunder [0] (~me@
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21:33:44 Join uski [0] (
21:34:09uskihi all
21:52:41uskido you know when will LinusN come ?
21:54:31PaulSHe doesn't post a schedule that I've seen. :-)
22:04:37 Nick mecraw__ is now known as mecraw (~lmarlow@
22:25:19uskihe should !
22:34:11 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:35:47uskihi [IDC]Dragon !
22:36:12[IDC]Dragondid you get my email
22:36:20uskiwhen did u send it ?
22:36:28[IDC]Dragonthis morning
22:36:32uskiif i don't answer within 2 days => i don't have it or i didn't see it
22:36:33uskilemme check
22:37:02[IDC]DragonI only told you I've shipped the board
22:38:00uskiok, great news ! thanks a lot
22:38:06uskii don't see the mail
22:38:21uskiit doesn't matter much :)
22:50:09 Join Zagor [0] (
22:54:55***No seen item changed, no save performed.
23:08:22 Join [NiTrO]Crossupma [0] (
23:08:29[NiTrO]Crossupmahello any one here
23:09:04[NiTrO]Crossupmais it possible for me to flash my studio 10 with Rockbox
23:11:50Zagorunfortunately we don't have flash support for the studios
23:12:08[NiTrO]Crossupmawill you ever?
23:12:25Zagorprobably not
23:12:34[NiTrO]Crossupmano draw to do it?
23:12:54Zagoreverything that happens in rockbox happens because someone is interested in doing it
23:12:57[IDC]Dragonbecause I have no working Studio model
23:13:11[NiTrO]Crossupmatoo bad
23:13:16[IDC]Dragon(I'm the one who did the others)
23:13:22amiconn[NiTrO]Crossupma: Did you check whether your box is technically flashable, i.e. does have the right chip?
23:13:30[IDC]DragonI got one, but broke it :-(
23:13:36[NiTrO]Crossupmaim not sure
23:13:40[NiTrO]Crossupmait should be
23:13:48[NiTrO]Crossupmaits a standard studio 10
23:13:48[IDC]Dragonmost are not
23:13:56[NiTrO]Crossupmai thought it was
23:14:00[NiTrO]Crossupmaoh well
23:14:10[NiTrO]Crossupmai like rockbox a lot and wont go back
23:14:11[IDC]Dragoncheck info->debug->h/w info
23:14:23[NiTrO]Crossupmawhat should it say if its flashable
23:14:32[NiTrO]Crossupmaits in my car
23:14:35[NiTrO]Crossupmadont wanna get it
23:14:41[IDC]Dragonno question marks after FLASH
23:14:50[NiTrO]Crossupmahold up
23:14:53[NiTrO]Crossupmaill run out there
23:15:34amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Unfortunately, mine has Flash:??:?? :-(
23:15:45[IDC]Dragonyes, you told me
23:15:51 Join bagawk [0] (Lee@bagawk.user)
23:16:02[IDC]Dragonchances are slim for Studio models
23:16:33[IDC]Dragonthey were made while flash was expensive as gold, all went into mobile phones
23:17:03[NiTrO]Crossupmathats what it says
23:17:09[IDC]Dragonoh, nice
23:17:14amiconnGrr, I am stuck again with that dreaded mmc code :(
23:17:19[NiTrO]Crossupmaso it can be flashed
23:17:26bagawknice :)
23:17:29[IDC]Dragon[NiTrO]Crossupma: yes
23:17:35bagawki used to own a studio a looonnnng time ago
23:17:43[NiTrO]Crossupmahow would i do it?
23:17:52[IDC]Dragonamiconn: what's wrong?
23:18:29[NiTrO]Crossupmawhen i go to the program firmware_flash it says the bin isnt found
23:18:35[NiTrO]Crossupmawhere can i find it
23:18:51[IDC]DragonI have everything togeter to flash players, but Rockbox doesn't run cold-started on those
23:19:01amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I wrote an init function. Within that function the CSD register is read, and it works. In my test code, I try to read the CID register, and get erratic answers.
23:19:14[IDC]Dragonthat's why we disabled the flash plugin for it
23:19:19amiconnIt did work before...
23:19:24[NiTrO]Crossupmaso it wont run period
23:19:52[NiTrO]Crossupmawhile you guys are here i want to thank you for your efforts
23:19:54[IDC]Dragon[NiTrO]Crossupma: there are some fixes to Rockbox missing
23:20:06[IDC]Dragonmost of all, the LCD init
23:20:08[NiTrO]Crossupmai was getting ready to sell it and get an ipod
23:20:08amiconn[NiTrO]Crossupma: Some developer with a flashable studio would need to dig for the problem.
23:20:15[IDC]Dragonand something for the disk
23:20:24[NiTrO]Crossupmayou guys saved me money
23:20:54[NiTrO]Crossupmaso there is no way ill see a firmware flash for my player
23:21:08[IDC]Dragonnever say never
23:21:15[NiTrO]Crossupmaslim chance
23:21:29[IDC]Dragonyou may exchange yours with amiconn
23:21:41[NiTrO]Crossupmaill keep mine
23:21:45[NiTrO]Crossupmait still works
23:21:47[NiTrO]Crossupmabut thats
23:21:52[NiTrO]Crossupmai just wanted to know
23:22:06amiconnI got hold of a Studio in the intention to get flashed rockbox working on it. Unfortunately it isn't flashable, but perhaps [IDC]Dragon will help me to solder in a flash chip
23:22:27[NiTrO]Crossupmathat would be nice
23:22:30amiconnBut before I tackle that, I have to get that Ondio MMC access going
23:22:33[NiTrO]Crossupmaid like to see that
23:22:42[IDC]Dragonyes, I will. But the UART boot mod on these somehow scares me.
23:22:58amiconn[IDC]Dragon: So I'll do the UART boot mod myself ;)
23:23:03[NiTrO]Crossupmahow hard is it to do the 8mb memory upgrade?
23:23:18[NiTrO]Crossupmaand is it worth the risk?
23:23:26[IDC]Dragondepends on your SMT soldering skills
23:23:33[IDC]Dragongotta go
23:23:37 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:24:57[NiTrO]Crossupmak thanks for the help guys
23:25:02[NiTrO]Crossupmagood work
23:25:08 Quit [NiTrO]Crossupma ()
23:26:46bagawkdo the lcd_puts() functions work on the player?
23:27:05 Quit methangas (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
23:30:04bagawkwow i forget the cappy old player...
23:31:07bagawkhow many characters does the play display have?
23:40:47bagawkZagor: does the lcd_invertrect() work on player?
23:42:38amiconnbagawk: nope
23:42:55bagawkhumm :(
23:43:16Zagorthe player lcd does not have that capability
23:44:12amiconnbagawk: Text only: lcd_puts(), lcd_puts_scroll(), 2 lines, 11 chars, no more
23:44:44amiconn(Plus some symbols)
23:45:41bagawki need something that will show what line i am on
23:46:12 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:46:35elinenbePaulS: nice work on the ramload... nice stuf!
23:46:43elinenbehave you gotten anything to run okay yet?
23:48:03bagawkZagor: before 2.3, how about we do a good patch cleaning?
23:48:12bagawkget some of the good ones updated and in?
23:48:40Zagori'd rather release 2.3 now and ship a 2.4 with all the patches
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