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#rockbox log for 2004-10-02

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00:41:31bagawkhi SmoothOperator
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00:58:49SmoothOperatorI got my new mp3 player today bagawk
00:59:05bagawkSmoothOperator: neat what is it?
00:59:12SmoothOperatoririver ihp-120
01:00:01SmoothOperatorthe one that supports ogg
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09:36:57DomasoFangood morning
09:37:55DomasoFandoes someone uses archos jukebox studio 20 with rockbox and speaking menus turned on?
09:42:23Nibbleris that what u want to know?
09:45:59DomasoFanno not that only. but i think i have a problem by checking up the battery status. when i check that up it says: battery 1 100%. But after one hour listening the players battery is empty.
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12:02:02acularcho recorder replace hard disk with flash memory to save battery, is possible?
12:02:34aculto use it as a minidisc
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12:25:55|Fry|lockelo. Does someone knows a good rename tool? I have an iRiver H340 and need to rename all my mp3s on the player because of the 5s chars limit :/. Would be nice if yomeone has some help for meh ;)
12:35:46Sebulba03What OS?
12:37:36|Fry|lockewindows xp
12:47:00Sebulba03Don't know any good ones for windows.
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12:52:56|Fry|lockeiriverman: you look like an iriver user ;) any good tools to rename files to 52 chars? ;)
12:53:53irivermanI dunno, i only got my iriver yesteday
12:53:56irivermanits the ihp-120
12:54:48|Fry|lockeah k ;)
12:55:05|Fry|lockeh340 here
12:55:55|Fry|lockei had the h120 before. Great player ;) I was very comfortable with it
12:56:02irivermanits superb
12:56:07irivermanwipes the floor with the ipod
12:56:27irivermani nearly bought an ipod before choosing the iriver
12:58:21irivermani don't think anything can match the build quality of the iriver
13:00:33|Fry|lockewell... iPod has way more style I think. But the iRiver players have better Sound/function/featurers. And that counts
13:01:45irivermanhave u held an iriver and ipod side by side?
13:02:24|Fry|lockeespecially the h340 is very ugly ;) at least it has a color display
13:02:28irivermani think the iriver is much more stylish
13:02:35irivermanthe ihp-120 is very stylish
13:03:58irivermanthe leather carrycase for the ihp-120 is brilliant
13:04:28ashridahit's not that good, tbh
13:04:36irivermani think it is
13:05:18irivermaneven a 64kbs WMA sounds great on the iriver
13:05:46|Fry|lockewell I don`t care. My player is always in my pocket or jacket. I only use the remote control ;)
13:06:05irivermanthe remote for the iriver ihp-120 is better than the ipods
13:08:04irivermani don't really like colour screens on mp3 devices
13:08:41irivermani feel they look out of place
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19:31:07zeekoehi iRiverman
19:36:25iRivermanhi zeekoe
19:37:32zeekoelook what i made :)
19:38:13zeekoeopera didn't wrap the text files, so i made a script to wrap & color them
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21:07:49DomasoFanhi guys
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21:08:43DomasoFani loaded the battery of my archos completely and i should say the player was very warm after the loading process
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21:10:07DomasoFanand why does the player turn on when i connect it with the power plug?
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21:29:46zeekoe2hi DomasoFan, still here?
21:30:10zeekoe2the player can get warm after charging
21:30:17zeekoe2because the batteries get warm
21:30:25zeekoe2perhaps the voltage is a little high
21:31:29zeekoe2and the processor needs to be doing something for charging to work -> archos is turned
21:31:40*zeekoe2 shower, brb
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21:46:10DomasoFanhi nibbler
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21:52:59zeekoesort of
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22:49:27unionpeakanybody active?
22:51:27Nibblerif i would be active i would not sit in front of my pc....
22:54:50unionpeakcan you offer some help my jukebox just died
22:55:07Nibblermaybe, if u describe your problem....
22:56:52unionpeakok well i usually have my jukebox connected through usb to my the past week its been real fidgity and it wouldnt turn off or on without coersion...(no red dead led though) so i woke up today and it wont turn on guess is that the laptop usb wasnt supplying enough power and something shorted out but your the expert
22:57:36Nibblerim no expert, thats for sure
22:57:54Nibblerwhat jukebox u have? studio/player jukeboxes dont drain any power from the usb
22:58:03unionpeakjukebox recorder v2
22:58:10Nibbleryea, i mean that
22:58:29Nibblerit has its own batteries, and uses those for all the power it needs. are the batteries full?
22:59:09unionpeakactually when i connect it to usb it recharges and draws power but yeah the batteries should be full i tried the dc adapter too still nothin
22:59:52Nibblerwell i have a recorder, maybe thats different to the v2
23:00:20unionpeakhmm ok i just tried plugging it in to the dc thing the green light flashed a buncha times then went dead nothin on lcd though
23:00:53Nibblerso it showed its charging on the lcd?
23:01:06Nibblerand any rockbox/archos firmware booting stuff?
23:01:09unionpeakno the green led flashed a few times there was no display on the lcd
23:01:14unionpeakthen it went dead
23:01:17amiconnunionpeak: recorder v2 does charge from usb, but the charging rate is lower than what the hd drains when it is running continuously
23:01:30Nibblerah good to know
23:01:42Nibblerunionpeak: does the hdd make noises? like starting/stopping?
23:01:48Nibbleror any clicking
23:02:00unionpeakno'p ill turn my music off and listen again though one sec
23:02:07Nibbler(thats how mine died
23:03:04unionpeakyeah it does make a noise the best way to describe it is the sound of a really quiet electric fuel pump
23:03:16unionpeaknot spinup sound though
23:03:30Nibblersounds like either broke harddrive, or one with too less power
23:03:34unionpeakmaybe really low rpm spinning
23:03:40unionpeakyeah im thinkin the power thing
23:03:49unionpeakreplacing the batteries maybe help?
23:03:53Nibblerbut with power connector plugged in it should have enough
23:03:57Nibblermaybe trie it
23:04:14unionpeakok what type of batteries are they anyway
23:05:09Nibblerummm i had AA rechargeables
23:05:11amiconnunionpeak: Some people already had problems with bad battery connections on the recorder fm/v2. Perhaps you should try removing & reseating the batteries. There should be a description in some faq on the rockbox site
23:05:13Nibblerbut that was not V2
23:05:28amiconnfm/v2 has proprietary LiIon batteries
23:06:00Nibbleras i didnt know rockbox when i bought jukebox the AA batteries were one of the main reasons for buying it....
23:07:11amiconnNibbler: Yes, that's a nice feature of the players and the v1, although they are a bit heavier than the v2/fm because of that
23:07:29unionpeakbut shouldnt the batteries not matter when it's plugged in to the dc adapter arent they bypassed
23:07:30 Quit edx ()
23:08:07amiconnunionpeak: No, the jukebox does always run from battery power, the dc adapter does only charge them.
23:08:39unionpeakcould you possibly give me link to tutorial or step me through?
23:09:32amiconnunionpeak: This is the LiIon FAQ:
23:09:49 Quit methangas (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
23:16:51amiconnunionpeak: Sorry I can't walk you through, since I have no v2/fm. Furthermore I can't find the description how to do that in the docs. Iirc there was a description on the mailing list some time ago.
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23:33:19iRivermanis Rockbox ever gonna be converted for the iriver?
23:36:32 Quit gromit`` (Read error: 238 (Connection timed out))
23:37:47krusbjorniriverman>> if you didnt notice, they're working on it right now...
23:51:35amiconnYay! We have sound on the Ondio! :-)
23:55:54*amiconn is celebrating

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