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#rockbox log for 2004-10-10

00:01:58*[IDC]Dragon is very sleepy
00:02:09[IDC]Dragonnight all!
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04:34:02ajiuOisnt there a chanle for the gmini
04:35:08Bagder #gmemu
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10:54:39[IDC]DragonBagder: u there?
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10:55:25amiconnMorning 'boxers
10:57:36amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Rockbox from flash (not rombox) is flakey - playback may stop any time, and then the directory display sometimes disappears, either partially or completely
10:58:19amiconnAnd: I found where rombox hangs for me. The first ata_read_sectors() (in disk_init()) never returns...
10:58:19[IDC]Dragonoh, I haven't experienced this
10:58:38[IDC]Dragonsounds like missing port inits, as always
10:58:46amiconnI suspect a missing port or interrupt init
10:59:38amiconnMy hotswap detection already works a little, you can swap MMCs in and out while in debug->View MMC info. The data is updated live
11:00:06[IDC]Dragonyou can sell it as a mobile MMC tester
11:02:12amiconnYOu can even do this while the music is playing (of course only when you started without inserted mmc) without disturbing playback
11:02:13amiconn(First I got lockups on this, until I realized that a mutex_lock was missing)
11:02:28amiconnThe next big step would be adding multi-volume support. I think we should discuss this with Linus, Zagor and Bagder
11:02:44amiconnThere are still button quirks...
11:10:03amiconn(1) Onplay menu is almost unusable on Ondio, because the action (e.g. calling a plugin) is invoked before the repeat check kicks in. It only works for plugins that leave immediately when Right is pressed continouosly (e.g. rockbox_flas)
11:11:17amiconn(2) You can't reset the top runtime (debug menu). As soon as you press Right, the confirmation request appears, when you release the button, it disappears without having a chance to answer
11:14:09*[IDC]Dragon wonders if we should relay that to Zagor, or try fixing
11:14:54amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you check if the poweroff on your FMR is as long as on the Ondio with the new button code?
11:15:20[IDC]Dragonnot checked
11:16:14amiconnI have to hold the OnOff button for more than 4 secs for poweroff, and there is no feedback (because the button holds power as long as it is pressed), so if I hold a little too short...
11:16:39amiconnCurrently it is more convenient to power off from the menu
11:18:16[IDC]DragonI wonder why there is no splash popup when holding it
11:18:16[IDC]DragonArchos shows this progress bar
11:18:16amiconnAhem, because Linus wanted to implement the SYS_POWEROFF event, but did not yet complete it?
11:18:16[IDC]Dragonbut my recorder does splash
11:19:10amiconnThe recorder does splash on short press of Off too, because Linus implemented the double-Off poweroff
11:19:46[IDC]Dragonand? why don't we have that?
11:19:57amiconnThat means the splash is already there, and Linus planned to use this for the SYS_POWEROFF event
11:20:26amiconnCurrently the hold-Off poweroff (for FMR/ V2/ Ondio) is done directly in the button driver
11:23:34amiconnDoes it make sense to implement the double-Off poweroff for these units too? Imho this is only a kludge for the V1 because the hold-Off poweroff kicks in too fast for doing anything useful before power goes away
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11:25:19[IDC]Dragonanother question for our dear Linus
11:31:43amiconnDifferent topic: Did you read that Toni forced an *SD* card into the slot - and it works!?
11:32:36[IDC]Dragonyes, that must have "hurt"
11:33:08[IDC]Dragonthere's a piece of metal around the card, with a tight fit
11:33:27[IDC]Dragonhe must have broken that off, or so
11:34:29amiconnThere is supposed to be a "thin sd card" variant, at least the specs I found say so. Guess how thick these are - 1.4 mm
11:35:04[IDC]DragonI even had problems with my 1.5 mm PCB strip
11:36:05amiconnAh, I already wondered a bit how you beeped the mmc contacts...
11:36:54[IDC]Dragonthat's my uart boot adapter
11:37:46amiconnAh, yes, SCI1 is present on the MMC slot...
11:38:08amiconnMuch more convenient that on the hd jukeboxes :)
11:42:37amiconnAnother question: The battery capacity setting is still there on Ondio. While I do not plan to remove it (may make sense if you use different battery types), I wonder if we should clutter the localizations with another string.
11:43:15amiconnBoth primary cells and rechargeables are called "battery" in english, but in german there are different words...
11:43:59amiconnThe min/max capacity has to be adapted too of course (easy one)
11:44:05[IDC]Dragonor you use Batterie for both, not too bad
11:44:25[IDC]DragonI use NiMH AAA cells
11:45:43amiconnAh, interesting. If you use them, the battery status readings are not correct. Should we do anything about that? A battery type setting perhaps?
11:46:05[IDC]DragonI'd do that last...
11:46:20[IDC]Dragonno worry
11:46:45amiconnOf course,
11:47:22[IDC]Dragonmy next task should be the tuner
11:47:40amiconnAh, I just wanted to ask ;)
11:47:57amiconnChunked voice loading would also be interesting
11:48:14[IDC]Dragonyes, yes ;-=
11:48:25amiconnVoice UI iworks nicely, but the 5 seconds delay is a bit annoying
11:48:45amiconnI plan to add a voice clip for that "please remove mmc" thing
11:48:51[IDC]Dragonplease start a Ondio ToDo wiki page
11:49:20[IDC]Dragonor we later have to search weeks of IRC logs
11:49:44amiconnFirst the ArchosOndio page should be linked from the DocsIndex...
11:50:10amiconnI updated the status part there last night
11:50:50*[IDC]Dragon looks
11:51:29amiconnThere are already 3 wiki pages I should create...
11:52:15[IDC]Dragonsame amount of typing, here to IRC or there to wiki ;-)
11:53:12amiconnFor the Ondio todo, yes. The other take some more work (describing SH1 SCI in synchronous mode, and a voice file creation howto)
11:56:34amiconn(tuner support) (1) If you adapt the radio screen, radio should already work on units with a samsung tuner. (2) As you have to carry around code for both tuners, the config option for the tuner cannot be used as-is (multivalue)
11:57:39[IDC]DragonI know, values are samsung only or samsung|philips
11:58:18amiconnYou have to keep the possibility to configure philips only (for iRiver)
11:59:09[IDC]Dragonno news ;-)
11:59:56amiconn(flashed rockbox problems) Did you try a version with a recent mmc driver?
12:00:12[IDC]Dragonyes, I did
12:00:35[IDC]DragonI have current cvs in there right now
12:00:46[IDC]Dragonas ROMbox
12:01:09[IDC]Dragonthe shifted settings bits made it go wild, at first
12:01:27[IDC]Dragone.g. was upside down
12:02:04amiconnYes, I experienced this a number of times too yesterday. I didn't bother bumping the config block version, as it's Ondio only
12:02:32amiconnYou might try to play a directory of mp3s, to see if it stops at some point. My first try yesterday lead to a stop after 5 songs, but consecutive tries did sometimes stop after a few seconds
12:02:58[IDC]Dragonwhat bitrate?
12:03:27amiconnMy usual setting, VBRs created with lame −−preset standard (180..210 kbps)
12:03:39[IDC]Dragonmine too
12:04:14amiconnRockbox started via archos loader, or roloed, didn't create those effects
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12:07:11[IDC]Dragongotta go
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13:02:38iRiverMani always wondered how u deciphered the binary clock in rockbox
13:02:43iRiverMansince its just a series of 1s and 0s
13:03:09Bagderbinary _is_ 1s and 0s
13:03:09ashridahit's probably the <unit of time here> since <some particular date>
13:13:00iRiverManstill miss rockbox after getting the iriver
13:33:21*amiconn notices an active Bagder
13:34:56amiconnBagder: Could you please change the image for Ondio SP on the daily builds page. I looked whether I could do this myself, but in cvs seems to be not the currently used version
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13:58:31Bagderso where's the SP image?
14:01:55amiconnIt's in cvs (www/docs), and already used on the device comparison chart
14:05:14amiconnNice, thanks.
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19:17:48ZagorBagder: i'm now getting the same cd lockup as you reported
19:18:02Bagderwhat caused it?
19:18:25Bagderand some kind of problem with the cd?
19:19:04ZagorI don't know. it fails ripping and becomes very grumpy about it.
19:19:24Bagderfor me the problem started with a failed rip
19:19:31Bagderthen it couldn't recover
19:19:39Bagderall following rips failed as well
19:19:46Bagderuntil reboot
19:20:12Bagdergotta go
19:21:33Zagori'll try upgrading the drive firmware
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20:06:49scott666wrong window
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21:43:19einhirnHello all...
21:44:37einhirnCan someone enlighten me about mpeg.c:new_file(...) ?
21:51:53amiconneinhirn: I think you'll have to ask Linus about it He's the mpeg.c guru
21:55:25einhirnAh... Well, I'll take some more time reading around in it... I am just trying to fix a "bug" with skipping backwards over non-existing files in the playlist... Just decreasing "steps" doesn't do the trick :(
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