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#rockbox log for 2004-10-11

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02:19:13bagawkhey Bagder
02:20:24bagawkBagder: know where the page for the RTC wake up mod is?
02:21:32bagawkfound it n/m
02:21:42midkbagawk, check the 'documentation' page, last section.
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05:53:25webguest08say I was wondering if anybody could tell me what format the archos units uses for it's hard drives
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05:56:35webguest08anybody there?
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06:57:07midkLinusN, around?
07:00:21midki wondered if you could help me.. i need (well, would like) a modified version of bmp2rb that reads a 1bit BMP and outputs a 1 or 0 based on whether a pixel is on or off. example: you have a 4x5 bitmap of an X, i'd want it to output this:
07:00:29midkchar x[5][4] = {
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07:00:29midk{1,0,0,1}, };
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07:01:11midkoopsies :)
07:05:23LinusNyou want a bmp -> c array converter?
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07:05:55midkyep, in short
07:09:20LinusNyou should be able to tweak bmp2rb for this
07:09:59midki thought so, i asked you because i thought you wrote it
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07:18:15LinusNmaybe i did, i don't remember :-)
07:19:46midki'm not surprised −− "1999-05-03 Linus Nielsen Feltzing" :)
07:21:07midklet's see here now. i'm at the area i think i need to change but lost as far as what needs to happen :)
07:21:32midkif you get the time (to tell me or try it yourself) i'd appreciate it a lot
07:26:48LinusNsure, just not now
07:33:13midkok, thanks
07:46:44midktime to sleep, nite linus, all
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08:15:30einhirnGood Morning Everyone...
08:15:54einhirnDoes "LinusN" mean that he is not here atm?
08:17:21einhirnAnyway: I got the "Not being able to skip back over non-existent file in playlist"-Issue fixed... Only remaining problem is in Playlist view...
08:19:20einhirnI have two non-existing files on 3. and 4. and when I start on 3. rockbox plays 5. but shows that it is playing 4.
08:20:16LinusNLinusN is my nick
08:20:44einhirnOh, sorry... On the webpage it "only" lists "Linus"....
08:20:56LinusNsaw your fix attempt in the mailing list
08:21:02LinusNdoes it? oops
08:21:30einhirnYes... That on the mailing list didn't work. But now I have one that works. Exept for the described problem in Playlist view...
08:21:57LinusNtell me
08:22:21einhirnI have two non-existing files on 3. and 4. and when I start on 3. rockbox plays 5. but shows that it is playing 4.
08:25:04LinusNthe playlist viewer doesn't check which track it's playing
08:25:48einhirnSo there is something wrong with the "Current track playing counter"...
08:26:33LinusNwell, it might be a little more problematic than that
08:26:37einhirnWeird is that it always comes close to the currently playing track but not quite...
08:27:28einhirnI have following playlist combination for testing:
08:27:28einhirn2 + 3 non existing
08:27:28DBUGEnqueued KICK einhirn
08:27:28einhirn4. existing
08:27:28einhirn5 + 6 not existing
08:27:29***Alert Mode level 1
08:27:29einhirn7 existing.
08:27:55einhirnJust started from 7, skipped back. Playing: 4, showing 5...
08:28:43LinusNwhat happens if you exit the playlist viewer and reenter it?
08:29:04einhirnStill the same...
08:29:33einhirnNow I chose 1 from the playlist, it gets played, but it is showing track 2 playing...
08:30:29LinusNtell me the exact steps
08:30:56dwihnoGood morning everyone!
08:31:25einhirnPlaylist config as described. Playlist view. Choose track one. Track one Plays, Playlist viewer shows track 2 playing...
08:31:43LinusNdwihno: hi
08:32:00dwihnoMe and mondays... It's a hate-hate relationship :)
08:32:32einhirnChose track 2, track 4 plays, track 3 shown
08:32:33LinusNwhich track is playing when you choose track one?
08:32:56einhirnIt is playing track one as it should. Only the Playlist viewer shows that it is playing track 2...
08:33:31LinusNno, i meant which one was playing before you chose track 1
08:34:17einhirnOh... didn't note that... ;) Have to try again. Currently playing track 4 showing track 4. Now Chosing track one...
08:34:18LinusNi assume it was track 1, but i want the exact steps
08:34:45LinusNhow did you come to track 4? do you have shuffle enabled?
08:35:15LinusNsorry to be a pain, but i want the *exact* steps
08:35:20einhirnOk. I have shuffle disabled to find my non-existing tracks for testing.
08:35:35einhirnLets start from "STOP" and loading the Playlist.
08:36:34einhirnLoaded Playlist, Playing starts with track 1 in playlist. Opening Playlist view shows track 2
08:37:03einhirnWhat should I try next?
08:37:10LinusNthis is with your patch, right?
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08:37:55LinusNso how does the patch look like?
08:38:24einhirnI just touched mpeg.c:new_file(int steps);
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08:38:46einhirnMay I post the change here?
08:39:04LinusNpasting here might get you kicked for flooding
08:39:19einhirnhmm. Any other way?
08:39:21LinusNsend it to linus at
08:39:42einhirnI'll send the whole function..
08:40:52einhirnmail is on its way...
08:41:19einhirnHave to go to work. Will log on from there again.
08:41:27einhirnbye for now...
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09:22:20einhirnhello again...
09:24:02LinusNyour patch does things wrong
09:24:36einhirnOh, I didn't find _that_ out *g* ;)
09:24:41LinusNit can't handle the case when new_file is called with 0 as an argument
09:25:05LinusNwell, basically, it pretty much goofs up everything :-)
09:25:16LinusNyour first patch was much better
09:25:30LinusNyou were on the right track then, with one small bug in it
09:26:16einhirnFirst patch: Didn't work...
09:26:16einhirnCalled with 0: I have thought about that one and should have code in to catch that case:
09:27:02LinusNin the 0 case, it returned 1 as the index in the id3 tag
09:27:38LinusNthe only fault with the first patch was that the "no file could be opened" check was wrong in the negative case
09:27:52einhirnOh... Ok...
09:28:09LinusNcheck this out:
09:28:11einhirnI seem to have missed a reference to "steps" then?
09:28:21LinusN if(steps < 0)
09:28:21LinusN steps−−;
09:28:30LinusN if(steps < 0)
09:28:30LinusN steps−−;
09:28:52LinusN if(steps < 0)
09:28:52LinusN steps−−;
09:28:57LinusN else
09:28:57LinusN steps++;
09:29:04LinusN /* Bail out if no file could be opened */
09:29:04LinusN if(ABS(steps) > max_steps)
09:29:11LinusN return -1;
09:29:28einhirnwill try that one ;)
09:29:39LinusN(now ABS has to be defined, but that's another thing...
09:30:04einhirnOh... I might work around with two ifs, or something...
09:30:09LinusNBagder: u there?
09:31:16LinusNwhere is the best place to put the ABS macro?
09:31:29einhirnWhat exactly does the Check for "max steps" do? It only checks if I am out of bound of the Playlist indices... But that one does not catch ok, from what I see...
09:31:54einhirnIt only checks "steps", but what about "start"?
09:31:55Bagderstdlib sounds fine to me
09:31:56LinusNeinhirn: it is a safety net if the playlist contains only non-existant files
09:32:37einhirnSo it doesn't matter that this one won't catch normally...
09:32:52LinusN"won't catch normally"?
09:33:00einhirn(that there might be cases in which it won't catch)
09:33:18LinusNif steps gets higher than the number of files in the playlist, all files must be non-existant
09:35:30LinusNBagder: me silly, abs() exists already
09:35:34einhirnOk... But I'll call playlist_peek for every step until that one catches. Won't there somewhere be a "null" returned?
09:35:57einhirnAfter further thinking: If "repeat all" is activated: No...
09:36:05einhirnThe safety net is needed... ;)
09:36:10LinusNeinhirn: no, the playlist index wraps in playlist_peek()
09:36:35einhirnI also found my bad:
09:37:02einhirn id3tags[new_tag_idx]->id3.index = steps;
09:37:02einhirnThis is the reference to "steps" I have overseen...
09:37:32LinusNmy version works, and i think i'll commit it right away
09:37:40einhirnOk... ;)
09:38:04LinusNor i'll give you a chance to review your patch and get your name in the credits :-)
09:38:57einhirnWell, when I think about it, I am just a little hotshot, trying to fix something, breaking more than I fixed... You may take the credit ;)
09:39:27einhirnI'm sure there will be something different sometime that I'll fix ok ;)
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09:56:45*einhirn is going to lurk around for the time being...
09:57:45einhirnIs "Auto-Away" annoying in any way? If so, I'll have to turn it off, because it kicks in everytime I lock my console ;)
09:58:09Bagderit is annoying
09:58:09Bagderwhen many people use it
09:58:30Bagderand mostly we don't care ;-)
09:58:32LinusNas long as it doesn't announce it, as plok does
09:58:32einhirnhmm... Do I announce it?
09:58:41LinusNnot that i can see
09:58:45Bagderright, setting away is fine, annoucing it is not
09:58:59 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
09:59:19LinusNhehe, he's not /away-ing, he's quitting :-)
09:59:33Bagdervery subtle difference ;-O
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10:00:23einhirnooops. Wrong button. Since I don't announce my aways, I'll keep my settings as-is ;)
10:00:32*einhirn now going to lurk mode ;)
10:00:46LinusNeinhirn: i have committed the mpeg.c change
10:01:01LinusNwith semi-credits to you
10:01:19einhirnThanks ;)
10:01:19einhirnWill fetch the next Daily Build...
10:01:40einhirnOn the other hand: It is in CVS, is it?
10:02:08einhirnThen I only need the "uclpack" utility and will build my own ;)
10:02:50LinusNor just wait 2 more minutes and download the latest bleeding edge
10:03:41einhirnfine with me...
10:03:46einhirnThanks all ;)
10:04:27LinusNthank you
10:05:04LinusNthe bleeding edge is available now
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10:16:58plokoops, sorry.. I'm using phoenix from about 10 years ago. I will look in the script file and see if I can disable the auto-away
10:17:19LinusNjust disable the announcement
10:21:16plokShould be fixed now.
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10:22:47LinusNplok: thx
10:24:22amiconnmorning Jörg et al
10:24:30[IDC]Dragonmorning guys
10:24:42*Bagder waves
10:25:08[IDC]Dragonamiconn: nice catch on the bus init
10:25:33amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Yes, and it explains why you didn't have the hang. Ondio FM has RECORDING defined...
10:25:37[IDC]Dragonit was enabled with HAVE_RECORDING, bah
10:26:00[IDC]Dragonprobably we can do it for all models
10:26:16[IDC]Dragonit's just that nobody tested on a player
10:27:11amiconnI don't get the lockup when starting rombox anymore, but unlike my first test I still get the flakey MMC access (playback hangs after a while etc) for *both* classic flashed rockbox and rombox :-(
10:27:16[IDC]Dragonwhat's the default of that register? I wonder what of it we need, definitely no ATA timing and ready
10:28:03[IDC]Dragonmaybe we need a different setting
10:28:11amiconnThe ata wait doesn't hurt either, because there's nothing on /CS6 if there is no ata
10:29:41[IDC]DragonI tried your hotswap in the MMC info
10:29:55amiconnThe archos fw does set these registers identical to our settings. The only thing that should be changed is setting WCR1 to 0x40FD, not 0x4000
10:30:23amiconn(according to the sh1 datasheet, the dontcare bits in WCR1 should be written as 1, not 0)
10:31:08[IDC]Dragon(MMC info) it did update on the first page, but not the second?
10:32:17amiconnIt should update both pages, and does so for me. The info is read at once, so both pages always reflect the same MMC init state
10:32:59[IDC]Dragonthe info should go away, if I unplug? It did that on the 1st page, but not the 2nd.
10:54:39[IDC]Dragonamiconn: just confirmed again, no update on 2nd page (for me)
10:55:08amiconnStrange. It should work... have to check again in the evening
10:55:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:55:38amiconnMMC hotswap now should also work in USB mode, however, there is no "Please remove.." screen yet, so if you connect USB with MMC inserted, it will not work as long as you remove (and possibly re-insert) the card
11:04:21 Quit einhirn (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
11:04:28amiconnYesterday I was too silly to figure where to put that "Please remove.." screen. Now I know where to put it...
11:06:49 Join Zagor [242] (
11:08:16amiconn[IDC]Dragon: (MMC info) What exactly doesn't work with it on the 2nd page? Does the info not appear when you insert the card, or not disappear (and be replaced by "Not found!") when you remove it?
11:08:22amiconnhi Zagor
11:09:03amiconnZagor: Read about the stubborn button quirks?
11:09:31Zagorno, when was that?
11:09:58*amiconn looks up the time
11:11:09amiconnZagor: No, it was Sunday. Look at around 11:00
11:11:34LinusNZagor: in pain?
11:11:59Zagoronly when I laugh :)
11:12:57[IDC]DragonOK, we try to avoid any fun today. :(
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11:13:10[IDC]Dragonwhat'd you do?
11:13:37Zagori got confirmed this morning that I broke a rib last week when racing gocart
11:14:15 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
11:15:27Zagorbut I won ;) (or at least got the fastest lap time)
11:16:27Zagoramiconn: right, ondio needs run to be on release, like the others
11:18:42 Join webguest87 [0] (
11:18:48Zagorme fix, and the other problem
11:21:01[IDC]DragonI noticed a button quirk in the FM screen settings
11:21:25ZagorI would expect so, I haven't touched those since I can't test them
11:21:57[IDC]DragonF1 goes into the settings, usually it's F1 to exit from there again
11:22:24[IDC]Dragonbut now, F1 brings you again in the settings screen
11:23:30[IDC]Dragoncaught there, onless you leave it with Off (iirc), which also works
11:26:25Zagorright, it uses f1+release to enter menu
11:27:32Zagorthe radio screen needs to be looked over to stop using release unless the same button is used for repeat
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11:56:46[IDC]Dragonamiconn: strange, sometimes the MMC info works as announced
11:57:10[IDC]Dragonperhaps it's better if started with no card
11:57:26[IDC]Dragonsome init problem?
11:58:36 Join MoGle3 [0] (
11:58:46MoGle3anyone around i can talk to?
11:58:52MoGle3i can donate broken player
11:58:57MoGle3or at least parts of it
11:59:09MoGle3(for iriver)
11:59:34ashridahMoGle3: hang around for a few, i think the people you want to speak to are at lunch
11:59:46MoGle3ill be here all day
11:59:50ashridahprod Zagor occasionally, or LinusN
12:00:01ashridahwhich parts of it, btw?
12:00:28ashridahand how did it break?
12:00:40MoGle3well, i have the complete mainboard to get rid of, but the cpu and flash had blown up, so i desoldered them a while ago
12:00:55MoGle3my girlfirnd plugged 12v into its charge hole :/
12:01:38MoGle3before i knew about this project, i had a play with it - took it all to bits, desoldered bits to get at other bots etc
12:01:42MoGle3i was just playing
12:01:48MoGle3but i dont need the board
12:02:10ashridahyeah, it's a little picky about the input power.
12:02:18ashridahapparently nokia phone chargers have been known to kill it too
12:02:20MoGle3am selling the casing, lcd, remote and all accessories - but mainbaord is no good to me
12:02:22ashridahperfect fit for the plug
12:03:09MoGle3it was in my car - the 12v was for my tunecast II - she got confused with the wires and plugged the cigarette lighter into the iriver
12:03:33MoGle3i didnt have any of the reciepts for it/warranty info - so i just claimed on insurance
12:03:41MoGle3left me with broken iriver
12:04:00MoGle3amazingly though - the hdd is still fine :)
12:04:10MoGle3which im very happy about
12:05:04amiconn[IDC]Dragon: (1) There should not be an init problem. (2) You still didn't tell me exactly what happens on the 2nd page... It shouldn't matter whether the card is plugged on startup or not
12:30:19amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Do you read?
12:47:36LinusNMoGle3: thanks for the offer
12:47:40ZagorMoGle3: which model is it?
12:48:08LinusNit would be intereseting to see that board
12:48:11Zagorthat would be interesting. could you mail it to us?
12:48:39MoGle3its missing chips - does that matter?
12:48:46MoGle3dont want it to waste your time
12:48:49Zagorno, that's fine
12:49:30LinusNwe will remove the remaining chips anyway
12:49:59MoGle3ok - if one of you would like to send me an email with where to send it to and relevent info -
12:50:02MoGle3ill get it sent
12:50:12MoGle3nice to do something constructive with it
12:50:16Zagorgreat. thanks!
12:50:22MoGle3no problem
12:53:49MoGle3im looking forward to your firmware btw
12:54:21Zagorwe do too ;)
12:54:38MoGle3any idea what kind of things you are goign to be able to achieve?
12:55:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:55:25LinusNa good music player firmware?
12:55:51MoGle3thats fair enough
12:56:00LinusNseriously, what do you mean?
12:56:29ZagorMoGle3: read the rockbox manual to see how it works on the archos players. it will be quite similar on the iriver.
12:56:48MoGle3well, i dont know anything abotu fimwares - so like, is it the case that some features poeple want to see in their firmware simply are not possible? or can you do anything you like with the player?
12:57:03LinusNthe thing about rockbox for iriver is that we (the rockbox developers) don't really know what the shortcomings are with the original iriver firmware
12:57:17Zagoranything the hardware is capable of, and someone wants to write
12:57:33MoGle3sounds good
12:58:04LinusNi ran the original firmware for about 10 minutes before taking the player apart
12:58:12MoGle3so many things i want to see on that player - i cant wait for the ball to start rolling
13:02:00[IDC]Dragonamiconn: now I'm here
13:07:59amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Another question that came to mind: How did you start rockbox when you get these MMC info problems? Does it also happen when you start via archos fw? Maybe it's the same problem that locks up the playback after a while when starting directly from flash for me...
13:08:26[IDC]Dragonright now it's rombox
13:09:57amiconnajbrec.ajz present? Try "back-boot"...
13:10:32[IDC]Dragoncan't reproduce the problem atm
13:11:14amiconnThen maybe it *is* the same problem as I get... have to dig further for missing inits...
13:12:08 Quit webguest87 ("CGI:IRC")
13:13:35[IDC]Dragonback-boot also works
13:14:47[IDC]Dragonwe once had some debug code which saved the whole I/O range first thing on startup (512 bytes, iirc)
13:15:13[IDC]Dragonor, I once made that ;-)
13:15:29[IDC]Dragonwe had an option to dump that into a file later
13:15:43[IDC]Dragonand, to restore it before RoLo
13:16:05[IDC]Dragonthis should be worth digging out again
13:16:34amiconnIf you find that, it may be actually helpful
13:16:42[IDC]Dragonit's in cvs
13:17:00[IDC]Dragonuntil Zagor kicked it out one day
13:18:06[IDC]DragonI have to look back for it, a few file were involved
13:27:29 Join Lurkski [0] (~Miranda@
13:51:01amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Perhaps also related to these inits - the RoLo problem of the archos fw
13:51:42[IDC]Dragonplaming one known quirk for all bugs? :-)
13:52:05amiconnI had a quick glance at your bootloader code. It's a bit odd that you use 4 digit hex numbers for 8 bit registers...
13:52:28[IDC]Dragondo I?
13:53:42amiconnYes. BRR is 8 bit
13:54:11amiconnSMRn, SCRn and SSRn too
13:54:20[IDC]DragonOK, an oversight. As ling as the upper digits are 0...
14:01:58amiconnI can check the WCR1/WCR3 values on player at rockbox start, to see if they are the same as for recorder/Ondio. If yes, we can ditch the #if in system.c
14:07:13[IDC]Dragonyes, thanks
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14:56:38elinenbewow! this channel's active today!
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15:31:53amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Do you remember the issues with cold-started rockbox on player?
15:38:00 Quit Lurkski (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:39:33[IDC]Dragonamiconn: yes, LCD and disk
15:40:28amiconnNo display?
15:41:15amiconnThen I really need uart boot... I ordered that usb->serial adapter today. Should get it tomorrow
15:41:17[IDC]DragonI have some long uncommitted code, with the LCD inits like from Archos disassembly
15:41:55[IDC]DragonIf you'll test if it doesn't hur normal operation, I can commit that
15:42:08Zagorwhat's the advantage?
15:42:19amiconnThe boot rom is identical for all archoses, right?
15:42:32[IDC]DragonZagor: it has the potential to work from flash
15:42:54[IDC]Dragonamiconn: if present, yes
15:43:08amiconnAre there no_rom variants of the player?
15:43:22Zagorah, player. got it.
15:43:23[IDC]Dragonnot that I know of
15:44:32amiconnSo the correct inits should be derivable from disassembling the archos flash content. You said you did that, and have some code. It didn't work I presume?
15:44:48[IDC]Dragoncorrect. :-(
15:45:49[IDC]DragonI even ran the Archos player code through a simulator, breaking on LCD traffic
15:46:12[IDC]Dragonso I'm pretty sure I have the init sequence, but still no go
15:46:59[IDC]Dragoncould be a timing issue
15:47:03amiconnPerhaps some register init (like WCR...) Is it possible to read these registers via gdb? I presume it is...
15:47:27[IDC]Dragonshould be
15:51:06amiconnIs there some tutorial on how to use gdb? Sorry I'm new to this...
15:52:02LinusNgdb in general or gdn with rockbox?
15:52:30amiconnrockbox, and cygwin (should be almost the same as with linux)
15:52:50LinusNi haven't run serial gdb in cygwin
15:53:08LinusNi guess you start gdb with "gdb rockbox.elf"
15:53:25LinusNthen "target remote COM1:" (unsure)
15:54:25amiconncygwin uses unix style device names (most of the time)
15:55:58[IDC]DragonI'd recommend the UI debugger
15:56:08LinusNthere's a nice README in the gdb/ dir
15:56:11[IDC]Dragonwas it called "insight"?
15:56:30[IDC]DragonI have a Win32 version of that
15:56:51LinusNtarget remote /dev/ttyS01 (???)
15:57:43MoGle3anyone know of a 1.8" disk enclosure for those toshiba drives in irivers?
15:58:27Zagori've never seen one
15:58:51MoGle3ive found 1.8" enclosures - but the toshiba have female conectors on them
15:58:55MoGle3might need adaptors
15:59:29Zagordon't all 1.8" disks have female connectors?
15:59:36MoGle3no idea
15:59:40MoGle3ive only ever had 1
16:00:05MoGle3all i know is that most hdd's have male connectors
16:01:02amiconnLinusN/ [IDC]Dragon: (1) The readme in /gdb talks about a cross-platform gdb. How do I build that? (2) insight seems to be not mentioned there?
16:01:41Zagoryes but those drives have plenty of space to fit sturdy pins that don't bend or break so easily. the 1.8" form factor is modeled after pcmcia cards, which have female connectors
16:04:32MoGle3such sweet hard disks
16:08:20Zagor"some toshiba 1.8 drives with female connectors will not work" <−−- sounds like not all have them
16:20:11amiconnAh, thanks. I didn't expect the gdb info under "compiler" :-/
16:20:33amiconnI hope this will work on cygwin...
16:20:48amiconnJust updating my cygwin instalation
16:21:19[IDC]Dragonwhat kind of level converter are you getting?
16:21:56 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
16:21:59amiconnI still have to build one. There is a MAX... ic that can be used, right?
16:25:24amiconnJust found the docs on
16:30:15[IDC]DragonMAX... is the "clean" solution, yes
16:30:52[IDC]Dragonwhich I'd recommend, if you use a USB adapter, which perhaps doesn't give the 12V swing
16:34:58amiconnThere are nice layout files along with the schematics.. I think I'll make these pcbs
16:35:28 Quit wizzzard (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:36:17[IDC]Dragonor buy a mobile phone serial cable, the "active" kind
16:39:04LinusNamiconn: i can send you a pcb
16:45:58 Join edx [0] (
16:47:50LinusNgotta go, cu d00ds
16:48:21 Part LinusN
16:50:53 Quit webmind (Read error: 238 (Connection timed out))
16:52:37 Join ZMan^ [0] (
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16:57:31 Quit ZMan^ (Client Quit)
17:00:59 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
17:04:37[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I'm rust re-reading the R-prize rules, we would qualify, I'd say
17:05:11elinenbewhere are the rules?
17:07:09elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: is the Ondio mainstream? ;)
17:07:38[IDC]Dragonhmm, debateable
17:08:40Zagor"new code shall be released to the public domain, no gpl infection will be recognized" i.e. "no rockbox code may be used"
17:09:22[IDC]Dragonis that meant with "gpl infection"?
17:09:32*[IDC]Dragon doesn't understand
17:09:46Zagori interpret it as that he doesn't like the GPL license
17:10:09Zagorhe also writes "R Prize
17:10:09Zagorcode will be available to anyone or anything for any purpose" which is also GPL incompatible
17:11:14 Join MoGl53 [0] (
17:11:36elinenbeZagor: I am guessing he wanted it to be GPL'd but he is not sure about the GPL exactly. I think he should give some clarification...
17:11:53[IDC]Dragonwell, I'm in no way seriously going for it, just crossed my mind
17:12:03Zagorgotta go
17:12:09 Part Zagor
17:13:11[IDC]Dragonporting Rockbox to the full extent (like required) without using the code would be a stupid thing
17:19:46 Quit MoGle3 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:33:15[IDC]Dragonbye folks
17:33:20 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
18:18:38 Quit einhirn ()
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22:42:40*uski is now away
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