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#rockbox log for 2004-10-12

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02:06:53bagawkhey :)
02:07:02bagawkmy RTC alarm mod is done
02:08:18bagawkamiconn: are you there?
02:08:47bagawkamiconn: could you do me a BIG favor?
02:09:00amiconnDo you realize what you've started with your Ondio firmware check? ;)
02:09:13bagawkhehe yes
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02:09:45amiconnbagawk: What can I do?
02:11:13bagawkamiconn: could you do a fresh cvs checkout, compile it with -DHAVE_ALARM_MOD in the EXTRA_DEFINES section of the makefile, and do a make zip (fonts included) and send it to me?
02:11:44amiconnNo build environment?
02:11:56bagawkand a 28.8k modem hehe
02:12:41amiconnbagawk: This is recorder v1, right?
02:12:47bagawkamiconn: yes
02:16:38*amiconn is wondering where those EXTRA_DEFINES are hiding..
02:17:49bagawkhumm no idea
02:18:10bagawkit may have changed, since the build system was changed not to long ago
02:18:33amiconnFound it - had to add an extra "export ...." line to the generated Makefile, let's see if it works
02:20:08amiconnLooks like it worked... the alarm_menu.o is significantly larger
02:24:13amiconnbagawk: Got the link?
02:24:49bagawkyes, did not see your privmsg in CGIIRC
02:39:42bagawki am waiting now to see if it works
02:40:10bagawkit only works in incrimments of 5 mins
02:41:15amiconnbagawk: At least it works... and there is room for improvement ;)
02:45:21bagawkI already see a few things to change
02:47:37amiconnNew voice files upped... now its tts (time to sleep)
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02:50:32bagawkI need to find some time to make the alarm better
02:50:43bagawkpossibly make it a plugin
02:51:28midkput it up there with 'making my own version of rockbox' and 'center aligning in wps'
02:52:07bagawki have the checkers source at home
02:52:15bagawki doubt i will finish it
02:52:29bagawkill post it on the mail ist some time, mabe someone will finish it
02:52:41bagawki am started that milage calc
02:52:46midk'maybe', 'i'll', good luck
02:52:47bagawkbut did not finish
02:52:51midk'i have'
02:53:53bagawkcenter alinging in the wps is something i just put on a list, not that i will ever get to it :P
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05:43:59webguest39Hi, I am looking for some help. I have a corrupted file on my Studio 20, I can't delete it. I am willing to try to write the hard drive clean and start over but can't get that to work. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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07:39:33midkmy LinAV snake port is near complete! now i just have to figure out why it keeps crashing the archos.. :)
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07:40:06midkthey better come out with devices later on that fix things like this for you.
07:40:30LinusNdamn, i can't figure out how to format my jukebox without a partition table in Win2k...
07:40:56midkwithout a partition table? why?
07:41:03LinusNbug hunt
07:41:41midkfirst fix the bug that is win2k :)
07:41:54LinusNi have found that silly disk manager, but it won't let me do what i want
07:43:37midkmaybe efnet #windows2000 can help or something
07:45:01midkI HATE THIS! just tell me what's wrong, stupid thing!
07:46:39midkit's so incredibly harder to debug code that isn't your own, i've come to understand
07:46:55midkpff, i remember when i wanted to rewrite rockblox because i didn't understand it too well
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08:13:30amiconnGood morning
08:13:54midkmorning, amiconn
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08:16:08amiconnLinusN: What an irony: You are trying to do the opposite of what I had to do last week (I had to reformat my Ondio *with* a partition table, after I half-accidentally ditched it), without much luck with the WinXP disk manager either
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08:22:23amiconnLinusN: What bug are you trying to catch?
08:34:52midki'm headed to bed, nite all
08:35:00amiconnnite midk
08:35:09midksee you later
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09:04:29LinusNamiconn: hi
09:04:51LinusNi'm looking into the disk:null messages people are getting when installing 2.2 on a virgin box
09:05:09LinusNi suspect that the boot sector gets overwritten
09:05:29LinusNand i also suspect it has to do with "super floppy" formatted drives
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09:59:29amiconn(back again)
10:00:28amiconnLinusN: The boot sector should not get overwritten, however, theconfig sector may cause problems...
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10:04:59[IDC]Dragongood morning folks
10:05:37[IDC]Dragon(morning to europeans, that is)
10:05:50Bagdergood eurorning!
10:07:19[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I fooled myself looking for the "can't rolo archos ajz" you reported
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10:08:31[IDC]DragonI revived the startup port save/load feature, made snapshots with cold and warm boot, etc.
10:09:03[IDC]Dragonthen I found the Archos .ajz I've been trying was the SP one!
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10:11:12LinusNfrom the Misticriver forum regarding rockbox donations:
10:11:15LinusN"Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but i really can't stand freeloaders who leech of the expense of others."
10:11:43Bagderand who are the freeloaders in this case?
10:11:49LinusNwe are
10:11:57Bagderwe are bad persons
10:12:14LinusNi'm rich, thanks to rockbox!
10:12:26methangasi feel quilty just using rockbox
10:12:41methangasi should go and spend my life caring for the poor
10:12:52LinusNnot sure if i should reply to that, i don't know if he deserves it
10:13:01BagderI think you shouldn't
10:13:33*LinusN clicks on "cancel"
10:13:36Bagderlet them have their own little universe in there
10:14:26Bagderit is hard to see how you freeload
10:14:37Bagderbut let's not confuse their reaction with facts
10:18:08LinusNwell, it's not "their" reaction, it's just a jerk who always moans and bitches about everything
10:18:32LinusNhe's their local asshole, every forum has one
10:18:47Bagdera troll
10:18:57LinusNand the other guys are defending us quite well :-)
10:18:57Bagder"don't feed the trolls"
10:23:54ashridahLinusN: yeah. those leechers are horrible. you obviously need to start charging for rockbox
10:23:59BagderLinusN: URL?
10:24:32[IDC]DragonLinusN: I'm about to change the voice code a bit for Ondio, such that not the whole voice file is loaded, only the tables, and the rest on demand
10:24:51LinusN[IDC]Dragon: sounds fair. drawbacks?
10:25:03[IDC]Dragonbecause we're not afraid of spinups, but about loading the large chunk
10:25:30[IDC]Dragonno drawback, just a question:
10:25:52LinusNaha, the change is only for ondio
10:26:00[IDC]Dragonwould it be OK to leave the file open all the time, until the buffer gets claimed again?
10:26:16LinusNprobably, why?
10:26:41[IDC]Dragondunno, shortness of file handles, or side effects I'm unaware of
10:26:53LinusNno, i mean why keep it open
10:27:18[IDC]Dragonthen a clip playback is just a seek and read
10:27:31LinusNso it saves time
10:27:44[IDC]Dragonelse I have to open the file each time, causing dir and fat walk
10:27:53LinusNi see
10:28:04[IDC]Dragonfor every word, that is
10:28:13LinusNtoday we have a maximum of 4 open files
10:28:28LinusNso i think it should be ok
10:28:38[IDC]Dragonone of them is the playback, I guess
10:29:05[IDC]Dragonso if I close before that's opened, we may not even need an extra handle
10:29:06LinusNyes, and then you might do other stuff while playing, like running plugins, loading configs etc
10:29:58LinusNgo ahead, if it turns out to be a problem, we'll just increase the file handle limit
10:30:32[IDC]DragonI'll try
10:31:54BagderLinusN: a full-fledged troll indeed (that misticriver dude)
10:32:12LinusNand a quite verbal one too
10:32:43amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I couldn't find the that startup port save/ load in cvs...
10:32:54ashridahbit sad, really. it's not like donating a BROKEN iriver is actually a burden, past shipping.
10:33:33ashridahwhich reminds me, did that moglen fellow talk to you or zagor?
10:33:44BagderI think he did
10:33:47[IDC]Dragonamiconn: don't worry, I did
10:33:51Bagderashridah: I read something in the logs
10:34:35[IDC]DragonIf Zagor doesn't mind, I commit it again, while Ondio and possibly Player is ongoing
10:40:37LinusNhe's sending the iriver board to me
10:41:22amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I checked the bus controller inits on the player (BCR and WCR1..WCR3)
10:41:31ashridahLinusN: cool.
10:42:33amiconn[IDC]Dragon: BCR, WCR1 and WCR2 are identical to recorder (apart from BCR being different for me, caused by your bootloader enabling warp mode, while the archos loader doesn't)
10:43:15amiconnWCR3 is different, but I doubt that it is for a reason. Recorder and Ondio initialize it to 0x8000, while player initializes it to 0xE000
10:43:36amiconnThat adds 4 wait states for area 02 (flash rom) instead of 1
10:44:43amiconnFlash rom is always 90 ns or faster, so 1 wait state should be sufficient (Linus? Did you find slower ROMs in very old players?)
10:45:42amiconnI tested the 0x8000 setting on my player - no problems so far
10:46:07[IDC]DragonI think 90 ns is the slowest you can get
10:46:39LinusNi haven't looked at the ratings of the ROM's
10:46:58LinusNbut i doubt that they're slower than 90ns
10:47:34amiconnEven 1 wait state allows for more than 90ns, so I think we can use the WCR1 and WCR3 inits for all archos models
10:47:43[IDC]Dragonconfimendm 90 is the max
10:48:04[IDC]Dragonconfirmed, I mean (from the datasheets)
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10:57:53[IDC]Dragoncan we do 0 waitstates?
11:02:32amiconnNo, it's not possible
11:03:22[IDC]Dragonyeah, figured that
11:04:12amiconnSo I think we can remove the conditionals around the WCR1/WCR3 init (and correct the WCR1 init according to the datasheet)
11:05:15[IDC]DragonI'm all for it, yes
11:05:52amiconnI already did it locally...
11:05:59LinusNgo ahead
11:06:36[IDC]Dragonit's rare to see an #if removed, these days ;-)
11:10:22LinusNamiconn: got my email?
11:10:35amiconnyup :)
11:11:33amiconnAnother topic - is it still desired to implement logarithmic scroll speed settings? (Discussed that on 2004-07-30 on irc)
11:11:41LinusNthink so
11:12:20amiconnWhat unit should we use for the settings? Or should the settings dialog display the Hz values?
11:15:28LinusNnot sure, maybe just a generic "speed" setting, without unit
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11:19:01MisticJeffGood Morning one and all...
11:19:17LinusNnice trolling on the misticriver board :-)
11:19:33MisticJeffJust wanted you all to know that the Rockbox project has 100% support from MisticRiver
11:19:41MisticJeffjust ignore Flame Grilled
11:19:48LinusNdon't worry
11:20:00LinusNhe's such an obvious troll
11:20:27MisticJeffnot really a troll... he's been with me since the inception... just misguided
11:20:42LinusNand verbal :-)
11:20:51MisticJeffoh yes, very verbal!
11:21:22LinusNtoo bad he doesn't have the facts to back his statements
11:21:53MisticJeffthat's just the way he is unfortunately, just had a little conversation with him via PM
11:22:40MisticJeffZagor here?
11:23:02LinusNbet he's at home feeling sorry for himself :-)
11:23:02MisticJeffWhen you see him have him check his email and get back to me
11:23:13LinusN(broken rib)
11:23:14amiconnLinusN: Next one: How/ when is SYS_POWEROFF coming?
11:23:31LinusNamiconn: i can do that now
11:24:10LinusNlots of plugins don't call the default handler though
11:24:31LinusNMisticJeff: will do
11:26:23[IDC]DragonMisticJeff: is everybody else happy with the forum tree?
11:26:39[IDC]DragonI still find it very diverse
11:26:59[IDC]Dragonwith the sub-boards
11:27:29MisticJeffno complaints so far, much more diverse than the old site was
11:27:34LinusN...and i still miss the "new posts" feature, it's too hidden as it is now
11:27:37amiconnLinusN: So they have to be adapted... We Ondio guys have to look into each plugin anyway, to either adapt them to the limited keyboard or ditch them for Ondio (e.g. calendar makes no sense without RTC)
11:28:01LinusNi'll have a go at it
11:28:14LinusN(sending the POWEROFF event, that is)
11:28:28amiconnMisticJeff: The css is still a bit odd, imho. It is rather different from the ordinary rockbox site
11:28:44MisticJeffLinusN: yeah i need to move that link button still... *kicks self in arse*
11:29:09MisticJeffYes a little different
11:30:05MisticJeffI've been around mailing lists for a long time, I'm new to this IRC stuff but nowadays if you want participation you really must have a forum
11:30:36[IDC]Dragonforum is fine, thank you very much
11:31:13 Quit Lurkski (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:31:18[IDC]DragonI just think we don't need that many sub-forums
11:31:33LinusNi agree
11:31:53[IDC]DragonOne per main model should be enough
11:32:32[IDC]Dragonit's not like the FM users have different interests than the Recorder users
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11:44:20*[IDC]Dragon sees a showstopper for the Ondio voice on demand loading
11:45:25MisticJeffForums edited down!! Done!
11:45:34[IDC]Dragonthe clips have to be available in memory, else we can't schedule them in a queue
11:46:14[IDC]DragonMisticJeff: Thanks! (you're too easy to influence)
11:47:04[IDC]Dragonif you add FM and V2 to the Recorder forum description, it'll be perfect, imho
11:47:17MisticJeffi'm just the gatekeeper, you guys run the show
11:47:57[IDC]Dragonahem and the Ondio line features the models FM and SP
11:50:26[IDC]DragonLinusN: speaking of model, I added a "Storage" row to
11:50:58[IDC]Dragonmainly to state that the Ondio has no HD but MMC
11:51:38[IDC]DragonI'm not sure about the HD sizes of the older models, can you please check if I didthat wrong?
11:51:44LinusN[IDC]Dragon: sure
11:51:45amiconn[IDC]Dragon: You *can* schedule the clips, loading one after the other in memory, and resetting to the start address when the queue is empty.
11:52:15[IDC]Dragonamiconn: with some kind of dynamic memory management
11:52:32amiconnI doubt that we schedule so many clips that we run past the end of the mp3 buffer
11:52:55[IDC]Dragonhow about duplicates? do you want them twice in memory?
11:53:11LinusN[IDC]Dragon: the oldest recorders had 6Gb
11:54:14[IDC]Dragonup to 15 is correct?
11:54:29LinusNi believe so yes
11:54:47amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Should be no problem, simply place them in memory in playing sequence. Should be even easier to play that...
11:55:35[IDC]Dragonyes, that's a simple solution
11:56:19amiconnYou can add an end-of-buffer check, just in case
11:56:33[IDC]Dragonand a very different talk module, without the queue
11:57:04[IDC]DragonI was thinking about some kind of caching, but too much code
11:57:32[IDC]DragonI need an upper limit, the file clip goes behind that
12:00:23amiconnWhy not use the same clip queue for the file/dir clip?
12:00:43[IDC]DragonI do
12:01:02[IDC]Dragonjust have a different idea:
12:01:42[IDC]DragonI could reserve the space for the full voice file as usual, but load the pieces into their place when needed
12:01:54[IDC]Dragonlunchtime, away
12:05:12LinusN[IDC]Dragon: that sounds better
12:05:27amiconnDoing it this way may need fewer changes, and it avoids loading the same clip twice. On the downside you have to maitain the clip-loaded state for every clip
12:43:37 Join Zagor [242] (
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12:55:47LinusNSYS_POWEROFF works fine
13:02:02LinusNlunch time
13:02:09 Quit MisticJeff (Read error: 238 (Connection timed out))
13:07:33[IDC]Dragonback again
13:09:17[IDC]Dragonamiconn: in the voice file way described as above, I just need a tag bit per clip, this could be the MSB of a table entry
13:11:52amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Isn't the MSB used for lang<->voice only clip separation?
13:12:20[IDC]Dragonno, within the clip "directory", I mean
13:12:34[IDC]Dragonstruct clip_entry
13:14:02[IDC]DragonI could e.g. use the MSB of the size member, plenty of room there
13:14:54[IDC]Dragonwhen loaded, the MSBs of all entries will be 0
13:15:28[IDC]Dragonso I can gradually set them, to indicate a loaded clip
14:01:51 Part LinusN
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15:15:52[IDC]Dragonamiconn: r u there?
15:18:33 Quit Bagder ("Off to search for that connect-resetting peer guy!")
15:18:37 Join Bagder [0] (
15:31:42LinusN[IDC]Dragon: can you test the SYS_POWEROFF change?
15:32:17LinusNbtw, which key to use for the ondio?
15:34:42 Quit Lurkski (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:37:15[IDC]DragonLinusN: can't test now, perhaps not even tonight
15:37:40[IDC]Dragonoff is holding the On/Off button
15:38:17*[IDC]Dragon has to admit he doesn't understand the SYS_POWEROFF business
15:38:30[IDC]Dragonhaven't followed that
15:38:45LinusNeasy, a held OFF key sends a SYS_POWEROFF event to the button queue
15:39:09[IDC]Dragonand then? only button queue?
15:39:12LinusNwhich is handled by default_handler(), which turns off the unit
15:39:37[IDC]Dragonand saves to RTC, etc. ?
15:39:43LinusNjust like the OFF-OFF click does today
15:40:22LinusNthe OFF-OFF handling is removed on the platforms that supports "soft poweroff"
15:40:34LinusNfm, v2 and ondio
15:40:49LinusNnow you hold OFF, and the player is cleanly shut down
15:41:22[IDC]DragonI have never used OFF-OFF, was that for recorders as well?
15:41:33LinusNrecorders still have it
15:41:47LinusNthe player has it as a menu choice
15:42:10[IDC]Dragon"cleanly" means disk power down, or what?
15:42:39LinusNcleanly means "saves settings to disk/rtc, spins down and turns off"
15:43:10[IDC]Dragonah, ok
15:43:33[IDC]Dragonbecause when not holding off, we're not racing against the hardwareoff
15:44:06LinusNthe user will probably let go off the OFF button the the "shutting down" message appears
15:44:18LinusNs/the the/when the/
15:44:37[IDC]Dragonvs. for fm, v2 and ondio we will?
15:45:11LinusNthe fm/v2/ondio has such a long OFF timeout in hardware that the user has time to let go off the button
15:45:38[IDC]Dragonbut long enough for the disk to spin up and save settings?
15:45:40LinusNthe recorder and player has such a short timeout that the SYS_POWEROFF event is useless
15:46:09LinusNi don't think the hardware timeout is long enough to spin up, save and spin down again
15:46:18LinusNbut the user won't hold it that long
15:46:37LinusNtry it yourself, you will release the button when the message appears
15:46:46[IDC]Dragonbecause you issue a splash first?
15:46:46LinusNjust like the original firmware
15:47:04LinusNthis is the "shutting down" message i mentioned
15:47:38[IDC]Dragonthat's excellent for the Ondio, because you can't power it down in software while the button is pressed
15:48:02LinusNa builtin safety net
15:48:32LinusNgotta go
15:48:34LinusNcu guys
15:48:40[IDC]DragonI think it's annoying, requires such a message
15:48:48LinusNwhat is?
15:49:16[IDC]Dragonfor Ondio, we have to "force" the user away from the button
15:49:26LinusNi see,
15:49:29LinusNok gott arun
15:49:31LinusNgotta run
15:49:34 Part LinusN
15:50:34amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I'm here noew
16:14:16[IDC]Dragonnow I am, too
16:14:25[IDC]Dragonwhat was I about to ask?
16:15:03[IDC]Dragonah, about SYS_POWEROFF
16:15:23[IDC]Dragonwe should use it to save the delayed sector
16:16:04[IDC]Dragonperhaps not write it at "spinup", to minimize wear
16:17:13[IDC]Dragonor at spinup, too, but not before a certain timeout
16:18:13amiconnIiuc the safe shutdown does the config save already
16:21:19[IDC]Dragonok, then we're only left to think about delaying the delay
16:26:17amiconnAnother idea: We could "fake" a real poweroff while the user is still holding the button, by blanking the display
16:28:24Zagornot a bad idea, if it feels good for the user. most mobile phones do that.
16:29:13[IDC]Dragonthey do? interesting. but the feedback is good, because it's the desired
16:31:26[IDC]Dragonso, amiconn: good idea
16:32:12[IDC]Dragonset the contrast to lightmost, to make it look more real
16:34:23amiconnThe player already does something like that (half-way) - it switches off the backlight
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17:05:50 Part Zagor
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17:20:46amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Still there?
17:22:47[IDC]Dragonjust checking, or what? ;-)
17:23:41amiconnThe "Storage" row in the device comparison table is now complete. The Player/Studio are available from 6 to 20 GB
17:23:49amiconn*is not complete
17:24:27[IDC]Dragonaha, I guess only the newer ones?
17:25:15amiconnI don't know about the older ones, but there are Studio 10 and Studio 20. I should know as I have a Studio 10...
17:25:54[IDC]Dragondo you have cvs right now? I don't.
17:26:18[IDC]DragonLinus also pointe dout the Recorder started at 6 GB.
17:26:26[IDC]Dragonpointed out
17:27:08[IDC]Dragon(the above looked french)
17:27:15amiconnYes indeed. And there are rumours that *some* 15 GB recorders also have USB2...
17:27:41amiconnI'm not sure about that
17:27:51[IDC]DragonI was betting on that when I go one fo my gf, but lost
17:27:51amiconnMe fix.
17:28:11[IDC]Dragonlet's neglect the very exotic combos
17:28:22amiconnIf the recorder is USB2, it is clearly printed on the front (in red)
17:30:50amiconnfix committed
17:36:53[IDC]DragonI knew that row is most likely wrong, but it was a start
17:45:28 Quit Lurkski (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:46:52 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
17:48:13 Quit ashridah ("gone")
18:22:04 Quit einhirn (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:40:05 Part Pillo
18:45:31 Join AciD [0] (
18:53:59 Join _aLF [0] (
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20:21:25 Quit marc77 (Client Quit)
20:37:54 Quit webguest53 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:49:54amiconnBagder: Are you there?
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21:07:52 Join iRiverMan [0] (
21:08:42iRiverManwhat kind of hardware decoder does the iriver have?
21:10:34iRiverMana mas?
21:11:00amiconnErm, the iRiver has *no* hardware decoder
21:11:40iRiverManit must have
21:11:54iRiverManarchos has hardware decoder
21:14:10amiconnYes, but then the archos CPU is only 12 MHz SH1, while the iRiver CPU is >100 MHz Coldfire
21:14:53iRiverManso where is the decoder "stored"?
21:15:18amiconnIt's a software decoder, part of the firmware
21:15:55_aLF should be spec of the DAC ?
21:18:51iRiverManhope rockbox can make it play aac or atrac3
21:18:57iRiverManas well as wma, ogg and the others
21:38:27amiconnYay! Grayscale, jpeg viewer and video run on Ondio!
21:41:13 Join scott666 [0] (
21:42:58 Join scott666_ [0] (
21:44:27iRiverManadd backlight for the ondio
21:45:27amiconnThe PCB is prepared for backlight...
21:45:51iRiverManso where is it?
21:46:00iRiverManon the archos website it shows the Ondio having a BLUE backlite
21:47:47amiconnThese pictures look very artificial, but the PCB looks like it was planned to ship the Ondio with an EL backlight. So if we can figure what chip belongs in the empty space, we could add it ourselves. It may even be that early Ondio actually have that backlight
21:48:58iRiverManI know the Iriver has an EL backlight on its remote
21:49:09iRiverManthe LCD on the iriver itself uses blue LEDS for the backlight
21:49:38amiconnI have modded my recorder with white LEDs...
21:50:09iRiverManman i was this close to buying an ipod before choosing the iriver
21:54:36 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:55:09 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
22:05:35 Quit scott666 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:11:30 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
22:11:57 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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22:15:27 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
22:16:55 Join uski [0] (
22:17:05uskihi *
22:18:43amiconnhi uski
22:20:02Bagderhere now
22:20:10iRiverManhey Bagder
22:20:18iRiverManthere is something i feel i should ask
22:20:44amiconnBagder: I have a problem with the default_event_handler() ...
22:20:59iRiverManwouldn't rockbox face legal action from iriver if Rockbox enabled it to play aac, or aiff, or atrac3?
22:21:22BagderiRiverMan: why would it/we?
22:21:48amiconnProbably not from iRiver, but maybe from the patent holders if patented formats are supported
22:21:58Bagderah, right
22:22:04Bagderunless we pay the fee
22:22:06iRiverMani think atrac3 or aac would be good formats to implement
22:22:09Bagderor similar
22:22:53iRiverMansomeone recons the ondio may actually have a backlight in the hardware, yet its not enabled yet
22:23:36amiconniRiverMan: It's *prepared*, i.e. the pads & traces on the PCB are there, but empty
22:26:34amiconniRiverMan: Look at , images under "Front of PCB, with LCD bent away". Top-left from the buttons there are some places for bigger passive parts, and an 8-pin chip. [IDC]Dragon says this look like a preparation for an EL circuit
22:30:50amiconnBagder ?
22:31:37Bagderamiconn: what the problem with it?
22:32:45amiconnI'm currently trying to enable several plugins to be built on the Ondio, and wanted to change them to use the default_event_handler() on the way
22:33:00iRiverManwill iriver-rockbox have plugins/
22:33:10BagderiRiverMan: of course, rockbox has plugins
22:33:13amiconnThis is actually necessary because the handler has to do additional things on Ondio (MMC inserted check)
22:33:20iRiverMancan't wait
22:33:46Bagderamiconn: ok, sounds reasonable
22:33:58amiconnHowever, quite a number of plugins has to do something *before* the usb screen *in case* an event is captured by the handler.
22:34:30amiconnThe only solution I can see is adding a callback function pointer to the handler...
22:35:08amiconnFor example, all grayscale plugins have to switch off the grayscale interrupt beforehand
22:37:02amiconnEvaluating the individual events beforehand, doing the necessary stuff and then calling the handler does question the handler concept itself, imho
22:37:41BagderI can only think of either making a callback or splitting the default handler into two functions, one for checking for a signal and the other for running the function
22:38:38 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
22:38:40amiconnThose plugins that don't have to do own stuff beforehand could call the handler with a NULL pointer
22:42:07amiconnThe 2-function concept should work too, the first function would have to check whether this is a handled sys-default event, and the second would handle it. However, this does look less elegant imho
22:43:24Bagderit would be a means to avoid the callback
22:45:04amiconnWhat would be bad with the callback? I'm not concerned about the callback itself, just want a solution that fits into the core concept
22:45:20amiconnCallbacks are used in a number of other places too
22:45:54Bagderheck, make it callback now and if we ever think different then let's change it then
22:46:15Bagderbut I think you should allow for a custom pointer to get passed to the callback function
22:46:22Bagderto allow local data to get passed
22:46:47amiconnWhat data could that be? The event id?
22:47:13Bagdernah, I meant that the plugin might want to pass in, like handler(myfunc, &mystruct);
22:47:42Bagderthen the myfunc would be called with the &mystruct pointer
22:47:44amiconnAh, yes. Just wanted to ask that. This would be a void *, right?
22:49:04amiconnThen this would be handler(event, myfunc, &mystruct);
22:49:21Bagderseems right
22:50:18 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:50:32amiconnOkay, I'll go ahead. This will break the plugin api albeit no function is added or removed
22:51:47Bagderbut it'll improve things
22:52:45amiconnYes. As it is now many plugins do their own default event handling (and fail on the Ondio when USB gets connected and an MMC is inserted)
22:56:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:00:15amiconnArgh. I'm obligated to sort functions.... :(
23:01:04 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Get hot chicks here!")
23:03:49 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
23:04:12 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:07:55amiconnBagder: still there?
23:09:20amiconnThe default event handler is used in quite a number of places from core code where these extended features are not necessary. Should I provide 2 handlers instead?
23:09:37Bagderyes, I think so
23:09:39amiconn(the simple one calling the extend one with 2 NULL pointers)
23:12:49 Quit uski (Remote closed the connection)
23:21:40 Join djtremolo [0] (
23:23:58 Quit djtremolo (Client Quit)
23:38:08Bagder"The Karma is the ONLY HD based player which does gapless playback properly."
23:38:59amiconnHaha! They obviously don't know about rockbox :-/
23:39:16Bagderthat was a quote from a comment, and we all know how they can be
23:40:26Bagderrockbox is mentioned several times at least
23:40:42amiconnBtw: The extended handler works :) grayscale.rock already adapted, jpeg.rock and video.rock to follow
23:41:51amiconnvideo.rock unfortunately needs workaround for the (a bit) short-sighted .rvf format definition. Ondio has a different CPU clock...
23:42:15Bagderhehe, how lame ;-)
23:42:32amiconn...and the time delta between 2 video frames is stored in CPU clocks
23:42:42iRiverManis there any freeware ogg rippers available?
23:43:05*Bagder lives in linux land
23:43:09iRiverMancheers bag
23:44:26 Quit iRiverMan ("CGI:IRC")
23:52:33 Join einhirn [0] (
23:56:25 Join webguest79 [0] (
23:56:35 Join gromit`` [0] (

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