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#rockbox log for 2004-10-23

00:00:14Newone^where did get the drivers?
00:00:39Newone^I could only find win9x ones.. and they say winxp it uses built in mass storage drivers.. but never finds them :(
00:00:39kkkkNew: have you tried a fresh version of windows with the official drivers?
00:00:46kkkkhmm :\
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00:01:05kkkkthats actually happened to me with an external usb hdd :\
00:01:14Newone^I have 5 systems here.. have tried now different drivers etc.. on all but one
00:01:17kkkkmaybe its a service pack 2 thing..which SP do u have?
00:01:20Newone^< on last clean system
00:01:31 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
00:01:35Newone^Thinking that
00:01:43Newone^all but this last one has sp2 installed
00:01:59Newone^Guess I will try it on that one.. DUH :)
00:02:03kkkklol :)
00:02:14Newone^< brain fart.. brb
00:02:23amiconnNewone^: Unzip, and then point the hardware wizard to this directory. Worked for me with both XP SP1 and SP2
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00:04:10amiconnWinXP does have its own drivers for all USB mass storage compliant devices. Devices using ISD200 are not (all Archos USB1.1 jukeboxes: 5000/6000/Studio, and Recorder up to 15)
00:05:02Newone^yep on that one also .. cant install this hardware.. blah blah because wizard can not find the nesassary software ;)
00:05:13Newone^Ok will try that :D..
00:05:24Newone^not a sp2 issue to this point anyway
00:05:42RxPonyah well :\
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00:20:30RxPonycya guys
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00:34:30unionpeakhey anyone here?
00:34:43unionpeakmy jukebox recorder v2 broke
00:34:48unionpeakis there anyway i can access the files
00:34:51unionpeakwith my comp
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00:35:03Zagordepends on how it broke
00:35:30unionpeakim not sure its some kinda power supply problem....i sent it into archos, but rockbox voids the warranty
00:35:41unionpeakobviously the hd's still good though if they could find that out
00:35:54Zagorare you the one who posted on the yahoogroups list?
00:37:49Zagorwell if you want to void the warranty you can take out the disk and read it in a pc using a $5 adapter. but you want to get that hardware error fixed anyway.
00:43:52unionpeakyeah its $65 and i dunno if its even worth it now that things kinda big and outdated
00:44:46midkyou can save your stuff and get a smaller one if you wish, like Zagor said
00:45:44unionpeakwhats a good priced mp3 player thats pretty small these days
00:46:06midkthe iriver is small and rockbox is being ported, but it's not good priced last i checked
00:46:13midkthough it may be nowadays, not sure
00:46:47midklooks like at least 300
00:47:08midkyou really may want to check out the rio karma..
00:47:42unionpeakyeah im a broke college student so i dunno i might just have to be mp3 playerless for awhile
00:47:57midkis size a problem?
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01:03:25zei've seen it claimed that the karma runs ecos
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01:05:51midkmm.. looks like.. neat
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03:49:57midkno way.
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03:50:15midkno way.
03:50:39Plughmust be a bot
03:50:47Plughanyone awake who compiles rockbox?
03:50:54*midk raises hand
03:50:56*Sebulba02 says "plough" and warps back to the house at the beginning of a road.
03:50:59PlughI'm having an issue
03:51:07midk'tis it?
03:51:15Plughmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/plugh/rockbox/tools'
03:51:15Plughsh-elf-gcc -O -ansi scramble.c -o scramble
03:51:15Plughscramble.c:20:19: stdio.h: No such file or directory
03:51:15DBUGEnqueued KICK Plugh
03:51:15Plughscramble.c:21:20: stdlib.h: No such file or directory
03:51:30Plugha hollow voice says "Cretin."
03:51:52Plughworked last time I built
03:51:52midknever had it, did you install the cross compiler correctly?
03:51:55Plughnew code doesn't work
03:52:05PlughI can still compile out of my old dir
03:52:15Plughthe cross-compiler works like a charm
03:52:15CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:52:15*Sebulba02 throws Plugh into the maze of directions that are all different.
03:52:28Plughbut last time I built was, like, 4 months ago
03:52:41midki think they may have updated a few things..
03:52:51PlughYou are in a maze of twisty passages.
03:52:54PlughIt is dark.
03:52:55midkthe doc has been updated recently as well.. may want to re-[install] it.
03:53:00PlughYou may be eaten by a grue.
03:53:23Sebulba02I miss that game sometimes.
03:54:36PlughI'm reading the compile doc
03:54:40Plugheverything is in order
03:54:54midkeven the right versions of gcc/binutils?
03:55:01Plughlooks like the makefile wasn't created with the correct INCLUDE dirs
03:55:11midkamiconn and linus were messing around with different versions a bit ago
03:55:38Plughcan you do me a favor, since I have one hour before I have to go do a recording session?
03:55:47PlughI need a new option for splits
03:55:52Plugh76 mins
03:55:57midknew option for splits?
03:56:21Plughright now it has like 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30, 60, 120, 180, 240...
03:56:30midkoh, simple enough
03:56:32Plughand no 76 or 80 for CD length
03:56:54midkhaven't worked with rockbox for a bit
03:57:01Plughhey dude. ltns
03:57:05midkyou haven't been here since the nick change? :)
03:57:12midkoh, yep
03:57:14Plughlong time no see
03:57:33midkok, let
03:57:33Plughsome nitwit registered my nickname on freenode too
03:57:36Plughit sux
03:57:43midklet's see if i can get this working..
03:58:05Plughlemme see if I can find the lines of code that are needed so you can apply to current
03:58:33midki've worked on this before...
03:58:42midkbut if you've got a modified copy you need compiled that works too
04:00:35Plugh {4, S_O(rec_timesplit), 0, "rec timesplit", /* 0...13 */
04:00:35Plugh "off,00:05,00:10,00:15,00:30,01:00,02:00,04:00,06:00,08:00,10:00,12:00,18:00,24:00" },
04:00:40Plughin settings.h
04:00:47Plugherr settings.cpp
04:01:18Plughbeen working in the world of c++ lately
04:01:21midklooks like the printed text, though.. is that all that needs changing?
04:01:23Plughhacking everquest
04:01:30Plughnot sure. Still searching
04:02:04midkah, i've got it i think.
04:02:23Plughstatic const unsigned long rec_timer_seconds[] =
04:02:23Plugh 24*60*60, /* OFF really means 24 hours, to avoid >2Gbyte files */
04:02:29Plughthere's that array
04:02:31midk76 and 60?
04:03:03 Quit bizaff ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.2/20040803]")
04:03:34Plugh76 and 80
04:04:07Plughif the times are put in settings and in that array (last in the file) it should work
04:04:35PlughI'll submit this as a feature request for upcoming releases
04:04:44midki'll merge it when i'm done maybe :)
04:04:53midkif it w.. you'll have to tell me if it works.
04:04:58Plughoh, you have submit access?
04:05:12Plughyou've come a long way. ;)
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04:05:30midksure have..
04:05:31PlughCD split times make perfect sense to me
04:05:37midkyou missed my windows->linux transition :)
04:05:48Plughso I did. Congrats on the move
04:05:59midki've got some bad feeling this won't work so easily.
04:06:14midknot sure
04:06:21midkexperience ;)
04:06:55Plughstill going strong
04:07:09midkoh, no.....
04:07:41midkhang on.
04:07:56Plughmidk: still dinging when I type this?
04:08:07midknope, xchat now, not stupid mirc :)
04:08:08Plughor did you fully migrate to Linux?
04:08:12midkdoesn't beep at all anymore :\
04:08:20Plughstill using irssi here
04:08:23midknot completely, i use windows for 3d animation and gaming
04:08:30midk= not too often
04:08:32Plughwe'll get you to console mode before you know it
04:08:39PlughI live in Everquest
04:08:41midkno way, never! :)
04:08:48Plughmy latest project is hacking EQ
04:09:03Plughstill opensource
04:09:04midknever played
04:09:07Plughbut moving to C++
04:09:10Plughdon't start
04:10:19midkyak yak yak..
04:10:21midkok wtf
04:10:37midkmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/midk/rockbox-devel/tools'
04:10:37midksh-elf-gcc -O -ansi scramble.c -o scramble
04:10:37midkscramble.c:20:19: stdio.h: No such file or directory
04:10:37DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
04:10:37midkscramble.c:21:20: stdlib.h: No such file or directory
04:13:16Plughthat's what I got
04:13:38CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:13:38*Plugh mumbles under his breath
04:14:05midkthey must've moved on to a newer gcc without us :\
04:27:52midkah dammit.. well, i can't get it to work :\ sorry plugh
04:29:38PlughI might just patch my working copy
04:29:44Plughold code, but it'll work
04:31:45midkbest of luck
04:33:22Plughaw crap
04:33:26Plughfucked it up
04:33:40PlughI had a partial copy :(
04:33:58Plughnow I need to find the archival copy from before the gcc change
04:34:00Plughand patch that
04:34:39midkyou can get any version from cvs.
04:34:47Plughyeah I know
04:34:52midkfrom 7/12/03 if you want.
04:34:58Plughbut what I don't know is, when it last worked. heh
04:35:03Plugh7/12 was good?
04:35:04midksame ol' attitude ;)
04:35:08midkno, just a random date
04:35:29Plughwell, that would have been about the time I last compiled. haha
04:37:33Plughoff the top of your head, was the command -R 07/12/2004?
04:38:03midkno idea in the world
04:38:09midkt'would be like this:
04:38:17midk-R rockbox-daily-20040712
04:38:24midknot sure of the -R, that is
04:38:40midk-D, yes.
04:42:57Plughlast recording changes were in June
04:43:04Plughso July should be a fine time to build
04:43:08Plughit compiled
04:43:14Plughmaking my changes and rebuilding
04:44:02midkok, good
04:44:21 Quit edx ()
04:45:44Plughsheesh, like the old days
04:45:53 Quit blink (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:53:30Plughmk: did you graduate yet?
04:53:41Plughdidn't remember what grade you were in when I bailed
05:12:07midknope, 9th grade :)
05:14:19Plughwell, didn't get it working
05:15:55Plughguess it's hour splits :(
05:16:10midkdamnit :\
05:16:26Plughnot even sure which one I'm running now
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05:28:38midkdoes that mean that...
05:28:51midkyou'll get 1.2 cds in one mp3?
05:28:56midkie, they're continuous?
05:29:09midkoh, wait.
05:29:22midkare the cds played continuously, is what i'm asking?
05:29:40midkif you chose two hours, for example, you'd have an mp3 of one and a half cd or so
05:30:04midkor you'd have 80 minutes of that 120 total taken up, the last 40m is blank?
05:36:22Plughyeah, cds are meant to be played continuously
05:36:29Plughrecording a party
05:36:42midkok, here's the suggestion.
05:36:49midkset timesplit to off to get one huge file.
05:36:56midkuse the splitedit plugin to cut it into pieces.
05:37:07Plughthere's actually a problem with long files
05:37:13midkthey suck?
05:37:22Plughthe recorder bugs out from time to time
05:37:42Plughand it's far better if the recording stops every so often and makes a new file
05:37:48Plughit's a bug in the MAS chip
05:38:00midkyeah, on a scale of 1-10 i'd rate the recording reliability of rockbox as a 66/10.. archos firmware, 2/10
05:38:02Plughwhen it gets overloaded, sometimes it bugs out the mp3 frames
05:38:50Plughthere's a program to fix the frames
05:39:00Plughso it's not a tragedy when it happens
05:39:04midkjust locked up or stopped for some reason
05:39:15Plughno, it actually corrupts the mp3
05:39:25Plughmakes it unplayable on anything but the unit
05:39:34Plughand even then, it plays back with distortion
05:39:49Plughso if you remove all the broken frames, it comes out okay
05:39:51midk< - < - < - < - < - < - < -
05:39:55Plughbut missing the frames
05:40:11midk^ your mouth :)
05:40:12Plughyou lose about 1/60th of a second here and there out of the recording
05:40:39Plughnot a show-stopper, but annoying to have to do nonetheless
05:40:57PlughI'll be recording for about 36 hours solid
05:41:27Plughand I'd much rather be able to have cd sized chunks to pass around than a 2 gig block of sound
05:42:02midki thought you were talking something like 4 or 5 cds total
05:42:12Plughnah. 20 or 30
05:42:29midkmm :)
05:42:40PlughI'm sure you can see now why I'd like to have CD sized splits
05:42:50midkyeah, i think so.
05:42:59midkthen again, they could be off, not much of a point
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08:12:09midkbeddy, nighty
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11:34:02amiconnhi Jörg
11:34:22[IDC]Dragonhi Jens!
11:35:26[IDC]Dragonmy FMR almost bursted, with a fat battery
11:35:49[IDC]Dragonswollen from 5.5 mm to 13.5 mm
11:36:02amiconnOoops. :(
11:36:15amiconnHow did that happen?
11:36:27[IDC]Dragonlooked really odd, I probably post pictures later
11:36:40amiconnAnother question: I now have a sorted plugin api. I have not yet committed it, because I want to know whether you are going to add the battery check to the flash plugins. In that case I would export battery_level_safe() before committing
11:37:04[IDC]Dragonor battery_level()
11:37:14[IDC]Dragon(or however it's called)
11:37:28amiconnbattery_level() is already there
11:37:40[IDC]Dragonwell, then I can use that
11:38:13amiconnbattery_level() returns a percentage, while battery_level_safe() returns a boolean
11:38:36[IDC]Dragonthe safe limit is not accessible?
11:38:47[IDC]Dragonlike, check for >20% or so?
11:39:31*[IDC]Dragon has to vacuum-clean now, away
11:40:22amiconnNo, this is only internal. In addition, battery_level() returns the averaged value, while battery_level_safe() uses the current value
11:40:58woopI have a question about rockbox. If I have 2100mAh batteries should I change the setting to 2100? Will it make it go longer or is just used when calculating the display? (It's still on 1500)
11:41:01[IDC]Dragonah, ok, then let's export it
11:41:13[IDC]Dragon(costs just 4 bytes)
11:41:58amiconnwoop: It's used for calculating the remaining runtime, and the max. charging time. I'd recommend to set it to 2100
11:42:17woopaah, thx!
11:43:19amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The MMC driver is rather sensitive to sparsely yielding plugins :(
11:45:55amiconnPerhaps I'll change the reading to dynamically decide whether to yield or not (and swap-behind), but this is certainly a post-2.3 change
11:52:49[IDC]Dragonare we ready for 2.3 otherwise?
11:53:17[IDC]Dragonthen we should announce to please test
11:53:26amiconnStill thinking about the keyboard...
11:53:44[IDC]Dragondon't think too hard
11:54:30amiconnOtherwise there are 2 (minor) quirks on Ondio: (1) save settings is sloooo-oooow (2) Size display in GB doesn't really make sense for MMC
11:55:37amiconnAnd the MMC driver still doesn't return unique error codes for each possible error
12:01:51 Quit unionpeak (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:03:04amiconnThe settings functions load_cfg_table() and save_cfg_table() use a rather primitive way for handling multiple-choice settings. This might be changed to use strtok_r()
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13:03:13[IDC]Dragon2I have an evil twin
13:13:42amiconnIf you register your nick, you can kick such ghosts in the future
13:14:34*[IDC]Dragon2 doesn't like registering
13:14:44[IDC]Dragon2it'll go away
13:17:19amiconnRegistering has other advantages too. In case someone else uses you nick, you can kick him. Plus, someone can leave you a message on irc even if you are not there atm
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16:32:42Zagorwhee, I can now browse artists, albums and songs
16:38:52Bagdercoolers Zagor
16:38:58*Bagder isn't really here
16:39:22amiconnZagor: I can do that since long ;)
16:39:59*amiconn has a well organized mp3 collection
16:40:20Zagoryeah, so do i. but this is fun anyway.
16:52:06 Join webmind [0] (
17:07:52amiconnZagor: Why did you disable the config save on shutdown? I know that this was discussed, and it certainly makes sense on the rtc equipped units. It does not on rtc-less units...
17:08:14 Join gromit`` [0] (~gromit`
17:15:26ZagorI disabled it because having it enabled is worse than having it totally disabled
17:15:51Zagorideally we would only spin up if hd_bits have changed, but that is not easily fixed
17:17:00Zagorgotta go, see you later
17:17:03amiconnHmm. On rtc-less units a spinup is also required if rtc_bits have changed
17:17:09 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
17:17:44Zagor|awayyes, but you don't want to always spin up when you shutdown.
17:18:27amiconnOn Ondio it is no problem...
17:20:31amiconn...but disabling the config save will probably cause wrong resume info, since the Ondio doesn't have an rtc
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18:05:45amiconnhi again
18:06:06[IDC]Dragonyes, hi ;-)
18:07:47amiconnAfter thinking the button restrictions over and over, I'd settle for the following assignment in the Ondio keyboard:
18:08:17amiconn- Same look as the recorder keyboard, but without the button bar
18:08:55amiconn- Direction keys (+repeat) move around the cursor within the 4-row pickboard, and can move it to the filename as well
18:09:40amiconn- Moving the cursor across the left/right border of the pickboard switches to the previous/next pickboard (no designated shift key)
18:10:03amiconn- Short Menu in the pickboard inserts character
18:10:15amiconn- Short menu in the filename is backspace
18:10:21amiconn- Long menu accepts
18:10:28amiconn- Off is cancel
18:10:44amiconnWhat do you think?
18:10:51[IDC]Dragonsounds good
18:10:55midkdon't have an ondio, but sounds good to me
18:11:20[IDC]Dragonespecially the accept being the same in both positions
18:11:52amiconnThis may in fact help to make a better player keyboard as well, with only slight changes to the button assignments
18:12:28[IDC]DragonI was thinking about a softkey area (button bar position) where you can also move to
18:13:16amiconnHmm. If we need more functions, this is certainly an option.
18:13:36amiconnFor player, I think about the following layout:
18:13:59amiconn- First line is pickboard, second line is filename
18:14:23amiconn- + and - move left/right in either line, On toggles line
18:14:50amiconn- Short Play in pickboard line inserts character, in filename it is backspace
18:14:57amiconn- Long Play accepts
18:15:02amiconn- Stop is cancel
18:15:21[IDC]Dragonvery similar, indeed
18:15:38amiconnThe Menu button still free...
18:16:23[IDC]Dragonhow tempting
18:29:10[IDC]DragonI committed the flash battery check
18:29:43[IDC]Dragonis the MB/GB issue still open?
18:30:57midkspeaking of battery, what does the Ondio run on?
18:31:01midk2 AA? AAA?
18:31:11[IDC]Dragonmidk: 3*AAA
18:31:52midkinteresting... how long do they last on a charge?
18:32:32[IDC]DragonI haven't done a long run
18:33:52amiconnmidk: Archos says one set will last ~10 hours. While this is a bit optimistic with their firmware, I consider it as the average runtime with rockbox, using branded alkalines
18:33:56[IDC]Dragonbut since it consumes ~70 mA and AAA rechargeables have ~800mAh
18:34:18[IDC]Dragonsomething like 8-10 hours perhaps
18:35:41midkthat's not much at all
18:36:30amiconn[IDC]Dragon: MB/GB is still open. I'd go for dynamic calculation of the optimal scale
18:36:36[IDC]Dragonit gets warm during operation, where the DC converter is, close tothe MMC
18:36:53[IDC]Dragonamiconn: do you have that as well?
18:37:34[IDC]Dragonondio heating up
18:37:48amiconnI did not observe it yet
18:38:19[IDC]Dragonit suggests the CD/DC converter is inefficient
18:38:23amiconnI did only run it from alkalines so far (except my power consuptions measurements of course)
18:39:42amiconnDid you also check power consumption? Could be interesting, especially how much the tuner adds
18:40:06midkthe rio chiba has just 1 AAA battery, and it can run about 12 hours for me
18:40:31[IDC]Dragonamiconn: not yet
18:40:55amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Another thing that came to mind: Do you still get the background noise when recording with internal mic? Did you check whether this also happens with archos fw?
18:40:56[IDC]Dragonmidk: the Ondio used anchient technology, same as for the HD models
18:41:06midkhahaha :)
18:41:21[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I'm sure it does, too, but haven't checked
18:41:59amiconnmidk: Using rockbox actually improves battery life on the Ondio (by 30..40 %). See my power measurements in the wiki.
18:42:11[IDC]Dragonmidk: this was OK while a HD has to be powered, too, but becomes dominant on a flash player
18:43:07midkamiconn, i'd think so, same for the HD models
18:44:47 Join yeft [0] (
18:45:14yeftsomeone lookin for me?
18:45:28midki was!
18:45:38[IDC]Dragonlogan02 was
18:45:58yefti dont know logan 02...
18:46:08yeft!seen logan02
18:46:10midksounds familiar
18:46:19[IDC]Dragonsee yesterdays' log
18:46:20midktry /msg logbot seen logan02
18:46:27yeftit worked...
18:46:30yeftgot a pm
18:46:37midk!seen LinusN
18:46:37yeft[LAST SEEN] "logan02" - Quit 1day 4hrs 17mins 11secs ago Last Note: Quit: (freenode) "CGI:IRC"
18:46:49midkoh, neat.
18:46:50yeftwhats up mk?
18:46:52midknever tried it :)
18:46:53yeftand everyone else
18:47:00midknot much, you?
18:47:01*yeft went to the darkside...
18:47:14Bagder /MSG logbot seen logan02
18:47:34midkwow, did it work?
18:47:40yeftbasically yeah
18:47:48yefti'm just waiting to get my ipod
18:47:52yeftprolly about a month
18:47:53midki tried something like that once, they made me fill out an endless survey
18:48:19yeftfor this you have to do one of their offers, and get 5 people to do it too
18:48:23yefthard as hell
18:48:26yeftbut hey...
18:48:43midk'do one of their offers'?
18:49:03yeftthey have offers you have to sign up,
18:49:08yeftmost use credit cards
18:49:36yefti was actually lookin into and av480
18:49:42yeftbut i just couldnt give more money to archos
18:49:46yeftso i decided to get an ipod
18:49:49yeftwhen i found the site
18:50:13[IDC]Dragonsmells fishy
18:50:33yeft1 million and 1 testimonials you can find on there
18:50:43midkall fake, for sure
18:50:48yeftcheck ouut the forum...its ridculous they have getting freeipods down to an art
18:51:09yefttheres 100s of pictures of people with their ipods..and my friend got his already
18:51:16midkcome back when you get it and let us know :)
18:51:50yeftDragon: do you know why logan was looking for me?
18:52:15[IDC]Dragonno, but check the log
18:52:20Bagderevery pyramic scheme has some winners ;-)
18:52:21yeftaight ...
18:52:37yeftits not reallly a pyramid scheme persay
18:52:54Bagdernah, kidding
18:52:57yeftbecause the lower levels have the about the same shot as getting the same gift as the higher lever
18:53:14yeftbut in reality it is a pyramid sheme
18:54:05yefthahah you guys see the mp3 player
18:54:24Bagderthere's even one called rockbox
18:54:45amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I wonder what happened to your FMR battery. I though LiIon technology is safe, as long as the charging circuit is working properly
18:55:10yeft14.22.40 # <logan02> does anyone here know someone named "yeft"
18:55:18yefthahah then quits
18:56:14[IDC]Dragonamiconn: the GB is in the lang string, brr
18:56:47[IDC]DragonI don't feel like changing that in all languages, but well...
18:57:00amiconnAnd I guess only "gigabyte" is in the voice files?
18:57:25[IDC]Dragonno, there's a megabyte as well, iirc
18:59:18amiconnI observed a slight quirk with the spelling mode:
18:59:26[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I'm not sure if the battery was overcharged or drained
18:59:50[IDC]Dragonthis is the 2nd time I saw that, also with another box
19:00:25amiconnIs the box itself still okay?
19:00:49yeftwonder what logan wanted...
19:00:52yefthe IMed me...
19:00:53[IDC]Dragonvery surprising, it was at least trying to start
19:01:02yeftsent him an email...
19:01:18[IDC]Dragonbut the PCB looked terribly bent
19:01:36[IDC]Dragonthe LCD cover popped off the front
19:02:07amiconnI guess there is no warranty left...
19:02:20amiconn(voice) There is an entry "point" which is used for number, and so I chose "Komma" for german. However, this is also used for spelling the "." in file names.... which is not correct.
19:03:16[IDC]Dragon"Komma" was no good choice
19:04:18[IDC]Dragonthe number speaking doesn't translate well anyway, so I'd rather have the spelling correct
19:04:55[IDC]Dragonwhile we're not going for locale
19:04:56amiconnWhy? It is the correct translation for "point", which is only used for numbers in english. Iirc, for spelling names etc. in english, either "dot" or "period" is used
19:05:48[IDC]Dragonfor spelling file names, it would be "Punkt"
19:07:21amiconnYes of course. What I want to say, the "." in filenames and the "." in numbers is also spoken different in english. I'd rather add an additional entry for "." in names
19:08:14amiconn(And we need the "Komma" anyway when we're going to add properly localized number speaking)
19:11:22[IDC]Dragonyes, that's true.
19:11:35[IDC]Dragonand I'd like to add the silent space
19:15:25amiconnYeah, I remember that you already wanted to do this
19:17:19[IDC]Dragondefining the ID is pretty easy, we could even do this within 2.3
19:17:43[IDC]Dragonit's up to the voice file then, if there's really a pause
19:18:50amiconnSilence should be pretty easy to encode
19:20:13amiconnBut it probably can't be generated by the sapi voice (I doubt it would generate anything if fed with a single space)
19:21:25amiconnSo I need a little program to generate a silent .wav file in 16 bit mono, with selectable sample frequency and length
19:22:31[IDC]Dragonthe frequency perhaps doesn't matter, and you need this only once
19:22:46[IDC]Dragonyou have no wav editor?
19:23:15amiconnThe frequency does matter, because it should fit the rest of the voice file.
19:23:55amiconnAnd, of course I have a .wav editor, but I'd like to have the voice file generation fully automatic.
19:24:26[IDC]Dragonyes, butthe pause is always the same. your script can just take it.
19:24:58amiconnThe frequency is not the same for all voice files I generate
19:25:04amiconn(Still, I could do the voice files for 2.3 with some manual preprocessing)
19:26:16[IDC]Dragonbut the frequency for the pause can be the same for all
19:27:23*[IDC]Dragon now has a green light only FMR
19:27:23amiconnI think if you queue clips with different sample frequencies, the mas resynchroniztion will be audible. Probably the start of the next clip will be swallowed
19:27:46amiconnI think we should add some flag for voice generation (in addition to the voice: line) to the lang files. This could be used for various hints to the voice generation script:
19:27:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:29:41amiconn(1) Flag the "Pause". (2) Indicate whether to use "aggressive" trimming (for numbers/ spelling). (Future, 3) indicate whether this is a code snippet to include instead of a voice clip (for localized numer voicing)
19:30:51[IDC]Dragonthe code snippet is the hardest, but we had that topic
19:31:34amiconnYes. There are 2 possible solutions iirc
19:34:33[IDC]Dragonshould I create a pause ID now?
19:35:12[IDC]Dragon(I gave up on the GB, we'd have to localize it)
19:36:09amiconnI think you should add the pause (and the "dot" as well)
19:36:38[IDC]Dragonthe dot would break compatibility, if we use it already
19:40:34amiconnWhy should it, if you put it at the end? The only thing that will happen is that the "." is no longer spelled with an old voice file
19:40:51[IDC]Dragonthat's what I meant
19:41:28amiconnFor numbers, nothing will change, and I'd prefer to have this in 2.3
19:41:51[IDC]Dragonbut for filenames it will
19:44:36amiconnYou could add a fallback (use the old ID if the new one is not present in the voice file) but I think we can go without it.
19:45:04amiconnThere are many character ignored anyway for spelling
19:45:06[IDC]Dragonno, I'm not adding extra code
19:59:06 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:59:25[IDC]DragonOK, space and (yet unused) dot committed
19:59:46 Join AciD [0] (
20:00:22*[IDC]Dragon runs off
20:00:29 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
20:07:33yefti saw a house with the number 127
20:07:44yefti drew .0.0.1 on the sign
20:23:37 Join R3nTiL [0] (
20:24:15 Quit R3nTiL (Client Quit)
20:29:49yefthaha i thought it was fuunny...
20:30:42yeftever been to
20:31:16midki love it already
20:31:22yeftits funny
20:31:29 Join LinusN [0] (
20:31:36 Part LinusN
20:31:55yefthaha ...we weren't worthy
20:35:07midkaaaaaaaahahahaha.. nerds
20:35:21yefthahha they're funny
20:35:42yefti was in an irc chat where it was a could just type .gh and it would give you a random one
20:35:50yeftdoesnt work here
20:35:54midkwow, really.
20:36:09midkjoin #grouphug
20:36:20midktry /join
20:36:22yeftahah forgot /join
20:38:02midk i just threw a hp laserjet 7l off my desk at work, it says call service 13 now, so while no one was watching i kicked it as hard as i could now it says. CA%^# #@VIC$ 13. i told my boss must be a bad drum.
20:38:02midkhah ha
20:40:55midkWhen i was 15 i got my brother of 13 drunk and i pretended to be drunk. I did all this just to sleep with him
20:40:58midkwhat WEIRDOS.
20:43:32midk'I hooked up with one of my sisters friends this weekend and feel like I am the one who was used.'
20:45:54midk" My name is becka and i like to eat my toenails"
20:50:55 Join bizaff [0] (~chatzilla@
20:59:41 Join matsl [0] (
21:10:54 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
21:12:03 Quit midk (Remote closed the connection)
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21:52:07 Quit woop (
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22:14:19 Join yeft [0] (
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22:52:38 Join Ka [0] (
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22:58:40 Join yeft [0] (
23:09:48 Quit methangas (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
23:15:25 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:25:33 Quit tron_ (Remote closed the connection)
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23:31:35 Join Leboff_ [0] (
23:37:03amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Just found I am silly - the pause can indeed be the same for all frequencies. Why? Because the script calls lame with −−resample nn anyway...
23:38:27[IDC]Dragonah, in wav. I meant even the mp3 clip
23:38:54[IDC]Dragonbeing not worried about sample rate switches
23:39:02amiconnI am
23:39:17amiconnAnyway, we just have to decide how long the pause should be
23:39:26[IDC]Dragonwell, then re-generate
23:39:41[IDC]Dragonhave you tried already?
23:40:18amiconnNope. Just looking how to teach the VB script pause awareness (and deciding upon the trimming aggressiveness)
23:40:38[IDC]DragonI think it can be pretty short, maybe 300 ms or so
23:41:23[IDC]Dragonjust to break the flow of spelling
23:41:43amiconnI'm looking through the voice file to look for clips with are used in a queued manner (numbers, units, letters, month names...)
23:41:58[IDC]Dragonwanna see pictures of my poor FMR?
23:42:37amiconnYou said that was already the second time you saw this happen? And the unit was not charging at that time?
23:43:08[IDC]Dragonit was, I forgot it connected for perhaps 2 days
23:43:32 Join uski [0] (~uski@
23:44:13[IDC]Dragonthe other one was used by a friend, I don't know exacly what happened
23:45:23 Join matsl [0] (
23:47:57[IDC]Dragonmy "favourite" is this one:
23:49:02 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:50:07 Join matsl [0] (
23:51:00 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:51:41 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:51:41 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
23:52:16 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:52:28amiconnI wonder what happened... Either the charging circuit broke, is not designed properly, or the cells are of very low quality.
23:54:54uskithis fmr suffers from abdominal wind...

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