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#rockbox log for 2004-10-24

00:20:49amiconn[IDC]Dragon: It's not too difficult to filter the IDs which need aggressive clipping. These are VOICE_* (except the pause), LANG_MONTH_* and LANG_PM_UNITS_PER_READ
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00:29:44[IDC]Dragonwhy not filter them all "agressively"? clicks?
00:31:13[IDC]DragonLANG_PM_UNITS_PER_READ becuase a number is in front?
00:31:53amiconnYes, clicks and sometimes swallowed beginning (try "Grundeinstellungen" in german. It sounds like "Rundeinstellungen")
00:33:12[IDC]Dragonand there's no better threshold?
00:34:29amiconnNot with the AT&T voices. I use a threshold of 150, quite close to the noise floor. For MS voices, I can use 0 anyway
00:36:06[IDC]Dragonseems MS is truely synthesized, vs. AT&T is sampled
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01:30:04Zagorwow. it took 6m30s for the mailing list to send me my own mail...
01:31:46amiconnDo you mean 6m30s until you got your own mail echoed back? That's in fact fast, sometimes it takes several hours for me...
01:32:06Zagoryeah that's what I mean
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02:06:50amiconnArgh! lame (at least 3.96.1 on Win32) has a bug: −−resample 12 mangles the sound
02:08:42Zagor"Using LAME, the following is pretty good for spoken recordings: ame −−resample 12 -b 24 -m m" −− Posted by: Guillaume Lessard on September 27, 2004 09:19 AM
02:09:02Zagorsounds like it works for some people/versions
02:12:38amiconnI used −−resample 16 until now, which works perfectly. However, with less aggressive clipping, the voice file becomes too large with that, so I wanted to use −−resample 12 ...
02:13:05Zagordoes 11.025 work?
02:13:11amiconnMaybe it depends on the lame version...
02:13:19amiconnDid not try 11 kHz yet
02:19:06amiconnSame with 11 kHz.
02:21:35amiconnJust found it's not caused by lame, it seems to be caused by rockbox...
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02:27:56Zagorbed time
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03:11:28webguest34hey all....
03:11:40webguest34got a quick question....
03:11:47webguest34someone got a sec?
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03:14:15webguest34in the plugin section of the file system, there is a util called battery_test
03:14:40webguest34if I run it, i get a output of 20:15:59 Battery 63%
03:15:07webguest34the numerical value of time refreshes every time i hit "play"
03:15:29webguest34is this time itself? Or is this the time in which I have to play my device?
03:15:33bagawkwebguest34: yes, that plugin just times how long your batteries last
03:15:45bagawki believe that is just the time yes
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03:16:56bagawkwebguest34: that plugin is mostly useless
03:17:08bagawk(to most people...)
03:17:23webguest34thanks, thats what i thought - considering it did match the time almost to the tee....
03:17:29webguest34good day>
03:17:42bagawkok :)
03:19:15webguest34BTW, today I was about to throw my Recorder 20 in the trash because I thought it interface was useless. I am using the GNU issue for my iPOD, and realized there may in chance be something for the Archos. To everyone who develops - thanks!
03:20:15bagawkyou almost gave me a heartatack
03:20:49bagawk"throw my Recorder 20 in the trash"
03:20:54webguest34Seriously, the standard issue of the Archos player is crap.
03:21:11bagawkwebguest34: most people would agrea with that...
03:21:30webguest34Yeah, its not about money there - im a senior engineer for Intel - (the benifits and things you get for free)
03:21:51webguest34and as a network guy i look for quality
03:21:57webguest34and this is definatly not it
03:22:06bagawkcan you write code?
03:22:28webguest34network code
03:22:39webguest34some linux
03:22:57bagawkI know very little about networks
03:23:08webguest34there is a program by the name of NTOP, i wrote a lot of that with a buddy of mine
03:23:13bagawk(mainly because i do not have one, or am around them much)
03:23:24bagawkwhat does NTOP do?
03:24:03webguest34it is a network scanner, tells all the users, bandwidth, etc....
03:24:33bagawkyou should get into rockbox development
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03:27:46webguest34im considering it, i need to read a little more on the language side
03:27:57webguest34but, after this im sure i will be in somewhere
03:28:06bagawkgreat :)
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03:29:09webguest34have a great night, and thanks again
03:29:35bagawkok bye :)
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11:06:08amiconnhi there
11:06:43[IDC]Dragonmy little space spell change kept you quite busy last night?
11:06:56amiconnRockbox has a (imho) big bug - it doesn't properly play everything MPEG2.5 layer 3 (at least VBR)
11:07:37amiconnJust preparing a mail to the ml
11:08:10[IDC]Dragonok, I'll wait, so you don't have to explain twice
11:08:17amiconnPlayback of mp3s with sample frequencies of 12/ 11.025/ 8 kHz stutters - and it's not only with the voice ui
11:09:05[IDC]Dragondifferent topic: I had the idea to exit the USB screen with a (perhaps hidden) key
11:09:25[IDC]Dragonof course you'd have to unmount first
11:09:44[IDC]Dragonbut it would keep the Ondio powered by USB
11:10:03amiconnAh. I just wanted to ask what it should be good for
11:10:29amiconnYou can set the screenshot option to yes, this way you get no usb screen at all
11:10:29[IDC]DragonI could have needed that in developing, when I had only the bare PCB
11:10:56[IDC]DragonI still want the USB mode
11:11:51[IDC]Dragonthis would also be helpful to FMR/V2, since they charge (slightly) from USB
11:12:28amiconnYeah I know, but you can just leave it connected, the usb screen should not matter?
11:12:58[IDC]Dragonyou have to unconnect to get rid of the USB screen
11:14:04amiconnYes, but it will also charge while the usb screen is there
11:14:48[IDC]Dragonmy point is to keep the USB power benefit, while already back in normal mode
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11:16:05amiconnHmm. I remember that usb connected with the bridge disabled causes weird contrast changes with my V1 recorder. Maybe the ISD300 is not fully disabled.
11:16:34amiconnYou can try this with setting the screenshot mode, the attaching usb
11:16:57amiconnThat problem does not exist on Ondio
11:21:43amiconn[IDC]Dragon: fyi: The pause in the new voice files is 300 ms long.
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11:23:25amiconn(And: your changes were not what kept me busy for so long, it was the MPEG2.5 bug, and my experiments with different clip levels)
11:24:05amiconnGotta go, cu
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20:40:47amiconnhi there
20:41:26amiconnWhile I was out, I found another button quirk, grr
20:41:46[IDC]Dragongood you found it pre-release
20:42:26amiconnThis time, it is the yes/no request when "bookmark on stop" is set to one of the ask.. modes
20:43:16amiconnIt immediately disappears when you release the Off button, with no chance to give a positive answer
20:47:30amiconnAnother quirk (which was already there before the button rework) is the initial Resume? request. This does sometimes (read: more often than not) also disappear without a chance to answer
20:47:52[IDC]Dragonabout layer 2.5: can Archos play it?
20:48:42amiconnThe MAS should be able to play it, but archos fw on player fails too. Did not try on recorder or ondio yet
20:49:09amiconnI'm currently preparing CBR and layer2 test files, for a more thorough test
20:49:28[IDC]Dragonif it doesn't work from the voice file, this is very strange
20:49:53Plughanyone know what changes need to be made to the dev environment to allow me to compile the latest dailies?
20:49:59[IDC]Dragonvoice playback just pumps data, with pure DMA
20:50:32PlughI can compile July's cvs with what I have, but now I get stdio.h not found
20:50:39amiconn(plus: archos fw on player has a funny bug with MPEG2/2.5: It displays the track being twice as long as it really is, then counts down in half-second intervals)
20:50:58amiconnPlugh: Win or *nix?
20:52:01amiconnHmm, then I can't help that much. I think you should build the latest binutils and gcc 3.3.x for SH
20:52:07 Join scott666_ [0] (
20:53:09Plughusing 3.0.4 now. I didn't see anything on the mailing list that says this change needs to be made
20:54:21amiconnOfficial builds now use 3.3.x as well (dont remember exactly whether it is 3.3.1 or 3.3.3) This was discussed here. 3.3.x builds more compact code than either earlier or later versions, which helps rombox
20:55:16Plughmight I recommend that such command decisions regarding compiler change are posted to the message board and/or the web site in the future?
20:55:47amiconnThat would have been a good idea, indeed
20:56:04[IDC]DragonI'm sure they've been, this was widely discussed
20:56:28PlughI'm sure they haven't. I searched 2 years of mailing list archives
20:57:14amiconnIn fact, it is mentioned on the cross compiler instructions page,
20:57:43Plughyeah, it says 3.3.4 now
20:57:48Plughreading that
20:58:02Plughbut there was no discussion of the change
20:58:46amiconnThere was, however not on the ml, but in irc. Irc logs are archived too
20:58:53PlughI had a mission critical project on Friday that I couldn't find any info about req changes, and I didn't get it done in time
20:59:33Plughturned out that the project was... flooded out anyway, so it didn't become an issue
21:01:08 Join midk [0] (
21:01:35Plughhiya mk
21:01:47midkhey Plugh
21:02:05Plughturns out 3.3.4 is needed afterall
21:02:14midki knew it
21:03:01Plughit's in building the cross compiler
21:03:37midkquake 3 for a bit now, back soon
21:03:59Plughbut how to build just says sh-elf-gcc needs to be in the path
21:05:43PlughI was trying to add CD length splits to the build
21:05:49Plughfor recording
21:24:31webmindey, people :)
21:26:25amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Your low battery check works on recorder (just got that)
21:27:46[IDC]Dragondid it successfully refuse?
21:28:06amiconnIt said "Battery too low", and exited.
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21:28:36[IDC]Dragonhave you seen the Ondio report shutting down at 3.6V?
21:29:02[IDC]DragonI hope this is mis-measured
21:29:39amiconnNo, I did not see that yet, hwever, I can imagine that.
21:32:34amiconnSome days ago my Ondio shut down while playing music. The battery symbol was not blinking before it happened (it showed ~10 %)
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23:22:16 Join bagawk [0] (Lee@bagawk.user)
23:22:24bagawkmidk: hey
23:24:23bagawkmidk: you are Zakk Roberts right?
23:24:32midkuhhhhhh, yeah...
23:24:50bagawkJust read your reply
23:25:55bagawkmidk: amiconn said in a mail once that the FM/v2 can power on already from RTC
23:26:19amiconn[IDC]Dragon said the same...
23:26:21bagawkdoes the wake up menu show up for those units?
23:26:43bagawkok neat
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23:31:39bagawkamiconn: i am thinking of doing the white backlight mod on my recorder
23:33:28bagawkamiconn: A few questions: 1. Where is a good source for the lights 2. Is it really hard to do it? I heard you did damage the pads a little
23:34:16bagawkAnd also, any recommendations for the brightness and power consumption ETC on the lights?
23:36:58amiconnbagawk: (1) I ordered the leds from Schuricht, a German mail order company which mainly sells to professionals. They sell a minimum quantity of 10 pcs, but for a good price ( 1.69 per led)
23:38:29amiconn(2) It is not the easiest mod, but not very hard either. You should be able to handle SMD parts. My leds are size 0805, and that's possibly the largest type that fits
23:39:28amiconnYou should try to get leds which have the metal end plates all around, and not only at the bottom as mine, because you have to solder them in vertically.
23:40:14amiconnI recommend leds of the "super bright" type, they should have >~100 mcd at maximum current.
23:40:59bagawkok Thanks for the information... Ill try to order some now
23:42:31amiconnYou can use any led color you want, but if you are going to use blue or white leds (sic!) you have to re-wire the 2 leds of each side to be in parallel. Originally the 2 leds of each side are in series, but that won't work with blue or white leds because of the higher threshold voltage
23:48:30 Join yeft [0] (
23:49:16yeftknow why that guy wanted to talk to me...
23:50:03yefti said in here once i could get around this web filter called websense...he googled and found my sn
23:50:32 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:51:30 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:51:30 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
23:52:10yeftits funny cause theres about 3 thousand ways to get around websense
23:54:27bagawkweb filters are silly
23:54:35yeftohh so silly
23:54:44bagawkI saw a artical in the local newspaper the other day
23:54:57yeftmy school is ridculous about it too...
23:55:00bagawkAbout the public library trying to use filters to stop porn
23:55:29bagawkand they were like "99.6% of the sites visted are not pornographic"
23:55:45bagawkeverytime i have been there i have seen someone looking at porn
23:56:03yeftwe just got about 50 new computers in our library.... brand new dells...i've made my own administrator account on at least 3 of them
23:56:09yeftthats funny
23:56:36bagawkI got in BIG trouble doing that
23:56:56bagawkI was using admin acount quite a few months with no problems
23:57:25bagawkthen they did a update on the macines, with a perl login script that sent a message to the admins about who is logging on
23:57:29bagawkand they saw me...
23:58:04yefthow do they know it was you? wouldnt it just say Administrator logged in 10:23:32 10/24/04
23:58:09yeftor something
23:58:24bagawkI am not sure
23:58:37bagawkI guess they would know if a admin was supposed to be on the machine or not
23:58:48bagawkyes it would say someting like that
23:58:58bagawkbut the script also sent the machien name

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