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#rockbox log for 2004-10-25

00:00:15bagawkand anyway, when they saw port 997 being used, theyt had my IP address
00:00:22bagawk(which is static)
00:00:32bagawkand they knew which machine i was at
00:00:34yefti actually gotta start to try to figure out more things i can do with these admin accts... because right now they are admin on the computers domain...not the network domain
00:01:02bagawkYes, that was the same with the library computer, the machines domain
00:01:13bagawkalthough i had the network domain password...
00:01:50yeftonce i get on the has every computer from every school in the district i b elieve
00:02:22bagawkI can see every computer on the network in the school district
00:02:28bagawkalthough everyhting is passworded
00:02:38bagawkbut i do not realy care what is on the network...
00:02:44yeftbut i'm sure theres some admin pass
00:02:50yeftthat has access to it all
00:03:14yeftwell i just think it would be fun to like print 400 pages at a school or something
00:03:21yeftlike the main office...
00:03:46bagawkamiconn: you would not happen to know where the part you ordered from schuricht is on there webpage do oyu?
00:04:08bagawkhehe 400 blank pages
00:05:00bagawkahh i think i foudn it same size you used
00:07:26bagawktime to go
00:07:30 Quit bagawk ("umount /dev/brain")
00:09:51 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
00:10:10yeftim out also..
00:10:22kurzhaarrockerI found a bug
00:10:37amiconnhi kurzhaarrocker
00:10:42amiconnWhat bug?
00:10:42kurzhaarrockerhi amiconn
00:11:15amiconnI'm in a button-bug squashing session anyway...
00:11:16kurzhaarrockerJust a small one: during recording all quickscreens are disabled. But the menu isn't disabled. I think that's a bug.
00:11:27 Quit yeft ("/quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit")
00:11:30kurzhaarrockerWant the patch?
00:12:57kurzhaarrockerI just doesn't make sense to disallow to change the recording settings via quickscreens and open a backdoor via the menu.
00:13:40amiconnOf course, just tried it. F2 is disabled, and F3 has another function
00:14:15kurzhaarrockerWith f3 that's ok. It splits the file. But F1 allows to alter all the settings while f2 disallows that.
00:15:05 Join BoD[] [0] (
00:15:16BoD[]hi !
00:15:23kurzhaarrockerHi BoD[]
00:17:24BoD[]so what's new in rockbox
00:17:50kurzhaarrockerondio port makes enormous progress
00:18:14kurzhaarrockerFeature freeze is announced, a new release is about to be published.
00:18:33amiconnkurzhaarrocker: ctcp didn't work... You did surround the whole case REC_SETTINGS with if(mpeg_status() != MPEG_STATUS_RECORD), didn't you?
00:18:52kurzhaarrockeryes, just as with f2
00:19:14BoD[]is ondio cool ?
00:19:18BoD[]never seen one
00:19:40kurzhaarrockerIt seems to suffer a severe lack of buttons :)
00:19:43amiconnBoD[]: Look at the device comparison chart, or the Ondio wiki page
00:20:26BoD[]ohh it's archos
00:20:38kurzhaarrockerdisappointed, BoD[]?
00:20:42BoD[]true :
00:21:30amiconnThat's why we could port rockbox so fast, it uses (almost) the same core hardware (cpu/ lcd/ codec/ rom/ ram)
00:23:01BoD[]hehe coool :)
00:23:08amiconnkurzhaarrocker: In addition to the non-disabled menu while recording, the menu calls also suffers from the led bug. I'm going to fix this on the way
00:23:18BoD[]but i'm more excided by the iriver port in fact
00:23:44kurzhaarrockersounds good, amiconn
00:24:03*kurzhaarrocker investigates amiconn's changes to wormlet
00:24:43kurzhaarrockerhm. It seems it wasn't that hard at all to update it :)
00:24:43thegeekbtw, any progress on the iriver port?
00:24:43thegeekor rather, have you managed to get any code booting or anything?
00:25:08amiconnkurzhaarrocker: For wormlet, I only did the default event handler adaption, because the button handling is very, erm, confusing. I'd like to adapt this to Ondio too (limited functionality there, 0/1 player only)
00:26:19kurzhaarrockerthegeek I think linus has already achieved a few astonishing things but it's still in the very early beginning and a loooong way to go until there's rockbox for iriver.
00:26:27Bagderthegeek: the threading works, it can flash the backlight
00:27:09thegeekthat's already great
00:27:15kurzhaarrockerwormlet was my "hello world" for rockbox, amiconn :)
00:27:39thegeekcan you interface the screen in any way?
00:28:04BagderI don't know
00:28:09 Quit _aLF ("Leaving")
00:28:49BoD[]I lost my unit a few months ago
00:28:55BoD[]i had an ajbr20
00:29:07Bagderlinus is the only rockbox dude that has an iriver
00:29:16BoD[]didn't buy a new thing since then.. but I was considering an iRiver
00:29:17*kurzhaarrocker quickly hides his recorder from BoD[]
00:29:46BoD[]but now that I know that rockbox could eventually one day run on that
00:29:59BoD[]well :) that's one more point for iRiver
00:30:24thegeekI have the h120
00:30:25thegeekit's great
00:30:36thegeekbut it would be even better with rockbox on it;)
00:31:03amiconnkurzhaarrocker: Fixes committed
00:31:11kurzhaarrocker\o/, amiconn
00:31:49BoD[]well of course i was also considering the ipod
00:31:58amiconnBoD[]: Urgs
00:53:00 Part BoD[]
00:55:43*kurzhaarrocker hates it when cvs detects conflicts
00:55:48 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
00:56:39amiconnkurzhaarrocker: Got a conflict in recording.c?
00:57:23kurzhaarrockeryes, I have made many changes in recording.c. A major part of triggered recording is solved there.
00:59:49amiconnHmm. That means you have to solve the conflicts by hand. In case such conflicts happen to me, and I haven't changed anything else that might be important, I just delete the file and update from cvs again. Cvs detects the missing file and fetches a fresh copy
01:01:30kurzhaarrockerIt isn't a really big problem. My brain just always gets twisted up when trying to figure out what was my change and what was the other change and which one is the one to be used :)
01:02:13amiconnAs long as you didn't change something else in the REC_SETTINGS case, it shouldn't be that hard
01:02:34kurzhaarrockerI solved it already.
01:03:15amiconnHope you don't currently edit tree.c. There is something to fix for me...
01:07:34 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 242 (No route to host))
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02:15:33 Part amiconn
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03:19:21 Join tpelliott [0] (
03:20:04tpelliottWhat quality setting is best for recording FM radio without getting o erly large files?
03:22:27tpelliottI use the default quality of 5, which seems ok. Probably wouldn't want to go lower. I want similar to 128 CBR
03:22:40midki still recommend 7.
03:22:45midkif 5 works fine, why do you ask?
03:23:19tpelliottGetting ready to record Dr. Demento halloween.
03:23:40tpelliottI was curious if anyone had used a lower setting with acceptable results.
03:23:51midktry it out
03:25:12tpelliottI should do that but the show starts in a few minutes. I guess I'll use 5 for now. I used to use 7 but it seemed to create bloated files that didn't sound that much better.
03:25:32midkif disk space is an issue, 5 should be fine
03:25:45tpelliottFM has a limited range anyway.
03:25:48midkwith radio it wouldn't make a very noticeable difference
03:26:04midkexactly: that's like converting a 128kb/s file to 256kb/s: not going to help
03:26:07tpelliottDo you do a lot of recording off the radio?
03:26:48tpelliottI really only record the Dr. Demento show sometimes.
03:28:31tpelliottThere's a syndicated morning show "Bob & Tom" that has "Live Day" with a bunch of acts live in the studio. I never know when that is. I would love to record it.
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03:53:17 Part tpelliott
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09:20:09kurzhaarrocker\o/ is online! :D
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09:33:40Topic"2.3 Feature Freeze" by LinusN (
09:33:57LinusNkurzhaarrocker: awake?
09:35:21 Join Bagder_ [0] (
09:35:51LinusNBagder_: scsi problems again
09:36:21 Join Zagor [242] (
09:36:25LinusNkernel panic
09:36:52Bagder_we need to fix that thing
09:37:37Zagori'll do the base install on the disk tonight
10:05:33 Quit Bagder_ ("Leaving")
10:48:35Zagor"i need a custom firmware, tailor-made to my desires. that should be easy for you to do!" −−Feature request
10:51:33BagderI saw that too
10:51:36Bagderit made me tired
10:52:02Bagder"yes sir, for $500 USD, we'll deliver it to you by UPS" :-)
10:52:42dwihnowhat was that?
10:52:46dwihnosomething on the mailing list?
10:52:55Bagderfeature request
10:54:49kurzhaarrockerHi, now I'm awake
10:55:14kurzhaarrocker@ LinusN
10:55:50 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
10:56:24[IDC]Dragon'morning haxx
10:58:06LinusNkurzhaarrocker: i was just curious about your recording issues
10:58:35LinusNcan you do error-free S/PDIF recording with the latest builds?
10:58:46LinusNas opposed to 2.2
10:59:04LinusNos "as with 2.2"
10:59:15webmindmoin ppl
10:59:19kurzhaarrockerI haven't done recordings with s/pdif, only via line in yet. Those were flawless.
10:59:55kurzhaarrockerA few weeks ago I did recordings with a daily build with errors thoug. The special build for Paul(?) didn't reveal any problems.
10:59:59dwihnoWhat can I say... Some of the feature requests are funny...
11:00:34LinusNit seems like we do have problems with recording that we didn't have in 2.2
11:01:30[IDC]DragonBagder: I can't find the feature request you've mentioned. Already purged it?
11:01:42Bagderzagore rejected it already, yes
11:01:45kurzhaarrockerThe recording from the last few hours were without any problems
11:01:56Bagderzagore is the italian version of zagor ;-)
11:01:58Zagorit's still there, I just marked it rejected
11:02:05[IDC]Dragon(and yes, there are many f.r., I never really looked)
11:04:27[IDC]Dragondwihno: are you Mr. icon GUI?
11:05:04dwihno[IDC]Dragon: Well, I did a demo thingy a long time ago, if that's what you mean...
11:05:04LinusNdwihno is Mr Icon GUI With Lost Source Code :-)
11:05:36dwihnoThe code was ugly as hell
11:05:39dwihnoMore a proof of concept
11:05:44[IDC]Dragonany traces left? screenshots, etc.?
11:05:52[IDC]DragonI've never seen it
11:06:13dwihnoDunno. That would be if Linus still has any of the ajz's
11:07:01dwihnoThen there is nothing but loosely based rumours... Was there ever a GUI? :)
11:07:18kurzhaarrockerI think I have a binary of that on my disk somewhere
11:08:03dwihnoI recall I just wanted some feedback... I mean, spending many hours writing something that won't even make cvs would be a waste of time.
11:08:16[IDC]Dragonplease dig it out
11:08:18Bagderuser-distributed backups are tricky to restore ;-)
11:08:24[IDC]DragonI'm curious
11:10:42dwihno16x16 b/w icons, special ugly hacks...
11:10:45dwihnoinverted selections
11:12:10dwihnoIt was pretty basic and rough
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11:20:18[IDC]DragonLinusN: Salokyn just wrote a bug report to the ml
11:20:29LinusNsaw that
11:21:19LinusNi see the bug
11:21:27LinusNwill fix
11:22:03[IDC]Dragongoing for a new report to commit fix record?
11:22:09 Part kurzhaarrocker
11:23:35LinusNwhat was the old record?
11:23:40LinusN11 minutes?
11:24:09LinusNmuch harder on my work pc, it takes ages to compile rockbox
11:31:17Zagorhmm, sometimes adds artists without any albums. weird.
12:36:10Bagderwell, the album field isn't always used
12:54:07Zagorright. hmm, we need to workaround that somehow
12:54:33Bagderpossibly by using an "unknown" album for such songs
13:01:38 Join amiconn [0] (
13:02:58amiconnhi there
13:04:00[IDC]Dragonhi Jens
13:04:36[IDC]Dragonlooks like you had a successful bug hunting night
13:08:09amiconnHowever, the NULL pointer accesses in mpeg.c are still there (LinusN ?)
13:08:28*Bagder prepares to booo ;-)
13:09:09[IDC]Dragonthe poor NULL gets no privacy
13:19:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:25:28LinusNamiconn: ah, the null pointer accesses...
13:37:37ZagorBagder: do you feel like preparing a nice cvs-commit list to me, for the release notes?
13:37:54BagderI'll work on it
13:40:44 Join Lynx_ [0] (HydraIRC@
13:41:07Bagderyou want it from 2.2 release date to now?
13:41:41[IDC]Dragoncan I get it as well, please?
13:42:18[IDC]DragonI'd like to review what we had to do for the Ondio
13:42:31Bagderyes, I'll put it up somewhere, stay tuned
13:43:22[IDC]Dragonamiconn: are you interested in Toni's half broken Ondio? He seemed to offer it.
13:43:22Bagdercvs -Q log -d "2004-03-11<now" >floink
13:43:27Bagderls -l floink
13:43:27Bagder-rw-r−−r−− 1 daniel daniel 838829 Oct 25 13:43 floink
13:43:47[IDC]Dragoncan you do a later date for me?
13:44:02Bagderyes, sure I'll just do this first
13:44:03*[IDC]Dragon looks for when Ondio started
13:45:29Bagder1948 changes
13:45:45Bagderon 374 files
13:46:01[IDC]Dragonwe have thatmany files? ;-)
13:48:58Bagderit is sorted on files
13:49:07[IDC]DragonI got my Ondio on Sept. 8th
13:49:12Zagor"(bagder) crap I shouldn't have committed in the first place"
13:49:42Bagder[IDC]Dragon: so you want a log from that date?
13:49:53[IDC]Dragonwould be nice, yes
13:50:52BagderI should make the log more like the cvs log on the site
13:50:56Bagderthat group changes
13:51:01Bagderto multiple files
13:51:10Bagderbut I can't do that now, have to go
13:51:12Bagdersee ya
13:51:12[IDC]Dragonperhaps with a date, too?
13:52:42 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
14:06:19 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:08:26 Join mirfle [0] (
14:23:56 Quit mirfle ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
14:24:14 Join AciD [0] (
14:25:30[IDC]Dragondoes anybody know the price tag for the Gmini XS200 ?
14:26:16LinusNamiconn: what did you use to verify your recordings?
14:28:52Zagor[IDC]Dragon: gizmodo says $250
14:30:47[IDC]DragonI found the european price now: EUR 299
14:31:16[IDC]DragonI thought the currencies convert rather the other way round...
14:35:28Zagorheh, yeah
14:53:04kurzhaarrockerups, LinusN commited a patch of mine! Thanks! :D
14:58:10 Quit Ka_ (
14:59:17NJoinKa_ [0] (
15:00:06Bagdernicer formatted
15:00:50Bagder881 commits
15:02:02Bagder[IDC]Dragon: you want one using that format?
15:02:25BagderI guess you can figure out, since you just wanted a different start date ;-)
15:02:27[IDC]Dragondrool, yes
15:02:51[IDC]Dragonwel, it's sorted by date, so I can cut
15:03:15[IDC]DragonI'm fine then, thanks
15:03:55[IDC]Dragonhave you done a committer histogram? ;-)
15:04:10Bagderhehe, I've left that for you ;-)
15:04:45 Quit Ka_ (
15:05:27NJoinKa_ [0] (
15:15:04 Join einhirn [0] (
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15:28:54kurzhaarrockerAre there any demo videos for rockbox?
15:29:16[IDC]Dragonhow tiny is tiny?
15:29:45kurzhaarrockerI'm fat :)
15:30:40kurzhaarrockerThank you
15:38:31[IDC]Dragonthere's an external page by someone with music videos
15:50:58amiconnLinusN: I verified recordings with mp3utility and mp3fixer (a bit unreliable). Still no own frame analyzer :(
15:51:48LinusNpaul tried my CRC-corrected 2.2 version, and it worked fine for him
15:52:06amiconnMeaning what?
15:52:47LinusNmeaning that my theory was incorrect, that 2.2 was bad too, just that the lack of crc check was hiding the bug
15:53:09kurzhaarrockerI didn't have annoying problems using that build either
15:55:18amiconnLinusN: Okay. Remember that I suspect having CRC generation and m/s stereo active at the same time may somehow "overload" the mas - there must be a reson why the archos fw does not use m/s stereo
15:56:16LinusNbut that's exactly what my 2.2 with CRC does, and it seems to work fine
15:56:50LinusNpaul heu also have serious problems with the optimized ATA routines
16:00:49kurzhaarrockerWell, I haven't tested the combination crc + stereo + spdif yet, only crc + stere + line in.
16:02:57LinusNgotta go
16:03:01LinusNcu guys
16:03:08 Part LinusN
16:10:05amiconn[IDC]Dragon: As the "dot" clip is now included in the voice files, it's up to you to activate its usage in the code...
16:10:53[IDC]Dragonit's "only" in your files, I don't like to enable it yet
16:12:02amiconnThe other voice files may take a looong time until they're updated...
16:12:16[IDC]Dragontrue, too
16:12:59[IDC]DragonZagor: any plans what to do with the voive files for 2.3 release?
16:14:57Zagorthey will be downloaded separately from the base zip
16:15:42[IDC]Dragonwe'll have to freeze a set then
16:16:46[IDC]Dragondo you want to take what's there, or use Jens' as the official ones?
16:17:24[IDC]Dragonall the others are more or less outdated, but will work with their vocabulary
16:18:31Zagorsounds like we should use jens' then. we can add more if people update the others.
16:20:15Zagorthe release won't be tonight, as you've probably guessed. i've had too much other work to do.
16:50:16 Part Zagor
16:50:51amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The last voice file update by Arnaud is from 2004-08-27, almost 2 months old. The file by Christi is even older...
16:51:36amiconnI wonder if someone wil ever contribute more non-english (and non-german) voice files
17:06:35 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
17:16:03amiconn[IDC]Dragon: What do you think about adding a little MMC icon in the statusbar for Ondio in place of the clock to signal MMC activity. This would be set/reset by the mmc driver activity, as well as by the "bridge activity" signal in usb mode.
17:16:28 Join Domonoky [0] (
17:17:33[IDC]Dragongood idea!
17:17:53[IDC]Dragoncan you make it red?
17:18:03amiconnhehe ;)
17:18:23amiconnNo, seriously, this might be useful...
17:18:49amiconnOf course this is only visible when there is a status bar
17:19:15[IDC]Dragonyes, currenly we don't know if the card is accessed
17:19:31[IDC]Dragonperhaps especially for writing
17:19:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:19:59[IDC]Dragonhmm, but then we usually don't see the status bar
17:20:02amiconnI thought about letting the led() function handle this on Ondio...
17:20:28[IDC]Dragonuhh, that might be hairy
17:20:39amiconnOf course this might be a problem for recording, delivering a somewhat confusing display
17:20:53amiconn(...not for me ;-/ )
17:21:06[IDC]Dragondidn't the metronome abuse it, too?
17:21:14amiconnAh, yes, I remember
17:21:51[IDC]Dragonbut certainly you can collect the calls, and update the diplay if the status bar is visible
17:22:06amiconnBut chances are this would not be visible in metronome. No plugin displays the status bar (the function is not exported to the api)
17:22:14[IDC]Dragonin most cases, it won't
17:24:12amiconnThe actual drawing has to be done by (a sub-function of) statusbar_draw(), but the status could be set by the led() function
17:24:37[IDC]Dragonso ok, it seems viable to maintain the status as you say
17:25:14*[IDC]Dragon thinks of a disk icon no higher than 7 pixel
17:25:40kurzhaarrockerAbout led: I think I'd like it to behave differently while recording. Momentarily it tries to mix displaying recording status and disk access. Especially when recording triggered its horrible. It should display recording staus only.
17:26:46*kurzhaarrocker goes away
17:26:58 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 232 (Connection reset by peer))
17:27:16amiconnNow he's gone...
17:27:41amiconn(away too)
17:30:23 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
17:36:01Domonoky874259 Rejected 5 nobody Support the iRiver IHP 100/120
17:36:22Domonokyi think the status of this feature request is no longer valid ..
17:38:52 Join methangas [0] (
17:55:34 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:56:08 Join AciD [0] (
18:12:05 Quit Lynx_ (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
18:35:30 Quit einhirn (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:36:23 Join soulcarver [0] (
18:36:59 Quit soulcarver (Client Quit)
18:41:49 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
18:51:50 Join lImbus [0] (
18:51:54lImbushi all
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19:49:01amiconnBagder: r u there?
20:01:08 Join _aLF [0] (
20:06:07 Part Domonoky
20:15:22 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:33:29 Join AciD [0] (
20:46:56lImbuslol. I just noticed I am still flashing and using an ooooold build cause I was always flashing with rockbox.ucl instead of rombox.ucl ...
20:51:38 Join mrelwood [0] (
20:52:23mrelwoodwhat is CVS?
20:52:41lImbusthe concurrent versioning system
20:52:53lImbusthis is where the source code of the rockbox lays
20:53:16lImbusit's some kind of server where you can get the most current source code.
20:53:17mrelwoodokay. i guess it has got something to do with daily builds?
20:53:51lImbusdaily builds are the daily compiled versions of the source code in the cvs
20:54:22mrelwoodmore newbie faq: why is the code changed daily?
20:54:44lImbusbecause bugs are squashed out every day
20:54:53lImbusand new features, of course
20:55:20mrelwoodso, if I want to keep my player up to date, i could re-install the rockbox every day?
20:55:41lImbusit's only copying a few files
20:56:08mrelwoodcopying files to the player? i suppose the daily new features are rather small?
20:56:34lImbusyou always have to copy the complete firmware.
20:56:49lImbusit's only one file actually. which kind of device do you own ?
20:57:17mrelwoodi'm waiting for the iriver code, then I will get iHP-120
20:57:53mrelwoodthere isn't a recorder for me currently, but rockbox would make iriver a one for me.
20:58:15lImbusI see. From what I know, it may take a while, even if a few people are working on it nearly daily.
20:58:42mrelwoodi know. but i don't have a choice, there is no product that would suit me currently
20:58:52lImbuswhat a bummer
20:59:20mrelwoodi know.
21:01:30mrelwoodi need a recorder, mostly, and ihp doesn't have input level metering, has glitches in recording, rec has time limits...
21:01:49mrelwoodso for now, i'll just settle with my old MD.
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21:26:49 Join Acksaw [0] (
21:27:07Acksawcan someone tell me the info about rockbox on the iriver?
21:31:32 Quit uski (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:33:26 Join uski [0] (~uski@
21:37:45 Quit Acksaw ()
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21:54:44 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
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22:50:18 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
22:55:18 Quit lImbus (" HydraIRC rocks! -> <-")
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23:12:17 Join iriverowner [0] (
23:16:21[IDC]Dragonamiconn: looks more like a document icon
23:16:34[IDC]Dragongotta go
23:16:40 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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23:20:04 Join webguest35 [0] (
23:20:43webguest35hey im a noob and i was just wondering..rockbox will work for iriver right?
23:28:03iriverowneri think it will............................ eventually
23:32:15 Quit webguest35 ("CGI:IRC")
23:38:24thegeekit seems linus has managed to get some code running on the iriver, even though it is very simple(just flashing screen) it is certainly a good beginning:)
23:39:05 Join CpuMan2001 [0] (
23:39:15thegeekas soon as an ata and lcd driver is incorporated, and the coldfire emu is up and running, development will probably speed up a lot;)
23:43:07CpuMan2001would it be possible for rockbox to support .cue files for mp3s
23:44:26thegeekshort answer : yes
23:44:45thegeekyou should make a feature request
23:49:03Stryke`i'm a bit curious with inclusion of MAD as mp3 decoder, isn't MAD the slowest decoder available
23:51:12 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:55:27 Join webguest91 [0] (
23:55:42webguest91hi all.
23:56:19 Quit webguest91 (Client Quit)

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