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#rockbox log for 2004-11-01

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08:57:55midkSITE WORKS AGAIN!
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10:37:47[IDC]Dragonyay, rockbox.haxx returned from france!
10:40:50*Bagder_ sneaks in through the back door
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10:41:51[IDC]Dragonhi Bagder, tell us what happened
10:42:13Bagderon the site?
10:42:26[IDC]Dragonor in france ;-)
10:42:48Bagdersite: bad scsi disk causing kernel panic, machine hung for days
10:43:00[IDC]Dragonwho took the server with him?
10:43:13[IDC]Dragonor, needed a power cord for the shaver
10:43:53[IDC]Dragonyes, I suspected that disk, and rumoured so in the forums
10:43:55Bagderfrance: we never got time to meet Nicolas Touillaud who replied to our call and lives in the area
10:44:32Bagderthat disk is what we planned to replace on wednesday, but due to real life, we will postpone and replace next week instead
10:45:27[IDC]Dragonif your IRC client was up all the time, you can use that to patch the log
10:46:01*Bagder checks
10:46:09Bagderno, logging was not enabled
10:46:29[IDC]Dragonnor scrolling? ;-)
10:46:48Bagderscroll yes, but not that many days
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10:53:09Zagorhi all
10:54:55[IDC]Dragonhi there
10:55:30BagderZagor: try "gdeskcal" on your gnome box at home
10:55:49Bagderreally nice little transparant calendar for the root bg
10:58:23[IDC]Dragonops, you may revert the channel subject
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11:08:51Topic"Rockbox 2.3 is released" by Zagor (
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11:18:27*Zagor sets /proc/sys/kernel/panic to >0
11:25:47BagderRocbox, Rockbox and RockBOX are all names of hardware based mp3 players
11:27:33Bagderit would be amusing if we ever ported rockbox to one of those ;-)
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12:53:45Christi-SMorning everyone.
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12:57:34CassandraI hate my net connection. Let me try that again.
12:57:36CassandraAnyone know where I can get simulator builds of 2.3 for doing screenshots from?
12:57:59[IDC]Dragonhi Christie
12:58:07[IDC]Dragonyou can't compile them?
12:58:22CassandraWell I *could*, if I knew where the 2.3 source was.
12:58:24[IDC]Dragon(lunch time any minute)
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12:58:39LinusNCassandra: on the download page
12:58:59CassandraAh, of course. Don't mind me, I'm having a bad month.
12:59:00LinusNis this for Player screenshots?
12:59:05*Cassandra nods.
12:59:14CassandraI think there's a couple of new plugins.
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12:59:44[IDC]DragonChristie: amiconn extended your installer, to support the Ondio
12:59:44LinusNCassandra: lots of plugins have screenshots in wiki
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13:00:28CassandraHe said he was doing that. I'm glad. Shouldn't have been too hard.
13:02:10[IDC]Dragonthe plugins are all different for the Ondio, because of the key map
13:03:01CassandraYeah, but the code already supports different plugins across architectures. Just a matter of extending the current structure.
13:03:02[IDC]Dragonplus he had a quirk with having the fonts twice, but I don't know why
13:03:28CassandraThat is weird.
13:04:51NJoinChristi-S [0] (
13:05:35*Cassandra blinks. That's a really bad case of multiple personalities I have there.
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13:56:22studio20Hello friends - I'm or from Israel, and would like to thank you a lot for your excellent firmwares.
13:56:53studio20i'll be off now...again - thank you!
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14:38:31amiconnZagor: My installer extension for Ondio is done. As it was a bit boring without cvs, wiki etc. the whole weekend, I did 2 other improvements to it:
14:39:29amiconn(1) The installer now supports multiple installation languages. Currently there are English and German.
14:40:16amiconn(2) There is a nice multi-box picture with rockbox logo on the installer welcome page.
14:42:57Zagorsounds great
14:43:43amiconnYou can try my build:
14:44:13amiconnI'll send you my modified files. All of them go into the "src" sub-dir
14:44:34amiconnHowever, feature (2) adds ~26 KB to the final installer size
14:45:33Zagorthat's fine
14:47:29amiconnAdding a language requires 2 things: (a) Translate some strings in the innosetup script (that's easy). (b) Have a complete translation for the innosetup builtin strings. There's no swedish version yet...
14:47:53*Zagor pokes matsl :)
14:49:50amiconnInnosetup itself supports English, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, french, German, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Slovenian. The translations themselves are ascii files, and there is already a Swedish translation for a somewhat earlier version available.
14:51:14amiconnShouldn't bee too many additional strings to brind this up to current innosetup...
15:24:37 Join einhirn_ [0] (
15:27:20amiconnZagor: All files go into the /src directory. The update-xxx scripts are untested, but the changes therein are trivial. build-installer is tested on cygwin, rockbox.iss on Windows.
15:27:35 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
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17:04:58Christi-SHello again.
17:05:13Christi-S[IDC]Dragon - are you here?
17:05:22[IDC]Dragonhello, yes
17:05:35[IDC]Dragon(just by chance)
17:06:03Christi-SI just sent a mail about bizarre behaviour of ROMbox 2.3 to the list. Thought I'd come on here in case you had any questions.
17:06:19*[IDC]Dragon looks
17:06:28Christi-SThe executive summary is: it's not working on my downflashed FM.
17:06:51[IDC]Dragonit worked on mine...
17:07:26[IDC]Dragonstill opening the email...
17:07:30*Christi-S nods. Tried flashing it twice to make sure.
17:08:48[IDC]Dragoninternal error, grr
17:09:16Christi-SOh dear. Previous ROMboxes worked just fine, although I think I last flashed at the end of August.
17:09:56Christi-SIt's not a huge problem for me, since Rockbox is working, but if I can do anything to help diagnosis, let me know.
17:16:59 Part Zagor
17:19:08[IDC]DragonChristi-S: since I have wrecked my FMR a week ago, it may be indeed helpful if you try this and that
17:19:30*Christi-S nods. Happy to (as long as it doesn't wreck mine. ;) )
17:19:41[IDC]Dragonmaybe the start address is wrong
17:19:58[IDC]Dragonmine suffered from a fat battery
17:20:07Christi-SOh yes. I saw the pictures.
17:20:20Christi-SI've been careful about not leaving mine plugged in since then.
17:20:34[IDC]Dragonextreme pictures, aren't they?
17:20:52Christi-SScary stuff.
17:21:07Christi-SAnd all because the Archos engineers can't read. Pfeh.
17:21:22[IDC]Dragonread what?
17:21:41Christi-SThe documentation for the charging circuit.
17:21:56[IDC]Dragonnot much to read on that
17:21:57 Quit MooMaunder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:22:09[IDC]DragonI'm not sure what caused it
17:22:39[IDC]Dragonabout your posting:
17:22:42Christi-SYou'd have thought, but even I, a non-electronics person could figure out that there's a cut-out circuit supposed to be implemented on the charger.
17:23:07[IDC]Dragonwhere did you get a "JBFM Rombox flashed image"?
17:23:18Christi-SThe windows installer.
17:23:37[IDC]Dragonrombox is too big to build for the FMR
17:23:57[IDC]Dragonsuch a file should not exist
17:24:20[IDC]Dragonor, it builds a tiny dummy
17:24:35Christi-SLet me try a fake install.
17:25:09Christi-Sinstall the fm build to my hard drive. See what the rombox it puts there is.
17:25:18[IDC]Dragonhow about taking rombox.ucl from the V2 zip file?
17:26:23Christi-SIt has rombox.ucl 2004/10/26 13:35 176kb
17:27:07Christi-SOdd - the one on my jb has the same timestamp, but is 175kb.
17:27:57Christi-SOh no, it's just Windows reporting different sizes in the mouse over and icon views.
17:28:06Christi-SLooks like it's the same file.
17:28:35[IDC]Dragonbinary compared?
17:29:22Christi-SThere an easy way to do that on Windows?
17:29:35[IDC]Dragonfyi, the V2 rombox from the 2.3 release is OK. I have installed that to a genue V2 for somebody, works.
17:30:23[IDC]Dragonfor the FM, the build process refuses
17:30:56amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The non-Ondio extended installer also don't contain rombox.ucl. That is a thing I fixed on the way...
17:30:57Christi-SI just tried again after deleting rombox.ucl and reinstalling the v2 package.
17:31:07Christi-SStill isn't working.
17:33:05[IDC]Dragonjust downloaded v2.3 vor V2, the rombox.ucl has 184438 bytes, dated 26.10.2004 15:37
17:33:31 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
17:34:51Christi-SHmm. I have a feeling that when rombox.ucl was added to the windows installer, the v1 version may have been included in all packages.
17:34:59Christi-SLet me download the v2 zip and try with that.
17:35:15[IDC]Dragonsounds good
17:37:41amiconnChristi-S: There is no rockbox 2.3 windows installer that includes rombox.ucl. That is only available from my homepage so far, containing a 2004-10-28 cvs build.
17:38:29Christi-Sami - it's definitely installing a rombox.ucl. I just deleted it and the installer re-installed it.
17:39:05Christi-SBut that would explain a lot.
17:39:08amiconnHmm. Ah, that's because your script doesn't handle rombox.ucl as special case
17:39:25amiconnSo it includes the rec v1 version for all models - bummer!
17:39:26Christi-Srombox.ucl didn't exist when I wrote the script, sorry.
17:39:34Christi-SThat's what I thought was happening.
17:39:53amiconnMy new installer handles rombox.ucl correctly, so you can try that one.
17:41:02Christi-S'S OK - I'll just take it from the ZIP file.
17:41:13Christi-SThanks for your help in tracking it down IDC
17:41:34[IDC]Dragonfirst let's see if it works
17:42:15[IDC]Dragondoes somebody know how to ship a JB from europe to the US *economically* ?
17:42:31Christi-SLooks like it does.
17:42:55Christi-SUPS would be my best guess, although that won't guarantee it arriving, of course.
17:43:08[IDC]DragonUPS wants 80 EUR
17:43:16[IDC]DragonFedEx 46 EUR
17:43:21Christi-SOh, hold on, from europe. Can't you just use your postal service?
17:43:31[IDC]Dragon25 EUR
17:44:03Christi-SBuffer 1.797 MB - looks like we're rolling.
17:44:29[IDC]Dragonanother reason to update the Windows installer
17:44:44[IDC]Dragonbesides the Ondio
17:45:30*Christi-S nods. It wasn't really designed to copy with any possible future changes. Adding a file or a plugin is fine, but do something a little more complex and it needs a rewrite.
17:45:35Christi-SWell, a patch.
17:46:10[IDC]Dragonhave you grabbes amiconn's update?
17:46:29Christi-SNot yet. TBH I'm a bit burned out at the moment.
17:46:45Christi-SI'm hoping to be able to get the manual done, but that's about as much as I can handle right now.
17:47:04[IDC]Dragontake your time, np
17:49:13Christi-SOh, has double click on stop to shut down gone now?
17:58:51 Join Cassandra [0] (
17:58:52 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:59:07CassandraOnly 6 months till we get ADSL.
18:04:41 Join MooMaunder [0] (~me@
18:06:37 Quit einhirn_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:07:39[IDC]DragonChristi-S: double-stop should still work
18:09:07CassandraBugger. I guess that's another bug to report then. :(
18:09:11CassandraWhy me?
18:10:10[IDC]Dragonstrange. I have used that in a V2 rombox this morning, iirc it works
18:10:58CassandraHmmm. Not for me. Arse.
18:11:24CassandraAlthough if I hold down stop, the shut down code still kicks in.
18:13:53 Join methangas [0] (
18:18:11 Quit Cassandra ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
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18:33:30[IDC]Dragonbye folks
18:33:33 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
19:08:42LinusNdouble-stop is not active on the devices that support hold-stop
19:20:41 Join einhirn [0] (
19:29:04 Join edx [0] (
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20:01:37 Quit Wisard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:02:08amiconnLinusN: Btw, is there a reason why double-OFF is shutdown on the recorder, but double-STOP isn't used for shutdown on the player?
20:08:01LinusNSTOP is used to exit a directory
20:08:19 Join kod-kod [0] (
20:08:23LinusNand you might press stop several times to exit a deep tree
20:08:39kod-koddoes this Rockbox support the Gmini400 ?
20:08:49amiconnLinusN: Ah ok, didn't think of that. Silly me ;-)
20:08:50 Join Wisard [0] (
20:09:13kod-kodLinusN: u have any suggestions on how i can add fonts and change firm's on my gmini400 ?
20:09:16LinusNamiconn: i didn't either at first, then the player owners started complaining :-)
20:09:32LinusNkod-kod: nope
20:09:54LinusNcheck out the "avos" and "linav" projects, they might have a clue
20:10:08kod-kodwhere would i find them ?
20:10:17kod-kodi found a "gmemu" project
20:10:27kod-kodthen i go to u guys :p
20:10:58LinusNyes, gmemu is probably your best shot
20:11:06amiconnLinusN: Perhaps double-STOP could only shutdown the player when you are in the drive root. So from a deep tree, you'd have to hit stop in quick succession until it finally reaches the root and then shuts down. (Not quite serious ;-) )
20:11:24kod-kodaight thanks i'll try
20:11:39LinusNamiconn: i thought of that too, but as you said, you don't know how many times to press stop...
20:11:43LinusNkod-kod: good luck
20:13:26amiconnLinusN: Different topic: Did one of you server-running guys ;-) already fetch my extended installer and gave it a shot under Linux/Wine?
20:15:45LinusNi haven't had any time to look into that, where is your patch?
20:15:56 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:17:19amiconnThere is no patch, as the installer is not in cvs either. I uploaded all changed & added files to my home page, zipped. The changed script are small, largest file is new (the nice rockbox graphic for the welcome screen)
20:18:44 Join Knnnigget [0] (
20:19:48LinusNi'll check it out
20:19:57*LinusN has go tend to his kids
20:20:22amiconnLinusN: Maybe Bagder will have to do that, as from the scripts it seems the installer build is running from his home dir...
20:22:43amiconnLinusN, Bagder: Imho you should also repackage the 2.3 release installer with that, for at least 2 reasons: (1) Ondio support. (2) The bug of the old installer package Christi stumbled upon...
20:25:34 Quit Xoring (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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21:07:08 Join matsl [0] (
21:07:30LuthionMay I ask what's happening with Rockbox for iRiver atm? :)
21:07:39LuthionJust wondering...:P
21:08:10 Join Xoring [0] (
21:10:47amiconnmatsl: Feeling like adapting the (now multi-language) windows installer to Swedish?
21:11:58matslamiconn, hmm... how much work involved?
21:12:44amiconnThis would require two things:
21:13:17amiconn(1) Bring the general language file for innosetup up to date. This should not be too much work, because there is already a translation for version 4.2.1. Rockbox installer build uses 4.2.6
21:14:33amiconn(2) Translate a total of 7 messages in the installer script. Some of them are partly based on the default strings from the installer language file (same message with either an added sentence of a different word)
21:15:08amiconnI did this for German, but then I only had to do step (2)
21:15:40matslok. doesn't sound that bad but I know nothing about the installer. Where do I start?
21:16:37LinusNLuthion: check this page for the iriver status:
21:17:53amiconnmatsl: The installer uses Innosetup, an open source (non-GPL) "installer compiler". The language files are plain ascii, with a .ini-File like structure.
21:19:29amiconnYou would have to take the current english language file (default.isl) and compare this with the 4.2.1 swedish.isl to figure out the missing strings, then translate them & add them to swedish.isl
21:19:51matslamiconn, ok. and these things are in CVS?
21:20:47amiconnNo, unfortunately they aren't.
21:21:25matslok. where do I find them then?
21:22:34amiconnThe innosetup files are downloadable from their web site (swedish.isl); the current version there is 4.2.7 (but rockbox uses 4.2.6). I could either provide you with default.isl of 4.2.6, or you could do the translation against 4.2.7 (and send it to the innosetup for publication if you wish)
21:24:06amiconnThen the messages in rockbox.iss need to be translated. You can download that from my home page. Perhaps the rockbox specific installer parts should be added to cvs...
21:24:31amiconnInnosetup home page:
21:24:45amiconnSwedish translation of 4.2.1:
21:24:47 Quit Wisard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:25:25matslok. i'll have a look at the urls. maybe things get clearer then.
21:26:00amiconnRockbox installer script: (just wait a few minutes)
21:26:48LuthionLinusN: Hmmm, beeping was off (so I didn't notice your reply before now)... Well, thanks for the link! Not to be anoying, but can you tell what's first priority? iRiver or Archos? And about when will the iRiver v. of Rockbox be out (this winter/spring/summer, next atumn/winter/spring?) Again, I don't want to be anoying, but I seriously can't wait ;)
21:28:12Stryke`Is there a chance of .MPC support? there is an open source decoder
21:28:41PlughArchos hardware doesn't exactly support it
21:28:57PlughMAS decoder chip can only decode mp3
21:29:08Stryke`I know, I meant the iRiver port where its mentioned that they want to support as many formats as possible.
21:29:58PlughI couldn't say. I'm an FMR user. heh
21:31:37Stryke`It would be well received.
21:46:59 Join Wisard [0] (
21:49:35matslamiconn, a quick look at default.isl and Swedish-8-4.2.1.isl indicates that all strings are translated.
21:50:11amiconnYes it seems so. I could haven taken a look earlier. Anyway, this means less work :)
21:50:43matslamiconn, so what is left then is the seven strings in rockbox.iss. right?
21:50:44amiconnI can try to add swedish.isl, then build the installer
21:51:13amiconnmatsl: Yes, and some of them are only extended/ slightly changed versions of what is in swedish.isl
21:52:25matslok. i can't do it right away. some other things need fixing. maybe later tonight.
21:52:29 Join Knnnigget [0] (
21:54:51amiconnmatsl: Installer builds ok with swedish.isl as-is :)
21:55:04matslamiconn, fine
22:02:51LinusNLuthion: we have no release date, we can't plan anything since we do this on our spare time, and that is a scarce resource
22:03:07Luthioni see:)
22:03:19LinusNthere is no priority
22:03:50LinusNmost of my rockbox work is on the iriver nowadays
22:04:16Luthionthat's good;)
22:04:21LinusNbut on the other hand, i don't have much time nowadays...
22:04:50 Quit Xoring (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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22:23:54 Nick Luthion is now known as Luthion^aw (
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