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#rockbox log for 2004-11-02

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00:16:59Igualada26Hi all
00:17:17Igualada26Does anybody have trouble in loading fonts?
00:17:25yeftnot i
00:17:37yeftbut then again my fmr blew up a couple months ago...
00:17:38Igualada26any of them load
00:18:22yefta massive explosion
00:18:41Igualada26you mean original firmware?
00:19:06yeftim confused
00:19:32Igualada26me too.....:-)
00:19:51yefti had an fmr, with rockbox flashed on
00:19:57yeftand it was like...i'm done...thats it
00:20:26Igualada26sounds strange
00:20:52Igualada26maybe it was not a rockbox fault
00:20:53yefta day before i left for israel :-/
00:20:57yefti dont think it was
00:21:02yefti thinkk it was archos's
00:21:10yeftthats why i'll nver buy anything from them again
00:21:22yeftit happened to my AJB6k too
00:21:54Igualada26i see
00:23:20Igualada26I suppose I am lucky then, to have only this problem and no hardware ones....
00:24:01Igualada26anyway my recorder 20 doesn't load any font
00:24:07yeftyeah i was eyein the AV480... but i cant do it
00:24:08Igualada26and I don't understand why
00:24:15yefti cant buy from archos
00:24:51Igualada26well, creative is a good alternative I suppose
00:25:37Igualada26but ther is no rockbox for creative products
00:25:41yeftehh..i dont think i'm gonna go to a pmp/pvp
00:25:50yefti'm gonna go to the ipod
00:25:58yeftsomethihng i should have done after the ajb6k
00:26:03Igualada26and I'm not sure if the can beat the features of rockbox with their firmware
00:26:09yeftthe ipod photo is beauttttttttiful
00:26:42Igualada26that's a very small one isn't it
00:27:44LinusNIgualada26: trouble loading fonts?
00:28:06LinusNdid you by any chance upgrade from an older version to 2.3?
00:28:10Igualada26Not even a font loads
00:28:17Igualada26I've tried all of them in the zip file
00:28:28Igualada26it seems it tries to load as the red led goes on
00:28:42Igualada26today i did it
00:28:54LinusNhave you flashed?
00:29:00Igualada26but this happens to me since many older versions
00:29:03Igualada26from 2.2
00:29:24Igualada26just loads the file ajz
00:30:13Igualada26I remember this to work 2 months ago
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00:30:35Igualada26but one day one I updated with a daily build
00:30:42Igualada26and the fonts started not to load
00:31:08Igualada26and the still don't load with 2.3......
00:31:37Igualada26I use my unit while driving and have it a bit far away
00:31:47Igualada26sthe originalk font is too small
00:31:59Igualada26I can't read anything while driving
00:32:05LinusNit sounds like your fonts doesn't match the firmware version
00:32:24Igualada26mmmmm I tried to download again the zip file
00:32:27Igualada26many times
00:32:32Igualada26but it seems to be the same always
00:32:41Igualada26I mean the zip with fonts
00:32:42LinusNand you unzip the entire contents?
00:33:09LinusNthe fonts are included in the rockbox distribution
00:33:25LinusNyou don't need to download them separately
00:33:44Igualada26I didin't noticed that.....
00:33:59LinusNthe zip on the font download page is old
00:34:22Igualada26I know what you mean
00:34:36Igualada26let me try.....
00:36:17Igualada26besides the language file loads correctly
00:36:26Igualada26(spanish lng)
00:36:36Igualada26but it doesn't load automatically each time it boots
00:36:50Igualada26and it's on the .rockbox\lang dir
00:36:57Igualada26I don't know why
00:37:12LinusNno error messages?
00:37:29LinusNand you shut it off correctly?
00:37:32Igualada26it loads correctly i f i play it
00:37:40Igualada26i think so....
00:37:49Igualada26just press off button
00:38:12LinusNv1 recorder?
00:38:49Igualada26the lang file is also obsolete
00:38:56LinusNto shut off cleanly, go to the browser and press off twice
00:39:01Igualada26i see now that there is a lang file in the pack also
00:39:04Igualada26like the fonts
00:39:22Igualada26but if i do this....
00:39:24LinusNyes, you are supposed to install everything in the zip file
00:39:28Igualada26the resume will be done?
00:39:35Igualada26i mean it's like pressing stop
00:39:41Igualada26and then exiting....
00:40:24LinusNit always resumes if you haven't set it to "off"
00:40:44Igualada26in the position it was playing exactly???
00:40:51Igualada26even if you press stop
00:41:19Igualada26well not strange
00:41:29Igualada26just differetn form a cd player would do
00:41:34Igualada26i suppose
00:41:57LinusNwe have done it like that because many people stop it by mistake, and want to resume anyway
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00:42:28Igualada26mmm it's a good thought
00:42:47miner49erhas anyone built todays source in windows?
00:42:49LinusNanyway, you are supposed to install the entire zip contents
00:42:50Igualada26didn't knew
00:43:07LinusNminer49er: i haven't, why?
00:43:08Igualada26files are different
00:43:20miner49erI'm having problems building
00:43:28Igualada26lang files the one i have and the one from the package
00:43:44Igualada26I thought the other content of th epackage was the program source
00:43:45LinusNfrom the "download" page: "Unpack the zip archive in the root (top) directory of your Archos disk."
00:43:47Igualada26or something
00:43:58Igualada26I didn't noticed the fonts and tha lag files....
00:44:30miner49erI've done completed my plasma demo! but want to get it work with the ltest build...
00:44:46LinusNminer49er: what's the problem?
00:46:13miner49erI think it's when it tries to build rombox, something about FLASH being full? any ideas?
00:47:16Igualada26it finally works
00:47:23Igualada26this was the problem
00:47:52Igualada26the zip file must be obsolete
00:49:28LinusNyes it is
00:49:42LinusNit isn't needed anymore, so it hasn't been updated
00:49:55LinusNminer49er: fm recorder?
00:49:56Igualada26ioh i see
00:50:08miner49eryes, fm recorder
00:50:10Igualada26thank you for your help
00:50:21LinusNminer49er: you can ignore that message
00:50:24LinusNIgualada26: you're welcome
00:51:07miner49erahh, so everything has probably built okay - I didn't even check! me a dumbass!
00:51:17miner49eri'll go and see...
00:53:50Igualada26mmmm it seems the lng file doens't want to load automatically
00:54:34Igualada26but I don't care much for this
00:56:25LinusNIgualada26: tell me how you do to shut off the player
00:56:40Igualada26I've tried now like you said
00:56:50Igualada26pressing two times off button
00:57:42Igualada26yes it's quite strange
00:58:21Igualada26i'm trying again
00:58:31Igualada26no way
00:58:47LinusNworks for me
00:59:22Igualada26actually the font does load automatically
00:59:29Igualada26but the lng not
00:59:46LinusNwhich font?
01:00:12Igualada26don't remember the name exactly
01:00:16Igualada26a big one
01:00:53Igualada26that's it
01:01:15Igualada26the directory is named "lang"
01:01:25Igualada26i think it's not wrong....
01:01:51LinusNyou should have a dir called "langs" as well
01:02:04Igualada26mmmm let me see if it's langs or lang
01:02:35Igualada26it's lang
01:03:00Igualada26i'd swear in the web says to have it named "lang"......
01:03:21Igualada26i try with langs....
01:03:28LinusNIgualada26: stop
01:03:45LinusN1) follow the installation instructions
01:03:58LinusN(which tells you to install everything)
01:04:20LinusN2) don't select the language by browsing to the "langs" dir
01:04:38Igualada26ok youmean i do it with the menu option
01:05:10Igualada26it works now
01:05:21Igualada26it's the s missing on lang(s)
01:05:35LinusNyes, it is correctly named in the zip file
01:05:54Igualada26now i see.......
01:07:13miner49erall has built....except my plasma.c - doI have to add it to anywhere?
01:07:18Igualada26i won't do the same fault again
01:07:29Igualada26thanks for your advices
01:07:57miner49erPreviously I just dropped my new plugin c file into the correct directory and I was away...
01:08:10LinusNminer49er: apps/plugins/SOURCES
01:08:27miner49eroh...I feel silly now...
01:09:27LinusNit's a pretty new feature, the previous versions of rockbox built everything in the directory
01:10:34 Part Igualada26
01:10:39miner49eraah, i see! So why has this been done?
01:11:16miner49erDoes this mean if I offer my new plugin as patch I have to also give the patched SOURCES file too?
01:12:36LinusNyou don't need to
01:12:50LinusNit has been done because not all files are built for all targets
01:18:50miner49erbuilding is very slow too - previously only the file that has changed would be rebuilt - now it goes through all plugins. Is this correct behaviour?
01:20:56LinusNthat doesn't sound correct
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01:30:35miner49erhhmm, well they are not fully rebuilding, it's just listing through them saying OBJ COPY or something
01:30:43LinusNyeah, i see why
01:31:01LinusNthe dependency handling has changed somewhat, i'll look into it
01:31:25miner49erokay, so it's nothng i've done or not done then?
01:32:41miner49eri'm quite pleased with this plasma effect! do you think it will be added in?
01:38:08miner49ercool :-)
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01:38:31LinusNminer49er: just upload it to the patch tracker
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01:40:11miner49erokay, I want to tidy the code upa bit first though - 2 spaces, no tabs right? well, no one complained about snake2...
01:41:19miner49erIf I had to the tracker then a few days later add another version, is that okay too? i.e. should I jsut go ahead and add it in it's current state (working but not the finished product)?
01:42:17LinusNyou can always upload new versions
01:42:41LinusNand if we commit it to cvs, you can send patches
01:43:09LinusNand if you behave well, you might even get cvs commit access one day
01:45:25miner49erheh, that would be cool. I need to figure out how to use the diff tool first though!
01:46:12miner49erOkay, thanks for your help - I gotta sleep now, I will probably upload my new toy 2morrow! bye for now!
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01:47:06Stryke`LinusN: all formats with an open source decoder will have a chance of making (eventually) the iRiver port?
01:47:41LinusNStryke`: more or less
01:47:58Stryke`glad to hear it
01:48:35LinusNwe will go for wav and mp3 to begin with, and the probably flac
01:48:43LinusNand ogg playback
01:49:30Stryke`id like to put a vote in for musepack (mpc)
01:49:53LinusNlossless codec?
01:50:06Stryke`no, very high-quality tuned lossy
01:51:05Stryke`also, a large number of my mp3s have APEv2 tags, it would be a welcome addition if they could be read
01:52:20LinusNwhat is the benefit of apev2 tags?
01:53:05Stryke`at the end of the file like ID3v1, so a change in tag doesn't require rewriting of the file
01:53:34Stryke`field length is large, and you are not limited to fields
01:54:15Stryke`plus, foobar and mp3gain store ReplayGain information in APEv2 tags
01:55:31Stryke`thats the specification
01:56:14LinusNi remember reading that once, and failed to see the point in another format
01:56:37LinusNbut people keep asking for it
01:57:47Stryke`glad im not alone. it also happens to be Musepack's tag format
01:57:59Stryke`so my questions are semi-related ;-)
01:58:23LinusNwe have a request for it in the feature request tracker
01:58:52LinusNhopefully, someone who cares sends us a patch for it
01:59:07Stryke`excellent, and personally i just want to thank you and the entire effort
01:59:13LinusNyou're welcome
02:11:57matslamiconn, you there?
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09:03:06amiconnhi matsl
09:06:44amiconnI just sent you a reply. New installer including Swedish is built.
09:14:00matslamiconn, I'll try it some time soon.
09:38:40matslhappy hacking! cu later (breakfast is over ;-)
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10:19:45kurzhaarrockerBon jour, Zagor
10:22:47Zagormy hovercraft is full of eels
10:23:40kurzhaarrocker?!? Did you try to make a translation bot to translate "Bon jour"?
10:24:36Zagor"Mon aéroglisseur est plein d'anguilles." :)
10:25:09Zagorthe phrase is a Monty Python quote
10:27:02kurzhaarrockerAh, that's what you have been doing in France.
10:27:16Zagorcollecting eels, yes :)
10:29:28kurzhaarrockerSo Linus isn't the only fish murderer in the contactor team?
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10:31:04Zagorlinus is the head sillstrypare in the team :)
10:39:44*kurzhaarrocker gave up to find out what "sillstrypare" is
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11:17:40LinusNit's maquerel, not herring :-)
11:17:54Bagderaha, a log reader!
10:18:33LinusN"my nipples are burning with desire"
10:18:46Zagorexploding with delight!
10:18:59Bagder"don't they also build bridges out of stone?"
10:19:07LinusNi got a 140 PCB yesterday
10:19:25LinusN"a witch! a witch!"
10:19:51LinusNand a broken remote
10:20:13*LinusN collects junk nowadays
10:22:02Zagorcan you see any difference vs the 120?
10:22:18BagderI have some garbage from my garden, can I send it to you as well? ;-P
10:22:25LinusNi see no difference at all
10:22:35LinusNBagder: sure, bring it on :-)
10:22:53LinusNBagder: there is (was?) a firewall project called Rockbox as well
10:23:12Bagderits a wiki, you add ;-)
10:23:20ZagorLinusN: does it say ihp-120 or 140 on the pcb (just below the screen)?
10:25:20Bagder"rockbox is a five piece band from New Orleans LA"
10:27:34amiconnBagder/ Zagor/ LinusN: Any tests with the extended installer files yet? matsl did a Swedish translation meanwhile; I have updated the files on my hp to include it as well.
10:27:49Zagori haven't tried it yet
10:27:58DEBUGReceived FATAL signal 14 (SIGALRM), crashing (snapshot: fplrun.c line 385)
10:28:01***Started Dancer V4.16
10:28:01***Connected to on port 6667
10:28:01***Logfile for #rockbox started
10:28:02***Server message 501: 'logbot :Unknown MODE flag'
10:28:02Mode"logbot :+i" by logbot
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10:29:46kurzhaarrockerWanted: daring, subversive code police officer to investigate the triggered recording patch and commit it anyway.
10:30:55Bagderok, 7(!) other rockbox projects identified
10:31:01LinusNZagor: good point, it says "iHP-120" :-)
10:31:02Bagderno firewall though
10:31:21ZagorLinusN: goodie
10:33:14LinusNso, should we get rid of the current F3 screen and replace it with a context menu?
10:33:27BagderI think we should
10:34:04LinusNthat way we could have an "open with..." in the wps, for (for example) the "add to favorites" plugin
10:35:15*LinusN starts emacs
10:38:27LinusNwhat about the "flip" option, which is in the F3 screen today?
10:38:36LinusNit should be easily reached imho
10:38:59LinusNkeep it as an option in the menu?
10:39:19Bagdertry that
10:39:52Zagori doubt many people use it
10:40:32LinusNyes, but it's the kind od option you might change all the time
10:41:22amiconnLinusN: The filp option is in the display settings anyway. If somebody uses this more often, he/she would have that in a .cfg file anyway (that's the way I set the options that need frequent change)
10:41:31dwihnoLet's move sound settings to the top position instead of bookmaking :) ?
10:41:49amiconndwihno the bookmaker ;-)
10:43:49Zagorwe can move lots of things around once we get proper context menus. both sound settings and bookmarks are primarily things you use from wps
10:44:32LinusNcan you see a problem using hold-play to reach it in the wps?
10:44:48LinusN(thinking about player/ondio)
10:44:53dwihnoContext menus should be reachable using one hand
10:45:34ZagorI don't see a problem with that
10:46:56amiconnZagor: There is a problem
10:47:15amiconnHolding Right (equal to Play for Ondio) is ffw
10:47:37LinusNamiconn: can you think of another way?
10:48:03Zagorwell frankly I don't see how we can add the context menu to ondio at all. we can barely fit the current wps features.
10:48:52 Join _Headie [0] (
10:49:18 Quit Headie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:54:51kurzhaarrockerBtw: does anybody know c++ here? I want a class to contain a reference as a member variable. How do I initialize that?
10:55:02kurzhaarrocker(not for rockbox code of course)
10:55:19amiconnLinusN: all short+long presses are taken in the Ondio wps :(
10:55:45LinusNkurzhaarrocker: the constructor?
10:55:55LinusNamiconn: :-(
10:56:13kurzhaarrockeryes but what syntax. It seems it must be done in the initializer list of the constructor somehow.
10:56:19Zagori think we have to live with the ondio not having all gui features of the other players
10:58:22LinusNkurzhaarrocker: you can have an argument to the constructor
10:59:09LinusNi assume the object it refers to is unknown at compile time
10:59:19 Join mirfle [0] (
11:00:09kurzhaarrockerYes, I have that parameter. But when I try to assign that parameter to the member variable in the body of the constructor the compiler complains that it should be done in the initializer list of the constructor.
11:01:04LinusNi'm no c++ guru, but if the compiler says so, then you should probably do it :-)
11:01:28kurzhaarrockerI simply don't know the syntax of how to do it :(
11:01:47Zagorconstructor(params) : variable(value)
11:02:24LinusNmyclass::myclass(int *bla) : m_bla(bla) { ... }
11:03:32kurzhaarrockerThe problem is that with variable(value) it seaches for an constructor to create that variable. But I simply want to assign to that member variable.
11:04:17Zagorof course it searches for a constructor, all declarations do that. but since it doesn't find a constructor it will just assign it.
11:05:43Zagoror are you saying your compiler complains about it?
11:05:48*kurzhaarrocker tries again
11:11:10kurzhaarrockerWorks. Thanks. I could have sworn that I tried that before.
11:11:10*kurzhaarrocker stupid
11:14:25 Quit mirfle ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
11:20:07LinusNi wonder if we should have a special handling for the "open with" for the wps, since it only uses audio filetypes
11:20:39LinusNmaybe have another viewers.txt-ish file
11:21:42LinusNtoday, the only wps-callable viewer is favorites.rock
11:24:17amiconnLinusN: a propos viewers.txt. This concept broke the individual icon display for the dynamic file types on the player...
11:24:55*LinusN runs to his sick kid
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15:09:37kurzhaarrockerOh, LinusN, I nearly forgot: I encountered another broken recording. Do you want the file?
15:13:05 Join Lynx_ [0] (HydraIRC@
15:18:28 Quit Digital007 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:19:16kurzhaarrocker(poor LinusN seems to be very busy tending sick kids)
15:23:04kurzhaarrockerfunny: the feature freeze seems to have worked in reverse. Before V2.3 there were numerous commits, but afterwards it stagnates.
15:24:52amiconnkurzhaarrocker: It was a feature freeze, not a commit freeze
15:25:09amiconnThere were numerous button bugs to fix.
15:27:58kurzhaarrockerI know. But normally I'd expect that you get feature freeze -> feature dew -> feature bloat
15:28:39Zagorwe were away thursday-sunday too
15:28:42amiconnMaybe the server unavailability frightened the developers
15:30:04kurzhaarrockerDoes that mean you didn't do anything when you were away, Zagor? :o
15:30:04kurzhaarrockeramiconn: that's something else, that's server freeze.
15:33:42amiconnkurzhaarrocker: I was busy adapting the installer (okay, I *could* have done more than that)
15:53:58Zagorkurzhaarrocker: i wish i had brought a laptop, since it was raining the entire time. but i didn't.
15:54:55kurzhaarrockerHm. Is rain good for luring eels?
16:26:36amiconnRegarding features: I'd like to change the total/free space display (in rockbox info) to dynamically adapt the decimal point & unit. However this either requires several new .lang entries for strings & voice (and deprecating the old ones), or if there shouldn't be too many deprecated entries, the changes would not be backwards compatible.
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16:30:03amiconnI wonder which way would be better...
16:37:22kurzhaarrockerMaybe we can keep backwards compatibility till V2.4
16:58:25Zagoramiconn: new lang entries are ok. we don't have to deprecate the old ones yet imho.
17:02:26 Part kurzhaarrocker
17:04:41amiconnZagor: Currently, there are LANG_DISK_FREE_STAT, LANG_DISK_STAT, which both include the unit and the decimal point, and VOICE_POINT for voicing the decimal point. For the adaptive display, I'd need 2 LANG_ entries having a %s in place of the number, the decimal point and the unit "multiplicator" (K/M/G), and a LANG_ entry for the decimal point that is both usable for voiceing and display (e.g. English uses ".", German uses ",")
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19:58:52 Join Alex [0] (
20:03:19AlexI'm looking to help development on RockBox, but haven't really done anything like this before... Any stuff I should read up on before start to cry as I look at the code?
20:05:54Alex(ordering my ihp 140 iriver tonight :D)
20:07:51dwihnorockbox doesn't work on the iriver platforms yet...
20:08:01AlexYeah, I know ;)
20:08:07AlexThat's why I'm looking to help ;)
20:08:09dwihnoYou're an optimist? :)
20:08:19AlexYou don't think it will work?
20:08:44Alexit seems to be coming along quite nicely to me, isn't it?
20:08:57AlexI hope so because I've just sold my MD player ;)
20:09:37dwihnoConsidering the Haxx guys (Linus, Daniel, Björn, Kjell) I think they can do anything they put their minds to.
20:09:38Alex(but, yeah, I am normally an optimist)
20:10:02Alex:D good, good. It was Rockbox that made me choose an iRiver ;)
20:10:25dwihnoThe only reason I haven't gotten an iriver yet is my lack of funds ;)
20:10:53dwihnoTo be honest, I do keep a great amount of respect for the core team.
20:12:58AlexBTW, (to all:) I'm currently setting up a little site which lets people buy stuff from through a refferal. All funds generated will be donated to rockbox. I stick a link here once there's a vaguely usable test page up ;)
20:14:58Alex(as I said, I wanted to help ;D)
20:16:46dwihnoReally kind of you
20:17:24Alexheh I just hope it does actually get something ;)
20:20:00PlughAlex: you should have the referral link added to the project home page
20:20:28Alexthe rockbox page?
20:20:51Alex(btw: a little beta is at
20:20:54Alexcould do actually
20:22:22Alex(i'm working on that now so don't be surprised if things stop working ;D)
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20:43:42mp3gleeDoes anyone have a .vbs script to create the .talk files for tracks?
20:49:24 Quit mp3glee ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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