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#rockbox log for 2004-11-03

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00:06:08elinenbeLinusN: NICE commits... things are heating up!
00:06:15elinenbekeep up the GREAT work!
00:09:25midkuh oh
00:09:26*midk checks it out
00:09:56midkwohoo! great! :)
00:10:05midkdefinitely wonderful work & progress
00:10:43LinusNlots of work left though...
00:11:29midkdoing great so far, i expect you'll have it "running" quite soon :)
00:11:37midki saw that the lcd driver works, in the picture.. also very cool
00:12:02LinusNyean, that's nice, now i can write text to the screen, very helpful when debugging
00:12:23midkthe size of the screen also looks quite promising :)
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00:16:08amiconnLinusN: Nice things going on in cvs, congrats!
00:21:08amiconnZagor/ Bagder/ LinusN: Did one of you already find some time to try building the extended installer? I suggest rebuilding the 2.3 release installer asap... because of the bug with the current one that Christi stumbled upon...
00:21:49amiconn(The current installer installs the rec v1 rombox.ucl for all recorder architectures... which does no good on a v2 or fm)
00:22:08LinusNi see
00:22:32amiconnAnd Ondio support of course ;-)
00:22:34LinusNi'll see what i can do
00:22:48LinusNwhere is the new one?
00:23:01amiconnIf I did not mess up some Linux/Wine specifics, it should work right out of the box
00:24:25amiconnThere are some changed+new files that go into "src", and one that goes into "bin/Languages". Should be obvious from the .zip dir structure
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00:28:48amiconnI wonder whether it would be possible to add the installer files (the "src" part) to cvs...
00:29:29amiconnThis way, it would be much easier for contributors to extend the installation language support.
00:32:45LinusNwe should do that
00:37:41amiconnCould be useful, yes. You'd have to come up with a way to transfer updated files from cvs to the correct dir for building the installer, but I think there already is such a solution for the web pages.
00:38:38LinusNshouldn't be a problem
00:40:06amiconnPlus, we should state what innosetup version is currently used to build the installer, and what language files are included by default (Swedish wasn't, but the older v 4.2.1 Swedish.isl did fit perfectly :) )
00:41:21amiconnA little wiki page describing the procedure wouldn't hurt either - maybe that's a task for me :-/
00:43:02LinusNprobably :-)
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01:01:06LinusNmy iriver adc driver worked on the first try
01:03:02amiconnNice )
01:03:05amiconn:) even
01:03:50LinusNtime to buy a lottery ticket :-)
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01:39:42Digital007hi amiconn
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01:44:12Digital007hi joe1
01:44:31joe1i was checking on the rockbox webpage regarding firmware development on iriver h120
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01:45:10Digital007joe1 try this site
01:45:17Digital007everything to do with this iriver
01:45:24joe1i want to help but i have very less knowledge in firmwares. I can program in C. Can i get some resources how i can help
01:46:06joe1i want to get started reading some tutorials to get started on firmware development
01:46:34joe1I really appreciate your work
01:46:38LinusNunfortunately, there isn't much for you to do at the moment
01:47:14LinusNhowever, you can investigate in different CODEC's
01:47:15joe1i am very interested in learning stuff about firmware development
01:47:28LinusNin general?
01:48:06joe1In general :) but I know i cant get much if I dont work on some live project..
01:48:43joe1I am a computer science graduate but never worked with hardwares
01:48:58joe1much of my work is in software
01:49:10joe1and I feel bad about not knowing much on hardware side
01:50:09joe1Are there any books/guides you can suggest to get me started?
01:50:22joe1so that i can be of any help later on
01:50:51LinusNi think O'Reilly has a book about embedded programming in general...
01:51:18LinusNi never read it
01:51:36joe1i will check it out. I have a kitcon-167 board actually.
01:51:37LinusNmy knowledge about this comes from experience
01:51:49joe1I worked with CAN networking with this board for a while
01:51:53LinusNis that a PIC board?
01:52:48Digital007I saw on the Rockbox homepage that the USB is working for the iriver?
01:53:04LinusNDigital007: no, only the USB cable detection
01:53:13Digital007ok fair enough
01:53:26Digital007how is the iriver progress coming on anyway?
01:54:31LinusNi just got the A/D converter driver working, meaning that i can read the buttons
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01:54:50Digital007i'll check it out
01:54:52joe1LinusN, I dont know what PIC means
01:55:17Digital007I read that iriver was forced to rename the iHP-120 to H120 because Hewlett-Packard said that the HP letters are their trademark
01:55:18joe1but I used to flash ROM and make it work
01:55:26LinusNjoe1: nm, i just wondered about the CPU on that board
01:55:49LinusNDigital007: i heard that too
01:56:48Digital007Hewlett-Packard complained to iriver about the use of the HP letters in iHP-120
01:56:53Digital007so they renamed it to H120
01:56:58joe1Is the board on h120 USB host capable?
01:56:59amiconnLet's hope that rockbox won't get into trouble with all those other things called rockbox...
01:57:08amiconnjoe1: nope
01:57:17LinusNwe will probably, sooner or later
02:00:04joe1amiconn, somebody was claiming that they connected their canon digital camera to h120 directly and transfered some files to h120. I dont believe him. So, just curious to find out if the board has any usb host capabilities so that it can be modded with a firmware to make use of it.
02:01:15LinusNthe usb chip on the iriver is mass storage only
02:01:31LinusNand only a slave
02:01:54LinusNit talks directly to the hard drive
02:02:07LinusNso the firmware is not involved
02:03:09joe1yeah i believed the same. just wanted to make 100% sure with you guys since you guys know about that board in and out.
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02:06:54bagawkamiconn: hey
02:07:20bagawkamiconn: I just got in my white leds today, and got done putting them in 15 minutes ago :)
02:07:35bagawkBut there is one thing
02:07:44 Quit Digital007 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:07:49bagawkI thought you said to rewire them into series
02:07:59bagawkbut they were already that way
02:08:04bagawkI amde no change to that
02:08:36bagawkThey look fine, a little bit dim, and even more when the disk spins up
02:08:55amiconnNope, I said you'd have to rewire them *in parallel*, as they are in series by default
02:09:22bagawkIll go back later and do that
02:09:44amiconnThat's why they are dim atm
02:11:12bagawkThanks for the info on the mod
02:11:20bagawkSee you later :)
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02:14:46amiconnI'm off
02:15:00 Part amiconn
02:15:57LinusNtime to sleep, nite all
02:17:21 Part LinusN
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07:52:28midk[morning] LinusN
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08:01:20amiconngood morning
08:13:08dwihnogoth mourning :[
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08:33:17amiconnLinusN: I have packaged a 2.3 release installer from the distribution .zips, in case you don't find the time to integrate extended installer building, but want to replace the 2.3 installer now
08:33:24amiconndwihno: What happened?
08:35:42LinusNamiconn: great
08:39:15amiconnIt's here:
08:40:19amiconnAnyway, I think adding the extended installer build would only take a couple of minutes. Replace the 4 changed files, add the 2 new ones, and there you go.
08:43:06dwihnoamiconn: It's a goth mourning, that's all :D
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09:11:47LinusNhey, Paco!
09:12:08Zagorvad thänker du phåå?
09:14:24 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
09:14:45LinusNZagor: i can read the keyboard on the iriver now
09:15:00LinusNboth the internal and the remote
09:15:04kurzhaarrockerDoes that mean your kids feel better now, LinusN?
09:15:11LinusNkurzhaarrocker: yes and no
09:15:27LinusNfirst kid is better, second is getting sick
09:15:49kurzhaarrockerSo the sickness makes its round in your family?
09:15:58LinusNi guess i'll catch it as well
09:16:15kurzhaarrockerI thought you were the one who spread it.
09:16:40*kurzhaarrocker doesn't know what RUP is
09:16:46LinusNzagor does
09:17:22LinusNRational Unified Process
09:17:39LinusNor, in this case, Rapid Upcoming Puke
09:17:50kurzhaarrockerhrgh, not ok
09:17:58Zagornasty illness. rational should be prosecuted for creating it.
09:18:27kurzhaarrockerNorton Anti Virus doesn't help?
09:18:58LinusNnope, you have to empty the stomach and reformat it
09:19:51dwihnoLinusN: Congrats on the progress... If I wasn't such a poor fellow, I would've already bought myself an unit; just to show faith :)
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09:21:06kurzhaarrockerBtw: LinusN, I encountered another case of broken recording (stutter). Do you want the file?
09:30:27kurzhaarrockerDisclaimer: it contains a beginners violin practise session, don't use it on neighbours, enemies or animals!
09:31:09kurzhaarrockerInteresting is that there is a very short audiable glitch shortly before the stutter begins.
09:31:31kurzhaarrockerNo, spdif
09:31:54LinusNthen it might be the famous/dreaded MAS bug
09:32:23LinusNthe MAS loses the clock sync and never recovers
09:32:24kurzhaarrockerpersumably yes.
09:33:00LinusNgot it
09:33:15kurzhaarrockerThen I'll delete it from my precious web space.
09:33:28LinusNdo so
09:34:01kurzhaarrockerThe recording was made with V2.3 + triggered recording patch
09:34:18kurzhaarrockera dozen other recordings from the same session were without problems
09:35:35LinusNaha, a patched version
09:35:44kurzhaarrockerHm. When you have prerecording enabled - does the mas ever change the recording mode?
09:36:04LinusNno warranty on patched versions :-)
09:36:17LinusNkurzhaarrocker: no it doesn't change mode
09:36:32kurzhaarrockerI didn't brake any seals. I wasn't even in the zoo at all!
09:37:24kurzhaarrockerThat means that the mas _did_ recover as the next take was without problems.
09:38:51LinusNdid you stop in between?
09:38:57kurzhaarrockerThe trigger did
09:39:08LinusNwith mpeg_stop()?
09:39:29*kurzhaarrocker looks at his code
09:40:25LinusNi believe that changes the mode before prerecording again
09:41:29kurzhaarrockerYes, the trigger uses mpeg_stop().
09:43:28LinusNjust checked the mpeg code, yes it restarts the recording
09:44:21kurzhaarrockerBut that still means that I got a broken recording after < 2min. If I recall Paul correctly he didn't get any problems with recordings < 45 min.
09:44:57kurzhaarrockerok that explains why the next recordings were ok.
09:46:05LinusNit can lose sync anytime
09:46:19LinusNit's a signal quality issue
09:49:28kurzhaarrockerI just wonder how I once got a broken recording of the same kind when I recorded from line in.
09:52:03LinusNinteresting, then it may not be the sync bug after all
09:53:14LinusNhmmm, i wonder if you can repeat the bug by feeding it a hard-to-encode signal?
09:53:35LinusNlike distortion, clipping, DC level or similar
09:54:14kurzhaarrockerDid you notice that glicht before the stutter happens?
09:54:32kurzhaarrockerIt's maybe 2 or 3 seconds before
09:55:14LinusNi haven't listened to it, i just downloaded it so you could free your web space
09:57:03kurzhaarrockerWell the other broken recording happend with a band at least as lousy as that violinist. Maybe the mas has a soul that can suffer, too.
10:08:41amiconnLinusN: I tired to deliberately produce broken recording (by overdriving the input by about 12 dB) - error rate didn't change significantly
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10:30:24[IDC]Dragon'morning out there
10:30:54amiconnmorning Jörg
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10:32:31[IDC]DragonJens, I tried 3ivx on this box, but DirectShow has general problems with .avi here
10:33:27[IDC]Dragonare you sure the FOURCC is YUV2?
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10:33:44 Part Strath
10:34:06[IDC] doesn't list that one
10:36:05 Quit Plugh (
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10:39:45amiconn[IDC]Dragon: No, the fourcc isn't YUV2, this is one of the pixel formats it can deliver. 3ivx can decode all divx variants, plus it's own format (for which the fourcc is probably 3ivx)
10:40:01amiconnThe videos I tried to convert are DivX variants
10:41:13amiconnI finally found an intermediate format (Indeo 5.1) that, when used in in GraphEdit, produces a stream format that is accepted by rvf_mux.
10:41:45amiconnHowever, videos converted to .rvf from that run even worse than those converted the "classic" way (command line)
10:42:15amiconnIn addition to the audio underruns, they produce frequent audio dropouts (about every second)
10:49:04[IDC]Dragonwith the FOURCC, I meant the one at the decoder output, the pixel format
10:50:57amiconnAh ok. The pixel formats provided by 3ivx are YUV2, YV12, and various RGB formats
10:51:29amiconnIirc, FourCC means the codec id in the avi file
10:53:05[IDC]Dragonno, it's a general concept
10:53:56LinusNamiconn, Zagor: I have now updated rockbox-2.3-install.exe and the installation files
10:54:08amiconnSome RGB format names are 5 characters long
10:54:18ZagorLinusN: goodie
10:54:41[IDC]DragonLinusN: thanks, nice
10:55:02LinusNnext task is of course to add it to cvs
10:55:39[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I support YV12 and YUY2
10:55:53[IDC]DragonYUV2 seems to be uncommon
10:56:23[IDC]Dragonbut I can extend to allow such connection, let's see what happens
11:00:34[IDC]Dragonbut it's strange why it doesn't connect with YUY2
11:04:48amiconnLinusN: "The requested URL /download/rockbox-2.3-install.exe was not found on this server"
11:06:32amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I was wrong - it does deliver YUY2, but it doesn't connect anyway
11:07:46LinusNamiconn: your file had a capital R
11:07:50LinusNi have renamed it now
11:08:11Zagoryeah, the installed builder makes a file with capital R
11:09:41amiconnZagor: This is easily fixable if desired
11:11:56Zagoryeah, it's probably best
11:12:13LinusNsomeone with a clue should put this in cvs
11:12:43ZagorI'll look at it after lunch
11:18:02LinusNi said "someone with a clue" :-)
11:18:09[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I have added YUV2 now, on special request :-(
11:22:25amiconnLinusN: The download page needs 2 corrections: (1) Size display for the installer (2) "Not for Ondio yet" should be removed
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12:39:44LinusNamiconn: it's in cvs, www/download/index.t
12:41:34amiconnAh ok
12:42:29LinusNi have fixed it now
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13:30:04dwihnoAnyone knows anyone who can get a SonyEricsson Z1010 spare part really fast? :)
13:30:49*LinusN looks away
13:48:56dwihnoOkay, I'm having this dilemma... Should I: 1) Send my phone away for ~2 weeks to get the repair done, 2) wait ~3 weeks for the local repair shop to get the spare part, and get the phone fixed when the part arrives...
13:49:30dwihnoIf I choose option 2, I'll have to pay the repair myself
13:50:33LinusNtwo weeks! wow!
13:58:57dwihnoWhat can I say... :/
13:59:41dwihnoWhat would you do, if the phone was yours?
14:03:31LinusNi normally send it away for repair
14:03:56LinusNwell, the Nokia repair shop is in Stockholm, so it normally takes only a few days
14:04:25*khrocker doesn't really need a handy
14:04:44khrockerhandy = cellular phone
14:04:59 Nick khrocker is now known as kurzhaarrocker (
14:05:27dwihnoBuy Swedish - buy Sony! ;)
14:18:10amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Is there a place to get your modified DirectShow filter?
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15:53:18[IDC]Dragonamiconn: just got back
15:53:47[IDC]Dragonwhat "modified DirectShow filter"? I removed the YUV2 again.
15:57:53amiconnIt's okay. I just though I could test that modification, but it wouldn't make much sense either.
15:58:28amiconnI still wonder what causes all those playback problems with MPEG2 audio tracks...
16:00:51[IDC]Dragonin general, or with video?
16:02:09amiconnWith video
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16:28:32[IDC]DragonI can try to move the audio a bit ahead, the old command line rvf_mux had that option, but I don't think it'll help
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16:29:23[IDC]Dragonor, produce an audio-only rvf (might work, implemented but not tested)
16:29:36[IDC]Dragonto see if there is a general problem
16:30:42 Quit AciD (Remote closed the connection)
16:32:24amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I can try that, in the evening
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17:09:53 Part Zagor
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21:52:14miner49eri've just submitted my plasma demo effort into the patch tracker if anyone is interested :-)
22:00:41 Join Alex--- [0] (
22:00:50 Quit Alex (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:00:50 Nick Alex--- is now known as Alex (
22:01:38amiconnminer49er: Nice idea. I did not yet try it, just some remarks from a quick glance at the source:
22:02:56amiconn(1) You you floating point maths for the sine precalculation, that's why it is so slow. Fixed point maths would be way faster here, and probably make the binary smaller too
22:03:30amiconn(2) The USB handling needs some rework
22:03:57 Join Alex--- [0] (
22:04:40 Quit Alex (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:04:41 Nick Alex--- is now known as Alex (
22:05:31 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:08:03 Join Rex [0] (
22:08:08Rexhey :)
22:08:45Rexcool i thought this chat was dead :)
22:09:00Rexhey Jörg :P
22:09:04[IDC]Dragonit just smells funny
22:09:10Rexi see :)
22:09:40Rexi saw that Rockbox is making software for Archos Jukeboxes :)
22:10:15[IDC]Dragonyou're new?
22:10:19Rexwhich is very cool, except that it doesnt support my box.... and archos also stopt supporting my jukebox.... So i actually dont know what to do :((((
22:10:30Rexi am
22:10:50 Nick Rex is now known as Wolf (
22:10:54[IDC]Dragonhmm, buy another box? :-/
22:11:02Wolfthats like ... impossible
22:11:05 Nick Wolf is now known as Rexx (
22:11:06miner49erthanks for the tips amicon. I must admit I wanted the challange of creating Sine values from scratch but now I've done that I guess I could hard code some int values :-)
22:11:28Rexxif i knew how to make the software i would try it myself =\
22:11:47amiconnminer49er: Iirc the cube plugin (or was it bounce?) already contains a sine table
22:12:16miner49eryeah, I saw that - could we share that data - I would hate to repeat code!
22:12:48[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I installed 3ivx here at home now, connects nicely's the cube plugin. If we could string plugins together we could make a megademo!
22:14:20Rexxif there is some site that tells you how to make an OS for a jukebox.... or something that can help me.... well gimme the url then ;)
22:15:13miner49erwhat model of Archos do you have rexx?
22:15:29Rexxi got Archos Multimedia Jukebox
22:15:32Rexx120 i think
22:16:05Rexx20 GB ... but i will upgrade it to 80 GB soon .. (i found a site that tells you how to do so)
22:17:10miner49eryour best hope is the AVos project I reckon but that may just be for the other models again
22:17:11Rexx >> looks a lot like my archos :)
22:17:50miner49eryours plays video, right? Rockbox will probably never run on it :-( shame as I have a multimedia too - nice device shame about the software
22:17:59amiconn[IDC]Dragon: What additional filters get inserted between the 3ivx decoder and rvf_mux?
22:18:13amiconnMaybe there is a filter that is missing on my box...
22:19:44amiconnReally strange... Lemme check versions
22:19:56[IDC]DragonI got 4.5
22:19:59Rexxminer49er: yeah
22:20:16[IDC]Dragoninput is MP43, with this clip
22:20:35[IDC]Dragonoutput is YV12
22:20:41miner49erI understand it to be vastly different hardware, therefore requiring very different software.
22:21:01[IDC]DragonRexx: look for the Avos and LinAV projects
22:21:04Rexxah :(
22:21:16Rexxim looking at avOs but i think mine is not supported over there
22:21:39[IDC]Dragoncorrect, but the hardware is similar
22:21:44Rexxah :)
22:21:46miner49erHave any core developers seen this site: with info on GMini?
22:22:30miner49eris the hardware similer at all to our players/recorders?
22:22:53[IDC]Dragonno. Archos has mainly 3 architectures:
22:23:08[IDC]Dragon1) the SH platform we're working with
22:23:34[IDC]Dragon2) TI platform for the AV models
22:28:21[IDC]Dragon3) Telechips for the Gmini's
22:28:21miner49ershame. I don't know what I willdo ehen my (3rd) FmRecorder breaks...
22:28:21amiconn[IDC]Dragon: 3ivx is D4 v4.5.1, source video is DX50, audio MPEG2 layer 3. AVI splitter inserted, 3ivx D4 Video decoder @ video pin. Rvf_mux is the version from your home page.
22:28:21Rexxi dont have AV .... what architecture am i using then? :S
22:28:21[IDC]Dragon2) and 3) use proprietary CPUs, for which free development tools and info are rather non existing
22:28:21[IDC]DragonRexx: your MM is an AV
22:28:21amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Trying to connect 3ivx D4 output with Rvf_mux input -> The filters cannot agree on a connection :(
22:28:21DBUGEnqueued KICK [IDC]Dragon
22:28:21[IDC]Dragonamiconn: can you provide me with such a clip?
22:28:21[IDC]Dragonwhat is DX50?
22:28:21Rexxah no project supports Archos MM :( i should start my own ;)
22:28:21amiconn[IDC]Dragon: You can download it from the web (official download):
22:28:21***Alert Mode level 1
22:28:21DBUGEnqueued KICK amiconn
22:28:21amiconnDX50 is DivX 5.0
22:28:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:29:00amiconn(one of the mayn not-quite-compatible MPEG4 incarnations)
22:30:38[IDC]Dragondumb question: how do I save that? IE and Opera want to play it right away
22:30:48Rexxi think ill stay here a longer while, as i am starting to like this chat.... (im learning a lot in a short time :P)
22:30:56amiconnErm, Right mouse button -> save as...
22:31:10[IDC]Dragonright mouse on what?
22:31:17miner49errexx: Please start a MM project! I wouldn't have a clue where to start, but would help wherever I could
22:31:23amiconnI use Mozilla by default, but some sites unfortunately require IE
22:31:33[IDC]Dragonjust the directory won't list
22:31:38miner49erevil IE :-)
22:31:54amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Ah ok, because I gave the direct link.
22:32:39miner49erproblem with MM project is that there only about 5 people on the planet who would be interested...wouldn't stop me though!
22:33:12Rexxlol miner i also wouldnt know where to start :P all i know is Java, PHP, UML, Perl, SQL and JavaScript! So nothng usefull!
22:33:17amiconn[IDC]Dragon: So you'll have to do some klicks: (1) Go to (2) Select "discography" at the top, then the right album.
22:33:29Rexxabout 5 people? i think a lot more.... :p
22:33:43Rexxin my classroom 3 persons have a MM :P
22:33:46amiconnIn the track list, the last track has the link to the video, save it with rmb->save as...
22:34:24Rexxi could start a project but i dont know where to start (after i made the project site)
22:35:13[IDC]Dragongot it
22:35:27[IDC]Dragon(was still in the cache)
22:35:38Rexxi found a pdf with info about the chip and i know what chip MM is using.... well at least i got some info now :)
22:36:12miner49erI was exaggerating with the "5 people" thing.:-)
22:36:46Rexxwow the file i found is 250 a4 pages :|
22:37:18miner49erAlso, I think there is a problem with the method of updating the firmware - I think it has to be flashed in order to run - so even if we gathered enough information to compile something we would knacker our boxes straight away!
22:38:22***Alert Mode OFF
22:38:43Rexxso what you are saying is.... we r fucked :)
22:38:54Rexxwe could all spam Archos :P
22:38:57Rexxwith requests ;)
22:39:08[IDC]Dragonamiconn: connects happily
22:39:49miner49erI'm not sure we are knackered, cleverer people than me have designed methods to reflash via a serial connction i think.
22:40:13amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Hmm, now that is really strange.
22:41:37amiconnI found the problem, but this really was not obvious, grr
22:42:23miner49erthere may allready be a way. I think if you hold down a cetain key and power up whilst connected to USB a secret partition appears and i think you can dump a new flash file in there...
22:42:32amiconn[IDC]Dragon:i In the 3ivx properties, I had set "Hardware Acceleration"->"Force Overlay" to on. When I switch that off, it connects....
22:42:33Rexxwow i found a yahoo group with 35999 messages about MM .....
22:42:57[IDC]Dragonamiconn: oh, that explains alot
22:43:50miner49er..i think, try it...
22:43:58miner49er..hang on, i'll try.
22:44:10amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Now that there is an .rvf file of reasonable size, let's see how it plays...
22:44:39Rexxi could see if there is a secret partition
22:44:42Rexxjust gimme a sec :P
22:46:08 Quit Alex (Read error: 232 (Connection reset by peer))
22:46:29[IDC]Dragonamiconn: sounds no good here, audio very intermittive
22:46:40amiconnSame here
22:46:44 Join webguest28 [0] (
22:46:46[IDC]Dragontha pointer run apart
22:46:55[IDC]Dragonthe pointers
22:47:15 Quit webguest28 (Client Quit)
22:47:19[IDC]Dragoncheck with F1
22:47:24amiconnStops after less than a minute, with 6 audio underruns and 1 video underrun
22:48:18amiconnThat's the same behaviour I got with my indeo intermediates and converting with DirectShow.
22:48:40[IDC]Dragondid you re-encode audio?
22:49:01[IDC]DragonI'm suspecting the audio
22:49:04amiconnWhen converting with cmd line tools, the audio is not intermittent, but the audio underruns and early stop still happen
22:49:10Rexxi could kill my archos for what im doing right now
22:49:15Rexxi hope i dont =\
22:49:26amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I have a second video with the same problem...
22:49:33[IDC]Dragonprobably my parser is not timestamping the audio correct
22:49:46miner49ercarefull then. It may not be actually on the drive it may be some memory in the deviceor something
22:50:08amiconn...and I got 3 other videos, using the same video & audio codecs, only difference being it's MPEG1 (44.1 kHz). They work fine
22:50:32[IDC]Dragonok, audio is fishy
22:50:36miner49erI did it once, I got the info from some newsgroup or yahoo group or something. don't break anything, i'll search the net to try and re-find the method. Damn my useless memory
22:50:53Rexxi know a yahoo group...
22:51:03Rexxim looking over there
22:51:08Rexxbut they have 40000 messages
22:51:12Rexxso i dont know where to start :p
22:51:21miner49ersearch for colour bars or color bars - I remember it booted up with coloured bars instead of regular screen
22:52:14 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:52:22RexxNo matches found in the messages searched.
22:52:39 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:52:39 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:53:56miner49errexx: my damn girlfriend wants to use the TV now and my other computer aint connected to the net, so I gotta go - if I find out that stuff I'll let you know via here or email me at
22:54:13Rexxstupid yahoo only looks at the last 1000 posts
22:54:20Rexxok cya
22:54:33Rexxim sure ill cya over here
22:54:34amiconn[IDC]Dragon: When I converted the video with cmd line tools, I also tried playing the audio track on its own (as .mp3, on the box). It played fine...
22:54:46Rexxwhen do u think u will be back btw?
22:58:35[IDC]Dragonamiconn: my parser must tell the audio consumptions totally wrong
22:58:37 Quit vmx ("Have fun!")
23:00:01amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I'll retry a hand-converted version and watch the pointers... Btw, which pointer is which?
23:00:18[IDC]DragonI have to look in the source
23:01:14[IDC]Dragonaudio is at the top
23:01:32amiconnLuckily, I still have one of my cmd line conversions laying around..
23:03:49amiconnStrange: with that video, the pointers run apart too, but not that fast. It looks like the audio pointer is running exactly twice as fast as the video pointer.
23:03:53 Join Alex [0] (
23:06:58amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Both tests combined tell me that both the command line and the DirectShow Rvf_mux get the timing wrong for MPEG2 audio, but by a different amount...
23:09:01[IDC]Dragonwith DS, it looks like audio runs >5 times too fast
23:10:58[IDC]Dragonbut audio doesn't play correct, why is it consumed so fast?
23:11:04CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:11:04*amiconn will try DirectShow with MPEG1 audio
23:11:26[IDC]Dragonthat should work, I've done that
23:11:48[IDC]Dragonam I missing some MAS setup?
23:13:00amiconnI don't think so. The playback setup will play any version, any sample freq, layer 2 and 3
23:14:27miner49eradvert break! what is so special about corranation street i'l never know! I will be back here 2morrow or friday...bye
23:14:34 Quit miner49er ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7/20040514]")
23:15:19amiconn[IDC]Dragon: DS-converted video clip with MPEG1 works fine here, too.
23:15:56 Join Alex--- [0] (
23:18:32 Quit Alex (Read error: 232 (Connection reset by peer))
23:18:32 Nick Alex--- is now known as Alex (
23:19:55amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I just saw a *very* strange effect. I tried playing the DS-converted clip that does not play correctly again, watching the pointers with F1.
23:20:49amiconnAfter that I wanted to stop, which didn't work. I tried several times, obviously rockbox was run away. Suddenly, the whole pixel area looked *blue*!
23:20:56amiconnYes! no kidding!
23:21:20 Quit Alex (Read error: 232 (Connection reset by peer))
23:21:29[IDC]Dragonyou discovered the color mode? ;-)
23:21:54amiconnI dunno what I discovered, but it's true!
23:23:06[IDC]Dragonwith my backlight, it looks sortof blue anyway
23:23:37[IDC]Dragonbut gray video areas look a bit sepia
23:23:38amiconnHehe, yes. I also have that, but that's not what I observed
23:24:05amiconnThe whole pixel area looked blue, without flickering
23:24:21[IDC]Dragonso I think the LCD film can do some sort of wavelength seperation
23:24:45amiconnUnfortunately I switched the it off before I thought of taking a photo
23:25:14amiconnMaybe leaving it in this state for too long doesn't do any good to the display
23:25:30[IDC]Dragonremember the Siemens S10 mobile phone? it had a color LCD, where the colors are generated by different voltaged or so
23:25:53amiconnI was trying to get that effect back, but all I get are CPUAdrErrors :(
23:26:01[IDC]Dragonbut only rainbow colors, and not very distinct
23:26:53[IDC]Dragonwork on it, that'll be a killer feature!
23:27:07amiconnFor the choppy audio: I suspect the DS version of rvf_mux does not correctly link the audio blocks, so the mas is fed with garbage
23:27:45[IDC]Dragonmaybe I can do some diagnostics tomorrow
23:28:45[IDC]Dragondoes the command line version play (besides the double speed pointer)?
23:28:46amiconnIt looks like it's 4 times as fast as the video with DS (derived from the playtime)
23:29:32amiconnThe command line version plays, but causes a number of audio underruns, and ends prematurely
23:29:53[IDC]DragonI have to write a rvf demux :-(
23:31:20amiconnRemember that I found a bug with the cmd line rvf_mux back then? This was also related to MPEG2 and MPEG2.5, not correctly linking audio blocks....
23:31:52[IDC]Dragonyes, I do
23:32:07[IDC]Dragonand this should be fixed now in both versions
23:32:29amiconnI have to agree here :)
23:33:12amiconnMay it be that this not-correctly linking bug is still in the DS version?
23:34:09[IDC]Dragonthat came a lot later
23:34:20amiconn(But this would be indeed a bit strange, since you wrote it after the command line version)
23:35:03[IDC]Dragonvery strange: I just made a audio-only rvf with DS
23:35:14amiconnI could prepare a number of short clips, with all MPEG version, layer and freq combinations that are possible.
23:35:30[IDC]Dragonmaybe the player isbuggy for that, since I never tested
23:35:53[IDC]Dragonbut: it shows some bits of video!
23:36:21amiconnOoops! Does it show parts of the original video, or random garbage?
23:36:32[IDC]Dragonlooks like the original
23:37:06amiconnHow could this happen? You didn't connect the video pin, did you?
23:37:11[IDC]Dragonthe file is shorter than just audio, also very mysterious
23:37:29[IDC]Dragonvideo was unconnected, no decoder inthe graph
23:37:55[IDC]Dragonmaybe my file system is garbled
23:37:57amiconnNow it gets really mysterious... lcds, video where there should be none...
23:38:36[IDC]Dragonisn't it halloween?
23:38:40amiconn...the mysterious video.rock ;-)
23:39:05amiconnHalloween is already over ?!?!?
23:39:29*amiconn will also try audio only
23:41:20[IDC]Dragon2nd try looks similar
23:41:33[IDC]Dragonthe video in very fast forward
23:42:11[IDC]Dragonbut the black bars are clearly visible
23:44:08amiconnSimilar problems with MPEG1 audio track & audio only
23:45:09[IDC]Dragondo you get video, too?
23:45:42amiconnStarts with a part of the original video, then black screen, audio stutters a bit, then plays continuously for several seconds (still black screen).
23:46:02amiconnAfter that, it stops and reports 11 video underruns
23:46:12[IDC]Dragonhow on earth can the video get into there?
23:46:33amiconnThe mysteries of DirectShow :-/
23:46:52amiconnAfter all, it's called Direct *Show*
23:47:01[IDC]Dragonwithout a decoder?
23:47:56amiconnYeah, that's indeed strange. Perhaps the AVI splitter is confused if it has no drain for the video...
23:48:31*amiconn retries with an added "Null renderer"
23:51:16amiconnGrr, now "play graph" doesn't end...
23:53:03[IDC]DragonI think the video is still in DRAM, it goes fetching somewhere
23:53:37amiconnYou think it's caused by the player?
23:54:18amiconnThat's easy to test - switch off the player, wait a while, and try playing directly after boot
23:54:26amiconnI'll do that
23:55:19[IDC]DragonI try to play a different video before the audio only file
23:55:24amiconnYou are right - now it shows random pixels instead of the original video
23:56:20amiconnSo the player thinks the .rvf does contain audio+video, while in fact there is only audio...
23:57:29[IDC]DragonI see the futurama clip I played before
23:57:33amiconnIt seems impossible to build an audio-only .rvf with the command line tools

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