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#rockbox log for 2004-11-04

00:00:45amiconnThe problem may still be caused by the encoder, in case the hasVideo flag is set in spite of no video being there...
00:01:23[IDC]Dragonyes, the video format is set
00:01:33[IDC]Dragontrying a patched file now...
00:02:41[IDC]Dragonno video, just the jumpy sound
00:03:46amiconnJumpy sound with MPEG2?
00:04:02amiconnYou could try MPEG1 as well
00:04:10*[IDC]Dragon looks for a short know good clip, to test ifausio-only rvf is ok
00:04:46amiconnI tried with my other clips containing 192 kbps MPEG1 audio
00:05:02amiconnWhich byte/bit is to patch?
00:05:26[IDC]Dragonoffset 0x43 to 0x00
00:06:27amiconnMPEG1 audio plays fine with the corrected flags
00:06:36amiconnThe screen is boring ;-)
00:06:52[IDC]Dragonyes ;-)
00:07:01[IDC]Dragonnot made for it
00:07:18amiconnWho will play video without video ;-)
00:07:35amiconnWe just do that...
00:07:45[IDC]Dragonat least, it is internally prepared
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00:09:26amiconnSummarizing: (1) DS encoder still sets hasVideo when there is no video. (2) Both ds encoder and cmd line encoder fail on MPEG2 (and possibly MPEG2.5)
00:10:03amiconn(3) DS produces a 4x audio speed, with choppy sound (4) cmd line produces 2x audio speed, with no choppy sound.
00:10:26amiconn(5) Both situations cause audio underruns, and sometimes crash the player
00:11:19[IDC]Dragonand a bluescreen!
00:11:46 Quit scott666_ ("i'll be back...eventually...")
00:11:47amiconnFortunately rockbox is not windows NT
00:12:09[IDC]Dragonyou never know, we learned
00:17:29amiconnCPUAdrErr at 091F8822
00:17:46amiconnHolding F1 all the time while the bad clip was playing
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00:33:59*[IDC]Dragon says goodnight
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02:18:41 Part amiconn
02:19:30Digital007hi midk
02:19:52Digital007im a member of
02:22:43Digital007everything iriver
02:23:00midk= iRiverMan
02:23:14Digital007midk = wrong
02:24:37midkmidk != wrong
02:25:17midkyour second post being 'how does the ihp compare to the archos gmini' gives it away
02:25:33Digital007fuck off midk
02:25:36Digital007get ur facts right
02:25:51midk'ur' also blows it
02:26:18Digital007'ur' is commonly used
02:27:08midkespecially with iRiverMan
02:27:41Digital007midk = mikeholden
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02:43:20Digital007hi zucculent
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07:25:39amiconnGood morning
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08:02:29amiconnLinusN: 2 things concerning the windows installer: (1) The download page links to it with a lower case "r", the daily build pages link with a capital "R". (2) There are no daily installers since 2.3...
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08:11:33LinusNamiconn: björn has f*cked it up
08:13:25LinusNhmmm, or has he?
08:13:41midkwat's wrong now?
08:13:43midklooks fine to me
08:13:50LinusNthe update-daily script is wrong
08:14:01midklook right to me
08:14:18LinusNfirst of all, it has the wrong directory for DAILYDIR
08:14:29midki see..
08:14:33midkok zagor did it
08:14:44LinusNno, amiconn
08:14:52amiconnLinusN: Huh?
08:15:13LinusNdidn't you change the update-daily script?
08:15:32LinusNthere are many reasons why it fails
08:15:36amiconn(1) I merely added the 2 additional Ondio builds, based on the script versions Zagor sent me
08:15:40LinusN1) The server was down
08:16:21amiconn(2) There was no 2004-11-02 installer as well, that was before you added my extended scripts
08:16:30LinusN2) Weird owner/permission on some files
08:16:37LinusN3) The update-daily script fails
08:17:00LinusN1) and 2) was before we updated the files
08:17:39amiconnI did major changes to build-installer and rockbox.iss, but only 1-line changes to update-dailybuild and update-release
08:17:46LinusN[ISPP] Undeclared identifier: "AppVersion".
08:18:33amiconnThat's a directory issue, and caused by build-installer.
08:18:48amiconnI also got that on windows/cygwin, but the directories are set exactly the same way as with the old script
08:20:00amiconnLinusN: Were does the file "rockbox.version.iss" created in your dir tree?
08:20:08amiconn*get created
08:22:30amiconnOk, that's the same place it gets created here. But I did not change any working dir location, and the script worked beforehand...
08:22:42*amiconn is checking something
08:24:12LinusNit rowks
08:24:17LinusNit works
08:24:38LinusNi ran the files as the wrong user
08:24:55 Quit Ka_ (Connection timed out)
08:24:56LinusNthe only real problem was that DAILYSRC was wrong
08:25:23amiconnOk. I did not change that part...
08:26:08LinusNi think zagor did that
08:26:18amiconnIn the update-xxx script, I only changed the VERSIONS= line
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08:29:20LinusNi think zagor used the update-daily script to create the release, and changed the DAILYSRC
08:32:04LinusNanyway, we now have an installer for todays daily
08:32:25amiconnNice :)
08:33:54amiconnI'd like to integrate the Ondio datasheets on the datasheets wiki page. However, I'd suggest to change the format, because many datasheets are valid for multiple models
08:34:36amiconnI would use a table with the models across, ticking the column when the datasheet is valid for it. See the Ondio wiki page for a small example of what I mean.
08:34:42amiconnWhat do you think?
08:34:49LinusNgo ahead
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09:06:04 Join Zagor [242] (
09:07:03amiconnhi Zagor
09:07:24amiconnLinusN, Zagor: Do you know whether non-flashable v2/fm recorders exist?
09:11:34Zagori don't know
09:17:50amiconnLinusN: ISD-300 is also used in iRiver, right?
09:18:15LinusNlook at the wiki datasheet page
09:18:38LinusNwell, it's the isd300lp version
09:19:09LinusNalso called CY7C68310
09:20:08amiconnAh ok, a variant.
09:45:05LinusNdo we really need to scan for plugins (filetypes handling)?
09:49:29amiconnLinusN: (DataSheets page) major parts done, the rest gets done this evening :)
09:50:38amiconn(including the MAS datasheet complements)
09:50:53LinusNlooks nice
09:51:07amiconnI tried to sort the parts by function
09:51:32LinusNnoticed that
09:51:48ZagorLinusN: we don't need it, but the thinking was that having it means people can just drop plugins on the disk and they will work without changing viewers.conf
09:52:01 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
09:53:05LinusNZagor: ok, just noticed that it hasn't ever been used
09:53:37LinusNand i was working with the wps context menu
09:54:00amiconnZagor: Iirc when a plugin is not found while scanning, the filetype will not be shown as supported, so it should stay
09:54:34Zagori think we can remove it. it's not like lots of people write independent plugins.
09:54:58Zagoramiconn: it will be supported if it's in viewers.config
09:55:27Zagor"scanning" refers to looking for unlisted .rock files in the viewers directory
09:55:40amiconnIirc the filetypes registering code reads viewers.config, then checks which plugins do exists
09:56:36amiconnIf a plugin for the extensions does not exist, the extension doesn't get registered. This is at least necessary on the player (or we need different viewer.config files)
09:58:54Zagorall of that is handled by viewers.config. we have never shipped with "scanned plugins".
10:08:55LinusNamiconn: the viewers.config file is edited by
10:09:21LinusNit removes nonexistant rocks from the config file
10:10:16 Join Bagder [0] (
10:10:29LinusNwooo, restarting the modem worked
10:26:01 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
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10:31:23BagderPlasma Demo!
10:57:37kurzhaarrockerBtw: yesterday I recorded without problems again.
10:59:25ZagorBagder: did you try it? does it look good?
10:59:45Bagderhaven't tried
11:04:51 Join amiconn_ [0] (
11:06:01amiconn_Grr, my rdp connection doesn't like me today
11:28:38LinusNBagder: u there?
11:32:31LinusNthe plasma is c000l
11:32:41LinusNand slow...
11:36:42 Join Domo [0] (
11:37:10 Quit Domo (Client Quit)
11:43:05*[IDC]Dragon triggers on "plasma demo"
11:43:12[IDC]Dragonwhat's that?
11:43:35[IDC]Dragona grayscale plugin?
11:43:54[IDC]Dragonwhere is it?
11:44:43[IDC]Dragonah, found it
11:53:13LinusNit's funny, that updating the progress bars take longer than the actual calculations :-)
11:54:48amiconn_The USB handling in it is broken
11:55:23*kurzhaarrocker triggers recordings :)
11:55:43amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: Do you already have an idea what's wrong with rvf_mux?
12:01:28[IDC]Dragonyes, the frame size calculation is wrong (again)
12:02:01[IDC]Dragon(lunch now)
12:02:47*LinusN is trying the trigger patch
12:03:32LinusNsound_menu.c: In function `rectrigger':
12:03:32LinusNsound_menu.c:726: warning: enumeration value `TRIG_OPTION_COUNT' not handled in
12:03:32LinusN switch
12:03:54kurzhaarrockerThat was just a constant to count the trig_options
12:04:16kurzhaarrockerI sometimes do something like that to get an automated count, didn't know compilers would complain
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12:37:36kurzhaarrockerLinusN: are you trying the trigger only or the full-monty thingie with the additional recled patch?
12:45:53LinusNkurzhaarrocker: it doesn't seem to handle Pause very well
12:47:31kurzhaarrockerOk, I'll work that over.
12:48:19*kurzhaarrocker never paused a recording, doesn't know why he should :)
13:03:26LinusNit doesn't seem to update the status bar either
13:04:15LinusNsorry, it does
13:05:07LinusNi agree that the led is confusing when doing triggered recording
13:05:38[IDC]Dragonamiconn: u there?
13:06:34amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: Now I am
13:06:55amiconn_(don't know how long you had to wait, no timestamps in cgi::irc :(
13:07:53[IDC]Dragona minute
13:08:07[IDC]Dragonyou can enable the timestamps
13:08:18LinusNkurzhaarrocker: i'm not too fond of the stoplight though
13:08:34[IDC]Dragonclick on the tool icon, then configure
13:08:55LinusNit's so tiny, and may conflict with the gain setting
13:08:57[IDC]Dragonit even remembers it persistantly
13:09:26[IDC]Dragonamiconn: see
13:10:03[IDC]Dragonthis is the same function as in rvf_mux, only C instead of C
13:10:19kurzhaarrockerIt doesn't conflict with my gain settings, LinusN.
13:10:31[IDC]DragonC plus plus (stupid cgiirc)
13:12:52[IDC]Dragonit calculates 365 bytes per frame, istead of the 182 I find in the audio data
13:13:01kurzhaarrockerSince the font in the recording screen is tied to sysfont problems due to other fonts can't happen either
13:13:28Zagorkurzhaarrocker: not other fonts, but other languages
13:13:29kurzhaarrockerAlthough I admit that I'd prefer if the inverted text line length could be defined ...
13:13:44kurzhaarrockerah, yes, zagor
13:14:19LinusNmy idea is to replace the bottom line with informative text instead
13:14:33Zagorthat's a good idea imho
13:14:50LinusNor at least some larger graphics
13:16:02LinusNmaybe even move things around, and have it below the peal meter
13:16:03kurzhaarrockerLinusN: don't you like the idea of the stoplight or is it just the way it is done here?
13:16:10amiconn_LinusN want's graphics in rockbox? Hoho!
13:16:31LinusNthe stoplight is so small
13:16:32Zagoron the other hand, a line of text could become very flickery if status changes often. the stoplight is better in such cases.
13:17:07LinusNthe nice thing with the status bar would be a countdown
13:17:18kurzhaarrockerOriginally I had text. You never really knew what mode you were in because you'd never really read the text.
13:17:48LinusNi have two complaints about the stoplight:
13:17:53LinusN1) it's so small
13:18:00LinusN2) it may be overwritten by the gain text
13:18:24LinusNand 3) takes some manual reading to interpret
13:19:00amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: Do you already have a solution? (Btw: I had a look at the rvf_mux source, but I have to admit that I don't quite understand some of those C constructs)
13:20:40kurzhaarrockerWe might skip the stop light entirely. With the additional recled patch the most important information is displayed. (It blinks when a triggerlevel has been reached but doesn't record yet)
13:20:58LinusNand it blinks when it's about to stop?
13:21:12Zagori don't think it should ever blink
13:21:13kurzhaarrockerNo, I considered that confusing when I tried that
13:21:37LinusNZagor: i think blinking in "yellow" mode would be nice
13:22:29Zagorblinking is really bad for temporary status information
13:22:36amiconn_LinusN: Did you read about my "bluescreen"? I wonder what might have caused that...
13:22:55Zagorthe yellow can be one or two seconds, which is just a few blinks
13:23:42kurzhaarrockerDo you think it confuses then?
13:23:45LinusNamiconn_: your what?
13:24:05amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: You already have a fix for the frame size calculation in the command line tool.
13:24:10LinusNi think a fairly fast blinking would be a great indicator
13:24:16Zagoryes. the recording led is for showing when it's recording. mixing it up with other information just makes the interface worse imho.
13:24:46kurzhaarrockerThe technique I used for blinking was crappy when I tried to blink faster, LinusN. It blinked irregularily
13:24:48LinusNoff: not recording, blink: about to record, on: recording
13:25:37[IDC]Dragonamiconn: do I face old code here?
13:25:40ZagorLinusN: it can work if we use a fairly high frequency, >=5 hz
13:25:40kurzhaarrockerLinusN, yes that was the idea. It prooved _very_ useful during our practice session already. But then I have trigger times like 25 secs
13:26:03amiconn_LinusN: When testing some incorrectly running videos, rockbox ran away and did wild things. I tried to stop several times, but it didn't react, it preferred to do strange things to the lcd. Suddenly, the whole pixel area of the lcd turned *blue*. Really, I'm not kidding!
13:26:11kurzhaarrockerZagor: I couldn't blink it faster without noticable irregularities.
13:26:27[IDC]Dragonamiconn: if so, do you have the newer code at hand?
13:26:34LinusNamiconn_: coool, bluescales
13:26:42amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: It's you *your* website
13:26:48amiconn_*on your
13:26:50[IDC]Dragonah, ok
13:27:05LinusNkurzhaarrocker: then we fix that
13:27:16[IDC]Dragon(nice to have an external directory)
13:27:29kurzhaarrockerI don't know how I can fix that, LinusN
13:27:32*LinusN discovers why he is so hungry - he forgot to eat lunch
13:27:41LinusNkurzhaarrocker: i'll fix it
13:27:42kurzhaarrockerlunch, good idea
13:27:59amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: That code does not cause the jumpy audio, but audio still runs twice as fast as it should
13:28:46Zagoramiconn_: do you have white leds?
13:31:02Zagorme too. and if I invert the screen while having darkish contrast and backlight on, it looks quite blue. could that be it?
13:32:31amiconn_Hmm, have to try. Maybe the run-away rockbox changed the contrast setting. As reported, it did wild things to the lcd, e.g. setting the roll parameter.
13:35:32[IDC]DragonMPEG version 2.x fixed, looks better now
13:35:51[IDC]Dragonhow embarrassing, that I copied old code
13:36:18amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: In the DS encoder, so now it does the same as the cmd line version?
13:37:36amiconn_Then there is still the twice-the-speed problem.
13:42:02kod-kodbah why dosen't my gmini update its firmware ?
13:56:49[IDC]Dragonamiconn_: it seems to behave the same now
13:57:32[IDC]DragonI think my timestamp calculation has a similar problem, factor 2 for version2/2.5
14:27:42kurzhaarrockerI'd really appreciate if the stop light (or something equivalent) could remain in the trigger settings screen though. It is really valuable when adjusting the trigger settings.
14:29:01***No seen item changed, no save performed.
14:29:23 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
14:44:03amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: You could try the following:
14:44:05amiconn_if (pAudioHeader->version != 3)
14:44:27amiconn_ pInfo->frametime /= 2.0;
14:45:05amiconn_This seems to be wrong in *all* descriptions of the mpeg adio format I could find, however, the MAS datasheet suggests this.
14:45:31[IDC]DragonI think I need:
14:45:51[IDC]Dragonif (nLayer == 3 && pAudioHeader->version == 2) pInfo->frametime /= 2; // half the time for version 2 (LSF)
14:46:50amiconn_You need half the time for both layer 2 & 3, version 2 & 2.5
14:47:31[IDC]Dragonare you sure?
14:47:41amiconn_Btw: The frame length calculation for layer 1 does have the same bug, however, it's irrelevant, because the MAS doesn't support it
14:47:48amiconn_I'm quite sure:
14:48:05amiconn_mpeg audio frame lengths, from MAS datasheet:
14:49:55amiconn_Both layer 2 and 3: 48 kHz: 24 ms, 44.1 kHz: 26.12 ms, 32 kHz: 36 ms; 24 kHz: 24 ms, 22.05 kHz: 26.12 ms, 16 kHz: 32 ms
14:50:31amiconn_Layer 3 only: 12 kHz: 48 ms, 11.025 kHz: 52.24 ms, 8 kHz: 72 ms
14:51:21amiconn_That clearly shows the frame durations for version 2 are the same as for version 1, despite having half the sample rate
14:58:14amiconn_(and of course this corresponds to the fact that the frame lengths are also halved)
15:00:10*[IDC]Dragon has to draw a table
15:02:08kurzhaarrockerHow many legs? :)
15:03:40amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: , page 16
15:06:37[IDC]Dragonlet's hope these guys have it correct, there seems to be a lot of wrong code out there
15:13:35amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: I think so, because this is backed by the halved frame lengths, which definitely are correct
15:52:04[IDC]Dragonmy LTC3440 did arrive!
15:53:03*Bagder spots LinusN fixed that annoying dependency bug
15:55:38[IDC]Dragonand LinusN figured out that the FAT needs no math
15:57:58LinusNtime to go home
15:58:02LinusNcu guys
15:58:13*Bagder waves
15:58:20 Part LinusN
15:58:20kurzhaarrockerIs that ltc thingie a replacement for your broken DC DC converter, [IDC]Dragon?
16:00:33[IDC]Dragonkurzhaarrocker: yes. not broken, but excessively thirsty
16:11:34amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: Isn't it LT3440? I'm confused..
16:17:24[IDC]DragonLTC, did I misspell that in the past?
16:20:38amiconn_ lists it as LT3440
16:22:48[IDC]Dragonok, fixed
16:25:18kod-kodcould anyone help me install a new game on my gmini ? :o
16:26:27Zagori don't think anyone here has a gmini
16:26:39kod-kodowe bah :/
16:29:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:32:15Bagdergmini is non-rockbox land
16:34:25kurzhaarrockerRockbox troops are to busy invading iriver- and ondio-land. No invasion into gmini land right now.
16:37:26 Join edx [0] (
16:38:58[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I just sent you an updated filter
16:46:31[IDC]Dragonamiconn_: ahh, that one has a debug file dump still active, it dumps the audio
16:48:14 Join methangas [0] (
16:49:28amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: I'm going to try it in the evening
16:59:01[IDC]Dragonamiconn_: OK, I've sent an update
17:02:38 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
17:09:52amiconn_[IDC]Dragon: Did you prepare a fixed cmd line tool as well?
17:12:08[IDC]Dragonyes, I included that.
17:36:31 Quit amiconn_ ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
17:53:02 Join scott666_ [0] (
17:53:48 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
17:54:20 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new age")
18:00:02 Part Zagor
18:17:51 Join Stryke` [0] (Stryke_@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
18:19:08 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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18:25:08 Part kurzhaarrocker
18:25:29 Part kod-kod
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18:38:16 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
18:38:58[IDC]Dragonamiconn: hi again
18:39:31amiconnhi (just came home)
18:39:40[IDC]Dragonme too
18:39:52[IDC]Dragonmy Ondio is tame!
18:40:08[IDC]Dragonidling at 60 mA
18:41:06amiconnNice :)
18:41:36[IDC]DragonI was really unhappy with it once I found out
18:41:52amiconnSo that LTC3440 seems to be a little bit sensitive (or Archos has problems with its QA)
18:42:12[IDC]Dragonsort of put it aside, like, "not practically usable"
18:43:01amiconnSo now you can do comparative power measurements. I'd be interested in how much the tuner adds
18:43:31[IDC]DragonI don't know how comparable this is, when the supply adds such variation
18:45:17[IDC]Dragontuner adds ~17 mA when active
18:45:42amiconnAt what voltage?
18:46:38[IDC]Dragonhaven't exacly measured, the course power supply shows ~4V
18:46:51[IDC]Dragon(analog meters)
18:47:12[IDC]Dragonthis 17 mA might in parts go to the MAS as well
18:47:40amiconnYou mean, because it gets switched to recording mode?
18:48:37amiconnIn recording mode + monitoring (= not actually encoding) the mas power requirements are about the same as in decoding mode
18:49:00amiconnYou could start a recording and see how much that adds
18:50:22amiconnBtw: My test voltages (3.0 V and 4.6 V) were measured with the builtin meter of my PSU. This is digital, but only 0.1 V precision
18:53:22amiconn60 mA @ 4.0 V are practically equivalent to 53 mA @ 4.6 V, so the tuner seems to add nothing when idle. Nice :)
18:56:00[IDC]Dragonfrom the datasheets, it's practically nothing, yes
18:58:24[IDC]Dragonare you editing the wiki page?
18:58:48amiconnI'm trying to, yes. Centralizing datasheets :)
18:59:08amiconnI already did that half-way in the morning.
19:00:04[IDC]Dragonsaw that, nice
19:00:52amiconnNow cleaning up the remains, needing to download & attach the referred datasheets from the Ondio page
19:03:55amiconnHmm, perhaps you can help me. There are various power mosfets and dc/dc converters listed under "recorder specific". I'd like to know which of the are also used in the v2/fm...
19:20:09 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:20:59amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Should I really add those simple logic gate datasheets?
19:28:28[IDC]Dragonsorry, away
20:03:55 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
20:03:56 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:14:04 Join izzy [0] (
20:14:12izzyHi all
20:16:31izzyI'm intrested in Iriverport. I got the code and tried to compile it. However, I seem to have some problems compiling the toolchain.
20:17:04izzyOr actually the toolchain compiles but I got strange errors when trying to compile rockbox
20:17:18BagderI believe you need a binutils patch
20:17:48BagderLinusN has made two, and only one of them has made it to the official bintutils yet. But I don't think any of them are in an official version
20:18:01izzyI tried to follow instructions made by Linus to compile toolchain.
20:18:05izzyAh, ok..
20:19:07Bagderat least that's how I've understood it
20:19:14izzyPerhaps his instructions are then missing that :)
20:19:23Bagderyes I think so
20:19:31BagderI don't even know where to find his patches
20:19:46izzyThanks for the tip, I could ofcourse mail him
20:20:00amiconnBagder: Linus states one should use current cvs version of binutils, and gcc 3.4.2
20:20:09Bagderah, ok
20:20:20Bagderthen both his patches probably are in
20:20:55izzyMaybe I'll try those versions then
20:23:25izzyHmm.. actually it now says that also in the toolchain instruction page
20:24:09BagderI see he changed that yday
20:24:17izzyYes, he seems to have updated yesterday :)
20:24:49 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:25:36 Join AciD [0] (
20:29:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:38:32 Join HCl [0] (hcl@
20:38:45HCli heard there were plans to port rockbox to iriver?
20:39:27webmindlast sign of activity: 19.23 UTC
20:39:27Bagderwork is in progress
20:39:32HClgreat :)
20:39:58HCloh... i had a few features i wanted to request (not stupid undoable features either, like the one i just read on the forums about connecting an harddisk to an iriver)
20:40:26Bagderseen this ?
20:40:29HClnot yet
20:40:31HCllet me check o.o
20:40:33HClsorry, heh
20:40:33BagderI meant :-)
20:40:50Bagderthere's a HUGE amount of requests already
20:40:56HClsorry, i'm just kind of excited cause i wanted a replacement since standard iriver can't create playlists :P
20:41:07 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:41:12Bagderrockbox can
20:41:22HCli read
20:41:43 Join AciD [0] (
20:45:17*HCl checks the list
20:45:30HClmmm, the features i had in mind were originally of the rio karma
20:45:38HCldon't seem to have been suggested yet
20:47:21HClpretty much, it includes keeping track of how many times a song has been played, then using that information to compile lists like "favorites" "not played in a while" etc
20:48:56Bagderthat has been suggested
20:49:02HClcouldn't find it
20:49:04Bagderthere's even a plugin for "favourites"
20:49:21HClok o.o
20:49:25Bagderused to add a song to a list of favourites
20:49:27*HCl blinks. plugins. mkay o.o
20:49:42Bagderplugins is our way to allow basicly anything to get added
20:49:48Bagderyou can always make it as a plugin
20:51:48HClwow, lol
20:51:58HCl*sees a mutilated iriver on the site :P
20:52:54Bagderyeps, we've used some of the donated money to buy hw
20:55:25HClwell, its that i'm currently entangled into xbox development, otherwise i'd help
20:57:06Bagderxbox is already "done" you know ;-)
20:57:20HClnot yet :P
20:57:35HCli won't rest till i have a working version of dosbox with the new dynamic core running on it
20:57:40HClso i can run dos games at decent speeds
20:58:51HClmmm, lots of good work being done
20:59:01HClmight want to take a look at this after i'm done with dosbox
21:06:49webmindthe mode coders the better :)
21:06:53*HCl waves at webmind :P
21:07:07HCldidn't know you were on freenode o.o
21:07:18HClbut then, you're only in this channel
21:24:27 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:32:10 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
21:33:28webmindHCl, not only i think
21:33:38webmindand come to think of it
21:34:11webmindi think i forgot a chan
21:34:48webmindI'm on 2 more channels
21:40:00 Nick webmind is now known as webmind_ (
21:40:19 Nick webmind_ is now known as webmind (
21:49:27 Join mp3glee [0] (
21:49:56 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:50:04amiconnhi again
21:50:24amiconnDo you have some answers for me ;-)
21:50:28[IDC]Dragongot disconnected, for idling too longor so
21:50:46mp3gleeDoes anybody have a script to allow the making of _talk files for tracks?
21:50:50[IDC]DragonI've put some measurements online
21:51:18[IDC]Dragonmp3glee: it should be in twiki, but recently I coudn't find it
21:51:37[IDC]DragonI only have an early version
21:52:10amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I mean regarding the power mosfets and dc/dc converters used in recorder v2/fm, and also whether to add the data sheets for the simple logic chips
21:52:14mp3gleeI only have the version from
21:52:29amiconn[IDC]Dragon: For now, I left those on the Ondio page
21:53:03[IDC]DragonOK, FMR:
21:53:29[IDC]DragonDC/DC for 3.3V is the Sipex 6650
21:54:02amiconnI don't need the special chips for v2/ fm, these are clear
21:54:19[IDC]Dragonfor 5V (disk), there is a small 6 pin one
21:54:29amiconnI mean, are any of those listed under "recorder specific" also used in v2/fm?
21:55:24[IDC]Dragontwo 8-pin SOIC MOSFETs are there, from IR
21:55:42amiconnNamely: FZT824, LM2651, MC34064A
21:56:32amiconn(and IRF7416)
21:56:54[IDC]Dragonno, I don't think so
21:56:55amiconnThere are no v2/ fm schematics... :(
21:57:01 Quit mp3glee ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:58:00amiconnIRF7416 is 8-pin
21:58:25amiconnFZT849 is SOT223
21:58:49[IDC]Dragonthere are similar parts, but the numbers seem different
21:59:06amiconnHmm, okay. Not even the IRF?
21:59:16[IDC]Dragonit would take me some research to find out, match the case markings
22:00:20[IDC]Dragonthe IR parts are marked 220H H2R9 F7720
22:01:14[IDC]Dragonthe big transistor for the charger is marked FZT951
22:02:36[IDC]Dragonanothe unidentified power part with 8-pin SO is marked 002 2M88W
22:03:27[IDC]Dragonseems to be a dual transistor or MOSFET
22:03:40amiconnHmm. Google seems to be not very helpful with these markings
22:04:41[IDC]Dragonthe last 8-pin unknown: 385-2 PDAH
22:05:10[IDC]Dragondoesn't look like a power part to me
22:05:31izzyokay, maybe it's just me but I can't get the toolchain for m68k working by following Linus' instructions
22:05:41[IDC]Dragonmultiple spaces means "newline" on the case
22:07:01izzystill thanks for badger and amiconn for the help
22:07:36 Quit izzy ("CGI:IRC")
22:08:05amiconn[IDC]Dragon: (video) I tested your updated rvf_mux (both cmd and DS) The converted videos run perfectly in-sync, and audio only does work too, with one exception:
22:09:06amiconnIf you first run the filter graph with video, then specify a different output file and disconnect video (by ditching the video decoder), it still sets hasVideo in the output
22:09:22amiconnIf you rebuild the graph from scratch, it works
22:09:45amiconnI did not test yet with MPEG2.5
22:09:49[IDC]Dragonah, ok
22:11:48[IDC]DragonI know whre that comes from, I need to re-init
22:12:04[IDC]Dragoncurrently, this is done in the constructor
22:17:37*amiconn is definitely no expert in oo
22:20:39[IDC]Dragonanyway, I can fix it, although no "requirement"
22:21:01[IDC]Dragonthe UI app rebuilds it
22:23:44amiconnI think you should fix it if possible. You'll never know what strange apps will use the filter.
22:25:42 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
22:29:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:33:40amiconn[IDC]Dragon: MPEG2.5 does work too. It gets a bit out of sync over time, but that's probably due to the MPEG2.5 playback problems in rockbox :(
22:36:14amiconnI did not yet test layer 2, but since the frame sizes are identical, it should work too
22:40:47amiconn8 kHz stays perfectly in sync. Funny enough, the MPEG2.5 problem seems to be less severe in video.rock than with ordinary playback (or this is caused by the different test material)
22:40:50 Join Digital007 [0] (
22:41:14amiconn(But 8 kHz sounds awful, bah!)
22:41:56amiconnSo you could publish your fixed rvf_mux :)
22:42:12amiconnBtw, you could put the tools in the wiki
22:42:28[IDC]DragonI'll do that tomorrow, together with the DS one
22:43:37amiconnNice :)
22:52:26 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:52:40 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:52:40 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:56:22[IDC]Dragondid you check the power figures
22:58:34amiconnSeems to be even a bit less...
22:59:09[IDC]Dragonit's a new chip...
22:59:29[IDC]Dragonbut might be the voltage setting
22:59:53amiconnI think so, yes
23:00:08amiconnDoes your wps not scroll?
23:00:28[IDC]Dragoni didn't have such a long name at hand
23:02:14amiconnI still wonder what causes the difference to the archos fw to be so big. When I removed the sleeping from rockbox, it consumed still a bit less...
23:03:32[IDC]Dragoncould the MAS be more active there?
23:04:31amiconnI don't know, but imho it's not likely. The mas is initialized for playback in rockbox at boot time.
23:07:56amiconnI have an idea, but it is difficult to verify
23:09:07amiconnArchos might be omitting the trailing 8 clocks after accessing the flash chip, causing the chip to not enter it's auto-standby mode
23:17:06Digital007has anyone seen the ipod with its new colour screen?
23:21:32BagderI've seen pics
23:21:40BagderI've never seen an ipod in real life
23:23:18Digital007its on their website bagder
23:23:22Digital007it also has a 60gb HD
23:23:42BagderI know, I said I've seen pics
23:24:08Digital007Hewlett-Packard sell their own version of the ipod
23:24:31Bagderwe don't care much about ipod here anyway
23:24:47Digital007just wodnered
23:25:23Digital007well everyone has one
23:26:37BagderI doubt that many in #rockbox has one ;-)
23:26:54amiconnBecause ipods don't rock ;-)
23:27:11Digital007im an iriver owner myself
23:27:26Digital007a member of
23:28:38Digital007Bagder when recording is included for iRiver will it have the same functions as for the archos?
23:29:01Bagderif we can find a good mp3 encoder
23:29:12amiconnBagder: Erm, lame?
23:29:26[IDC]Dragonlame uses float
23:29:35BagderI don't think lame will encode fine in real-time on the coldfire
23:29:36Digital007Bagder since the iriver is software-driven would time-stretch be possible?
23:29:59amiconnDoes the Coldfire not feature an fpu?
23:30:07[IDC]Dragonhaha, no
23:30:23amiconnOkay, didn't check.
23:30:31[IDC]Dragonwrong league ;-)
23:30:47amiconnThe comparatively sloow 68060/50 in my Amiga does have one..
23:31:56*Bagder goes to bed
23:35:07amiconnnite Bagder

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