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#rockbox log for 2004-11-05

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02:52:32bagawkhey Plugh
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09:38:27LinusNhi kurzhaarrocker
09:38:39LinusNi had no problem making it blink faster
09:38:40kurzhaarrockerHi LinusN :D
09:38:58kurzhaarrockerUsing the bitmask for the current_tick?
09:39:18LinusNi just modified peakmeter_blabla_btn()
09:39:42kurzhaarrockerups, was it a performance eater?
09:40:01LinusNno, but it didn't return until after HZ/5
09:40:12kurzhaarrockerAh, yes.
09:40:22LinusNi want to do two things:
09:40:31LinusN1) Kill the "performance" setting
09:40:45LinusN2) Make next_big_timeout an argument to the _btn() function
09:41:40LinusNfor the sake of argument, i couldn't see any difference in power consumption with the performance setting
09:41:46kurzhaarrockerYou're welcome. I won't have time the next two weekends -> It's unlikely that I will fix that.
09:41:58LinusNi'll do it
09:42:39LinusNthe plasma plugin has priority though
09:42:44LinusN(just kidding)
09:44:42kurzhaarrockerWhat about the traffic lights? You said something about a status bar in the bottom of the recording screen. Do you think we could place it there horizontally? Maybe we could leave out the frame so that the 'lights' become bigger.
09:45:46LinusNi've been thinking about using the line right below the peak meter
09:46:06LinusNand some clear visual indications of what's going on
09:46:37LinusNalong with the LED of course
09:46:59kurzhaarrockerApart from the trigger status - what else would you want to display there?
09:47:30LinusNmaybe things like "Press PLAY to start"
09:47:55LinusNand the requested "Are you sure?" when stopping
09:48:14kurzhaarrockerDo you intend to replace the traffic lights by text output?
09:48:29LinusN"visual indications"
09:48:35LinusNcould be anything
09:49:53LinusNi haven't really thought about how it could look
09:50:16kurzhaarrockerThere's one thing I'm slightly concerned about: while the trigger status display in the recording screen is mere info you really _need_ it in the trigger settings screen. -> Whatever the trigger status display becomes, it must fit into the trigger settings screen too.
09:51:56LinusNwhich brings me to another question: why is "prerecording time" set in that screen?
09:52:52kurzhaarrockerYes, strictly speaking it isn't a parameter of the trigger. But for real life uses it is so closely related to the trigger start time that I'd really like to avoid to force the user to change the settings screen for that.
09:53:53LinusNslightly confusing for the user to have the same setting in two places, don't you think?
09:54:23LinusNbtw, what is the traffic light doing in that screen?
09:55:03LinusNah, now i see
09:55:16kurzhaarrockerWell - yes, maybe. But I think it's more confusing if the user adjusts a long trigger start time and afterwards asks "why haven't the first n secons been recorded?" because he didn't notice he had a very short prerecording time.
09:56:14LinusNin real life, do you set a shorter prerecord time than the trigger time?
09:57:42kurzhaarrockerI don't but othes might. Who knows. But you sometimes want to specifiy the time that is recorded _before_ the trigger.
10:01:17kurzhaarrockerThe traffic light in the settings screen are more imporant than in the recording screen. Here you can see what the adjustments of your parameters do with your trigger. It suprised myself how much easier it became to adjust the timings when you have feedback on the trigger behaviour.
10:01:57kurzhaarrockerFor long trigger times I even included a trigger reset (F2)
10:03:02kurzhaarrockerSince you can enter the trigger settings dialog from the recording screen or the normal playback you can even decide wether you want to adjust the trigger using a life signal or an old reference recording.
10:11:40LinusNthat's cool
10:19:21kurzhaarrockerConcerning the prerecord time: I once had the idea to temporarily add the trigger start duration to the prerecording time when in triggered recording mode. I didn't do that because
10:19:21kurzhaarrockera) It would mean the trigger times must be limited to the prerecording times
10:19:21kurzhaarrockerb) It made the trigger settings screen complicated because the it would limit the start duration to (max prerec time - prerec time)
10:19:21DBUGEnqueued KICK kurzhaarrocker
10:19:21kurzhaarrockerThat dynamic border of the start duration would have the look&feel of a bug if you don't have the prerecording time near it, too.
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10:27:41LinusNkurzhaarrocker: i see your point
10:28:05LinusNi just don't like having the same setting in two places
10:28:17kurzhaarrockerI see your point too :)
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10:29:43kurzhaarrockerWhat do yout think about a solution that adds a 2nd prerecording time that is only valid while recording triggered?
10:30:19LinusNdidn't we have a problem with the prerecording time resolution once?
10:30:34kurzhaarrockerBut that was solved iirc
10:30:45LinusNi can't remember what it was...
10:30:55LinusNah, now i remember
10:31:30LinusNthe actual recording was 0-1 second off from the trigger point
10:32:39kurzhaarrockerWas it solved?
10:32:39CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:32:39*kurzhaarrocker is confused
10:33:34kurzhaarrockerI remember making lots of tests and I believe to remember that they were satisfactory in the end.
10:34:15LinusNi think we wanted to find the frame boundary closest to the trigger point
10:35:29kurzhaarrockerI remember that I once isolated some code in the mpeg code that I encapsulated in a function for that.
10:35:46LinusNtalk about archeology
10:36:00*kurzhaarrocker fechtes a chisel
10:43:24kurzhaarrockerAh, it was the calculation of the file pos and that was related to the split editor, not the trigger.
10:48:30amiconnLinusN: Yesterday I did some more tests regarding the MPEG2.5 playback problems: (1) modified postpone_dma_tick() delay, testing 1 ms and 2 ms (2) set the serial bitrate to 1 MBit/s as intended. Originally it is set to 750 kbit/s (but the comment says 1 MBit/s!)
10:49:02amiconnBoth modifications didn't change the playback behaviour
10:49:41LinusNfunny that i miscalculated the 1Mbit/s
10:50:10LinusNhave you looked at the DEMAND pin?
10:50:54amiconnNope. Unfortunately I don't posses a digital scope or logic analyzer
10:51:09LinusNok, so maybe i'll have to do that
10:51:10amiconnSCI bitrate without prescaler: (FREQ/4) / (BRR+1)
10:51:24LinusNstill, is this a properly encoded file?
10:52:06LinusNyou should commit the bitrate fix
10:52:09amiconnIt is (rather: they are) encoded with lame 3.96, and play fine in whatever software player I choose
10:52:24LinusNgood then
10:52:42LinusNit stutters?
10:53:24amiconnActually, there are 2 problems: (1) Playback of MPEG2.5 layer 3 *VBR* files stutters - on any MAS, both archos fw & rockbox. CBR plays fine
10:54:17amiconn(2) Player only: 11.025 kHz layer 3 files (both CBR and VBR) play silent, also both with archos fw and rockbox
10:54:22LinusNok, is 2.5 supposed to support vbr?
10:55:11amiconnYes, because 2.5 is just the LSF extension for MPEG2. Although 2.5 is not an official standard, all MAS datasheets claim that it is supported
10:55:45amiconnI actually suspect a bug in the MAS firmware, but maybe we can find a workaround
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11:15:29LinusNamiconn: maybe the DAC sample rate detection fails for low sample rates
11:15:37LinusNtry setting it manually
11:15:52LinusN(the 11.025 kHz silent play)
11:18:04dwihno - seems like sony is going to update the ex-series...
11:19:44amiconnLinusN: I did not dig that deep yet, didn't think of the separate dac. Funny enough, it works with both 12 kHz and 8 kHz...
11:20:14LinusNweird indeed
11:22:15amiconn(apart from the stuttering with VBR of course)
11:24:02LinusNhmmm, 11.025 works on the recorder?
11:25:44LinusNmaybe the problems are related, that the MAS has some difficulties with that exact frequency?
11:28:00amiconn11.025 kHz do work both on recorder (3587f) and Ondio SP (3539f), apart from the stuttering vbr
11:42:38[IDC]Dragonamiconn: should we order that EL backlight from sweden?
11:42:56[IDC]Dragonit needs 2, to achieve minimum order
11:43:15LinusNfor the ondio?
11:43:37[IDC]Dragonnot exactly, but I think we can fit this
11:43:50LinusNwhere is that swedish company?
11:46:29amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you verify whether the chip wiring is made for that Sipex chip?
11:46:51[IDC]DragonI have some doubts, to be hones
11:49:24[IDC]Dragonmaybe we can ignore that and just use the tiny PCB it comes with
11:49:49[IDC]Dragoncircuit once again:
11:49:55amiconnI doubt that it would fit.
11:50:23[IDC]Dragonthere is quite some space between the main and the tuner PCB
11:50:39[IDC]DragonI once put an MMC in there
11:51:01[IDC]Dragon(just checking, and dreaming about 1GB internal)
11:53:03[IDC]DragonLinusN: S-18641 Vallentuna is probably not in pickup distance from you?
11:54:17amiconn[IDC]Dragon: We should check the PCB which pins are connected to the pads for the coil. Sipex SP4403 has the coil on 3-6, while that HV857MG has the coil on 1-5
11:56:39LinusN[IDC]Dragon: it is, i'll have to check if he wants to sell directly
11:57:16LinusNit's not far from where i work
12:01:14[IDC]Dragonhow convenient ;-)
12:03:49LinusNlunch time
12:03:59[IDC]Dragonhere too
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12:56:52Rexx!seen miner49er
13:04:59LinusNlogbot: seen miner49er
13:07:08LinusNRexx: /msg logbot seen miner49er
13:31:55Rexxheadie replied to me privately :)
13:47:56[IDC]DragonLinusN: would you be willing to buy such an EL for me?
13:58:32LinusNi'll give him a call, but i'm not sure what he'll respond
13:59:10LinusNhe has no store and it looks like he's running the company from home
13:59:19[IDC]DragonGreat! Maybe there's other interesting stuff for you
13:59:42[IDC]Dragonpeople who build mp3 players are interesting, or?
14:00:22LinusNwe'll see
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15:24:40Rexxi just opened my archosjbmm
15:24:47Rexxto see how it looked from the inside
15:24:54Rexxit was scary :P
15:25:53Rexxyou think its possible to upgrade the CPU ?
15:27:09Rexxat least i can upgrade the harddrive
15:27:12kurzhaarrockerWhy would you want to do that anyway?
15:27:32Rexxbecause then it would support movies with better quality
15:28:07Rexxand then it would be worth it to connect it to my TV
15:28:11Rexxand then watch movies on my tv
15:28:36Rexxnow if i use a too good quality, the archos cant process all the data and..
15:28:57Rexxit will pay it badly.... sound is being desynced from video..
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19:52:25raxyhalo thjere
19:53:05raxynobodi outzere ?
19:57:05 Part raxy
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19:59:21raxywehere could I find programming instructions for the MAS codec ?
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21:24:02DJBazhi, does anyone have a back up of the original jukebox 20 archos firmware they could send me/give a link to?
21:27:06amiconnDJBaz: Just download it from Archos
21:27:44DJBazi have tried that but when i try to flash, rockbox says 'wrong version for hardware'
21:29:37amiconn?? You said jukebox, so I assumed a player, but the players are not flashable. Of course, the flash images are not downloadable from archos
21:29:54DJBazah sorry, jukebox recorder
21:31:05amiconnI just remembered you can get all flash images from BlueChip's website:
21:31:22amiconnJust scroll down to "Archos firmware"
21:31:27DJBaznice one :)
21:31:28DJBazcheers dude
21:31:58amiconnBtw: You should have made a backup in the first place, as the flash instructions told you ;-)
21:32:29DJBazyeh i did but lost the backup lol
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21:36:54DIgital007im just curious when rockbox for iriver will be available for download
21:37:19DJBazi dont know sorry
21:42:36DIgital007just wondered because i saw a pic of the iriver with the rockbox logo oni t
21:43:32DJBazmust be availible then
21:50:16DJBazamiconn have you ever made a rvf video?
21:50:59amiconnYup. Actually I made many of them
21:51:27DJBazare audio included too?
21:51:44DJBazgot any examples on the web?
21:51:55amiconnWhile doing that, I even helped [IDC]Dragon to find bugs in the encoder. The last bug was even found this week, and ironed out yesterday :)
21:52:06DJBaznice one
21:52:20amiconnDo you have problems creating .rvfs?
21:52:58DJBazbut would like some futurama/simpson eps... i havent recorded any from tv yet lol
21:54:06amiconnI don't have such stuff, just some music videos and then some movies (German language)
21:54:41DJBazmovies :o
21:54:52DJBazhow big is the average movie once it has been converted?
21:55:33amiconnYes. I even converted all 3 parts of Lord of the Rings: 764/768/859 MB
21:56:03DJBazhave you watched them all from start to finish on ur box?
21:56:13amiconnHaha, no
21:56:41amiconnAverage movies are around 400.500 MB
21:57:17amiconnMusic videos typically 13..20 MB
22:00:53DJBaznot bad
22:01:52DJBazright, i have to go
22:01:57DJBazill prolly be back later
22:02:05DJBazthanks for your help
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