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#rockbox log for 2004-11-06

00:20:02 Join Trig|Away [0] (
00:20:34Trig|Awayanyone here?
00:21:02amiconnYou're obviously not ;-)
00:21:41Trig|Awayi was just wondering if rockbox will work with the h300 series of the iriver
00:21:54Trig|Awayi mean, after they finnish it of course
00:22:15amiconnMaybe... it depends on many factors
00:22:32Trig|Awayi know one factor is the lcd driver
00:23:30amiconnThere may be other hw differences as well
00:23:33Trig|Awaynvm then :P
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00:34:24miner49eri've submitted a new version of my plasma if anyone's interested. Faster startup and somthingelse.
00:34:52Joisjust a question: is TalkBox still being developed?
00:35:20miner49eri think it's more or less fully developed!
00:35:39miner49erdid you want more functionality from it?
00:36:53JoisI don't know if something has been changed I had problems with internet, so my last build is the one of 31st July 2004.
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00:38:57miner49erjois: hmm, i'm not sure if anything major has changed since then sorry I can't help more.
00:39:31Joisok no matter :)
00:39:53JoisI will try to search if there are new .voice files in the wiki
00:40:07amiconnJois: You should upgrade to the latest rockbox anyway. There are loads of bug fixes and improvements
00:40:35amiconnAnd yes, there are new voice files :)
00:40:50Joisamiconn: ok
00:40:59amiconnBtw: Voice files == talking menus, but != talkbox
00:41:03JoisI'll try to dedicate a little time to that
00:41:37Joisthanks a lot
00:41:39 Quit Jois ("leaving")
00:41:41amiconntalkbox == talking folder names (and recently also file names)
00:42:36miner49erhey amiconn, can you help me with my plasma plugin? I need the USB stuff to work properly...and it doesn't
00:42:53amiconnHmm, lets see...
00:43:28miner49eri attempted to make it work with my last update but to no avail.
00:44:24amiconnThe code just looks about right...
00:45:50miner49eroh, just tested it and it does see to work now! too much red wine confusing my mind i think :-)
00:46:48miner49eri'll draw a line under that then...what plugin can i work on now?
00:47:53amiconnPlasma works fine on Ondio, including USB handling :)
00:48:52miner49ercool! i have to get an Ondio, in case my fmr breaks. The're only 40...
00:48:56amiconnMaybe my grayscale lib could have another performance push
00:50:03miner49erit's a totally lib, probably a bit over my head though :-)
00:50:13miner49eroops, totally cool i meant
00:50:47amiconnA lot of asm stuff in it. There are some points I could push even further
00:51:17miner49erdo you think my plasma could be done quicker in asm?
00:51:24amiconn..but I could need a time stretching machine...
00:51:34miner49erI would like to try some asm
00:51:46amiconnI think the plasma speed is limited by the grayscale stuff
00:51:51miner49erwhat do you mean with time stretching?
00:52:04amiconnToo many ideas, too little time...
00:52:39miner49eroh, i understand:-)
00:53:53miner49erI originally did the plasma with 2 less rows and it was quicker but full screen is better
00:54:21 Join AciD` [0] (
00:54:42miner49eri thought about having a scroller in the othe rows but thought it would be slow. should try it really
00:55:35amiconnDid you try using less grayscales?
00:55:52amiconnBtw: Why are you using 31 scales?
00:56:31miner49erI havn't tried, I just basically hacked the demo plugin...
00:56:55miner49erI will try tommorow. Is it likely to speed things up then?
00:57:22amiconnErm, I mean 31 bitplanes, yielding 32 scales. The demo does it because a 32 bitplane buffer doesn't fit behind the plugin
00:58:03miner49eri don't understand.
00:58:32amiconnNot enough memory behind the plugin code. Those 32 KB are really tight
00:59:13amiconnAs plasma.rock is even larger, I guess even 31 planes don't fit, but this does no harm, because the grayscale lib does "graceful degradation", i.e. lowers the number of scales until it fits.
00:59:41amiconnDid you check the return code of gray_init_buffer() , i.e. shades ?
01:00:22miner49erI did originally, and it was 28 but I may have added more crap after that
01:01:08amiconnOne of my optimiztion ideas would restrict the number of bitplanes to (some) powers of 2
01:01:27amiconnCurrently any bit depth from 1 to 32 is allowed, yielding 2 (b&w) to 33 shades
01:01:59miner49erI am thinking about coding a pacman style game...with greyscales. Possible? or would I be wasting my time?
01:02:47amiconnI think it could be possible, with a low number of shades, like 9 (8 bitplanes)
01:03:09amiconnI'm thinking of a boulder dash clone...
01:03:22miner49erthat would be cool.
01:03:37miner49erwith scrolling?
01:03:44amiconnyes of course
01:04:02amiconnThe original does scroll too, iirc
01:04:27miner49eryes, i think so.
01:04:38miner49erMr Do would be good too
01:04:54miner49erbut that is single screen,scrolling could be added
01:05:20miner49erhey juat though of a great idea! Qix!
01:05:21amiconnThere could be breakout, space invaders....
01:05:48miner49erQuix would be easy, uncover a jpeg
01:06:17miner49erwhy does the jpeg plugin stop the music? could that be fxed?
01:06:43amiconnNo. It has to use the mpeg buffer for decoding and rendering.
01:06:55miner49eroh, bummer
01:06:59amiconnThe 32 KB plugin space is barely sufficient for the plugin itself
01:07:05miner49erwhat about for very small jpegs?
01:07:27amiconnCheck the size of jpeg.rock
01:07:45miner49eroh well, qix could still be good just black and white
01:07:45amiconnThen some space is needed for the grayscale buffer...
01:08:43 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
01:08:57amiconnThe largest part of jpeg.rock is the decoder itself. So if you use a simpler format (bmp?) it could also work in grayscale
01:09:01miner49erI might look at greyscaling tetris (oops, rockblox!)
01:09:09miner49eraaah, right
01:10:31amiconnI have a .bmp loader on my todo list...
01:11:04miner49ercool, and you would obviously make it a library? so it could beused anywhere?
01:11:36amiconnI think so
01:12:47miner49erI have a question/query you could probably answer
01:14:54miner49erI went togreat lengths to figure out a way of creating sinus values as I thought that Math.h wasn't available, then I noticed that Math.h was removed from some other part of rockbox. Basically if math.h is available why doesn't the calculator plugin use it?
01:15:29 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:15:59amiconnminer49er: I don't know exactly. What I know is that the printf implementation in rockbox doesn't support floating point
01:16:23BoD[]do you know an mp3player that can be used as an usb "host" ?
01:16:46amiconnBoD[]: iRiver H3xx
01:17:24miner49eri'm going to bed now, so byeee!
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01:33:23BoD[]where can i buy an iriver H340 in europe ?
01:41:43BoD[]ok 529 eur
01:42:02BoD[]i'll buy it when i win the lottery
01:48:40BoD[]anyway byebye
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10:39:47Rex!seeen miner79er
10:39:50Rex!seeen miner49er
10:39:54Rex!seeen miner49er
10:39:59Rexi cant type
10:40:03Rex!seen miner49er
10:40:11Rexshit 9 hr ago :@
10:48:47 Join Ralle[DK] [0] (
10:49:59Ralle[DK]hello! i read about the RomBox. But I didn't understand what it does....... What is the different between RomBox and RockBox?
10:58:13Rexno idea
10:58:19Rexnever heard of rombox :)
10:58:23Rexmaybe some1 else knows :)
10:58:26Rex<< zzz
10:58:30Ralle[DK]i bet..
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12:54:15amiconnRalle[DK]: Still there?
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14:27:09Ralle[DK]ill be online all day so just write the answer for what rombox is :)
14:27:16amiconnRalle[DK]: Rombox is rockbox in flash, but running the code directly from flash ROM instead of decompressing it into RAM.
14:27:52amiconnThis leaves more free RAM for the playback buffer, so less spinups are needed and the batteries last a bit longer
14:28:23amiconnFor details see the wiki article:
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17:09:37*xam is waiting for his sound card to arrive
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