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#rockbox log for 2004-11-12

00:01:38Bagdermakes great games
00:01:53LinusNand cool videos
00:01:59LinusNand plasma
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00:02:53Digital007for that u need the H3XX serie
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00:37:01webguest48I have an easy question.
00:37:16webguest48I d/l'd the dailybuild.
00:37:35webguest48I can "play" ajbrec.ajz (recorder)
00:37:47webguest48and get to the new version
00:37:59webguest48I can run the firmware flash plugin.
00:38:10webguest48but upon reboot, I get V2.2
00:38:19webguest48What am I doing wrong?
00:38:53LinusNhave you flashed an earlier version of rockbox?
00:39:11webguest48I flashed to get 2.2 in...
00:39:40LinusNnow, what do the instructions say about updating the flash contents?
00:39:55LinusNwhich instructions are you following btw?
00:40:01webguest48:) What did I forget?
00:40:22LinusNwebguest48: i'm deliberately playing with you here
00:40:26*webguest48 surfs madly, looking for instructions
00:40:50LinusNyou are not the only one who has problems with this, and i'm trying to understand what's wrong with the docs
00:41:20webguest48I need a "bin" file?
00:41:49LinusNback to the start, where did you look for the instructions on how to flash rockbox?
00:42:03LinusNyou managed to flash 2.2
00:42:42webguest48I looked it up carefully for the first time, but for 2.3 I confess I just d/l'd the daily build
00:42:54LinusNthat's the spirit
00:43:09webguest48I just unpacked to the root of the archos.
00:43:20webguest48and assumed I had all I needed.
00:43:26LinusNyou do
00:43:38webguest48the firmware flash plugin ran, and verified OK.
00:43:44LinusNthis where the instructions come in
00:43:48webguest48So I thought all was well
00:43:53LinusNwhich plugin did you run?
00:44:40LinusNok, so you still have the 2.2 .bin files on the jukebox?
00:44:53webguest48I guess so.
00:45:05webguest48shall I look for them?
00:45:44LinusNhad you read the instructions, you would have found out that you only run firmware_flash.rock the very first time you flash rockbox
00:45:45*webguest48 plugs usb back in
00:46:18webguest48only the first rockbox install?
00:46:30LinusNthe very first time you put rockbox in flash
00:47:19LinusNthen, every time you want to update to a new rockbox version, you do like this:
00:47:43LinusN1) Play the ajbrec.ajz file, to make sure the new version is running
00:48:05LinusN2) Play the file called "rockbox.ucl", it's in the .rockbox dir
00:48:36webguest48It's that easy? :)
00:48:42LinusNit's all on the "documentation" page on
00:48:58webguest48Humble suggestion:
00:49:41webguest48could the firmware flash know when these instructions are needed, and alert the stupid user (me) ?
00:49:57LinusNgood idea
00:50:15LinusNi'll see if i can add that to firmware_flash.rock
00:50:22webguest48It might save people like me from wasting your time.
00:50:44LinusN"warning: it seems like rockbox is already in flash. Do like this: bla bla..."
00:51:13webguest48luser friendly :)
00:51:34LinusNstill, it should allow you to flash anyway
00:52:34webguest48That'd be nice, too.
00:53:03webguest48Since the plugin is there, I expected it to "just work"
00:54:06webguest48with show files set to "music", I guess it's harder to find the needed file. :)
00:55:55webguest48okay, I'm booting to cvs 041111
00:56:43webguest48while I'm here, I've been thinking of a HD upgrade. What should I know?
00:57:05webguest48I've had problems with lockups while driving.
01:01:46LinusNwhat do you want to know?
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01:03:10webguest48Are there any brands/sizes/etc to avoid?
01:03:43webguest48I thought the lockups due to shock were a known problem with some drives.
01:04:09LinusNyes, avoid the Hitachi DK23CA/DA
01:04:26webguest48is that the only one?
01:04:35LinusNseems so
01:04:58webguest48are there any problems formatting big drives (~60g) ?
01:05:27LinusNthe jukebox can handle drives up to 120Gb
01:05:44webguest48do I need a windows box to do the format?
01:05:57LinusNbut win XP refuses to format FAT32 if it is larger than 30Gb
01:06:17webguest48is there a dd or mkfs under linux?
01:06:29LinusNmkdosfs -F 32
01:06:53webguest48make a dos filesystem mkdosfs?
01:07:22webguest48great. I'll order a notebook ide adapter, too.
01:07:30LinusNyou don't have to
01:07:47webguest48why not?
01:07:57LinusNyou can format it over USB
01:08:35webguest48I heve the 1.1 that needs drivers.
01:08:45webguest48but other than that, I'm ok?
01:09:22LinusNon the other hand, since it is 1.1, you might want the adapter anyway
01:09:22webguest48I keep being pleasantly surprised by the archos/rockbox combo.
01:09:41LinusNelse it will take ages to format and transfer the songs
01:10:02webguest48the adapter(s) would let me put both drives in a pc, and copy all at once.
01:10:17LinusNkernels newer than 2.4.14 (i think) includes the ISD200 driver
01:10:25webguest48maybe boot from gnoppix, or somesuch...
01:10:59LinusN(which was ported to Linux by Björn, btw)
01:12:09webguest48linux is much easier then windows, if only because everything sort of accrues in linux, instead of being all seperate driver downloads/installs.
01:12:39webguest48Issues seem to get solved once and for all time under linux.
01:12:48LinusNwell, windows xp has its fair share of default drivers as well
01:13:25webguest48I've seen XP, and it does seem to be the best so far.
01:13:29LinusNto be fair, installing 3rd party drivers is a lot simpler in windows
01:14:20LinusNfor the average luser
01:14:43webguest48Why be fair? They'll never allow that attitude on slashdot! :)
01:15:58webguest48Thanks for the help. I've got to go and wash laundry now.
01:16:03LinusNhave fun :-)
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06:41:21 Join caribill [0] (bill@
06:44:08caribillcan you turn the jukebox studio into a recorder by changing the chip to a mas3587f?
06:44:32midk_no way
06:44:53caribillok, thanks for the info
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09:06:26ZagorTotal of 4 processors activated (22282.24 BogoMIPS)
09:08:46kurzhaarrocker?!? A Rockbox cluster?
09:17:26kurzhaarrockerSo the development speed limit has been raised.
09:40:52Bagder_Zagor: that your new server?
09:41:21Bagder_impressive bogomips
09:41:30 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
09:41:33Zagorit's also the most noisy computer i've ever heard :)
09:41:54ZagorI'm glad I won't run it frin home...
09:46:05*LinusN HATES the AOL secure login
09:46:29Bagderaha, still fighting that?
09:46:33*Bagder feels no envy
09:47:24LinusNthey really made it hard this time
09:47:38dwihnoLinusN: enlighten us, what are you doing?
09:48:00LinusNi'm logging in to AOL's webmail with a PHP/curl script
09:48:17LinusNs/logging in/trying to log in/
09:48:35*LinusN HATES javascript
09:48:45*LinusN is FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!
09:48:49*Bagder walks off to make a cup of coffee
09:48:53dwihnoThere now... Have some coffee.
09:49:02*LinusN finished his second cup
09:49:25*kurzhaarrocker pours some Single Malt into LinusN's 3rd coffee
09:49:37LinusNaaaaaahhh, that's better
09:49:57dwihnowhat a waste of good coffee ;)
09:50:02LinusNnow letsch login to this schtuupid AOL scherver
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10:25:31Zagorhas anyone done a wiki upload since tuesday?
10:27:06LinusNi donät think so
10:28:15[IDC]Dragonone guy had problems to upload his french voice files, see latest posting
10:29:32Zagoryeah, that's why i'm asking
10:57:44[IDC]Dragonargh, is the wiki down now?
10:57:58[IDC]DragonI just tried to modify a page
10:58:25Zagorworks for me
10:59:09[IDC]DragonServer Error The following error occurred: [code=SERVER_RESPONSE_CLOSE] The server closed the connection while reading the response. Contact your system administrator.
10:59:34[IDC]DragonI get this when trying to save the change
11:00:45Zagorok, i'll check
11:08:15[IDC]Dragonit's nice to have the system administrator close at hand ;-)
11:18:22Zagorstrange error message in the log: Connection reset by peer: ap_content_length_filter: apr_bucket_read() failed
11:25:32LinusNprobably a permission thing
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11:29:21dwihnoHej Quelsaruk!
11:29:23dwihnoMår du bra?
11:29:43dwihnoJag har risgryta med mig till lunch på jobbet idag. Du får smaka om du är snäll ;D
11:30:07quelsaruktack so mycket
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12:48:31Zagoryeah I saw that
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15:08:46webguest02Any news on iRiver port? iRiver have recently released a new firmware themselves, and its not much better :)... REALLY want Rockbox bookmarks back (used to have an archos)
15:09:17webguest02any decisions been made on how it will load? i assume a 'hacked' flashed rom and an image on disk?
15:09:41webguest02did PaulS's iRiver get fixed?
15:09:53webguest02via bdm i mean
15:10:06LinusNi haven't heard from him for a long time
15:10:39webguest02i thought maybe he would use the bdm work to re-flash a non-broken firmware...
15:10:50webguest02nice one for the LCD driver btw :)
15:10:51Hadakahmh, the archos recorder 20 had a digital miniplug - was it optical or not?
15:10:59webguest02had - not
15:11:09LinusNhe doesn't have a bdm wiggler
15:11:41Hadakaso it's just coaxial miniplug? eg. a miniplug to RCA wire is what one should use for plugging it to an amp?
15:11:58webguest02hadaka - yes, i just used a normal stereo 3.5 stereo jack to 2xRCA
15:12:19webguest02to put it into my SOny MD player (which gave MUCH better sound than using the Archos inbuilt DAC)
15:12:22Hadaka2xRCA? not mono 3.5 to 1xRCA?
15:12:31webguest02its got in and out in same socket
15:12:39Hadakaaah, right
15:12:42webguest02i think a mono one would short-circuit 2 of the 3 pins
15:12:46 Join oxygen77_ [0] (
15:12:47Hadakathat's even nicer
15:12:47 Nick webguest02 is now known as ripnet (
15:13:23ripnetbtw i managed to convert a coax digi out to optical by just connecting a LED to it :)
15:13:41ripnetnot sure how risky that was
15:14:28ripnetis anyone looking for buffer overruns in the stock iRiver firmware?
15:14:35ripnetto load custom software that is without a BDM
15:14:44 Join oxtgen77___ [0] (
15:14:45ripnetlike the 007 XBox hack
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16:14:25*oxygen77 is away: chui pas là
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17:08:38*oxygen77 is back (gone 00:54:14)
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21:31:50quelsarukbye, cu!
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22:04:23Digital007whats up?
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