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#rockbox log for 2004-11-16

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02:57:15Tanghello was just checking if chatzilla work fine...
02:57:23webmind_nope :)
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02:57:41Tanghi webmind
02:58:17Tangare you rockbox member?
02:58:47webmindmember ?
02:58:54webmindwell I'm a user
02:59:08webmindthe thing is currently broken
02:59:25Tangok i see
02:59:31TangArchos owner?
02:59:55webmindit has a small design flaw
02:59:58Tangok just an iHP1xx owner
03:00:07webmindwhich basicly no-one but me would notice
03:00:13webmindor be bothered by
03:00:16webmindTang, nice
03:00:23Tangbut it still work?
03:00:34Tangah sorry
03:00:40webmindbut the flaw is only a problem if you don't use the casing
03:00:49webmindi got my archos to play mp3's aswell
03:00:56webmindnot archos
03:01:09Tangok i see
03:01:18webmindso it's ont much of a miss
03:01:22Tangzaurus it's a PDA?
03:01:38webmindyeah.. you could classify it as a pda :)
03:01:51webmindbut its overkill
03:01:57webmindplay divx aswell and all
03:01:57Tangi don't spi heard that
03:02:10Tangyou're amrican?
03:02:26Tangi do'nt think theses Zaurus are available inEurope
03:02:38webmindthe old models are
03:02:45webmindde 5500 and the 5600
03:02:47Tangok i understand
03:02:50webmindnot the 6000 i have
03:03:00webmindordered it through someone
03:03:24webmindit's nice.. really nice
03:03:25Tangi see
03:03:32Tangi imagine indeed
03:03:35webmindbut not a great mp3/media player on it
03:03:52Tangheard much cool things about his great LCD
03:04:00Tang(hi res i believe)
03:04:31Tangok you're waitning for a rockbox port on your Zaurus maube?
03:06:01TangAnyway i'm going to go to bed it's late for now
03:06:08Tangnice to talk a bit webmind
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07:43:06amiconnGood morning
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07:47:58LinusNmorning amiconn
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08:03:08amiconnLinusN: Do you think it may be helpful to prepare a version with my alternative recording transfer routines for Paul to test?
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08:08:22LinusNi should add the s/pdif status to the recording screen
08:08:45amiconnRecorder v1 iirc?
08:09:01LinusNthink so
08:09:48LinusNhow did i read the s/pdif status again?
08:10:14amiconnI sent you a patch some time ago...
08:10:56amiconnS/PDIF parity error is register 0x52, bit 12
08:11:36LinusNyeah i know you sent it, somehow i lost it :-)
08:11:54*amiconn tries if the patch still applies
08:15:31amiconnIt does not, have to apply by hand
08:16:56LinusNnever mind
08:17:11dwihnoHej hej! \o/ :)
08:17:33LinusNi'll add sampling rate as well, when the information is available
08:17:34 Part oxygen77 ("Cho")
08:17:49LinusNdwihno: Tjenare
08:18:32amiconnLinusN: Register 0x52 contains the first s/pdif status bits; *if* it contains the first 32 (not yet checked), sample rate should e available
08:19:09amiconnMaybe the register delivers only the first 20 bits, then sample rate is not available (for consumer format)
08:21:34LinusNi think it's only 20 bits, since the MAS RAM is only 20 bits
08:21:53amiconnI know, but then the version register is 32 bits...
08:22:36LinusNafaik, the version reg is 16 bits...
08:23:54amiconnJust looked it up - the s/pdif status register delivers only 16 bits
08:28:16amiconnVersion info *is* 32 bits (but mas_readver() only delivers the lower 20 bits because mas_devread() masks the upper 12)
08:34:04LinusNhow did you find that out?
08:34:24LinusNah, now i see
08:42:49amiconnIt's the cause why I need slightly different code within mp3_init() for the debug mas version display. If there were the full 32 bits, the same code could be used for MAS 3587F and 3539F
08:49:14 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
08:49:19quelsarukgood morning to all
08:50:06LinusNamiconn: we could remove the masking from devread and do it separately in readmem
08:50:28LinusNquelsaruk: hi
08:51:56amiconnGood mrning quelsaruk
08:53:51quelsarukbtw, an offtopic question, anyone here is a wifi guru? :D
08:55:14LinusNamiconn: thanks
08:55:29LinusNquelsaruk: not a guru, but what do you want to know?
08:57:34LinusNamiconn: care to share the recording routines as well?
08:57:36quelsarukas usual i need to kiil a goat to fiz some strange issue, i have really low signal and the access point is maybe.. hmmmm... 30m from here?? i have no cocrete walls, no steel structure... just bricks in the middle
08:58:21LinusNquelsaruk: remember that it is the *projected* thickness of the wall that counts
08:58:46LinusNso it is worse if the signal goes through the wall at an angle
08:59:05amiconnLinusN: Btw, the s/pdif parity problem does not cause bad frames, but totally distorted recordings. I checked this
08:59:50LinusNall evidence points to the m/s stereo...
08:59:55dwihnoI'm gonna get my (first) DVD today (yay!) anything special I should keep in mind?
09:00:08LinusNyes, buy one that you haven't seen
09:00:37amiconnLinusN: (recording routines) Erm, of course. The patch disables the current routines with #if 0 and has the alternatives in the #else part
09:00:39LinusN(couldn't resist)
09:00:40quelsarukyah LinusN, but i installed a wifi for a friend and he has the access point in one floor and the computer in another one, he has to cross an armed concrete floor, and the signal is nice (at leas what you could spect)... i don't know, i've tried a lot of things :(
09:01:12LinusNquelsaruk: exactly my situation as well
09:01:36quelsarukjust wanted to know somewhere to read and try to find out if i could make the signal stronger
09:02:01amiconn(wlan) While wlan is nice for moving around a bit, I would never trust it for fast and/or reliable connnections
09:02:11LinusNis the signal stronger if you place the client on the other side of the brick wall?
09:03:06LinusNamiconn: it works fine for me, but as you said, you won't get even close to the theoretical speed
09:03:10quelsaruki suppose... but i can't place de access point there
09:03:29LinusNquelsaruk: i meant as a test, to find out the cause of the low signalö
09:04:02LinusNis the client a laptop?
09:04:29quelsarukLinusN: :) well i actualy tested, but not in the other side of the wall but in the middle of the house
09:04:38quelsaruknops, my pc
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09:05:28LinusNquelsaruk: and you are sure that no other AP:s are in the neighbourhood?
09:05:45LinusNor DECT phones
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09:06:25quelsarukyes, but in other channels, 6 and 11, mine is channel 1
09:06:44quelsarukDECT phones maybe.. dunno
09:07:22quelsaruki tried a lot of things, i was wondering about adding an "in-the-middle" access point between the router and this computer
09:07:32LinusNa repeater?
09:07:44LinusNthat slows down the communication
09:08:38quelsarukeven more?
09:09:30dwihnomuy slowo! :/
09:09:38quelsarukfor example, now is great for me... 24mbps with 42% of signal strength
09:10:02quelsarukand is maybe the best i can get
09:10:27LinusNthe direction of the antenna seems to make a difference for me
09:10:48quelsaruki tried
09:10:58quelsarukmoving the 2 antennas
09:12:13quelsarukanyway.. thanks
09:12:14LinusNwell, the only thing i can think of is to move things around
09:12:37quelsarukumm, i don't know if a house without walls is a good idea
09:12:55quelsaruki'll buy a demolition hammer today just in case
09:13:28LinusNhehe, moving the walls wasn't exactly my first-hand choice :-)
09:14:20quelsarukmaybe in one week i can move the router to another room.. when i get the new laptop with wifi so it doesn't have to be near the old computer :)
09:15:05quelsarukwhen you said the repeater slows down the speed... you talked about slowing down the 54mbps speed to... for example...
09:17:35LinusNthe repeater doesn't slow down the bit rate
09:18:13LinusNbut it slows down the packet transfers, since it retransmits every message
09:18:26LinusNincluding preamble etc
09:19:09LinusN54mbit/s is only a theoretical speed
09:19:19quelsaruki suppose.. never got it
09:19:44LinusNwell, the *connection* may very well be 54mbit/s
09:20:05LinusNbut you'll never have a throughput even close to that
09:20:50quelsarukbut don't really care, i don't use to transfer things between computers in the wlan
09:21:44quelsarukmaybe it's easier to burn a dvd and copy the data
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09:22:38quelsarukmorning Bagder_
09:22:52Bagder_hi ho quelsaruk!
09:23:01quelsarukmur da bra?
09:23:27Bagder_hehe, yeps I'm fine indeed
09:23:35quelsarukoh! my swedish is better than ever :)
09:24:01Bagder_how are you then? still in Portugal?
09:24:31LinusNquelsaruk: in theory, the maximum throughput you can get on a 54mbit/s 802.11g network is about 27Mbit/s :-(
09:24:33quelsarukthe exile has ended!! i'm back in spain, better weather :)
09:25:01quelsarukLinusN: for me that's ok :)
09:25:03LinusNand on a mixed 802.11b/g network, it drops to about 9Mbit/s!!!
09:27:09Bagder_bbiw, gonna put a little girl to bed
09:27:11 Quit Bagder_ ("Leaving")
09:27:22quelsaruky just have 512kbps adsl... we just improved from the smoke signals
09:27:38quelsarukluck Bagder_ :D
09:28:10quelsarukso 9Mbps or 27Mbps is more than needed (theorically)
09:28:20LinusNthen you're fine
09:29:00quelsarukthe problem is when the signals goes to 1 or 2%
09:29:10LinusNi can go on babbling about roundtrip times etc, but that doesn't really apply to large downloads
09:29:13quelsarukas i said 42% is the *best*
09:29:48quelsarukyups... i thing i'm radiactive and make interference with the signal
09:30:02LinusNwhen does it drop to 1%?
09:30:10LinusN(when the phone rings) :-)
09:30:16quelsaruki knew i didn't have to drink that water in hiroshima near the 0-zone...
09:30:26quelsarukLinusN: whenever it wants
09:30:36LinusNmicrowave ovens are know to interfere too
09:30:42quelsaruki know
09:30:59quelsarukbut i think that interfere with higher channels, like 11
09:31:25LinusNyou seem to know more about it than i do...
09:32:02quelsarukLinusN: as goats doesn't seem to work, i had to study some phisics.. but doesnt also work
09:32:32quelsarukbut you helped me with your knowledge about repeaters
09:33:27quelsarukhave to go for a while, see you later
09:33:30quelsarukand thanks :)
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11:38:25kurzhaarrockeramiconn: what is the essential difference of your recording transfer routines?
11:41:44amiconnThey don't use the 30 byte limit, but try to read as long as the MAS holds /eod active. In case the routine is called by a glitch, and the mas doesn't want to send data, there is a read timeout
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13:25:14quelsarukhave you seen LinusN... mi wifi lost all the signal
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13:37:44LinusNQuel|away: it can't be completely gone, you're still online :-)
13:42:18Quel|awayit went
13:42:57Quel|away[13:24:14] quelsaruk [~kvirc@] se ha marchado del IRC: Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer) <−−- link status was "off"
13:43:04Quel|awaycu later
13:55:10kurzhaarrockerIs here anybody who knows where I can find out wether the spdif data stream contains the sample frequency?
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14:09:51cYmenheeello :)
14:10:28cYmenot: my harddisk seems to be broken does somebody have useful links?
14:12:06LinusNkurzhaarrocker: afaik, the s/pdif clock determines the sampling rate
14:12:18LinusNcYmen: "useful"?
14:12:31LinusNas in online stores for new hard drives?
14:14:44cYmenmore like diagnostic tools
14:15:08cYmeni want to be sure it s broken before getting a new one....
14:17:41LinusNput it in a laptop, or in a regular pc with a 3.5"->2.5" adapter
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14:18:52cYmendid so, bios seems to detect it but i cannot access it
14:20:22LinusNit might be locked
14:21:10cYmenthey do that?
14:21:29LinusNit is an ATA feature, "security lock
14:21:41LinusNhow did it happen?
14:22:16cYmeni know it is, i just didn't expect it to be locked
14:22:16cYmenoh it still seems to work
14:22:16cYmenbut throws errors every now and then
14:23:19LinusNwhat errors?
14:24:02cYmenuseless windows error msgs
14:24:13cYmen"cannot access drive"
14:24:16cYmen"write error"
14:25:07LinusNok, sounds like your drive is bad
14:25:14LinusNwhat happened to it? did you drop it?
14:25:28cYmenevery once in i a while yeah ;)
14:26:40cYmenwell i better get a new one before shops close
14:26:56cYmenone guides on changing the disk? advice on which brands to use?
14:28:54LinusNavoid Hitachi DK23DA/CA
14:29:29LinusNother than that, choose the one with the lowest power consumption (as low rotation speed as possible)
14:29:31cYmenis the drive size limited? can i upgrade to 40gb?
14:29:50Bagderuse any size
14:29:56LinusNthe hitachi dk23da/ca has a problem with shaking
14:30:04LinusNup to 120Gb
14:30:07Bagderthere's a size limit at 128GB
14:31:13cYmenToshiba MK-4018GAS <- know issues? :)
14:31:30Bagderonly those hitachi disks have known issues
14:32:01ZagorLinusN: i won't shake mine more than 100 gb, then ;)
14:32:19*Bagder giggles
14:32:55dwihnoThe 128GB limit is always about 32 vs 48 bit addressing?
14:33:06Zagor28 bit
14:33:27dwihnome bad, me too little coffee getrunken hat :/
14:41:01cYmenare there any useful moddifications you would suggest, now that i m already disassembling my baby?
14:41:12LinusNZagor: sorry, i meant 120G :-)
14:42:20LinusNcYmen: regarding drive update:
14:43:19LinusNcYmen: heat up the solder joint that connects the chassis to the pcb, as well as the ones connecting the battery connector PCB:s
14:44:22 Join midk [0] (
14:45:26cYmeni didn't come across such joints
14:45:34cYmenand it s already open...
14:46:00LinusNwhich model do you have?
14:46:13cYmenjukebox recorder 20gb
14:48:55cYmenthat may just as well be the problem i have
14:49:08cYmendon't know how those could have been broken though
14:50:09cYmenlooks like someone has been messing with those before
14:52:26LinusNhow they could be broken? well, you said you drop it once in a while... :-)
14:54:42cYmenthey connect the two pads and probably the spring for the battery
14:54:46cYmens that right that way?
15:05:00cYmenwhy s pin1 on the disk bent?
15:08:59cYmenhave there been reporst about keylocked disks in players? can the keys be read with rockbox?
15:09:46Zagorthere was a few such reports several years ago
15:11:07cYmenfound it on the homepage
15:11:45cYmenbut as my archos still starts up from the disk that cannot the problem
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17:25:45[IDC]Dragonamiconn: are you there?
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