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#rockbox log for 2004-11-20

00:00:03[IDC]Dragonbut probably won't save us a flash sector?
00:00:56amiconnNo, unfortunately. It saves the ReadADC function, but that's <100 bytes
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00:04:58[IDC]Dragonnew -t behaviour committed
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00:07:54[IDC]Dragongrr, still not right
00:09:03[IDC]Dragon-n could either mean to use the builtin minimon, which is 14400
00:09:41[IDC]Dragonor re-use an already started, which may have switched to 38400
00:14:01amiconnOooh, I got a memory_guard hit on the player!
00:15:18amiconnMe silly: by using an outdated archos.mod, and having speaking menus enabled
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00:18:35amiconn[IDC]Dragon: "Startup from charger connected" detection works
00:19:07amiconnIt's simple: read PA0
00:19:32[IDC]Dragonyes, sure
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00:23:33amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Spindown works. 38400 switch not tested yet, because of your comment
00:24:56[IDC]Dragon-n -t will assume 38400 already set, continue with that
00:25:06amiconnBtw: If you call spindown rather fast, before the hd did its idle auto-park, it doesn't sound nice
00:25:22[IDC]Dragon-n assumes 14400
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00:25:49[IDC]Dragon-t switches to 38400 after minimon download
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00:26:32amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you commit a change for that?
00:26:59[IDC]Dragonthat was the [00:04] <[IDC]Dragon> new -t behaviour committed
00:27:23[IDC]Dragonbtw, late enough
00:27:49[IDC]DragonI guess you have allyou need for further experiments
00:28:05amiconnI see no possibility to switch the builtin minimon to 38400
00:28:55amiconnGoodnight anyway (I guess I won't need uart_boot that often)
00:29:29[IDC]Dragonyes, that's missing
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04:48:43midkanyone who can compile around?
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07:00:46chendoin the 'Things we will not implement FAQ', will that still apply for the iriver versions?
07:01:19chendocause almost everything in that list does not apply to the H100, and even more so for the H300
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08:55:35dwihnoTime to go for a walk0r
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12:07:18[IDC]Dragonmorning Jens
12:15:39amiconnhi Jrg
12:16:01[IDC]Dragonhow's the Player?
12:16:13[IDC]Dragonsaw your commits
12:17:03amiconnAll seems to work fine. There are still a few adjustments to make, mostly cosmetic
12:17:14[IDC]Dragonand the LCD?
12:17:30chendoin the 'Things we will not implement FAQ', will that still apply for the iriver versions?
12:17:32chendocause almost everything in that list does not apply to the H100, and even more so for the H300
12:18:09chendo(just repeating cause nobody answered yet)
12:18:22amiconnchendo: It says under Q1, even printed in red: Note: This document applies only to the Archos Jukebox models.
12:18:53*chendo coughs
12:19:24amiconn[IDC]Dragon: LCD works fine, unless DC power is disconnected and reconnected too fast.
12:19:49[IDC]Dragondoes thathappen to Archos, too?
12:19:53amiconnThe same also happens with the plain archos ROM contents, and won't happen in practice
12:20:07amiconn...because you can't swap the batteries that fast
12:21:32amiconnNecessary adjustments: (1) Call the charging screen for new players only, since with old players the HD would spin all the time (ata not yet initialized at this point)
12:21:56amiconn(2) Work out the charging screen a bit (battery animation, voltage display)
12:22:30[IDC]Dragonyes, I forgot the charging screen
12:23:08[IDC]DragonI wonder hw Archos does it with the old Players
12:23:15amiconnBtw: there is a bug introduced by Linus changing the backlight behaviour for the charging screen to use the backlight_on_when_charging setting:
12:23:39amiconnThis setting is not in the RTC part, soo it doesn't get used
12:23:54 Quit scott666_ ("i'll be back...eventually...")
12:24:04amiconn(...and this obviously can't work on the player)
12:24:27[IDC]Dragonanother cfg compatibility break
12:25:26amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Remember the problem with leaving the archos charging screen on recorders with "On"? Maybe this is simply because the HD is off
12:26:32[IDC]Dragonvaguely. yes could be.
12:26:52[IDC]Dragonbut wasn't it the cold start detection?
12:26:59amiconnAh, no it isn't. HD spins up so must be powered
12:29:43amiconnI should add the ide power switching for new players to the proper function
12:30:16[IDC]Dragondidn't Linus say there's issues with it?
12:30:32[IDC]Dragonwhen actually using it, I mean
12:31:07amiconnYes he did, but then it may be this was before fixing the real issues with it. Remember, there were also issues on the recorder
12:31:25[IDC]Dragonwhich "real issues"?
12:31:43[IDC]Dragonno, I don't remember the recorder. was that recently?
12:32:13amiconnNo, that was quite some time ago, a year or so (??)
12:32:57amiconnPlus, I don't need to use this all the time, but only for some places at startup (ata_init(), charging_screen() )
12:33:29[IDC]Dragonthat's ok
12:33:42[IDC]DragonI was thinking about the sleep setting
12:35:51amiconnI could test this for some time, but this first requires to undo the uart boot mod and close the player for really using it
12:37:01[IDC]Dragonif done with the boot loader, you may do so, you're "safe" then
12:37:16amiconnFound the fix for the recorder ata poweroff problems: This was in February; set_features() has to be called after poweron
12:37:51[IDC]Dragonseems I wasn't paying attention
12:38:16amiconnI think the bootloader is done; I even prepared a distribution zip file locally
12:39:08amiconnI used your readme, and slightly adapted/ fixed it. (Mentioning the "-" key for players, and correcting a typo)
12:39:47amiconnMaybe Linus tested ata power switching on players before February...
12:41:52[IDC]DragonI'll gladly "host" the player flash package with the others
12:42:40amiconnYou might want to replace the readme in the other packages as well, just to be consistent.
12:42:49[IDC]Dragonfor the first victims, we perhaps should include Rockbox in the image, like I did in the past
12:43:19[IDC]Dragonbecause we don't know how other recorder behave with the Archos sw update
12:43:31[IDC]Dragonespecially the old ones
12:43:45amiconnAh, yes.
12:44:05[IDC]Dragonso I thought, better include Rockbox, too, hoping that at least one will work
12:45:00[IDC]Dragonbtw, my make_firmware can't cope with rombox, atm
12:45:24amiconnWe don't know whether rockbox works correctly on old players yet. The lcd init is still untested...
12:45:56[IDC]Dragonanother risk, yes
12:46:42amiconnIt would be very nice if Linus could test both a new archos image and rockbox uart-booted on his old player (or better still, solder in a flashable rom)
12:47:10[IDC]DragonI offered to change the chip for him
12:48:08[IDC]Dragonhe said he can also do it
12:50:29 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
12:53:01[IDC]Dragondid you test if the bootloader still compiles into the same for the other models?
12:53:14amiconnBtw, your player HD spindown was a bit funny: It did the spindown, but afterwards it was no longer possible to flash the led
12:53:20[IDC]Dragonor is it so obvious that it will?
12:53:32amiconnI tried, it does
12:53:53[IDC]Dragonyeah, I was stupid when changing the port addresses
12:54:23amiconnI wonder why you didn't simply include sh7032.h and use the #defines
12:54:55[IDC]Dragonhistoric, perhaps
12:55:11[IDC]Dragonuart_boot was my personal hack tool
12:56:08[IDC]Dragononly later I made it "user friendly" and committed it
13:00:30amiconnStartup times archos vs. rockbox flashed, on player: rockbox ~5 secs, archos via rb loader (loading rockbox from disk) ~7 s. This is with the slow & ugly Hitachi HD
13:01:17amiconnI could put my old 20 GB IBM HD in
13:01:20[IDC]Dragonand before all flashing?
13:02:23amiconnDidn't test startup time with original flash content. Maybe I should do that (I expect it to be a tiny bit slower, because the HD is powered on later)
13:02:44[IDC]Dragonlunch time
13:02:50amiconnme 2
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13:32:17amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Startup times archos vs. rockbox flashed, on player: archos rom content, loading rockbox from disk ~9 s, requires holding On ~3 s; archos via rb loader, loading rockbox from disk ~7 s, requires holding On ~1 s; rockbox ~5 s, instant-On
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14:57:11[IDC]Dragonnot too much gain in boot time
14:57:27[IDC]Dragontalking about boot: I need to reboot
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15:06:21amiconnhi again ;-)
15:06:45amiconnI think the gain in boot time is quite noticeable, as it is almost halved.
15:07:05amiconnPlus, you don't need to hold the On button for ages (this was quite annoying)
15:07:23[IDC]Dragonmy PC sometimes gets a strange symptom: freezes every 2 seconds for a fraction of a second
15:07:52amiconnAnother cool advantage of rockbox in flash I always use on my recorder as well:
15:08:13[IDC]Dragonthe mouse pointer halts, mp3 playback stutters
15:08:21[IDC]Dragonsorry for being OT
15:08:32amiconnAs rockbox is active right from the start, it is possible to "pre-press" buttons.
15:09:16amiconnI use this when I know that I want to answer the resume question with "yes", pressing On, the Play in short succession
15:10:03[IDC]Dragonnice trick
15:10:07amiconnI have resume set to ask because I do not want to resume always (but quite often)
15:10:17[IDC]Dragonme too
15:10:39[IDC]Dragonand in the car, I practically always want to resume
15:11:06amiconnI just adapted the ide_power_on() and ide_powered() functions to the player, requiring an additional #define ATA_POWER_PLAYERSTYLE
15:11:34amiconnI have only defined NEEDS_ATA_POWER_ON for a start, HAVE_ATA_POWEROFF to be tested later
15:11:41[IDC]Dragonhow about multi-value?
15:12:45amiconnFor now, there are only 2 styles, so a bool is sufficient. However, a multi-value might come in handy for the iRiver.
15:13:05amiconnDo you know whether the iRiver has hardware ATA power control?
15:13:20[IDC]Dragonno, not my field
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15:17:13amiconn[IDC]Dragon: You did the same thing (boolean #define) for Ondio USB enable
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15:38:08amiconngotta go, cu
15:38:38 Part amiconn
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15:59:29bobTHChi all
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22:35:45mattzzBagder: are you reading?
22:35:52BagderI am
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