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#rockbox log for 2004-11-24

00:00:07[IDC]DragonLinusN: player image emailed.
00:01:14[IDC]Dragonthose are so small, no need for compression
00:01:32amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Your image versions are a bit off (and of course the image versions are often different from the ROM versions)
00:02:25[IDC]DragonI probably took the number which people saw in the greet message
00:03:02amiconnNot always... What you labeled 5.06 is a 5.06 rom with a 5.08 image (looks like mine)
00:03:21[IDC]Dragonsloppy collection
00:03:24amiconnYour 5.05 version is a 5.03 rom with a 5.05 image
00:03:32amiconnYour 5.03 version is a 5.03 rom with a 5.06 image
00:04:03[IDC]DragonI'll rename mine locally, thanks
00:04:29amiconnYour 4.09 version is a 4.07 rom with a 4.09 image
00:05:37amiconnYour 3.18 version is a 0.00 rom (!!) with a 3.18 image
00:06:43[IDC]Dragonand the 4.53?
00:06:59amiconnThe 4.53 has everything identical
00:07:25[IDC]Dragonok, one duplicate, one renamed
00:07:35amiconnNo duplicate...
00:07:56[IDC]Dragon5.06 and 5.08 (not sent)
00:08:02amiconnAh ok
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00:08:51amiconnI'm a bit puzzled about the 0.00 rom version...
00:09:31[IDC]Dragonthe oldest, perhaps before they started versioning?
00:10:15LinusNroloing 5.08 works fine
00:10:41[IDC]Dragonany new features in there?
00:11:07amiconnLinusN: Nice :)
00:11:54amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I think so...
00:12:24amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I get a checksum error when trying to rolo 4.53
00:12:47[IDC]Dragonoh, strange
00:13:02[IDC]Dragonmaybe the extract didn't work?
00:13:06amiconnIn fact I get a checksum error with all flash extracted versions ???
00:13:31[IDC]Dragonthey may not have one
00:13:43*[IDC]Dragon looks into extract
00:14:04amiconnBut why did it work for Linus then?
00:14:25[IDC]Dragonhe scrambled the .bin
00:14:43amiconnAh-hah. I could try this as well
00:14:45[IDC]DragonI had no .mod kept
00:15:05amiconnMaybe extract doesn't write a checksum
00:15:33[IDC]Dragonit does, but maybe there's a bug
00:17:14LinusNgotta sleep, cu guys
00:17:15amiconnOffset 4 and 5 look different in the extracted vs. descrambled abd rescrambled versions
00:17:21amiconnNite LinusN
00:17:27 Part LinusN
00:17:40[IDC]Dragonhow much different?
00:18:12amiconnExtracted 5.08: 55 9A Rescrambled: C7 FB
00:18:32[IDC]Dragonhmm, looks completely different
00:24:54amiconnMaybe I found the cause...
00:25:33amiconnLook into extract.c, line 119. You use Write32, however the checksum is 16 bits...
00:25:54[IDC]Dragonthat's a dirty trick
00:26:12[IDC]DragonI also write it 2 bytes too early
00:26:43[IDC]Dragonto have the lower 16 bit where needed
00:26:48amiconnAh, I see. STill this looks weird to me
00:27:43[IDC]Dragonjust ran it again on 5.08, I get a checksum of 0x559A
00:29:01[IDC]Dragonlike above, ok
00:29:19amiconnYes, same as me, the not working one. However scramble produces 0xC7FB, which is working
00:29:45amiconn..but shuts the player down while boot. Funny, but logical (I was not holding On)
00:30:23amiconnWhen holding On it works
00:33:12[IDC]Dragonah, the checksum is over the unscrambled content
00:33:49amiconnFunny... My box says Jukebox 6GB when rolo'ing 4.53!
00:35:44amiconnApart from that it is working (but cumbersome)
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00:40:13[IDC]DragonI tried the data descramble within extract, but still get different results
00:42:35amiconnIs uiSize always a multiple of 4?
00:42:58[IDC]DragonI think so
00:43:21amiconnIn scramble.c it is enforced to be
00:43:51[IDC]Dragonin 5.08, it is
00:45:21[IDC]DragonI now used the data descrambling formula in the checksum, the address order shoudn't matter
00:47:19amiconnDo you get BF 54 now?
00:51:59amiconnARgh, I was wrong :(
00:53:41amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Now it works... with the descramble data munging
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01:04:54[IDC]Dragonwhy doesn't it work here?
01:05:19amiconnI dunno... I just used the descramble formula, as verbatim as possible
01:05:50[IDC]Dragon~((data >> 1) | ((data << 7) & 0x80))
01:05:50amiconn UINT8 byte;
01:05:50amiconn byte = aImage[uiStart + i];
01:05:50amiconn byte = ~((byte >> 1) | ((byte << 7) & 0x80)); /* poor man's ROR */
01:05:50DBUGEnqueued KICK amiconn
01:05:50amiconnusChecksum += byte;
01:06:38amiconnYou can't directly add the result to the checksum, it has to be cut to 8 bit width first
01:07:09amiconnThe data<<7 produces a total of 15 bits...
01:07:42[IDC]Dragonok, works
01:08:54amiconnAlthough it should also work directly, because of the & 0x80 (?!) Strange...
01:11:39[IDC]Dragonchange committed, thanks
01:12:12[IDC]DragonI stop thinking and go to bed
01:12:20amiconnOkay. Nite
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08:36:00unclearthoughtany one in here who can help me out
08:36:14midkdepends, what's the problem?
08:36:26unclearthoughtim a friend of adimias
08:36:35unclearthoughti have an archos fm 20
08:36:44midki'm -> bed, nite
08:36:48unclearthoughtbut im having a problem getting rockbox to work
08:36:57unclearthoughtsaw on the website to come here
08:37:08unclearthoughtwondering if you would be able to help me load it on
08:37:11unclearthoughtif not i understand
08:37:40dwihno1) get the correct zip file 2) unzip it to the root of your archos unit 3) reboot the unit 4) presto! \o/
08:37:57unclearthoughtthe menu didnt chage at all though
08:37:57dwihnoPresto sounds like something a magician would say
08:38:06dwihnoWhy do I get the munchies for pasta with pesto?
08:38:08midk^ explosion of a head
08:38:35LinusNunclearthought: you mean it still runs the original firmware?
08:38:48LinusNhave you tried the windows installer?
08:38:56unclearthought?? havnt seen it
08:39:05unclearthoughtis there a website you can point me to please
08:39:09LinusNunder "downloads"
08:39:12dwihnoforgot about the windows installer :)
08:39:20dwihnome senile
08:39:49unclearthoughtthat should take care of it
08:40:10LinusNtry it, and let us know if it worked
08:40:11unclearthoughtthank you guys... i know im prob a waste of your time.. but it means alot
08:40:17unclearthoughti will im going to do it right now
08:43:18unclearthoughtLinusN you rock
08:43:22unclearthoughtthank you very much
08:43:53unclearthoughtadiamas said you guys are really cool
08:43:57unclearthoughtthank you so much
08:44:02unclearthoughtgreatly appreaciated
08:44:53unclearthoughthave a good night guys.....
08:44:55 Quit unclearthought ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
08:45:22LinusNi'm cool, and i rock!
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08:54:57 Join amiconn [0] (
08:57:02amiconnGood morning
08:58:21dwihnoOh no! The COW! :O
09:18:08 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
09:21:38 Join Zagor [242] (
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10:22:28 Join [av]bani [0] (
10:23:45[av]banilinusn -> saw the news on ata, congratulations :))
10:26:39[av]banistock iriver flash is unpacked into ram before running right?
10:27:13[av]baniso it really should be possible to make a bootstrap which can load either stock or iriver-cvs off disk right?
10:27:25[av]banifor somewhat risk-free development
10:27:30[av]banifor those without a bdm
10:28:08LinusNthe plan is to initially keep the iriver fw in flash and point the reset vector to a bootloader
10:28:28LinusNwhich either loads rockbox from disk or the original from flash
10:28:43[av]banihm, how would you manage that?
10:28:57LinusNi change the reset vector
10:29:08[av]banii mean, how would end users manage it
10:29:26[av]banior devs-without-a-bdm
10:29:47LinusNthey program their flash with a modified version, which includes the boot loader
10:29:51 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
10:30:07Bagderhi ho quelsaruk
10:30:20[av]baniso stock iriver has a bootstrap that can be replaced?
10:30:23CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:30:23*quelsaruk looks around
10:30:26quelsarukwho, me?
10:30:45LinusN[av]bani: when updating the firmware, the entire flash contents is replaced
10:31:13[av]banior you mean something like you push the stock firmware up a bit to make space for the bootloader
10:31:33quelsarukhmmm.. chendo, that was a really nice soccer player from Real Madrid :) good nickname :D
10:31:53chendowell, i had no idea who he is until i bothered looking on the net :p
10:31:58LinusN[av]bani: of course not
10:32:00chendoi had my nick since when i was 10 :p
10:32:25LinusNi put the boot loader in the free space in the end of the flash, and point the reset vector to it
10:32:59[av]banihow much free space is there :()
10:33:14LinusNi dunno... :-)
10:33:25[av]baniand if theres "not enough" ?
10:33:34LinusNthen we have plan B
10:33:41[av]baniplan B is good
10:33:48[av]baniwhat is it :)
10:33:49LinusNwhich is to compress the original
10:34:05LinusNor plan C
10:34:28LinusNwhich is to use PaulS's method and patch the original to do the loading
10:34:44LinusNi prefer plan A though :-)
10:34:50quelsaruki would use plan B
10:34:56[av]banipatch the original.. scary
10:34:59quelsarukor A
10:35:17quelsarukalways having a copy of old firmware just in case rockbox goes mad
10:35:33LinusNyeah, that's the least intrusive way
10:36:10 Join Cornel [0] (~root@
10:36:16 Join Lurkski [0] (
10:36:59[av]baniwell really something like a 'failsafe-bootstrap' rom would be my preference :)
10:37:17[av]baniloads a firmware from disk, and it can be anything −− stock or rockbox
10:37:46Bagdersince the original doesn't do that, we need to make one that does it
10:37:48LinusNyou mean remove the original from flash and only have a boot loader there?
10:37:56[av]baniyes, at least for initial development
10:38:13LinusNand what would you do if the boot loader fails to load the firmware?
10:38:15Bagderkeeping the original around if very good for safety
10:38:21Bagderis very
10:38:31[av]banilinus, youd have to make very very sure the boot loader doesnt fail :)
10:38:43[av]banibut if its simple enough...
10:38:50LinusNit is much safer to keep the original in flash
10:39:04LinusNthen we won't depend on the boot loader
10:39:08[av]baniwell, a modified original to be sure
10:39:16LinusNnot modified
10:39:23LinusNonly a different reset vector
10:39:42[av]banihow does the iriver reset? you mean the pinhole port?
10:39:50Zagorhmm, even with $40 shipping and VAT added, it's much cheaper buying 140s from US than europe...
10:39:59LinusNthe boot loader then jumps to the original if a button isn't pushed
10:40:12BagderZagor: but you get a crappy charger...
10:40:20[av]baniah, when its turned on...
10:40:24LinusNof course
10:40:30[av]baniwhat if _that_ fails?
10:40:43LinusNthen we're out of luck
10:40:49ZagorBagder: true
10:40:59LinusNbut that is roughly 10-15 asm instructions...
10:42:08[av]baniat reset what hardware is in a 'strange' state though?
10:42:32 Part Lurkski
10:42:39LinusNall hardware is in an uninitialized state
10:42:48[av]baniif we are thinking about murphys law :))
10:43:15LinusNbut all we need to do is to set the port pin to an input and read the status of the button
10:43:31[av]baniand then branch to code which might or might not work :))
10:44:11LinusNthe boot loader, yes
10:44:16[av]baniso then the question is, is there enough space on the end to put a boot loader in
10:44:21[av]baniwhich remains to be seen
10:44:41LinusNlast time i checked, there were quite a few 0xff's there
10:44:51[av]banithey might serve some purpose :) :(
10:45:23Bagderit is unlikely that they use 100% of the flash
10:45:28[av]baniat least if you blow something up, you have bdm for rescue
10:45:35LinusNvery unlikely
10:45:53LinusNresquing via bdm is a quite tedious task
10:46:04[av]baniat least it can be done
10:47:57[av]baniso about encoding, re: my thoughts on that?
10:48:09amiconnLinusN: I'd suggest the same way as on the archos, having a bootloader and then the original firmware in compressed form (could also be ucl). This leaves room for rockbox in flash later
10:48:37LinusNamiconn: of course, but not until we have a stable boot loader
10:48:59LinusNplan A is only temporary, for development
10:49:04[av]banithat its rather unlikely for anyone to get a realtime ogg encoder on a coldfire, so just give the option for users to compress .wav files on the iriver non-realtime
10:49:46LinusNsure, but why encode on the player itself?
10:49:54[av]banibecause they might not have access to a PC
10:50:27[av]baniiriver is more portable than say, iriver + laptop...
10:50:28Bagderwe have have an ogg-encoder plugin
10:51:03[av]baniwhy let people delete files on the player itself? same reason
10:51:07LinusNyes, and mp3 as well
10:51:16BagderI mean "we can have"
10:51:42[av]baniso they can capture eg interviews or something in wav or flac
10:51:48[av]banithen compress later
10:57:50LinusNto free up some space
11:07:26[av]baniwonder if he would share source :))
11:10:03LinusNi doubt it
11:11:29[av]baniof course one could just say fuck fraunhofer and only support ogg encoder :))
11:14:14[av]banihow well does gcc support cf5249?
11:14:29[av]baniany bad suprises while porting :()
11:15:07LinusNwell, i had to patch binutils
11:15:41LinusNfor the mbar2 and emac registers
11:16:56*Zagor just ordered three ihp-140s
11:17:56dwihnothree? :) santa-Zagor is coming to town?
11:18:23LinusN40Gb isn't enough for him
11:18:28Zagoryeah, i plan to give them to random people on the street :)
11:18:36LinusNso he has three, and switches between the,
11:18:51Zagorduct tape rocks
11:23:55[av]banihmm coldfire removed movep instruction :()
11:23:55quelsarukwill santa-zagor come to the south this year? :D
11:25:29[av]banierrr where has ror/rol gone :()
11:28:04LinusNi thought you were familiar with the coldfire
11:28:12[av]baninope, 68k
11:45:17 Part [av]bani
11:45:17 Quit gromit` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:52:09 Part Cornel ("Kopete 0.8.4 :")
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14:31:15ashridahyeah. communism baby
14:44:07 Join iriverSN [0] (
14:45:38iriverSNhi, how is with the "lang.h" file? I understand it is removed but it is stilled included. I also get VOICE_EXT_MPA undeclared identifier when compiling under Win32
14:47:29Zagorfirst line of lang.h says "This file was automatically generated using genlang"
14:49:53iriverSNI don't have the "lang.h" - it is not in the daily-tar. I did a google search previously and read something about genlang in a previous mailinglist thread... I will try it.
14:50:31Zagoryou're not supposed to have it, it is created by the "genlang" utility at compile time
14:52:11 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
14:52:39 Quit Quel|away (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:55:10dwihnoWhat is better? Using a glue gun or superduper glue?
14:55:24LinusNfor what?
14:55:42LinusNagain, for what?
14:55:59LinusNit all depends on what you are trying to glue
14:56:03dwihnoMy remote control (TV) has lost one of the battery springs
14:57:09LinusNand you want to fasten it with glue?
14:57:24dwihnoyup :)
14:57:32dwihnoGlue the spring onto the PCB
14:57:43LinusNbut it will need electrical contact, won't it?
14:57:53LinusNuse a soldering iron
14:58:00dwihnoLet's put it this way. My way, using regular paper tape works :)
14:58:34LinusNwell, super glue don't work on flexible parts
14:58:42LinusNuse hot glue
14:58:55dwihnoI always wanted one of those glue guns! :)
14:59:05dwihnoFrom now on, I'll glue everything!
14:59:08LinusNi have two :-)
14:59:28dwihnois there any difference except the heat level?
14:59:54LinusNthere are size differences as well
15:01:05dwihnoguess so
15:01:20dwihnoI'll tell you a funny story
15:01:34dwihnoI bought an universal remote control for my TV, since I dropped the regular remote one too many times
15:04:34 Join edx [0] (
15:04:54dwihnoit didn't work
15:05:01dwihno(so much for the term "universal")
15:05:17dwihnoso I opened up my old remote and managed to fix it using regular office tape! :)
15:07:15LinusNare you sure that you programmed the universal remote correctly?
15:09:34 Join adi|ems [0] (~chatzilla@
15:12:03dwihnoSure am
15:12:21dwihnoMost of the models had two or three different codes you could enter.
15:12:33dwihnoHitachi had 20+
15:12:51dwihnoAfter testing all of them (twice), I tested the "test-all-supported-remotes" function
15:12:55dwihnowhich had zero success
15:14:09LinusNbad luck
15:14:42dwihnoon the other hand, I got around to bend the old remote open and fix it :)
15:14:48dwihnoAnd that is, after all, a better solution
15:25:54 Nick adi|ems is now known as adi|work (~chatzilla@
15:47:26 Part LinusN
15:49:40 Part Zagor
15:49:50 Join Zagor [242] (
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16:10:24 Quit iriverSN ("CGI:IRC")
16:29:05 Join scott666_ [0] (
16:31:28Bagderweird mp3 player ;-)
16:40:37dwihnoDoes it run rockbox? ;)
16:40:58 Join Patr3ck [0] (
16:41:01Bagderdoesn't even have a display afaict
16:41:27dwihnoSo what are the optics for? :(
16:41:35dwihnoI thought about having a video display on the inside.
16:42:16Bagderthe optics are there because oakley makes sunglasses
16:42:44dwihnoI'm only being imaginative :)
16:42:57dwihnoNow I'll patent the idea and make a buttload of money :)
16:43:23BagderI'll sue you to get my share
16:59:11 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:06:28 Join methangas [0] (
17:13:52 Join ^ShAtZMaN^ [0] (
17:14:26^ShAtZMaN^hi guy's.
17:14:41^ShAtZMaN^any of the iriver guys here?
17:14:56Bagderwho are they?
17:15:21Zagorrockbox is one project, for many players. there is no separate iriver project.
17:15:59 Join AciD` [0] (~gni@acid.user)
17:16:29^ShAtZMaN^ok, than i'll ask my qustion again cos last time me and the guy helping me(sorry, i cant remember the name..) couldn't figure it out.
17:17:10^ShAtZMaN^i wanted to help out so i was told to set up my enviroment first... after reading the docs and setting up cygwin i tried building the iriver simulator
17:17:26^ShAtZMaN^but it always builded me the archos one...
17:17:29^ShAtZMaN^help anyone?
17:17:37Bagderwho can you tell?
17:18:07^ShAtZMaN^i thought it will be different... shouldn't it !? am i that dumb...=|
17:18:09Bagderit shouldn't even succeed to build the sim as the build is currently broken
17:18:18BagderRockbox is... rockbox
17:18:25Bagderit'll look very similar on the iriver
17:18:31Bagderjust bigger due to the bigger lcd
17:18:46^ShAtZMaN^yep... but i guessed a new picture... of the iriver is in order...=D
17:18:57Bagderyou mean a bigger one?
17:19:04^ShAtZMaN^i mean in the sim...
17:19:14Bagderyou talk about the windows sim
17:19:23Zagoryeah the small logo looks rather funny on the big display
17:19:25Bagderimho, that pic should be removed completely
17:19:43BagderZagor: that crappy archos image around the lcd on the win sim
17:19:55Bagderimho: in my humble opinion
17:20:13Zagoroh i forgot about that. i agree it should be removed.
17:20:21^ShAtZMaN^ow, ok =]... sorry i didn't do english chats for a longggg time
17:21:04^ShAtZMaN^i told linus that i know a bit C and i would love to help in any way... he told me for starters to set up the enviroment and then maybe help with the buttons...
17:21:22Bagdersounds like a plan
17:21:41^ShAtZMaN^so, i guess i built the enviroment...
17:21:52Bagderbut the iriver sim build fails on the daily build page
17:21:56^ShAtZMaN^now i came here... for the next step.
17:22:04^ShAtZMaN^i tried.
17:22:24^ShAtZMaN^the wierd thing is that it does build the archos one... it doesn't just not build it..
17:22:45^ShAtZMaN^so it confused me in to thinking i was doing something wrong.
17:22:55^ShAtZMaN^after doing the "make"
17:23:03Bagderyou can see the status of all builds there
17:23:17^ShAtZMaN^i know it says it crashes but im stupid and i tried it any way =D
17:23:31Bagderthat's not a "crash"
17:23:55Bagdera good fix would be to make the build work again
17:24:35^ShAtZMaN^it worked once?=O
17:24:53Bagdershouldn't be that hard to fix this problem
17:25:40Bagderjust tedious
17:25:45^ShAtZMaN^when did it work..? so i can download that one..
17:25:56Bagderthere's no point in downloading a sim
17:26:08Bagderyou build your own since you want to work with rockbox coding
17:26:46^ShAtZMaN^i don't think i could build one from not that good...=\
17:26:56Bagderfrom scratch?
17:27:02Bagderthere is one already
17:27:13Bagderyou just need to fix the minor flaws
17:27:15^ShAtZMaN^im sorry for the stupid questions but im real a newb
17:27:26^ShAtZMaN^ow... now i got u =]
17:28:57Bagderthere too, the sim is not unqiue for iRiver, it is the standard Rockbox simulator
17:29:36^ShAtZMaN^wow, there are a holl lot of errors... i'll try and fix what ever i can... than i use the wiki to get it to rockbox?
17:29:57Zagorjust disable the plugins and it will go through
17:30:10^ShAtZMaN^how do i do that?=\
17:31:58^ShAtZMaN^im filling like im more off a hustle than help... if that's the case tell me so i'll leave you alone...
17:32:29Zagordon't worry
17:34:30^ShAtZMaN^than how do i disable the plugins?
17:34:32Patr3ckI am also trying to compile at the moment
17:34:53Bagderactually, I wonder why it builds the plugins
17:34:54Zagorquick&dirty hack: comment out the line "ROCKS=rocks" in apps/Makefile
17:35:24ZagorBagder: why shouldn't it?
17:35:36Bagderbecause plugins is not set in tools/configure
17:36:08Bagderthe sim is built differently
17:36:27Zagoroh, so my fix is bogus too.. oops :)
17:36:36Patr3ckyes, just tried it
17:36:55Bagderremove $(ROCKS) from the all: line in uisimulator/x11/Makefile
17:37:09Bagderor win32/Makefile
17:37:30Bagderas a temporary work-around
17:38:11Bagderwe should acknowledge the same variable in the sim as in the real build for the plugins
17:38:32Patr3ckThe compile worked, thanks!
17:38:52ZagorBagder: imho we should remake the sim builds to be more like the regular ones
17:41:18Bagderwe should have another little devcon
17:41:40Zagorgotta go, see you all
17:41:41 Part Zagor
17:43:31^ShAtZMaN^i have a qustion... if the iriver and the archos simualtor look the same what's the difference?=O or how can i feel it..?
17:43:54Bagderthe only noticable difference is the size of the LCD
17:44:06BagderLCD is the window size in the sim case
17:47:07^ShAtZMaN^now after the change zagor afforrded the sim dosn't do nothing...=\ wired.. i'll fustle around with it a bit.. see you later =]
17:47:10 Quit ^ShAtZMaN^ ()
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23:12:31FrankTManyone that succesfully unlocked a WD800BB?
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