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#rockbox log for 2004-11-25

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00:49:46matslamiconn: hi
00:50:06amiconnhi matsl
00:51:04matsli think i have set disk HD powerdown to on and the unit still playes. how do i now for sure?
00:52:03amiconnHmm. It's a bit difficult to check this without powering the unit from a psu an having an amp meter...
00:52:37amiconnYou can copare the spinup times. With HD powerdown enabled it should be roughly 1 second more
00:52:57matslok. sounds tricky.
00:54:57matsli guess then we'll have to settle with that i have enabled HD powerdown and i can still play.
00:56:55amiconnThe spinup time comparison is not very tricky. After playing music for some time, just go to Info->Debug->View disk info, and check the spinup time value. I get around 3 sec with powerdown, around 2 sec without.
00:58:30amiconnBtw: What harddsik model do you have?
01:00:14matsldon't know. it's an studio 20 but I haven't looked inside.
01:01:08amiconnSame menu item as for the spinup time...
01:01:17matslah. debug info says it's an hitachi dk23ca-20.
01:02:40matslat the moment i have spin up time 3230 ms (the HD powerdown enabled version.)
01:04:33amiconnSounds like it's really enabled, and you don't get into trouble. Nice :)
01:05:53matslwell i have only tested it a few minutes but it does play and spin up and down so it's better than linus got.
01:08:05amiconnI tested it for more than 20 hours on my box, continuously playing music. No problems at all. I wonder what causes the problem on Linus' player...
01:09:15amiconnI would really like to get this sorted, because this is a true power saving option. I expect ~20% longer runtime (not yet measured, just an estimation based on the power consumption difference)
01:13:26matslok. i can try to use my unit a bit harder if that would be of any help.
01:14:08matslfinding out why linus doesn't work is probably much more valuable though.
01:16:29matslok. i'm off to bed now. maybe i'll try the installer too one day or another. soon can be a very long time ;-)
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01:55:05leboff!seen midk
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07:03:35dwihnoI greet thee! Tamer of wigglers, master of pcbs \o/ :)
07:05:28LinusNand i greet thee, obvious smoker of pot
07:09:02dwihnoAh! I see Jens fixed one a bug which has bugged me for quite a while!
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07:20:14LinusNthe back-from-charging-screen bug?
07:21:16LinusNhave you tried it?
07:21:40dwihnomy unit is at home... I'll test it tonight
07:38:09LinusNseems to be fixed, just tried it
07:39:22dwihnocan you promise me something? don't make the iriver port run before I get a unit, okay? :)
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07:40:16LinusNdwihno: hurry
07:40:37dwihnoLinusN: don't tell me you're close... :(
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07:42:11dwihnodon't scare me like that :)
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08:17:51LinusNmorning Zagor
08:18:04midkhi Zagor, LinusN, dwihno
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08:44:27Zagor"Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it." - Brian W. Kernighan
08:44:55Zagorthat's a nugget
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08:51:25amiconnMorning all
08:53:38LinusNamiconn: hi
08:53:40amiconnLinusN: YOu answer in the forum is funny... cyberguy3k is talking Ondio there
08:54:12LinusNamiconn: enlighten me
08:55:16Zagorlinus has the new top secred 20GB mmc card :)
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08:55:52amiconnI still not got around writing dynamic sizinh for the free/total space display :(
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08:57:52LinusNamiconn: look in misc.c
08:58:30LinusNmaybe we could extend that
08:59:37*LinusN is looking for equivalents to IRF7416
09:00:40amiconnLinusN: Something like that, yes. It also has to do that for voicing...
09:00:41LinusNirf7416 is $9 at Farnell
09:01:22LinusNlooks like FDS4435 is a good candidate
09:02:57amiconndwihno: You use archos charging by default? I always use rockbox charging, never had problems with it...
09:04:30dwihnoamiconn: When I connect the unit to a PC for a longer time, rockbox will eventually run out of battery
09:04:50dwihnoso I use archos' charging.
09:05:13LinusNdwihno: you use the archos USB mode?
09:05:16amiconnIf I do that, I always connect the charger. All PCs I found so far spin down the disk when not in use
09:05:40amiconn(but then I have an USB2 model, no need to spin the disk for extended times...
09:09:28dwihnoLinusN: yes.
09:13:13Zagorhmm, don't we have charging always enabled in usb mode?
09:13:41LinusNzagor: i don't think so
09:13:44dwihnoask someone who knows the source ;D
09:14:30Zagori remember we discussed that some time ago, anyway
09:14:41LinusNyeah, but we never did it
09:15:06LinusNin fact, we don't need to charge always if the disk isn't spinning
09:15:28LinusNdwihno: how long is "a longer time"?
09:15:49Zagortrue, but 1) we don't know if the disk is spinning and 2) for most people the disk *is* spinning in usb mode
09:15:57dwihnoLinusN: several hours
09:16:06LinusN2) can be remedied
09:16:28Zagorhow? the host computer controls the disk, including spindown
09:16:37LinusNnot necessarily
09:16:57LinusNunless the host changes the APM mode
09:17:13Zagorof course, but the point is we don't know if they do
09:17:41LinusNbut we should set it correctly before leaving the disk to the isd
09:17:52Zagorbut the bigger issue is I doubt people generally leave their disks connected while idle. i think most people only have it connected while copying
09:18:11LinusNthat's the sane way of doing git
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09:20:40Quel|awaygood morning to all
09:20:50midkhey quel
09:21:12Quel|awayand good night to u midk ;)
09:21:55midknight night :)
09:23:56LinusNthe ISD300 has a config setting for the APM mode in the I2C eprom
09:24:08LinusNi wonder what it is set to...
09:28:11dwihnoMy guess would be 3.14
09:28:14dwihnoNah ;)
09:29:53*LinusN is thinking about modding his recorder to access the isd300 eeprom
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10:10:06amiconnLinusN: Please think about modding your player(s) to uart-boot and/ or flashable rom as well... The missing tests for oldplayer are the only reason for me to hold back the player flash package
10:22:01LinusNaaaa, damn!
10:22:21*LinusN suddenly remembers that the UART port is broken on his newplayer
10:22:44LinusNin the cpu
10:26:22*Quel|away gives a hammer to LinusN
10:26:32amiconnLinusN: Newplayer won't be the problem here... I need oldplayer tests... However, soldering a ROM in your newplayer and flashing it should be possible (you'd have to preflash it with either the archos rom content or the rockbox image
10:32:31LinusNsilly me
10:32:49LinusNmy oldplayer still works
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11:16:41chendocrazy, crazy hardware modders ;\
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13:07:13amiconnLinusN: r u there?
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13:25:24LinusNamiconn: here now
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13:37:40amiconnLinusN: Small addition to your FAQ rework: Imho rockbox 2.3 is *not* the recommended version for Ondio, for at least 2 reasons.
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13:38:37amiconn(1) The flash-wearing and irritation write bug
13:39:12amiconn(2) Ondios with the alternative clock circuitry (mask bit 2 == 0) are not yet supported in 2.3
13:43:32LinusNamiconn: it's in cvs, you can change it
13:44:04amiconnOkay, will do so.
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13:46:28amiconnCould someone else who has an archos remote pls check if it still works with current cvs?
13:46:45amiconnI tried yesterday, and it didn't work for me both on the player and the v1. However, it worked shortly before the 2.3 release...
13:47:07ZagorI don't have mine with me
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15:54:11Lynx_Is the mailing list down?
15:55:16Zagornot that I know
15:56:13Lynx_hmm, last one i got is from 22nd, and i didn't change anything...
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