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#rockbox log for 2004-12-01

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00:58:50amiconnBagder: r u there now?
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01:34:11webguest04things kinda slow right now?
01:35:01scott666_webguest04: depends on what you mean by slow, really
01:35:07webguest04I've got some minor UI comments.
01:35:43scott666_IRC is logged, if you leave comments they will probably be read eventually :-)
01:37:04webguest04When you boot or reboot, with resume set on, and with speech on, it'd be nice to get an audio prompt for resume.
01:37:34scott666_you mean with resume set to Ask?
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01:38:09webguest04I get the red-led lockups while driving.
01:38:30webguest04I'd like to know when to hit the button.
01:38:35scott666what version of rockbox are you using?
01:38:53webguest04ummm. 2.3 at least.
01:39:15webguest04cvs 041111
01:39:26scott666there was a partial bug fix of the RLD issue at some point a while back
01:39:32scott666between 2.2 and 2.3
01:39:33webguest04am I totally behind :)
01:39:45scott666nope, I am
01:39:48webguest04I love open source software.
01:40:12scott666AFAIK there is no fix for RLDs besides getting a new HD
01:40:27webguest04Also, I think there should be a startup sound. "audio splash screen" :)
01:40:30amiconnwebguest04: What harddisk model do you have (info->debug->view disk info)?
01:40:43webguest04I will upgrade HDD soon. full already.
01:41:01amiconnIf it's Hitachi DK23CA or DK23DA, you're probably out of luck (with that disk)
01:41:37webguest04dk23da-10. oh well.
01:41:58webguest04A used notebook drive is pretty cheap.
01:43:47webguest04Another comment: the voiced filenames might be a little slicker if there was a slight delay before they begin, so scrolling thru a directory wasn't so odd sounding.
01:44:19webguest04I feel almost like I'm interupting the speaker :)
01:45:13webguest04maybe preface the directory name with a short click or beep...
01:46:08webguest04all things considered, though, the voice feedback is a huge plus.
01:46:21amiconnThe effect that the currently voiced filename is interrupted when you scroll further is intended. However, iirc there should be a slight delay before the current filename is voiced, so it waits until you stop scrolling (??)
01:46:42webguest04amiconn: I agree
01:47:16webguest04that sounds like a minor tweak.
01:48:01amiconnPooh, I didn't break the automated builds with my button driver overhaul. :) Hopefully it'll still work on fm/v2 (the only platform I can't test on myself)....
01:48:40webguest04what was the overhaul intended to accomplish?
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01:49:56amiconnMostly code cleanup, correcting some minor inconsistencies, and bring button filtering to the player.
01:50:37webguest04filtering? like debounce?
01:51:31webguest04I haven't noticed any probs.
01:52:16amiconnDo you own a player?
01:52:40webguest04nope. recorder.\
01:52:57webguest04which reminds me...
01:53:10amiconnRecorder already had button debounce. In fact, all models but the player had it.
01:53:19webguest04is there a way to change the earphone volume while recording?
01:53:42webguest04how did the player miss out? oversight?
01:54:32amiconn(volume change while recording) It's not implemented, but should be possible hardware-wise. You could file a rfe
01:55:07webguest04is that a fancy acronym for a feature request?
01:55:40amiconnrfe == "request for enhancement". Sourceforge calls it like that
01:56:11webguest04I think 695767 is similar.
01:56:57webguest04it asks for a "universal key combo" for volume control everywhere.
01:57:15webguest04it must be hard to plan a UI
01:57:35webguest04especially with multiple platforms
01:57:45webguest04and constant feature creep.
01:58:50amiconnIt is... especially adapting it to a more limited keypad (like porting to Ondio...)
01:59:20webguest04I suppose you could use some sort of config file structure.
01:59:36webguest04sort of like root menus under blackbox.
01:59:50webguest04or other X window managers
02:01:04webguest04it'd be interesting to figure that out for a multi "mode" device, though.
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02:01:57webguest04I guess you'd just have a keyword for mode selections, and then have configs for each mode.
02:03:22webguest04there'd have to be some way to recover from badly planned configs, though
02:04:06webguest04It might make porting to new hardware cleaner, though, wouldn't it?
02:04:25 Join Seed [0] (ben@
02:05:37amiconnI don't think so. Everything that uses a configuration file will increase code size because all those necessary checks, and the default still needs to be built in, in case the config file is missing least for important things like menus and key config. How do you reset the settings if your config file doesn't define a menu item for that?
02:07:59webguest04all you need is a default.cfg on disk, and a "panic" keypress within X seconds of boot to cause an overwrite of user.cfg with default.cfg.
02:08:41amiconnWhat if default.cfg can't be read, because the user deleted it?
02:09:20webguest04couldn't you just rewrite it via usb?
02:09:27amiconnBtw, 946608 matches your volume control while recording request
02:10:53webguest04ah. you are correct. 946608. how often do the developers review the requests?
02:11:39amiconnYes, you always could rewrite it via usb. But (1) I'd expect many requests/ complaints by users not knowing how to correct the issue (2) You might be far away from computers, no chance to rewrite via usb...
02:12:00webguest04another point. code size and ease of porting to new hw aren't quite the same thing.
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02:13:23webguest04could the default.cfg just be a read-only file? that way deleting would be an intentional act.
02:13:39amiconnI think all developers (including me) look at the requests from time to time. What gets implemented depends on their time, and what they think is useful.
02:14:09webguest04That seems fair. Considering the current pay scale:)
02:15:34amiconnI think using .cfg files wouldn't make porting easier (but also no harder). As it is now, porting the UI means mostly changing some #defines and #ifdefs. With .cfg files it would mean changing that instead. The low level work (drivers etc.) is still the same
02:17:14webguest04I see. The current way just moves the choices to the pre-compile stage.
02:18:34webguest04One benefit of having a UI.cfg is that a user could "bury" seldom used features and make the frequently used ones easy to reach.
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02:20:42amiconnI would like to have context menus and a user definable *additional* menu, where you could put often used functions. The default menu should remain static imho
02:20:56webguest04The unix geek in me wants to play around configuring EVERYTHING. :)
02:21:56webguest04There are so many features, and so few buttons.
02:22:45webguest04some stuff I only mess with rarely, like display prefs.
02:24:32webguest04I'd almost like to see those functions be a plugin.
02:26:02webguest04would a preference setting plugin free up some space for other code? (by moving that code to disk)
02:27:44amiconnMight be difficult. When moving all preferences setting things out, it would in turn require many functions to be exported to the plugin api
02:28:02MauritsHi, I was wondering if there's a different way of running own code on the iRiver player instead of with the BDM
02:28:27MauritsI'd like to help out, but I can't afford to sacrifice my player in the process
02:28:52webguest04amiconn: you mean so that the prefs can take place immediately?
02:29:45amiconnAfaik there is no (safe) other way yet. A boot loader is currently in development, but that's all I can say (no iRiver here)
02:29:58webguest04I was thinking of things like whether the LCD is flipped upside down, inverted, etc.
02:30:37amiconnwebguest04: Many prefs setting functions need to interact with core code, like lcd flip, invert...., all sound setings ....
02:31:30webguest04interact? arent they just flags in flash somewhere?
02:32:28webguest04I was picturing that they got set, and the core code just read the flags to know what to do.
02:32:53amiconnThere is a global config table (not in flash, but in ram, written to rtc (recorders) and disk on request. However, the core code doesn't constantly check if something has changed
02:33:14amiconnYou need to call the appropriate functions for that
02:33:26webguest04or reboot.
02:33:51webguest04depending on the nature of the feature.
02:34:39amiconnReboot is needed for very few features, iirc only the playlist and dir buffer sizes. That's because rockbox does no dynamic memory management
02:35:51webguest04I like that reboot isn't often needed, but I'd be willing to reboot for seldom-changed features, if it freed up buttons for things like volume changing:)
02:37:04amiconnThe # of free buttons does have nothingh to do with the setting menu being there or not?! ;-)
02:38:10amiconnIt should be possible to make the recording volume adjustable (something like On+Up/Down in the recording screen). It just didn't get implemented yet.
02:38:36webguest04the "LCD" menu is high level.
02:39:47amiconnI rarely use the recording feature myself, and even more rarely need to listen to what I am recording from the box' output. Otherwise I might already have implemented it.
02:40:17webguest04I guess I can't argue with that. :)
02:40:51webguest04Those who code, decide. (what's the latin for that?)
02:41:41webguest04The point you're making is that usage patterns vary widely.
02:42:00webguest04That's an argument for max. configurability.
02:42:51amiconnRockbox already has tons of options... but even then there are more wishes....
02:43:09webguest04Yes, I see that.
02:43:18webguest04The wishes are endless.
02:43:47webguest04As rockbox evolves to more capable platforms, the wishes will grow. setting the output volume from the recording screen (in fact, it shouldn't be hard), automatic level control for recording (for using it as a voice recorder)...
02:44:16webguest04speech recognition with voiceprint security feature :)
02:45:14amiconnI'm more into low level hacking. Let's see, if some other things I've planned are finished, I might try hacking the MAS...
02:45:24webguest04play all of the eagles music form 1969-72 in reverse chronological order, omitting live recordings...
02:47:07webguest04MAS is the dedicated DSP?
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02:47:53webguest04is there an url at for it?
02:49:06amiconnThere's only the datasheets, and Micronas doesn't give in-depth info away. There's a croatian (?) site on the web that has a mas assembler/simulator and some code examples available
02:49:49webguest04I was thinking of a capabilities summary, to reduce the stupid questions I might otherwise ask.
02:51:27amiconnI really gotta get some sleep now... almost 3 am already
02:51:41webguest04wow, where are you?
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02:53:03webguest04i see.
02:53:14webguest04oh, well, get some sleep.
02:53:36webguest04 I've gotta go, too.
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08:53:02amiconnGood morning
08:54:02LinusNnice work on the button driver
08:54:25 Join scott666 [0] (
08:54:35LinusN(except for adding a space between "if" and the parenthesis) :-)
08:55:07amiconnThe majority of if's already had that...
08:55:31LinusNi don't really care, just teasing you
08:56:19amiconnCould you or someone else test on a fm recorder (the only archos platform I couldn't test myself)?
08:56:28amiconnOr v2, of course
08:57:21*dwihno is gonna build a cross compiler :)
08:57:22amiconnParticularly the firmware reload with "On" from the panic screen should work now (it couldn't have worked before)
08:57:35dwihnogcc-3.3.4 and gcc-core-3.3.4, right?
08:58:24amiconnLinusN: I hope the iriver target still builds okay. I have no coldfire cross compiler here
08:59:05 Join einhirn [0] (
08:59:52LinusNi'll try that too
09:00:48dwihnoLinusN: Aaah! Exactly what I needed! Thanks a bunch! :)
09:01:31amiconnLinusN: Do you know wether building the coldfire cross compiler works on cygwin?
09:02:41dwihno*compiles binutils* (using a stoneage celeron 466! yay!)
09:04:29LinusNamiconn: haven't tried, but i don't see why it shouldn't
09:09:51 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
09:10:01*LinusN tries to figure out how to generate a panic...
09:10:18amiconnI have a tiny plugin that does that...
09:10:35amiconnIt switches on memguard, then tries to read address zero
09:10:47LinusNi'll just call panic in main()
09:13:05amiconnArgh! panic() doesn't have that... only UIE()
09:13:39 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
09:22:11LinusNamiconn: works
09:22:39 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:23:12dwihnoThe cross-compiler page is great
09:23:31 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
09:26:11LinusNdwihno: thx
09:33:39dwihnoMe got error :)
09:34:12dwihnoseems like the standard libc stuff is banging out
09:34:41dwihnoHave I done anything wrong regarding newlib perhaps?
09:39:33LinusNwhich gcc version are you trying to build?
09:41:43dwihnoI've symlinked the newlib into the gcc subdir of gcc-3.3.4
09:41:46LinusNand you have dl:ed newlib
09:42:07dwihnodo I need to do anything with newlib? run the configure script? compile anything?
09:42:19LinusNi see that the wiki page isn't entirely clear about the symlink
09:43:20dwihno[~/dn/gcc/gcc-3.3.4/gcc] ls -al newlib
09:43:20dwihnolrwxr-xr-x 1 dw dw 26 Dec 1 09:19 newlib -> ../../newlib-1.11.0/newlib
09:43:28 Join Zagor [242] (
09:43:34LinusNnot correct
09:43:48LinusNthe symlink should be in the gcc-3.3.4 dir
09:43:55LinusNnot gcc-3.3.4/gcc
09:44:17dwihnothe gcc dir contains source, thus "make a symlink in the gcc 3.3.X source dir"
09:44:24dwihnome fixey then
09:47:41LinusNi have updated the wiki page
09:48:36LinusNmorning Zagor
09:48:52dwihnoTime for a snack, then I'll tell you how it went.
09:50:02ZagorLinusN: no but very slow traffic
09:53:38LinusNslow brain here :-)
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10:14:30dwihnohm. seems like newlib bangs out
10:15:03dwihnoor something else
10:17:12dwihnocan't find install-sh
10:17:47dwihnoa really long list, (linked, working in)
10:17:50 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
10:17:54dwihnowctype.exp ..linked
10:17:54dwihnoloading cache ../config.cache
10:17:54dwihnoconfigure: error: can not find install-sh or in .. ./..
10:17:54DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
10:17:54dwihnogmake: *** [configure-target-newlib] Error 1
10:18:05dwihnofunny :)
10:18:09dwihnoI'll try an ugly fix
10:19:45dwihnoI got a working compiler though
10:22:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:22:32*Bagder charges his iRiver...
10:23:59dwihnoAww! You got one as well! :)
10:24:06dwihnoIHP-120? 140?
10:24:48dwihnosweet! how is it compared to the archos+
10:25:02BagderI haven't really tried it yet
10:25:07Zagordwihno: didn't I tell you I would give them to random people on the street?
10:25:10Bagderits lighter
10:25:51dwihnoZagor: well, to be completely honest, Bagder doesn't really qualify being "random" :)
10:26:14BagderI wanna be random!
10:27:29dwihnowhaddyaknow! it compiled!
10:27:33dwihnonow I only need to build uclpack
10:27:36Zagor"we are all random"
10:30:23kurzhaarrockerslightly ot: In the back of my mind there's a rule of thumb: "Avoid including other *.h files in *.h files". Why is it a bad idea eg to make a *.h file that contains all the *.h files from the firmware/explort directory in one single firmware.h file?
10:30:55Zagorbecause it's not necessary?
10:31:34ZagorI disagree with that old rule of thumb of yours. Such a rule causes more problems than it solves.
10:32:06Zagorrecursive include problems are very rare in real life
10:32:23kurzhaarrocker... and usually can be solved by #ifdefs
10:33:43Zagoryes, all header files should always contain #ifndef/#define include protection. *that* is a good rule. :)
10:35:23 Join zagor_testing [0] (
10:35:26*kurzhaarrocker wonders how that rule got into his mind at all
10:35:57Bagdersome people/places have such a rule
10:35:57dwihnoWay! rombox build ok!
10:37:53dwihnoWhat is the max size of a rombox UCL?
10:39:10 Part zagor_testing
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10:40:08 Part zagor_testing
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10:43:13dwihnoWell, it'll fit anyhow.
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10:53:05 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
10:53:09 Join einhirn [0] (, line 59 doesn't specify mode
10:53:55dwihno(causes a bang on my ancient version)
10:54:54Bagderdwihno: add , 0777
10:56:52Bagderme fixed that now
10:57:42 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:59:17 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
11:05:18dwihnoBagder: yeah, i just noticed it :)
11:05:24*dwihno knows basic perl stuffs
11:05:32dwihnoprint "Hello, Bagder\n";
11:42:39BagderVendor: TOSHIBA Model: MK4004GAH
11:44:49 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
11:45:01 Join Seed [0] (ben@
11:45:49Bagdermounting works
11:45:59Bagdernow syncing my music collection on the the iriver
11:47:28Bagderlinux friendly it is
11:48:40 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:51:53LinusNbut not user friendly
11:52:02Bagderindeed not
11:52:05LinusNthe interface sucks
11:52:23LinusNand the gaps between lame!
11:52:51LinusNi understand why there is so much talk about gapless in the iriver forums
11:53:09LinusNand it can't play layer 1 files at all :-(
11:53:30amiconn_But then the mas also doesn't play layer 1
11:53:40LinusNno Starka Såsen on the iRiver :-(
11:53:41amiconn_(I once tried)
11:54:38LinusNsorry, i meant L2
11:55:53amiconn_Major iriver drawback... no playback of DAB recordings :(
11:56:37Bagderuntil Rockbox!
11:57:34Bagderamiconn: you joining up the iriver race?
11:57:56Bagderwe'd sponsor the hw
11:59:02*Bagder runs off to feed a girl
12:01:02amiconn_Bagder: Maybe... but surely not yet. First I want to finish all the other things... player flashing, multi-volume for Ondio....
12:03:28 Quit amiconn_ ("CGI:IRC")
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12:06:47 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
12:08:45dwihnoLinusN: Starka såsen doesn't work?!?! WTF?! :[
12:09:36amiconn_Wth are you talking about ?!?
12:10:07dwihnoAn old tune about kebabs
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13:22:48 Join ripnetUK [0] (
13:24:20ripnetUKare all you new iRiver people aware of the alleged kernel bug with USB and linux? mine seems to work perfectly (2.6 kernel), but ive heard that there is a patch needed to the kernel because the USB bridge on iRiver sometimes returns a zero length packet (or something), and the SCSI emulation layer needs to signal 'retry needed' and not 'failed' (from memory)
13:24:42ripnetUKlike i said, ive never encountered it, and ive checked the patch is NOT applied to my kernel source (mandrake)
13:25:43LinusNi haven't had any probs
13:26:22 Join amiconn__ [0] (
13:26:23LinusNbut i haven't used my iriver that much either
13:26:30ashridahripnetUK: vanilla kernels had the bug up until 2.6.9
13:26:48ashridahbut it still has issues when resetting the device after a short read, it takes about 30 seconds to reset atm
13:27:03ashridahbut if you're using 2.6.9, you should be right
13:27:04 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
13:27:04 Nick amiconn__ is now known as amiconn (
13:27:13ripnetUKits wierd, mine has never worked less than perfectly...
13:27:39ripnetUKand im on 2.6.3
13:28:00ashridahi have no idea how related it is to the usb controlller, or revision of the iriver dev ice
13:28:04ashridahdevice even
13:28:30ashridahbut the bug is actually a data corruption bug, usually only on read tho, which can still wig things out when dealing with directory nodes, mind you
13:29:27ashridahbasically, the iriver device returns a completely empty usb packet, and the kernel wasn't doing due dilligence and detecting this erronous condition, so it happily passed uninitialised data back up to the scsi layer , which hands it to the vfat driver.
13:29:37ashridahi managed to trigger it fairly easily.
13:29:49*LinusN has 2.6.9
13:29:52ripnetUKmaybe i was just lucky :) makes up for my sata problems with my chipset
13:31:25ashridahas of 2.6.8/9 or so, the kernel has the empty packet detection, the problem is that the scsi layer resets the device, which on the usb side of things takes a while (something about it not doing port resets or something, i forget exactly)
13:31:36ashridahwhich model of iriver player do you have?
13:32:49ripnetUKi have the h140
13:33:00ashridahhm. same as mine. odd
13:33:11ashridahwhich usb chipset are you using?
13:33:27ripnetUKerm... what in /proc/... do I have to cat to answer that?
13:34:12ashridahrun lspci |grep USB
13:34:25ashridahthat should suggest which usb chipset is on the machine
13:34:31ripnetUKone of each of there USB Controller: Intel Corp. 82801EB USB (rev 02)
13:34:31ripnetUK00:1d.7 USB Controller: Intel Corp. 82801EB USB2 (rev 02)
13:34:53ashridahinteresting. don't know anything about the intel usb controllers.
13:37:14Zagorwhat's interesting is that we've been using this same usb controller in archos players for years, and never had a problem
13:37:36LinusNit's not *exactly* the same
13:37:46kurzhaarrockerWasn't it rebranded?
13:37:52Zagorno, but the core is very likely very very similar
13:37:53ashridahZagor: yeah, usb is fun that way ;)
13:38:03LinusNZagor: indeed
13:39:30ripnetUKoff topic question, but ive asked usenet etc. Can I force the iRiver (or other USB mass storage) to /dev/sda every time? at the moment, it uses them in order, so if i plug in my compact flash reader, then the iRiver, the reader is sda, but if i do it the other way round, the iRiver is sda
13:39:54dwihnoThe H1x0 models, do they have USB2go?
13:40:00LinusNdwihno: no
13:40:27dwihnoLinusN: Ah, so that's one of the new features of the H3xx models
13:40:29LinusNthey have the same usb chip as the archos recorder
13:40:41dwihnoProven technology \o/ :)
13:40:45ZagorripnetUK: no, you need to use udev
13:41:36Zagoror, rather: yes, by using udev :)
13:42:20Zagoronly you can't call it /dev/sda. but you can call it /dev/iriver
13:42:46dwihnoWhen getting a phone firmware upgrade, do you guys think the stored information will be cleared as well?
13:42:48Zagori should write a wiki page about that
13:42:58LinusNZagor: please do
13:43:25LinusNdwihno: there is always a risk
13:43:49dwihnoLinusN: how dull! :/
13:44:34ripnetUKzagor - thanks :) will look up udev on google... just needed to know the correct keyword to search on
13:44:42*kurzhaarrocker never saw LinusN say "no" when someone offered to write a wiki page
13:46:15ripnetUKdwihno - yes - every time ive upgraded a phone its been reset to factory settings
13:47:28dwihnoripnetUK: that's a shame... I guess I'll have to locate my backups
13:50:34dwihnoI can copy my contacts to the SIM card
13:53:24ripnetUKyou can, but sim card contacts tend to be very simple one name one number things
13:53:45ripnetUKand often limited to 99 entries
13:57:47 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
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14:30:31 Join midk_ [0] (
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14:30:46 Join midk [0] (
14:41:37leety-aravilgibt es die Taster von dem Stuerkreuz bei eletronik Conrad zu kaufen?
14:41:52Zagoreh, most of us don't speak german
14:41:53leety-aravilunter welcher Art. Nr.?
14:43:37leety-aravilsorry my eglish ist bad
14:54:57 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
14:58:30Zagorleety-aravil: I bet it's better than my german :-)
14:58:35 Quit AciD`` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:59:12 Join AciD`` [0] (
15:00:10kurzhaarrockerleety-aravil: no they're not available at Conrad. All the buttons Conrad sells are to big.
15:08:02leety-aravilwhere can i buy?
15:20:29leety-aravilConrad sells good tracer: 700217 - U0 + 700203 - U0
15:20:32kurzhaarrockerIf you find a source let me know :)
15:21:38kurzhaarrockerThey are to tall
15:21:48kurzhaarrockerthe archos buttons are really flat and search by Artikel. Nr. for 700217 and 700203 ;D
15:24:08kurzhaarrockerI did
15:24:39kurzhaarrockerI know those buttons, I have some of them, they're not compatible with the jukeboxes, as they are to tall. I tried them.
15:24:41leety-aravilthey are a more largely!
15:25:02leety-aravilsind sie zu hoch oder nur zu breit?
15:25:17kurzhaarrockerzu hoch, im Sinne von zu dick
15:26:20leety-aravilalso passen die dann nicht mehr unter die abdeckung?
15:32:18leety-aravilist das viel? Sonst könnte man ja was von der Abdeckung abtragen!
15:50:31ripnetUKI installed udev :) should I have both /dev and /udev? should I uninstall devfs and change udev to use /dev?
16:00:00Zagoryes, udev replaces devfs
16:00:43ripnetUKzag - so you have udev creating its stuff in /dev, and no devfs?
16:01:17ripnetUKhmmm... i have both :) but udev hasnt found all my devices (a dvb card for a start)...
16:01:29LinusNZagor: i can't find the wiki page :-)
16:02:45ZagorripnetUK: you can create custom udev rules to create exotic devices that are not supported by default
16:06:06Zagor is a collection of udev info
16:06:30ripnetUKi might just stick with both running at once... i was quite happy with devfs except i never knew which /sdX my iRiver would turn up on
16:06:40ripnetUKit seems from googleing that that is ok
16:06:58Zagoryeah, I ran /dev and /udev in parallell for a while too
16:07:39ripnetUKcool... i think there is also somethign to be said for running it how the distro provider (in my case Mandrake) intended
16:08:01ripnetUKthanks for the input... nice to know that you ran them in parallel with (i assume) no evil side effects
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16:41:32 Part kurzhaarrocker
16:42:46 Part LinusN
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16:52:49 Join Seed [0] (ben@
16:58:44leety-aravilgibt something delete automticaly the "Recycled" and "System Volume Information" if i unplug the USB Kabel?
17:27:54 Quit amiconn_ ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
17:31:53 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
17:37:53 Quit ripnetUK ()
17:45:16 Part Zagor
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20:27:02YokaloshWhen is the next rockbox version coming out?
20:29:12 Quit Yokalosh (Client Quit)
20:33:31 Join Headie [0] (
20:34:15 Join Yokalosh [0] (
20:34:54YokaloshGuys when is the next Rockbox version coming out?
20:39:30 Quit Yokalosh ()
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22:25:33Bagder1026768.45 bytes/sec
22:25:47Bagderwhen filling up my iriver
22:38:30 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Nine out of ten l33t h4x0rz prefer it")
22:40:19 Join Zagor [0] (
22:45:05Bagderhey Z
22:47:46 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:48:22 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
22:48:30 Nick gromit` is now known as gromit|mode`mami (~gromit@
22:57:42 Nick gromit|mode`mami is now known as gromit`` (~gromit@
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23:14:21Bagderthe iriver can't even read my playlists
23:16:55Zagori haven't had time to play around with mine yet
23:17:18Bagderit took almost 10 hours to copy my 35GB music to it
23:17:52Bagderand now I have no playlists
23:18:04Bagderand I can't figure out how to change sound settings
23:18:06Zagorthat's usb1.1 speed...
23:18:50BagderI wonder if that's my fault...
23:20:03Zagori'll try to remember to time my copying
23:20:37Bagderthe rsync summary says how many bytes and at what speed
23:22:05Bagderand btw
23:22:10Bagdernew host
23:22:13Bagdernew feed
23:23:07Zagorah, nice
23:23:23Zagornew layout too
23:23:33Bagderyeah, and improved functionality
23:23:57Bagderit now lists all countries even though several share currencies
23:24:16Bagdersome are rather exotic
23:29:55 Quit amiconn (" gotta reboot")
23:36:13 Join amiconn [0] (
23:36:39 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:37:40 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
23:46:12Bagderthe WPS shows this stupid number
23:46:20Bagderwhich seems to be song number or something

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