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#rockbox log for 2004-12-02

00:00:44Zagorplaylist index?
00:01:05Bagderno, since my playlists don't work
00:01:13BagderI play them from dir
00:01:22Bagderand the number is big, like "1303"
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00:03:05Bagdersleep time!
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09:43:04ZagorAciD: what's wrong with your connection?
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10:15:33*Bagder checked his dmesg
10:15:36Bagder"usb 1-2: new full speed USB device using address 4"
10:15:45Bagderthat would mean usb2, right?
10:16:16dwihnoDamn, IHP-140's are EXPENSIVE!
10:17:04dwihnoThe disk is 1.8"?
10:18:47Bagder172 grams
10:18:54dwihnoThe unit or the disk?
10:19:00Bagderthe whole unit
10:19:14dwihnoSo how much does the archos weigh with a set of batteries?
10:19:18Bagderthe remote is awesome
10:19:22dwihno600-700 grams?
10:19:59dwihnoif my unit wasn't connected, I would check it out right now
10:20:18dwihnoIt feels heavy
10:20:21Bagderthe fm/v2 is 290
10:20:35dwihnoSo how does the unit feel?
10:20:42dwihnoDoes it make you wanna tango?
10:20:55Bagderthe weird "joystick" thing is crappy
10:21:06Bagderthe firmware/UI is totally confusing
10:21:38Bagderand my playlists don' work
10:22:03Bagderpossibly because I have unix-style slashes or something
10:23:17Zagorthe "joystick hot glue mod" is a must-have
10:23:55BagderZagor: played anything with it yet?
10:24:19Zagorno, not yet
10:24:50Zagorbut the little i've tried was very frustrating. the UI is a mess.
10:38:10dwihnoHot glue mod?
10:46:47LinusNi have hotglued my H140
10:47:09LinusNa drop of hot glue on the joystick, to make it less slippery
10:47:26BagderLinusN: had any time to massacre my archos yet?
10:50:25dwihnoLinusN: ah, okay
10:51:30LinusNit can't play Layer 2 files
10:58:21Bagderit can't play my playlists, which I think is more annoying ;-)
10:59:24LinusNtalk about sucky firmware
11:07:47dwihnoIt needs rockbox
11:07:49dwihnobut not too soon
11:07:56dwihnoI need to get a unit of my own first ;)
11:08:13dwihnoOtherwise, you'll cause me to buy a unit and live on pasta and love for the rest of the year ;)
11:17:15amiconnBagder: "Full speed" means USB1.1 (12 MBit/s), as opposite to "low speed" (1.5 MBit/s). USB2.0 would be "high speed"
11:17:35BagderI'll never learn that ;-)
11:17:55BagderI guess it means I have a 1.1 port I used
11:18:28BagderI didn't know I had
11:19:12*Bagder reads up
11:19:28Bagder"6 x USB 2.0 port"
11:20:10Bagderthis confuses me even more
11:20:14Zagortry "lspci | grep USB"
11:20:35Zagorthere is usually both 1.1 and 2.0 ports/controllers available
11:20:44Bagderthat mentions 1.1 ones
11:23:21Bagderso I moved the cable and it still says "full speed"
11:23:59Zagorbut you have an entry in lspci saying USB 2.0 ?
11:24:31Bagderits a A7V8X
11:24:51Bagderthe motherboard that is
11:25:00Zagori never remember which model motherboard I have... :)
11:25:06LinusNafaik, it determines the speed when connecting
11:25:14BagderZagor: its the same you have
11:25:25Zagorok :)
11:25:35LinusNso you may get different results depending on if you insert it "live" or not
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12:05:39ripnetUKhey Zagor - thanks for your help yesterday - I now have udev installed and my iRiver always comes up as /udev/iriver...
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12:28:15ZagorripnetUK: nice
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13:58:50ripnetUKpeople winge about the stock iRiver firmware, but it has one feature which is great which AFAIK Rockbox doesnt have yet - you can turn off features you dont want, like all the various shuffle modes and repeat modes, so you only have to cycle through the ones you actually use
13:59:41Zagormethinks that is only necessary because of their convoluted way to select them
14:01:15Zagorcombining repeat and shuffle into a single option naturally creates a lot of possible combinations
14:03:58Zagorwhat i'm mostly fascinated by is how difficult it is to operate without reading the manual. of course i'm biased, but some screens are just plain confusing.
14:05:25Zagorexample: when I power on now, I'm greeted by the "X folders, Y songs" screen.
14:07:15Zagornone of the buttons stop, a-b, left, right or rec do anything at all!
14:07:57Zagorall I can do is start playing or adjust volume. i can't even explore myself into a menu.
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14:17:43ripnetUKits not as bad as the stock archos firmware... but not as good as rockbox
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15:35:25BagderSony NW-HD1 pics
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15:40:20Zagori wonder who is supposed to buy it. as far as I've read it is more expensive than the comparable ipod.
15:40:36Bagderits also smaller I think
15:40:50BagderI guess it would be a Sony followed
15:40:54Lynx_is drm restricted to hell again?
15:41:05Bagdersony claims it'll be upgradable to play mp3
15:41:20Zagorupgradable? doesn't it even to it from scratch?
15:41:22Lynx_my bro has a netmd, it's barely useable
15:41:32BagderZagor: I don't think it has
15:41:50Lynx_everything has to be transcoded to atrac, and it does not even support all mp3 bitrates and formats
15:41:56Zagori thought that was the whole point of the thing: finally a sony that does mp3
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15:48:43TangHi :)
15:50:02Tang<LinusN> it can't play Layer 2 files
15:50:20TangI'm quite surprised
15:51:05Tangis this mpeg2 layer3?
15:51:10TangOr MP2?
15:51:35*Bagder doesn't really know
15:52:15TangActually iHP support mpeg1/2/2.5 layer III
15:52:27TangBut not MP2...
15:52:48TangAlos i've read:
15:52:51Tang <Bagder> sony claims it'll be upgradable to play mp3
15:53:15Tangseems that Sony has released a real mp3 HD juke for now:
15:59:30Zagorah, i thought that was the one bagder was talking about
16:00:47Zagorstill bigger than the archos xs200
16:01:28Zagorand more expensive than ipod
16:01:52Zagorwell, sony if anyone can afford a couple of marketing mistakes :)
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16:18:12amiconnTang: Layer 2 means mpeg1/2 layer II (.mp2)
16:18:42TangHi Amiconn, hi zagor
16:19:01TangOkay thanks iwasn't certain about this mpeg2...
16:19:25TangBut there is no mp2 support mention on iRiver spefs
16:19:28Tangthats why
16:19:35Tangi was surprised
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19:34:48Ralle[DK]is there any way to get the archos Jukebox Recorder Remote Control without buying all the other crap you get if you buy the Travel Kit???
19:35:11amiconnThe remote is also sold separately
19:36:22Ralle[DK]cause I couldn't find it anywhere
19:36:36amiconnArchos used to sell it in their webshop, otherwise you might try ebay.
19:37:39Ralle[DK]it isn't at ebay
19:37:41Ralle[DK]nor archos
19:39:24amiconnArchos seems to no longer have it. They seem to have cleaned up the webshop. No more Jukebox Studios, Recorders etc. Only the travelkit is still available
19:39:54Ralle[DK]that sucks!
19:40:44Ralle[DK]but what do i then dO?
19:43:04amiconnHmm. There were a number of remote controls on eBay during the last weeks. Currently there is not a single one..
19:43:53Ralle[DK]what should I search for?
19:45:04Ralle[DK]is it possible to request stuff at ebay?
19:45:39amiconnI regularly watch all rockbox related devices on eBay (Germany). My search pattern is "archos -(gmini, mm, multimedia, av*)"
19:46:54amiconnThe exclude list should be extended to suppress arcdisk and qdisk as well...
19:47:12Ralle[DK]what is a rockbox speaker thing?
19:48:09Ralle[DK]RBX-691 RBX691 Rockbox 6" x 9" 3-Way Speaker-ROCKBOX SP
19:49:05Ralle[DK]thats a damn cheap recorder
19:50:30amiconnThe auction is still running for more than 3 days.. Usually the price rises faster towards the end
19:51:26amiconnI'd expect a recorder 15 to go up to about 150 € or equivalent
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20:40:02leety-aravilIch hatte gestern einen Fahrradunfall bei dem meine Jukbox arg demuliet wurde. Das Gehäuse sieht noch aus wie vorher, allerdings wurde der Klinkestekcer übermeßig weit hinengedrückt und hat die Klinke buchse zertört.
20:40:02leety-aravilIch hab mir deshalb ne neue Stereo Buchse besorgt. Die 4 Beinchen sind genusobelegt (http:/ gelbe Kreise. Doch die Originalbuchse hatte noch einen weiteren kontakt, der wie der rechte kontakt (buchse von hinten betrachtet) auf die selbe stelle greift und der mit dem Kontakt unten mitte (roter Kreis) angeschlossen war.
20:40:02leety-aravilIch hab die Buchse eingelöte doch auf der rechten seite war der ton sehr schwach. liegt das an den fehlenden kontakt?
20:41:24leety-aravillink falsch!
20:41:40leety-aravili tal us in germen. my english ist very bad!
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21:21:10webguest06Hope you guys don%u2019t mind answering a question that has probably been asked a million times before. But I was wandering if the memory upgrades being talked about on the rockbox site are upgrading the ram on the archos pcb or on the hdd? I%u2019m mostly trying to work whether I should get a hdd with 2mb or 8mb ram. Thank you.
21:24:09webguest06Sorry. Trying again: Hope you guys dont mind answering a question that has probably been asked a million times before. But I was wandering if the memory upgrades being talked about on the rockbox site are upgrading the ram on the archos pcb or on the hdd? Im mostly trying to work out whether I should get a hdd with 2mb or 8mb ram. Thank you.
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21:36:02leety-aravilhatt jemand den SChlatplan von der Rückseite auf dem die Mittelplatine mit der HDD verbunden wird?
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21:51:53leety-aravil Which of thist points (great circle) is connectet with the Batterie left (small circle)? Pls say it! Please! Please!
21:52:18leety-aravili can't measure ist!
21:55:58webguest06have to go now. will check log later. hope someone can answer my question. thank you.
21:56:15 Part webguest06
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22:16:47leety-aravilkann mir bitte jemadn helfen!
22:26:13scott666oh no! the germans have taken over!
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