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#rockbox log for 2004-12-03

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00:56:35*HCl yawns..
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09:05:52Zagori just noticed the iriver supports 38 languages! impressive.
09:06:27Zagorand I found the menu :)
09:07:18dwihnoJust for fun, perhaps the comparison table should be updated with the iriver fw features as well?
09:07:47Zagorsure, why not
09:09:15ZagorBagder: I got >10MB/s when copying
09:11:59dwihnoWhen I copy to/from my archos, ~15 megs is not unusual
09:12:14dwihnobut on the other hand, it's a different kind of disk :)
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09:16:31ZagorLinusN: i found a scroll setting, so you can actually get a "proper" right->left scroll. terribly slow though.
09:33:11LinusNimpressive :-)
09:47:28Zagorthe iriver resume is not mid-song
09:47:47Zagorbut the remote control can power-on the unit. that's very nice.
09:52:19SeedZagor: what iRiver model is that?
09:53:14Zagorhmm, the remote "wps" shows folder name and song name, not artist. can't seem to be changed either.
09:53:34LinusNyou can't even name the radio stations :-(
09:53:57LinusNbut the radio reception is quite good, better than the archos fmrec
09:54:23Zagorok. i understand the archos fm reception wasn't much to write home about?
09:55:07LinusNso "better than fmrec" doesn't really say much :-)
09:56:11LinusNnow that i have a H140, i have actually tried to use it
09:56:21BagderZagor: ok, so there's something fishy with my usb as I used it
09:56:25LinusNand the ui drives me nuts
09:56:30BagderLinusN: indeed
09:56:36ZagorBagder: yes
09:56:36Bagderit is totally crap
09:57:20LinusNBagder: usb problems?
09:57:37BagderI got 1.1 speeds
09:57:52Bagderwhile my ports are supposed to be 2.0
09:58:32LinusNkernel version?
09:58:42LinusNusb in-kernel or as modules?
09:59:00Zagor2.6.8 and built-in here
09:59:02LinusN2.6.5? you're a true caveman... :-)
10:00:17Zagorusb 1-5: new high speed USB device using address 5
10:00:42BagderI would be surprised if the kernel version is the explanation
10:00:46Zagorme too
10:01:14LinusNexcept for the zero-packet corruption problem...
10:01:23Zagorusb2 has been working since 2.4.20 or thereabout
10:01:24LinusNbut maybe that doesn't apply here
10:01:32Bagderzero-packet corruption?
10:02:07ZagorLinusN: no it doesn't. the bug is that the error isn't noticed...
10:03:10ZagorBagder: apparently, sometimes the iriver sends a zero-length packet back, which the linux usb stack wasn't prepared for. in 2.4 it resulted in an i/o error, but in 2.6 (<2.6.9) it was silently ignored.
10:03:14LinusNZagor: and i think it only applied to the actual data transfers
10:03:36Bagderhaven't bit me
10:03:38ZagorLinusN: yes
10:03:43ZagorBagder: how would you know :)
10:03:53Bagdernot that I've noticed at least
10:04:39LinusNBagder: i assume you have tried all combinations of poweron-before-insert, insert-before-poweron etc
10:04:50BagderI haven't investigated much
10:05:13BagderI'll try more later on
10:11:31LinusNthe iriver is special, since the ISD300 is powerless until the usb is inserted
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10:13:01Zagori did "power-on, then instert"
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12:51:40Zagorno mid-song resume and no ffwd/rew acceleration means it's not very fun listening to long files on it
12:59:42LinusNreally lame
13:05:48Bagderit is a rather lame firmware really
13:06:55Zagori'm trying not to be too critical yet :)
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13:08:34ripnetUKwhile on the topic of dissing the iRiver firmware, have you lot encountered the spin down bug? they forget to spin down the hdd in some instances, which drains the battary
13:09:10Bagderyes, I noticed a long spin time when moving in the dir browser
13:09:12ripnetUKi think it happens when you are playing a song, and then browse the tree, but DONT select a track
13:09:57ripnetUKand its remained unfixed in several firmeware releases
13:10:30*Bagder tried to insert the usb cable after powering up now - no diff
13:10:42Bagder"new full speed USB device"
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13:11:14Bagdertime to upgrade kernel
13:11:34[IDC]Dragonhi guys, long time no see
13:11:40Bagderhi Jörg
13:12:10[IDC]DragonI noticed this is iriver irc now ;-/
13:13:01Zagorwell, new toys naturally means chatting
13:13:32[IDC]Dragonhehe, yes
13:14:27LinusN[IDC]Dragon: you're welcome to join the iriver club
13:14:38[IDC]Dragoni once had such an iriver in my hands, in the shop
13:15:12[IDC]Dragonin real world, the quality appearance was much less than the pictures suggested
13:15:46ripnetUKi thought the build quality of iRiver kicks ass compared to archos
13:15:54ripnetUKat least recorder 20 era archos
13:15:59amiconnLinusN: Any chance that you do some tests on your comparatively boooring old player? Sorry for pestering you over and over, but I really want to get this out of the door.
13:16:22amiconnThere was another request for player flashing in the forum today...
13:17:03[IDC]Dragonhow about releasing it for new players meanwhile?
13:17:16ZagorripnetUK: I agree, there is definitely a more solid feel to the iriver than my archos rec20
13:18:18[IDC]DragonLinusN: i agree that I should join
13:18:27LinusNamiconn: i'd like to do that too, but i haven't had a chance to do anything rockbox related for a long time
13:18:47[IDC]Dragonjust so littly time these days
13:18:53ripnetUKthe remote control is something else (in a good way)... really cant wait for custom WPS on that :)
13:19:03amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I need to add the hd power probing to the bootloader... and need info for that on how veryoldplayers behave (those that don't have hd power control)
13:19:08Bagderthe remote is *kewl*
13:19:30amiconnLinus is the only person I know of who has a ver 3.x player...
13:19:48ripnetUKI used to nearly fall off my bike changing tracks on the ARchos, having the remote is a real bonus
13:19:52Zagoramiconn: I do too
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13:20:30amiconnZagor: nice to know, perhaps you could help with the testing?
13:20:41Bagdernow where in the kernel menuconfig do I enable udev?
13:21:00amiconnripnetUK: There is an Archos remote too...
13:22:12ripnetUKrotfl... i had the archos remote
13:22:46ripnetUKwas the biggest pile of **** ive ever had... it required its own power source, was made very cheeply (had to resolder the connections several times)
13:23:01[IDC]DragonLinusN: no EL backlight here yet, should I worry?
13:23:25amiconnripnetUK: It works ok for me. I once had one, then lost it. Got another one from ebay recently
13:23:33ripnetUKand there was no key-click to feedback that the unreliable buttons had actually registered
13:23:45ripnetUK(and of course no display)
13:23:55ZagorBagder: udev is user-space. it get info from /sys and the hotplug system
13:24:24ZagorBagder: so you need CONFIG_HOTPLUG and CONFIG_SYSFS
13:24:26LinusN[IDC]Dragon: not yet
13:24:55Zagoramiconn: i'm up for testing, time permitting
13:24:58BagderZagor: ok, those I have
13:25:03ripnetUKjust out of interest, why do people continue to compile stuff directly into the kernel instead of using modules?
13:25:28Zagorbecause modules are a pain to configure?
13:25:39amiconnZagor: Basically I need 2 tests on the oldplayer. One is very easy, just running a test plugin and report the result. This is for checking the hd power control probing
13:26:03Zagornah, that's not entirely fair. personally it's more of a habit thing.
13:26:31Zagoramiconn: unfortunately I don't have the player here. it's at home.
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13:28:24[IDC]DragonZagor: is it flashable?
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13:28:51Zagori don't know, haven't checked. i haven't even started it in months...
13:30:16Zagorweird. pause doesn't fade out, but resume fades in.
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13:41:02amiconnZagor: The other test is a bit more involved, as it either needs the uart boot mod, or a flashable ROM
13:41:43 Join pfavr [0] (
13:41:51amiconnThis is the one to test the lcd init for oldcld
13:42:04amiconns/oldcld/old lcd/
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14:02:26Bagdernew kernel
14:03:21Bagder"new full speed USB device"
14:05:14Bagder"new high speed USB device"
14:05:21BagderI am just sooo stupid
14:05:33Bagderehci-hcd wasn't loaded
14:05:41Bagderonly uhci_hcd was
14:05:55Zagori actually suggested that to linus over lunch :)
14:06:12Bagder"nono, he can't be *that* silly"
14:06:15dwihnoBagder: so the new kernel wasn't really necessary?
14:06:22BagderI don't think so
14:06:31Bagdernot for this at least
14:06:38dwihnoWell, at least, you got a shiny new kernel :D
14:06:40Bagderthe zero read would be a reason though
14:07:37[IDC]DragonLinusN: r u there?
14:10:03[IDC]DragonI was thinking a bit about what "playback system we'd need"
14:10:26[IDC]Dragonoops, quote error above
14:10:47[IDC]Dragonto be prepared for multiple codecs
14:12:17LinusNi and zagor have discussed this
14:12:36LinusNwe will need a pcm playback engine, much like the one we have now for mp3 data
14:12:53LinusNand then a codec API that looks pretty much like your mp3 api
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14:15:30dwihnoso what will you use the immense 16 meg buffer for? :)
14:15:41LinusNmp3 data
14:15:52Zagordwihno: 32 meg
14:15:55LinusNand it will be more like 30meg
14:15:58dwihnoZagor: 32?!?!?
14:16:13dwihnoYou can listen to music for AGES without a spinup
14:16:22dwihnoSo how does the iriver firmware utilize the extra buffer?
14:16:36Zagor38 languages ;)
14:16:37dwihnois it rockbox-smart, or just plain stupid? :)
14:16:52Zagorhard to say without extensive analysis
14:17:02dwihnoWell, play some songs and listen for spinups
14:17:18Zagorfor half an hour? no thanks...
14:17:27dwihnoperhaps not :)
14:17:38dwihnohow much time will it take to buffer ~30 megs?
14:17:52dwihnoI was going to say: "bitswap" as well ;)
14:18:16Zagorit seems the disk is pretty fast (since I got >10MB/s over usb) so I don't think it will take too long
14:18:39dwihnoreally, really nice
14:19:02dwihnohow about the battery issue? is it possible to buy replacement cells?
14:20:06LinusNyes, but they are quite expensive afaik
14:20:49ripnetUKthe iRiver firmware accesses the disk after each song, so its not 'rockbox smart'
14:21:04ripnetUKi suspect most of the 32meg is wasted
14:22:48Zagorhow silly
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14:23:33[IDC]DragonLinusN: sorry, I got distracted
14:24:03[IDC]DragonI'm trying to squeeze out the bitswap
14:24:24[IDC]Dragonright now it's done across all buffered data
14:24:33ripnetUKsurely there will come a point when its not worth filling the entire buffer, as im sure a lot of users are like me and rarely listen to the songs in their order, skipping (say) every other one
14:24:47[IDC]Dragonbut in fact, the bitswap is more a problem of the SPI output
14:25:06[IDC]Dragonit doesn't match the codec scheme
14:25:09ZagorripnetUK: but since we can load 5-6 songs, it's still worth buffering them
14:25:28[IDC]Dragonand prevents/obstructs parsing in the buffered data
14:26:43[IDC]Dragonone reason why we have no audible FF/FR as of now
14:26:55amiconn[IDC]Dragon: That adds to the reasons why the swap should be done at the moment the data is needed, and not at load. I will try to play a bit with mas assembler. Maybe pcm playback is possible on the archos...
14:27:26LinusNamiconn: pcm playback is very much possible
14:27:30[IDC]Dragonamiconn: you don't have to try
14:27:46[IDC]Dragonwe have the MAS code for it
14:27:56LinusN[IDC]Dragon: no we don't
14:27:57amiconnThat one is very limited.
14:28:08[IDC]Dragonbut no documentation nor clearance from Archos yet
14:28:14LinusNthe code we have doesn't work on our hardware
14:28:28amiconn(1) It only does 44.1 kHz 16 bit stereo (2) it needs parallel input
14:28:44[IDC]Dragonto my input, it should do serial as well
14:28:55[IDC]Dragonagain, docs are missing
14:28:56amiconnIf you simply change this to serial, we'd need SIBI control -> Ondio only
14:29:14[IDC]Dragonno, we don't need sibi for that
14:29:51amiconnIirc, the mas knows 2 modes of serial data input, bitstream and word. For word input, it needs SIBI control
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14:30:46leety-aravil Hat jemand ein Bild von der Pinbelegung einer 2.5 Zoll Festplatte?? Speziell geht es mir darum, wo die Stromanschlüsse sind, weil die 2,5er HDDs ja keinen extra Stromstecker haben!
14:31:00[IDC]Dragonjust relax, maybe we'll have the info by xmas
14:31:09amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I'll look into mas asm, maybe it's possible to write a pcm "codec" that works with bitstream input (something like internal "s/pdif")
14:31:50LinusNleety-aravil: english, english, english
14:32:09leety-aravilmy engish is very bad!
14:32:14LinusNvad skulle du säga om alla började prata svenska här?
14:32:18leety-araviloh whitch site ist the picture?
14:33:17leety-aravilthat are 383 Sites!
14:33:22LinusNleety-aravil: somewhere in the end, i think
14:33:39leety-aravilis ist a picutre or an tabelle?
14:33:48LinusNtry googling for "laptop hard drive pinout" or something
14:35:04leety-aravili had
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14:38:37MisticJeffGreetings Gents!!
14:38:56MisticJeffI see the "toys" have arrived
14:39:13MisticJeffNoticed you were talking about replacement batteries.
14:39:41dwihnoI did
14:39:53dwihnoTell me, are they hard to get?
14:40:31Zagordwihno: did you miss my link?
14:40:49MisticJeffThere is a company in Germany that makes a 1900mAh Li Ion Polymer battery that fits perfectly and gives 29hr playback times on 128kbps mp3 files
14:41:09Zagorgot a link?
14:41:13MisticJeffthe link Zagor gave is for a standard OEM replacment battery
14:41:41MisticJeffunfortunately that company lost its investors and went insolvent about 1 month ago
14:41:52MisticJeffand with a couple hundred dollars of my money
14:42:39MisticJeffonce they find new investors i'll be purchasing the batteries and selling them at MisticRiver. They will retail for approx. $39US
14:42:58ripnetUKmistic - put me down for one of them :)
14:43:14dwihnoZagor: probably
14:43:21MisticJeffYou can figure OGG files at Q7/192kbps with 18hr runtimes
14:43:39MisticJeffooppsss... Q6
14:43:57dwihnoWith rockbox buffring, there wil be 40 hour playtime \o/ :)
14:44:53MisticJeffabsolutely!! those guesstimates are with the current firmware, actually there were some test done by a German user and he achieved the 29hr results
14:45:02ripnetUKthe default battary for iRiver is very good indeed... ive never had it crap out on me. My old Archos used to die half way there on a certain journey, whereas the iriver lasted all the way there, and back and still has 2 bars :)
14:45:52MisticJeffBetter run and let the boys get back to work... ;-)
14:46:15 Part MisticJeff
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15:25:00Zagordoes anyone actually use those srs/wow equalisers? they sound really bad to my ears.
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15:37:55ripnetukZagor - I hate the SRS sounds, i keep accedently putting them on and wondering why it sounds crap
15:38:08ripnetuki wish you could turn them off like the unused shuffle modes
15:55:50 Part LinusN
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16:07:47tboycan someone tell me where to find a chat like this on
16:07:52tboybut for c programming
16:08:05Zagor /join #c
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17:07:20 Part Zagor
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17:50:16Tangabouty the 38 language
17:50:25Tangit's not language in the menus
17:50:36Tangjust cncern typo of tags/filenames
17:50:51Tangfor exemple "é" in french etc...
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18:14:05TangAlso about the buffer
18:14:18Tangit's 16Mo for IHP110 and 115
18:14:27Tangand 32Meg for iHP120 and 140
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19:51:43Ralle[DK]Does anyone know where I can buy an ordinary Remote Control for the Archos Jukebox Recorder??? not new
20:02:25 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:38:37jolomboso it does
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21:19:19Zagoramiconn: i was wrong, the player I have here is 4.13. but that means linus should have two, since both our first players were 3.18.
21:20:01amiconnHmm. Testing on 4.13 would still make sense: This one *should* have ata power control, but still old lcd.
21:21:29amiconnThe lcd test however requires flashable rom, or uart boot mod (and a windows box, since noone adapted uart_boot to Linux)
21:22:55amiconnBtw: I would be interested in a rom dump of 4.13
21:23:08ZagorFlash:??.?? unfortunately
21:23:24Zagordumping rom...
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22:15:13amiconnhi [IDC]Dragon
22:15:27[IDC]Dragonhi to Berlin!
22:15:44amiconnre hi to Hanover!
22:16:31amiconnI just polished the bootloader a bit (all hex values for registers match register width, plus "code police" work)
22:17:15[IDC]Dragonyou may be the first
22:17:31[IDC]DragonI don't know if I wrote it to Rockbox rules
22:17:36amiconnI wonder whether it would be a good idea to change the port manipulations to only affect the low/high byte where possible
22:17:56[IDC]Dragonmakes it smaller, yes
22:18:10[IDC]Dragon(if byte accessible)
22:18:51amiconnP?DR and P?IOR are always byte accessible, used frequently in rockbox
22:19:19[IDC]Dragonand frequently as bytes, yes
22:20:15 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:22:23amiconnIf I change the bootloader that way, do you think the bootloader version should be bumped?
22:22:57amiconn(And then the question arises how to test it)
22:23:04[IDC]DragonI would only bump it if we do a release
22:23:17[IDC]Dragonwhich I woudn't do as of now
22:23:41amiconnOkay. I can test on the player of course
22:23:44[IDC]Dragonfor Player, it'll be version 1, like Ondio
22:23:47 Quit ze (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:24:10 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (psyco@
22:24:17[IDC]Dragonthe recorder models still have the "old" bootloader, without a version stamp
22:24:53[IDC]Dragonbut since we have no new features in there, why bother people
22:25:12amiconnYeah, I thought so.
22:26:01amiconnDoes the make_firmware tool fit the first image directly behind the loader, or is the first image also flash sector aligned?
22:26:10[IDC]Dragonno "daily build" of the bootloader
22:26:24[IDC]Dragonfirst image is directly behind
22:26:58[IDC]Dragonto save some space
22:27:11[IDC]Dragonand not meant to be changed
22:27:22amiconnAh. Next question: How many bytes do we need to "conserve" in order to get one more free flash sector for Ondio FM?
22:27:38*[IDC]Dragon looks
22:27:52[IDC]Dragon(I doubt it's close)
22:28:14amiconnMaybe we are lucky...
22:29:36[IDC]Dragonfirmware_ondiofm.bin ends at 0x15BCF
22:29:47[IDC]Dragonfar from reach
22:30:20[IDC]Dragoncan you save 3 KB? ;-)
22:30:41amiconnWith the bootloader being ~1.6 KB in total ;(
22:30:50[IDC]Dragoncompress it!
22:33:12amiconnSame question for FM recorder?
22:33:19[IDC]Dragonnone of the images is closely over a sector boundary
22:33:36*amiconn spots a mistake in the RomBox wiki topic
22:38:05 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
22:39:50 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:43:43 Quit ATDJ (Connection timed out)
22:46:29amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The rombox build doesn't take the NO_ROM versions into account. Do the images for the no_rom version end at the same flash sector as the ordinary ones?
22:47:10[IDC]Dragonby chance, they do
22:47:26[IDC]Dragonbecause the images differ only slightly in size
22:49:03amiconnCould you check (for the rombox-able platforms that can have no_rom variants)?
22:50:44[IDC]DragonV1 recorders are OK
22:51:07[IDC]Dragonthose are the only ones I saw romless, in the wild
22:51:19amiconnBtw: How do you tell (from the pcb), whether a no_rom variant could exist?
22:51:32[IDC]Dragonbut the PCBs are prepared for others, too
22:52:31[IDC]Dragonthe chip selects for rom and flash region can be wire-ORed towards the flash chip, with a double diode
22:53:11[IDC]Dragonand one of the mode pins tells the CPU whether to use region 0 externally
22:53:35[IDC]Dragonso this pin has pullup or pulldown
22:54:01[IDC]Dragonthe double diode is nomally bridged with 0 ohm
22:54:12[IDC]Dragonfor the flash select only
22:54:21amiconnJust wanted to ask that :)
22:54:45amiconnDid you check the player and Ondio pcbs already?
22:55:07[IDC]DragonFM/V2 and ondio, yes
22:55:24[IDC]Dragonhave a look at my odio in the wiko
22:55:49[IDC]Dragonthe pic with the LCD away
22:56:17[IDC]Dragonthe (missing) double diode is close to the upper right of the CPU
22:56:40[IDC]Dragonthe 3 pads
22:56:57[IDC]Dragonwith 2 of them bridged by a 0 ohm resistor
22:57:36[IDC]Dragongot it?
22:59:17amiconnThe zero-r is a little above the 3 pads, right?
23:00:09[IDC]DragonI had my FM modded with this diode
23:00:34[IDC]Dragonby pulling down the mode pin, I could make it appear romless
23:00:55[IDC]Dragonand test the boot loader
23:01:18amiconnAh, the mode switch pads are at the far upper left of the Ondio pcb, correct?
23:01:35[IDC]DragonI haven't checked
23:01:45amiconn(top & left of that 4-pin smd device)
23:05:54amiconnThe player cpu is at the wrong side of its pcb to check this without dissecting the pcb sandwich :(
23:06:49[IDC]DragonI won't worry about romless players unless we see one
23:07:15amiconnOkay. The plugin should refuse to flash, as there is no correct image, right?
23:08:16[IDC]Dragonjust checked my wreck: no such provision to be seen
23:08:38[IDC]Dragonthe plugin would prompt for a _norom image
23:08:53amiconn(no provision) good :)
23:09:14[IDC]Dragonbut my recorder also has none
23:09:35[IDC]Dragonand still, such other beasts exits
23:10:29amiconnBtw: I was an early user of your flash package with my recorder. I even flashed the one that changed the ROM version to 2.00
23:10:42[IDC]Dragonmy girlfriend had one, the PCB looked completely different, with a *huge* thick CPU chip
23:11:18amiconnNow my rom version is still off compared to the old state (Iirc I had 1.26 before, now I have 1.28). No ill side effects though
23:11:23 Join einhirn [0] (
23:11:40[IDC]Dragonis that address read by Archos?
23:12:22[IDC]Dragon1.28 is good, it matched your new Archos image
23:12:49[IDC]Dragonthe number is not preserved, unlike the mask
23:13:26amiconnThe number is preserved with your newer flash plugins, iirc?
23:13:41[IDC]Dragonno, only the mask
23:13:45amiconnIt definitely needs to be preserved on the player
23:14:02[IDC]Dragonfor players, it's the version which is saved
23:14:17amiconnYes, ok.
23:14:47amiconnThe archos disk update version doesn't check the version. I don't know about the flash image
23:22:37amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Changing the P(A|B)(B|IO)R access to bytes alone does save very little (2 bytes for the high bytes, and nothing for the low bytes). Using the and_b / or_b macros would save more.
23:23:07[IDC]DragonI thought that's what you meant
23:23:31[IDC]Dragonbut it requires to set the basse
23:24:17[IDC]Dragonmaybe not everybody likes it (Archos image)
23:24:50[IDC]Dragonhow about leaving it as it was
23:25:32[IDC]Dragonno gain, no pain
23:26:20amiconnYes, maybe (although archos image shouldn't be confused. Archos works fine when rolo'ed from rockbox, which sets GBR to 0)
23:33:22amiconnI still get button glitches on the player, even with filtering. :-( Maybe this is because of the wires attached though.
23:34:02[IDC]Dragonhmm, no idea
23:44:08amiconnZagor: still there?
23:45:04Zagorhere again
23:45:22amiconn[IDC]Dragon: No Ondio FM on eBay (not "buy now") in the last time :(
23:45:44amiconnZagor: I already wondered whether you got my last comments
23:45:58[IDC]Dragonamiconn: are you looking for one?
23:46:00Zagoryes, but I haven't done any test yet
23:46:34amiconn[IDC]Dragon: yes. The cheapest I could find is 109,- € (
23:47:33[IDC]Dragonare you becoming a collector, or are you unhappy with yours?
23:48:00amiconnNo. This one is not for dev purposes. Of course it will get rockbox installed
23:49:28[IDC]Dragonare Ondios becoming rare now, too?
23:50:26amiconnMaybe, although the vendor that currently offers one on eBay germany even says "Neuheit" (!)
23:51:26*[IDC]Dragon spots a lot of code policing
23:51:55amiconnThe bad thing is that you can't tell whether you will get one with a philips or a samsung tuner.
23:52:26[IDC]Dragonthe new ones are most likely Philips
23:52:39[IDC]Dragon(I guess)
23:54:34[IDC]Dragonmy Ondio was this one:
23:56:09amiconnYeah. I got my SP from the same vendor
23:58:40[IDC]Dragondirt cheap!

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