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#rockbox log for 2004-12-05

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10:30:30[IDC]Dragonamiconn: r u there?
10:30:46amiconnyes, hi!
10:31:04[IDC]Dragonyesterday I got the EL kits
10:31:37[IDC]Dragonthe foils are too big, but can be cut to fit
10:31:55[IDC]DragonI've trimmed one, it stil works
10:32:25[IDC]Dragon(trying to save the other for you)
10:32:29amiconnAny idea about the right chip for our newer pcbs?
10:32:42[IDC]Dragonthat's the problem...
10:33:09[IDC]DragonI've learned that Sipex withdrew from the EL market in 2002
10:33:33[IDC]Dragonthat's probably the reason why Archos had to change the layout
10:34:23[IDC]DragonI did an extensive search yesterday, found no match yet
10:34:29amiconnI told you once that I found a comprehensive datasheet collection that's free to use. It's
10:35:05amiconnThe problem is that if you search for "el driver", there are more than 500 matches. Only the first 500 are displayed, with no provision to display the rest
10:35:35[IDC]DragonI came across that yesterday, too
10:35:52amiconnThe closest match I found is still Sipex SP4425, which matches exactly if mirrored
10:36:15[IDC]Dragonmaybe it is mirrored...
10:36:32[IDC]Dragonthe chips on the kit I got are, too
10:36:52amiconnReally? That means a lot of bending...
10:40:28amiconnI remember there is at least one manufacturer that makes Sipex chip clones
10:43:22[IDC]Dragonaway for a sec
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12:13:02quelsarukhi, good morning to all
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12:37:49[IDC]Dragonamiconn: it was a longer second
12:46:52amiconn~7,366 sec
12:47:23amiconn(to say it like Spock)
12:51:19[IDC]Dragonthe Durel replacements for Sipex are not pin compatible...
12:54:31amiconnI don't remember exactly how the company I found was called. It wasn't Durex, but something starting with Z...
12:55:13[IDC]DragonI know none with Z yet
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12:55:45[IDC]Dragonfound IMP, Marcroblock, Sipex, Supertex, Durel, Toko, Micrel
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12:56:35quelsarukamiconn: what are you thinking about so early?? ;)
13:00:16amiconn[IDC]Dragon: There's also Rogers, but this isn't the one I don't remember exactly...
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14:05:47Leety-AravilI started my Recorder 15. But my Recorder show me only an error masage.
14:05:47Leety-AravilSc1 (85) 227
14:05:47DBUGEnqueued KICK Leety-Aravil
14:05:47Leety-AravilSn1 (170) 0
14:05:47Leety-AravilSc2 (170) 18
14:05:47***Alert Mode level 1
14:05:47Leety-AravilSn2 (85) 211
14:05:49Leety-Aravilwhat means that?
14:07:14Leety-Aravilthe heading was: HD register error
14:08:18quelsarukbatts are ok?
14:08:37Leety-Aravilcompletly full
14:08:48quelsarukthen.. maybe the hard disk has a problem
14:08:55quelsarukbad sectors or something like that
14:09:02quelsarukbut not sure...
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14:19:02amiconnHD register error is frequently a sign for bad battery contacts (especially if you dropped the jukebox recently). See for details
14:33:35Leety-Aravili had repair the battery connectors, but the error did't changed.
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14:44:10amiconnLeety-Aravil: Hmm. Next I would check the batteries. Best: try another set, or at least charge them with an external charger (if not already done/ tried)
14:45:50amiconnNext thing I could think of that either the HD itself or something else within the recorder is broken. To tell for sure, try to get hold of a 2,5"->3,5" HD adapter and hook up the HD to your computer. If it works, the recorder is knackered, otherwise you know it's the HD
14:56:04Leety-AravilI tested the batterys. They are aboulutlely full!
14:57:09Leety-Aravilwher can i buy an 2,5 -> 3,5 Adaptor? Saturn? Conrad?
15:00:06Leety-Aravilaua! The Adaptor costes by Conrad 10 €
15:01:02 Join Tang [0] (~chatzilla@
15:01:18Leety-Aravilbut i think the HD isn't incorrectly (fehlerhaft).
15:01:45TangHi all :)
15:05:31Leety-Aravilare the ( yellow circled points only for attachment or did the connects anything?
15:13:45amiconnLeety-Aravil: (2,5" adapter) Conrad is usually quite expensive for small parts. I usually try for those. You could also use an external 2,5" HD USB enclosure for testing.
15:19:18Leety-Aravil ^^ did anybody know?
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16:03:41Leety-Aravilif i unnplug the HD and starts the Recorder, ist show me teh same error masage!
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16:14:14Leety-Aravili think it is because the batteries.
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16:45:50Leety-Aravili thiink any connections of the Backplatine ist broken.
16:45:50Leety-AravilWhich of this Contacts is Connectes with teh red Point? Can anyone pls mesure ist for me?
16:45:50DBUGEnqueued KICK Leety-Aravil
16:45:50Leety-AravilThe yellow point ist the only pint i know, how is connectet with teh red Point!
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17:53:37Leety-Aravil^^ did anyone mesure it?
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19:16:50Leety-Aravil^^afk; 20:30 home
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21:09:28CassandraAnyone around? In particular anyone who can tell me if 2.3 has a euroconverter plugin - since I can't find one.
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21:33:50amiconnhi all
21:34:04amiconnCassandra: There is an euroconverter plugin. It is player only
21:34:43 Join Eris-ooc [0] (
21:37:21amiconnEris-ooc: Got my comment on your question?
21:38:13Eris-oocNope. missed it, sorry.
21:38:26amiconn[21:33:56] <amiconn> Cassandra: There is an euroconverter plugin. It is player only
21:38:46CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 2 hours and 40 minutes at the last flood
21:38:46*Eris-ooc grumbles half heartedly about plugin authors and their strange concept of documentation.
21:39:25Eris-oocAh, that explains it.
21:39:37amiconnI recently reworked the plugin documentation in the wiki. I added some more plugins, but there are still 12 missing plugins
21:39:43Eris-oocCan you tell me how it works so I can document it for the manual.
21:40:40amiconnHmm, have to try myself. I tried it only briefly. Do you have a build environment, i.e. could build the player sim?
21:41:01amiconnThat's possibly easier than explaining it in all detail here
21:41:30Eris-oocSadly I'm away from home, and my laptop has no linux (or compiler)
21:42:29*Eris-ooc wishes her alter-ego would p*** off so I can have my name back.
21:42:43amiconnI'm developing on Windows with no problem (cygwin). I could also build a sim for you (Windows)
21:43:10amiconnEris-ooc: If you register your nickname, you could kick ("ghost") your alter ego via nickserv
21:43:43Eris-oocOh yeah.
21:43:54amiconnI do that often...
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21:45:03CassandraIf you could build me a sim, that'd be lovely. Also on chronically low bandwidth.
21:46:32Cassandra(as ever)
21:47:34amiconnHmm. Let's see how large it comes out. Unfortunately more than a meg, I think
21:49:41CassandraThat I can live with. Downloading GCC at this point is, however, a no go.
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21:51:25amiconnhi again Jörg!
21:51:31CassandraThat I can live with. Downloading GCC at this point is, however, a no go.
21:51:53[IDC]Dragonhi Christie, Jens
21:51:53amiconn[IDC]Dragon: How the h*** did you find that chip ?!
21:52:05[IDC]Dragonyou already saw it?
21:52:31[IDC]Dragonmore googling
21:53:48[IDC]Dragonbrought me to another manufacturer
21:54:13[IDC]Dragon(I'm amazed at how many there are)
21:54:48amiconnCassandra: The eruoconverter doesn't work in the sim for whatever reason. It only says "Can't find .rockbox" :(
21:55:00[IDC]DragonChristi: sorry for misspelling your name
21:55:12amiconn*euroconverter of course
21:55:28CassandraIDC: np
21:56:00amiconnHmm. That's actually a bug of the sim, not of the plugin....
21:56:14CassandraSo can you tell me how the euroconverter operates then?
21:56:33*amiconn digs out his power supply
21:56:59amiconnThe player still lies open on the table...
21:57:15 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:57:24CassandraSomeone meeds to write a third version of Snake so I can caption it "Return of the Snake"
21:57:51amiconnOh no! More snakes... ;-)
21:58:09 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
21:58:17[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I've ordered samples of that chip, let's see if that works
21:59:00amiconnBe careful with ordering samples... Maybe you'll get a visit again ;)
21:59:05[IDC]Dragondo you think I should add the reference to the datasheet table?
21:59:37amiconnI think if it is attached, it should also be referenced
22:00:32[IDC]DragonI wonder if there are Ondios with backlight
22:00:51[IDC]Dragonperhaps yes, if Archos even redesigned the feature
22:01:12amiconnMe too. There must be a reason why archos continued to prepare the boards for backlight, even with a new chip
22:03:31CassandraHmmm. Does anyone know the difference between game A and game B in Snake 2?
22:04:19amiconnCassandra: When you start the euroconverter plugin, 2 lines are displayed. The first is showing "€>000000.00" (the seconf char is in fact a triangle pointing right), the second is showing a little house on the far left and then "0.00" right aligned (decimal point aligned with the first line too)
22:05:02CassandraThanks. (Never mind about the other question - game b rotates through maps.)
22:05:24 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:05:27amiconnThe first "0" left to the dec. point is alternating with a "_", that's the cursor. You can move left (with PLAY) and right (with STOP).
22:06:53amiconnThe digit you are at can be increased (with +) and decreased (with -). If you go below 0, or above 9, it borrows/carries accordingly
22:07:20CassandraI can see why explaining was a bad idea. :(
22:07:35amiconnThe lower line is always updated with the converted value. You can set your home currency via a menu
22:08:03CassandraRight. OK. Think I have that.
22:08:06amiconnIf I knew why that ****** sim doesn't start a single plugin...
22:09:05 Quit Leety-Aravil (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:11:59amiconnCassandra: The menu is also the only way to exit
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22:18:02amiconnCassandra: Now I know what happens. The sim itself is okay, but cygwin sets the wrong NTFS rights, so the plugins can't be executed. If I send it to you (its ~500 KB zipped) it should work. It does when I change the NTFS rights
22:19:36amiconnGrrrr, "incompatible version" ?????
22:20:35Cassandraami - cool please do.
22:21:05CassandraOh, or is it not working?
22:22:35 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
22:25:24amiconnHmm. The recorder sim works, but the player sim always tells me "incompatible version"???
22:28:16CassandraSilly thing.
22:28:54CassandraYou know there's a copletely non-function menu bar displayed under the plugin directory on the recorder.
22:29:36amiconnHmm. Now that I did reconfigure and recompile, it works...
22:30:17 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:32:38amiconn(menu bar) I know. The menu bar in sub-browsers is completely non-functional, contrary to what it suggests...
22:33:21CassandraTransferring. Thanks
22:40:32CassandraOh, unholy words. Can you rustle me up a recorder simulator too, ami. I forgot screendumps don't work in plugins.
22:45:47amiconnScreendumps should work in plugins, but of course I can also build a recorder sim. Just a sec
22:46:37amiconnNot all plugins work in the sim though. Mentioning all grayscale plugins, video, and those using the MAS, like metronome
22:46:53amiconnThere are some screenshots in the wiki.
22:47:01Cassandraklondike seems not to want to dump for me.
22:47:08Cassandrasolitaire, that is.
22:47:20CassandraAnd sadly of that there are no pics on the wiki.
22:48:02CassandraUnless there's one hidden somewhere other than the plugins page
22:48:35 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
22:48:53amiconnCassandra: That's one of the 12 not-yet-documented plugins :(">
22:50:07Cassandraami: well I've documented all but the most recent ones.
22:51:16CassandraActually as of now I've documented all but solitare, mp3_split and euroconvertor
22:55:10 Join Leety-Aravil [0] (
22:56:23 Quit Leety-Aravil (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:56:34amiconn[IDC]Dragon:"> I'm not sure about the parts that should go in series with the EL though
22:57:30 Quit edx ()
22:58:02CassandraWhat is the euroconvertor converting to. I thought the currency in those countries was already euros
22:59:03amiconnIt converts Euro to the former currencies of the Euro countries.
22:59:18CassandraAh, right
22:59:29amiconn(I don't have any use for that myself)
22:59:33CassandraIreland has an 'e' in it.
23:00:18amiconnThat's obviously a typo...
23:00:27*Cassandra nods.
23:02:23CassandraBah. Anyone know of a windows screen grabber util thats free and small?
23:02:29 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:02:34amiconnTried F5?
23:03:01 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
23:03:07CassandraWhat do you mean F5?
23:03:13[IDC]Dragontry Ctrl+Print
23:03:22CassandraAh, right
23:03:25amiconnF5 in the sim should always make a screenshot
23:03:28[IDC]Dragonsorry, Alt+Print
23:03:47amiconnOtherwise, Windows already has a screen grabber built it. PrtSc puts the screen contents into the clipboard
23:03:48[IDC]Dragonok, F5 is better then
23:04:24[IDC]Dragonand Alt+Print copise the topmost window into the clipboard
23:04:49amiconnThere are always new things to learn... thanks!
23:05:15[IDC]DragonI gotty leave
23:05:27[IDC]DragonCristi, nice to "see" you back!
23:05:30amiconnGot my little sketch?
23:05:44[IDC]Dragonme? sketch?
23:05:52amiconn[22:56:27] <amiconn> [IDC]Dragon:"> I'm not sure about the parts that should go in series with the EL though
23:06:10CassandraI don't think player screenshot is actually implemented.
23:06:24Cassandra(I seem to remember hitting this before)
23:06:53amiconnHrrrmm, you are right :(
23:07:05[IDC]Dragonnice doodeling
23:07:13amiconn"#ifdef LCD_BITMAP...."
23:08:18[IDC]Dragonamiconn: in series are perhaps little resistors
23:08:45[IDC]Dragonto limit the shock current for touchy humans
23:11:13amiconnIf you get this working, you need to reactivate the backlight thread etc. Finally bye bye rombox on Ondio FM....
23:12:29CassandraWhy bye bye ROMbox?
23:12:57amiconnCassandra: Rombox doesn't fit into the remaining space both for Jukebox FMR and Ondio FM
23:13:39amiconnCurrently it is only a little too large for Ondio FM, but reactivating the backlight thread will increase the size further
23:14:00[IDC]Dragonit's been bye bye already
23:14:27amiconnYeah, but currently it's only ~2800 bytes too large. Maybe we could squeeze it a little
23:14:30 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- irc client ownage!")
23:14:41[IDC]Dragon"only" ;-)
23:14:45amiconnThat reminds me, I wanted to dig for dead code a bit...
23:15:19*[IDC]Dragon remembers discussions with Linus
23:15:28[IDC]Dragonon where we can save
23:16:12amiconnOr I could finally mod the Archos Ondio SP firmware to work with the FM mas
23:16:51*einhirn unlurks
23:17:17einhirnHow about trying something like Rombox with parts of it loaded and run from ram
23:17:38einhirnSo that eg. Backlight thread would run from ram, an the rest in rom
23:17:45amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Change the mas register addresses in the Ondio SP firmware so that it works on the Ondio FM (with no recording and no radio of course)
23:18:03einhirnJust a suggestion, no discussion needed, since I have to go to bed now...
23:18:09*einhirn lurks again ;)
23:19:18[IDC]Dragonamiconn: ah, OndioFM "downflashing"
23:19:24amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Then you could build a special flash image for Ondio FM, which contains that modified SP firmware as the first choice. Should save quite some space...
23:20:07amiconnNot to confuse with "downflushing...", btw ;-)
23:20:22[IDC]Dragoneinhirn: the boot loader doesn't support such, atm
23:20:42[IDC]Dragonand it would be hairy
23:21:36[IDC]Dragonthe Ondio is not so desperate for ROMbox, since it doesn't benefet from more mp3 buffer
23:21:58[IDC]Dragon(no spinups to worry about)
23:22:19amiconnI actually like that. The voice ui is much more responsive on Ondio
23:23:33amiconnThere are still advantages of rombox on Ondio though. (1) Starts a split second faster. (2) More buffer allows larger voice files, jpegs etc
23:24:00*Cassandra has a romboxed fm.
23:24:12CassandraI never use the archos firmware anyway.
23:25:00*[IDC]Dragon really has to sleep
23:25:08CassandraWow this screenshot sucks. Better redo it when I get back to the Linux box at home.
23:25:15 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:30:41amiconnCassandra: The player sim bitmap in the Win32 sim seems to be scaled by non-integer factors. I have to agree that it doesn't look good. I plan to do some sim hacking anyway....
23:31:21CassandraWell, it's probably due for fixing.
23:31:44CassandraThe UNIX one is very nice and smooth.
23:31:53amiconnThe X11 sim does look much better, but the cygwin X11 sim is unfortunately not standalone
23:36:59 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:37:03 Part amiconn_
23:37:18 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:37:39 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:37:39 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
23:37:47amiconnBah, got disconnected again
23:44:50CassandraC6nnect5ng t6 y64r www is timing out
23:45:04Cassandra(bad numlock key - no biscuit)
23:48:18amiconnYes, thats because I got disconnected, and now have a new IP
23:48:29amiconnJust wait a couple of minutes, then try again
23:50:18Cassandra*sigh* my dns cache has a long memory, obviously.
23:52:15 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:52:27 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:52:27 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
23:52:44amiconnBah, that DSL is unusually flakey today :(
23:53:47CassandraGot it now. Thanks.
23:58:08CassandraRight plugins done. Time to get dinner

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