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#rockbox log for 2004-12-06

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00:04:40amiconnThis gets annoying...
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00:27:36CassandraYour ISP hates you.
00:29:38webmind_and us
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00:32:00amiconnSeems so :(
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10:25:37Bagdernow where is that udev wiki page... :-)
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10:26:42LinusNit must be lost somehow
10:26:47LinusNa bug in wiki?
10:27:18*Zagor hides
10:27:22BagderI replaced all / with \ in my playlist
10:27:28Bagdeririver still refuses to play it
10:27:42Bagdernext: trying a "drive letter"
10:28:08Zagoris it possible to create playlists on the device?
10:28:22Bagderbut they suggest using winamp in the manual
10:28:28LinusNthat's the "OTF playlist" feature they keep asking about
10:28:48amiconnGood morning
10:29:11Zagorbtw, i did some recording tests yesterday and the iriver adc is a lot better than the archos one. much less noise.
10:30:29Bagdernah, drive letter didn't help
10:30:39Bagderperhaps it should be crlf newlines...
10:31:01dwihnoPerhaps an initial backslash might be the culprit
10:31:13BagderI tried that
10:32:12Bagdernow I'll try drive letter, backslash and crlf
10:32:51dwihnoStrange software
10:33:14*Bagder feels like hitting an iRiver programmer
10:33:19dwihnoiriver clearly needs rockbox ;)
10:34:49Zagordo we know it supports these simple "winamp" playlists at all?
10:35:10BagderI better unpack my manual
10:36:02Bagder"a total of 200 playlists can be recognized"
10:36:25Zagorthey appear fond of arbitrary limitation
10:36:46Bagderthe manual simply says you can save a .m3u with winamp
10:36:50Bagderand then explains how to play it
10:39:44dwihnoIf you guys can't get winamp playlists to run, the average user really must be having a hard time using the unit
10:40:21BagderI bet most iRiver people don't use playlists
10:40:48LinusNperhaps the average user is using winamp to create the playlists
10:41:47dwihnoI'll check the format.
10:43:19dwihno#EXTINF:2730,Hultsfred A
10:43:19dwihnoHultsfred A.mp3
10:43:19dwihno#EXTINF:209,Tess - The second you sleep
10:43:19dwihnoGoa, techno, psy, trance, d&b\Tess - The second you sleep.mp3
10:44:03ZagorI bet they require the comments...
10:44:15Bagderok, time to test that too
10:44:31Bagderat least with some fake ones
10:45:35Bagderwhat is the '209' and '2730' ?
10:46:35Zagori don't know
10:47:33dwihnoThe length of the songs, in seconds
10:48:06Bagderadding a fake "# comment" before each song didn't work
10:48:29Zagoryou added the leading #EXTM3U too?
10:49:30Bagderdid now, and with a EXTINF on all comments
10:49:46dwihnostill no go?
10:50:14Bagderno go
10:50:26Bagderit is rather pathetic
10:50:59BagderI wonder what paths it wants
10:51:28Bagderyour example here didn't have full path name
10:51:41Bagderperhaps there should be no initial slashes
10:52:33Bagderbut I'm getting bored by this
10:52:38dwihnoI created the playlist, saving the playlist on the root of my unit
10:52:40Bagderone final test then I'll leave it
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10:55:26dwihnoI can't see what's wrong
10:55:37dwihno(except the firmware going bonkers)
10:57:13Bagderwell, the right answer might one a combination that I didn't test
10:57:34*Bagder can't type
10:57:48Zagorthat might be the answer too ;)
10:59:02Bagder"only one song may be queued at a time"
10:59:26Bagderthat's a queue feature to be proud of ;-)
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13:37:17[IDC]DragonLinusN: the EL kits arrived, thank you very much!
13:41:12LinusNyou're welcome
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13:50:16[IDC]Dragonhave you read yesterdays' log?
13:50:19[IDC]Dragonnow I'm trying to get such a chip
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14:04:59[IDC]Dragonno, different brand: NPC SM8144B
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17:25:12darkskiezanyone here know anything about the iriver hardware
17:33:48 Join AciD` [0] (~gni@acid.user)
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17:38:09LinusNdarkskiez: what do you want to know about the iriver?
17:41:32darkskiezwould it be possible to support RDS with the iriver, or is it a hardware limitation? and how did u know i asked then when you weren't in the channel?
17:43:22dwihnoLinus has spooky powers!
17:43:34dwihnoSpecial move: Starka såsen
17:44:18darkskiezStout ssen ?
17:44:22darkskiezdamn intertran
17:47:04dwihnoThe RDS-question has risen earlier on the archos' hardware...
17:47:53dwihnoIt has been said, it's too CPU-intensive to do it in software
17:48:33dwihnoIf the tuner chip supports it, it should be relatively easy
17:48:56dwihno... and that's what I know :)
17:51:04darkskiezbut, is the cpu different, and could you enable it just for a few seconds to get the channel name..
17:51:55dwihnoThe CPU in the iriver players is a beast compared to the archos CPU.
17:52:32dwihnoIf there is no hardware support in the tuner, I don't know how to get the RDS data; let alone know if it's possible to do in software
17:57:47darkskiezgot to go
17:57:51darkskiezguess i'll never know
17:59:32dwihnore-join this channel later
17:59:38dwihnoask someone who knows for sure.
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18:16:07LinusNdarkskiez: no, RDS will not be possible
18:16:17LinusN(sorry, had to be AFK for a while)
18:16:55LinusNRDS decoding requires special hardware, which is not present in the iriver
18:17:15TangHi all
18:17:21 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:17:35TangExcuse my ignorance but what is this RDS?
18:18:00LinusNRadio Data System or something like that
18:18:11TangAh ok thnaks
18:18:12 Join AciD` [0] (~gni@acid.user)
18:18:48TangCould i ask wich software use Badger to get his palylists?
18:19:01LinusNa shell script
18:19:13Tangit seems strange his m3u aren't recognized
18:19:32LinusNit will probably work if he uses winamp
18:19:41Tanghumm i see
18:19:43LinusNbut he doesn't run Windows
18:19:52Tangiwill opne one of my m3u in texte veiw
18:20:00Tangtrying to see what's the pooint
18:20:06LinusNi have to go
18:20:13LinusNcu around
18:20:18Tangok good evenin g Linus
18:20:22 Part LinusN
18:20:24TangBye! :)
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18:21:37TangHere is my m3u string:
18:22:16Tang#EXTINF:266,Java - Sex Accordeon et Alcool
18:22:26Tang\MUSIC\Java\Hawai\Sex Accordeon et Alcool.mp3
18:23:03Tangmy playlist are in the directory:
18:23:14TangNo sorry
18:23:33Tang(same level as MUSIC directory)
18:23:42TangHope this should help
18:24:07TangPS: I use m3u on my iHP
18:24:17Tangit works
18:24:41Tangthe strange things it that i got more than 200 m3u and all seems to work
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20:11:46 Join MikeW [0] (
20:11:56MikeWEvening all
20:11:57webguest11annybody here?
20:12:24MikeWIm kinda here
20:12:28webguest11speaks anyone german?
20:12:59webguest11i have an problem with mit jukebox player...
20:13:05 Quit AciD`` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:14:02webguest11when i play in shuffle, he plays only the files in the root, but i will that he plays all files, also they in the folders...???
20:15:10 Quit webguest11 (Client Quit)
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20:16:53webguest80can anyone help me please?
20:26:22Bagderask your question instead of asking if you can ask
20:26:45Bagderhow can we know if we can help you?
20:28:01webguest80i have an jukebox player. i will play all files in all folders in shuffle mode. but my player plays online the files in this folder
20:28:19Bagderthat's what rockbox does
20:28:23Bagdermake a playlist instead
20:30:14webguest80but in a playlist, i must define a order. but i will that the files random...
20:30:35Bagderset shuffle to yes and it plays them in random order
20:31:43 Join AciD`` [0] (
20:32:05webguest80than i must only add all folders zu one playlist?
20:32:13Bagderall files
20:32:23webguest80ok. tanks
20:32:29webguest80i will test it
20:32:51MikeWHey Bagder, you working on the iRiver firmwares?
20:33:14BagderI work on rockbox
20:33:21Bagderand I have an iriver
20:33:43MikeWsorry, I meant the rockbox firmware for iriver :)
20:34:16Bagderwell, I haven't actually run any rockbox code on my iriver yet
20:34:23Bagderbut I hope I soon will
20:34:38MikeWJust wondering, I noticed that someone said that the ihp-1xx players had the ability to record from the radio built in, but it was disabled (hdd interference?)
20:35:05BagderI doubt it has anything to do with the hdd
20:35:06MikeWhas anyone actually gone and found a way to enable it with the stock firmware and test that feature?
20:35:22BagderI don't know
20:35:33 Join GravyGoat [0] (
20:35:42BagderI have to go
20:35:45Bagdersee ya
20:35:48MikeWit would be interesting to see though
20:35:49MikeWokay, bye
20:36:23 Quit webguest80 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:42:03 Quit MikeW ()
20:47:51 Join Tang [0] (~chatzilla@
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21:02:27CassandraHello all
21:05:08TangHello :)
21:05:23Tangbut all is one lol
21:10:26CassandraAh. Never mind.
21:10:43CassandraI'm sure you're fascinating even on your own. ;)
21:12:54 Join MikeW [0] (
21:14:16MikeWHey, so has anyone here taken apart/looked into their stock firmware for the iriver players?
21:15:13MikeWIm just wondering if it is possible to enable the feature that lets you record from FM with the h1xx series
21:15:42Cassandradon't think any of the iRiver people are around at the moment.
21:16:28MikeWOh, okay
21:16:49MikeWhave you any idea who they might be?
21:17:03 Join pfavr [0] (
21:18:18Cassandraamiconn, badger, LinusN, [IDC]Dragon?
21:18:31CassandraI honestly don't know who's working on the port.
21:18:56 Join darksk1ez [0] (
21:19:36MikeWcool, thanks
21:19:44darksk1ezis there a log of today?
21:19:53darksk1ezthat i can access now
21:20:15MikeWIm just pondering, if they actually found the option in the stock firmware, mabye its as simple as changing a bool to display the option to choose where to record from? :)
21:20:17 Join AciD`` [0] (
21:20:25 Quit pfavr (Client Quit)
21:20:58darksk1ezi wonder if i ask about the iriver hardware if linusn will pop out of nowhere again
21:21:11MikeWhah, im talking about it too :)
21:21:22MikeWyes, logs would be useful
21:21:50darksk1ezi asked if anyone knew anything about the iriver hardware and he appeared and asked me what i wanted to know.. but he wasnt in the channel to hear my question
21:22:11darksk1ezbut thats up to yesterday
21:22:47MikeWtheres a current.txt
21:22:49MikeWwhich is live
21:24:24 Quit Cassandra ()
21:24:37darksk1ezdidnt notice thsat
21:25:46 Quit darkskiez (Nick collision from services.)
21:26:04 Nick darksk1ez is now known as darkskiez (
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21:29:00GravyGoatMikeW I read somewhere on the Rockbox site that it looks like the hardware is capable of recording from the FM, but maybe iRiver ran into problems with noise from the unit.
21:29:37MikeWyes, but it would be interesting to actually see it in action
21:30:19GravyGoatI suppose so. I am much more interested in simply seeing Rockbox run on the h100 series at all. Looks like it is progressing prety well.
21:33:04darkskiezGravyGoat: i think that was just speculation
21:35:05 Quit AciD`` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:35:47TangActually as far sa i know LinusM is the only Rockbox guy working on the iRiverport
21:36:02GravyGoatYup. I don't ever use the FM on my H140 anyway, so whatever happens with that is cool, though I know people have been asking for it on the iriver forums a long time.
21:36:58GravyGoatTang, from what I understand LinusM is the only one with a BDM hooked up, so he's the only one that can work on the boot loader. However others are already working on code, and once the bootloader is done others can test what they wrote.
21:37:23Tangindeed that's it GravyCoat
21:37:50Tangi was busy id didin't get time to add the BDM point
21:38:24GravyGoatNot knowing a lot about such things, I wonder how much of the original Rockbox code will port easily? Seems like once the basic hardware interface is done things might go pretty fast...
21:40:06Tanghum not sure it would be as simple
21:42:45 Join scott666_ [0] (
21:44:32TangNothing has be done for the mp3 decoder
21:44:44Tangthis need to be implemented cause it's fully software
21:44:52Tangunlike in Archos case
21:46:31 Nick webmind_ is now known as webmind (
21:49:44MikeWHmm, anyone know when linusn comes around?
21:50:09darkskiezi'm very very exited at the prospect of rockbox on my iriver
21:50:23darkskiezmy iriver is singly the best thing i've ever bought ever.
21:50:27MikeWwhich player do you have?
21:50:51MikeWcool. I was going to buy the h340
21:51:07MikeWbut its very expensive at £300
21:51:11darkskiezi wouldnt have been interested in the h340 as my camera is a canon.
21:51:24darkskiezand i didnt know rockbox would be coming along.
21:51:35darkskiezcoz rockbox could possibly port gphoto
21:51:59GravyGoatI have the H140. I love it. There are some features I had hoped iriver would add, but they are not setting any speed records on firmware updates and the H100 series are not being made any more...
21:51:59MikeWoh, but my minolta is supported, but I can't see myself transfering files to the player through that usb1 conn
21:52:23darkskiezuserspace program for downloading photos from usb cameras that aren't bulk storage.
21:53:03 Join AciD`` [0] (
21:53:19MikeWI would have bought the h120 when I found out about it - if it had the ability to record from fm, so I waited for the 140, still no
21:53:25Tang USB host is good feature i think even at full speed rate (USB1.1)
21:54:13MikeWif I could get a 110/120 for £50, id be happy and play around with it
21:54:22darkskiez50 what?
21:54:31MikeW50 stg
21:54:59Tangno sterling
21:55:07Tang(UK currency)
21:55:26darkskiezi've heard of UKP and GBP not not STG :/
21:55:46MikeWexcpt the name of the currency is sterling, and STG is most commonly used
21:55:57MikeWhere anyway before the euro changeover :)
21:56:00darkskiezi live here too :P
21:56:26 Join ripnetUK [0] (
21:57:12MikeWwould be really handy to throw rockbox onto though
21:57:20darkskiezMikeW: it must be common in ireland, not up north or scotland.
21:58:40darkskiezit'd be cool to hook up a keyboard to the port
21:58:46darkskiezand use that for editing stuff on it.
21:58:51darkskiezcould turn it into a pda of sorts
22:00:15 Quit AciD`` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:00:45 Join AciD`` [0] (
22:00:46MikeWer, get a PDA then?
22:02:18darkskiezMikeW: what'd u recommend?
22:02:35darkskiezknow any pdas with the battery life or storage of an iriver?
22:03:32darkskiezit could even take a usb wifi card and act like those apple wireless audio devices.
22:03:46darkskiezwith an optical output too
22:04:27MikeWwifi/bluetooth support built into the device would be cool
22:05:48MikeWI can't recomend a PDA to you because I've never wanted a 4 or 5 line PDA that has 40gb of storage and only has 1 method of input (excluding a keyboard)
22:09:27 Quit AciD`` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:09:55 Join AciD`` [0] (
22:11:47 Quit MikeW ()
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22:16:56 Quit methangas (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
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22:29:09 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
22:30:55 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:32:31[IDC]Dragonhi, can anybody tell me how to get a MusePack (.mpc) file with a cue sheet to a CD?
22:34:06 Join silencer_ [0] (
22:42:08 Quit AciD`` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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22:51:29 Join LinusN [0] (
22:52:17 Part LinusN
22:52:35 Join LinusN [0] (
22:53:52[IDC]DragonChristi was very fast, she reappeared, and boom, there is a manual
22:54:41darkskiezLinusN: how much space is there inside an iriver?
22:55:28darkskiezI was wondering if you could hook up a small circuit board to the serial internally.
22:56:03LinusNthere isn't that much room, what will you have on the pcb?
22:56:11LinusNa serial line driver?
22:57:48LinusNit *might* fit into the H120
22:58:12darkskiezWoah, cool idea: RDS encoder
22:58:18LinusNif you can find a surface mounted version
22:58:19darkskieznot internally of course.
22:58:29LinusNnot internally?
22:58:34darkskiezthe second thing
22:58:41darkskiezone of those low power fm transmitter things
22:58:46darkskiezto play on your car radio
22:58:50darkskiezbut with RDS support!
22:58:59darkskiezthat'd be phenomenal
22:59:46LinusNwould be a seriously cool project
23:00:20darkskiezcrap, posted the wrong link
23:00:52darkskiezone thing at a time I suppose!
23:01:37LinusNi'm not too fond of fm transmitters, the sound quality isn't very good
23:01:48darkskiezLinusN: thats because the power is so low
23:02:03darkskiezLinusN: if you up the power its fine
23:02:03LinusNbut an rds decoder in the H1xx would be cool
23:02:19LinusNit can't beat a direct line in
23:02:29darkskiezLinusN: of course.
23:05:13darkskiezI cant believe iriver dont promote the fact you can plug two sets of headphones into it as a feature.
23:05:46 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:07:06 Quit AciD`` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:07:56 Join AciD`` [0] (
23:30:56 Join GnagelRam [0] (
23:37:12 Part GnagelRam
23:39:28 Quit GravyGoat (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:41:00 Join MikeW [0] (
23:42:26TangdarkskiezI cant believe iriver dont promote the fact you can plug two sets of headphones into it as a feature.
23:42:32Tangnot a feature in fact
23:42:55MikeWdarkskiez: broadcast FM? the neuros can do that, but isn't that great
23:43:03Tangusing the line out and the earphone out at same time degrade the sound quality
23:43:19Tangbetter to do is tioo use a "Y" minijack
23:43:49darkskiezdoes it actually degrade sound quality? what makes you say that.
23:44:00darkskiezMikeW: true, but its very low power.
23:46:01Tangi remember that using the line out as second earphones on my iMP550
23:46:11Tangcauses some noises
23:46:50Tangso i choose a "Y" plug
23:47:00MikeWLinusN: was it you who noticed that the iriver stock firmware had an option to select what you want to record from (FM) but was disabled?
23:51:45 Quit darkskiez ("yawn bed.")

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