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#rockbox log for 2004-12-08

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00:05:50BagderI guess you can
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00:05:58Bagderyou only need the C compiler
00:09:26amiconnCassandra: Still there?
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00:14:37markunbagder: gcc-3.4.1 gives the same error :(
00:15:51Bagderpost a Q on the mailing list
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00:16:10markunok, I will
00:16:12BagderI go sleep
00:16:24markungood night!
00:17:39amiconnnite Bagder
00:17:42CassandraAmi - I'm here
00:18:35amiconnI'm currently reading your 2.3 manual draft, and have some remarks...
00:20:08amiconn(1) In the TOC, all plugin names are written in all caps, except "VBRfix"
00:20:43amiconn(2) p. 12: The safe poweroff descriptions are mixed up.
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00:21:38amiconnV2/FM do safe poweroff with holding "Off", as does the Ondio. The recorder V1 has the double-Off safe poweroff, and the player has safe poweroff only available from the menu
00:22:34amiconn(3) The picture quality is sometimes rather bad (way too heavy jpeg compression?), namely the Unit photos and the player screenshots
00:22:49CassandraAh, so I need to fix the docs to say that it's on the menu on the player
00:23:08CassandraNot much I can do about that, I'm afraid.
00:23:25CassandraIt's a "screen optimised" PDF.
00:24:18CassandraPlayer screenshots taken from the Windows emulator are also for shit (although I thought I'd replaced all those).
00:24:25amiconn(4) p.13: The On+Play functionality is also available by holding Play a bit longer
00:25:33amiconn(5) Is there a reason why the "z" and "s" forms of verbs (e.g. realized/realised) are mixed up?
00:25:56CassandraNot really - they should all be 's' form.
00:25:57amiconn(6) p.15: "ON+LEFT/RIGH" misses a "T"
00:26:26amiconn(7) p.17: there's an extra bullet which shouldn't be there
00:27:41amiconn(8) p.20: When describing the upside down feature, it would perhaps be useful to mention that the buttons (where it makes sense) also switch function
00:28:46amiconnI personally never use the "screen optimized" setting of Acrobat or such. The "eBook" setting looks much better imho, even on the screen
00:29:52CassandraI have 3 choices. Screen optimized, Print Optimized or Press Optimized
00:29:53amiconnThe unit photos could be redone from the raw scans. This would be necessary anyway if you change LEFT/RIGHT for players to MINUS/PLUS
00:30:20Cassandra1 is 300k, 2 is 600k, don't want to think about the other one.
00:30:34CassandraActually it wouldn't.
00:30:53CassandraThe originals are stored in GIMP and have layers
00:31:04CassandraBut I have nothing to scan them from anyway.
00:31:20amiconnAh ok. I have the raw scans from Linus (5 MB each)
00:31:50*Cassandra thinks. What's the DPI on those?
00:32:31CassandraCan you try reducing them to 300dpi then let me know how big they are.
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00:33:34amiconnThis is actually around 300 dpi (.tif)
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00:35:07amiconnFinally: Do you plan to add the Ondio? I would do it myself, but then I'm not a native english speaker....
00:38:01CassandraI may do. I just want a release out the door first.
00:39:21CassandraTIFS - can you JPEG the files and see what they come out as?
00:39:38amiconnSome more things: (9) TOC: Mixed use of (recorder only <-> recorders only)
00:39:51CassandraOn the recorder V1 do you hold or tap ON to turn in on?
00:40:45amiconnI only tap it, but then I have rockbox flashed. Maybe it's necessary to hold a little longer when the unit is not flashed
00:41:31amiconnSame goes for player: As described, it's necessary to hold On for ~3 sec. When flashed, tapping it is sufficient.
00:42:02amiconn(10) TOC, Part6, 1: "customizing" with z
00:43:46CassandraYou can't flash players.
00:44:03amiconnDon't worry about player flashing yet - so far my player is probably the only flashed player :) It's will most likely in the next release
00:44:34amiconnGrr, " in the.."
00:49:08amiconnTwo corrections for one short sentence :(
00:49:55amiconn"It will most likely be in the next release"
00:53:49amiconn(11) p.22, about storing settings: Perhaps mention, "..or shut down safely as described on p. 12"
00:55:06CassandraShutdown is only on the Player menus, right?
00:56:46amiconnYes, as the other models have it available by other means
00:57:09CassandraThat's Cool - just want to make sure it's Documented.
00:57:48CassandraMy life really would be a lot easier if I had one of everything that Rockbox runs on.
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00:59:25amiconnThat's true for. Developing and debugging got a lot easier since I have 3 rockboxable devices. I'm only missing an FM recorder...
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01:01:36CassandraWell you can't have mine.
01:01:37markunHi Linux, I'm having trouble getting the cross compiler for m68k-elf to compiler here in FreeBSD.
01:01:45markunLinus :) sorry
01:04:06LinusNmarkun: ok, what seems to be the problem?
01:04:34markunThe assembler is complaining when compiling libgcc2.c:
01:04:53markun/var/tmp//cc6VVVNZ.s: Assembler messages:
01:04:58markun/var/tmp//cc6VVVNZ.s:29: Error: operands mismatch −− statement `fmovem.l %fpcr,%d1' ignored
01:05:20CassandraSo what are people's thoughts on the size of the manual PDF is "print quality" worth doubling the filesize (300k -> 600k)?
01:05:21markunI use the binutils from CVS.
01:07:12markunI tried gcc-3.4.1 3.4.2 and 3.4.3. They all fail at the same spot.
01:08:03LinusNCassandra: i don't think 600k is that large
01:08:09CassandraShutdown is right at the bottom of the player menu, isn't it?
01:08:23*Cassandra shrugs. I suppose not really.
01:08:56LinusNmarkun: i haven't built with the latest binutils cvs for a long time, maybe there is a (temporary) bug in it
01:09:53amiconnCassandra: (12) p.39: The "voice directories: on enter" setting is gone. Instead it is now possible to voice file names as well
01:10:10LinusNCassandra: yes it is at the bottom of the main menu
01:11:06amiconnArgh, correction: It is now possible to voice file names _with a .talk file_ as well
01:13:03amiconn(13) p.43: The rockblox description says OFF: exit tetris
01:13:42amiconn(and it should be mentioned that the button assignment is described with the correct view to the screen - from the left)
01:14:40markunbinutils-2.15 stable did the trick
01:15:21LinusNmarkun: then you will not be able to compile rockbox
01:15:22CassandraBack in a few.
01:15:26 Quit Cassandra ()
01:16:47markunFrom what date is your binutils?
01:20:10 Join MikeW [0] (
01:21:00LinusNmarkun: from mid-october something
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01:22:59markunI now compiled gcc using the stable binutils and the firmware with the binutils from cvs. I think it worked.
01:24:57markunThanks, I'm off to bed now
01:25:24LinusNsleep tight
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01:34:45amiconnLinusN: I think it should be possible to add automatic level control for recording (using the same info th epeak meter uses), or am I wrong? May be useful for voice recordings
01:35:36LinusNin theory, yes
01:35:56midkdidn't someone else write that?
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02:09:47Cassandrahello again
02:09:51Cassandraami: still here?
02:10:03CassandraI'm caught up with you now - got any more for me,
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02:23:08amiconnhello again. I have more info for you (in fact about twice the amount I already told you)
02:23:33amiconn...but not now, gotta sleep
02:24:14amiconnPerhaps I should put the info together and mail it, instead of cluttering the channel
02:26:18amiconnBeware! I still didn't use "nitpicker mode" for reading the manual!
02:26:21CassandraOh ick
02:26:27CassandraYes please
02:26:31CassandraYou scare me.
02:26:39CassandraIn a good way.
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09:21:44ricIIwhere sould the rocks go these day, been away for while. /.rockbox/rocks/ ?
09:24:49ricIIah but why doesn't the jpeg plugin work then.. no viewer found, or is it not ready yet?
09:25:47Zagoryou need the viewers.conf too. basically, you need to unzip the whole archive.
09:26:57amiconn..and the viewers go into /.rockbox/viewers instead of /.rockbox/rocks. Unzipping the whole archive is the easiest solution
09:27:35ricIIO i got a daily + rocks.
09:28:06Zagorthere is no daily+rocks since several months!
09:28:17Zagordailies are zip files too
09:28:29Zagoror do you mean bleeding?
09:28:46Zagorif so, use daily instead
09:29:57ricIIyes y'r right as alway Zagor thx
09:31:12ricIIany change we can do something with the sylt or uslt tags ?
09:31:17 Join AciD`` [0] (
09:31:53 Join adi|hotel [0] (
09:32:13ZagorricII: what are those?
09:32:50ricII(un)sync lirics tags
09:33:36Zagorsounds suitable for a plugin
09:34:48ricIIwould be nice if it could be used in wps..
09:37:02ricIIthe synchronized ones I mean, a plugin can't do that not?
09:37:14Zagora plugin could do that
09:39:36ricIIbeen away to long, need to recheck source.
09:41:14Zagoreven if the current plugin api lacks something necessary, it could be added. the point is I'm not sure lyrics is necessarily a core feature.
09:42:35*kurzhaarrocker believes a moving line with lyrics in the wps would be a real show-off.
09:42:41ricIIprobly not, but it would be nice. Rockbox would be one of the few supporting them.
09:44:27amiconnThe bad thing is that everyone continues to invent tag formats, instead sticking with/extending the existing ones. There are also "lyrics3" tags. These are editable by "The God father", but I didn't see any other program supporting them yet
09:44:53ricIIit's in the id3v2 specs
09:45:25amiconnHmm. Then I wonder why TGF marks them differently from ordinary id3v2 tags...
09:48:03 Join bobdbob [0] (
09:48:32bobdbobanyone know the status on
09:48:41bobdbobI placed an order last friday and haven't heard a thing
09:49:32bobdbobis there a better place I can get a replacement battery for an FM recorder?
09:54:29Zagorbobdbob: did you get an order confirmation or anything?
09:55:02bobdbobI got the reply from 2checkout
09:55:08bobdbobbut nothing from newmp3 at all
09:55:18bobdbobI send an email to sales@newmp3 and no response
09:55:27bobdbobthat was monday night
09:55:34bobdbobso, I'll give them a little time
09:55:37 Quit AciD`` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:55:57bobdbobhave you dealt with them before?
09:56:18Zagori've seen places sell batteries for the archos multimedia which might be the same type but i'm not 100% sure
09:56:24 Join AciD`` [0] (
09:56:41Zagornot directly, no. but i've heard people buy from them without problems.
09:57:15bobdbobwas that recently?
09:57:50Zagorno, but it's not something that comes up very often so it doesn't have to mean anything
09:58:52bobdbobI'm a little worried because I forgot to put my apartment # on the order form, so I e-mailed to add it on, but no response
09:59:04bobdbobhopefully doesn't get sent back
10:00:04bobdbobwell, I guess I just give them a few more days... looks like also sells the batteries
10:00:37Zagormaybe ask on their forum?
10:00:45LinusNmike at newmp3tech seems to have busy peaks
10:01:07LinusNso he has periods where he doesn't have time to reply to emails
10:01:32LinusNproblem is that the forgets to reply when he find the time later on
10:02:33bobdbobok, do you think I should just wait then?
10:02:56bobdbobhe'll get my order eventually, I hope...
10:03:00LinusNyeah, give him a few days
10:03:05bobdbobok, thanks so much
10:03:47bobdboboh yeah... and the obligatory thanks for Rockbox 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3... works great as always
10:04:46bobdbobI'm a computer engineering grad specializing in embedded systems... so I'm hoping to contribute once I'm done with this stupid "thesis" crap
10:05:12 Part bobdbob
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10:23:58kurzhaarrockerIs it just here or is the site unusually slow today?
10:24:16LinusNit is
10:25:31kurzhaarrockerAre there know issues?
10:25:52LinusNnot that i know of
10:26:33LinusNit's only a 2mbit line
10:27:02LinusNand it's shared between several servers at
10:27:24amiconnLinusN: Björn changed yesterday. The diff display doesn't work on this one...
10:27:35LinusNsaw that
10:30:08Zagornot only servers, but also an entire office of download-happy users :)
10:42:00 Join MooMaunder [0] (~me@
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14:23:13quelsarukgood morning
14:23:28kurzhaarrockerSiesta is over?
14:23:42amiconnquelsaruk: Strange morning that is...
14:23:44quelsaruknon-working day in spain
14:23:59quelsarukwell.. since friday
14:24:21quelsarukok, good afternoon
14:24:34kurzhaarrockersounds like bad news: your non-working day is tomorrow :)
14:25:40quelsaruknon-working days: monday, tuesday and wednesday.. but i won't discuss if thursday is also non-working :P
14:27:08quelsarukbtw, has anyone seen idc-dragon?
14:27:32kurzhaarrockerI've seen a photo of him in the forums
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14:27:57#>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
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14:54:26 Join Leety-Aravil [0] (
14:55:48Leety-AravilWher kann I buy spare parts for my Jukebox Recorder?
14:59:00Leety-Aravilmp3technology don't shell the trink i need!
14:59:15Zagorwhat do you need?
14:59:25Leety-AravilI had an Recorder 15!
14:59:42Zagorso what do you need?
15:00:16Leety-Araviland i need the backplate ther the Motherboard is connected with the batteries and the HD!
15:00:31Leety-AravilMy Backplate ist Brocken!
15:00:47Leety-Aravilbackplate meand Mp3Rear-8.1
15:01:05ZagorI don't think archos sells them separately
15:01:12Leety-Aravili also!
15:01:36Leety-Aravilbut i asked nevertheless
15:02:11Leety-Aravildo you know anyone ho had an bad Jukelbox Recorder?
15:02:45kurzhaarrocker(aren't they all bad?)
15:02:45Leety-Aravilit would be very great if he can shell me the Mp3Rar Plate!
15:03:01Leety-Aravilmy engish isn't good!
15:03:19kurzhaarrockersorry I was just kidding
15:03:57Zagori recommend searching ebay and similar sites
15:06:14Leety-Aravilcan i use the HD from teh Reecorder 15 in the 6?
15:06:30kurzhaarrockeryes, that should work fine
15:08:38Leety-Aravili think i send teh Cecorder 15 to Archos!
15:09:17Leety-Aravilit cost ca. 50 EUR but its betten than an new recorder!
15:10:22Leety-Aravilbut, if someone knows someone how has an bad Recorder an shell my the backplate (mp3rear), pls tell ist me!
15:15:58 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
15:16:39elinenbebonjour, ciao, hello
15:17:37quelsarukyou forgot spanish :P
15:18:51BagderRockbox right now: 91745 lines of code
15:19:30elinenbeahh the spaniard chimes in!
15:19:47elinenbeBagder: I think our goal should be 100000 lines of code! ;)
15:20:00quelsarukbtw, a really offtopic question, does anyone here speak polish?
15:20:03Bagderyes, then we can stop
15:20:18Bagderquelsaruk: my wife!
15:20:31Bagderyeps, her parents are from Poland
15:21:24quelsarukhmmm.. lunch time :)
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15:54:52quelsarukrebooting windoze
15:55:45 Quit quelsaruk ("SaNVirC para KVirc ( (Linux Inside)")
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15:56:26[IDC]DragonLeety-Aravil: are you there?
15:58:03 Join OCx [0] (
15:59:35 Join amiconn_ [0] (
16:00:03[IDC]DragonI can provide you that little board which connects HD and the rest
16:00:22[IDC]Dragonsee PM for german ;-)
16:00:37 Quit OCx (Client Quit)
16:14:08 Part Zagor
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17:17:55quelsarukhmmm anyone here using windoze and with Qt gui toolkit?
17:21:07 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
17:26:26 Part kurzhaarrocker
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18:49:10 Join sp [0] (
18:50:27spis anyone familiar with portal player?
18:51:01spchip for ipod?
18:52:42 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
18:53:32sphave you heard of portalplayer?
18:55:59 Join OmniColoss [0] (
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19:03:24 Part sp
19:15:17quelsarukBagder: awake?
19:22:09 Join Cassandra [0] (
19:22:34 Part oxygen77 ("Cho")
19:37:21quelsaruktime to go
19:37:41 Quit quelsaruk ("SaNVirC para KVirc ( (Linux Inside)")
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23:12:59amiconnGotta reboot, brb
23:13:02 Part amiconn
23:14:57 Join webguest74 [0] (
23:15:23webguest74any hardware hackers here?
23:15:48Zagorwell, in one form of another
23:16:10webguest74interested in cheapo surface mount soldering tool?
23:16:19Zagoralthough right now I can't even get grip to not use utf-8 in filenames..
23:16:28Zagorno thanks
23:16:36webguest74I found this on the web...
23:17:11webguest74the guy converted a desoldering iron
23:17:29webguest74by adding an aquarium air pump.
23:17:38Zagornice hack
23:17:52 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
23:18:10webguest74I thought so.
23:18:10 Quit webguest74 (Client Quit)
23:18:14 Join webguest74 [0] (
23:18:28 Quit webguest74 (Client Quit)
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