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#rockbox log for 2004-12-10

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01:38:44rockboxuserwannai just unziped the latest rockbox to my root and when i try to startup my archos it gives me and error: i09: CPUAdrEr at E4005423
01:38:49rockboxuserwannaany suggestions?
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02:14:41sockertezeanybody home?
02:14:58sockertezeoh cool
02:16:30sockertezeso what do you guys talk about
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02:18:12sockertezeim thinking of buying a rio karma. . .any thoughts?
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11:00:51amiconnhi all
11:01:01Bagderhi Jens
11:01:06kurzhaarrockerhi Jens
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11:03:51Zagorwhee, i got my new car.
11:04:18amiconnLinusN: Did you receive my email with the player ata power test?
11:04:19*kurzhaarrocker fears that Zagor might rewrite the firmware of his car
11:04:22BagderZagor: woooo
11:05:00Zagorkurzhaarrocker: actually I've been thinking about some type of remote control hack so I can skip next/prev on the archos using the buttons in the steering wheel
11:05:33Zagormany people have hacked the bwm stereo so it shouldn't be too difficult
11:05:35kurzhaarrockerdon't mix those buttons with the air bag trigger!
11:06:40kurzhaarrockerdoes the cockpit have some lcd? ;)
11:06:58Zagortwo... :)
11:07:58kurzhaarrockerWho needs speed info when he can have a plasma demo!
11:08:55Bagderinterlace it
11:09:03Bagderone frame speed, one frame plasma
11:09:32Bagderit'll be a joy to go with Zagor's car
11:09:40kurzhaarrockeryes, plasma on speed might be a completly new effect.
11:10:29*kurzhaarrocker tries scanf for the first time in his life
11:10:30Bagder"no sir, I don't know at what speed I was driving, I can only see plasma"
11:11:15Bagderuse sscanf() instead
11:11:56kurzhaarrockerIt's worse: It's Windows CE and I must use _ftscanf
11:13:04kurzhaarrockerIs a format string like "number=%d" supposed to extract a number from a string like "number=4"?
11:13:38kurzhaarrockerShould it work on a string like "number=4 dummystuff" too?
11:17:24Bagderbut windows CE has a sscanf() too, right?
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11:18:41kurzhaarrockerWith windows CE there's the problem that it has unicode characters. Thus there are these _ftscanf macros that should wrap sscanf /swscanf depending on the context.
11:19:23kurzhaarrockersscanf itself doesn't work as windows ce doesn't support ascii at all.
11:19:59BagderI use it a lot in libcurl, and people have used libcurl fine on win ce...
11:20:22Bagderbut I don't know what magic they applied to make that happen
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13:07:57Ralle[DK]do you have a rockbox?
13:08:11Ralle[DK]jukebox flashed with RB
13:08:12quelsaruki have an archos recorder and user rockbox.. yes :)
13:08:27Ralle[DK]have you tried ROMbox?
13:08:43Ralle[DK]then you cant boot up on old system can you?
13:08:55quelsarukyou can also boot old system
13:09:01Ralle[DK]with rombox?
13:09:03Ralle[DK]I cant
13:09:18Ralle[DK]F1 + ON
13:09:36quelsarukusing that combo you should be able to boot with archos
13:10:09Ralle[DK]ill try again
13:10:48Ralle[DK]I cant
13:11:48Ralle[DK]i just flashed Rockbox and now i can
13:12:28Ralle[DK]it works fine now
13:15:19Ralle[DK]have I just found a bug?
13:15:39quelsarukyou had rockbox flashed before??
13:15:51Ralle[DK]had romboz
13:15:57Ralle[DK]have rock now
13:16:16quelsarukafaik rombox is a way to say rockbox flashed on rom...
13:16:18kurzhaarrockeris romboz the warez version of rockbox?
13:16:40kurzhaarrocker<- just kidding
13:16:48Ralle[DK]nono rockbox is also flashed on rom..
13:16:53Ralle[DK]if you want to flash it
13:17:09quelsarukkurzhaarrocker: romboz in spain is a way to say
13:17:13kurzhaarrockerI flashed mine too, but with rombox
13:17:20quelsaruk"adult film"
13:17:42*kurzhaarrocker washes his mouth with soap.</BODY></HTML>
13:18:01Ralle[DK]you program html?
13:18:12quelsarukstupid word asociation
13:18:40kurzhaarrockernot now, that is just a bug in my irc client, Ralle[DK]
13:19:19quelsarukRalle[DK]: i still don't understando you.. you had rockbox flashed before? i mean.. when you could not use F1+ON combo?
13:19:59Ralle[DK]I had Rombox... I couldnt start with F1+ON.... then i ROLO ajbrec and flashed Rockbox.. Now I can start with F1+ON
13:20:01quelsarukor just using the "rombox" package but without flashing the rom?
13:20:10quelsarukthen that's not a bug
13:20:20 Part Zagor
13:20:22 Part LinusN
13:20:30quelsarukF1+ON is a combo when you have rockbox flashed
13:20:48Ralle[DK]how do you start F1+ON with Rombox then?
13:21:30quelsarukif you don't have rockbox flashed, just delete your .ajz file from the harddisk..
13:21:46quelsarukso you can run archos firmware (or rolo an archos firmware)
13:22:10quelsarukdon't shout, please
13:22:12Ralle[DK]then i found ajbrec in my rockbox directory.
13:22:17 Join LinusN [0] (
13:22:19Ralle[DK]and rolo'ed it
13:22:48kurzhaarrockerIf you still have an ajbrec in your root directory the archos firmware will boot it on f1 + on.
13:22:49quelsarukyou said that once you flashed rockbox now you are able to use the F1+ON combo.. isn't it?
13:29:51Ralle[DK]I never have ajbrec in root
13:36:11quelsarukmaybe this may seem a stupid question to you.. but.. can you tell me what did you do to install "rombox" (when F1+ON combo was not working)
13:37:04Ralle[DK]I turned on Archos..
13:37:11Ralle[DK]went into .rockbox folder
13:37:20Ralle[DK]found the ajbrec
13:37:23Ralle[DK]Roloed it
13:37:30Ralle[DK]and then I could flash Rockbox
13:37:59quelsarukbut did you flash rockbox? or just tried "F1+ON" combo?
13:39:28Ralle[DK]the first thing I did today was holding F1 Down and pressing On
13:39:33Ralle[DK]it started in rockbox
13:39:37Ralle[DK]tried again a few times
13:39:41Ralle[DK]started in rockbox
13:39:43Ralle[DK]or rombox
13:39:47Ralle[DK]you cant see the difference
13:39:56Ralle[DK]but i know that it was flashed with rombox
13:40:13Ralle[DK]then i went into rockbox folder and roloed ajbrec.
13:40:24Ralle[DK]and flashed with rockbox
13:40:26Ralle[DK]now it works
13:41:34quelsarukmaybe i'm confused (i'm used to...) but... Rombox is just a name to say "Rockbox flashed on archos ROM"... as far as i know...
13:42:09quelsarukmaybe you downloaded the package called "Rombox" which is used to flash Rockbox..
13:42:19Ralle[DK]i didnt
13:42:19kurzhaarrockerNo there's a difference: Rockbox in rom is copied to ram on initial boot, rombox is executed in rom
13:42:41Ralle[DK]when i DL the Rockbox package there is both of them
13:43:47kurzhaarrockerThere should be no difference concerning the boot strategy wether you flash rombox or rockbox since the boot loader is the same.
13:44:08Ralle[DK]but why couldnt I start with old software?
13:44:17*kurzhaarrocker shrugs
13:44:26quelsarukthen i was confused...
13:44:38Ralle[DK]should I send you my firmware?
13:45:35kurzhaarrockerI can't detect anything from your firmware image :8
13:46:03Ralle[DK]buy you could test it..
13:46:47kurzhaarrockerThe most likely explanations is that there was some kind of ajbrec in your root directory which was found by the archos firmware. If it wasn't that I have no idea. [IDC]Dragon would be the person to ask.
13:47:37Ralle[DK]but there is no ajbrec..
13:47:53Ralle[DK]and I didnt see any OLDARchosStart
13:48:00Ralle[DK]it started with rockbox picture
13:48:25Ralle[DK]and there was no start process line
13:49:16kurzhaarrockerYes, you're right. If it were booted by the old archos firmware that screen would have shown up.
13:50:38Ralle[DK]should I try again?
13:50:46Ralle[DK]flash rombox
13:51:13kurzhaarrockerI have rombox flashed and no probs with booting the archos firmware with F1 + on.
13:51:46Ralle[DK]it works now
13:51:53Ralle[DK]before it didnt
13:52:07Ralle[DK]what is best to wear? rombox or rockbox?
13:52:40kurzhaarrockerrombox saves a few kb of ram that can be used for buffering mp3 data -> fewer disk spin ups -> longer battery life
13:53:00Ralle[DK]then rombox's best
13:53:17Ralle[DK]why make rockbox then?
13:53:29Ralle[DK]just remove rockbox and rename rombox to rockbo
13:53:50kurzhaarrockerIt was there first and on some devices (fm) there's not enough rom to have rockbox uncompressed in the rom
13:54:11Ralle[DK]but i have to go now
13:54:16kurzhaarrockerhave fun
13:54:17Ralle[DK]bus comes soon
13:54:20Ralle[DK]you too
13:54:24Ralle[DK]thanks for the talk :)
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14:06:07quelsarukre Zagor
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14:33:32Lynx_umm, rombox is not usable on recorders that are not flashable due to hardware, is it?
14:33:50kurzhaarrockerLynx_: right
14:34:06kurzhaarrockeror you have to unsolder and replace the flash chip
14:34:21Lynx_kurzhaarrocker: i know, that's out of question
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14:40:42[IDC]DragonLinusN, Bagder, Zagor: I have a completely OT question, about swedish houses and the ventilation systems which are said to be common
14:40:50 Nick OC_Out is now known as OC (
14:42:04[IDC]DragonI want something like that for my current project ( the house)
14:42:28Zagori'm not sure what you are referring to
14:42:37[IDC]DragonI heared it's common in sweden
14:42:52[IDC]Dragona simple system that pulls off the air
14:43:11[IDC]Dragonand small openings at the outside walls for fresh air
14:44:11[IDC]Dragondo you know what I mean?
14:44:25Zagoryeah. these openings are also often integrated into the windows.
14:44:45Zagordon't you have that?
14:44:50 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
14:45:09kurzhaarrockerWe open the window if we want a hole :9
14:45:54[IDC]Dragonif you ask for a vent system, in germany, people tend to recommend a more complex system, with a heat exchanger
14:45:58 Quit Ka (Nick collision from services.)
14:46:17Zagoryeah, the simple model is mostly for summer use. otherwise you'll waste a lot of heat by blowing out warm air and sucking in cold. so we use heat exchangers during winter.
14:46:35[IDC]Dragonwhich requires pipes for the fresh air, too?
14:47:08[IDC]Dragonso you have a central box?
14:47:16 Join Ka_ [0] (
14:47:50[IDC]DragonI'm faceing the decision for a simple system vs. the one wit heat exchanger
14:48:25Zagorwell i'm not an expert at this by far so I'm not sure exactly what equipment is used. check with bagder, he lives in a house :)
14:48:25[IDC]Dragonwhich is 3-4 times as much, because of all those pipes
14:48:40[IDC]Dragonyou live in a hole?
14:49:07Zagori live in an apartment, with only the simple style ventilation
14:49:35[IDC]Dragonis the fresh air annoing cold in the winter?
14:49:48[IDC]Dragonthat's what worries me
14:50:00Zagori guess the point of the more complex heat exchanger system is to save energy by not pumping out hot air
14:50:35[IDC]DragonI'm more worried about my comfort than the ecology ;-)
14:50:38Zagoron, it's not annoying cold. the openings are quite small and don't let in a draft.
14:51:18Zagorit's a constant but low-volume low-speed ventilation
14:51:53[IDC]Dragonyes, but I coudn't tell if it's enough to chill
14:52:24Zagorall openings are adjustable and can also be closed completely
14:52:53[IDC]Dragonwhich is not exacly desired...
14:53:09Zagorwell it can be desired if it's -30C outside :)
14:53:15[IDC]Dragonthen no ventilation, I mean
14:53:48[IDC]Dragonok, I'll try to bug Bagder
14:54:00[IDC]Dragondid he build his house?
14:55:48[IDC]Dragonare people happy with the simple style, or is that constant annoyance?
14:55:48kurzhaarrockerI don't live in a hole. The hole as home is for later, after life :)
14:56:34Zagorpeople are generally happy, I'd say.
14:57:07[IDC]Dragonok, so not outdated low-tech
14:59:15Zagorbut remember sweden is a pretty cool country, so we generally only heat out homes (not cool them). that might make a difference if your climate is warmer.
15:00:54[IDC]Dragona/c for homes is uncommon here, too
15:01:56[IDC]Dragonif a constant small stream of outside air is tolerable in sweden, it will most likely be so here, too
15:05:36Lynx_I just taped up a place in the lab here where cold air was coming in ;-)
15:10:39 Join midk [0] (
15:11:22[IDC]DragonLynx_: you were sitting close to the intake?
15:19:10Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: yes, it was above my desk above the window. I guess it depends on the mixing of the air if it's annoying - if you don't feel the fresh air as a cold stream because it's mixed with room air away from you I guess that would be ok
15:20:21[IDC]Dragonyes, that's a recommendation I've heared
15:20:45Lynx_but with the current german gas/oil prices I wouldn't waste too much heat ;-)
15:25:35[IDC]Dragonfrom an economical standpoint, such a heat exchange system has no chance to pay off
15:25:57[IDC]Dragonunless energy prices skyrocket
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15:37:11Lynx_how much is it?
15:43:50 Part LinusN
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15:58:51[IDC]DragonLynx_: sorry for bad attention.
15:59:03[IDC]Dragonthe energy ot the system?
15:59:52 Join amiconn_ [0] (
16:04:11Lynx_the system
16:04:31 Part Zagor
16:04:34Lynx_bad attention here, too ;-)
16:04:57[IDC]DragonI have no accurate prices for my house, but perhaps 2000 EUR for the "exhaust"
16:05:14[IDC]Dragonversus maybe 8000 for with heat exchange
16:05:29Lynx_uh...that's a lot
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16:06:51Lynx_i used to live near the airport, they paid for ventilation systems (airplane noise -> not open window) which consisted of a large (15 cm diameter) hole in the wall and a box with a silent fan and slits to let in the air
16:10:38kurzhaarrocker15 cm is definitly to small to let in airplanes.
16:14:22Lynx_kurzhaarrocker: yes, it worked very well, especially getting the of the air force jets out of the house was nice, they are quick and hard to catch
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