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#rockbox log for 2004-12-13

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11:22:01Bagderok, now there's another NS for
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12:11:36quelsarukmorning :)
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15:31:44[IDC]DragonHi Leety-Aravil !
15:31:54[IDC]Dragongot the board?
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15:42:00bobTHChi all
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16:30:01Leety-Aravili got it!
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17:29:09[IDC]Dragonhi Jens et al
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18:27:17Leety-AravilIn the last time i had build apart my Recorder because an plate was broken. [IDC]Dageon has send my an spare part (Mp3Rear) (Thx Drageon ;D) and i assembled my Recorder. After that my Recorder starts with an HD register error. :-((. Before i had over-bridge (überbrücken) the broken parts of the broken Platine. The strange is: If i Start my Recorder withan an HD it show also the HD REgister error.
18:27:17Leety-AravilHas anyone an idea how i can repair my Recorder? Which is the reason of the HD Register errror?
18:27:17DBUGEnqueued KICK Leety-Aravil
18:27:17Leety-AravilHD register Error:
18:27:19Leety-AravilSC1 (85) 227
18:27:21Leety-AravilSN1 (170) 0
18:27:23Leety-AravilSC2 (170) 18
18:27:25Leety-AravilSN2 (85) 211
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18:34:43Leety-Aravil<−−−− Reboot 5 Minutes Pls!
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18:37:57Leety-Aravilanyone an idea?
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18:56:32Leety-Aravilhas anyone an picture like this but from the other side, where i can see the Mp3rear plate (in front of the Pic ^^) from the other side?
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20:11:54Leety-AravilSoorry for German aber: Ich bin irgendwie total depri das ich meinen Recorder net mehr zum laufen bekomme warscheinlich ja wegen meinen fehlenden Fertigkeiten! Gibt es jemanden der ihn sich für mich mal anschauen würde?
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20:20:48Leety-AravilWas ist den das für ein Verein?
20:20:57Leety-Aravilniemand sagt was! Niemand will einen helfen!
20:27:21[IDC]Dragonto world: I try, in PM
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22:52:37amiconnhi LinusN
23:00:12amiconnAny chance that you do the veryoldplayertest soon? ;-)
23:00:21LinusNhang on
23:05:43LinusN"PB4 high!"
23:07:35amiconnAh, very interesting! This (imho) proves that PB4 is floating on veryoldplayers. So it doesn't hurt to drive it, be it high or low.
23:08:03amiconnIt should be even better to drive it than to let it float as an input
23:09:31amiconnAnd, this is definitely the way to detect ata power control. One question is left: How long do we have to wait (worst case) to be sure there is no ata power control? Perhaps I should do a survey via the ml?
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23:13:26CassandraWoo! I finally hare a manual that's formatting consistently.
23:13:58Bagdernice work on the manual Cassandra!
23:14:33CassandraThank you.
23:15:01LinusNCassandra: indeed nice work
23:15:22amiconnI have to agree.
23:15:29Cassandrawhat's the procedure when I decide it's ready to go live?
23:15:56LinusNmove it to a different wiki page
23:16:11LinusN"RockboxManual" is a hot tip
23:16:30LinusNthe change the links from the docs page
23:16:35Bagderyou can tell LinusN knows wiki voodoo ;-)
23:19:22CassandraOkay - although does or whatever point to the right place?
23:20:05Bagderits just a link from another wiki page
23:20:25Cassandrasch: Trains to write anything other than just words on a Tablet PC sucks.
23:20:45amiconnIirc all documentation should be moved to the wiki anyway
23:20:52amiconn...bit by bit
23:20:53LinusNamiconn: a few tenths of a second should be enough, methinks
23:21:12Cassandra I think that makes the point better than I could have done.
23:22:24amiconnLinusN: Yeah... archos waits ~9 ms. I think we can do better... by waiting until it goes low, ~10 ms at max.
23:22:45LinusNdo so
23:23:02amiconnI can't test today (not @ home)
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23:23:16amiconnhi again [IDC]Dragon
23:23:29[IDC]Dragonhello there
23:26:21CassandraWow! /manual on the server is -really- ancient
23:26:51CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:26:51*[IDC]Dragon looks into
23:27:41[IDC]Dragonwith Ondio pictures, nice
23:28:08CassandraI felt sorry for Amicon.
23:28:16*amiconn did not have a look yet
23:28:34CassandraAh, then you'll have missed the suprise.
23:29:03Cassandra(Not all of the Ondio stuff is in, but there's a lot more in than there was.)
23:31:08amiconnCassandra: p.3 "Open source firmware for the..." does not mention the Ondio
23:31:33amiconn(Me old nitpicker) ;-)
23:31:36[IDC]Dragon(here we go...) ;-)
23:33:03amiconnp.5 "1.7Sliding puzzle (..." misses the closing parenthesis
23:34:16 Quit edx ()
23:34:24amiconnp.5, 3.1 and 3.2: Slash used instead of comma
23:34:53CassandraIgnore the weirdness with the couple of pictures disappearing at the end of the page, I fixed that.
23:35:08amiconnp.5, 3.4 it's "rockbox_flash" (underscore)
23:35:27amiconnp.5, 4.2 has two commas
23:35:43LinusNp.8: "there are four versions of the software", should be six
23:36:23amiconnp.5, 8.2 "Merhod" -> "Method"
23:36:39*[IDC]Dragon has found something to contribute, too:
23:37:02[IDC]Dragonp. 43 "Punkadiddle.mp3 would require a file called"
23:37:17 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:37:18LinusNi'm wondering a little about the terminology
23:37:24[IDC]Dragonit would have to be ""
23:37:52CassandraRight. IDC.
23:38:04LinusNi believe we generally try to refer to an generic archos mp3 player as a "Jukebox"
23:38:23amiconnp.5 "Rockbox is a complete *rewrite* from scratch": marked word missing
23:38:44LinusNin that case, p.14 "To turn on a player containing Rockbox..." should be changed
23:38:53amiconnAh, no, word order is different...
23:39:29Cassandrathanks Linus.
23:40:43amiconnp.9, player: Weird wrapping (only in PDF?): J - ukebox
23:41:36CassandraNope, that was in both, thanks.
23:41:40amiconnp.9, Ondio FM: "(128 MB" closing parenthesis missing
23:41:48LinusNp.29 second paragraph has a different font size
23:41:56CassandraI beat you to that one, Ami. ;)
23:42:11CassandraThanks Linus. I thought I got all of those.
23:42:22[IDC]Dragonthe flashing chapter is pretty long. Maybe you can shorten that, point to the web if necessary?
23:43:11CassandraAh p29 has moved, what's the text about.
23:43:34LinusNmaybe the information in question 78 in the FAQ could be nice to have in the recording chapter
23:44:02Cassandraidc - possible, but I'm already wondering it stuff like the setup for voice should really be in the manual,
23:44:54amiconnLinusN: A propos recording: I received an email from a user (not Paul), who had big problems with recording in release 2.2 (?), and even bigger problems in 2.3. He tried my modified recording, and reports that it worked much better
23:45:29amiconnUnfortunately I don't have access to my already downloaded mails atm - I'll forward it to you asap
23:45:29CassandraLinus - I'll put that in, yes.
23:45:54CassandraShould it go in the recording section or advanced topics, do you think?
23:46:20LinusNthe recording section, imho
23:46:25LinusNmaybe last
23:47:20LinusNbtw, p.29 "Shutdown" - One of the main reasons for using the shutdown menu option is that the settings might not be saved if shutting down the "bad" way
23:47:28amiconnp.14, shutdown procedure: The V2/FM procedure is also valid for Ondio
23:47:32CassandraDidn't I say that?
23:48:13LinusNyes, you did, but imho it sounds like the main reason for using it is safety
23:48:58LinusNbut after rereading it a few times, i think you make it pretty clear what it does
23:49:28*Cassandra nods.
23:49:29amiconnWell, on the HD based models it is also better for the HD to use safe shutdown - avoids emergency park
23:49:42LinusNamiconn: true
23:51:52amiconnp.16, Playlist: "Chang to the" - e is missing (sound Chinese ;-) )
23:52:49amiconnLinusN: p.16, Delete: Only files can be deleted is no longer true, or am I wrong?
23:55:28 Join AciD` [0] (~gni@acid.user)
23:56:37CassandraYou're right.
23:56:41LinusNcorrect, it can delete directories recursively as well
23:56:58LinusN(really dangerous stuff :-)
23:57:22amiconnp.19, player wps buttons: Keylock is Menu+Stop
23:58:04 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
23:58:52quelsarukhmmm... watashi wa wakarimasen :)

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