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#rockbox log for 2004-12-15

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00:11:34Quel|awaytime for wc3
00:12:00[IDC]Dragonwe only have one WC
00:14:56Quel|awaywarcraft 3.. i'm a game adict... i know
00:15:24[IDC]Dragonjust making fun of it
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00:23:40[IDC]Dragonbedtime, 'night!
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01:25:18CassandraAnyone still here?
01:28:29Quel|awaymore or less
01:35:30CassandraI've just discovered an addon for OpenOftice that produces beautiful indexed PDF files of the manual. How cool is that?
01:35:55Cassandra(I may be overreacting.)
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02:00:28Quel|awaythat's cool
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02:29:24cravedoes anyone know how to fix HD Error on boot?>
02:31:18_aLEX perhaps ? don't know
02:33:31craveill try
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02:33:53quelsarukre hi
02:34:37cravei don't think thats it
02:36:12cravei can hear the hard drive clicking :(
02:42:12quelsarukhmm.. i don't know what are you talkinb about.. but listening a hd clicking is a bad thing :/
02:54:09cravemy archo studio 20
02:58:41quelsarukwhat happens to the hd?
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03:04:03craveya man its broke
03:04:08cravei think i have to get a replacement
03:04:12craveallllllllllllllll my music :((
03:04:25quelsarukdidn't you have a copy?
03:04:50cravei did but i lost it, thats why iwas messing with my archos :P
03:05:14cravebuy a new hard drive or a new mp3 player??
03:05:28quelsarukarchs studio 20...
03:05:36craveyea its kinda old
03:05:52quelsaruknewer than my recorder 6
03:07:02quelsaruki don't know about new jukebox... maybe iriver (if porting rockbox is possible).. don't know
03:09:02cravethere used to be a thing on replacing the hard drive
03:09:05cravei can't find it now
03:11:21quelsaruk for example
03:11:53quelsaruk another one
03:12:41quelsarukis this what you wanted?
03:13:46craveso any hard drive for a laptop would work?
03:13:51crave9.5mm 2.5"
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08:37:07quelsarukhi LinusN
08:37:16quelsaruktoday i was the first one..
08:37:18quelsarukor the last one...
08:37:45*quelsaruk wonders if he should go to sleep now...
08:37:46quelsarukbetter not
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09:23:28Quel|awayhej zagor
09:25:25Quel|awaymur da bra?
09:25:32Zagorjag mår bra
09:25:37Zagormen det regnar
09:25:53Quel|awayja.. ja...
09:25:57Quel|awayjag ar galen
09:26:52Quel|awaynext time i'll ask you in another language... so we'll check if you know how to answer
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14:05:04LinusNAciD: fix your connection goddammit
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14:49:37Quel|awaywhat's that?
14:49:50midkhe's joining and leaving :)
14:49:54Quel|awayi know
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15:43:58darkskiezsigh, the wiki has not been updated in ageeess for the iriver bit.. has development stalled :[
15:44:26Bagderwe all have busy lives
15:44:56darkskiezI know.. i know.
15:45:08darkskiezI'm not badgering anyone into doing any work
15:45:25darkskiezgod, i didnt even notice your nick, that was subliminal.
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15:58:15darkskiezhas there been any progress in the last month though.. ?
15:58:36Quel|awayyou should not say that... your sentence was intelligent (before you recogniced you didn't notice his nick) :P
15:59:28Zagordarkskiez: we've bought a cople of H140s. that's progress! :-)
16:00've been listening to music :P
16:01:30darkskiezI cant wait till all the little annoying things are gone..
16:01:36darkskiezand replaced with all new annoying things.
16:05:38Zagorlinus is currently something of a bottleneck, since we have decided to not modify any more players than the one he's currently using. and writing/debugging the boot loader requires a modified player.
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16:06:06Zagorand as all of us, Linus has had little time to spend on this lately
16:06:54Zagorhowever we're planning a focused session on saturday, which will hopefully bring some news
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16:22:08darkskiezcheers for the update.
16:31:57 Part Zagor
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16:35:36darkskiezseen the slashdot headlin?
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18:44:45hileHeh,about the slashdot neuros article: can you get one to Europe these days? I tried to buy one, you just could not get it anywhere -> got iHP-140
18:46:42hilebtw have you guys already discussed the iriver UI (not looks but functionality)? I mean, how the buttons are used in different use modes
18:49:38 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
18:49:39hileI would like to help the iriver porting and design, just don't want to do anything before we have safe environment (bootloader + recoverable, 'no soldering', firmware reset)
18:49:40quelsarukre hi
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18:56:42hileanother question I'm interested about is is there a plan to use the USB port like stock firmware (let USB HD do it and reboot after changes), or to actually have USB available when powered on
18:57:34hilelatter is harder, but the nice thing with it would be that we could add another driver layer besides usb-storage and control the system playback remotely ;)
18:57:41amiconnThere is a proposal on how to map the iRiver butons for the main functions in rockbox (menu, file browser, wps):
18:57:57hileI think such usb character device driver would not be hard at all. ...
18:58:11hileamiconn: ack, I'll check it
18:58:59amiconn(usb) It is not possible to control the iRiver from usb, at least not the H1xx models. The usb bridge is mass storage only, not controllable from the cpu.
18:59:25amiconnIn fact, it's almost the same bridge as used in the USB2.0-enabled archos recorders
19:00:27amiconnHowever, I think usb will be handled the same way as on the archos. Rockbox on archos does *not* reboot after returning from usb mode (unlike the archos firmware)
19:02:44hilepity. ... what about key mappings for recording mode, and for radio?
19:06:22hileI have never used rockbox, that's why I've got these silly questions ;)
19:11:41 Join Cassandra [0] (
19:13:07amiconnhile: You can find a very comprehensive key mapping list at . However, this one does not yet include the iRiver, it only documents the existing ports
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19:17:12Cassandraami: Got any more corrections for me? This manual is looking dangerously close to release.
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19:26:00CassandraAnd tonight my net connection will be mostly sucking rocks.
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19:30:08amiconnCassandra: I did not yet continue proofreading... I think I should
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19:37:04amiconnCassandra: p.45, about viewer plugins: This could be complemented by mentioning where viewer plugins are stored (/.rockbox/viewers), like it is for "ordinary" plugins
19:39:01 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
19:39:24amiconnp.46: Nim is player only
19:40:13 Quit Cassandra (Nick collision from services.)
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19:40:45amiconnre hi
19:40:57amiconnHow much did you get?
19:42:00CassandraI'll grab it all from the log, never mind.
19:42:08amiconnGeneral question: For some plugins the Ondio key mapping is gives, for others it isn't. Is that on purpose, or by accident?
19:42:49CassandraIt's because I couldn't be arsed to take them all out.
19:43:24amiconnOkay, so I'll ignore that.
19:43:26CassandraI briefly considered putting them all in, but then I really ought to put them in the main document as well if I do, and that's a job for the next release.
19:43:51CassandraThe next release will have platform specific manuals.,
19:44:21amiconnp.48, Sliding puzzle headline: closing parenthesis missing
19:45:01 Join AciD` [0] (~gni@acid.user)
19:45:33CassandraGot that. I've picked up most of the formatting errors by now, but there's probably one or two I've missed.
19:46:37Cassandra(it's impossible to accurately proof read your own work, I think.)
19:46:44 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:47:59amiconnI have to agree
19:48:42quelsarukyou use to find out errors once you cannot correct them :)
19:50:59amiconnp.53, Bounce: On the Ondio, there is no analog clock in the background. It wouldn't make sense, since there is no RTC
19:51:44amiconnThis is one of the very few plugins where the functionality differs significantly between recorder and Ondio version
19:53:41amiconnp.54, (still) bounce: The last 2 parameters are called Xsanke and Ysanke (and I just found another parameter typo - "ydistt". Grr!)
19:55:59 Quit Cassandra (Nick collision from services.)
19:56:10 Join Cassandra [0] (
19:56:21amiconnp.54, Greyscale: The plugin is named "grayscale". I never get those english/american differences right, but that's how I named it...
19:57:10CassandraYeah. I'm still bitter about "favorites".
19:58:25amiconnUsually I prefer the british english variant, but sometimes the american variant does "look" better (to a non-native speaker)...
19:58:46*Cassandra nods.
19:59:00CassandraOf course the British version always looks better to me.
19:59:07amiconnSame goes for "z" versus "s"
19:59:34CassandraJust don't name any plugins "Aluminum" and we can stay friends.
20:00:04amiconnThat'd be wrong in all languages... even in german
20:01:59amiconnp.54 (still) grayscale: "...which does support graphics" is a bit vague. It supports grayscale/greyscale graphics.
20:03:43amiconnp.55, Mosaic: There are more functions than just "Off" to quit. And it's "Off", not "Stop"
20:04:42 Join AciD` [0] (~gni@acid.user)
20:05:18amiconnp.57, Chip-8: Slash instead of comma in the model list
20:06:31amiconnp.57, JPEG viewer: dito
20:09:26quelsarukhmmm.. may i add one? p.80 8.2 Merhod −−-> should be 8.2 Method
20:10:05quelsaruk(just saw it in a quick look to the manual)
20:10:18CassandraThanks, got all those. :)
20:11:50amiconnp.60, Calculator: Two commas in the model list. Btw: Is it possible with OpenOffice to avoid headlines at the very bottom of the page. That does look strange
20:12:24amiconnp.61, Calendar: This is recorder only
20:15:33amiconnp.63, Euro convertor: Is it really spelled "convertor" in british english? I thought it's called "converter"...
20:16:54Cassandraami - yes it is possible to stop, just bloody hard. I finally nailed it a couple of days ago.
20:17:25CassandraOO really fights you on it.
20:17:36Cassandraconverter - you're right. My spell checker agreed with you.
20:18:46amiconnp.64, Split editor: (1) First, you mention that it takes 2 steps. Afterwards 3 steps are listed. (2) There is a stray "A paragraph of text" at the end of step 3
20:19:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:23:00amiconnp.67/68, Stop watch: The key mapping table is split across the page break. Is this avoidable?
20:23:59CassandraYes. OO keeps ignoring me when I tell it I don't want tables split.
20:25:59amiconnp.70, Loading languages: (1) ".lang" is split across a line break, with only the dot in the first line. (2) "..must be a maximum of 24 characters long" has an extraneous period after "of"
20:26:45 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:27:12amiconnp.70, WPs description/ info: "to customize" with z (!)
20:28:12 Join LinusN [0] (
20:31:59Cassandra(1) OO *won't* fix - I'm just having to rephrase when I come across.
20:34:12amiconnp.75, scroll speed: Allowed range is 0 to 15
20:35:16amiconnp.76, auto volume: There is an additional value "20ms"
20:38:47amiconnp.77, rec timesplit: All values must be written with 2 digits for the hours, i.e. "00:05", "00:10" etc. There are additional values, 01:14 and 01:20
20:40:43amiconnp.76: use most-recent-bookmarks: "use" misses the "e"
20:41:02CassandraIn my copy, tyhey are two digits. Maybe I fixed that when I added those two.
20:44:44 Join AciD` [0] (~gni@acid.user)
20:44:57CassandraIf people are curious about the kind of hell I go through with OpenOffice -
20:49:40Cassandraami - are going to be around for a bit. Someone else needs the net here.
20:49:58amiconnp.81, flashing risks: "Since the rockbox boot code..." - the "t" from "boot" is missing
20:52:24amiconnp.82, Flashing procedure introduction: The comment "(with the voice feature)" can be taken out. This was valid for the 2.2 release, which didn't have the voice ui, so a current daily was needed.
20:52:52CassandraYep - did both of those.
20:53:47CassandraBack in 1/2 hr - ami - if I'm not back when you're ready to go, mail me the rest, please.
20:53:51 Quit Cassandra ()
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22:14:11Digital007Just a quick question, how is iRiver rockbox progressig?
22:15:46Digital007can't find any info on MisticRiver
22:16:04quelsarukmaybe Bagder or LinusN can help you
22:16:09quelsarukor read de wiki page
22:16:57Digital007i just hope eventually Rockbox will appear on iRiver
22:17:01Digital007would be awseome if it did
22:17:01 Join Leety-Aravil [0] (
22:17:24 Part Leety-Aravil
22:19:04quelsarukreseting router
22:19:09 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:19:17 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 'System Virtue'")
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22:22:50Bagderthe progress is mentioned on the rockbox site
22:23:22Digital007yea Bagder, i was just looking for some up-to-date info
22:23:44Digital007hmm see some action
22:25:32Digital007still wondering how u would get back to iriver firmware from rockbox
22:25:50Bagderby rebooting
22:26:10Digital007What about codec support, since the iRiver is software-driven in that regard
22:26:15Digital007like MP3, WAV and all that
22:26:24Bagderwe need to have code for all codecs
22:26:35Bagdersee the section further down on that wiki page
22:26:46Digital007I think MP3 and WAV would be okay for the time being
22:26:49Digital007don't use WMA or OGG
22:27:09BagderI doubt we'll ever support wma
22:27:30Digital007what about WAV and OGG?
22:28:46Digital007I saw some info about Monkeys Audio, AAC and FLAC
22:29:00Bagderyes, we gather all info there
22:29:24Digital007And finally, what about the remote, would it have its own WPS?
22:30:07Bagderand we should add multiple-font support
22:30:13Digital007Hey, did u see the new Sony player? It has MP3 native support
22:30:17Bagderin the WPSes
22:30:19Digital007no need to convert to ATRAC3
22:30:30BagderI don't care about sony players ;-)
22:30:48Bagderbut yes, I noticed
22:30:59Digital007well i think Sony did decide to abandon ship :-)
22:31:38Digital007I would be happy with just basic bass and treble adjustment, not overly worried about SRS
22:33:21Digital007U know the iRiver has a dedicated line out, but unfortunatly the volume control changes it when its supposed to be fixed
22:33:25Digital007hope Rockbox fixes that
22:33:48Bagderwe don't fix problems in their firmware
22:34:37Digital007i mean, its prob just a software issue
22:34:48Bagdermost likely yes
22:35:17Digital007still miss my old Archos
22:38:26Digital007its in bits
22:42:25 Join AciD [0] (~gni@acid.user)
22:47:56 Quit methangas (" WOW! This IRC Client ownz! HydraIRC -> <-")
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23:04:31CassandraJens, you around?
23:34:46 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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