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#rockbox log for 2004-12-18

00:13:00[IDC]Dragonok, the Ondio is back into one piece
00:13:19[IDC]Dragonnow I need to re-introduce the backlight thread
00:13:44[IDC]DragonI've tested with Archos firmware so far
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00:14:19amiconnYou could ask the Swedes if they add a special build for Ondios with backlight mod (like the 8 MB builds)
00:14:56[IDC]DragonI thought more about globally enabling it...
00:16:25amiconnI wouldn't do that, at least not until there is actually someone reporting an unmodded Ondio having backlight
00:17:08amiconnToo much option clutter for a feature that doesn't actually exist unless you mod the box
00:17:50[IDC]Dragonwe don't know if it really doesn't exist
00:19:44[IDC]Dragonat least I'llprepare the code to use that pin
00:20:07[IDC]Dragonmaking HAVE_BACKLIGHT a multi-option
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00:40:26amiconnI just checked - the backlight uses 3 settings (1 of which would also depend on HAVE_CHARGING)
00:49:44[IDC]Dragonsome more pictures:
00:50:16[IDC]DragonI have moved the old one there, the first link is dead now
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01:13:06bagawkHello :)
01:14:35bagawk[IDC]Dragon: Have not seen you in a while
01:14:57[IDC]Dragonyou mostly see me at daytime
01:15:32[IDC]DragonI rarely have time for evening hacking these days
01:16:16bagawkSame for me...
01:18:06[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I have oneEL foil left...
01:20:35bagawk??? Is that for adding a backlight to the ondio?
01:22:46[IDC]Dragonyes, you missed
01:23:57[IDC]Dragonhmm, Rockbox is not backlighting me
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01:25:10bagawkI added a backlight to my calculator with some of those wonderful 0805 white smd leds :)
01:26:06bagawkWasn't the easiest mod, I had to get the glue off holding the display together with ether
01:26:40bagawkThen added a 3mm peice of translucent plexiglass under the screen
01:28:07bagawkLooks great, but not as bright as i would like
01:29:02[IDC]Dragonit's not so easy to couple the light out of the plexiglass
01:29:09bagawkI wired 2 series of them in parallel
01:30:33bagawk(~4.8v from the batteries)
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01:32:39bagawkTime to go, see you later [IDC]Dragon and amiconn
01:32:58[IDC]Dragonat was a short visit
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01:35:49[IDC]Dragonhmm, still no backlight
01:45:58[IDC]Dragonahh, let there be light!
01:47:24[IDC]Dragonalthough the pin is the same as for the player, the polarity is reverse, our pin assignment table is wrong here
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12:01:27dwihnoGod helg!
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12:33:21CassandraDocumenting the documentation is giving me slight feeling of absurdity.
12:34:12midkwhy are you doing it?
12:40:15CassandraBecause I'd like other people to set involved in manual updates. In the long term, its to by a job for one person. I'm try to promote myself to editor, I guess. :)
12:41:24Cassandraget. and big. Bleh I need better handwriting,
12:43:38CassandraOr better handwriting recognition.
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13:12:18quelsaruko afternoon
13:15:07amiconnhi to quelsaruk (and your special mornings ;-) )
13:16:43*quelsaruk is going to rewrite the morning definition
13:18:01quelsarukamiconn: morning isn't the time between you wake up and have lunch?
13:19:39amiconnWell, I don't have an exact definition myself. But what about the days when you don't have lunch?
13:20:42quelsaruki always have lunch :D
13:20:53quelsarukeven if its at 6 p.m.
13:20:54amiconnI wouldn't call it a morning after around 12 o'clock
13:21:37quelsarukbut that's because in most countries people have lunch around 12 p.m.
13:22:36quelsarukbut here the usual time is 14:30 or 15:00 (i realize we are strange)
13:24:26amiconnI'd rather relate the definition of morning and afternoon to the sun and daylight.
13:24:36quelsarukthat reminds me... i have to run to the shop before they close!!
13:24:58quelsarukcu l8r!!
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13:37:47quelsarukjust in time :)
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13:59:08quelsarukhej zagor
13:59:14*quelsaruk looks to amiconn
13:59:25quelsarukand good _afternoon_
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14:06:57dwihnoAnyone know a good utility to check a disk whether it's damaged or not? (windows platform)
14:08:22Zagoryou mean physically damaged?
14:13:14Zagorlook for tools that can read the "SMART" data fom the disk
14:13:27Zagorgotta reboot, brb
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14:22:45Zagorid3db hacking for me today
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14:35:43dwihnoGod helg!
14:37:35LinusNabsolut! :-)
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14:46:37Zagorlookie lookie:
14:50:10dwihnocool stuff
14:50:39Zagor16 lines makes for one heck of a wps :)
14:52:12 Quit |Quelsar| ("KVIrc 'System Virtue'")
14:52:44dwihnoTrue, true
14:53:57dwihnoA cool thing would be to have information about the current song as well as the next song (the second using a lighter shade of gray)
14:54:13LinusNoverlayed :-)
14:54:48dwihnoDon't make too much progress yet though
14:54:58dwihnoI need spare money to get a unit first ;D
14:58:36dwihnoSeems like the disk is a bit damaged
14:58:49dwihnoI guess the windows' utilities might be able to mark the sectors as bad.
15:00:29Zagorwhat has happened to it?
15:02:46dwihnodon't know
15:02:56dwihnowear and tear?
15:13:24dwihnoWhen using the scandisk utility to "mark" sectors as bad, where is that information stored?
15:13:27dwihnothe file system?
15:13:30dwihnosome special disk area?
15:14:00Zagorthe file system iirc
15:20:53dwihno!%/(¤")&%# disk :(
15:21:01dwihnoThis is not what I need right now
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16:00:52Zagorhej igen
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16:48:10quelsaruktime to go! cu l8r!
16:49:07 Quit quelsaruk ("he who refuses to live in modern mediocrity... uses rockbox!")
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18:17:55*Zagor goes mammoth hunting
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18:54:22webguest50hi all, does rockbox firmware correct any known issues in the iriver HD recorders?
19:01:51 Join ripnetUK [0] (
19:02:30ripnetUKhehe i love the resister hanging out the top of LinusN's iriver :)
19:03:17 Join Stryke` [0] (
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19:11:29lesaulthi all
19:13:58 Quit webguest50 ("CGI:IRC")
19:24:36lesaulthow's things?
19:24:50LinusNfine i guess
19:25:11lesaultthat's cool :) stumbled across the rockbox website a couple of days ago - lookin' good!
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20:21:25*LinusN just programmed his first word into the iRiver flash (0x1234 at address 0x1ffff0)
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21:22:59Zagorpointless factoid of the day: the remote control circuit board is marked "IMP-550 remocon"
21:23:24 Join AciD [0] (~acid@acid.user)
21:23:57LinusNAciD: you are this −−><−− close to being banned
21:28:11 Quit scott666_ ("i'll be back...eventually...")
21:32:50AciDban me now then i'll pm one of you whan my connection will be better
21:33:18LinusNwhy not kick your brothers butt until he fixed the connection?
21:33:40quelsarukAciD: why don't you just don't enter here until you fix it??
21:33:59AciDthat's another option
21:34:53 Part AciD ("ride the big one")
21:35:27quelsarukhmmm i think this option is better than getting angry between us...
21:37:00 Join Stryke` [0] (
21:37:20quelsarukquelsaruk for president :D
21:38:45Zagoryou are too modest :)
21:41:29quelsarukof course..
21:41:41quelsaruksincerely i think i should be king of the world
21:45:01quelsarukBagder is working, isn't he?
21:53:23Zagorhe had to stay at home with his daughter
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23:50:18Zagortime to go
23:50:19 Quit Zagor ("Lämnar")

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