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#rockbox log for 2004-12-19

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00:37:41quelsarukLinusN: awake?
00:44:21quelsarukgood night
00:44:23quelsaruksee you soon
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00:45:41dwihno(?) :)
00:45:54dwihnodidn't see that one coming
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04:05:49TangJust saw this:
04:06:43TangSeems cool, i'm far from curious if there is a wiki part about this last pogress?
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06:50:14Cheetohallo all
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12:38:17quelsarukafternoon to all
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20:49:41ZagorMartin Galway is god
20:49:53*Zagor listens to Mikie from 1986
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21:17:35quelsarukLinusN: did zagor hit his head today or something like that??
21:17:49quelsarukis he under medical treatment?
21:20:29LinusNon the contrary, he's back to normal
21:21:28quelsarukmaybe i'm the one who is not sane here
21:26:03Zagornow on to Rambo song 4. post game song, iirc. absolutely brilliant.
21:27:01*LinusN is streaming from
21:27:27*LinusN is about to erase his entire iRiver flash...gulp!
21:27:40Zagorhehe, the 70ms zzzap
21:28:01LinusNi can't believe it can erase the entire flash in 70ms...
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21:29:13quelsarukrambo... never ever give a weapon to Zagor!!
21:29:35LinusNzagor *is* a weapon...just like rambo
21:30:04quelsarukflashing a box is safer than a computer
21:30:20quelsarukyou never know if you're going to have a power shutdown
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21:30:50quelsarukonce i was going to flash my bios and.. thanks god the light went 1 minute before i did!!
21:31:16midkooo... :)
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21:49:08LinusNwoo, programming the flash via BDM takes ages...
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21:52:32Zagoryeah, i can imagine
21:53:08LinusNwell, at least it works
21:53:19LinusNi erased the flash completely
21:53:27LinusNand now i am reprogramming it
21:53:35Zagorwith what?
21:53:43LinusNthe same contents
21:53:59LinusNjust as a test
21:54:15LinusNnext is a test hack to verify my dram controller setup
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22:18:57LinusNaah, reflashing worked
22:19:15LinusN(yes it took that long!)
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22:20:43Zagorhehe. how fast are you running the bdm now?
22:20:56LinusNthe cpu is at 12MHz
22:21:22LinusNso is the bdm clock iirc
22:21:29LinusNbut the communication is serial
22:21:39quelsarukyou seem to be like kids playing with a new toy ;)
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22:21:51LinusN"seem to be"
22:22:01LinusNwe *are* like kids playing with a new toy!
22:22:19quelsaruki didn't want to hurt your sensibility :P
22:23:07quelsarukdinner time, cu l8r!
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22:56:07*LinusN is running rockbox from the iriver flash
22:56:18LinusNand it crashes!!! :-)
22:56:32Zagorsurprise :)
22:56:39Zagorhow much did you include?
22:56:43*Bagder joins the horraying
22:56:59LinusNZagor: the same code as yesterday
22:58:08LinusNthe sdram setup doesn't work
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23:03:47webguest05Any possibility of using rockbox with a Jukebox Multimedia?
23:04:59 Part webguest05
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23:22:18*quelsaruk opens the *the original igoats* stand
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23:28:13Leo5522anyone know where to get pimsleur mp3's?
23:28:17amiconnLinus is playing with his flash toy ;-)
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23:32:54Zagoramiconn: what is the status of the player flashing?
23:33:05Zagorit's getting time for 2.4
23:33:58quelsarukwe just got 2.3 manual!
23:34:13quelsarukok, you like to have outdated docs
23:34:14amiconnZagor: Didn't you notice that I already released the player flash package? However, I would appreciate testing on at leats one oldplayer...
23:34:19quelsaruknow i understand everything
23:34:24amiconn*at least
23:34:36Zagoramiconn: yes I noticed, but I guessed you might have gotten more feedback than I've seen
23:35:11Zagorquelsaruk: we said after 2.3 that we would aim for a release about every two months
23:35:31quelsarukthats great
23:36:03amiconnZagor: No, nothing more than what was on the ml and in the forum
23:38:58Zagori had some good progress on the id3 database code yesterday, but it changes a lot of things so it won't be committed before 2.4
23:39:44LinusNamiconn: i read somewhere about a guy who had problems shutting off the player after flashing
23:42:44amiconnHmm. Very "detailed" report :-/
23:43:06LinusNisn't it wonderful? :-)
23:43:50LinusNaaah, dram is working
23:43:53amiconn"I flashed the archos player". No version, not even a model. It could even be a recorder as well.
23:44:07Zagorthat's what I was thinking too
23:44:46quelsarukmaybe he did not understand english quite well and thought, player is mp3 player.. not the model :/
23:47:13LinusNaaah, the rockbox log looks soooo nice on the iriver screen
23:47:14Zagorand since it's an anonymous submission, all we can do is respond and hope he checks his own bug report some day
23:47:36ZagorLinusN: the little one from the archos or a bigger one?
23:47:48LinusNsmall one
23:47:53Zagoroh, he actually posted his email. that's good.
23:48:05LinusNi was just happy to see it, since it runs from flash
23:49:41Bagderwhere do we keep the more hires logos?
23:49:53Bagderif I wanted to make a 160 pixels wide b/w one
23:49:54LinusNzagor has them i guess
23:50:10LinusNhe's not the sharing type :-)
23:50:38quelsaruki just bought a new recorder (one year ago)... don't tell me those things, please ;)
23:51:26ZagorBagder: there's always
23:51:46jypHm, I'm working on the gmini series with strath et al. ...
23:51:59Bagder*that* is a big one ;-)
23:52:19Zagorjyp: nice. how are you coming along?
23:52:24Bagderand gimp opens URLs fine
23:52:49jypWe're now reaching a point where we can finally start the firmware :)
23:53:16quelsaruktalking about tshirts
23:53:17jypCan flash stuff; the emu runs the stock firmware ok except for playing mp3
23:53:25quelsarukwhat happened with that?
23:53:37Bagderthere's no border on the little logo, right?
23:53:46LinusNjyp: which emu?
23:53:48Zagorjyp: are you writing everything from scratch or using linux or rockbox?
23:54:07jypI think porting rockbox is the sensible approach
23:54:21Zagori agree
23:54:50LinusNjyp: there's just the tiny little thing about the RSA signing....
23:55:02jypThe emu is home made... jyp/q.png">
23:55:30jypNuh, actually there's a way around RSA ;)
23:55:53Zagorthere is? how?
23:56:38jypAnother update format .. more "raw" is accepted without restrictions
23:57:08jypI don't understand what was the point of signing
23:57:14Bagderweird choice
23:57:16LinusNjyp: plugins
23:57:20jypif they keep an open back door
23:57:43LinusNJoe Customer doesn't know about the back door
23:58:13LinusNmaybe the plugins can't be installed with the back door?
23:58:25jypIt's free for all ;)

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