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#rockbox log for 2004-12-20

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00:00:54jypsomething triggered when the stock firmware runs, loads code form disk...
00:01:27Zagorjyp: yeah, we're doing that for the iriver too
00:01:27jypMaybe you guys can point me to similar work you've done ?
00:01:38LinusNjyp: i'm doing it as we speak
00:01:56jypYou took another approach for the original rockbox ?
00:02:14LinusNwe are porting it to iriver
00:02:42Zagorthe archos loaded code by itself, so we didn't need a flashed loader there
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00:05:01amiconnZagor/ LinusN: Any plans to put a flashable chip in one of your oldplayers?
00:05:19LinusNunfortunately not
00:05:27ZagorI can send you mine :)
00:05:41LinusNZagor: you don't have an oldplayer
00:05:55 Join einhirn [0] (
00:06:05amiconnHuh? Wasn't Zagor's player v. 4.13?
00:06:21Zagoryes itis
00:06:40amiconnThat's still an oldplayer (but not a veryoldplayer without HD power control)
00:07:44amiconnI don't have the appropriate equipment to easily swap TSOP chips :( That's something [IDC]Dragon can do much better.
00:08:33amiconnOn the other hand, I was more succesful with doing the UART boot mod for players
00:12:42LinusNlooks ok
00:13:09Zagornow 2-bit grayscale...
00:13:11Bagderhm, 161
00:13:38Bagdergrayscale will really improve the look of it
00:13:43quelsarukhmm i wonder why stupid iE doesnt' understand png as image format... windoze is amazing
00:14:14Zagorquelsaruk: because it hasn't been updated in years. they already own the market, so no need to improve.
00:14:54quelsarukZagor: i used some png's pictures i made 3 years ago with gimp and worked on that arcaic ie.... now it doesn't work
00:15:23Bagderok, now its 160
00:15:53Bagderthis has some extra details from the original logo that the archos one doesn't
00:16:18amiconnquelsaruk: Works for me. Just checked with IE, it's not my default browsers
00:17:04quelsarukit works for me on firefox, but ie tries to download the file because it doesn't recognize it...
00:17:46amiconnI just pasted the URL into IE's address line, and it displays fine. Btw: IE6 SP1 on WinXP SP2 here
00:17:53quelsarukas me
00:18:41amiconnI also use Firefox by default now (just switched from plain Mozilla)
00:19:01quelsaruki like firefox
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00:36:51LinusNyiehaa! now the code runs flawless from flash
00:37:17quelsarukenhorabuena LinusN :)
00:37:35Bagderbut I think my 160 pixels logo is slightly cooler
00:37:38*Bagder ducks
00:38:00Bagdersorry, I was off to bed
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01:19:11quelsaruknight all!
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02:13:03bagawkHey LinusN and Bagder :)
02:14:50bagawkLinusN: The iriver ihp1xx seems like a neat toy :)
02:15:50bagawkIt should bring a large user base to rockbox
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02:22:07bagawkLinusN: I htink Jeff at Mysticriver should be added to the credits
02:22:26LinusNin the firmware?
02:24:18LinusNwell, those credits are until this date only for people who have contributed code, iirc
02:25:01bagawkTHe guy that donated a FM recorder was added to the credits
02:27:09LinusNand jeff should have credits for donating
02:28:31bagawkI think so, it was a nice thing
02:29:08LinusNyeah, maybe so
02:38:59LinusNtime to get some sleep
02:39:01LinusNnite all
02:39:05 Part LinusN
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02:48:42*JJ-Demon is AFK, on another planet I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n
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05:54:17Darkintentis anyone awake in here?
06:05:17dwihnowell of course!
06:06:17JJ-Demonanyone in here have a gmini 400? (i own one)
06:07:32dwihnodon't know of any who has one
06:08:16JJ-Demonhmmm... i want to try and find out more abotu it and see if we could write something for it... but i cant find anyone who has any coding experiance that owns one
06:09:04dwihnoI think there is some kind of project
06:09:28dwihnothere you go
06:10:55Darkintentum is there going to be a rockbox for the h300 series players?
06:11:14JJ-Demonyes i have talked to the guys there, they have no plans for developing for the 400 as they don't own one. so im here looking if i can find anyone more experianced than be with one ^^,
06:11:49dwihnoThe first port is the H1xx series. afaik, there are some similarities between the h300 series as well, so it might be a port
06:12:22DarkintentI know there is chatter about it but is it an actual goal of the Rockbox developers to port to both player series?
06:12:31Darkintentyou answered me already
06:13:12DarkintentI really look forward to seeing a rockbox for the 300 series just looking at what you guys did with the Archos makes me drool at the possibilities
06:13:36dwihnoYou got a H300?
06:13:41Darkintentyes I do
06:13:48Darkintentwell monday I will
06:14:06DarkintentI hope its in state right now so I am hoping I get it today
06:14:48Darkintentim no good with tinkering so I would surely destroy my player if I dared to try and take it apart
06:15:31DarkintentI wonder if Iriver will ever decide to open source the firmware code
06:15:47JJ-Demondont get a h300 :D get a Gmini 400 instead. i jsut bought a 400 over the H300 a few weeks ago
06:16:15DarkintentI know they are supposedly working with third party developers to bring firware updates
06:16:35dwihnoIt's just a matter of time before the H100-series will have a port. I just hope it won't be too soon; otherwise, I'd have to adjust my tight budget and buy one ;)
06:17:54Darkintentwell I love the fact that there is a really great modding community around
06:18:01Darkintentunlike with the Ipods
06:18:32JJ-Demon dont even have to mod it :P
06:18:59Darkintentwith rockbox around and hopefully coming to the 300 series soon I think I will get a long life out of my player
06:20:14Darkintentthats kinda weak compared to an h340
06:20:19Darkintentjust on hdd alone
06:20:30Darkintentbesides my Ipod is already 15gb
06:20:59JJ-Demon... you can watch videos on it, it has a built in CF slot so u dont have to worry abotu compatibility with usb host
06:21:01Darkintenthad this been around before I bought my 3g Ipod I would have got it
06:21:03JJ-Demonliek the H300
06:21:13DarkintentI dont want to watch video on it though
06:21:19DarkintentI have a laptop
06:21:20JJ-Demonyou can plug it into tv
06:21:40JJ-Demonand it looks way better then a H300.
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06:21:52JJ-Demonwhy are you getting the H300 then?
06:21:56Darkintentand I can watch any manner of video on that and at higher resolution than my tv
06:21:59Darkintentto play music
06:22:05Darkintentit does that too you know
06:22:22JJ-Demongmini 400 does that better :D
06:22:32JJ-Demonyou can actually shuffle playlists randomly
06:22:40JJ-Demonand not get the same list every time u shuffle
06:22:43JJ-Demonlike on H300
06:22:47JJ-Demonhave u actually used one?
06:22:51JJ-Demonive compared them both
06:23:04DarkintentI never use shuffle
06:23:15Darkintentnot on my computer and not on my Ipod
06:23:28Darkintentand the gmini only plays mp3's
06:23:34JJ-Demonwell its still easier to browse music using ARC
06:23:45Darkintentthe video codecs are indeed impressive
06:23:55JJ-Demonno WAV also and WMA
06:24:09dwihnoJJ-Demon: apart from the video feature, you're only mentioning firmware shortcomings :)
06:24:35Darkintentwell ive never used arc I use anapod and I use anapod explorer to manage my Ipod its quite excellent
06:24:46DarkintentI wont say arc is bad though
06:25:11JJ-Demonso? iRiver have allready shown thier lack fo firmware support
06:25:32DarkintentI would like to see an h300 doing flac then I could shut up the irrational Ipod supporters for good
06:25:47Darkintentwell those that obsess over lossless like some
06:25:49JJ-Demonarchos has released 4 updates to my Gmini int he time it took to get oen for the H300
06:26:22DarkintentDude you realize you are in a channel that deals with modded/ rewritten firmware
06:26:40Darkintentmeant to improve a product like the H100 and 300 series respectively
06:26:45JJ-Demonyes ^^ im just trying to giv eu the advise i got
06:26:50JJ-Demoni was going to buy a H300 also
06:27:15DarkintentAnd your advice is bad if you want to play music
06:27:24JJ-Demonwhy is that?
06:27:29Darkintentand dont want only 20gb's
06:27:35JJ-DemonGmini plays music fine.
06:27:43JJ-Demonyou have more then 20GB music?
06:27:48Darkintentnumber 1 it only supports mp3 what if I want to use ogg
06:27:59Darkintentive come very close to filling my Ipod with 15
06:28:14Darkintentand I have yet to rip my brothers cd collection
06:28:21Darkintentall of it anyway
06:28:54JJ-Demonoh well if you have more then 20gb music i see. different players fit different people.
06:29:05Darkintent2. I want to use OGG not wma or WAV
06:29:12JJ-Demoni have only 4 gb of MP3 music though. but i have alot of episodes of TV shows
06:29:13Darkintentalthough it is good to have WAV
06:29:15JJ-Demonand i travel alot
06:29:21JJ-Demonso gmini is great for me
06:29:36JJ-Demonalso i forgot to add the games. but doesnt really matter
06:29:45JJ-Demonand built in CF slot :P
06:30:06DarkintentI wonder if the gmini can handle ogm files with alittle cjolling
06:30:33Darkintentit could probably handle some of the divx/xvid files I have lying around
06:30:42JJ-Demonarchos has stated ogg support is on the way in future firmware
06:31:03Darkintentwell if you get it from them all I can say is great
06:31:18Darkintentits good to see a company treat their customers well
06:31:43Darkintentand while Iriver may not have the same record we can look to Rockbox to handle most of it
06:32:12Darkintentand if Iriver is really working with 3rd party developers to do firmware we are all going to be in a good position
06:32:27Darkintentlets look at it this way both are better than an Ipod
06:32:38JJ-Demonim in here cause im looking for other gmini owners. want to explore some extra features we could add. or port a embedded linux over to it.
06:32:45JJ-Demonyea definatly
06:32:53JJ-Demondon't get an ipod
06:33:03DarkintentI learned that the hard way
06:33:15Darkintentbut at the time it was the best player out
06:33:20Darkintentthe 3g I mean
06:33:24Darkintentnot the new one
06:33:34CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
06:33:34*dwihno hugs his recorder-20
06:33:42Darkintentthat one sucked I held it in my hand and I was like wtf
06:33:44dwihnoI don't need no new stinkin' technology ;)
06:33:50Darkintentthey killed the interface
06:34:04Darkintentwith the clickwheel on normal ipods\
06:34:32Darkintentand the Ipod photo is a joke compared to the cost of either of the H30o series
06:34:55Darkintentits a shame there isnt a 60gb model of the H300 series
06:35:33Darkintentthat is the one hardware edge I give the Ipod photo
06:36:23dwihnoDarkintent: well, I guess the 1.8" disks are expensive :)
06:36:37dwihnothe price of technology \o/
06:36:39Darkintentyea but not enough to justify 600usd
06:36:46Darkintentthats crazy
06:37:07Darkintentnever shop at the apple store or even the Iriver store
06:37:18dwihnono way!
06:37:22Darkintentfor a 60gb Ipod photo
06:37:31Darkintentthats what it is on the apple site
06:37:43Darkintentand I got my h340 for 378usd
06:37:44dwihnoyou better get the deal of your life for your soul then :)
06:38:20Darkintentand it supports photos and even video although you have to break drm and the clock with the US version
06:38:56dwihnoI got video on my rec20 ;)
06:40:01Darkintentthe regular 40gb Ipod on the apple site is basically 400 usd
06:40:13Darkintentand it doesnt come with a carrying case
06:40:21Darkintentit does come with a dock though
06:40:51Darkintentbut I can get a dock for about 30 or 35 usd from Iriver
06:41:15Darkintentalthough im going to wait to see if other places start selling the dock to check the price
06:41:25Darkintentbefore I make a decision
06:42:40DarkintentOn a regular Ipod 40gb sells for 375 usd while the H340 is 378.41usd ....that made it so easy to decide
06:52:04 Quit JJ-Demon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:55:07*Darkintent debates whether to buy Irivium or not
06:58:10Darkintentnight all
06:58:14 Quit Darkintent (".UPP.")
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09:51:31LinusNthe original iriver EQ has a list of presets, i think 5 in the H1xx firmware
09:51:49LinusNu know, "Rock", "Classical", "Flat" etc
09:52:04LinusNthe new H10 has *30* presets!!!
09:52:15LinusNhow silly is that????
09:52:29LinusN"Hard rock" "Hip hop"...
09:52:56Bagderspeaking of silly...
09:53:07Bagderbmp2rb refuses to convert anything wider than 112 pixels ;-)
09:53:11LinusN"Reggae" :-)
09:53:20LinusNBagder: haha
09:53:39amiconnI never understand what this kind of presets might be good for. I prefer a fully adjustable EQ anytime
09:53:46LinusNBagder: i ran rockbox from flash in my iriver last night
09:54:17Bagderdid it rock your box?
09:54:24LinusNtotally silent :-)
09:55:09LinusNit takes 25 minutes to reprogram the entire flash via BDM! :-)
09:55:34LinusNbut the flash specs are incredible
09:55:38Bagdergives you time to really think if you made any bugs or not
09:55:54LinusN14us typical word program time
09:56:11LinusN16ms sector erase
09:56:18LinusN70ms chip erase!!!
09:56:34LinusNit's damn fast
09:57:03LinusNbut that doesn't help when you bitbang a serial bdm connection...
09:59:03midkH10 has 30? what's that?
09:59:10midkH110 is the old one?
09:59:38BagderH10 is the new ipod mini clone
10:00:46midklooks pretty nice
10:04:58amiconniRiver is another example of a company that is even unable to do proper webdesign: gives a completely blank page, gives a framed page with 2 lines and no other content.
10:05:01LinusNtouch-dial, yuck!
10:05:16amiconn(with Firefox 1.0 that is) is a total flash-orgy
10:05:39BagderI got a single little box
10:05:43LinusNso lame
10:05:44Bagdersince I don't have flash installed
10:05:57*amiconn doesn't see any flash, and not even a box
10:07:27LinusNtrust me, you're not missing out on anything :-)
10:09:07LinusNthat site is just as useful with or without the flash plugin
10:10:17amiconnHmm. I wanted to have a look at their various products, and can't do so
10:10:55amiconn(unless I use Internet Exploder)
10:11:42LinusNor install flash
10:21:15Bagderhere you go
10:21:31*Bagder fixed the logo for iriver
10:21:54***No seen item changed, no save performed.
10:27:02amiconnThe iRiver site is annoying
10:28:12LinusNannoying, frustrating, name it
10:28:35LinusNit's a monument of flash stupidity
10:29:20LinusNthose web designers should be hunted down and eliminated
10:29:33LinusNalong with those who hired them
10:34:48amiconnI believe there are far more bad web designers out there than good ones
10:35:50LinusNyup, we have a lot of work to do
10:36:28LinusN"go out and assimilate!" (Skinny Puppy)
10:36:53amiconnThe worst example I know so far is the site of the Jewish Museum here in Berlin. This one does work *only* in IE and oldsih Netscape 4.x. *All* other browsers I tried give a 404 error. Really strange!
10:40:09Bagderincompetence is global
10:40:41amiconnThat's still not everything that is wrong with this site
10:47:09 Join MooMaunder [0] (~me@
10:48:52midki successfully stole the scrollbar function from rockbox and made it work with linav.. oyeah!
10:49:34LinusNa small step for you, but as giant leap for mankind...
10:49:46LinusN(or was it the opposite?)
10:49:49Bagder" It seems the PCI APIs have changed between 2.6.9 and 2.6.10-rc2, breaking madwifi."
10:50:11LinusNthere's a patch in the mailing list
10:50:18Bagderyeah, I noticed
10:50:29Bagderits funny how the APIs never settle
10:50:39*LinusN subscribes to far too many lists... :-)
10:51:01BagderI bet I win in the mail compo anyway :-)
10:51:18midkshh, you... uh... party pooper ;)
10:52:15*Bagder has received 14158 mails so far this month
10:56:25 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
10:57:31*[IDC]Dragon reads logs, about iriver
10:59:16[IDC]DragonLinusN: the flash in our Archos'es is als erased in 70 ms, that's not unusual
10:59:39[IDC]Dragons/als/also (grr)
10:59:42LinusNi see, i've only worked with slower flash chips so far
10:59:58[IDC]Dragonbulk erase
11:00:19[IDC]Dragonway faster than UV erase ;-)
11:00:34LinusNthose were the days
11:00:55[IDC]Dragonin the early days, I had no UV lamp
11:01:13[IDC]Dragonand let the chip rest on my window sill all summer
11:01:32[IDC]Dragon(which worked)
11:02:49[IDC]Dragonhorrible turnaround times, don't wine about BDM flashing
11:04:14[IDC]Dragonbut you could download a small program which does the flashing, right?
11:04:22[IDC]Dragon(plus the content)
11:04:35amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I guess flashing the Archos via minimon will take a similar amount of time
11:04:42LinusNi built an erasing unit with an UV lamp and a GlenFiddich box
11:05:01amiconn(I never tried it myself, just loading an image via minimon was slow enough for me)
11:05:22[IDC]Dragonflashing takes the same time
11:05:41[IDC]Dragonthe serial is the limiting factor
11:06:14[IDC]Dragonon recorders, it's quite acceptable with 115200 baud
11:06:22amiconn..per amount of data, yes. Loading an image is therefore still faster than flashing the whole 256K
11:07:34[IDC]Dragondifferent topic: I'd like to pick up the MMC in filesystem topic for the Ondio
11:08:03[IDC]Dragonnow that I used it with MMC, the mutual thing is annoying
11:08:21LinusNand it's 2 megabytes on the iriver...
11:08:38amiconnLinusN: Isn't the BDM connected via parallel?
11:08:55LinusNthe wiggler, yes, but the bdm interface itself is serial
11:09:12[IDC]Dragonsyncronous, I guess?
11:09:14LinusNso we bitbang the serial bdm with the parallel port
11:09:17amiconnIsn't it possible to clock this faster?
11:09:32LinusNyes, if we increase the cpu frequency
11:09:47LinusNbut i keep it in the default, safe mode for now
11:09:53amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I also planned to tackle this in the not too far future, but did not yet start. Although not too difficult, this means a lot of work
11:10:09[IDC]Dragonany non-obvious problems?
11:10:35amiconn(#ifdef'ing most of the fat and ata/mmc driver api
11:10:48[IDC]Dragonwhy a lot of work?
11:11:18amiconnThen deciding how to handle special cases
11:11:21 Quit MooMaunder (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:11:29amiconnconfig sector always of drive #0 is obvious
11:12:01amiconnHaving the MMC content under /MMC prevents PC-prepared playlists from working without modification...
11:12:20LinusNamiconn: why?
11:12:38[IDC]Dragonmaybe if a full path is in there
11:13:07LinusNbut full paths generated from pc:s are not correct anyway
11:13:31LinusNrockbox strips the leading path until it finds a match
11:13:32[IDC]Dragonwe skip the drive letter
11:13:45[IDC]Dragonah, even better
11:14:08[IDC]Dragonbut how do we work the /MMC in front of it?
11:14:22LinusNin file.c, i guess
11:14:23[IDC]Dragonand only in case the playlist comes from /MMC
11:14:52[IDC]Dragonno, I mean for the playlist item search
11:15:02[IDC]Dragonnot for file opening in general
11:15:11LinusNi'd say that's a secondary problem
11:15:42[IDC]Dragonyes, first thingit to make the file system "device aware"
11:15:53[IDC]Dragon...thing is
11:16:09LinusNyes, handling silly playlist generators has never been rockbox' problem
11:16:28LinusNwell, it has, but it shouldn't be rockbox problem
11:16:56[IDC]Dragonis there an illegal char in FAT32 directory names we can use to prepend?
11:17:17[IDC]Dragonlike #MMC
11:17:30Zagorsure, lots of them. ":" for instance
11:17:33 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:17:34[IDC]Dragonto avoid collisions if a directorywas named MMC
11:17:45Bagder? too I believe
11:17:58[IDC]Dragon:MMC looks file
11:18:10 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
11:18:13Bagderor perhaps MMC:
11:18:21Bagderlooks more DOS/windows
11:18:28[IDC]Dragoneven better
11:18:30LinusNBagder: slightly amiga:ish :-)
11:18:35Bagdervery amigaish
11:19:00[IDC]Dragonbut slower to compare
11:19:18BagderI bet you'll never notice that
11:19:43[IDC]Dragonwell, from the code you wouls
11:19:47amiconnI'd simply use /MMC, hiding an equally named directory
11:20:09Bagderyeah, /MMC feels more "right" in my view as well
11:20:16*Bagder runs away
11:20:24[IDC]Dragonbut sort it always first
11:20:40[IDC]Dragonby giving it a special directory attribute
11:21:15[IDC]Dragoninthe tree browser, I mean
11:21:40LinusNwhy sort first?
11:21:55[IDC]Dragondo you want to search for it somewhere in the middle?
11:22:16LinusNwhy not treat it as a normal directory?
11:22:36amiconnIf I look for "M" I expect this where the other entries with "M" are, nowhere else
11:22:52[IDC]DragonI'd say that hides the volume too much
11:23:04LinusNtoo much?
11:23:06[IDC]Dragonanother reason for prefixing...
11:23:26[IDC]Dragonmaybe you linux guys are used to it
11:23:31LinusNyes we are
11:23:33Zagorcall it #MMC then, legal name that sorts earlier than all others
11:23:42LinusNor "[MMC]"
11:23:49Zagor[ is after Z
11:23:55LinusNsilly me
11:23:55amiconn[MMC]Dragon ;-)
11:23:58 Part oxygen77 ("Cho")
11:23:59[IDC]Dragonin any case, I make a #define for it ;-)
11:24:20[IDC]Dragonso we can keep argueing
11:26:45 Join MooMaunder [0] (~me@
11:38:11amiconnThe very first legal name would be !MMC
11:42:22*amiconn is leaving now
11:42:26 Part amiconn
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12:06:53 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
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13:49:14 Join ripnetuk [0] (
13:53:19ripnetukLinusN - congrats on your progress with flashing iRiver over weekend (just read the logs)
13:53:39ripnetukare you still planning on a boot-loader co-existing with the normal iriver rom?
13:53:47ripnetukor are we going straight for rockbox in flash?
13:54:02Zagorloader first
13:54:28Zagorit makes us much less vulnerable in case we install a dodgy build
13:54:30Bagderload load load
13:57:12ripnetukcool thats what i was hoping you would say... i wanna have a go at running my own code on iRiver, but wouldnt dare flash my code :)
14:03:46ripnetukso, the $1000000 question, how close are we to having a boot loader??? i assume a little closer after this weekend?
14:04:01Bagderabout this close: −−> <−−->
14:04:09Bagder −−> <−−-
14:04:48ripnetukIve just made it closer by reducing the font size on my irc client :)
14:09:32LinusNif i didn't have to sleep, i'd say that i could have the boot loader ready tonight
14:09:59BagderLinusN: can't you sleep at work instead? ;-)
14:10:13LinusNgood idea
14:10:36ripnetukHow about a LinusN caffeine fund ;)
14:10:46ripnetuki will contibute 200g
14:10:59ripnetukonly kidding - i really appriciate what you are doing
14:11:37dwihnoyeah, you rock!
14:14:02quelsarukLinusN: who need to sleep or work?
14:17:26ripnetukso i assume we will see a patch file which takes a given stock foirmware file and mods it to make the reset vector point after the iRiver code
14:17:37ripnetukand of course tacks the code on the end
14:18:09ripnetuk'cause i expect we are not allowed to distribute a modified .hex file
14:18:45Bagderwe need to setup a way that works without any (re-)distribution of iRiver stuff
14:18:50BagderiRiver's even
14:19:33Zagora perl script or something
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14:26:42 Quit ripnetuk ()
14:34:11 Join ripnetuk [0] (
14:43:03 Quit ripnetuk ("Leaving")
14:44:12quelsaruklunch time cu!
14:44:22 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 'System Virtue'")
15:16:20 Quit gromit` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:16:22 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
15:19:57 Join lImbus [0] (
15:39:07 Join Tang [0] (~chatzilla@
15:40:25lImbushi Tang
15:41:11TangHello ;)
15:42:40Tangi'm watching the log to be "ontopic"
15:44:02TangArgh there is another me
15:44:14Tangi wanna change my nick
16:20:12 Join ehdeixtezet [0] (
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17:08:46 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
17:38:31 Join Tang [0] (~chatzilla@
17:46:41[IDC]Dragonany idea how to avoid many #ifdef HAVE_MULTIVOLUME ?
17:47:03Tanghello again
17:47:12[IDC]DragonI'll end up extending many functions and structs with a volume parameter
17:52:15TangJust to congratulate Linus for his lats progress... :)
17:52:27TangI've to go cheers!
17:55:18[IDC]DragonI see 3 options:
17:55:49[IDC]Dragon1) make an #ifdef hell with alternative prototypes, and function calls
17:56:24[IDC]Dragon2) use tricky preprocessing to collapse the volume argument to nothing if unused
17:57:03[IDC]Dragon3) generally use the volume number for all, some penalty for the other platforms
17:57:13lImbus(I rather tought about extending the preprocessor)
17:57:41[IDC]Dragonoption 2) will make the code more difficult to read
17:58:23[IDC]DragonZagor, LinusN, do you read?
18:00:06 Quit Leety-Aravil (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:02:45LinusNhave to go
18:02:48 Part LinusN
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18:57:59 Join emanuel [0] (
18:59:36 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
19:00:16emanueli have a problem copiling a plugin, with the option simulation i is built, but not when i build it with the standard option. What is wrong?
19:00:57midkyour environment probably can't build the sim
19:01:31emanuelno works with the sim, but it is not built in the normal mode...
19:02:21lImbusthats strange
19:02:27midkoh, sorry, read that wrong
19:02:32midkusually the other way around :)
19:03:03lImbusI don't see the purpose of having a plugin in sim, but not in normal build, else I would recommend you to have a look at the SOURCES-file
19:03:04emanuelall the standard plugins are built but not mine.
19:03:30lImbusah. did you add it to the SOURCES-file ?
19:03:37emanueli enhanced the milage-calc plugin...
19:04:03emanuelno :-)
19:04:27midkwell, it's likely an error with your plugin... what error do you get, anyways?
19:04:29lImbusthen it's rather strange it builds with the sim :D
19:12:51emanuelty for yout help, it was the missing entry in SOURCES
19:13:03emanuelnow it works
19:13:12lImbusyou're welcome
19:24:08 Quit emanuel ("CGI:IRC")
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20:11:02 Quit midk (Remote closed the connection)
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20:39:16 Join ripnetUK [0] (
20:40:02ripnetUKhas anyone else found that Linux doesnt like the iRiver being plugged in and THEN powered up? sda doesnt appear, and a reboot hangs when shutting down alsa?
20:41:07quelsarukZagor ,Bagder, you use linux and have a iriver...thats for you
20:41:45ripnetUKi think its devfs playing up... worked fine on same hardware on old distro (mdk10.0). That had devfs...
20:49:00 Join webguest74 [0] (
20:52:55 Quit webguest74 (Client Quit)
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21:49:28 Nick Dulcise_ is now known as Dulcise (
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