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#rockbox log for 2004-12-22

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00:16:15markunI was converting some unicode bdf fonts, the font did not contain many chars, but because the lastchar was very high the font turned out very big.
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00:22:27[IDC]Dragoncodec registers are not readable, I'd need a shadow value to restore
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00:22:42markunI wanted to add some unicode support to rockbox, but I think we then need a more efficient way to store the font in memory (and in the file)
00:23:26[IDC]Dragonunicode sounds ambitious
00:23:44markunThere are very nice free unicode bdf fonts
00:24:26[IDC]Dragonhow about restricting yourself to the ISO part?
00:24:38markunThe filenames in FAT-32 are stored in UTF-16, so the unicode value of the chars can be computed very easily.
00:25:28Zagormarkun: use the -s and -l parameters to limit the number of chars to convert
00:26:14markunThat would be an option, but I would like it more generic.
00:27:00Zagorwould like what more generic?
00:27:47markunthe font support. Now it just makes an array of lastchar - firstchar * size of the struct.
00:28:19markunIf there are just a few glyphs but some with very high values it's not a very efficient way to do it.
00:28:33Zagorright. we could add an extra translation table.
00:29:48markunMabe an array that takes unicode_value >> 8 as an index and points to NULL or an array with the glyphs?
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00:31:35Zagorthat would still allocate 256 glyphs for each unicode page
00:31:38markunMaybe I should just try it and put the patch on the wiki if anyone finds it useful
00:33:09markunMaybe the second array should again be an array of pointers, NULL if the glyph does not exist and the glyph struct if it does.
00:33:52markunDon't know if the saved space is worth the trouble
00:35:12Zagori'd be interested in seeing the patch if you feel like testing it
00:36:15markunYes, I would. But I should first chage convbdf to so it creates a font with only the glyphs in the bdf
00:39:41markunI'm also interested in adding BiDi support and proper rendering of arabic, that will be a challenge :)
00:40:14markunDon't know if there are any arab users of rockbox..
00:42:26Zagorthere are some
00:43:13Zagorif you want to dig deep into the font handling, you may want to grab the chinese port too. it uses a very dynamic system with a font cache, so not even the whole font is in ram
00:43:41markunDidn't know there was a chinese port
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00:48:15Zagorit's not hosted by us, it's written by a separate group of people
00:48:35Zagori'll see if i can find it
00:48:50markunI found it
00:48:56markunAnd joined the group
00:49:31Zagortat tang submitted patch #924904, which contains the changes
00:50:31ZagorI wish I'd had more time to look at his patch :(
00:50:52[IDC]Dragonbeep committed, I need to sleep now
00:51:06[IDC]Dragonwill check tomorrow what I broke :-/
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00:52:48markunI will also go to sleep now. Next week I will have more time.
00:53:09markunGood night Zagor
00:53:25Zagorgood night
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00:55:06dwihnoGood morning everyone!
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01:48:34sockertezedoes anyone know how to unblock myself from an IRC channel?
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02:43:53dwihnoNeil Sedaka
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09:11:28|XO2|hi :)
09:11:37dwihnoWwll hello there!!! :)
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09:15:34amiconnGood morning
09:22:18|XO2|im pretty decent with asm "cracking" :)
09:22:33|XO2|i dont know if i can help in any way...but im here to show support :)
09:22:59Zagor|XO2|: are you good at plain C as well?
09:23:13|XO2|i can read it...
09:23:19|XO2|i cant write it
09:23:57Zagorok. we write nearly everything in C, only very few assembler snippets
09:24:12|XO2|plus the way your using C...probably goes well beond my knowledge...
09:27:19|XO2|i can test stuff but i guess you dont really need...alpha testers or anything...
09:27:31|XO2|btw i have a iriver H320
09:30:20Zagorok, we'll probably want testing on that eventually
09:30:29ZagorI guess you haven't taken it apart? :)
09:31:08Zagori'm curious about the lcd
09:39:28|XO2|no i probably wont take it apart :)
09:39:40|XO2|we have some pictures of it though
09:40:18|XO2|if i took it apart then i would have the done the internal power mod and enabled USBOTG for US H3xx
09:40:52|XO2|instead i invented the external power mod and wrote a tutorial on it...
09:43:26Zagornice one
09:44:35Zagorhas anyone detailed the differences btwn US and "normal" h300?
09:45:53Zagoror is the usb power the only difference?
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10:01:21|XO2|there are actual parts missing in the US version...
10:02:11|XO2|transistors, resistors, choke coil, of the guys on iriver forums open his up and has taken some detailed we have internal pics of the h300 US and the H300 "normal"
10:03:01|XO2|there about 6-12 parts missing in the H320...most them of them are related to guessing to regulate the power feed...
10:03:45Zagorif you can find links that would be great. we'll need to know this stuff for the port.
10:05:47|XO2|i've saved all the pics :)
10:05:56|XO2|just let me know when you need them :)
10:08:48Zagorfeel free to put them in the wiki:
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10:25:23bobTHChi all!
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10:28:29|XO|shit i have an exam in like 3 hours :(
10:28:56Bagderthat's 2 more hours of irc! ;-)
10:29:02bobTHCgood luck |XO2|
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10:35:17amiconnhi [IDC]Dragon
10:36:13amiconnYesterday you wanted to ask me something...
10:36:37[IDC]Dragonyes, I wanted to discuss the MAS beep
10:36:52[IDC]Dragonmaybe you have a better idea
10:36:58amiconnI already had a quick look at this, but I did not yet try it.
10:37:54[IDC]Dragonthis beep has to be over before starting the recording, but maybe there's a way of beeping that doesn't go into the recording, so we can beep in parallel
10:38:02amiconnThe way it works is easy to understand. You quickly switch the DAC on & off, while the ADC is switched off. This also switches the reference voltage on & off, which causes clicking
10:38:15amiconnSee MAS datasheet, p.41
10:38:40[IDC]DragonI briefly looked at the register
10:39:14[IDC]Dragonalso it would be good if the beep is somewhat under volume control, too
10:39:16amiconnThere are 2 shortcomings: (1) The beep is only audible from the Earphone output, not from S/PDIF (can't try myself, but I am quite sure)
10:40:14amiconn(2) The beep interferes with recording, at least if prerecording is on. There will be a gap of the beep's length (and probably some clicking caused by switching the ADC off and on again)
10:40:54amiconn(2) is probably not valid when recording from S/PDIF though - I can try that
10:40:59[IDC]Dragonoh, yes, I forgot prerecording
10:41:40amiconnI also looked for a way to beep some time ago (I admit that I didn'
10:41:49amiconnt do that thoroughly though)
10:42:24amiconnUnfortunately (for this application) the MAS employs non-disableable de-clicking in many places
10:42:30[IDC]Dragonneither did I ;-)
10:43:34[IDC]Dragonit was a quick-hack
10:43:47[IDC]Dragonbut a start
10:44:26amiconnBtw: you *can* read the mas codec registers, but imho using a shadow variable is better anyway
10:45:04[IDC]DragonI think I can only read those labeled as status registers
10:45:19[IDC]Dragonreading it was my first try
10:46:15 Quit |XO2| (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:46:48amiconnI can think of 2 other methods to indicate recording/pause status, that may be less disturbing to the recording:
10:48:03|XO|thanks :)
10:48:17amiconn(1) Making it beep (right channel only) by using the "invert right channel" bit (codec register 0x0E). This will depend on the current volume though
10:48:22|XO|man i like computers so much yet my major is wierd is that...
10:48:57[IDC]DragonI thought about that, too
10:49:21amiconn(2) Use the idea of "acoustic blinking" as discussed on the ml. As long as the red led is flashing, the output volume could alternate between normal and zero with the same frequency
10:49:58[IDC]Dragonboth rely on an input signal
10:50:56amiconnBut: What would be the sense of recording without an input signal?
10:51:30Zagorit's not unusual to have silence before the recording
10:51:33[IDC]Dragonmaybe your subject is silent before the recording starts?
10:51:36amiconnI can't imagine a way to make it beep at the digital out as well, as that involves the DSP
10:51:59[IDC]DragonI think we can neglect digital out here
10:52:07Zagori agree
10:52:25[IDC]Dragondoesn't work with today's voice files neither
10:52:43amiconnIf you want to start as soon as there is some signal, volume triggered recording is much better suited imho, and afair it's already on the way..
10:54:15Zagorvolume triggered recording is very difficult to use for blind people
10:54:49amiconnWhy is that? Aren't the parameters set from a menu, like the rest of the recording parameters is?
10:55:18Zagoryes, but normally you don't know how sensitive you want it. it's an iterative process.
10:56:22amiconnHmm. I wonder how do blind people adjust the recording level
10:57:59amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you try whether it beeps when you leave the ADC settings as-is, and only toggle bit 0 (DAC power)?
11:00:48amiconnConcerning your question about not wasting an extra timer (for variable frequency beeps) - remember that all timers have 2 interrupt sources, GRA match and GRB match
11:01:20[IDC]Dragon(bit0) I tried, it didn't beep.
11:02:12amiconnAh, so this is really caused by the reference voltage switching (reference voltage stays on as long either ADC or DAC are switched on)
11:03:17Zagoryou could try only toggling the volume to max/min. it often causes a pop. it would not affect recording.
11:03:46[IDC]Dragonmax might be a bit agressive...
11:05:10amiconnHmm, I just tried the beep. For me, it doesn't sound like a beep, but rather like, erm...
11:06:16[IDC]Dragonfor the purpose, it doesn't have to be a nice, clean sound
11:06:38amiconnZagor: Did you try that? I wonder if it does, because (quote from the datasheet): "In order to avoid noise due to large
11:06:38amiconnchanges of the setting, the actual setting is internally low-pass filtered.
11:07:05ZagorI don't remember if I tried it back when I was experimenting with key clicks.
11:08:49amiconn[IDC]Dragon: With prerecording, there is a click followed by a gap in the recording, as I though
11:09:21[IDC]Dragonso we should at least disable the beep if prerecording
11:09:29[IDC]Dragonif we find no better
11:10:54Zagori think we should test the "volume blink". the input dac is pretty noisy, so it might be audible even when there is no significant signal
11:11:13amiconnHmm. If we can live with the fact that it only beeps with an input signal present, maybe the DSP volume will be the best solution
11:11:51amiconnWith that it is possible to revert the polarity (quickly switching between -1 and +1)
11:13:49amiconnArgh, not possible :(
11:24:01 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (~none@
11:26:19kurzhaarrockerFunny: I bought a dvbt receiver that seems to have open source firmware.
11:27:43kurzhaarrockerNo it's the original siemens firmware. I just found the link and wonder wether it's the entire firmware or jus a paort of it.
11:28:18 Join MooMaunder [0] (~me@
11:37:10 Join Josh_File [0] (
11:37:20Josh_FileAnybody up?
11:37:36kurzhaarrockerwell, a bit
11:38:49Josh_FileOnly 1 Days to Christmas excluding today
11:40:17Josh_FileMy Recorder 15 should be arriving today
11:41:03Josh_FileThen I need to go to my eletronics shop and buy a Adaptor, Gonna be a hell of alot of people
11:41:50amiconn[IDC]Dragon: What do you think? Should we implement "volume blinking", and remove the beeping again? Try beeping the right channel? Or simply disable the beep when prerecording?
11:42:53amiconnJosh_File: I'm curious whether this rec 15 is USB2.0 or USB1.1. The 15's are rumoured to exist in both variants...
11:43:12Josh_FileUSB 2.0 advertized
11:43:32kurzhaarrockerReally? I thought only the recorder 20 were usb2.0
11:44:17Josh_FileHeres the page,
11:45:07[IDC]Dragonamiconn: we should try to beep different, if possible
11:45:29amiconnJosh_File: Looks like it is USB1.1
11:46:02[IDC]DragonI think only a few rec15s had USB2
11:46:13Josh_FileIs the only diffrence speed?
11:46:15[IDC]DragonI had no luck either
11:46:28Josh_FileI can wait
11:46:28[IDC]Dragonwell, you need a driver
11:46:29BagderJosh_File: but A LOT OF speed
11:47:02[IDC]Dragonit's one minute per album vs. 10 sec per album
11:47:15kurzhaarrockerUnfortunately usb1.1 is to slow for streaming video...
11:47:24Josh_FileWait should I do?
11:48:22kurzhaarrockerThat depends on how you intend to use your jukebox. If it's for listening only you probably can live with usb1.1
11:48:32amiconnJosh_File: Look at the first pic, at the right border you can read "15 GB USB Hard Disk". If it were 2.0, it would most likely read "15 GB USB 2.0 Hard Disk" with botth the 15 and the 2.0 printed in red
11:49:51Josh_FileHeres a email he sent
11:49:52Josh_FileI plugged it in my USB, and it says Hi-speed device plugged into a non-hi speed USB port " or something like that, so I assume it was USB2 like all of my other ones. I hope so....
11:49:52DBUGEnqueued KICK Josh_File
11:51:04amiconnHmm. I'd say you have to check yourself to be sure. Maybe archos didn't make different faceplates for the 2 rec 15 variants.
11:52:33Josh_FileAnyway, I'll only load 6 gigs of music 1 time, Only when I get a new album I'll need to load then
11:55:06amiconn[IDC]Dragon: All other methods to beep I could find in the datasheet are volume dependent (if they work at all)
11:55:48|XO|so when can we expect a web browser for the iriver?
11:55:59Josh_FileDo you refer to the recorder as my Rockbox, or my Archos?
11:56:29Josh_FileAs in, Rockbox Recorder 15, or Archos Recorder 15?
11:57:47Josh_FileSomeone might wanna add these plugins to the list,
11:58:11amiconnWell, it depends, although I'd never call the box "Rockbox"
11:59:22amiconnJosh_File: These plugins are not included in the main rockbox sources for a reason.
11:59:47Josh_FileWhats wrong with them?
12:00:09amiconnI won't go into details here, and it was not my decision either. If you want to find out, you can check both the irc backlogs and the ml archive
12:00:57[IDC]Dragonin short, we don't want anonymous authors
12:01:05 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:01:33[IDC]Dragonpublishing code has some responsibilities
12:03:37amiconnThese plugins don't run as is with current rockbox builds either, they need source code adjustments
12:05:07Josh_FileYay its now the 24 of december
12:05:18Josh_FileX-Mas eve
12:10:31Josh_FileCan someone test this link for me,
12:12:25Josh_FileWow, 10000 By 10000 Image
12:14:09Josh_FileDon't goto that image, freezes your browser
12:21:05amiconnJosh_File: No problem here with firefox, only that it takes a while
12:22:07Josh_FileFreezed mine
12:22:20Josh_FileYou have text to image installed?
12:22:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:23:06Josh_FileIncase you don't know, thats a firefox extention
12:24:03amiconnDidn't know, and don't have it installed, that is
12:25:04Josh_FileWell I'm bored, So Im gonna put a gigantic image in my sig in a place were almost everyone uses Text to imagr
12:25:54Josh_FileIt'll crash all thier browsers.........
12:32:35Josh_FileNobody likes you, everyone left you, thier all out without you having fun.
12:34:45Josh_FileThe words of my annoying friend as I left him alone with my computer
12:47:25 Join Bagder_ [0] (
12:49:58 Quit Bagder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:09:34Josh_FileWhats the diffrence between Badger_ and Badger?
13:18:40 Quit Bagder_ (Remote closed the connection)
13:19:02 Join Bagder [0] (
13:21:39Josh_FileOk, I'm not going to sleep to christmas, Whats some music that'll keep me awake
13:43:28 Join zeekoe [0] (
13:44:53Josh_FileOk, I'm not going to sleep to christmas, Whats some music that'll keep me awake
13:45:00Josh_FileOh and Hi
13:45:11zeekoeare you sure?
13:45:21zeekoechristmas is like 3 days away
13:45:26Josh_FileIts X-mas eve here
13:45:32zeekoewhere do you live
13:45:37Josh_FileNew Zealand
13:45:40Josh_FileGMT +12
13:46:11[IDC]Dragonthen you have Dec 23
13:46:20[IDC]Dragonnot 24
13:46:35zeekoethat page says it's 23 dec there
13:46:37zeekoehere it's 22
13:46:44[IDC]Dragonbetter go to sleep...
13:46:58Josh_FileOk then my Windows clock is fucked
13:47:09zeekoeturn on ntp
13:47:48zeekoe1) doubleclick the clock
13:47:56zeekoe2) press internet time
13:48:01Josh_FileI update and I get a error
13:48:02zeekoe2) press update now
13:48:08zeekoehmyeah, me too :./
13:49:18Josh_FileDamn it is the 23rd
13:49:20zeekoeokay, windows time sync sux0rz
13:49:59zeekoethen you have go to work tomorrow, i guess...
13:50:04Josh_FileOh well, not going to sleep to X-mas, Made bet with friend thinking it was 24th
13:50:42Josh_FileWork, Ha I'm......oh wait <_< >_> runs away
13:51:11CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:51:11*Josh_File Runs away
13:51:20zeekoeabout the music: any music can keep you awake... if you turn up the volume
13:51:43Josh_FileCan I taser the Neighbers for complaining?
13:51:57zeekoehmm you got a point
13:52:08zeekoewhy did you run?
13:53:31Josh_Filethere was number value were those dots should be, If i say it, I'll get no respect from the other users
13:55:56Josh_FileBRB, need to get some caffine into my system
13:57:38Josh_FileOk I'm back, 3 of these mints,
13:59:29zeekoeyou speak in riddles, sir
14:00:14zeekoe1 mint = 1 cup... strong stuff :)
14:01:10 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:02:42Josh_FileListening to green day at the moment
14:02:52Josh_FileST Jimmy
14:04:47Josh_FileMy heart hurts :(
14:05:24Josh_FileNow I just threw up
14:12:39Josh_FileYou Use Opera
14:22:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:23:08Josh_File:( Nobody likes me, everyone left me, thier all out without me having fun :(
14:56:43 Quit Ka (
15:11:40NJoinKa [0] (
15:15:09zeekoehm... it seems i forgot that i was on irc
15:15:28zeekoegreenday is nice
15:17:37 Join zeekoe2 [0] (
15:18:25 Quit zeekoe (Nick collision from services.)
15:18:31Josh_FileAh, zeekoe2?
15:18:31 Nick zeekoe2 is now known as zeekoe (
15:18:40Josh_FileWhat the hell?
15:19:06zeekoewhy hell?
15:19:09zeekoewhat about it?
15:19:47Josh_FileZeekoe2, and Zeekoe, whats up with that?
15:20:06zeekoewhere's zeekoe2?
15:20:10zeekoei don't see him
15:20:22zeekoei did a whois on myself
15:20:30dwihnozeekoe: neee! u kan niet hebben
15:20:30zeekoeand then got disconnected
15:20:41dwihnohooray! een broodjeswinkel \o(
15:20:43zeekoedwihno: aah! that looks dutch
15:22:07zeekoeJosh_File: but freenode didnt know i got disconnected, so when i reloginned i had to change nick to zeekoe2, kill zeekoe, an /nick zeekoe again
15:22:19zeekoedwihno: why can't i have a bread store?
15:22:28zeekoeor shop, whatever
15:22:29dwihnoDit is een broodje, niet een fucking fruitsalade!!!
15:22:48dwihnoMak ik een klein beetje hebben?
15:23:25zeekoewhere do you get that from?
15:23:40Josh_FileDamn, Banned from 3 message boards in under 10 minites
15:24:10zeekoeor were you just spamming too much
15:24:17Josh_FileSanty.a, ouch
15:24:40dwihnozeekoe: nah, just some basic phrases I've learned
15:25:13zeekoedwihno: why do you learn dutch?
15:25:21dwihnozeekoe: it's fun :)
15:25:31dwihnoit's like mixing german with swedish
15:26:10zeekoedwihno: btw, "neee! u kan niet hebben" should be "nee! u kan _het_ niet hebben" (or replace 'het' by any noun)
15:26:20zeekoedwihno: hm... dunno swedish
15:26:39zeekoedwihno: you're from the usa?
15:29:16zeekoeJosh_File: what greenday album are you listening?
15:30:24Josh_FileAmercian Idiot
15:32:55zeekoeah, the newest... i have it somewhere lying around too
15:33:17zeekoenever felt the need to listen to it...
15:33:42Josh_FileIts quite good
15:36:51Josh_FileYay, Banned 5 Times withen 20 Minites
15:37:34*Josh_File chomps on Zeekoe's Brain, Josh_File has chomped on 21 brains
15:39:26zeekoewhy do you get banned?
15:39:31dwihnozeekoe: nah, sweden
15:39:32zeekoeis it fun?
15:39:49dwihnoit's cold
15:40:00dwihnotoday the weather brings you a massive snow storm across the country
15:40:02 Join midk [0] (
15:40:07dwihnothe polar bears are really angry :(
15:40:29Josh_FileBeing a jackass and spamming this image,
15:41:10ZagorJosh_File: don't be a jackass. we're not very fond of those here.
15:41:21zeekoedwihno: kan jag ha en skiva av bröd?
15:42:02zeekoeoh yeah, that image
15:43:25 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:47:08 Join midk [0] (
15:49:17Josh_FileI have a Voice on #curl, yay!
15:50:10Josh_FileHuh Midk?
15:50:25zeekoeaah, Josh_File, do something useful with your life!
15:51:18Josh_FileWhat made you say that zeekoe?
15:51:56Josh_FileI need a good username, can anyone think of one?
15:56:21zeekoeabout your first question: well... it seems you're only spamming forums to get banned; getting voice on curl and uh... well, you should be sleeping now :)
15:57:37Josh_FileI stopped spamming, I did it because I was very pissed at somthing
15:58:51Josh_FileAt least I didn't spam this IRC room
16:01:05 Join g1zzmo [0] (
16:04:49g1zzmohi all, I have a feature query or someone to point me in the correct direction, is there any software out there that would trick mediaplayer 10 into thinking the archos jukebox is a compatable device for Syncing? would be fantastic to be able to sync my playlists/podcasts automaticly
16:06:03Zagori have no idea what mediaplayer 10 does or wants. it seems silly to require the device to do anything special. it's just a harddisk...
16:08:11Josh_FileIs the compatible with Itunes, or Does it only work with Ipods?
16:08:50Zagorthe archos is a harddisk. it is compatible with all programs that read and writes files.
16:09:48Josh_FileCan you use it as a auctal hard-drive, as in install programs on it
16:11:53Josh_FileMy dog was once dead, But I poked it in its stomach and It woke up from its death'
16:14:06Josh_FileIf you don't get it, the dog was sleeping
16:15:24zeekoeJosh_FileAt least I didn't spam this IRC room
16:17:07zeekoehow did you get to the dog at once? or does your dog have a jhard drive?
16:17:46Josh_Fileuh, What the hell?
16:18:18*zeekoe weird too
16:18:36*Josh_File is weirder than zeekoe
16:18:46zeekoeyou just started talking about your dog out of nothing, and i was wondering why
16:20:37midk* Josh_File is weirder than zeekoe -> i don't think anyone disagrees :)
16:20:38Josh_FileIt just came to my mind.
16:21:01 Nick Josh_File is now known as zeekoe_ (
16:21:01DBUGEnqueued KICK zeekoe_
16:21:13zeekoe_HA, now Im not Josh_File!
16:21:43midkstop that, it's incredibly annoying
16:21:56zeekoe_God, I'm just proving I'm wierder than zeekoe_
16:22:00 Nick zeekoe is now known as Josh_File (
16:22:10 Nick zeekoe_ is now known as zeekoe (
16:22:10DBUGEnqueued KICK zeekoe
16:22:23 Nick Josh_File is now known as zeekoe_ (
16:22:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:22:59zeekoeUh, Zeekoe, whats you identify password?
16:23:20 Quit zeekoe (Nick collision from services.)
16:23:26 Join zeekoe [0] (
16:23:31 Quit zeekoe (Nick collision from services.)
16:23:32midkzagor: is the iRiver LCD 160x128?
16:23:34 Nick zeekoe_ is now known as zeekoe (
16:23:37 Join Josh-File [0] (
16:23:43Bagdermidk: yes
16:24:06midkthought it was a lot bigger than that
16:24:34 Nick Josh-File is now known as god (
16:24:41godYay I'm playing god!
16:27:58 Quit g1zzmo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:43:24godMooMaunder Fingered me 0_o
16:43:32godYOU FINGERED GOD!
16:47:12 Nick god is now known as Satan (
16:55:35 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
16:55:54SatanHi, Im satan Mecraw
16:59:25Zagorthat's enough. this channel is for rockbox development, not mindless chatter. pick another channel for that.
17:11:20amiconnBagder, Zagor: Did someone do a hi-res scan of the iRiver front already, like those of the Archos jukeboxes? I could need one for improving the Win32 sim...
17:11:36Zagornot me
17:14:20 Join methangas [0] (
17:14:28[IDC]Dragonphew, rockbox compiles again, with multivolume preparation and without
17:15:18[IDC]Dragonofficial penalty of passing the FAT instance pointer around:
17:15:43[IDC]Dragon448 bytes code
17:16:23[IDC]Dragonnot much, considering this is practically everywhere in fat.c
17:18:11[IDC]Dragoneach function needs to know which volume to work on, so I have to pass a struct bpb* to practically each
17:19:02SatanIf rockbox was a retail product, how much would it be worth?
17:19:43Zagor[IDC]Dragon: i agree, not much
17:19:53[IDC]Dragonplus 80 bytes penalty for using fat_bpb as a pointer within the functions, not as a struct any more
17:20:15[IDC]Dragonthat would have been to hairy to make conditional
17:20:22[IDC]Dragontoo hairy
17:21:17[IDC]DragonI haven't "wired" the file handling yet
17:24:07[IDC]Dragonas amiconn pointed out, I distinguish between volumes and drives
17:24:33SatanIf rockbox was a retail product, how much would it be worth?
17:24:47[IDC]Dragonso you can mount a volume on the same drive, or another
17:25:19Zagor[IDC]Dragon: right, but do they look different to the file system?
17:25:33ZagorSatan: who can tell? how long is a string?
17:25:50[IDC]Dragonno, only down below
17:25:55SatanA string is as long as the sting itself
17:25:58Zagor[IDC]Dragon: ok
17:27:22[IDC]Dragonit's just the 2 new parameters of the mount: resulting volume, from disk and start sector
17:28:34[IDC]Dragon(start sector was already there)
17:30:32amiconnJust a thought: multi-volume support might in fact prove very useful later, in case rockbox is ported to iRiver H3xx, and wants/needs to support USB on the go...
17:31:50 Quit zeekoe ()
17:32:27[IDC]Dragonthe way bigger part is to write the USB stack...
17:34:10CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 minute and 9 seconds at the last flood
17:34:10*Satan head exploaded from technical details
17:37:43SatanJust testing somthing
17:40:38SatanCan someone please post somthing
17:42:11Zagorwe discussed that a bit during lunch yesterday. adding usb host support will be royally painful.
17:45:01SatanCan someone tell me if this is a USB 1.1 or a 2.0 model?
17:46:04midkit says usb2 right in the title.
17:46:26ZagorSatan: ask the seller
17:46:30midkbut in the body it says it's a 15, title says it's a 20
17:46:32SatanBut all the experts tell me its usb 1.1 from the pictures
17:46:36midk20 = usb2, 15=not usb2
17:46:57SatanSellers Email,
17:46:58SatanI plugged it in my USB, and it says Hi-speed device plugged into a non-hi speed USB port " or something like that, so I assume it was USB2 like all of my other ones. I hope so....
17:46:58DBUGEnqueued KICK Satan
17:47:24midkthey alternate between calling it a 15 and a 20 even in the body, so good luck
17:47:59SatanLook just above the pictures, At the sellers note
17:48:23midkthen it's usb1.
17:48:50SatanBut theres a USB2 model of the Jukebox 15
17:49:29midki don't think so
17:49:44ZagorSatan: ask the seller
17:50:07SatanThis is what he said when I emailed him,
17:50:14SatanI plugged it in my USB, and it says Hi-speed device plugged into a non-hi speed USB port " or something like that, so I assume it was USB2 like all of my other ones. I hope so....
17:50:14***Alert Mode level 1
17:50:42midkdoes it say usb 2.0 at the bottom of the front panel of the device?..
17:50:58SatanI dont have it yet
17:51:20SatanIt should arrive very soon
17:59:55 Part Zagor
18:00:15***Alert Mode OFF
18:01:02amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I'm just programming all 26 FM stations that are available in Berlin into the Ondio, and therefore are using the Ondio keyboard quite a bit.
18:01:24amiconnI wonder the following idea will improve input speed:
18:01:33amiconn*whether the following idea...
18:02:36amiconnInstead of (or additionally to) switching to the next/previous screen when the cursor leaves at the right or left border, there could be another method.
18:03:26midkrockbox can skip to the next station (hold RIGHT or LEFT), right?
18:03:53amiconnCurrently the cursor simply wraps at the top or bottom. What if reaching the top edge also switches pages? Reaching the top edge is way faster than reaching the left or right edge
18:04:23amiconnmidk: Holding left or right starts seeking to the next receivable station
18:05:08midkso why isn't there an auto-program to scan the whole band and fill the stations with any 'usable' ones? just because nobody's done it yet?
18:05:29SatanThat would be useful
18:05:57amiconnmidk: While this might actually be useful, it will certainly not be able to assign names
18:06:36SatanWhy not just put Radio station 1, Radio Station 2, ect then
18:06:36midkjust do a for loop for it :) -> preset01, preset02..
18:08:14CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:08:14*Satan slaps midk around a bit with a large trout
18:08:55midkgood one
18:10:42SatanIf you hacked into NASA, how long would you expect in jail?
18:11:51[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I did the same with Hannover stations, but offline on the PC
18:13:10[IDC]Dragon(keyboard) only the top edge is left, bottom will take you to the edit line
18:13:26[IDC]DragonI think this would be confusing
18:13:50amiconnYes, that's why I'm asking. It's not too bad with today's fast button repeat..
18:13:55amiconnBtw: Is there a reason why tuning is only possible in 100 kHz steps? All other radios I know allow 50 kHz steps
18:17:25amiconn(Not that this is necessary unless you connect it to a cable service)
18:19:51 Join windchill [0] (
18:22:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:30:48[IDC]Dragonsaving a bit in the setting ;-)
18:31:21[IDC]Dragonit depends on where you are. In the US, it's 200 kHz steps
18:33:09 Quit windchill ("User disconnected")
18:45:45 Join Dulcise [0] (
19:06:21 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
19:06:21 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:10:21amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The invert bit does indeed cause a beep-like signal in the right channel - if there is a sufficiently loud input signal
19:11:27amiconnIt sounds very similar to your beep version though, and meanwhile I do know why.
19:12:37amiconnThe MAS is rather slow with i2c communication, and even more important, the delay varies wildly.
19:12:45 Join windchill [0] (
19:14:04amiconnI wouldn't call this a beep...
19:17:19[IDC]Dragoncall it a burp
19:17:39[IDC]Dragonhow about volume toggle?
19:17:44amiconnFrom the delays I saw, it might be possible to get a reasonably stable 100 Hz "hum"
19:18:24amiconnThe main codec volume is lowpass filtered, so it won't beep I guess. But I'm about to try adc scale instead...
19:18:48[IDC]Dragonwhich would affect recording?
19:19:20amiconnAh no, I mean "Mix DSP scale", which only affects the DAC
19:19:53amiconn(and Mix ADC scale will do the same btw.)
19:21:12[IDC]DragonOT: you've been correct about multi-volume, it's a real bitch
19:21:32amiconnWhat problems did you run into?
19:21:57[IDC]Dragonno real problems, just a ton of changes and some caveats
19:22:38[IDC]Dragon one is the FAT sector cache
19:23:04[IDC]DragonI've wired the driver and FAT layer now
19:23:35[IDC]Dragonthe actual file opening on a specific volume needs to be done
19:23:37amiconnDon't you use one cache per fat instance?
19:23:48[IDC]Dragonno, a shared cache
19:30:51[IDC]DragonI'm off
19:30:57amiconnSetting the DSP scale causes the burp in both channels
19:30:59 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
19:41:08 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:46:35*Satan breaks the silence
19:55:32 Quit windchill (Remote closed the connection)
19:55:46 Join windchill [0] (
19:55:57 Part windchill
20:05:34Sataneither nobody likes satan, or this is dead
20:05:55SatanDon't hate me for my job :(
20:09:27Dulcisehello Satan
20:09:54SatanHi, wanna sell your soul, I have good prices.
20:10:48SatanHey, Don't Lol me, I'm being serious
20:11:06SatanI have 2 jobs, Being Satan and Being God
20:11:24Dulcisewhats the pay like for that?
20:11:29SatanIn 2 Minites I'm need to play god for around 2.5 hours
20:12:04Dulcisenice, do you get to be all vengfull and smite people and stuff?
20:12:17SatanPay, for you soul, Hmm You can shove a pinnaple up hitlers ass, or have imortal life
20:12:24SatanYes, Its cool
20:12:56SatanIts really easy to come to hell
20:13:42Dulciseisn't hell located somewhere in texas though?
20:13:56SatanNope, Anarticia
20:14:02SatanWe moved 2 weeks ago
20:14:21SatanIts in the core of the eartg
20:14:33Satanright below anartica
20:14:50Dulciseisn't that tecnically right below everywhere?
20:15:08SatanNot right in the center.
20:16:10SatanWhen people die, 9 percent goto heven, 1 percent, Well they become unknown, and the other 90 comes here
20:16:15SatanBit crowded
20:16:29SatanWait Gotta Change jobs
20:16:33 Nick Satan is now known as God (
20:16:33DBUGEnqueued KICK God
20:16:51GodYay, I'm playing God!
20:16:52Dulcisewhats it like up in heaven this time of year then?
20:17:14GodMy Girlfriend fell off a cloud and died
20:17:25Dulciseso is heaven in the sky or what then?
20:17:34GodHard to explain
20:17:59GodIts *everywere* but *no-were*
20:18:29GodAngels die to
20:18:46GodJesus is going through puberty
20:19:07Dulciseyeah, whats it like being 3 people/things
20:19:33GodHe decided he didn't want to be sexist, so my only "Son" is now a woman
20:20:06GodAnd my dog died, But I poked it, and It woke from its death
20:20:31Dulcisedidn't its soul go to hell or back to heaven anyway?
20:21:00GodHey, I don't know what happens when things die in heven
20:21:24GodEveryone in hell is immortal, So thier tortures can last forever
20:21:47Dulciseman, sucks be that
20:22:14Dulciseso are you a guy or a woman then?
20:23:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:23:15GodIs it a crime for god to be transexual?
20:23:33Dulciseand when you screwed up so bad with man why didn't you just trash them rather than keep them to bug women/
20:24:09DulciseGod: wouldn't that be androginous, as transexuals gender doesn't match their physical sex?
20:24:22GodI am a transexual
20:24:26GodMale body
20:24:39GodFemale..........well yeah
20:25:11Dulcisefair enough
20:25:45Dulcisethat must be pretty easy being omnipotent though, you could just turn yourself into a woman
20:25:59GodHey, I'm not like that
20:26:08GodI can't do that
20:26:30zeseems silly to me to ascribe a gender to god... its not like god needs to reproduce sexually
20:26:48GodZe, How do you think Jesus was born.
20:27:01zesupposedly to a virgin, so...
20:27:06GodIs a stupid myth he was born from a virgin
20:27:07DulciseMary was a hooker
20:27:34ze"christianity is a religion based on one woman REALLY sticking to her story"
20:27:54GodProstotution is legal in New-Zealand
20:28:02Dulciseproof that women can convince men anything
20:28:03zeits legal in nevada too
20:28:27zeexcept los vegas i think
20:28:28zeor something
20:28:31zeer las
20:28:48GodOk, I've got a big country spinner decides what happens to day
20:29:17GodLets see, lands on, Iraq.
20:29:27GodNow the good or bad spinner
20:29:58GodSomthing good is going to happen in Iraq today
20:30:31GodSomthing good to US or somthing good for gravediggers?
20:31:36GodOk, Whos died in your familys who you would like to talk to, I have them here, you can talk to them
20:31:56Dulcisewhat if they went to hell...
20:32:17GodSatan owes me, Poker Debt.
20:33:14Dulcisearn't you guys the same person and isn't Gambling a sin :P?
20:33:52GodHey, I have Multiple Personaltiy Syndrome, and What else is there to do?
20:33:56zehey haven't you heard of quantum physics? despite einstein's protests, god does seem to play dice with the universe
20:34:22GodZe, thats Right, I bet the Universe once
20:34:40GodI won though, lucky, all you'd all be dead
20:35:07Dulciseze: doesn't that just suggest that everything is random though, rather than god nessacerly controlls it
20:35:25DulciseGod: so you get on well with the devil then?
20:35:37GodPretty well, hes not that bad
20:36:02GodHe's not so bad, just doing his job
20:36:25GodHe did kill my Cat though
20:37:04GodSo I killed his Petting Zoo of kitten-puppy hybrids
20:37:30GodDamn RSPCA
20:38:28GodBy the way, JFK wasn't killed by bullets.
20:38:53Dulciseso, what do you actually do all day, other than play poker with the devil and kill each others pets?
20:39:18GodPlay with things.
20:39:36Dulcisewhat like?
20:39:56GodAdjust the time untill you destroy yourselfs
20:40:24GodBRB, Gotta kill Satans cat
20:40:32Dulciselol, okay
20:41:26GodGuess you dont want to know how you destroy youselfs?
20:41:47Dulciseeh, why not, how do you destroy yourself then?
20:42:25GodYou Freeze the Atom
20:42:38GodStoping the universe idiots
20:43:18GodOr I can change it
20:43:25 Join Synthe [0] (
20:43:35 Part Synthe
20:43:57GodSo, Atomic, Planet Collision, Alien
20:44:03GodSuggest any others
20:44:45Dulciseinterplanatery space goat (ref: hitch hikers guide to the galaxy)
20:45:15Dulcisehow do you do the creation shit then?
20:46:18GodWell when a man loves a woman very much.................
20:46:42GodIf you can't fill in the blanks, not old enough to know
20:47:03Dulcisei meant the creation of the earth and stuff :P
20:47:47GodWell, One day me and Satan were seeing how much we could compact some bare space
20:48:08GodCompacted it to much and *Boom!!!!!* it expanded
20:48:25GodThier, the univerce
20:48:47GodHeven is in the place that the universe doesn't occupy
20:49:11GodHave you heard the phrase, The universe is always expanding?
20:49:28Dulciseits hawkings theory
20:49:45GodWell it is, In the space that it doesn't occupy, Is heven
20:49:48Godand other things
20:50:01GodWe don't know what they are
20:50:23GodHave you heard the phrase hell of earth?
20:50:46Dulciseheh, maybe a heaven for all the stuff that dies in heaven
20:51:03GodBecause hell is on earth
20:51:39Dulciseyeah, under antarcticar
20:51:58Dulciseaccording to the devil (you)
20:52:31GodDo you know whats fun, Screwing with Physics
20:53:39GodGod is trapped on a 500/256 connection
20:54:10Dulcisei'm trapped on a 300/150 connection
20:54:43GodIm supposed to be getting 2000/192
20:55:24Dulcisenice d/l speed, shite upload speed
20:55:34GodMy Recorder 15 should be coming soon
20:56:53Dulciseyeah, i'm getting a H120, so i'm probably going to donate a bit of ££ in a hope that it helps the porting get done quickly
20:57:13Dulciseuh, iRiver
20:57:18GodI got it for $130
20:57:27Dulcisenice :)
20:57:31GodWith lots of extra shit
20:57:50Dulcisewhats the normal going rate for it
20:58:05GodNormal rate for what?
20:58:24Dulcisethe Recorder 15 you are getting
20:58:54Dulcisenice :)
21:00:25Dulcisethat reminds me
21:00:39GodWhat does PFF mean?
21:00:58Dulcisei need to look up the spec of the sound chip on my pc to see if i can hook some speekers up to it
21:01:06zeGod: its the sound of an inflatable toy deflating
21:01:21zeGod: that you make when you put your sorta relaxed lips together and blow
21:01:27GodWhats the name of your soundchip?
21:01:31zesorta like making a p but then blowing
21:01:50zeso then it turns into an f
21:02:31DulciseNVIDIA NForce i think
21:02:55GodNforce, whats ta hell of soundchip, dont worry its good
21:03:34GodThe sound is called NVidia SoundStorm by the way
21:04:59GodGod Wears Glasses
21:05:14GodBut Satan has a hearing aid.
21:07:59zethere's this $400-$500 soundcard with 10 inputs and 10 outputs does 24-bit/96khz
21:08:25zeits consists of a pci card and a breakout box (which houses the actual ADC/DAC's) and a cable between them
21:08:29Dulcisei don't know shit about sound stuff :P
21:08:38zesomeone on ebay has the card-only for $99 buy-it-now
21:08:42GodZe, Thats not such a good card
21:08:54zeand someone else on ebay has the breakout-box only up for bid starting at $49.99
21:09:37zebut the pic of the breakout box is small and the connector for it to hook to the card looks like a db-9 in the pic, with some blue around it, while the box is supposed to have a db25 connector
21:09:44GodYour talking about the Audigy 2 ZS Platnim Pro
21:09:58zeno, i'm talking about the m-audio delta 1010
21:10:05GodOh, that
21:10:47zei asked the seller of the breakout box for bigger pics and whats the deal with the db9 connector and such
21:10:50zeand they just said "I know nothing about these items.I know that it works but I don't know how."
21:11:29GodThe EMU 1212M Beats the Shit out of that one
21:12:28GodAnd the EMU 1820M *Drools*
21:12:52GodTrust me
21:13:37GodIm god afterall
21:14:58GodDulcise, Change your name to Winniethepoo right now!
21:15:30GodOops WinnieThePooh not Winniethepoo
21:15:39GodCause I'm god, and I said so.
21:16:05Dulciselol, i can't prove your existence so i deny it.
21:16:24Dulciseif you don't exist you didn't just say that
21:16:39Dulcisethat and i don't want too:P
21:17:43zedamn that card taes 2 slots, all the connectors are on the card, its only got 2 analog inputs?
21:17:51GodWhat one?
21:17:56zethe emu 1212m
21:18:05GodThe audio quality makes up for it
21:18:21zemakes up for a lack of analog inputs?
21:18:55zeand what am i gonna do if i need 8 analog inputs?
21:19:13zeand what about all the interference in the pc
21:19:33GodTrust me
21:19:43zeis it even supported by alsa?
21:20:00zeadvanced linux sound architecture
21:20:39GodAll I know is it sounds godly in my sound system'
21:21:18zeyou do recording?
21:21:40GodIts professional aimed
21:21:42zegot any mp3s?
21:23:41GodBRB, gotta goto shop
21:24:12Godback in around 15 min\
21:25:12Dulcisefoo. anyone know where i can find out stuff about hooking up speakers to a computer?
21:25:29Dulcisenot like pc speakers, regular ones
21:25:51Godneed a converter
21:26:02Godadaptor, not converter
21:26:24Dulcisethingy to small jack
21:27:21Dulcisei know that, but if the resistance is different between the speakers and the amp it can b0rk them or so i hear
21:27:25Dulciseor something like thast
21:28:29zei think the only problem you might have is that the output isn't enough to drive the speakers without an amp
21:29:17 Join Leety-Aravil [0] (
21:29:18 Part Leety-Aravil
21:29:43Dulcisei'm fairly sure it will be
21:30:06Dulcisei was just wondering if they was somewhere i could find stuff out about it
21:30:20Dulcisemaybe a sound system website or something
21:30:32zehmm there was a good page i saw on audio input and output impedances
21:36:06Dulciseah, found some stuff out about it
21:36:34Dulcisei'll have to pop into town to sort out a converter or something if this works out...
21:37:50zei used to use a 1/8" stereo plug that split into 2 RCA-style plugs which i then hooked into a normal stereo input
21:37:58zethe stereo acted as an amp and output to the normal speakers
21:39:13Dulcisei figure i won't have to do that if the wattage and impedance is similar..
21:39:52Dulcisebut i need to look more stuff up first
21:39:59Dulcisei don't want to break something
21:40:02zewell from what i've seen on impedance
21:40:33zeyou basically want a low impedance signal going into a high impedance input for maximum voltage transfer
21:40:53zebut thats talking about like mic-level signals going into transistor-based amps
21:41:34zeas it is, i just plug headphones directly into the output of my soundcard
21:41:41zei don't even have speakers on my computer
21:41:57Godgod is back
21:41:58zeand these headphones are only 60 ohm
21:42:25zebut they can get louder than i want them to be, if i turn the volume up
21:42:39Dulcisenice :)
21:43:01GodGord Will BRB after going to urinate
21:43:33zeuh oh a Gordly bladder
21:44:17Dulciseuh, its raining again...
21:44:21GodHeh, Gord
21:44:37GodNo I really did Laugh out loud
21:46:45GodAll water has had a average of 40 people urinate in it
21:46:54DulciseGod: do you know where i can find stuff out like impedance and wattage and shit about the nVIDIA NForce MCP2?
21:47:25Dulciseurine has mild antibiotical properties
21:50:35GodGods shitty chair just broke, and he hurt his arse and his head on it
21:51:07Dulcisehow did you hurt your head on it?
21:51:46GodWas leaning, Fell, You doo the math
22:01:07 Join pfavr [0] (
22:01:30GodI, god order you, pfavr, to kill everyone
22:06:38GodI, god order you, Dulcise, to kill everyone
22:08:16GodI order everyone to kill everyone
22:08:21 Nick God is now known as Satan (
22:08:21DBUGEnqueued KICK Satan
22:09:48Dulcisei have some spare old speakers, how much of a bad idea would it just to rig the wire to these speakers?
22:10:09Dulciselike old pc speakers
22:16:59Dulcisei might try it...
22:21:52Dulcisedo speakers have any electronic bits inside them or are they just the speakers?
22:22:50zea coil... maybe some resistors?
22:23:01zeor not i dunno
22:23:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:23:17SatanYes they do
22:23:26SatanI make speakers
22:23:58 Join Zagor [0] (
22:24:20Dulcisesorry, i'll stop pestering you guys and google some stuff:P
22:24:59 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.3/20041007]")
22:26:47 Join Quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
22:27:25Dulcisehey Quelsaruk
22:27:36Quelsarukhi Dulcise
22:29:27 Join |Quelsar| [0] (~kvirc@
22:29:28 Quit Quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:29:33 Nick |Quelsar| is now known as Quelsaruk (~kvirc@
22:30:02Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
22:30:12Bagderhi ho
22:30:52Quelsaruki hope that operator mode is not because of me :D
22:31:17Mode"#rockbox +b *!*@* " by Zagor (
22:31:17Kick(#rockbox Satan :Zagor) by Zagor!
22:31:32Mode"#rockbox +o logbot " by Zagor (
22:31:47Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
22:32:40Quelsarukzagor, isn't more convenient a *!* ban? maybe you are baning a lot of people with that ban (just an opinion)
22:33:37Zagorhe is a stubborn guy. this avoids him getting a new dynamic ip from his isp.
22:33:54Quelsarukthats correct :)
22:34:29gromit`hopefully he isn't god... god certainly can have whatever ip he wants
22:34:49Zagorlogbot is the all-seeing god
22:37:51 Join webguest72 [0] (
22:38:50webguest72Uh, what does, *** webguest72 Quelsaruk Zagor Stryke` mecraw_ Dulcise methangas midk Ka Bagder MooMaunder |XO| ehdeixtezet amiconn Hadaka webmind thegeek izzy hile gromit` JJ-Demon silencer_ dwihno ze ricII mbr @logbot mean?
22:39:13Quelsarukuser list
22:39:21Quelsarukthat is a user list
22:39:23 Quit webguest72 (Client Quit)
22:39:35 Join Josh_file [0] (
22:40:00Josh_fileHow long do bans last?
22:40:14Quelsarukfor ever
22:40:26Quelsarukor until Zagor unbans a person
22:41:02Josh_fileOh, Cause I was a real asshole before, Now I'm using the Web Client
22:41:23Bagderwe know
22:41:35Quelsarukweb clients can be also banned
22:41:36CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 51 minutes at the last flood
22:41:36*thegeek sets mode +b Josh_file
22:42:03Josh_fileOh.... :(
22:42:07 Quit Josh_file (Client Quit)
22:42:10 Join Josh_file [0] (
22:42:20Josh_fileWhat does B mean?
22:43:40Josh_fileDon't suppose a promise not to do it again will get me unbanned
22:43:49Zagornot within the week, no
22:47:27Josh_fileWho runs the Website?
22:47:37Bagdertake a guess
22:48:24Josh_fileBadger, Zagor and LinisN?
22:50:32BagderBagder, Zagor and LinusN is the correct answer ;-O
22:53:05zeJosh_file: what'd you do to get banned?
22:53:55Zagordisobey op request to stop spewing nonsense chat in this developer channel
22:58:34Josh_fileIs USPS very good on international shipments?
22:59:43Josh_fileAs in, What time do they usally get it there?
23:02:20QuelsarukBagder: any improvement or advance in changing GUI? i remember you had an idea to change some key functions and QuickScreens last year
23:03:33Bagderno major such work in progress, no
23:06:39***SIGHUP received, attempting to reload configuration.
23:06:50 Quit methangas (" The IRC Client of the Gods! -> <- HydraIRC")
23:07:28***SPY: Authentication failed for Zagor
23:08:10Quelsarukhey Bagder, i just saw iRiver can act as a USB host... is that true?
23:08:20Bagderyes, the h3xx ones I believe
23:08:38Quelsarukthat's amazing then
23:09:20Zagorit will take a LOT of work adding that to rockbox though
23:09:27Quelsaruki suppose
23:10:08***SPY: Authentication failed for Zagor
23:10:15***SPY: Authentication failed for Zagor
23:10:22***SPY: Authentication failed for Zagor
23:10:25Josh_fileWhen you plan on abandoning Archos players completly
23:10:49Zagorwe don't
23:11:19Zagorwe'll just add support for new players, not remove for old
23:12:29Josh_fileSo, With each update, the same things that have been added to the Iriver, will be added to the Archos aswell?
23:12:55Bagderthings are added to Rockbox
23:12:55Zagoronly those that are possible within the hardware limitations
23:13:04Bagderrockbox works on many players
23:13:19Bagderthey're not added several times
23:14:05Josh_fileWhy did you choose to move to the iriver instead of a diffrent player?
23:16:08Bagderwe looked a long time for a suitable new target
23:16:18BagderiRiver met our requirements
23:17:12Josh_fileWhat would you of choose if the iRiver didn't exist
23:17:26Dulcisein what way, was it due to the poor review the firmware gets?
23:17:50ZagorDulcise: no. mostly due to good and well-documented hardware
23:17:50Bagderit has many users, it is usb-storage, it uses a well-known CPU, etc etc
23:18:19Bagderand it has a good size and a cool remote
23:18:33Josh_fileAll good qualitys
23:19:23Dulciseaah, i'm getting a H120 soon and the bad thing about it apparently was the firmware. hence my intrest in the rockbox project
23:19:24Josh_fileMy next MP3 player will be a iriver then
23:21:52Dulciseyou guys got a personal favourite mp3 player?
23:22:43BagderI'd say Rockbox on Archos v1
23:22:48Josh_fileFavourite would be the Iriver 340
23:22:54Zagorjbr v1 is still the best one that runs rockbox
23:22:58Josh_fileBut due to costs...................
23:23:12Josh_fileI have a JBR V1 yay!
23:24:10Dulcisecool :)
23:24:42Josh_fileWell don't '"Have" it, but I have it soon
23:25:02Josh_fileStupid x-mas shipping with USPS
23:27:41Josh_fileShould arrive, Today, Tomorrow, Or 2 days after X-mas =/
23:27:54Josh_fileIts a X-Mas present =/
23:32:01QuelsarukBagder: recorder V1 or player 5000?
23:32:31Bagderthat's left for the reader to guess! ;-)
23:33:49Josh_fileI've got a spare mouse, What should I do with it?
23:34:26Dulcisekeep it, mice break over time, its nice to have a backup while your normal one is unusable
23:35:18Josh_fileMy cats chewing its tail while sleeping
23:53:07JJ-Demondevelop for the archos gmini 400 instead :D its way better then H3xx
23:53:08 Quit ehdeixtezet (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:54:02Bagderyou do that and we'll help you
23:56:36gromit`btw badger
23:56:43gromit`about the gmini 1xx and 2xx
23:56:45Dulciseactually, i wish i could code so i could help with the project, but i'm learning so maybe eventually
23:57:02gromit`we were thinking about a rockbox port ...
23:57:12Zagorgromit`: sounds excellent
23:57:31gromit`okay :)
23:58:22Zagorthe more the merrier :)
23:58:37gromit`we wanted to talk you about it :)

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