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#rockbox log for 2004-12-24

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00:01:18PnkyChknok, I'm gonna order the IDE adapter, add all of this stuff to favorites, and will probably be back once it gets here.
00:01:26PnkyChknUntil then, merry christmas and thanks again for all the help
00:01:45 Part PnkyChkn
00:01:47Dulcisemerry christmas :)
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00:08:27Josh_fileAnyone else byt me using the Web Client?
00:10:25Dulcisei think so..
00:10:45Josh_fileSeems for me, the messages only update when I post one.
00:11:43Josh_fileIts Christmas Eve here.
00:11:57Josh_fileOnly 12 more hours to go.
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03:08:16ZiRo`5i'm not a noob, i found my way here. My iRiver is on the way, what is rockbox, the website is a bit hazy
03:08:26DMJCit's a firmware
03:08:35DMJCalternative software for the iriver
03:08:48DMJCinstead of running the software it currently has you upgrade to rockbox
03:08:53DMJCit'll add features
03:09:46ZiRo`5i gathered that much, why should i use it over the current firmware?
03:10:13DMJCyou shouldn't yet
03:10:25DMJCwhen it's finished it'll support more formats than the current formware
03:10:41DMJCso you don't just get .ogg .mp3 .wav .asf and .wmv
03:10:56DMJCyou'll also get .flac .mod and more
03:11:18ZiRo`5fair enough
03:11:21DMJCalso on the fly playlist creation..
03:11:35ZiRo`5this cant be glaringly simple stuff to code
03:11:57ZiRo`5codec sounds slightly simpler than the playlist creation
03:12:10DMJCactually you'd be surprised..
03:12:23ZiRo`5i probably would
03:12:35DMJCI've seen commandline apps for linux with OTF playlists
03:12:46DMJCwe're talking a 50-128KB program
03:13:07ZiRo`5i understand
03:13:24ZiRo`5im not a complete noob, i have some programming experiance, little with HDD players though
03:15:24ZiRo`5i have a feeling i'm going to manage to fuck mine up within a week lol
03:16:18DMJCthat's why I leave the programming to the guys who know
03:16:31ZiRo`5even without trying to program it, i'll manage it
03:16:37ZiRo`5i'll format it or somthing dumb
03:16:39DMJCjust wish we could use a better filesystem than fat
03:16:47ZiRo`5me too
03:16:50ZiRo`5thats my concern
03:17:06ZiRo`5i doubt i'll end up using > 4gb files though
03:17:18ZiRo`5if im ripping games they'll probably be smaller files than 4gb
03:17:23ZiRo`5multipart rar or somthing
03:17:33DMJCI'd like a reiserfs module
03:17:40DMJCproblem is windows can't read it
03:17:56gromit`who cares :)
03:18:02ZiRo`5if im ntfs on windows xp
03:18:11ZiRo`5can i just copy files over to the fat32 hdd?
03:18:32DMJCwelll... when you have a 40gb player
03:18:35DMJCand 20gb is used
03:18:39DMJCyou kind of do care...
03:18:47DMJCit makes it so nice for pirating stuff..
03:18:58DMJCanime goes on player, anime comes off player..
03:19:10gromit`bad piracing windows
03:19:34ZiRo`5can i do it like i mentioned?
03:19:47ZiRo`5im not fussed about max file size
03:19:50DMJCpirating windows?
03:19:54DMJCI don't even use windows
03:20:01gromit`ha !
03:20:08ZiRo`5e.g copy files iriver<>computer
03:20:22gromit`so no problem for the reiserfs module :)
03:20:26ZiRo`5fat32 <-> ntfs
03:20:28gromit`linux will read it
03:21:12ZiRo`5i ohpe that was yes to me
03:22:49ZiRo`5my system is ntfs
03:23:00ZiRo`5i can copy fine to fat32 right?
03:23:03gromit`windows can read both ntfs and fat
03:23:10ZiRo`5oki oki thanks]
03:23:16gromit`but it isn't aware of other partitions
03:24:23ZiRo`5the zen is a great player
03:24:33ZiRo`5it just lacks external hdd capabilities
03:24:35ZiRo`5which is what i need
03:24:55ZiRo`5my mates and i are right warez junkies so i need that feature
03:25:02ZiRo`5that and porn
03:26:47gromit`buy this
03:26:53gromit`you can connect it with rockbox
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03:31:08DMJCgenital drive?
03:31:25gromit`the FAQ is quite explicit
03:31:26DMJCthat's funny..
03:31:47DMJCshame you don't get that balls slapping on your ass effect j/k
03:32:38gromit`need a hack
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04:44:11ze"Get ready for an exciting journy into the world of breathing!"
04:45:36midk... you spelled journey wrong.
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06:11:10zewow the fu-fme site is up again? i thought that went down years ago
06:11:44zeit was before your time
06:11:53zei.e. it's in the scrollback from before you joined
06:12:06zebesides you're probably too young to look at it anyway
06:14:22midkfine, ZE
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06:18:07midkhey, it's not for xp :\
06:19:42 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
06:21:07zegrr wtf
06:21:16zethis mp3 has invalid headers
06:21:25zei do mp3check −−fix-headers and it tells me about them
06:21:26zebut leaves them
06:22:15midkuse your "assfuck(bitch, dick)" code.
06:22:33zethats just for mixing wav files together
06:22:35zewon't help mp3 headers
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06:24:27midki want to see the code again.
06:24:30midkdcc pls.
06:28:04zebut damnit this is an xmas present and i can't get this mp3 to decode properly so i can burn it
06:28:16midkthx ze
06:29:47zeoh wait, i guess it fixed it enough to decode it
06:30:14zesucks its got errors though
06:31:12zehmm damn like almost every track's had some errors, now that i look at it
06:31:26zeif nothing else they've all got one at the end
06:32:10zeMPEG 1.0 layer III, 192 kbit/s, 44100 Hz stereo
06:32:10zeIllegal Audio-MPEG-Header 0x4c595249 at offset 0x831178.
06:32:10zeFound old ID3 Header
06:32:14zethats odd
06:32:19zeold ID3 "Header"
06:32:25zeheh its more of a footer isn't it?
06:32:34midkuhm.. suure :)
06:33:41zethis file just decoded properly a minute ago
06:33:44zeand now it doesn't again
06:34:38midki think you mean "$#!+"
06:35:31zeits the last track
06:35:35zeso i decode it first and it works
06:35:42zebut if i decode the other tracks before it, it doesn't work
06:35:45zewtfs up with that
06:37:48 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
06:40:09zeer uh hmm wtf
06:40:25zehow'd 820mb fill up 1.2G
06:44:28midklast minute xmas present's dont work out well?
06:45:10zefor some reason my space is getting hogged by something
06:46:02*ze burns disc1
06:46:19zesee my cousin mentioned that pink floyd's pretty cool from what he's heard of theirs
06:46:26zebut that he's never owned a pink floyd cd or anything
06:46:36zeso i'm burning him dark side of the moon and echoes
06:46:37midkso uh.. you like... stole it off the net and burned it.. ;)
06:46:52zeactually i coped dark side of the moon straight off my parents' cd
06:47:00zeand i had echoes already downloaded for a long time
06:47:15zeand actually its his birthday present
06:47:21zei downloaded him 3 ICP albums for xmas
06:47:30zecause thats what he asked for
06:48:04midki want 4 icp albums for xmas :\
06:48:17zehis birthday's on xmas btw
06:48:25zeoh yeah? which 4?
06:48:51midkuh.. the one with the tilt o whirl..
06:48:54midkand that's all i ever heard of.
06:48:56midkany 4. :)
06:49:04zewhich ones that?
06:49:10midki don't know
06:49:17midkthe one with the slim shady parody? :)
06:49:59zethere's one with a slim shady parody?
06:50:15zewell gotta poo and other stuff, bbl
06:50:19midki downloaded that when i was like 6..
06:50:20midkso probably
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07:02:43zethat was, what, 3 years ago?
07:13:36 Quit midk ("*poof*")
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09:14:54[IDC]Dragonhi there, on the x-mas finishing line
09:15:08amiconnhi :)
09:15:40[IDC]Dragonlast chatbefore
09:16:01 Join amiconn_ [0] (
09:16:15[IDC]DragonJens, you can pack ROMbox into your player image now
09:16:23 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
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09:16:32amiconnYes, saw that.
09:16:54amiconnDid you test?
09:16:57[IDC]Dragonmade especially for you ;-)
09:17:01[IDC]Dragonthe beep?
09:17:22[IDC]Dragonsorry, no box time yet
09:17:32amiconnBoth the image packing and the beep
09:17:44[IDC]Dragonimage packing is tested
09:18:32[IDC]Dragon(of course)
09:24:02amiconnThe reboot-instead-of-shutdown problem got even more mysterious :-/
09:25:11amiconnI received another mail, where he reports that he just upgraded to the 04-12-23 daily, and the problem is gone.
09:26:06amiconnNow he believes that I changed something that made it go away - but this clearly is not the case.
09:26:45[IDC]Dragonand the Odio problem of trevmar is also strange :-/
09:27:30[IDC]DragonI like your beep
09:27:31amiconnA somewhat incompatible card, I'd say. I wonder how all those people force SD cards into the Ondio, when it claims to support MMCs only
09:29:00 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:29:42[IDC]Dragonwe could beep while recording, right?
09:30:06[IDC]Dragonwith the inteerupt working while 100% CPU load
09:30:23[IDC]Dragonso I'll swap the order and make the beep longer
09:32:46[IDC]Dragonand perhaps remove the frequency parameter
09:34:03amiconnThe frequency doesn't make much sense with the mas beep. It might be useful later, on iRiver
09:34:22amiconnYou can remove it anyway, can always be reintroduced later
09:42:52[IDC]Dragonok, committed
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10:09:19amiconnGotta go.
10:09:28amiconnMerry x-mas to all rockboxers!
10:09:53 Part amiconn
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10:25:11*[IDC]Dragon too, baking cookies, etc.
10:25:22[IDC]DragonMerry Christmas!
10:25:26 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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12:00:47dwihnonoticed the 2.4 release... there is no news item about it :)
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16:59:57Gogo_can someone help me with creating a playlist on my computer
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