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#rockbox log for 2004-12-25

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04:25:19ZiRo`5does the iriver show the \n character correctly?
04:26:08ZiRo`5i have a text document that has lots of characters that are [] box's which make it a new line if you 'view' the file
04:26:16ZiRo`5will iriver read them correctly?
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09:43:25amiconnhi all
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09:45:19amiconnChristi-S: There is one more change between rockbox 2.3 and 2.4, that is not mentioned in the release notes, because it is not yet tested much - flashing support for the players
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13:44:50Digital007Merry Christmas all!
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14:58:40ZiRo`5is there a limit to the amount of characters in the iriver text reader?
14:59:20dwihnodunno... checked the manual?
14:59:44ZiRo`5yeah but someone mentioned it only displayed about 100 lines or so
14:59:47ZiRo`5the manual says 200kb
14:59:51ZiRo`5which is more than 100
15:01:24dwihnoah, ok
15:07:20ZiRo`5do you have an iriver dwihno?
15:07:32ZiRo`5because you could test it if i sent you a 200kb text fie?
15:10:04dwihnonot yet
15:10:14dwihnogot a recorder20
15:21:47ZiRo`5mine should come on wednesday
15:21:51ZiRo`5damn bank holidays
15:25:05dwihnoholidays rule :)
15:25:17dwihnotoo bad it's practically impossible to find an open pizza place today
15:26:13dwihnoI've grown tired of the swedish christmas food :(
15:47:11ZiRo`5whoever has an iriver please speak up
15:48:36crash_i got one
15:48:52crash_but u dont really have to send an 200kb text file
15:49:03crash_i think this wont be a problem
15:49:15crash_brb testing on my h320
15:55:17ZiRo`5thanks a bunch crash
16:00:55crash_np ZiRo`5
16:01:07crash_ok first test: 216 kb txt file
16:01:16crash_you can read it without a problem
16:01:30crash_just testing if you can read it to the end
16:02:14crash_btw you can scroll by line and page
16:02:35crash_would you like to see a screenshot of a simpsons episode on the h320 ?
16:03:29dwihnowooo :)
16:04:22crash_can give you the command line for mencoder to recode some avi so it is displayable on the h320
16:04:54dwihnowhy not
16:08:45ZiRo`5crash_: does it read to the end?
16:09:17crash_you cant imagine how long it takes to go through 200kb text if you hgave to scroll by page ;)
16:09:21crash_but yes it does
16:09:26ZiRo`5lol ok thanks alot
16:09:42ZiRo`5i'm going to assume it works the same on the 1xx series
16:09:55crash_btw is there any progress to expect in near future for rockbox on hxxx ?
16:10:14crash_i can tell if a friend of mine comes today
16:10:18crash_he got a 120
16:10:24ZiRo`5crash can you do me another favour
16:10:39ZiRo`5try that text file
16:10:53ZiRo`5tell me if the iriver makes new lines where the encoded character is
16:11:12ZiRo`5open it in notepad and you will see what i mean
16:11:49crash_sry dont have notepad while being under linux ;)
16:12:07ZiRo`5linux will display it properly
16:12:31crash_but i see what you mean
16:12:39ZiRo`5ok thanks
16:12:41crash_nedit seems not to handle it correctly
16:13:48ZiRo`5so thats a negative?
16:14:12ZiRo`5doesnt display the characters correctly?
16:14:14crash_i'm just testing how the irirver handles it
16:14:19ZiRo`5ok thanks
16:14:39ZiRo`5im going to code an address book exe for windows
16:14:50ZiRo`5using text files
16:15:06ZiRo`5im just finding the limitations
16:15:51crash_so the clancy file looks ok on the iriver, cant see problems
16:16:42ZiRo`5ok, does it have new lines or is it all bunched?
16:17:04crash_ZiRo`5: i think i have a bad news for you
16:17:27crash_just pressed navi and got an dialog to jump to a specific kbyte in the text file
16:17:46ZiRo`5yer thats because the file is too big
16:17:46crash_in the clancy file i cant go to the end cause it is limited to 240 kbyte
16:18:06ZiRo`5i just wanted to see if the lines worked
16:18:11ZiRo`5does it have blank lines or not?
16:18:49ZiRo`5Rainbow Six
16:18:50ZiRo`5Tom Clancy
16:18:52crash_it has blank lines at the end of each paragraph, eg after "how peaceful the new world was"
16:19:18crash_after Prologue there is a blank line too
16:19:30ZiRo`5yup yup thanks alot
16:19:34crash_np :)
16:19:51ZiRo`5now i just have to learn myself some more vbnet again lol
16:20:33crash_reading the mailing list for about 3 years, i just yesterday recognized there is a channel on freenode, while being on freenode for a while ;)
16:21:04ZiRo`5irc rocks :)
16:22:39crash_its not my favorite chatting "engine", but it oks ;)
16:22:55crash_i'm using icq the most
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16:24:26ZiRo`5icq uses up too much ram lol
16:24:34ZiRo`5and makes noises
16:24:38ZiRo`5and has adverts
16:24:41ZiRo`5and is all bleh
16:24:53crash_oh come on, dont u use a free client ;)
16:25:08ZiRo`5yeah, i use SIM from sourceforge
16:25:11ZiRo`5its not without bugs
16:25:32crash_if you are in windows i would recommend miranda
16:25:45ZiRo`5i'll take a look later, thanks
16:26:06crash_in linux i use gaim, cause i dont like sim with its qt interface
16:27:42ZiRo`5oh well
16:27:52ZiRo`5i want to get my linux box up and running but im 1 powersupply down
16:28:45crash_have win an linux/gentoo parallel running
16:29:01crash_dont use win anymore only for games;)
16:29:58crash_btw you know of any mp3 archive you can use online?
16:30:14crash_i want ot have my collection viewable in a browser
16:31:41ZiRo`5haha you browse ot?
16:31:55ZiRo`5i believe winamp can generate a playlist
16:31:59ZiRo`5html format
16:42:31ZiRo`5as in
16:42:34ZiRo`5DIAF, GTFO
16:42:43ZiRo`511ty billion
16:52:38crash_no i dont want to generate a playlist in winamp
16:53:02crash_i have one script which scans my mp3s and puts them in a mysql db on my server
16:53:17ZiRo`5could write one in php i suppose
16:53:19crash_but the output is not what i would like it to be
16:53:33ZiRo`5crash_, do you mean offtopic?
16:53:45crash_yeah i could also write one in php, but i did it for a movie db
16:53:49crash_ot = to ;)
16:53:53ZiRo`5oh :(
16:54:33crash_and i dont want to do it again, cause the moviedb was hard work, and it think there must something be out there which with some modificatiosn can do the trick
16:54:55crash_maybe i'm wrong, but i will search ;)
16:56:30ZiRo`5crash_: how many characters accross does it display
16:56:33ZiRo`5and how many lines?
16:59:05crash_my cat wants attention ;)
17:00:48crash_26 charcters per line
17:01:06crash_10 lines
17:02:30crash_but i think this can easily be changed have a look at
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17:04:38ZiRo`5i have to make two modes then
17:04:48ZiRo`5h1xx versoopn
17:04:50 Nick Dulcise|sleep is now known as Dulcise (
17:04:54ZiRo`5h3xx version
17:10:53 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
17:33:52ZiRo`5what do you need in an address book
17:34:15ZiRo`5name, address1, address2, state/county, zip/postal,telephone1, telephone 2
17:39:37crash_i have 1.25 running
17:39:47crash_but i dont think this differs bewteen the versions
17:40:16crash_when u look at the url above you can see there are skins, which maybe have smaller or larger fonts
17:40:22crash_1.25 iriver h3xx firmware
17:40:30crash_not rockbox or archos firmware ;)
17:40:57crash_hopefully rockbox will be ported asap to the iriver, cant wait :)
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18:28:03ZiRo`5htf do you rip cd's with winamp?
18:32:34ZiRo`5found it
18:54:13quelsarukZiRo`5: i use EAC, that's a good freeware soft
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20:04:28ZiRo`5EAC wouldnt work
20:04:36ZiRo`5wouldnt recognise my cd drive
20:04:39ZiRo`5so i used winamp
20:05:13quelsarukit's a pity
20:05:28quelsaruky use EAC with Lame, and works perfectly
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23:21:43quelsarukhej Bagder
23:22:16Bagderand merry christmas!
23:22:42quelsarukbtw, the news from the website is outofdate, but i didn't know if i could change it or not.. and feared Zagor's wraith :P
23:22:48quelsarukmerry christmas
23:48:09dwihnoGod fortsättning, bag\o/
23:48:29*Bagder waves
23:54:56 Quit Dulcise ("relatives :(")

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