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#rockbox log for 2004-12-26

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00:30:20webguest52hi there
00:32:42webguest52i know im more disturbing than helping, but i just want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. i really appreciate what you guys are doing.youre great!
00:34:40webguest52i thing without saying this i wouldnt be able to sleep well. an i gonna find out how to make a donation. I swear!!!!
00:34:56quelsarukmerry christmas to you webguest52
00:37:23webguest52so i wont waste your time anymore. keep on doing guys.cya and great success. i now my english suxx
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00:43:10affenkotzehow far are you guys in percentage?
00:43:41Bagderhow far towards the moon?
00:43:52Bagderor how far we have left to the new year? ;-)
00:43:57affenkotzehow far towards a public release
00:44:18Bagderwe have had public releases since 2002
00:44:23quelsarukfor which mp3 player?
00:44:30BagderI suspect you speak of iRiver
00:44:32affenkotzeok. i gonna define
00:44:40affenkotzewait a second
00:44:46quelsarukBagder, the wizard :D
00:45:15affenkotzehow far are you guys towards a public release for the iriver 120 /140 ?
00:45:36Bagderno idea
00:45:51Bagderat least a few months
00:45:59Bagderat best
00:46:35Bagderhopefully we get a bootloader in january
00:47:09affenkotzehow much have you already done ?(in percentage) i know my question suck. i have no idea what you guys are doing in detail, so i try to get a littlle owerview
00:47:26Bagderpercentage doesn't say anything
00:47:35Bagderas we can't measure and we have no goal
00:47:46Bagderwe are on the way
00:48:30affenkotzeso you guys are somewere in nowere. god, im sorry for my english
00:48:47Bagderno, we're not in "nowhere"
00:48:51Bagderwe are on the way
00:48:54Bagderwe have lots of code
00:48:57Bagderwe know lots of stuff
00:49:00Bagderwe are progressing
00:49:08affenkotzesounds good
00:49:10Bagderwe have done X
00:49:12Bagderwe have Y left
00:50:32Bagderonce the bootloader is done, we'll get speedier development
00:50:47affenkotzeim just so curious because my 120 is full and i have to think about a new hd player. without knowing this project is alive i woud never buy an iriver again
00:51:47Bagderafaik there's no mp3 player being made that comes with a *good* firmware
00:51:53quelsarukwhy don't you think about upgrading the hd instead of changing player?
00:52:06Bagderquelsaruk: because a bigger hd is thicker in the 1.8" world
00:52:16Bagderso it doesn't fit
00:52:27quelsarukwell.. i would use a hammer then
00:53:07affenkotzeor some tape
00:54:24affenkotzethanks a lot guys, merry christmas and a happy new year. i have to go and play some pes now. bye
00:55:01quelsarukmerry christmas
00:55:12quelsaruki think i'm going to sleep a bit too
00:55:32affenkotzeso i wish you nice dreams
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00:57:06quelsarukgood night!
00:57:10quelsarukcu Bagder
00:57:13Bagdernight quelsaruk
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00:59:19ZiRo`5damn drop
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14:21:31quelsarukcu l8r
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