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#rockbox log for 2004-12-27

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08:23:02scancatis this the gay medievel furry channel?
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09:26:27quelsarukgood morning
09:26:50midkhey quel
09:27:00midk("kel" ? :p)
09:27:30midkreboot, brb.
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09:35:00quelsaruk"kel"... i suppose "quel" sounds like that in english
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17:01:34[IDC]Dragonhi, too
17:01:51TangHello IDC-Dragon
17:02:12Tangi have something to ask
17:02:47Tangi would like to see a mailist
17:02:55Tangfor the iRiverport
17:03:09Tangspecially when the bootloader will be released
17:03:31[IDC]Dragonthere's an iriver forum
17:03:53Tanghum the iribver part of the Rockbox board
17:03:59Tangok i see
17:03:59[IDC]Dragonthe m/l is rockbox development in general
17:04:10Tangok i see
17:04:30Tangjust asking cause i 'll lost my personal connection
17:04:33[IDC]Dragonand you could say it's obsolete since we have the forums, but I'm not going that far
17:05:04Tangokay not wrong in fact
17:05:57Tangmy request was just biased on my own wishes due to my new connexion conditions
17:06:36TangI like the IRC channel but i suspect i won't be able to use it from my school
17:08:51Tangnot a matter
17:08:58Tangthanks for the answer
17:09:29TangHappy new year to you IDC
17:10:51[IDC]Dragonnot yet ;-)
17:12:30TangYes not yet
17:12:53Tangbut i'm not sure i will conenct on IRC later
17:13:14Tangsince i'll go to Paris wedneday
17:14:57Tang(and some little things to do at before ;) )
17:15:49Tanghum shit this website really exist
17:18:10Tanghum and about the actual mailinglist
17:18:16Tangthis one:
17:18:54Tangis it the same news as the news on the home page?
17:20:02[IDC]Dragonno, I don't think so
17:20:06Tang(this appears to fit to my conveniences)
17:20:15TangAh no
17:20:19Tangtoo bad
17:20:42[IDC]Dragonyou can "poll" the iriver wiki page from time to time
17:20:51Tangrockbox-news would be better for me you think?
17:20:57[IDC]Dragonit gets updated with progress
17:21:11Tangokay indeed seems to be best solution
17:21:49Tangyou're right
17:22:33Tangmaybe i wanted to fill my 250 MB yahoo mail
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17:25:04Tangokay thanks for everything
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18:04:34[IDC]Dragonbye, too
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18:40:10jypDo you use gcc extensions in rockbox ?
18:40:58jypOr,put in another way, do you rely on compiling with gcc
18:46:50amiconnYes I think so
18:48:16amiconnThe first thing that comes to mind is "assembler instructions with C expression operands". This is definitely used.
18:51:29jypYou know I'm planning to do the gmini port...
18:51:40jypAnd I'm facing a dillemma...
18:52:09jypUse the calmshine complier (for windows; a port of lcc)
18:52:38jypor use gcc... A port of 2.97... Probably the crappiest gcc version to have ever seen the light.
18:53:33jyp(ICE on rockbox sources!)
18:55:23amiconnMaybe you don't need the asm extensions, as the asm parts are platfrom dependent by nature. Furthermore, I'd expect further problems with such an old GCC versions. Rockbox uses GCC 3.3.x nowadays, and started (?) with GCC 3.0.4
18:56:16jypI'd have already gone with the calmshine thing if it hadn't problems of its own...
18:56:40jypie. predefines alot of functions (sprintf, etc)
18:56:59jypwhich are redefined in rockbox
18:57:22amiconn..or not defined at all if not needed
18:57:32amiconn(saving space)
18:58:45jypOk, so I'll give calmcc another try
18:59:08jyp(i've been trying to "upgrad
18:59:56jype" the gcc port to 3.4.3... But a lot of things have changed since 2.9 ;)
19:02:30amiconnIn case you'll try again updating the gcc port - we use GCC 3.3.x but not GCC 3.4.x. That's on purpose, GCC 3.3.x generates smaller binaries than 3.4.x, at least for SH1
19:03:13jypThanks for the info
19:03:43jypAnyways I'm afraid most the the calmrisc port has to be redone
19:05:06jypSo I think we'll keep that as a last resort.
19:06:33amiconnHmm. I don't know how much and how difficult that is, but I also think this would be the far better way. One great thing with rockbox development is the use of gcc, so practically everyone can work for it, be it on Windows or any Linux derivate
19:07:22amiconnUsing a windows only compiler would also prohibit automated daily builds etc, because the automated build system is running on Linux
19:07:57amiconnIt's a pity that the Gmini uses such an exotic CPU
19:08:28jypI know...
19:09:02jypIt's probably not impossible to re-do the gcc port
19:09:26jypBut now I'm facing a lack of documentation regarding porting gcc
19:09:55jypThe existing docs dates back to a few years :(
19:18:14amiconnIs that GCC 2.97 part of the GNU-pro toolchain available from ?
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21:02:28bobTHChi all
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21:53:14midkhey kel ;)
21:54:04quelsarukhi midk
22:00:17midkvideo card and motherboard order status.... Step 4: Your order contents are packaged and sealed.
22:00:25midkthat means it should be here wednesday.
22:00:48quelsarukwhich motherboard?
22:03:14 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:11:24quelsarukdual ddr?
22:12:31jypin rockbox, sizeof(int) = ?
22:13:14jypI'm using a compiler where it is 2, and it complains much
22:14:13[IDC]Dragonthe SH is 32 bit
22:14:28[IDC]Dragonso sizeof(int)=4
22:15:51[IDC]Dragonyou may have to change it to long inmany places, where size matters
22:16:37midkno, quel, it's not :)
22:16:57jypm'kay ...
22:17:35jypit may be many many places );
22:18:21[IDC]Dragonno, only where data structures have to match, or >32767 is needed
22:20:36jypI'm not in backlight.c (1st file ;) and I already have such a case
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22:27:16amiconnhi [IDC]Dragon
22:27:29jypGuess what...
22:28:01jypCalmRISC16 Compiler V1.427 Copyright (C) 2002 Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd
22:28:01jypRevision Date: Mar 7 2003
22:28:01jyp(407c4b20->op=ARGP2 at ../firmware/backlight.c:87 is corrupt.)
22:28:01DBUGEnqueued KICK jyp
22:28:01jyp../firmware/backlight.c:87: error: compiler error in D:\calm16_src\calm16lcc\gen.c−−assertion failure at line 248
22:28:01jypmake: *** [backlight.S] Error 1, here we go.
22:29:35quelsarukbtw, amiconn and [IDC]Dragon, i need to talk to both of you :)
22:29:48[IDC]Dragoni'm here, mostly
22:30:08[IDC]DragonI need to talk to my WLAN setup :-(
22:30:10quelsarukamiconn: i saw yesterday the "voice page" at the web, and you said that spanish was requested but not created..
22:30:39quelsarukbut, you don't say how to make a spanish.voice file!!
22:31:15quelsarukand here is where [IDC]Dragon joins the conversation, as he is the creator of rockbox talking :)
22:31:31quelsarukcan anyone of you explain me how can i create a spanish.voice?
22:32:16quelsaruk( btw, [IDC]Dragon, which wifi card do you have? does it have Ralink Ra2400 or 2500 chipset?)
22:32:57[IDC]DragonI'm struggling with my new notebook, it has something builtin
22:33:19[IDC]Dragonand loses connection aftera few minutes
22:33:30quelsarukthat sounds like ralink chipset
22:33:35quelsaruki'm a expert right now
22:33:51quelsarukthe only f***ing chipset without good drivers
22:35:04[IDC]Dragonit's probably Intel, because of Centrino label
22:35:33quelsarukdepends on the laptop
22:35:46quelsarukbut could be
22:36:16amiconnquelsaruk: it wasn't me who added the sentence stating the request for a spanish voice file
22:36:35scancatany mp3 players other than the archos that have open source firmware?
22:36:44[IDC]DragonIntel Pro/wireless 2200BG
22:36:45amiconn...but this reminds me that I wanted to write a wiki article how to create a voice file... :-/
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22:37:38quelsarukamiconn: but the wiki page had your name, i thought that you could send people to a HOWTO
22:37:56quelsarukor maybe [IDC]Dragon has a HOWTO
22:38:08amiconnThere is no howto (yet), afaik
22:38:28[IDC]Dragonmaybe an old readme
22:38:39[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I have the lower layers of multi-volume "ready" now (untested)
22:39:10[IDC]Dragonbut I'm unsure how to fake the volume "directories"
22:39:49[IDC]DragonI have it down to 1 function as the missing link: opendir()
22:40:01amiconnquelsaruk: The request for spanish was added by Luis Carlos Banuelos in August
22:40:06[IDC]Dragonwhich will need to determint the true volume
22:40:44quelsarukok, amiconn i can make a voice file, if someone explains me what to do
22:40:55quelsarukand i have access to the source, so i can upload it
22:45:16[IDC]Dragonamiconn: my issue is about faking the extra volume directory
22:45:41 Quit midk ("Leaving")
22:45:54[IDC]Dragonright now, I think may be best to let the tree browser do that
22:46:05[IDC]Dragonand not the directory enumeration
22:46:27amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Yes, you need to insert the faked dir somehow into the root dir, but only if an MMC is inserted.
22:46:49amiconnImho this should be done in dir.c, not at a higher level
22:46:50[IDC]Dragononly if mounted, yes
22:47:05 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- *I* use it, so it must be good!")
22:48:16amiconnThe second things is that opendir.c has to decide where the target directory is located. This can be done by string matching
22:48:41[IDC]Dragonthat's the easy part
22:52:15[IDC]DragonIntel is crazy: 43 MB download for a network card driver!
23:09:58amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The faked dir entry for the root dir should imho be inserted in readdir(). The most logical thing would be to insert it first, but it might be easier to insert it last, after fat_getnext() returned NULL.
23:11:23amiconnYou will need a flag (or some other method if you want it more flexible, i.e. supporting more than 1 "mount point") stating whether the faked dir was already inserted
23:13:18quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon: do you have winXP?
23:13:49amiconnYou need to open the root of the mounted volume to get the parameters to return (dir size, start cluster etc)
23:15:50[IDC]Dragonquelsaruk: XP, yes
23:15:57quelsarukwith SP2?
23:16:22quelsarukand you have WLAN with WPA security?
23:16:41[IDC]Dragonno WEP at max
23:16:56quelsarukthen, nothing
23:17:02 Join midk [0] (
23:17:06[IDC]Dragonbut now I disabled all safety, to try
23:17:40quelsarukone of the issues i found with Ralink chipset drivers was in WPA security in WinXP SP2, WEP worked much better
23:17:55quelsarukand without security perfectly
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23:32:54jypbye all
23:32:54 Quit jyp ("Leaving")

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