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#rockbox log for 2004-12-28

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01:12:30bagawkhey amiconn
01:12:56bagawkWhat have you been working on?
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03:35:52midkearHertz, when did you get here? hey! :)
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12:45:07jyplet's say I want to examine an intermediate .S file;
12:45:36jyphow would I generate it with rockbox build system ?
12:47:03jypresult of a C compilation...
12:47:15jypbtw I found a way hacking the makefiles
12:47:26[IDC]DragonI don't think such can be generated
12:47:40[IDC]Dragonwe disassembled the image afterwards
12:48:01jypWell I'm working with a buggy compiler
12:48:20jypand I need to understand why it produces wrong assembly
12:49:02jyp/tmp/cc7yPSkg.s: Assembler messages:
12:49:02jyp/tmp/cc7yPSkg.s:21: Error: bad instruction `ld a8,#100662988'
12:49:02jyp/tmp/cc7yPSkg.s:38: Error: bad instruction `ld a8,#100663180'
12:50:56[IDC]Dragonso you already see the instruction
12:51:21[IDC]Dragoncan you tell if it's illegal?
12:51:39jypYah... but i needed to find in what function it were
12:51:46jypI got it though
12:51:52jypSCR1 |= 0x40
12:52:09jypKind of incorrect on a machine that has no "SCR1" ;)
13:03:21[IDC]Dragoncan you run compiled code on the Gmini?
13:03:36jypin theory yes
13:04:03[IDC]Dragonhow about a first program to blink an LED
13:04:16[IDC]Dragoninstead of compiling full Rockbox
13:04:30jypright now I'm evaulating my compilers
13:05:29jypBecause I have two of them, and there are both flawed somewhat
13:06:01[IDC]Dragoni know
13:06:34[IDC]Dragonjust personally I'd try to run My First Program (tm) on the box
13:07:01jypIn fact I'm waiting for Strath to do that...
13:07:43jypBecause before flashing the gmini...
13:07:59jypI'd rather have a way out
13:08:09jypto the standard firmware
13:08:26jypwe need the uart interface for that...
13:08:46[IDC]Dragonyou can only flash it, not run something "non-destructive"?
13:09:20jypCode can only be ran from flash, afai know
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14:53:05[IDC]Dragonhey, multi-volume for Ondio works!
14:53:31jypgratz ;=)
14:53:53[IDC]Dragon(probably nobody knows what I'm talking about)
14:54:20CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:54:20*jyp laughs
14:57:35Lynx_no ;-). what does it mean?
14:58:09[IDC]Dragonusing the internal memory and the plugged MMC at the same time
14:59:34Lynx_ah, i remember mailinglist discussions about it. or discussion here...
14:59:43jypbtw, how standard is the ATA interface?
15:00:01Lynx_how big are mmc's nowadays?
15:00:02jypAny chance that the chip in gmini is already suppoted by rockbox ?
15:00:03[IDC]Dragonpretty well standard
15:00:09jyp(SMSC USB97C202)
15:00:38[IDC]DragonLynx_: up to 1GB, 2GB announced
15:01:27jypHaving read rockbox ATA code it seems pretty similar to what's in archos firmware
15:02:03[IDC]DragonATA is usually just a memory-mapped port
15:02:39jypbut I'm wondering about the protocol the chip implements
15:02:42[IDC]Dragonso you cann address those few registers of the disk
15:03:02[IDC]Dragonis the chip a USB->ATA bridge?
15:03:26jyp(accessing those regs in the gmini is somewhat involved: DMA transfer!)
15:03:40jypYes, it is such a bridge
15:03:44*[IDC]Dragon is away now
15:03:58*jyp waves
15:07:11Lynx_jyp: what are you working on?
15:27:39jypArchos Gmini
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16:55:42Lynx_i meant, what are you doing with the gmini?
16:56:26jyptrying to port rockbox on it
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17:02:14Lynx_cool. it's gonna take a while, i guess? ;-)
17:02:49jypWell, until it is fully functional yes
17:03:00Lynx_how far are you?
17:03:30jypWe are able to flash the gmini (that tooks months!)
17:03:44jypand we know how the hardware works mostly
17:04:15Lynx_is there a wiki page on the project?
17:04:57jyp is the main page
17:06:42Lynx_i hadn't heard about the project before...
17:07:04jypAdvertise it as much as you can... We need help :)
17:07:40Lynx_hehe, go to the main page and click the 'project team' link in the main frame
17:08:20Lynx_not that it matters...
17:08:41jypmmm, I'm not the maintainer of the website anyways ;)
17:09:37jypThe frames should be disposed of altogether ...
17:25:40*jyp walks away
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18:00:22sander__howdy all
18:00:50sander__Does anyone know how to restart a jukebox that's in debug mode?
18:01:53sander__It says ata:-71 and it won't turn off.
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18:42:58sander__nevermind, it worked itself out.
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22:48:57quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon: i have a question
22:49:03quelsarukfirst of all
22:49:12[IDC]Dragonwhat else could it be? ;-)
22:50:13quelsaruki've bought 2400mAh batts, charged them using rockbox (changed the batt setting to 2400mAh before charging) and got something weird
22:50:22quelsarukmaybe you can help me
22:51:00quelsarukcharging lasted just 5 hours (or less)... and of course, mp3 playing was just of 3h 40m.
22:51:22quelsarukthat's not logical for new 2400mAh batteries.. isn't it?
22:51:47[IDC]Dragonthey may need a few cycles before reaching full capacity
22:52:06quelsarukok then, i'll charge them again this night
22:52:29quelsaruki didn't know it it was something wrong with the batts or the jukebox
22:52:41[IDC]Dragonfully discharge and charge them
22:53:03quelsaruki discharged them until the recorder powered off
22:53:04[IDC]Dragonperhaps with an external charger and a flashlight or such
22:54:00quelsaruki have to find a external charger
22:54:40[IDC]Dragonor Archos firmware brute force charging
22:55:27quelsarukis that better than rockbox charging ?
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22:56:27quelsarukusing archos... i hope this helps
22:56:28[IDC]Dragonrockbox charging is sometimes too careful
22:56:33quelsarukok then
22:56:39quelsarukbrutal charge
22:56:44quelsarukand a hammer near the box
22:56:47quelsarukjust in case
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