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#rockbox log for 2004-12-29

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00:02:36Josh_fileAny way to check for sure, wether a Recorder 15's USB 1.1 or USB 2.0?
00:06:13[IDC]Dragoncheck the speed ;-)
00:06:41[IDC]Dragonthe USB 1.1 needs a special driver, is not mass storage compliant
00:10:24Josh_fileUm, I had already installed the driver.
00:10:46Josh_fileI dont know howto uninstall the driver to check
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00:12:44[IDC]Dragonwhich driver feels "responsible" when you plug it?
00:13:02[IDC]Dragon(the green unmount tray icon is different)
00:15:10Josh_fileI dont know, I'll just transfur some files to check, What will it take on USB 2 it transfer 1 Gig?
00:16:41[IDC]Dragonexpect ~10 MB/s
00:17:16Josh_fileDamn, Guess its 1.1
00:18:42Josh_fileTime to run a recovery scan and see what the previous people were storing on here.
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00:30:24Josh_fileI get a error, Rear Access Error, Can't Read From Hard Drive,
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08:14:25[IDC]Dragonhi, Jens is back, so early
08:15:59amiconnhi, morning!
08:16:35amiconnAlready saw your huge commit (but didn't try it yet)
08:16:55[IDC]Dragonplease do
08:17:12amiconnBtw, what happened to firmware/test/i2c/main.c ? All linefeeds are doubled...
08:17:33[IDC]Dragonyou'd need to #define HAVE_MULTIVOLUME in your config
08:17:47[IDC]Dragonit's disabled by now
08:18:08[IDC]Dragonbut works nicely on my Ondio
08:18:22[IDC]Dragonwaaay better like that...
08:18:59[IDC]Dragon(i2c/main.c) is it? probably some CR/CRLF problem
08:20:13amiconnI'll try soon, first I have to get some fireworks...
08:20:32[IDC]Dragonno, we shall donate to flood victims
08:22:00[IDC]Dragon(testing): better have no precious data on your Ondio
08:23:44amiconn(donations vs. fireworks) I never understand why people try to connect 2 absolutely unrelated things...
08:24:15amiconn(testing) Of course.
08:24:50[IDC]DragonI'll be around throughout the day
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08:27:35amiconn(general stability of Ondio rockbox) My sister got a panic "Updating size on empty dir entry 5" once. That's from fat.c, I wonder what may have caused this...
08:28:15[IDC]Dragonhmm, no idea
08:28:36[IDC]Dragonand then we have the folks with spurious recording problems...
08:29:00amiconnOn Ondio, or in general?
08:30:07[IDC]DragonI've seen some mentioning in the forum
08:30:11amiconnNo bug report in the tracker..
08:30:27[IDC]Dragonpeople rarely use that
08:31:02amiconnI did not yet analyze the strange player boot rom, but I already compared the flash rom dump. It's identical to mine...
08:31:32[IDC]DragonI found it a lot different
08:31:48[IDC]Dragonah, flash, sorry
08:32:02[IDC]Dragonthe ROM is different
08:32:19[IDC]Dragonso we should allow that CRC, too
08:34:49amiconnFirst I would check the disassembly a bit, whether there is a new check for some special flash rom cell or such.
08:42:17[IDC]Dragonaway now, will be back in a good hour or so
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09:07:48 Join Tang [0] (~chatzilla@
09:08:17TangHi happy new year everybody!
09:09:15TangWont' be here back before a i wish you the best a little too soon... ;)
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10:06:47[IDC]Dragonhi again
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12:09:41*[IDC]Dragon pings the channel
12:15:08 Join Josh_file [0] (
12:15:56Josh_fileRear Access Error, Can't Read From Hard Drive = Me Confused and Begging for HELP!!!!!!!!!!
12:17:28[IDC]Dragonhow can we help?
12:17:59Josh_fileThats the error I got, you know what it means?
12:18:13[IDC]Dragonsounds like the disk is toast
12:18:46[IDC]Dragontry a tool which can read the SMART data from it
12:19:07Josh_fileOK,what tool would that be?
12:19:12[IDC]Dragondon't know if this works via USB, but worth a try
12:19:39[IDC]DragonI don't remember which one I've used
12:19:47Josh_fileCould it be the batterys?
12:19:47[IDC]Dragongoogle is your friend
12:20:21 Join JJ-Demon [0] (
12:20:24[IDC]DragonI don't think it's the batteries, but you may try a different set
12:21:04Josh_fileWell.............. That Problem was easily fixed......
12:21:54Josh_fileI got it off ebay. Plugged in the Charger
12:22:13Josh_fileThe Idiot had Normal Batterys in
12:22:32Josh_fileGuess what I saw when Opened Battery Case.
12:22:51[IDC]Dragona spilled battery?
12:24:45Josh_fileThe Debug Menu is cool, It has a Estimated Battery Time Left, Timer Thingy
12:24:51[IDC]Dragonso you'vemissed the opportunity to have an excuse for getting a nice shiny 100GB drive
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12:27:33Josh_fileCan you give me a bag full of kittens and a shotgun?
12:33:24 Quit Josh_file ("CGI:IRC")
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13:10:12JJ-Demoni jsut took apart my gmini 400
13:19:42JJ-Demonit has a ARM7 microprocessor
13:25:18 Join LinusN [0] (
13:25:46LinusNJJ-Demon: now try to find the documentation for that chip...
13:26:09[IDC]Dragonhey, sweden has "melted", core team presence... ;-)
13:26:18[IDC]DragonHi LinusN
13:26:47JJ-Demoni found the spec sheet
13:26:56JJ-Demonim looking for more info now
13:27:07LinusNJJ-Demon: yes, i read it the first time you mentioned it
13:27:34LinusNdata sheets will probably be very hard to obtain
13:29:05[IDC]DragonLinusN: did you see my big commit?
13:29:16[IDC]Dragon(hard to overlook ;)
13:30:41LinusNthe multi-filesystem support?
13:30:59[IDC]Dragonyes, do you see any other?
13:33:23[IDC]Dragonit works nicely on my Ondio, but I haven't enabled it yet
13:33:47[IDC]DragonI'd like towait for Jens' feedback and rigid testing
13:34:06LinusNregarding the macros, i don't see much of a problem having an extra drive/volume parameter to the functions
13:34:26LinusNwhat would be the majow penalty?
13:34:34[IDC]Dragonin general, you mean?
13:35:00[IDC]Dragonabout 500 bytes of code
13:35:23LinusNthen i don't think it's worth it to have the macros
13:35:42[IDC]Dragon80 of them are spent already, by working with fat pointers
13:36:06[IDC]Dragonbut saved again by a code optimization
13:36:39[IDC]Dragon(there was code to share, for fat sector cache writeback)
13:42:21jypAs you might know I'd like to port rockbox to gmini...
13:42:43jypWould you guys be kind enough to create a branch in cvs for me ?
13:42:56jypor you suggest a better approach?
13:43:18[IDC]DragonI suggest blinking an LED first...
13:43:41[IDC]Dragonthen try some basic drivers
13:46:04[IDC]Dragonin the past, we made no branches for new models, instead directly work them in
13:46:29[IDC]Dragonyou can get cvs access if this gets serious
13:46:44jypI see...
13:48:03JJ-Demonwhich gmini models jyp? not the gmini 400 i guess...
13:48:12jyp120 for a start
13:48:35jyp220 & 220XS are similar enough to be addressed then
13:48:54jypthe calmrisc series
13:49:01jypnot ARM
13:49:26jypsorry ;)
13:51:45[IDC]DragonLinusN: I'm too lazy to look: how do we handle open files on USB insertion?
13:52:12[IDC]Dragon(because MMC extraction is a similar scenario)
13:54:16LinusN[IDC]Dragon: we don't :-)
13:54:41[IDC]Dragonwhat happens to file/directory handles?
13:54:43LinusNit's up to each thread to keep track of the open files and close them before acknowledging the SYS_USB_INSERTED message
13:55:15[IDC]Dragonand USB only gets control when all have acknowleged?
13:57:21[IDC]Dragonin such a case, we need a solenoid to hold the card ;-/
13:58:36JJ-Demon bit more info ... hard to find much...
13:59:13LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yeah, but it's not *that* bad
13:59:28LinusNnot much caching going on
14:00:20[IDC]DragonI'd like to dynamically unmount and remount
14:00:49[IDC]Dragonso the user can change the card without power-cycling
14:01:24LinusNof course
14:02:15[IDC]Dragonanother question: we have almost duplicate code for the mounting, in main.c and usb.c
14:02:37[IDC]DragonI'd like to make a function for it, but where to put it?
14:03:09[IDC]DragonI was thinking of disk.c
14:03:46[IDC]Dragonbut I'm not sure about its hierarchy
14:09:03LinusNdisk.c sounds file, i guess
14:09:16LinusNgotta go
14:09:19LinusNcu around
14:09:30 Part LinusN
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17:14:35 Join wake [0] (
17:19:34wakeanyone have an fm rec 20?
17:20:44wakeor know where I can find the specs for the power adapter?
17:21:08[IDC]Dragon6V, about 500ma
17:21:24[IDC]Dragoncenter positive
17:22:28wakeso, 6V 700mA could be the original shipped w/ the unit?
17:23:29 Join methangas [0] (
17:25:05 Quit wake ("leaving")
17:27:21[IDC]DragonI'm off
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17:48:36 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
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18:05:38quelsarukamiconn: are you here?
18:10:45 Quit disastrophe ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
18:23:16amiconnquelsaruk: Now I am.
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18:25:41 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
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18:26:55amiconnHi again quelsaruk, nice crossing ;)
18:27:41amiconn[18:23:13] <amiconn> quelsaruk: Now I am.
18:27:42amiconn[18:23:14] *** quelsaruk quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:28:04quelsaruki was going to ask you about the voice howto
18:28:14quelsarukbut now i have a freezed box
18:28:18quelsarukcan't boot it
18:28:29amiconnYeah, keep bothering me ;)
18:28:41amiconnDo you use Windows or Linux?
18:30:20amiconnThat's good. I only have detailed instructions (and a nice script to automate almost everything) for windows.
18:31:11quelsaruki have a RDL issue
18:31:41quelsarukthat's no good
18:31:56amiconnApart from that script and some tools I'll supply within the wiki page, you will need a SAPI5 (much preferred) or SAPI4 (extremely quirky) supported voice, and LAME for Win32 (command line version)
18:32:45quelsarukamiconn: do you know what's a file called battery.dummy??
18:32:56quelsarukand battery.log that appeared in my root folder?
18:33:12amiconnyes. These files are created by the battery_test plugin.
18:33:27quelsaruki haven't played that...
18:33:36quelsaruki can't oot with rockbox
18:33:45amiconnbattery.dummy is a ~1.7 meg file for simulating track reading, and battery.log is the log file
18:33:49quelsaruki get a Red Dead Led
18:34:09quelsarukor however it was spelled
18:35:07quelsarukthis is weird
18:37:47quelsarukmaybe the hd is broken??
18:37:50quelsarukcan it be?
18:38:00quelsarukwill i be *that* lucky?
18:39:27quelsaruk1 week before the end of guarantee, the hd dies
18:40:17quelsarukamiconn: i have those files
18:46:31 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
18:53:40 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
18:53:51amiconnhi again [IDC]Dragon
18:53:59[IDC]Dragonhi there
18:54:14[IDC]Dragonback from firecracker shopping? ;-)
18:54:44amiconn..and working afterwards :-/
18:54:54[IDC]DragonAh. I have to leave soon again
18:55:22[IDC]Dragondid you try multivolume yet?
18:55:33amiconnAbout to compile it
18:55:44[IDC]DragonI see
18:56:27[IDC]Dragonlast time you had a spare box for wild HD mount experiments
18:56:45[IDC]Dragoncan we use that to try multivolume on HD models?
18:56:56quelsarukhi [IDC]Dragon
18:57:00[IDC]Dragonbut I have to change the mounting procedure first
18:57:07amiconnThat very box is still there, and as it is still opened, I have a second HD to easily connect to
18:57:10[IDC]Dragonhi quelsaruk
18:57:32[IDC]Dragonwould be interesting to try on a disk with 2 partitions
18:58:05amiconnDid you try if multivolume works with one volume FAT16 and the other FAT32?
18:58:27[IDC]Dragonno, I guess my MMC is FAT16
18:58:43[IDC]Dragonbut that should be independent
18:59:24[IDC]Dragonremember to set the #define
18:59:25amiconnI wanted to try to format my MMC with FAT32 anyway. I sometimes get weird sector (cluster?) swaps, but chkdsk can't find any errors...
19:01:36[IDC]Dragonabout the volume name: I have the idea to use the real volume name, from the partition
19:01:54[IDC]Dragoninstead of a generated "MMC1"
19:02:04amiconn..which may not always be present.
19:02:17[IDC]Dragonyes, then it should default
19:02:39[IDC]Dragonhave to go now, perhaps bbl
19:02:48amiconnI don't know whether this is a good idea. I'd prefer a static name
19:03:14amiconn(Oh no, another config option!) ;)
19:03:16[IDC]Dragonjust an idea, that's why I mentioned
19:03:29 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
20:05:02 Join LUMOS [0] (
20:06:14LUMOSMy ONDIO has been flakey, but it wouldn't switch on this morning. I left a message for Jorg at asking about the serial boot/debug info
20:15:15 Quit R3nTiL (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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21:20:08[IDC]Dragonamiconn, r u there?
21:20:18amiconnI am
21:20:42[IDC]Dragonhow's it going?
21:20:44amiconnI'm currently playing a playlist that includes as much as fits from both volumes.
21:20:55amiconnWorking flawlessly so far.
21:21:19amiconnI noticed automatic mount/dismount is not yet there
21:21:46[IDC]DragonI once managed to return to an empty root, with just the :MMC1left. all other content invisible
21:22:00[IDC]Dragonbut failed to reproduce that
21:22:17[IDC]Dragonautomatic mount/dismount is left for you ;-)
21:22:30amiconnI get more and more indications that something is wrong with recording, maybe it trashes memory
21:22:47[IDC]Dragongeneral, or Ondio?
21:23:33[IDC]Dragonbtw, your mem guard was very helpful 2 times when starting with mv
21:23:37amiconn(1) I got a second panic report from my sister, "recfile: -1". That was while listening to the radio, with prerecording running
21:23:49amiconn(2) The first panic was also while prerecording.
21:24:10[IDC]Dragonhmm, sounds no good
21:24:22amiconn(3) I got weird voice ui effects on the recorder, after returning from the recording screen
21:25:05amiconn(like the voice speaking multiple menu items, totally unrelated to the item currently displayed)
21:26:55amiconnmem guard was useful for me a number of times - last one was the bug with the peak release setting
21:27:06[IDC]Dragonindeed sounds like trashed mem
21:28:06amiconnIt would perhaps be useful if someone extensively tests with listening to the radio with prerecording enabled, but on an FM recorder.
21:28:14amiconnI know that yours is broken...
21:30:36quelsaruklinus has one
21:35:22 Join LUMOS [0] (
21:35:29 Nick LUMOS is now known as Trevmar (
21:36:55[IDC]Dragonhi Trevmar
21:37:11[IDC]Dragondid you read my reply?
22:06:34amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you try something really stressing, like copying files from internal to external or vice versa with a small block size?
22:08:24[IDC]Dragonhow can we? (without writing extra test code)
22:08:37amiconnAnother case for a nice little test plugin...
22:08:43[IDC]Dragonwe need a norton commander plugin
22:09:31amiconnMS-DOS shell
22:10:08amiconnvi ?
22:10:31[IDC]Dragonok, you've won
22:12:06amiconnThe file move function needs a volume check (and should refuse to work across volumes), otherwise I expect really strange effects...
22:12:52[IDC]Dragonso far I didn't care, since it's unused
22:13:08amiconnIs it?
22:13:18[IDC]Dragonand admit I forgot it again
22:13:24amiconn(I didn't check)
22:13:33[IDC]Dragonneither did I
22:22:51 Quit Trevmar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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22:34:17amiconn[IDC]Dragon: What did you pay for your 1 GB MMC?
22:34:17 Quit thegeek (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:34:46[IDC]Dragonabout EUR 80
22:34:56*[IDC]Dragon looks
22:36:49[IDC]Dragon71,99 + shipping
22:37:11[IDC]Dragon"cought fire" ?
22:37:33amiconnNot me... Btw, that's cheap!
22:38:09[IDC]DragonI've seen SD in the 50-something range
22:39:13amiconnI don't like to force something. I once tried to insert my 256 MB SD card into the Ondio. I didn't manage to.
22:39:51[IDC]Dragonyou need a 1.4 mm one
22:40:00[IDC]Dragonthey seem to get common
22:42:49[IDC]Dragoncheap MMC:
22:42:56 Join Trevmar [0] (
22:43:11TrevmarJorg, I was 'sleeping' when you posted earlier, sorry
22:43:15Trevmaryes, I read your reply
22:43:31TrevmarI am assuming that the CPU is not utting out the bit that keeeps the power running
22:43:38Trevmarbut I am not sure why 300ma is drawn
22:44:19[IDC]Dragonhas it perhaps always been so hungry?
22:44:21TrevmarI am going to measure the Xtals with a scope and do some general poking around like that, in case I see anything unusual
22:44:37[IDC]Dragonyou seem well-equipped
22:44:58TrevmarIt has been a little flaky when switching power on for some days now, but the power always came on if I pressed the ON switch for the right length of time
22:45:23[IDC]Dragondid it ger warm in the regulator area?
22:45:32[IDC]Dragonget warm
22:45:51Trevmarequipped? yup, has some pictures of my lab :)
22:46:01TrevmarNo, regulator is cool
22:46:22[IDC]Dragonwhere does the power go?
22:46:30TrevmarI am wondering if the high supply current might be because I need a big cap across the DC input, or something.
22:46:53[IDC]Dragonso that Obi-Wan picture is really you ;-)
22:47:37TrevmarCan you help me with this: when the CPU starts up, is it supposed to output onto PB5 to keep the regulator running?
22:47:54*[IDC]Dragon looks into the port table
22:48:00TrevmarYup, a 10 yrs younger me on the website -LOL
22:48:56[IDC]DragonPB5 high holds the power, yes
22:49:02TrevmarI haven't found a schematic for the Ondio, I assume that there isn't one yet?
22:49:18TrevmarOK, I will try and probe PB5 and see if that tells me anything
22:49:33[IDC]Dragonthe port table is pretty much all we need
22:49:38TrevmarI read your serial mods stuff, but it related to the Jukebox series, not Ondio
22:50:00[IDC]Dragonbe aware the SH datasheet has 2 pin assignments
22:50:18Trevmarsaw that, which is correct
22:50:36[IDC]DragonI never accurately documented the uart boot
22:50:51[IDC]Dragonwe have the one with more pins
22:50:58 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:50:59TrevmarI wasn't looking to boot as much as look for signs of life...
22:51:18[IDC]Dragondid you flash it?
22:51:31amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I'll take pictures of the player uart boot mod, when I undo it
22:51:40TrevmarI have an old Ondio model, but the markings on my COU are the same as the newer one in your photos on the Wiki
22:51:48TrevmarYes, I flashed it
22:52:05Trevmarlast nigh it booted once from the Ondio boot loader and played for several hours
22:52:15Trevmar(left key held down)
22:52:30amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The playlist spanning both volumes just ended, no problems.
22:52:41[IDC]Dragonthe first sign of life is pulling PB5 up...
22:52:48 Join jyp [0] (
22:52:50[IDC]Dragonamiconn: nice
22:52:51TrevmarYes, I can't wait to get the machine back into action :(
22:53:12Trevmarnice, amiconn, very nice, in fact
22:53:17[IDC]DragonTrevmar: you seem to love these Ondios
22:53:37TrevmarWith a 1 gig MMC it fits my favorite stuff into it
22:53:43Trevmarand is portable
22:53:56TrevmarThe JB is getting heavy and bulky these days :(
22:54:03[IDC]Dragonsoon you'll have 128 MB extra ;-)
22:54:40amiconnI still prefer my jukebox. I can fit my whole MP3 collection plus some videos onto it, and still have plenty space available for data transprt etc
22:54:54amiconn(I have an 80 GB disk)
22:55:01[IDC]Dragonmine needs a HD upgrade...
22:55:46TrevmarI only put a 40G in mine :(
22:56:32[IDC]Dragonamiconn: how about a test with 2 HD partions?
22:56:43[IDC]DragonI have the new mount code ready
22:56:52amiconnDo you have a test version? ;)
22:57:21[IDC]DragonI could compile one, or just commit
22:57:23amiconnOr is it just another #define with this new code?
22:57:48[IDC]Dragonit will be the same #define
22:57:59TrevmarI was thinking that it should be possible to just plug in a boot-serial adapter-card to the Ondio, if the contacts are in the MMC socket?
22:58:17amiconnAh. Does this mean Ondio would then mount all partitions on all cards afterwards?
22:58:23[IDC]Dragonthat's what I did, yes
22:58:47TrevmarWhat UART sped? 7/8 bits?
22:58:49[IDC]Dragonamiconn: yes, up to the defined max (currently 2)
22:59:13[IDC]DragonTrevmar: you won't see output there, it waits for input
22:59:31Trevmardarn - not even a little monitor? sheez...
22:59:36amiconnSo if you have 2 partitions on the internal, it wouldn't mount the external... Did you add mounting logical volumes on the way?
22:59:41[IDC]Dragonthat is the monitor
23:00:07[IDC]Dragonamiconn: yes, no
23:00:17Trevmarso by serial you don't mean an RS 232 monitor port then?
23:01:27 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
23:01:27[IDC]DragonTrevmar: it's 3.3V level, not RS232, and is driven by the uart_boot program, in binary
23:01:51[IDC]DragonI would look for other signs of life first
23:02:01TrevmarI get it, not an interactive monitor. I found your converter board layout/schematic (thanks)
23:02:24amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you test this mount code? If yes, I'd say commit it, then I'll test (hardcore test - using the player)
23:02:36TrevmarOK, I will probe around and see if it is obvious. thanks for your help, Jorg, and thanks for the software, amiconn :)
23:02:42[IDC]Dragonondio-tested, yes
23:03:00[IDC]DragonI take some credit, too ;-)
23:03:19[IDC]DragonTrevmar: for the software, that is
23:03:20amiconnTrevmar: What software?
23:03:26Trevmaryes, and the earlier rockbox developers I guess :)
23:03:34Trevmarthanks and a Happy New year to all...
23:03:43amiconnAh, *the* software :)
23:03:54amiconnSee credits list...
23:03:59Trevmarthe software which mounts two volumes, amiconn, I just saw it on the 'CVS"
23:04:11[IDC]DragonI did that...
23:04:17amiconnExactly *that* wasn't me...
23:04:27Trevmaroops, <blushes>
23:05:13amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I just got a *vey* funny effect:
23:06:01amiconnI connected the player to USB, with no DC power. The USB power tried to spin up the HD... but failed, due to lack of sufficient power
23:06:44amiconnThe machine-gun noise coming off the HD wasn't nice though...
23:07:14[IDC]DragonI know that noise
23:07:59amiconnFortunately it went away when I connected proper DC power
23:08:23amiconnCreating 2 partitions...
23:08:46[IDC]Dragonchecking in...
23:09:34amiconnFortunately there are no batteries that may run empty
23:10:48[IDC]Dragonok, commited
23:12:26amiconnCreated one FAT16 partition, and one FAT32
23:13:08[IDC]Dragonthen you need to set HAVE_FAT16SUPPORT and HAVE_MULTIVOLUME
23:17:07amiconndrivers/ata.c:313: error: syntax error before '(' token
23:17:32amiconnAnd a heapload more...
23:18:59[IDC]Dragonoops, what happened?
23:19:23amiconnSet both #defines, and tried to compile for player...
23:19:26[IDC]Dragoncompiles fine here
23:19:42[IDC]Dragonah, not tried for player
23:19:48amiconnAlso for disk-based?
23:20:05[IDC]DragonI tried a recorder, without the #defines
23:21:43[IDC]Dragontrying with them now...
23:21:45amiconnWithout #HAVE_MULTIVOLUME, it compiles almost fine - there is a warning about unused variable "i" in main.c
23:21:59[IDC]Dragonyes, I get that too
23:22:06[IDC]Dragonoverlooked it
23:22:19TrevmarJorg, I have waveform on the crystal used by the CPU, so now I will take a closer look at the flash... Have you ever had any dry joints on these Archos usints - I can't help feeling that is what I might be chasing...
23:22:28TrevmarArchos units
23:22:52[IDC]DragonTrevmar: yes, was ofter reported
23:23:24[IDC]Dragonfor the HD models. The Ondio looks better to me
23:23:30Trevmarhmm..Ok, will start resoldering then (while watching the chips fall to the flooor from the back of the board :( )
23:24:16[IDC]Dragonsorry for lecturing that, I didn't know you're a pro
23:26:54amiconn[IDC]Dragon: You didn't use the conditional macros within ata_mmc.c, but used plain #ifdef instead - is there a reson why?
23:27:18[IDC]Dragonno, probably leftover
23:28:34[IDC]Dragonbad macro usage in ata.c, fixing...
23:28:45amiconnYou used double parentheses around the macro argument in ata.c, maybe that's the reason?
23:29:00[IDC]Dragonthat's old style
23:29:16[IDC]Dragonnow I have IF_MV2()
23:29:47amiconn?? I though IF_MV2 is for when there are 2 arguments...
23:30:03[IDC]Dragonthe comma already counts
23:30:34amiconnAh. I presume the plain #ifdef is even older, and will be corrected as well? ;)
23:31:12amiconnYellow builds in the table...
23:32:38[IDC]Dragonfix is coming...
23:37:54[IDC]Dragonamiconn: please update from cvs
23:41:57amiconnCompiled without warning this time. Putting some files on both partitions, plus the new rockbox version...
23:42:21[IDC]Dragon... drumroll ...
23:45:13[IDC]Dragonfor the tense suspense, I mean
23:45:43amiconnUSB1.1 is sloo-ow
23:49:13amiconnHmm. It shows :HD1, but empty...
23:50:08amiconn..even with "Show files" set to "all"
23:52:08amiconnThis is with HD1 being FAT16 though...
23:52:45[IDC]Dragoncan you create a file there?
23:53:01amiconnThere are files...
23:53:05[IDC]Dragon(and possible wreck the partition)
23:53:15[IDC]Dragonfrom rockbox, I mean
23:53:25[IDC]Dragonor create a folder
23:55:24amiconnThe player keyboard is awful
23:55:55amiconnTried to create a folder - *PANIC* Write 32 be... (the rest is invisible, no scrolling)
23:56:52 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:57:06[IDC]Dragon"Write %d before data\n"
23:57:17amiconnPartitions itself are still intact
23:58:01[IDC]Dragonperhaps the partition start was not properly conveyed

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