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#rockbox log for 2005-01-04

00:01:26[IDC]Dragontesting more, got fooled so many times yesterday+today
00:03:08amiconnThe wrong snippet within a song is around 5 seconds long. This coincides with 256 sectors (= 128 KB) @ ~200 kbps
00:06:13[IDC]Dragonfat cache inuse: this is worse, early marking helps not much
00:06:36amiconnI was just about saying the same..
00:07:00[IDC]Dragonwhen yielding away, thread B will find it inuse and still overwrite it
00:07:43amiconnyup, first freeing it and then reuse
00:08:04[IDC]Dragonthen A continues and we have a mess
00:08:44amiconnThis really asks for a mutex :-/
00:10:02[IDC]Dragonand/or a smarter caching strategy
00:10:52amiconnI even doubt a mutex will help much here, if it should not be held for too long
00:11:57[IDC]Dragonlike ata :-/
00:12:55[IDC]Dragon256 sectors takes a while
00:13:09[IDC]Dragonand we mutex that
00:13:56amiconnyes, meaning that no-one else can use ata in the meantime. This would be impossible anyway.
00:15:08[IDC]Dragonata_mmc: I think it behaves better now, with the selection in the mutex
00:15:52amiconnNo more vanishing root dirs?
00:16:04[IDC]Dragonnot yet
00:17:18amiconnBtw: I get my partly vanishing root dir when returning from *any* subdir (including the virtual /<MMC1>) and the mpeg thread is currently reloading
00:17:40amiconnreloading from external, that is
00:17:46[IDC]Dragonlet me commit that ata_mmc
00:27:21amiconnI was also unable to reproduce the vanishing effect so far :-)
00:27:30[IDC]DragonI didn't manage to break it any more
00:28:05[IDC]Dragonbut still, the fat caching needs an overhaul
00:28:13[IDC]Dragonindependent from that
00:28:35[IDC]Dragonlet's talk to Zagor about it, tomorrow
00:29:10[IDC]Dragonwho knows what funny rare effects it may have caused in the past
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00:29:35amiconnYou said you tried hot plug already, and there were problems?
00:29:37[IDC]Dragonmaybe this is part of a recording problem
00:30:14[IDC]Dragon(hotplug) no, I looked in the code and put it away
00:30:58amiconnHotplug shouldn't be that hard. It's similar to usb handling
00:31:08[IDC]Dragonbecause I'm not into these system messages and what to do where with it
00:31:29[IDC]Dragonlooked like a Jens' job ;-)
00:31:38amiconnHowever, this requires your mount function to be able to mount single drives
00:32:08[IDC]Dragonyes, I can split that
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00:32:19amiconn..and an unmount function as counterpart (most likely simply setting the "mounted" member to false)
00:33:15[IDC]Dragonwe could try to be nice to open files
00:34:05amiconnHow? If the MMC is pulled, it's already too late...
00:34:13[IDC]Dragonlike, setting a counter magic in the file struct, which has to match a similar bpb entry
00:34:48amiconnYes, I also thought about closing all files that are located on a removed volume
00:34:49[IDC]Dragonthen we can at least deflect attempts on that file
00:35:11[IDC]Dragoninstead of writing somewhere on our new volume
00:35:41amiconnWhat magic are you talking about? In case of a dismount, simply close all open handles that point to that volume.
00:36:01[IDC]Dragonhow doyou know where they are?
00:36:27[IDC]Dragoniirc, the caller owns them, or am I wrong?
00:36:59[IDC]DragonI think I'm wrong
00:37:00amiconnThe file handles are an array of structs, simply walk through all of them
00:37:16amiconn..and check whether they are inuse, and point to the removed volume
00:37:42amiconnIf the caller later tries to access the now closed handle, it gets an error return
00:38:04[IDC]Dragonyes, if they are all in one place, this is easy
00:38:43amiconnfirmware/common/file.c, line 51: static struct filedesc openfiles[MAX_OPEN_FILES];
00:38:57[IDC]Dragonthe fat_file structs are distributed (part of dir entries, etc.), but that's one layer below
00:39:40amiconnThe fat_file struct of a file is embedded into the filedesc structure
00:40:17[IDC]Dragonsame goes for "opendirs" array
00:40:42[IDC]Dragonok, then I can sleep well now.
00:41:03[IDC]Dragonnite, too
00:41:06amiconnI think I'll follow, and not work until 3am today
00:41:26[IDC]Dragonor rather |-)
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01:31:53 Join Goatmale [0] (
01:34:45GoatmaleCan anyone help me?
01:39:34quelsaruktell us
01:39:46quelsarukmaybe we can help you
01:40:27GoatmaleI just got my archos for christmas, and it's awesome, mad props to the founders of rockbox.
01:40:37GoatmaleBut uh, I have a lot of movies.
01:40:49GoatmaleAnd I want to easily convert them.
01:41:02quelsarukusig windows?
01:41:43quelsarukread that
01:42:00GoatmaleYeah the link didn't work though x.x
01:42:16GoatmaleFor the GUI conversion tool.
01:42:56GoatmaleDoes it work for you?
01:44:25quelsarukcheck this then
01:44:36quelsarukseems to be another way to do it
01:44:42quelsarukread thereadme there
01:44:50quelsarukand use the files
01:45:20GoatmaleThank you very much.
01:47:12 Join mrelwood [0] (
01:47:45quelsarukyou are welcome
01:48:17GoatmaleOh and do you use the chip 8 emulator?
01:48:26mrelwoodi just got offered an Archos Recorder 20GB, rockbox installed. could it be worth checking out for a MD killer?
01:48:57Goatmalehow much?
01:49:26mrelwoodi bet it would be dirt cheap.
01:49:47GoatmaleI love my rockbox/archos.
01:50:11mrelwoodi'm more concerned if it will be a good md-recorder replacement.
01:51:02GoatmaleI think the quailty is pretty good...
01:51:19GoatmaleBut I don't have anything to compare it to
01:51:35mrelwoodso it can record in good quality?
01:51:45quelsarukarchos recorder?
01:52:01quelsarukcan record good quality VBR mp3
01:52:12quelsarukvia digital, analogic or microphone
01:52:42quelsaruki prefer a 20GB hd mp3 player than a MD, but is just my opinion
01:52:57mrelwoodit has a dedicated mic input?!
01:53:17quelsarukhas a mic built-in
01:53:33quelsarukand you can use a external mic with the analogic line in
01:54:10mrelwoodok. no wav rec?
01:54:32quelsaruksincerely, i haven't recorded anything (and got my old recorder6 hm.. 3 or 4 years ago??)
01:54:37quelsarukno wav recording
01:54:44quelsarukmp3 recording
01:55:39quelsarukGoatmale: no, i don't use the chip8 emulator
01:55:55GoatmaleIs it like a game emulator?
01:56:37quelsarukcheck the manual
01:56:44quelsarukit's explained there
01:56:46GoatmaleIt didn't say..
01:56:58GoatmaleUnless i'm stupid
01:58:03quelsarukwell, it's an emulator
01:58:08quelsarukchip8 emulator plugin
01:58:14quelsarukthat's the official name :D
01:58:59quelsarukpage 56 on the manual :)
01:59:27GoatmaleOhhh okay :)
01:59:49mrelwoodrecorder 20, only up to 160kbps recording. i'm afraid that doesn't do it for me.
02:00:18GoatmaleYou a musican?
02:00:54quelsarukmrelwood: 170kbps VBR
02:01:16quelsarukif i'm not wrong
02:02:30mrelwoodthat helps some. i have to take it for a test drive. Gmini 220 could be better for me.
02:03:12 Part mrelwood
02:03:46quelsaruk170kbps is ok for a lot of music styles
02:03:56 Join _mrelwood [0] (
02:04:03quelsarukre _mrelwood
02:04:14_mrelwoodwhoops... wrong button...
02:05:01quelsaruk_mrelwood: have you ever recorded in wav, and later on compressed the file using for example Lame −−preset standard to check the VBR bitrate of your music?
02:05:33quelsaruki mean, some music styles doesn't need a 220kbps vbr mp3 to be *perfect*
02:06:10_mrelwoodyes, i have done several quality tests. but I am going to do some recording for post-production, and the quality has to be good.
02:06:28quelsarukthat's another thing
02:06:41_mrelwoodfor example, recording a drumset and bringing the track home for editing.
02:06:51quelsarukthen maybe you prefer a wav recorder
02:07:18_mrelwoodyes. :) does any of the archos recorders support wav recording?
02:07:30quelsarukthat can't be
02:07:44quelsarukwell.. not jukebox recorders
02:08:04quelsaruki don't know if gmini or other ones support wav recording
02:08:05_mrelwoodrecorder v2, fm recorder, still no wav?
02:08:31_mrelwoodI understood that gmini220 has wav recording. not sure though.
02:09:02Goatmaleisn't there an mp3 recorder>
02:09:09Goatmalecalled lame?
02:09:12_mrelwoodif only the iRiver didn't have the recording glitch, it would be SO easy to choose!
02:09:35_mrelwoodgoatmale: a portable mp3 recorder?
02:10:25quelsaruklame is an mp3 encoder
02:11:12_mrelwoodthat's what i thought. i'll test the rec20 tomorrow anyway. thanks for the help!
02:11:40quelsarukif you don't like it.. there are more mp3 players over there
02:11:43quelsarukcheck them
02:12:19_mrelwoodwell, don't need a player, need a recorder! ;) thanks.
02:12:29quelsarukok, mp3 recorders
02:14:18quelsaruktime to go to sleep
02:14:19_mrelwoodwell, there aren't that many. i'm starting to feel that I've gone through them all a few times.
02:14:21quelsarukcu l8r!
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02:16:38GoatmaleIs there anything i'm missing to get the most out of my rockbox?
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08:43:51 Join Zagor [242] (
08:57:19 Join LinusN [0] (
08:57:57Zagorhowdy linus
09:00:32dwihnoDo you think the irivers with radio models are "airplane safe"?
09:00:47dwihnoAnd my english is really, really great today, btw! :)
09:01:19Zagori never really understood the criteria for what devices airlines prohibit. some won't even allow cd players.
09:01:29dwihnothey don't?
09:03:30LinusNdwihno: generally, devices with radio transmitters are prohibited
09:05:29dwihnothat's true
09:06:02dwihnoSounds like a leftover rule from the 80's
09:06:57 Join lImbus [0] (
09:09:16LinusNmorning lImbus
09:10:47dwihnois the "UMS" (what does that stand for?) iriver firmwares mass storage compliant?
09:11:21Zagorwhat is that? link?
09:11:54lImbusdwihno, isn't that USB Mass Storage ?
09:12:29dwihnoZagor: just surfing the iriver firmware pages... I'm gonna get a flash based player for my bike rides... It's too cold for my poor archos
09:12:43dwihnolImbus: aah, well, it must be! :)
09:13:32lImbusit just sounds fit and proper.
09:14:07Zagoris there "non-UMS" firmwares for those players as well?
09:14:40dwihnodunno... haven't checked that much
09:15:12dwihno - heh, guess somebody needs to adjust their prices to a sane market level
09:15:33lImbusisn't there a drm-stuff ? isn't there a us-firmware that only transfers files through a special software ?
09:15:51lImbuseu-software would then be ums though
09:16:42lImbusuh, I like swedish. it just looks funnay :D
09:18:18dwihnoThen you should hear the rumpnissars
09:18:21dwihnovoffooo d
09:18:29dwihnovoffo g di p detta viset
09:21:14dwihnoIFP-799 looks pretty sweet
09:21:28dwihnoHow soon can I expect a rockbox port? ;)
09:21:46lImbuswhy are you fixed on a iRiver-device ?
09:21:57lImbuswhy not any cheapo ?
09:22:06dwihnoIt is quite cheap
09:22:49lImbusah, ok, I thought it was more expensive than comparable no names, considering your comment at 09:15.
09:22:57lImbusI did not calculate the conversion, of course
09:23:04dwihno2800 SEK (approx 310 euro)
09:23:25dwihnoThat's quite an alright price for a gig of flash
09:25:46lImbusok, the size is busting it all. I see 256 MB-cheapos for about 60-90 euro
09:26:03lImbusno drm, no wma, no ogg I suppose
09:26:35lImbuswhy no ondio :D ?
09:27:14dwihnoadd a set of fontopia phones, and you got a nice set for biking and training
09:27:18dwihnoit's too bulky
09:27:42dwihnoa set of 3 aaa batts makes it a bit heavy
10:06:25 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
10:09:40crash_ah zagor
10:09:46crash_i have a question for you
10:10:16[IDC]Dragonme too
10:11:29[IDC]Dragon(multivolume now works, but we still see a danger in the fat caching code)
10:13:19 Quit lImbus (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
10:15:39LinusNsaw the logs
10:16:12LinusNwhere exactly is the fat cache danger?
10:17:46crash_Zagor: who is responsible for the wiki ?
10:17:55LinusNwe all are
10:18:05crash_hmm ok, i know its a wiki
10:18:39crash_i ask, cause i read on the mailinglist or irc, dont remember that too technical stuff shouldnt be put into the wiki
10:18:59LinusN"too technical"?
10:19:01crash_i thought it would be a quite good idea to put progress on gmini online
10:19:24LinusNthe iriver progress is in the wiki, so i think the gmini progress could be there as well
10:19:38crash_yesterday a friend of mine showed me his gmini, and i thought, that there is a rockbox version for it
10:19:46crash_went for and found nothing
10:20:00LinusNin fact, most technical documentation is in the wiki
10:20:20crash_later that day i talked to yup who told me that it works but information is in a separat wiki
10:20:32crash_which makes no sense in my opinion
10:21:07crash_yeah i see your postings about the iriver ( and hope you will get closer to the boot loader ;))
10:21:23crash_you know the wiki about the gmini ?
10:21:37LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i think i see the fat cache problem
10:21:55LinusNno, i don't know about a gmini wiki
10:24:27Zagorthere is a wiki about gmemu here:
10:25:22[IDC]DragonLinusN, Zagor: I came to some conclusions on how to mutex the fat cache:
10:26:06[IDC]Dragoncache_fat_sector() should get dirty flag param, too, to tell read from write
10:26:53[IDC]Dragonfor reading, it's sufficient to set the mutex before changing an entry to used doing the ata read, releasing it afterwards
10:27:00crash_LinusN: i meant the wiki Zagor posted
10:27:08LinusNcrash_: ok
10:27:43[IDC]Dragonthe functions using it are not task switching any after, until they finish their job
10:27:58[IDC]Dragonwriting is different
10:28:52[IDC]Dragonsorry, it isn't
10:29:10LinusNi see a problem even when not writing
10:29:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:29:40crash_LinusN: so do you think this information can be put into the offical wiki?
10:29:45LinusNit is possible to cache the wrong sector
10:29:47[IDC]Dragonimho, we only need to make cache_fat_sector() atomic
10:30:03LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yes
10:30:45LinusNa simple mutex in cache_fat_sector() should do the trick
10:31:33LinusNwe could optimize it a bit with some clever code, but i think the performance is sufficient anyway
10:32:06[IDC]DragonI wonder why this caused so little trouble
10:32:21LinusNcrash_: is not responding here...
10:32:36Zagorbecause we only very rarely access files from two threads simulatenously
10:32:47[IDC]Dragonor, what sporadic problems we can blame it for
10:32:51LinusN[IDC]Dragon: the probability of a cache collision is faily small, i guess
10:33:24[IDC]Dragonplay and record is prone for it
10:33:53LinusNrecording is a one-thread thing
10:34:24[IDC]Dragonoh, it is? then playback only
10:34:29LinusNplayback is another issue, where there is a really tiny chance of a fat cache collision when upodating the playlist control file
10:34:37Zagorplayback while browsing directories
10:35:23LinusNah, that too
10:35:48[IDC]Dragonany foreground activity with the disk
10:36:06LinusNstill, you have to have some real bad luck to hit it
10:36:22[IDC]Dragonso this isn't the recording bug :-(
10:38:13crash_LinusN: strange, the same problem was there yesterday, i have no problems accessing the site
10:38:22LinusNhmmm, there is a slight risk in the recording code too!
10:38:24crash_another reason to put this on
10:39:26LinusNthe file name generation on the Ondio opens the directory to generate the file names
10:43:42[IDC]Dragonaway now
10:44:15ZagorLinusN: who else accesses the file system when it does that?
10:49:41 Join MooMaunder [0] (~me@
10:58:03crash_so LinusN what do you think about the wiki?
10:58:50Zagorcrash_: we welcome all information and all people, but it's ultimately up to the authors
10:59:31crash_ok, so i will talk to yup again and transfer the data from the gmini wiki to if its ok for strath who was starter of gmini project
11:00:17Zagorok. just be careful to not step on any toes.
11:00:41crash_yeah thats why i wanted to ask you today :)
11:00:59crash_and yup also wants to have "permission" of strath
11:01:26crash_he complained that there is much progress in gmini port, but it doenst show up in
11:02:12BagderI wonder if the time will come when we start a rockbox-dev mailing list
11:02:38Zagorwell, do they want it to? if so, they are very welcome to join both the channel, mailing list, wiki and and (eventually) cvs
11:02:50 Join Quel|away [0] (~kvirc@
11:02:54Quel|awaygood morning
11:03:07BagderQuel|away: did you reach Archos?
11:03:27Bagdergetting a replacement?
11:03:36Quel|awaythey told me to send them the box
11:03:44Quel|awaythey pay shipment
11:03:45Bagderfair enough
11:04:20Quel|awayi hope they don't start now with "we received the box after warranty expired" or something like that
11:04:30Bagdercrash_: if they are serious about their rockbox port, they should join the mailing list and this irc channel really
11:04:40Bagderit'll benefit all of us
11:04:45crash_hm strath is on mailing list
11:04:50crash_yup is often in channel here
11:05:01Quel|awayeven if archos has 1 year warranty, seagate hdd for external cases have 2 year warranty.. so it's covered by archos or seagate :/
11:05:43Zagorcrash_: ok. what I mean is that I don't see a strong reason to separate gmini work from the rest, unless those working on it prefers it that way
11:06:11LinusNZagor: recording.c reads the current dir to find out the next file number while mpeg.c writes to the current file
11:06:41ZagorLinusN: why do we need to check the disk for next number? isn't it just incremented from previous?
11:07:10crash_if you have a look on the gmini wiki, it seems rather good developed
11:07:18crash_Zagor: i dont want it to separte
11:07:30crash_that why i want to put it into the official wiki
11:07:33LinusNit is a "robust" implementation that doesn't fail if there are old filexxxx.mp3 files in that dir
11:08:00crash_but i also have the impression that they arent really "integrated" thats something i want to talk about with yup / strath
11:08:10ZagorLinusN: right, instead it confuses the heck out of the user :) but i agree it's the better way.
11:08:12LinusNyou can argue that it only needs to be done when starting the recording, but this method is fairly KISS
11:08:59LinusNso i guess we all agree that we should add a mutex to the fat cache
11:10:28Bagdercrash_: yes, we should work on getting more integrated
11:10:44Bagderone large happy rockbox family
11:12:16crash_ok i will talk to them, and start porting the wiki to rockbox, if they dont have a special reason to wanting it stay where it is :)
11:13:38Zagori agree. i just want to stress that not everyone necessarily wants to be part of our family, and we must be careful not to appear to try and force their hands. their enthusiasm is the top priority.
11:14:12BagderI agree with that
11:14:35crash_Zagor: right, but i think rockbox and THEY only can profit from putting it together
11:14:50crash_and i dont really think that strath wanted it to be separted
11:15:14Zagorthat sounds good
11:15:21crash_i just think they code for fun, and dont want to stress with making things public
11:15:39crash_maybe someone doing documentation will help them
11:15:44crash_this is what i wanna do
11:15:56crash_dont think my c coding would really help ;)
11:25:05BagderI wonder why he enlarged the rockbox logo that ugly on the page
11:26:05crash_maybe he likes it so much ;)
11:26:29Zagori guess he wanted all logos the same width or something
11:28:06Bagderwell, he could've resized down a bigger logo, instead of zoomed a smaller
11:28:39Bagdernot that it matters much
11:29:18*Bagder gets restless waiting for the iRiver boot loader... :-)
11:30:00*crash_ too
11:39:46 Join lImbus [0] (
11:41:08crash_LinusN: do you have an idea, when you'll finish it? :)
12:10:19gromit`crash i think there is no pb porting the wiki
12:11:15gromit`maybe i'm wrong but it seems we did it separately because at the beginning the rockbox team didn't want the gmini to be part of it
12:11:40crash_oh thats a news ;)
12:11:54gromit`that's what i found in the irc archive
12:12:02gromit`but maybe my interpretation is bad :)
12:12:13crash_Bagder: you know if there was a discussion in this direction ?
12:12:41crash_so then i can start porting it
12:12:44gromit`according to rockbox the gmini was open enough not to need a rockbox port
12:13:02crash_but you ported rockbox?
12:13:03gromit`cause archos had announced plugins...
12:13:29crash_are there binaries to download for the enduser ?
12:13:34gromit`jyp started this and i'm joining him
12:13:49gromit`yes but the public cvs is down
12:13:58gromit`on strath's server
12:14:15gromit`we got a new cvs up yesterday but it is on my machine :)
12:14:20crash_so currently no download available
12:14:35gromit`and i just provide a ssh access
12:14:44gromit`i can send you a tar maybe
12:14:57crash_i dont have a gmini myself
12:15:06gromit`you have an emulator
12:15:11crash_how does flashing on gmini work
12:15:35crash_i should have installed it long time ago ;)
12:15:50gromit`(btw i am at work i can't spend too much time on irc :))
12:16:02crash_i dont know anything about the gmini and if it works the same way other archos devices work
12:16:07crash_so i just asked ;)
12:16:29gromit`do you want to know about the flashing internals
12:16:34crash_i'm at work too, but here irc is just another communicating method ;)
12:16:36gromit`or just how do we flash ?
12:16:48crash_i want to know how gmini can use rockbox
12:17:13crash_do i have to flash or is it just like putting a file on hdd as in player/recorders models?
12:17:22crash_this is what i know from my player
12:18:08gromit`jyp has managed to pack a file to put on the hd
12:18:30crash_so i can give your tar file a friend of mine and he can test :)
12:18:40crash_you re working in linux or w32 ?
12:18:48crash_asking because auf the emulator
12:18:51gromit`but it is w32 compatible
12:18:58crash_hard to setup under linux ?
12:19:13gromit`if you want gcc cross compiler
12:19:16gromit`it may take some time
12:19:18crash_maybe i should have a look into the wiki to set it up ;)
12:19:31gromit`we are working on it
12:19:39crash_at the moment i dont need the compiler cause i dont really have c skills :/
12:19:46gromit`but if you only want the emulator
12:19:51gromit`is it straightforward
12:19:52crash_just the emu
12:20:09gromit`text based emu is c++
12:20:14gromit`gui is qt
12:20:14crash_so is there a simple webpage?
12:20:18crash_ah :)
12:20:20gromit`so both must be w32 compatible
12:20:47gromit` is the wiki
12:20:54gromit` is the webpage
12:21:00gromit` is the forum
12:21:22gromit`all our recent work has been done on the wiki
12:21:34crash_how many people are working on the gmini ?
12:21:58gromit`strath jyp and i
12:22:05crash_cause there shouldnt be 2 wikis
12:22:08gromit`treyqae help us and disappeared
12:22:19crash_ah, sometimes this happens
12:22:19gromit`and udo also helps us
12:22:35crash_u know if/when strath will return ?
12:22:42gromit`that's our problem
12:22:44gromit`we dunno
12:22:55gromit`he disappeared suddenly
12:24:55gromit`the best is to discuss about it this evening
12:25:01gromit`when jyp is present
12:25:08gromit`and i'm not at work
12:25:15crash_so the question stays the same. i think porting the wiki only makes sense, when u, developing rockbox for gmini will use rockbox wiki
12:25:19crash_yeah ok
12:25:23crash_makes sense :)
12:25:48gromit`i see no problem is using rockbox wiki
12:26:01gromit`our pb is also to find a cvs
12:26:10gromit`to put public stuff
12:27:19crash_the wiki question is only about strath, cause he started it and just making things he maybe doesnt want isnt really nice
12:28:05gromit`jyp i and started the wiki
12:28:11gromit`jyp and i
12:28:12crash_ah ok
12:28:27gromit`pb = problem
12:28:56gromit`going to eat
12:29:21crash_i would start porting the wiki to rockbox this evening when yup you and i have discussed all important sutff
12:29:36crash_with cvs we could ask Bagder or LinusN maybe
12:29:37***No seen item changed, no save performed.
12:35:01lImbus[IDC]Dragon: I just flashed a co-workers OndioSP. rb-version 2.4 with the wiki-flash-download-package.
12:35:08lImbusI followed all instructions, all went fine
12:35:13lImbusone single problem:
12:35:27lImbusResuming does not work but on On+F1...
12:44:07lImbusmhmm. I flashed with rombox...
12:53:50 Join ashridah [0] (
12:54:49lImbusmhmm. It does not resume when I flash rockbox.ucl neither
13:03:02[IDC]DragonlImbus: no flash issue then...
13:06:46lImbuswhy not ?
13:07:09lImbusit works not with rombox and rockbox flashed, but with On+F1 then ajbrec.ajz
13:07:14lImbus->lunch, damned
13:09:39[IDC]Dragonah, got it
13:10:24[IDC]DragonLinusN: what's the problem with the recording file # ?
13:10:57LinusNit is a possible cause for fat cache collisions
13:11:04 Join jyp [0] (
13:11:15LinusNfat accesses from two threads
13:11:23[IDC]Dragonah, ok, but fixed by the mutex, too
13:11:55LinusNgromit`: we have never rejected a gmini port of rockbox
13:12:19LinusNthe reason we never worked on it was lack of documentation and tools
13:12:39LinusNand that none of the core developers had one, thus we had no personal interest in it
13:14:37[IDC]Dragonnone of the "core developers" has an Ondio, neither
13:15:29[IDC]Dragonbut we forced a port ;-)
13:17:20Zagoryou are a core developer, jrg
13:17:31[IDC]DragonI am?
13:17:33LinusNi consider you and jens core developers
13:17:42 Join Lynx_ [0] (HydraIRC@
13:18:05*[IDC]Dragon looks for his swedish passport
13:19:07[IDC]Dragonhmm, my girlfriend is blonde
13:19:38Zagorgromit`: cvs is no problem, we can host it on if you want a test/development repository. a gmini branch in the main repository is another option.
13:26:49Zagorit's very unfortunate if you have gotten the impression that we are not interested in a gmini port.
13:31:33LinusNbasically, we were just not interested in doing it ourselves
13:34:23 Join pfavr [0] (
13:41:55crash_hehe linus
13:42:14crash_gromit`: could you send me an tar file with an binary we can try on the gmini
13:42:28crash_my friend is here @ work and we would like to test it :)
13:51:01 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
13:52:42[IDC]DragonI'm firewalled, can somebody with cvs check out ffmpeg for me?
13:52:59[IDC]Dragoncvs -z9 co ffmpeg
13:55:52[IDC]Dragonoh, many thanks
13:55:52Zagoror do you want a zip
13:56:16[IDC]Dragonzip is much better
13:56:19Zagori'll remove mine then
13:56:47LinusN[IDC]Dragon: you should consider setting up a tunnel
13:57:08[IDC]Dragonelse I'll need your - what's it called - wget replacement
13:57:38[IDC]Dragontunnel will get me in company jail or so
13:59:44[IDC]Dragonsnapped it, thanks
14:04:55jypI wrote a howto for running code on the gmini... Then I can provide you with binary files
14:05:26jypAlso I have the rockbock lcd driver working on my gmini
14:05:54jypfully functional except for the scroll thread (no multitask yet)
14:08:10jypThe howto is on the wiki...
14:09:03jypI still can't access the site :/
14:10:16Zagorjyp: nice!
14:11:11jypI wrote a little program that checks the keypad status...
14:11:25jypI'm ready to do the keypad driver
14:11:50jypBut then I've got to setup timer interrupts etc.
14:12:18jypthat is port the kernel...
14:13:05jypMaybe someone has an idea on how to do this incrementally ?
14:15:06Zagorwhat debugging facility do you have?
14:15:14jypnone :(
14:15:26jypWell we have an emulator*
14:15:44jypthat runs Archos firmware
14:15:52jypout of the box
14:15:56Zagorah right. is it complete enough to run your code too?
14:16:18Zagorthat's very nice
14:16:42[IDC]Dragonimpressive, what hardware does it emulate?
14:16:44crash_so can you send me a binary to test with :)
14:16:55jypeverything but dsp & sound
14:16:56crash_wanna show my pal rockbox ;)
14:17:21jypcrash_, did you find the howto I was talking about ?
14:18:08crash_sorry didnt have a look till now
14:18:09jypcrash_, what gmini model do you have?
14:18:09[IDC]Dragonwould it be feasible to give that emulator a "standard" debug interface?
14:18:24crash_gmini xs 220
14:18:32crash_but it's not mine
14:20:11jypcrash_, you need to read & understand the howto; you need to setup a hook in the archos firmware
14:20:35jypalso, the LCD driver I have is for gmini 120 & SP... It'll probably crash the XS
14:21:04jyp[IDC]Dragon, we have a debug interface in the emulator already
14:21:05crash_hmm thats bad :/
14:25:49Zagordoes the xs even use the same cpu?
14:26:08jypbesides LCD, it runs ok in our emulator
14:26:12[IDC]Dragonit's a "shrink"
14:26:27Zagorah right, i was thinking of the 400
14:27:28LinusNporting the rockbox kernel shouldn't be too hard
14:27:53jypI'll give it a try then
14:29:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:31:28LinusNit didn't take me long to port it to the coldfire
14:31:53LinusN(the task switch is only 1 instruction) :-)
14:32:11LinusNm68k rulez :-)
14:35:23crash_LinusN: someone posted a screenshot showing your iriver with dir listing
14:35:35crash_dont find this anymore, could you tell me where it is ? :)
14:37:43crash_have found it, misticriver wokred ;)
14:37:47crash_thx though
14:39:24dwihnoIt's a shame you have to install the iriver manager software to do a firmware upgrade :(
14:40:32crash_you can just put a new firmware file on the hdd and go into the menu and upgrade firmware
14:41:39dwihnocrash: I just got an ifp-799, shipped with the 1.24 firmware
14:42:00dwihnoso to get usb mass storage capability, you have to upgrade the firmware using the iriver software
14:42:17crash_sorry i have a h320
14:42:26crash_so they seem to differ :/
14:42:28Zagordwihno: well it's for a good cause :)
14:42:38dwihnoToo bad my USB2 card is at home... filling it using usb1 is slow
14:42:41dwihnoZagor: true, true :)
14:43:59gromit`13:25 < Zagor> +it's very unfortunate if you have gotten the impression that we are not interested in a gmini port.
14:44:21gromit`i thought this was due to archos threats
14:44:32gromit`and since archos wanted to publish plugins
14:44:41dwihnothey have threatened the project?
14:44:46gromit`a rockbox wasn't such a necessity
14:44:46Zagorno, we never took those threats seriously. that was the avos guys.
14:45:07gromit`rockbox also ?
14:45:10Zagor(and we have never recieved any threats either)
14:45:10gromit`atthe beginning
14:45:22gromit`when to publish the format of their update
14:45:28gromit`i may be wrong
14:45:41gromit`that's what i've understood from the irc logs
14:45:49Zagorarchos has never pressured us in any way. they have rather ignored us.
14:46:05gromit`when i was looking after a gmini OS fw
14:46:53Zagori suppose you don't remember a rough date/month when that might have been?
14:47:12gromit`i search for it late june
14:47:27gromit`but the archive may be quite older
14:48:09dwihnoZagor: avos got threats?
14:48:24Zagoryeah we've archived irc since 2002-03 :)
14:48:41crash_so it seems there is no problem integrating the gmini port into :)
14:48:49dwihnoIt has already been that long? man; I need to start thinking of raising a family ;D
14:49:05 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.3/20041007]")
14:49:15Zagordwihno: that's what he said. i never got to see it myself, although i don't really have any reason to doubt him
14:50:12gromit`10.30.22 # <Bagder> many of us thinks Archos doesn't deserve rockbox
14:50:12gromit`10.30.34 # <Bagder> so we won't go for another archos player
14:50:12gromit`10.30.39 # <floof> why ? archos is kick ass !!!
14:50:12DBUGEnqueued KICK gromit`
14:50:12gromit`10.30.53 # <floof> well, my gmini at least
14:50:12gromit`10.30.53 # <Bagder> if it kicks ass, why do you want Rockbox for it?
14:50:31gromit`and many things like this....
14:50:37gromit`i just can't find them
14:50:38BagderI still think so
14:50:47Bagderbut we don't reject any ports becasue of that
14:51:04Zagorright, that is why we focus on the iriver instead. but it doesn't mean we reject a port if someone wants to do it.
14:52:32Bagderand with the iriver work, we are better prepared for such a port
14:52:34Zagori can see how one can read our words like that, but it was not our intention anyway
14:53:01gromit`i was on #rockbox in june
14:53:20gromit`and i think i was told that since archos provided plugins
14:53:29gromit`there would be no rockbox port
14:53:39Bagderweird reason
14:54:06[IDC]Dragonmaybe some tourist said so
14:54:12gromit`sorry for the misunderstanding so :)
14:54:25Bagdera word of advice: stop assuming things from stuff you read here :-)
14:54:47gromit`now i know who runs the stuff
14:54:52gromit`so it's okay
14:55:51jypalright ;)
14:55:58crash_gromit`: i've read the howto
14:56:15crash_seems to be no problem, but i dont think we can get this done here at work ;)
14:56:23jypheh ;)
14:57:04jypAnyways first we need information on the 220 lcd
14:57:42crash_how can i help ?
14:57:43Zagorusing the simulator you should be able to grab the code sequences and use those to match against data sheets
14:58:16gromit`i'll start having a look
14:58:32gromit`but i will be quite occupied until jan, the 24th
14:58:40crash_and i'll start this evening copying your wiki to rockbox
14:59:11jypok; that will solve my problem to access it
14:59:20jypthanks ;)
14:59:29Zagorwho is hosting
14:59:39crash_i'm glad i can do something for rockbox
15:00:01Zagorhave you discussed moving the wiki with him yet?
15:00:17gromit`no news about him since dec 20
15:00:32crash_but gromit` zagor is right
15:00:41Zagormaybe i'm being too cautious, but we've had people feeling stepped on by us before and i'd like to avoid that as far as possible
15:00:50gromit`i know :)
15:00:57gromit`and i understand
15:00:59crash_i think we should at least wait till "normal" vacation time is over
15:01:06gromit`maybe we can wait a few days
15:01:09crash_maybe i can start copying to rockbox
15:01:10gromit`and see if strath is back
15:01:17Zagorsounds like a good idea
15:01:41crash_so there would be a copy and peaople only knowing of rockbox see that there is gmini port
15:01:49jypAnyways, the reason is purely technical
15:02:03gromit`i think the aim is to have an OS fw and a public explanation of the stuff
15:02:07jypthe main developpers can't access his site
15:02:09gromit`no matter how and by whom it is done
15:02:26jypThat's extremely annoying for CVS
15:02:35crash_but i think the main site for archos oss fw is rockbox, am i wrong ?
15:02:53gromit`it is the first i found
15:02:58gromit`when i was looking for gmini oss fw
15:03:00crash_same here
15:18:27Bagderso is there an "official" decision to work on getting rockbox ported to the gmini?
15:18:41Bagderif so, it would be cool to mention that on the mailing list
15:18:59Zagorwho is working on the gmini btw, is it you gromit and jyp or are there more active people?
15:19:15jypit is us
15:19:40jypstill hoping for strath return though
15:19:56crash_jyp, gromit` as far as i understand it isnt official since strath ghast started it right?
15:20:44jypWhat is official anyways?
15:21:04Bagderonly that some gmini guys with clues want to do it
15:21:31BagderI mean, I can't say it'll happen because I won
15:21:35Bagder't make it happen myself
15:23:04gromit`my idea is that the way we do it doesn"t matter
15:23:12crash_so then it is official cause at least 2 people are working at it actively and are now more motivated since they have "official" support ;)
15:23:26BagderI guess so! ;-)
15:23:29jypyay ;)
15:23:33gromit`for my part i just want to have fun with my gmini and to have an os fw
15:23:40CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:23:40*Bagder waves
15:23:45Zagorgromit`: sounds like just the right approach
15:24:08Bagderso, what prefix does the cross-compiled gcc you use have?
15:24:08crash_gromit`: i understand, sometimes politics seems just useless
15:24:22gromit`"actively" i was quite unactive these times though :)
15:24:29jypWe sure could use more people on the project...
15:24:34crash_but on the other hand i think there are people out there that where glad to hear from your work :)
15:24:48Bagderjyp: announcing this on the list could be one way to attract more people
15:24:58gromit`we really need more people
15:25:16*crash_ is sorry for missing c coding skills
15:25:28Bagdercrash_: it is never too late...!
15:26:07crash_Bagder: i would like to start with rockbox, but i dont know if this is the right level ;)
15:26:34crash_i mean i have coded c++ some time ago, unfortunatly only with mfc
15:26:40Bagderplunge in!
15:26:55jypIf you announce something, make sure to to duley credit credit strath; so he doesn't feel "stepped on"
15:27:03Zagorseriously, writing plugins is a simple way to start getting the feel of rockbox
15:27:14BagderI was more hoping that one of you guys would announce it
15:27:22jypHa, ok ;)
15:27:32Bagderseems more suitable
15:29:06crash_Bagder: there is a simulator for rockbox for linux?
15:29:27crash_since i sold my jukebox 6k yesterday @ ebay i dont have a real archos device anymore
15:29:36Bagderyes there is
15:29:41crash_btw 100 euro for a 6 gig device is just crazy
15:29:46Bagderit simulates the lowlevel APIs
15:30:04crash_have mentioned rockbox in the description, i think this has helped ;)
15:30:14crash_ok i'll have a look this eveing
15:30:19crash_anything to be aware of?
15:30:28gromit`we should wait a few more days
15:30:39gromit`maybe his internet connection is down
15:30:48gromit`or something like this
15:30:56Bagdercrash_: pop in here and ask if you run into trouble
15:31:12gromit`wa can though start the work on the port
15:31:13jypgromit`, I was thinking next week
15:31:28jypAlready started ;)
15:32:15crash_but copying the wiki should be ok ?
15:32:48Bagderwhat is the prefix of your cross-compiled gcc?
15:33:09gromit`calmrisc16-unknown-elf ya
15:33:24BagderI'll do my share
15:34:10Bagderpreparing the configure tool for gmini
15:35:02LinusNgcc 2.95?
15:36:20jyp2.97 (codename: unreleased & fucked up)
15:36:42jypI'm working on the 3.4 or 4.0 update
15:38:26Bagderwhat's the lcd size of the gmini 120 ?
15:38:26LinusN2.97 means no C99 support, right?
15:38:59jypI don't know...
15:39:00gromit`128 x 64
15:39:05gromit`and 160 x 160 for the 220
15:39:19BagderI'm adding a basic 120 one first
15:39:33Bagderthen you fix all my flaws and fix it up better
15:39:39Bagderyou can even
15:42:11jypwhat does .icode stands for in rockbox ?
15:42:15jypinternal code ?
15:42:39jypI gotta place interrupt code at a fixed address
15:42:51jypI guess I should use that section ?
15:43:12Zagoricode is placed in cpu-internal sram
15:43:41jypwe have 32k in gmini i think...
15:43:46jypEnough ?
15:43:59LinusNwe have a section called "vectors" for the irq vectors
15:44:09Zagoryes. we have less iram in the sh1
15:44:40crash_so guys got to go, se you later :)
15:44:45 Nick crash_ is now known as crash_away (
15:45:31dwihnoI'm impressed with the IMP series this far
15:45:52dwihnoIt drives my sennheiser phones better than my archos
15:49:00Bagdercalmrisc16-unknown-elf-gcc: command not found
15:49:53jypIt's not a piece of code you want to run anyways ;)
15:58:24Bagderyou know how much ram a 120 has?
15:59:03jyp16 Mo ? gromit` ?
15:59:37Bagderok, I'll use 16 for now
15:59:42Bagderdoesn't matter very much atm
16:01:20Bagderif you check out rockbox now...
16:01:28Bagderyou can select archos gmini 120 as target
16:01:47Bagderif you build the simulation version, it builds
16:02:22jypafk for 10 minutes...
16:02:28 Nick jyp is now known as jyp|away (
16:18:13 Nick jyp|away is now known as jyp (
16:20:00 Part LinusN
16:29:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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16:36:01 Join methangas [0] (
16:43:05 Join amiconn [0] (
16:44:29Quel|awaymultilanguage irc channel :D
16:53:31lImbushi Jens
16:54:37[IDC]Dragonanother Hi Jens!
16:59:47 Join OnlyDeath [0] (
17:00:06OnlyDeathWho has the language.mix from red 2 game ?
17:00:14OnlyDeath. .. i need it quiait fast
17:00:35 Quit OnlyDeath (Client Quit)
17:01:08lImbusyeah guy, I assume you need something else quite fast !
17:02:13jypdamn junkies ;)
17:03:48Bagderthis is of course the obvious channel to ask for such files
17:04:16 Join veteran [0] (
17:04:33veterannice website guys
17:04:42*veteran is from #ipodlinux
17:05:12Bagderany news in ipod land?
17:05:48 Join courtc [0] (
17:05:50veterantrying to get 4g/mini/photo to work
17:07:27[IDC]Dragonipod is ARM DSP?
17:07:45[IDC]DragonARM plus DSP
17:08:06veterandual ARM, no DSP
17:08:10veteran75mhz ;)
17:08:29veteranwho's your web admin?
17:08:44BagderZagor is the main man, but we are multiple admins
17:09:27[IDC]Dragonlast time I looked at ipodlinux, there was no audio
17:09:42veteranwow it's been a while
17:10:26[IDC]Dragonso it's fully useable by now?
17:12:10veteranif your mp3s are encoded with CBR
17:12:39veteranit's been known to do some interesting slow-mo effects on VBR
17:13:24Zagorveteran: which codec are you using?
17:14:02Zagorall home-cooked?
17:14:04veteranintel IPC
17:14:11[IDC]Dragonanything wrong with MAD?
17:14:14veteranreally nasty
17:14:26courtcMAD is too slow :p
17:15:09courtc / not optimised enough for our tastes
17:15:12[IDC]Dragonthe helix client contains an ARM-optimized mp3 decoder, do you know?
17:15:15veteranZagor - what is the name of that feature request script?
17:15:27Zagorit's written by bagder
17:15:44veteranvery nice
17:16:29Bagderthe sf trackers need some help
17:16:29veteranis it open source? ;)
17:17:12Bagderveteran: well, I could offer you a copy ;-)
17:17:34BagderI write too many scripts to have them around for download
17:18:29Bagderits a simple 5K perl script
17:18:35veteransure we'd appreciate a copy
17:18:54[IDC]DragonI thought you meant the mp3 decoder
17:18:54veterandoes it use mysql?
17:19:06Bagderit uses the XML file downloaded from sf
17:19:13Bagderwith all tracker data
17:20:53Bagderto make this really good, you want to auto download that xml file
17:21:04Bagderbefore running this script on it
17:21:26veteranalright so cronjob?
17:22:38Bagderthat script downloads it fine
17:22:52Bagdermake sure you fill in the three top values
17:23:30Zagorwe/you should probably use the -z flag to curl to avoid downloading the same copy a zillion times
17:23:42Bagderand −−compressed
17:24:53courtc[IDC]Dragon, looking at it now.. seems promising
17:25:10courtcthanks for the heads up :)
17:25:49BagderZagor: fixing it now
17:27:48[IDC]Dragoncourtc: you're from ipodland, too?
17:28:36courtcheh, we are here to steal your ideas ;)
17:29:52[IDC]DragonI thought, to bring Rockbox to the Ipod
17:29:53Zagorwelcome! :-)
17:30:05[IDC]Dragon2 new platforms in one day!
17:30:49Zagorhehe, well i guess an ipod port is not exactly in the works right now. they've sort of opted for another route.
17:31:21[IDC]Dragoncourtc: I remember some profiling data somewhere, it was ~30ish MHz for mp3 decoding
17:31:37courtcyea, saw that..
17:32:14veteran[IDC]Dragon we are all drooling in #ipodlinux
17:32:23veteranmuch thanks :D
17:32:59veteranhelix looks very promising for ipodlinux
17:33:00[IDC]Dragoncan't see #ipodlinux from here
17:33:10[IDC]Dragonis there a log?
17:33:12courtcover the helix codec
17:35:54Zagorhow much hardware support is there for firewire/usb?
17:36:32[IDC]Dragoncourtc: I see, give me some credit!
17:37:36*Bagder runs away in search for food
17:45:49Zagorveteran, courtc: what is the difference with g4 that breaks compatibility?
17:45:59Zagor4g, i mean
17:51:48courtcWhat decoder does this project use?
17:52:17Zagorthe current hardware has a hardware decoder
17:52:30courtcah.. that helps :/
17:52:36Zagorthe iriver is our first sw-decoder platform, and we're currently looking at using libmad
18:06:23gromit`i hope gmini will be the second
18:07:57Zagorme too
18:10:37 Join hgb [0] (
18:12:54Zagorgotta go
18:12:57 Part Zagor
18:13:07hgbHmm. Installing Rockbox onto an Ondio from Linux should be as simple as just unzipping the ZIP file in wherever I mounted the ondio using USB mass storage, right?
18:13:25*hgb must find out if he has 128 FM or SP.
18:13:34hgbMost likely FM, I'd say...
18:15:46lImbushi hgb
18:16:04lImbuswhat's written on your ondio frontplate ?
18:16:22hgblImbus: Dunno. It's at home.
18:16:33lImbushas it got a radio ?
18:16:44lImbusthen it's fm
18:16:52lImbussp mot probably means "simple player"
18:17:18hgbIs there better radio reception with rockbox than with standard firmware?
18:17:31lImbusmhmm. don't thinks so.
18:17:32*hgb finds the radio reception to be of far too low quality.
18:17:46lImbusi'm not one of the developers
18:17:49hgbOn the other hand, I'm still running the firmware it came with.
18:17:58hgbWhich is probably ages old and useless.
18:18:17lImbusit depends on the hardware-version. there have been better and worse versions.
18:23:59hgbMine has some issues with the batteries as well. Sometimes they lose connection for a flash, and the thing reboots.
18:28:17lImbusgotta go, cu m8s
18:28:21 Part lImbus
18:29:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:56:07[IDC]Dragonhgb: there 2 dufferen FM tuners being used
18:56:55[IDC]Dragona bad Samsung one and a better Philips
19:11:04 Join einhirn [0] (
19:13:12*[IDC]Dragon runs off
19:13:16 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
19:40:50 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:50:34 Join Zagor [242] (
20:00:18 Nick thegeek_ is now known as thegeek (
20:29:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:32:30 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:46:38 Nick crash_away is now known as crash_ (
20:46:47crash_someone here to "help" me ?
20:47:07jypif I can
20:47:26crash_i just build the simulator from rockbox cvs
20:47:47crash_and aksing myself if the simulator can load another firmware like normal?
20:48:07crash_by putting archos.mod into archos dir
20:48:13jyp99.9999% chance it won't
20:48:24jyp(low estimate)
20:49:01amiconncrash_: Nope.
20:49:08crash_so, i will change something in source code and build again the rockbox simulator?
20:49:35amiconnIt's just a simulator that simulates the rockbox UI, not an emulator that is able to run code compiled for the target CPU
20:49:46crash_ah i see :)
20:50:09crash_so when i change something, i build simulator
20:50:11crash_thanks :)
20:55:27 Join muz [0] (
20:55:43muzhey you know that image of the iriver with the directory listing?
20:56:00muzdoes that mean that the rockbox firmware actually functions on the iriver?
20:56:24jypsomeone experienced in linker scripts here ?
20:56:53crash_muz: linus is coding the bootloader
20:57:08crash_its not yet really proted
20:57:20crash_but work in progress
20:59:24muzi thought the bootloader was done
21:00:15amiconnmuz: could be interesting
21:00:16Zagormuz: yes, it means nearly all rockbox code works, when ran in gdb using the bdm debugger
21:00:56Zagorhowever we still haven't finished the boot loader, so it requires the bdm hardware debugger which makes it ... limited of use :)
21:01:17Zagorjyp: what is your question?
21:01:42crash_Zagor: does that mean rockbox will run mostly complete when bootloader is finished and there will only be changes to do which take advantage of irivers capabilities?
21:01:48muzso without debuggers it wont work
21:02:16jypZagor, I have this: 0x2000: {
21:02:18jyp_datastart = .;
21:02:18DBUGEnqueued KICK jyp
21:02:18jyp_datasize = . - _datastart;
21:02:19***Alert Mode level 1
21:02:21jyp} > DRAM
21:02:42Zagorcrash_: yes, most of it works. no sound yet though.
21:02:50jypbut data size is 0x2000 too large
21:03:01jypas if i had _datasize = .
21:04:12jypMh... I just discovered the SiZEOF() operator...
21:04:21jypI'll give it a try
21:04:55crash_Zagor: great, i had expecte after publishing bootloader it would take another long period to whait ;)
21:05:09crash_so it seems rockbox for my h3xx comes a bit nearer ;)
21:05:46muzheres an irrelevant question: does rockbox support accelerated navigation like the ipod
21:05:50Zagorwell I do expect it will take a bit of time before it's a worthy replacement for the original firmware
21:06:05Zagormuz: define accelerated navigation
21:06:22muzlike if you hold down a direction the speed is gets higher
21:06:31Zagorok. yes it does.
21:06:40muzhey thats sooo cool
21:07:17Zagoror actually, it doesn't. we just have a rather quick button repeat rate.
21:07:19muzso is it just linus working on the iriver project
21:07:48amiconnThe button repeat rate *does* increase if you hold longer..
21:07:56Zagorno. only linus is working on the boot loader, since he has our only bdm debugger. but there has been lots of other work involved with the iriver port.
21:08:19Zagoramiconn: it does? man, i miss all the fun changes :-)
21:08:33amiconnI think that one is quite old...
21:08:42muzwhat exactly is the button repeat rate?
21:09:06amiconnWe scan for button presses 100 times/sec.
21:09:13crash_the seeking speed indeed gets greater the longer u hold the button
21:09:23amiconnRepeat kicks in after ~30 ticks (300 msec)
21:09:30crash_and u can setup how fast the speed should accelerate
21:09:36Zagorcrash_: yes, but the seek acceleration is handled specially
21:09:57Zagorin fact it even decellerates at the end of the track...
21:09:58amiconnRepeat rate starts at 16 ticks (6~6 repeats/sec) and goes up to 5 ticks (20 repeats/sec)
21:10:04crash_as i understand muz didnt want to know how it works just if, am i wrong ?
21:10:12muzits okay
21:10:16muzim ment to be clever neway
21:10:40crash_Zagor: but funny u didnt know this *g*
21:10:47muzim doing a course in engineering next year
21:11:06muzhopefully i might learn some stuff to help u guys
21:11:51crash_just teach urself ;) i'm trying right now, maybe i can be some help some day
21:12:20***Alert Mode OFF
21:14:42 Quit muz ("CGI:IRC")
21:15:05Zagorcrash_: my memory is rather bad. guess why I make such an effort to document and log everything? ;-)
21:15:36Zagoracceleration was introduced in september 2002... :-)
21:15:45Quel|awaycrash_: zagor is a "granpa"
21:16:04Quel|awayis spelled that way? i hope so
21:21:53Zagorjyp: problem solved?
21:22:20jypwell... I don't know
21:22:35jypI think so
21:22:46jypbut maybe there's another problem
21:22:52jypI'll give you an update ;)
21:33:11jypok I think I got it
21:40:15crash_Zagor, Quel|away : hehe ;)
21:58:14jypPhew... Got it...
21:58:30 Nick jyp is now known as LDscriptMastah (
21:58:30DBUGEnqueued KICK LDscriptMastah
21:59:17 Nick LDscriptMastah is now known as jyp (
21:59:17DBUGEnqueued KICK jyp
21:59:47Zagorwhich binutils version are you using?
22:00:00jypthe one shipped with our gcc
22:00:21jypGNU objdump 2.10-calmrisc16-010518
22:00:48Zagorooh, vintage :)
22:00:57jypYou said it.
22:01:44jypI got calmrisc support ported to the most recent version though
22:01:57jypbut it doesn't support disassembly
22:02:36Zagoryou did? excellent
22:02:39amiconnWargh! Rockbox created a dir that I am unable to delete :(
22:02:53Zagoramiconn: ouch
22:03:29amiconnPlaying around with multivolume, I tried to rename the virtual dir... it created a copy of that dir.
22:03:43amiconnI can't delete that because of the < and > in it
22:04:01Zagorbut rockbox can rename it
22:04:32amiconnIt's impossible to delete this on rockbox either - because it thinks this is the special dir. Rockbox hangs with the red led lit if I try
22:04:55Zagorboot an older version without multivolume code
22:05:35amiconnRenaming works.
22:05:49crash_jyp: right now i also have trouble loading
22:05:56 Join zeekoe [0] (
22:06:12jypcrash_, damn!
22:06:48Zagorthere appears to be a bad routing problem between and here. i could reach it from work but not from home. (tried simultaneously erlier today)
22:06:51amiconnZagor: Now that is really strange. I renamed the dir (to "BBB"). I still can't delete or even enter it on the PC
22:07:19Zagordoes it have a bad bit set, like label or something?
22:09:09amiconnTried to delete it on rockbox - some heavy disk activity, then it hung. Now the partition is f***ed up.
22:10:32amiconnRename really shouldn't try to work across volumes, that's what I wanted to check. It not only does nothing good, it even causes all sorts of trouble
22:10:39 Join Stryke` [0] (
22:12:00amiconnIt comes in very handy to have an experimentation device
22:16:09 Join zeekoe2 [0] (
22:17:29 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:18:00amiconnhi again Jrg
22:18:02[IDC]DragonHi again
22:18:09[IDC]Dragonblame me...
22:18:54[IDC]Dragonvolumes have an extra flag. It should be very simple to disable renaming them from the UI
22:18:54amiconnI tried FAT16 with all possible cluster sizes, and also placing a fat16 partition beyond 8 GB (LBA area). Everyting works.
22:19:16[IDC]Dragongreat, without any modification?
22:20:25amiconnIn fact, rockbox ignores the partition types altogether. I remembered differently, hmm?!?
22:20:37[IDC]Dragonso do I , yes
22:21:01amiconnI now have a multivolume partitioning with one fat32 partition and one fat16, trying to do weird things ;)
22:21:31amiconnRename should be completely disabled across volumes.
22:23:09amiconnYes, trying to rename a file in a way that it would have to be copied. The rename function asks for the destination path, so this would be possible to try from the UI
22:24:12[IDC]Dragonrename lets us change tha path?
22:24:34amiconnFurthermore, the volume check should check the exact name, so /<MMCn> is a volume identifier, but /<MMCn>AA isn't
22:25:01[IDC]Dragonthat has illegal chars
22:25:22[IDC]Dragonso /<MMCn>AA is bogus
22:25:27amiconnAh no, the rename function doesn't allow to change the path (as now)
22:25:58amiconnYes, <MMCn>AA is bogus, but the file/fat code doesn't check for illegal chars
22:26:29amiconnArgh, crappy player keyboard :-/
22:26:29[IDC]DragonI guess we can enter them? Hmm
22:27:13amiconnRename gives the old name to edit, so /<MMCn>AA is easy to create, just append AA
22:28:09[IDC]Dragonit shouldn't show the path, just the filename
22:28:15amiconnIt does.
22:28:28amiconnI tried renaming the /<MMCn> dir itself
22:28:42[IDC]Dragonthen we *could* edit the path
22:28:48amiconn(or rather /<HD1> as I'm experimenting on the player)
22:29:06 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:29:28amiconnIt doesn't show the path, but only the name of the item to rename, be it file or dir
22:29:34[IDC]Dragonagain, renaming the volume itself can be easily prevented
22:29:51 Nick zeekoe2 is now known as zeekoe (
22:29:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:29:58[IDC]Dragonwith that attribute flag
22:31:09amiconnYes, so this would prevent the danger for now. Disabling rename across volumes completely would be the future safe approach
22:39:15 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:42:47amiconn[IDC]Dragon: YOu think we should disable renaming the virtual dirs in the UI part?
22:43:14[IDC]Dragonwe have to make the option disappear
22:43:27CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 56 minutes and 59 seconds at the last flood
22:43:27*[IDC]Dragon looks fo the code
22:43:44amiconnIt may be a good idea to hide the delete option as well.
22:43:59[IDC]Dragondefinitely, yes
22:44:17amiconnWhile delete should work (except for the virtual dir itself of course) it would deleted *everything* in the mounted volume...
22:45:23[IDC]Dragoncould be useful, but we had no root delete in the past
22:45:38[IDC]Dragonwhich would've deleted rockbox, too
22:46:18amiconnI think this may be too dangerous... A user: "Hey, what's this strange <MMC1> directory here? Let's delete it!" Whoops!
22:47:59[IDC]Dragononplay() is easy to change
22:49:06 Join zeekoe [0] (
22:56:06amiconnTrying to delete the virtual dir hangs (after correctly deleting everyting within the mounted volume)
22:58:21 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
22:59:32 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:01:35amiconnGrr, mkdir() is not in the api
23:08:52 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- irc client ownage!")
23:10:48amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Totally ot: any news concerning the archos wav codec?
23:11:32[IDC]DragonI've also been thinking about a polite way to retrigger
23:12:15[IDC]Dragononplay committed
23:13:34amiconnI have a check in fat_rename() now. I'll make up a little test plugin that will test all possible cases.
23:13:51amiconnThe check is actually very simple
23:14:03amiconnif (file->volume != dir->file.volume)
23:14:15[IDC]DragonI don't think it's necessary to bulletproof our internal functions
23:14:33[IDC]Dragonadmit, it's simple
23:19:23 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:40:07 Join jyp_ [0] (
23:44:58 Join jyp__ [0] (

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