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#rockbox log for 2005-01-06

00:00:44[IDC]Dragonwith a wire attached to the common end of the resistors
00:01:33[IDC]Dragonthe LCD can be removed and fitted without removing the tuner PCB
00:02:16[IDC]Dragonyou have to pull the brown levers out
00:02:22TrevmarJorg - Hwere is it documented about how to connect the boot cable to the parallel (or is it serial) port of the PC?
00:02:28[IDC]Dragonwith some kind of small hook
00:02:44amiconnZagor: No warning on the Ondio quickstart card (Ondio SP, that is). Full manual is only available on CD, checking...
00:02:53[IDC]DragonTrevmar: you need a level converter inbetween
00:05:06TrevmarJorg - yes, I remember seeing the schematic somewhere −− if I could only find it again LOL
00:05:19[IDC]Dragonthen green is Gnd, orange is input, yellow is output
00:05:33 Join jyp [0] (
00:05:39[IDC]Dragon(on my Ondio cable)
00:06:55 Quit bagawk ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:07:03[IDC]Dragona nice source for a level converter is a mobile phone cable
00:07:48[IDC]Dragonrecenly I got some for a few bucks, coming from USB, which also solves the power supply issue
00:08:31[IDC]Dragona cable with a tiny USB<->serial bridge, convenient 3V levels
00:09:02amiconnZagor: There is *no* warning in the Ondio manual.
00:09:51amiconnBtw, the CD which came with my Ondio SP does only contain the Ondio FM manual
00:11:50Spidafrom the Exim ftp sites. The manual is also online at the Exim web sites.
00:11:58Spidawaeh, wrong paste, sorry
00:12:15[IDC]DragonTrevmar: like this one:
00:12:26Spida <- thats the one I wanted to paste
00:12:52TrevmarJorg - thanks, got the ebay link
00:13:55TrevmarJorg - and it is bought :)
00:14:08[IDC]Dragonthat was quick
00:14:18[IDC]Dragon$7 shipment :(
00:14:28ZagorSpida: that wasn't hard to guess :)
00:14:39 Quit jyp ("Leaving")
00:15:23TrevmarJorg - yes, but Losa Angeles is 50miles away, and fuel would cost that much -LOL anyway I will get it by mail in just a day or two
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00:17:07Trevmaris there an executable for your loading software? otherwise what compiler do I need to compile it? Host OS is DOS?
00:17:26ZagorSpida: i'm guessing they will soon cave like all others. nobody has ever stood up to the gpl.
00:17:36[IDC]DragonI can attach it to the wiki page
00:18:01[IDC]Dragonit's a Win32 command line app
00:18:32TrevmarJorg: thanks. DO you have a link tp the correct wiki page?
00:19:12[IDC]Dragontopic is UartBoot
00:19:39TrevmarGot it, thanks
00:19:56lImbusZagor: are the pmp older devices ? I'm messing it up all again...
00:20:29TrevmarJorg, Does this flash the CPU memory?
00:20:56amiconn$ sh-elf-gcc -v −−> $ sh-elf-gcc -v :)
00:21:02[IDC]Dragonthe program flash, yes. It's located outside of the CPU
00:21:09ZagorlImbus: the pmp is their rather new media (movie) player
00:21:19amiconnAhem, I mean −−> gcc version 3.3.5
00:21:30lImbusah well, with drm ?
00:21:30[IDC]Dragonthe CPU itself has a boot ROM
00:21:41ZagorlImbus: i don't know
00:22:41TrevmarJorg, quickly reading the readme in the ZIp I didn't see whether your software talks to COM1 or COM2
00:23:56TrevmarI am hoping the CPU boot ROM has not gone 'soft'...
00:24:08[IDC]Dragonthat's a command line option
00:24:38TrevmarOK, I will figure it out, thanks
00:24:56[IDC]DragonTrevmar: nor has the the flash, I'd say. But we'll see...
00:27:25[IDC]Dragonbefory you actually flash anything, make sure to have read the flash
00:27:50[IDC]Dragonyou'd need to copy the h/w mask value into your new image
00:28:03TrevmarOK, will do my best. Will try the two high-current ones first, as their behaviour might change :)
00:28:40[IDC]DragonI'm sure those have a hardware problem
00:28:59[IDC]Dragonthe software can't cause such a rush
00:29:19TrevmarArrrgh - there is something in the readme.txt about the mask?
00:29:29[IDC]Dragonnot yet :-(
00:29:44TrevmarOk, I won't have the cable until a day or two :(
00:30:05[IDC]DragonI'll try to update the wiki
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00:30:42TrevmarI think the high current might be due to the CPU not switching things properly - that is why I am worried about CPU internal flash - I have had systems where the CMOS CPUs draw a lot of current when things aren't toggling just right...
00:31:05TrevmarAlso, inputs and outputs may not be initialized right, causing high currents
00:31:10[IDC]DragonI doubt it in this case
00:31:23[IDC]Dragonnot such high
00:31:38[IDC]Dragondo you have an idea where the power goes?
00:31:47TrevmarOK, thanks. At least I don't worry as much now that I have two units doing it from two different histories
00:31:48[IDC]Dragonsomething must heat up
00:32:19TrevmarI haven't left it on for long enough to see, but only the converter gets hot as far as I can see. The 3.3V stays where it should be
00:32:45lImbus-> home. good night guys
00:32:48[IDC]DragonMy model suffered from a hot converter, too
00:32:57[IDC]Dragondraw ~250 mA
00:33:05 Part lImbus
00:33:11[IDC]Dragonin my case, it was the converter itself
00:33:22Trevmarhmm..why 250ma? was that due to a failed converter?
00:33:41Trevmarmaybe that is the problem. Anyway - they are cheap chips
00:33:53[IDC]Dragonoutput was OK, efficiency not
00:34:11[IDC]Dragonif you have a source, yes
00:34:55Trevmarfinal question - docs on patching the hardware mask will be in the modified Wiki?
00:36:18[IDC]Dragonthat'll be the best place, yes
00:37:27amiconnGcc 3.3.5 generates slightly more compact binaries than 3.3.1. The difference is quite small though, 108 to 184 bytes for rockbox depending on target
00:37:47TrevmarThanks, Jorg, thanks for everything..
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04:19:54GoatmaleHello Everyone.
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09:29:21LePoulpehi all
09:29:28DBUGEnqueued KICK JJ-Demon
09:33:44LePoulpeanyone has a doc about how to change batteries on archos jb studio ? i've lost the user manual
09:34:06lImbusmhmm. isn't that one of the Players ?
09:34:12lImbusshould be easy
09:34:28LePoulpeyes it is
09:34:39LePoulpebut i have to left hands with 5 thumbs on each hand
09:35:09LePoulpei prefer refer to the doc before breaking everything ;-)
09:35:14lImbusdo you have working eyes ? could be difficult for blind people
09:35:31LePoulpehmmmm i need glasses
09:35:46LePoulpei'm myopic
09:36:09lImbusas long as the glasses are so light you can handle them on the nose, it#s okay I think
09:36:14 Join hgb_ [0] (
09:36:36lImbuslet's see. I don't have my device with me here, but that should be no big deal
09:36:38LePoulpeno it's to bottle bottoms linked by a wire
09:36:57lImbusdo you have a plate screwdriver there ?
09:37:05LePoulpei can find one
09:37:08lImbusor something similar like ong fingernails ?
09:37:16LePoulpei eat mty fingernails
09:37:18lImbusLong fingernails, that is
09:37:25lImbuskk, go for it :-)
09:38:00LePoulpeok !
09:39:06LePoulpegot it
09:39:15lImbusdo you see the small holes left and right side from the central plate, right unter the display ?
09:39:51lImbusget it in there :-)
09:40:10lImbusmake the levier to haul the curved parts.
09:40:53lImbusfirst pic shows what you should see now:
09:41:40lImbusor this one:
09:41:42LePoulpeoh yes ok
09:42:39lImbusthen, you have to tear on the batteries. it will bend the bumpers a small bit, you can try to push them to the negative side (where the spring is)
09:42:52LePoulpeoh easy yes
09:43:36lImbusdo you need assistance for the rest ? I could take the screwdriver...
09:43:41LePoulpeis it your www page ? (the one with hd replacment)
09:44:07lImbusnope, I found it on the rockbox->documentation site
09:44:13LePoulpeoh ok
09:44:21LePoulpedid you try the hd replacement ?
09:44:36lImbusI did it, yes
09:45:05LePoulpei'd like to try it
09:45:33lImbusfeel free :-)
09:46:52 Quit hgb (Client Quit)
09:47:08LePoulpewhat capacity do u have actually ?
09:47:44lImbusmhmm. 40 GB, need 20 GB more or something like that. I'm always struggeling
09:48:47LePoulpemankind :-)
09:49:36lImbusI think this is somewhat inherent to the system.
09:50:07LePoulpewow 89.95 for 40 gb ........ .always expensive .. i hoped price where lower
09:51:11JJ-Demonwhat type of hard drives do those players take?
09:51:15JJ-Demon.8 "
09:51:16***Alert Mode level 1
09:51:33lImbusuh, no, the standard notebook-drives
09:51:37lImbusis that 2,5 ?
09:51:39LePoulpe 2.5" dixit lImbus
09:51:48***Alert Mode level 2
09:51:48JJ-Demonahh ok
09:51:49lImbusuhh, did I before ?
09:51:58LePoulpeon the www
09:52:28LePoulpei missed the word "site" 2.5" dixit lImbus site
09:52:53lImbusJJ-Demon, could you switch of the coloring ? It messes up the logs (see
09:52:58lImbusoh, I see
09:53:31***Alert Mode level 3
09:53:36***Alert Mode level 4
09:53:36JJ-Demondoes it look red to you guys?
09:53:40***Alert Mode level 5
09:53:40JJ-Demonim using trillian
09:53:45***Alert Mode level 6
09:53:45JJ-Demonand that my text colopur
09:53:57***Alert Mode level 7
09:53:57JJ-Demoncolour* didn't know it showed in irc
09:54:29LePoulpei don't know i'm colour blind :-D
09:54:38***Alert Mode level 8
09:54:45***Alert Mode level 9
09:54:45JJ-Demonill change it
09:55:27***Alert Mode level 10
09:56:03lImbusuh, no
09:56:04LePoulpeit's green too
09:56:19***Alert Mode level 11
09:56:20lImbusdon't bother
09:56:26lImbusit's not that hard
09:56:33lImbusit's only hard to read in the logs
09:56:35***Alert Mode level 12
09:56:35JJ-Demonill just be quiet
09:56:37***Alert Mode level 13
09:56:51lImbusespecially if your quote starts with numbers, as you can see
10:00:55 Nick hgb_ is now known as hgb (
10:02:12lImbusOT: anyone else experiencing icq-outage ?
10:06:38***Alert Mode OFF
10:08:15lImbusmhmm. tnx
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10:32:35 Part JJ-Demon
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12:32:55lImbushi all
13:31:58SpidalImbus: I don't use ICQ.
13:32:04Spidajabber rocks
13:42:34 Join ashridah [0] (
13:45:47ashridahyou know, i'd be really REALLY happy if hadn't turned into a flash-based mess
13:45:48CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:45:48*ashridah mutters
13:48:13 Part Lynx_
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17:04:44 Join ripnetUK [0] (
17:05:28ripnetUKi take it there is no gnews on iRiver boot loader (since xmas?) :)
17:06:33Lynx_linus is working on it is the last i heard...
17:07:11 Join DMJC [0] (
17:15:10 Join Zagor [242] (
17:20:09ripnetUKlast i heard he was −−−−> <−−−− this close :)
17:26:36 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
17:27:32 Part LePoulpe
17:30:54Lynx_is the bootloader the major step, or just the next major step?
17:38:55Zagorit's a rather major step. it's not the last, but a big one.
17:39:39 Join Spida_ [0] (
17:42:49ripnetUKafter the bootloader exists, others can work on the code as well.. ATM only LinusN can as only he has the required hardware to run non-offical code on a iRiver
17:45:10Lynx_ah, ok. and how far is the rockbox code ready for the iriver hardware? or is that to be determined with the functional bootloader?
17:48:16Zagorwe have drivers for nearly everything: display, disk, flash, buttons etc. see
17:51:05 Quit Spida (Connection timed out)
17:52:48Lynx_Zagor: well, there are a lot of 0%'s in the list ;-) or are those minor drivers?
17:55:57Zagorthey are mostly for the sound hardware and remote control, which we haven't started writing for yet
17:56:45Zagorthe boot loader will/should enable you to boot rockbox and browse files, play games etc pretty quickly but not play music yet. that's the next step.
17:59:12Lynx_the problem is that the decoder will have to be in software, right?
18:00:02Lynx_ah, you were talking about the sound driver...
18:01:23Zagoryes. the drivers that are complete were relatively easy because we already had those drivers, so we only needed to modify them. the codec code requires more work since the archos players don't require that, so we haven't designed and written it yet
18:03:11Lynx_ok. i wish i could code...
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18:54:44 Join TexJoachim [0] (
18:55:47TexJoachimgood evening!
18:55:59TexJoachimI just wanted to thank everybody for Rockbox
18:56:09ZagorTexJoachim: :-) your're welcome
18:58:53TexJoachimgot my jukebox on tuesday and never gave the original firmware a chance
19:01:22lImbuslike I did on my recorder and the ondio
19:01:58lImbusI took the decision to not be premature and test it at least 10 minutes (I played with the simulator before)
19:02:06lImbusit took about half a minute or so :-)
19:04:31 Quit ripnetUK ()
19:05:35TexJoachimno, I needed to google for my recorder anyway (I use Linux) and the third link aunt google gave me was
19:06:12TexJoachimnow, the only problem I have is that the first time I used the recorder, it went dead after an hour of listening
19:06:33TexJoachimbut I must admit that I didn't let it charge for 6 hour before
19:06:51TexJoachimI charged for an hour and started putting mp3s on it
19:07:07TexJoachimnow, I gave the recorder time to really charge over last night
19:15:37[IDC]DragonOT: Google Suggest shows rockbox first after just entering "rockb"
19:17:09TexJoachimI didn't that it existed :-)
19:19:28 Quit gromit` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:22:46 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
19:23:15 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
19:35:15 Join _aLF [0] (
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20:01:09 Part TexJoachim
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20:19:09 Join tearfull [0] (
20:19:21tearfullgood evenin there
20:20:07tearfullAnyone here available to help me with a dying JBM20 ?
20:20:38lImbusI can try
20:21:09tearfullnice :-)
20:21:53tearfulli was transfering afile to my comp and usddenly the usb link failed
20:22:06tearfullthe screen went black, and has remained black so far
20:22:32tearfullAfter re pluging, the disk doesn't show anymore via the usb
20:23:06tearfullI have tried discharging and recharging the batteires, tired to reset the jbm bu removing and reloading the batteires
20:23:42tearfullbut the damn thing remain deadn although I can see the read and green lead on
20:23:58lImbusso the display stays black, the disk is not spinning anymore, just death? no signs of life ?
20:24:12lImbusah, ok, the led
20:24:21tearfull(sorry, led, not lead)
20:24:42tearfullI can hear the disk, a slight buzz, which means the hdd must have some electricity
20:24:45lImbusJBM20 ? isn't that a Multimedia ?
20:24:49tearfullyes it is
20:25:10lImbusso it can't be a rockbox-problem :-)
20:25:23tearfullnope :-)
20:25:37Zagortearfull: it doesn't power up in normal mode (non-usb) either?
20:26:18tearfullwell, I have fully charged the batterizes during the night, and my JBM stayed "on" for a few hours before the JBM shut down
20:26:31lImbusmhmm. JBM20 is very close to the recV2 in what concerns power supply and battery connectors, isn't it ?
20:26:56tearfull(erf, child is cring, I'll be rght back in minute)
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20:31:52Zagorhmm, the helix mp3 codec license might not be gpl compatible
20:34:01tearfullwell, after browsing through the various forums, I was wondering about two options : either the weak soldering near the batteries, or weakening batteries (3 years old now
20:34:56tearfullI'm a bit puzzled regarding what to do next...
20:39:59tearfullno suggestion ?
20:41:07Zagori'm afraid not. it sounds like a power failure, but there could be a number of causes
20:43:12lImbusthe fact it broke up during work stranges me. but no suggestion either.
20:45:42tearfullI haven't fully searched the site, but I haven't crossed upon an explanation how to link the hdd to a computer, if ever I manager to disassemble the thing ?
20:46:48Zagortearfull: yeah, that's easy. you just need a 2.5"->3.5" ide converter cable. they are available everywhere for $5 or so
20:48:16tearfulland what about power supply ?
20:48:47Zagorthe converter includes a standard 3.5" drive connector
20:49:54tearfullthanks, thart answers the question
20:50:51tearfullI still wonder if the batteires might not be too old to retain sufficeint voltage
20:51:53Zagoryes, it could definitely be a battery problem.
20:52:14tearfull3 years old is a venerale age for a battery I guess
20:53:37tearfullbefore dissambling (and breaking beoyond repair) my JBM I'll see if I can buy a new set
20:53:41 Join Stryke` [0] (
20:54:00Zagortearfull: they are available from many places
20:55:03Zagorthe jbm is the same as the av120, isn't it?
20:56:09tearfullat least it looks like the same, there are a few differences (native usb 2.0 i think with 120)
20:56:56Zagor$19 sounds pretty cheap
20:57:25tearfullI'll have to see if I can find some in the remote French little town I live in
20:58:11Zagoryeah, that's probably best. but it seems archos use the same liion battery for nearly all their models, which increases the chances of finding it
20:59:41tearfullthe nice side of the problem is that I might eventually convince my wife I should invest some money on a new model :-)
21:00:59tearfulldoes the hdd removal require unsoldering ?
21:03:02amiconntearfull: This page might contain useful info for you:
21:03:48tearfullwell, thanks for you help
21:04:04tearfullnice to meet friendly people, sharing some time to help strangers
21:05:42amiconnZagor: The helix decoder does not support layer 2. I would prefer MAD if I have the choice.
21:07:40amiconnPossibly there is another option: There is a highly optimized (68k assembler) mpeg decoder library available for Amiga (mpega.library). This is distributed as freeware, no source included. Perhaps it's possible to contact the author...
21:09:05amiconnThe integer version of this library is able to decode 44.1 kHz stereo mp3s in full quality on 68060 (50 MHz), using around 40..50 % processor power
21:09:48amiconnThere is also a library version using MAD, which needs twice the processor power.
21:11:03tearfullgood night
21:11:04 Quit tearfull ("CGI:IRC")
21:18:48 Join Slug [0] (
21:23:20 Join rieni [0] (
21:41:20amiconnZagor: I found some interesting facts meanwhile. The author of mpega.library (Stephane Tavenard) seems to have released some of his mp3 decoder sources, under the name "mpegdec". I found a coldfire port of this, released under GPL...
21:41:47 Quit Slug ("[CC mIRC 6.01a] You've tried the rest, now get the best!")
22:04:21 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:18:53 Quit rieni ("Am I too 1337 for you?")
22:29:35 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
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22:32:51Zagoramiconn: interesting. mad is my first choice too, i'm just looking at alternatives
22:35:28 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
22:35:29amiconnI would prefer MAD over helix just because MAD supports all 3 layers, thinking of playing DAB recordings (layer 2). Mpegdec does also support all 3 layers (configurable at compile time)
22:38:31amiconnIirc, the clock frequency of the iRiver CPU is variable, so choosing a more optimized decoder should extend battery runtime.
22:39:15Zagorthere's an awful lot of 68k assembler in mpegdec. if we used that we'd have to start all over again for the gmini.
22:40:05[IDC]Dragongmini is a different beast anyway
22:40:16[IDC]Dragonwith a DSP at the side
22:40:33jypho ho ho, I'm listenning ;)
22:40:36Zagorthat will be "fun" :-)
22:40:50amiconnMaybe we should start with MAD (iirc MAD is pure C), and add mpegdec later, for extended runtime on iRiver
22:41:00Zagoramiconn: yes, i think so
22:41:02jypAs it stands we must write the gmini decoding all in asm
22:41:17jypcoz there's no compiler supporting it anyway
22:41:22[IDC]Dragonyou wanted the codecs pluggable, anyway?
22:41:24Zagorwhich dsp is it?
22:41:32Zagor[IDC]Dragon: yes
22:41:51jypCalmMAC arch
22:43:32crash_jyp: youre crazy :)
22:43:35jypOn a different subject, I now have lcd, keypad and timer interrupt working on my gmini
22:44:06jypI think I'm ready for porting the core of rockbox
22:44:24jyp... or I need something else ?
22:44:52jypcrash_, Don't worry, I'm gonna write a compiler ;)
22:53:38Bagderjyp: you gotten the rockbox source and setup a gmini build yet then?
22:54:01Bagderok, nice
22:54:09jypsimulator builds as you reported
22:54:37jypbut it chokes on one plugin... It doesn't matter for me; just reporting
22:54:49Bagderyes I noticed
22:54:55BagderI know why too
22:55:05jypok ,)
22:55:22Bagderwe need to write up button.h with some key defines for gmini
22:55:50jypchecking it...
22:56:02Bagderthe failing plugin compile is also about a key define
22:56:23BagderI made the gmini build with iriver keypad for the sim
22:56:26Bagderto make it build
23:00:16 Part lImbus
23:13:32 Join zeekoe [0] (
23:19:04Zagorjyp: do you know if the navigation knob on the xs200 has a push function too?
23:19:39jypno, I don't
23:22:10Zagorall these new keypads will be a nice challenge to support
23:23:49Zagorwhat's that gray button below the screen on gmini 120?
23:24:51Zagorit's a single click button, not a joystick or anything?
23:25:00jypsingle click
23:25:41Zagorok. how about the curved buttons to the right, are they effectively two buttons each?
23:25:55jypyes, up down left right
23:26:14jypplay/pause at the center
23:26:21jypcancel above
23:26:40jypand "on" above again
23:26:57jypthat last one isn't connected to adc...
23:27:17jypi don't know how it works yet
23:27:19Zagorright. the older jukeboxes are the same - some buttons on adc and some on port pins
23:30:52Zagordoes the "on" button have a function in the archos firmware? except "on" that is.
23:31:27jypit does the same as play/pause.
23:31:44jypbut we can rebind it
23:32:40Zagoryes, we will rebind lots of stuff :-) i'm thinking we probably want to use the menu button for our "mode" key, because it's looks to be the only one that is comfortable to reach with the left hand
23:33:44Zagorpossibly the on button could be the menu key
23:34:15Zagorthe big gray button doesn't have a marking, does it?
23:34:26Zagorgood :)
23:35:43Zagorthe xs200 and 220 has one less button. that makes it a bit difficult
23:38:21zeekoe(oh no, that zeekoe whining again...)
23:38:44zeekoei got a patch of which i think it's ready to be commited
23:38:47zeekoewhat should i do?
23:38:59Zagoris it in the patch tracker?
23:39:36Zagorwhich patch is it?
23:40:01zeekoedoes only work for recorders though, i can't get the simbuilds working
23:40:39zeekoethat is, if #if CONFIG_KEYPAD == RECORDER_PAD is the correct syntax for recorder use
23:41:44Zagoryou shouldn't depend on a model, you should depend on a feature. do you require the recorder keypad?
23:42:04Zagorremember we support many models, and more are coming
23:42:28 Join Stryke` [0] (
23:42:32zeekoewell, i load settings based upon F1, F2, F3 keys
23:42:32Zagori see in your patch you do actually depend on the recorder keypad. in that case, you are doing the right thing
23:42:59zeekoeother players can have right/left config files though
23:43:12Zagorhowever it is generally considered bad form to only support some models
23:43:46zeekoesounds logical
23:44:56Zagoryour patch adds this question unconditionally. it must be optional, controlled by a config option. not everyone will want to answer this question every boot.
23:44:58zeekoeperhaps i should include a #if CONFIG_KEYPAD != RECORDER_PAD, with right/left config file loading.
23:45:11zeekoei thought of that
23:45:29zeekoeif you don't have f1.cfg, etc files, behaviour isn't changed
23:46:00zeekoeor isn't that enough?
23:46:45Zagorthat sounds fine, but I don't see such a condition in the patch
23:47:42zeekoeif (!load_blah)
23:47:42zeekoe return false;
23:47:50zeekoethat does the trick
23:47:58zeekoereturn false == exit the menu
23:49:56Zagori don't think we are reading the same patch. i'm looking at
23:50:50zeekoethis was what i meant:
23:50:50zeekoe+ if (!settings_load_config("/.rockbox/f1.cfg")) /* if impossible to load, */
23:50:51zeekoe+ return false; /* then quit (as in don't resume) */
23:51:43Zagorthat condition is after you've prompted the user
23:52:04 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:53:12 Join zeekoe [0] (
23:53:14zeekoeso much for opera beta ;-)
23:53:24zeekoei'm not really prompting
23:53:55zeekoethe menu text is added in the resume screen; if the resume screen is displayed, then this text is added
23:54:12zeekoeso if a user has resume screen disabled, the text won't show
23:55:05 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:55:31zeekoeif the resume screen is shown, and user has no config files, then all works as before, except for a bit of text displayed at the bottom
23:55:50Zagoryes, regardless if the files exist or not. also binding option config loading to the resume is rather illogical. what if I have no resume? i like the idea, but i think this solution is a bit too kludgy.
23:57:38zeekoeso.. if i'd add an extra config option like 'show config load screen at startup', that would be better
23:58:00zeekoeor perhaps as an alternative under the F2 or F3 buttons
23:58:32Zagorf2/f3 patches are universally rejected, so don't do that :)
23:58:44zeekoeok :)

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