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#rockbox log for 2005-01-07

00:00:41zeekoeyup, and unneccessary i think now... if a user want a config-load-only option, he can have the resume screen for free, and it won't harm
00:01:16zeekoethe only different thing would be that he shouldn't press Play changing the 'show resume screen' option can change in 'show resume and config load screen', right?
00:01:51Zagorright. how about adding the config option, and if the resume screen isn't used but the config loader option is set, you prompt separately from the resume
00:02:14Zagoralso only show the button bar in the resume screen if the option is set
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00:05:14Zagoralso i'd like a splash(HZ,true,str(LANG_READ_FAILED),filename) if the config file chosen does not exist
00:05:58zeekoethat would break the backwards compatibility to 'the old system'
00:06:05Zagor...and use the ROCKBOX_DIR define instead of hardcoding "/.rockbox"
00:06:14zeekoeuh, ok :)
00:06:32Zagorwell since we are adding a config option, we don't need to maintain compatibility imho
00:06:39zeekoeif a user normally exits the menu with f1, he now has to wait 1 second
00:07:05zeekoeok, you got a point
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00:07:32Zagorsince the option is disabled by default, the user won't be surprised by the change
00:10:37Zagormy suggestion for non-recorder keypads is to give two options: left/right. all devices have left/right, and it doesn't interfer with resume (even player users can still press play/stop)
00:11:14zeekoeyup, i'll do that
00:12:05zeekoecan i use buttonbar_set("left","","right") for that? or is that bad
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00:16:17Zagoractually, you can't display anything for players in the resume screen. their display is full...
00:17:07Zagorthe buttonbar* functions only exist on recorders, so you can't use them for other models
00:18:48Zagorhowever i still think players should have the option available, just no text if resume screen is showing.
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00:22:07zeekoe2i agree on that (about the players). But the *buttonbar thing doesnt work on ondios? ondios do have the right screen.
00:22:16zeekoe2is there another easy way to get text at the bottom of the screen?
00:22:31zeekoe2other than copypaste the buttonbar thing?
00:22:31Zagorthey have the screen, but not the buttons so a bar would be useless
00:22:46zeekoe2bottom of screen is hard, i found out
00:22:53zeekoe2harder than top
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00:24:28Zagoryes, you need to know the font height
00:24:57zeekoeor use a known to be good font
00:25:43zeekoeah well, i should get some sleep now
00:26:08zeekoeneed to do some rockbox digging tomorrow, like how to add config options and stuff :)
00:26:09Zagorsorry to give you a load of work :)
00:26:25zeekoeyou're not really sorry, are you ;-)
00:26:46zeekoeit's good for me... i might learn some C :)
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00:42:00crash_jyp: hi
00:51:39crash_i had an highlight from you ;)
00:51:50crash_i think it was about the gmin 220 xs
00:54:03crash_so u got a question?
00:54:37crash_ function too?
00:54:37crash_23:22 < jyp> no, I don't
00:54:37crash_23:22 < jyp> sorry
00:54:37DBUGEnqueued KICK crash_
00:54:37crash_23:22 < jyp> crash_?
00:55:06Zagor<Zagor> jyp: do you know if the navigation knob on the xs200 has a push function too?
00:55:27jypmaybe you know?
00:55:31crash_i hink i should exercise a bit with this irc client ;)
00:55:37crash_i can test
00:55:54crash_but as i said i dont have a gmini xs 220, only a friend of mine has one
00:56:19crash_u mean the round button in the middle, which functions this one has right ?
00:56:31crash_or if it is a joystick like
00:56:39jypZagor means :P
00:57:04Zagorexactly. i assume it can be moved in four directions. but can it be pushed/clicked too? i would guess so.
00:57:29crash_i just asked my friend
00:57:33crash_waiting for response
01:03:12crash_ok Zagor is right it's a joystick and you can push it in 4 directions
01:03:50Zagorbut not in?
01:05:02crash_aehm sorry
01:05:09crash_sure u can push him
01:08:10gromit`lafouine has a xs hasn't he ?
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01:23:31Zagoraha, the pma400 (ex av500) is officially linux based. that's nice.
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01:26:42Zagorooh, keyboard and ethernet available. nice little machine!
01:27:47crash_url ?
01:29:42crash_thats really nice
01:29:59crash_seems like coming all portable devices togehter
01:30:09Zagoryeah. surprisingly low screen resolution though. and very expensive!
01:31:08crash_3,5" and 320x240 ? uh
01:33:09Zagorit's not bad, but the palms are up to 320x480
01:34:23crash_its the question how each of these companies understands "linux-based"
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01:47:28*crash_ is just formating his archos 6k jukebox cause he sold it for 100euro on ebay ;)
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08:59:46LePoulpehi all
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10:10:25bobTHChi all
10:11:44bobTHChave u seen the last announce of Archos
10:12:24bobTHCa pda based on the AV400
10:12:41bobTHCon linux
10:13:05bobTHCnice stuff
10:15:14bobTHCa bit expensive and surely a bad battery autonomy
10:16:57bobTHCfrench ppl can have more info @
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10:33:07bobTHCa rockbox for gmini 120 is on the way ??
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11:07:37BagderbobTHC: hopefully, yes
11:10:10Lynx_i have the artist name in the filenames first. so if the artist name is rather long, i have to wait for the song name to scroll by when searching for something. Do you guys think it would make sense to include a "shorten" feature which for example takes out all the vowels from the names?
11:11:07BagderLynx_: its been discussed many times in the past, but I don't think any approach has gotten concensus as "they way" yet
11:11:27*Bagder takes off
11:11:31Lynx_ah. would it be a lot of work to include that?
11:12:13Bagderprobably not
11:12:26Bagderthe big deal is to find the approach many ppl favour
11:12:43Lynx_what are the other options?
11:13:09Bagderthere have been many alternatives suggested
11:13:16BagderI don't remember all of them right now
11:13:29Bagdergotta go
11:22:41bobTHCBagder: thx, new devices are good news for spreading the rockbox
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12:29:15amiconnBagder: Regarding the "scroll wait" - imho it would help a lot if the recorders also get a jump scroll feature like the players.
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12:38:28Lynx_does jump scroll mean the text is displayed in two alternating parts?
12:43:23amiconnJump scroll means that the text scrolls in steps equal to the display width, showing each display-width part a configurable time
12:44:08amiconnThis is implemented on the player. If activated, the text scrolls <n> times with jump scroll, then switches over to regular scroll.
12:47:14Lynx_ok, i see. that would be nice, instead the of the shorten function for example.
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14:38:41soshhi everyone !
14:43:59soshfirst off all, i wanna say, i love rockbox and a big thanx too all ppl behind rockbox!
14:46:09soshi've got an technical question on my ajb recorder. may i ask it in here ?!
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14:55:12 Join omri02 [0] (
14:55:15omri02hey everyone
14:55:17omri02whos here?
14:55:28lImbussosh: you may try. I am quite busy, but I can try to respond
14:55:37lImbushi omri02
14:56:06omri02are you active in the iriver rockbox port?
14:57:38 Join midk [0] (
14:57:57*omri02 drives over lImbus
14:58:25*omri02 slaps lImbus around with Windows Me
14:59:22BBubomri02: take a look on the homepage
14:59:29BBubit should answer all your questions
15:00:22soshthnx lImbus! i got two AJB Recorders 20 wich i thought, thy are identically. but on one Recorder the remote works, on the other the remote dosn't. :-(
15:01:36soshi got the CDC Simulator from Matthias Klumpp in my car. wich works fine with the one, the other one dosnt.
15:01:53soshboth recorders with Rockbox 2.3
15:02:19soshare there different Hardware Versions ?
15:03:03 Join MooMaunder [0] (~me@
15:04:48omri02well, it actualy didnt
15:05:00omri02one thing is, i wanted to know how the port is going
15:05:14omri02and thay say in the forums that the wiki isnt updated
15:05:31omri02and the other was wanting to know if you need any hardware contributions
15:05:43omri02since i spend alot of time in the conexant labs
15:05:51omri02i might be able to get some stuff....
15:06:23*lImbus wakes up
15:07:17lImbusomri02: only a few people are working on the iRiver port. Namely LinusN
15:07:31lImbusZagor and Bagder see him daily, so they are on track as well
15:07:52omri02well, you know when thay might be here?
15:07:55lImbusThat hardware-contribution-thingy may be VERY intresting. Try to bug them :-)
15:08:03lImbusno, I don't know anything.
15:08:22omri02allso, do you know if there is anyone here in israel?
15:08:31omri02that is a part of the project that is
15:08:34lImbusmhmm. not that I know
15:08:37omri02i whold love to contribute...
15:09:07omri02am a programer with some knolidge in asm but never programed embedded, sounds perty intrasting
15:09:31lImbusit actually is
15:09:55omri02are you an embedded programer
15:10:01omri02where are you from?
15:10:07lImbusthis shows all devices
15:10:16lImbusomri02: belgium/germany
15:10:37lImbussosh: if the devices look the same, it should work on both
15:10:37omri02are you a programer?
15:10:58lImbusyup, but I did not yet contribute actively to rockbox-code
15:12:09lImbusomri02: see this for a progress-indicator:
15:12:13soshThnx lImbus !!
15:12:29lImbussosh: what ? thats all ? problem solved ?
15:12:39omri02yea, i sow that but its kinda out of date...
15:12:56soshhm . now i know that i need to search some bended pin or such ..
15:13:01omri02i sow a post in the forums with a more advanced screenshot
15:13:10lImbusoh, yeah, of course
15:13:28*lImbus gets to get some cookies, as there is a coworker celebrating his birthday.
15:13:29soshlImbus: you speak german ?
15:13:49 Join LePoulpe [0] (
15:21:22 Join sosh_ [0] (
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15:22:08 Nick sosh_ is now known as sosh (
15:23:34amiconn[IDC]Dragon: r u there?
15:26:38 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
15:28:00jypGuten tag
15:30:38lImbussosh: yes, I speak german
15:30:58 Quit LePoulpe ()
15:33:10soshnice ;) so i dont need to gon on with my bad english
15:38:58amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I took a look at the alternative boot rom from this odd player. It did not yet analyze the details, but it seems this is a newer rom
15:39:33amiconnIt contains some more code, but the crucial routines (descramble, uart boot etc) look like they are the same
15:40:19amiconnOnly the first ~6000 bytes are used, and the unused area is zeroed (not 0xFF as with the old rom)
15:42:40[IDC]Dragondid you see a uart boot?
15:42:50[IDC]Dragonah, sorry
15:42:59elinenbewhich player is this?
15:43:02[IDC]Dragonoverlooked that
15:43:25[IDC]Dragonso we can emable that CRC
15:44:32[IDC]Dragonwhat tells you it's newer?
15:50:18soshhm. can anybody definitly say, that there no different Hardware versions on the Jukebox Recorder 20 sold ?
15:51:48soshare there schematics for the recorder 20 v1 available ?
15:53:18amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I only guess it's newer because there is more code
15:53:59amiconnI plan to do a more thorough analysis in the evening
16:02:06[IDC]Dragonthe fact that the Ondio also has our "classic" bootloader leads me to believe the exotic one is older
16:02:18[IDC]Dragonbut, it doesn't matter at all
16:06:48lImbussosh: no, nobody can say. from what we know, any recorder v1 has remote-support. self-made shematics would be in the wiki, if we had.
16:07:51 Part omri02
16:09:33soshIImbus: i found out, that the serial remote is connectet to the Port B 10 / RxD1, i'll check this , when i found the Port b ;)
16:10:02 Join adi|hotel [0] (~chatzilla@
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16:20:03lImbussosh: good luck
16:21:04soshthnx ;)
16:25:02amiconn[IDC]Dragon: If this is an old boot rom, I wonder why the flash of this box is rather new (5.06/5.08, same as mine)
16:26:22sosh lImbus: refering to the doc its pin109 of the SH-1 beast ...
16:27:21lImbusdunno, never had a look at that
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16:44:55elinenbeamiconn, [IDC]Dragon: do either of you have the iriver player?
16:53:05amiconnNot me
16:56:14 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
17:39:20 Join Spida [0] (
17:46:44 Join zeekoe [0] (
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18:26:19 Part lImbus
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18:40:50soshok. i did some measurement.
18:41:25soshthe remote must be connectet to pin 116 (, not 109, was my fault)
18:42:24soshthe recorder, wich remote dosnt work got a resistence of 2k ohm between the ear phone serial remote pin and the Pin 116
18:42:57soshand the workin recorder got a resistence oh 0 (zero) ohm
18:45:03soshand there layout is a little different different..
18:47:25soshlImbus: what do you think?
18:57:39 Join pfavr [0] (
19:05:58[IDC]Dragonsosh: I think you can fix it :-)
19:09:38soshi'am only a litte bit confused. theres seem to be no restitor between the SH-1 Pin and the *outside world* , isnt that a little bit unsecure ?
19:10:42soshmy electronic skills arn't that good, but in most cases there are resistors to the outside world to prevent to much current ?!
19:18:19[IDC]Dragonyou won't find resistors on the outher interface pins, neiter
19:18:54[IDC]Dragonsometimes inductors, to prevent EMC to travel in and out
19:19:32soshhm ok. but even an inductor must have some ohms ?
19:19:56[IDC]Dragonmany of the FM models have no remote option, but only lack a zero ohm resistor, everything else is prepared
19:21:01[IDC]Dragonso I suggest tracing from jack to PB10, maybe you find an empty footprint
19:21:42soshpardon my bad english, what means *lack ?
19:23:00soshi'll try to solde a direct cable between PB10 and the ear jack
19:23:12[IDC]Dragonthat'll do
19:24:16soshthnx. i'll let you know what happend ;)
19:30:56amiconn[IDC]Dragon, Bagder: I just had an idea how to prevent unnecessary disk spinups on shutdown.
19:31:37amiconnThe spinup is there to save the config, but we only need to save if something really changed.
19:32:31amiconnSo we could calculate a checksum across the config block (or global settings structure, doesn't matter which one) directly after loading the settings.
19:33:10[IDC]Dragonah, ok, I'm glad you didn't want to back it up
19:33:42amiconnThis checksum will only be updated if the configuration gets saved.
19:33:56[IDC]Dragonthat CRC routine should be exported into a module, it's useful at various places
19:34:14[IDC]DragonI already regret doing only a CRC16
19:34:20amiconnOn shutdown, we calculate the checksum again and compare with the stored one. The config gets only saved when there is a difference
19:35:17amiconnYou do have a crc32 routine, don't you? (Iirc it's in the flash plugin(s))
19:35:58amiconnRather than doing the calculate and compare on shutdown only, this could be done in the config save itself, only saving if something changed
19:36:14[IDC]Dragonbut the boot rom CRC is already popular in 16 bit
19:36:30[IDC]Dragonbtw, the settings already have a checksum
19:36:38[IDC]Dragona primitive one
19:36:45amiconnYes it is, but there is nothing that prevents us to calculate a crc32 and switch over
19:36:56[IDC]Dragonwe could change that into a CRC
19:38:06amiconnI vaguely remember that the config block is pretty much filled up, but when I checked my disk images while searching for the fat16 problems, I found it isn't.
19:38:34amiconnThe config block is defined to be 256 bytes, but one sector has twice the space...
19:38:38[IDC]Dragonthe RTC is, not the sector
19:38:59amiconnRTC is much smaller, I know
19:41:02amiconnThe config block checksum is 16 bit
19:41:31[IDC]Dragonso we could change this into a CRC16
19:41:54 Quit Nibbler ("reboot")
19:42:07[IDC]Dragonah, no
19:42:27[IDC]Dragonit's the checksum across the RTC part only (I guess)
19:42:30amiconn...and is calculated across the RTC block only, which is the opposite of what we need for the HD settings.
19:43:10amiconnWe would need 2 checksums, one across the RTC part, and one across the HD part (resp. across both parts for units without RTC)
19:43:35 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20050105]")
19:44:26[IDC]Dragonthe RTC part is on the HD, too
19:44:39[IDC]Dragonso you only need that
19:45:44amiconnThat would be sub-optimal, because if (on units with RTC) only RTC settings are changed, we wouldn't need to save the HD settings
19:46:23 Join sosh__ [0] (
19:46:45[IDC]Dragonwe do, because on boot the RTC part gets overloaded by the HD sector, iirc
19:47:14[IDC]Dragonsorry, can't be
19:47:33[IDC]Dragonelse the resume info, etc, would be useless
19:48:28amiconnBtw, in order to implement my idea the checksum does not need to be stored on disk, or within the RTC.
19:49:10amiconnThe RTC-stored checksum is there only to detect invalid config blocks (because either the block format changed, or the RTC is cleared from power loss etc)
19:49:21[IDC]Dragonyes, that's true
19:50:01[IDC]Dragonstill, a CRC16 there would be better than a plain 16 bit checksum
19:50:02amiconnBut the checksum(s) could be used for both purposes...
19:51:21amiconnOf course.
19:52:15[IDC]Dragonexcept for speed
19:52:37[IDC]Dragonthis checksum must get written with every RTC update?!
19:52:54[IDC]Dragonwhich is every second during playback, iirc
19:53:29[IDC]Dragonbtw, there are more configs in other sectors
19:53:38amiconnYes, but I don't think this is a problem.
19:53:52[IDC]Dragone.g. the pathname of the current file
19:54:25[IDC]Dragonall which requires a full path and is not of fixed, short length
19:54:39[IDC]Dragonbut I never looked into that
19:55:08[IDC]DragonI only remember Linus saying so
19:55:32amiconnI do only know exactly one config sector, which has the delayed write. The currently playing playlist is controlled by the playlist control file, and the resume position is *not* stored as a path
19:55:43amiconn...but only as an index into the playlist
19:56:02[IDC]Dragonmaybe that has changed meanwhile
19:56:19[IDC]Dragonmy knowledge is older than the playlist control file
19:57:03[IDC]Dragonin general, the "trend" was to move away from this special sector, in favour of a plain config file
19:57:31 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:57:42[IDC]Dragonhas the advantage that you can delete it from USB to get rid of malicious settings
19:57:48 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
19:58:25[IDC]DragonI still want to implement that "use only default settings" boot hotkey
19:58:49[IDC]Dragonlike a safe mode, but we have no F4 ;-)
20:00:05amiconnAs long as I code for rockbox, the playlist and resume mechanism has always been the same.
20:00:13*[IDC]Dragon needs to leave
20:00:30amiconnI just checked cvs; the resume index was there since August 2002 or so
20:00:49[IDC]Dragonand the control file?
20:01:56amiconnNeed to check, but I believe this is even older
20:02:36amiconnThe control file does only need updating when you change the playlist itself (add, delete etc), not while just playing
20:02:36[IDC]DragonI really gotta go, cu
20:02:47 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
20:04:28 Quit sosh (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:09:02 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:19:00 Join markuman [0] (
20:21:48markumansry. what is rockbox?
20:22:06webmindopensource firmware
20:22:15webmindmade originally for the archos jukebox
20:22:55markumanoh...ok. thx
20:24:19 Part markuman ("Verlassend")
20:27:11 Nick sosh__ is now known as sosh (
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20:33:26 Join Bluechip [0] (
20:36:53zeekoehelp! :-/
20:37:07zeekoei get a I09: CPUAdrEr
20:37:12zeekoewhat do i do wrong?
20:38:18zeekoei added an extra setting in the menu, but when i enter the menu item, i get this
20:49:12amiconnDo you get a warning when you compile this?
20:49:34amiconnThe settings functions make extensive use of pointers.
20:50:10amiconnPerhaps you hand one such function a value where it expects a pointer.
20:52:31 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:59:01zeekoeno warnings at all
21:01:13zeekoeso it's something with pointers?
21:01:30zeekoehmm.. my mommy says i need to drink tea...
21:01:34zeekoebtw, here's the diff
21:02:00amiconnI think so. Pointers are 32 bit (long) values, and the SH1 CPU doesn't like it if long values are not 32 bit aligned.
21:02:36 Part Bluechip
21:05:40amiconnzeekoe: The problems is most likely in static bool autoloadconfig(void)
21:06:01amiconnYour new setting is a boolean setting (yes/no), and has to be handled as such
21:06:35amiconnThis is even much simpler, look at e.g. static bool status_bar(void) how this is done
21:07:37amiconnIn your implementation, you hand the settings function a pointer to a bool, but tell it that this is an int pointer...
21:08:05amiconnstatic bool autoloadconfig(void)
21:08:55 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:08:58amiconn  return set_bool( str(LANG_AUTOLOADCONFIG), &global_settings.autoloadconfig );
21:10:49zeekoethat's easy...
21:12:19 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:12:24zeekoethe compiler likes it, for a start
21:16:20zeekoeit works :)
21:24:58 Join Stryke` [0] (
21:45:23 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
21:45:23 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:57:03 Quit BBub (""Fange nie an aufzuhören. Höre nie auf anzufangen." - Tiki")
22:14:34 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:14:46[IDC]Dragonhi again
22:15:03[IDC]DragonI should install an IRC client on this notebook
22:15:28[IDC]Dragonon the desktop, I have mirc, but don't like it too much
22:15:37[IDC]Dragonany recommendations?
22:15:49*Bagder uses xchat, even on windows
22:15:52amiconnI'm using HydraIRC. Imho it's quite good
22:16:54amiconnI was slightly wrong concerning the playlist control file. This was added with dynamic playlists, on 1 Jul 2003
22:20:53amiconnI tried Xchat before; I didn't like it...
22:22:45[IDC]Dragonme neither
22:28:06 Join [IDC]Dragon2 [0] (
22:28:50[IDC]Dragon2lots of stuff on screen here in HydraIRC
22:29:58amiconnYup. But you can group, fold or disable any of these additional windows - very flexible
22:30:00[IDC]Dragon2better now, I clicked most of it away
22:30:17[IDC]Dragonbye CGIIRC
22:30:21 Part [IDC]Dragon
22:31:31elinenbeamiconn: HydraIRC is VERY nice.... tight, clean, and quick
22:31:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:32:17[IDC]Dragon2how do I change my nick? set |away?
22:34:50 Nick [IDC]Dragon2 is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
22:35:20[IDC]Dragon... that was a plain /nick command
22:39:03elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: you are on windows/
22:48:29 Join zeekoe_ [0] (
22:48:59 Quit zeekoe ()
22:49:37 Nick zeekoe_ is now known as zeekoe (
22:51:05amiconn[IDC]Dragon: There are no strings in either bootrom :-/
22:51:34[IDC]Dragonyou mean, like a version?
22:51:45[IDC]Dragonfor ours, I know
22:52:09[IDC]Dragondon't worry too much
22:52:39[IDC]Dragonif it does the same, we should just enable the CRC
22:53:24amiconnThe alternate boot rom seems to have garbage where the 0xFF spaces are in the known one, except after ~6000 bytes it is zeroed out
22:53:53amiconnThe main() routine is a little longer
23:01:37 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
23:09:25 Quit zeekoe (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so cool")
23:12:49 Join quelsaruk [0] (
23:12:56quelsarukgood night
23:13:38amiconn[IDC]Dragon: There is more code *before* the main() routine...
23:14:27[IDC]Dragon(no idea how to do highlighting in hydrairc)
23:15:39amiconnOptions->Prefs..., then Buddy Groups->Notifications
23:16:06amiconnThis takes regexps, can colour the highlight text or the line, play a sound...
23:21:54SoulEataso is rockbox looking into the h3xx series at all?
23:22:43BagderSoulEata: rockbox is many independent humans
23:23:13Bagderwe focus on the h1xx to start with
23:23:14SoulEataright but as a group I'm sure they decide what to work on next
23:23:38Bagderyou can affect when the work on the h3xx starts
23:23:41Bagdereveryone can
23:24:15SoulEataand hows that
23:24:16Bagderthere's another group of people working with the gmini
23:24:27BagderSoulEata: research it
23:24:50Bagderdo the same work on the 3xx that is being done on the 1xx
23:25:26Bagderwe are but all volounteers and spare time hackers
23:25:56SoulEatayeah I know. Do you plan on working on the h3xx after the h1xx though?
23:26:27Bagderif we get enough help
23:26:40Bagderwe've bought 1xx players to work on
23:26:46amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The InitMem/CopyMem routines are strange...
23:27:12SoulEatahows the 1xx work going?
23:27:23Bagderslow, but progressing
23:27:40SoulEatawhats the largest progression you think has been made thus far
23:28:01quelsarukamiconn: sorry to bother you again with the HOWTO question, but... do you have some kind of .voice file howto? :D i'll never give up :P
23:28:07BagderSoulEata: you mean that is irivier-specific?
23:28:32amiconnquelsaruk: Hrrrrmmm, still nothing :(
23:28:37Bagderjust the fact that we can boot, flash and run on the unit
23:28:53Bagderall thanks to Linus' hard work
23:29:41quelsarukamiconn: do you have some notes or anything that could help me? i could try to make the howto if you give me some indications and a start point on how to make a .voice file :)
23:31:08amiconnThere is the old rough readme on [IDC]Dragon's web space. However, I refined the process quite a bit (plus some special case that is unhandled in the old description).
23:31:23amiconnI also refined the tools, and made a VBScript
23:32:24quelsarukmaybe with your refined tools and [IDC]Dragon old readme i can mess a bit and make it work :)
23:32:25amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Your CopyMem disassembly is slightly wrong
23:33:13[IDC]Dragonhighlight still not working
23:34:30[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I don't care any more, boot ROM chapter on the "classic" one is closed ;-)
23:35:18quelsaruk( [IDC]Dragon i use kvirc, just in case you want to test. It has highlight and a small pop-up screen that appears when someones calls you or query you)
23:35:29 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:37:22 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:37:49[IDC]Dragonhydrairc crashed on me
23:38:11[IDC]Dragonbut good night anyway
23:38:18 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Client Quit)
23:38:34amiconnI never managed to crash Hydra, strange...
23:39:06 Quit jyp (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:40:17 Join jyp [0] (
23:41:18 Join jyp_ [0] (
23:42:59 Quit sosh ("------ EOF ------")
23:45:25quelsarukamiconn: what's your answer?
23:49:25amiconnI hope to get a wiki article done asap. Currently I'm busy analyzing that alternate boot rom :(
23:50:07quelsarukok, don´t worry :)
23:51:12quelsarukthen, going to sleep! cu another day!
23:51:16 Part quelsaruk

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