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#rockbox log for 2005-01-08

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00:51:14mrsnazzAnybody here using an automobile power adapter?
00:51:39mrsnazzI'm curious how much of a battery train it would be to just leave my archos recorder on during the day in my car, with the engine off
01:20:29midkall day? why? because it takes about 10 seconds to boot? :p
01:20:36midkif "all day" means more than a couple minutes, turn it off.
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01:23:54mrsnazzGee, thanks for the answer. :P
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11:43:49ashridahhm. is it likely to be possible to add crossfading to rockbox when it becomes usable on an iriver?
11:55:29amiconnI don't understand why so many people ask for crossfading...
11:56:04ashridahamiconn: it's mostly to avoid the effect of listening to music that was designed to be played through speakers.
11:56:33ashridahyou notice it mostly because the 'stage' appears to be between your ears with headphones, whereas with speakers, you get a pseudo-stage infront of you
11:56:54ashridahwith proper crossfading, you can get the same effect with headphones.
11:57:17amiconnAh, then you aren't talking about the crossfading I thought.
11:57:24ashridahand it makes some music less annoying to listen to, since some music often puts particular instruments on one speaker only (jazz tracks often do this)
11:57:36ashridahnot crossfading between tracks.
11:57:44ashridahcrossfading between speakers :)
11:58:11BagderI'd call that right-left mixing, not crossfade
11:58:15ashridahcrossfading between tracks means nothing to me, i don't usually use a mix of music, most cds i have are already blended together
11:58:38amiconnYou mean changing the stereo width. This is possible even on the archos units, and actually implemented (somewhat limited; you can select between stereo narrow, stereo, and stereo wide)
11:58:54ashridahBagder: it's still crossfading, but yeah, i could have said 'left-right crossfading' :)
11:59:28amiconnThis could be changed into a very fine-grained setting.
11:59:29Bagderthat's not what most people mean when they speak of crossfade
11:59:49ashridahBagder: i know, most people usually mean mixing the end of one track with the start of another
11:59:58amiconnYes, when someone talks about crossfading, I usually think of crossfading between tracks.
12:00:26ashridahi find that quite jarring, particularly since it's difficult to get the two synced to the same beat without using your ear to do it manually.
12:00:55amiconnI have no use for that, and I even switched off "fade on stop/ pause" in rockbox immediately. When I stop, I mean stop, no time-consuming fading...
12:01:43ashridahi use fade-in, mostly to stop myself deafening myself accidentally :)
12:02:45amiconnBagder: What do you think about a fine-grained stereo width setting, replacing the channel mode?
12:03:16amiconnOf course, this would require to separate the "karaoke" setting, if anyone uses this at all...
12:03:29BagderI certainly wouldn't mind that
12:03:44ashridahbut yeah, the idea is to basically mix more or less of the audio from one channel into the other and vice-versa. you need to do a tiny bit of phase shifting tho, which means you'd need to add extra buffering.
12:04:05ashridahand you'd need to disable it for mono tracks :)
12:06:04amiconnThe phase shifting part is not possible on the archos though. Why do you think it's necessary to disable it for mono tracks?
12:06:42amiconnWith mono tracks, both channels are already identical, so cross-mixing doesn't change anything
12:06:54ashridahmostly because you'd be introducing effectively what is straight echo
12:07:52amiconnBagder: Do you think anyone uses karaoke mode?
12:08:00Bagderno idea really
12:08:03Bagdergotta go
12:08:04ashridahyou need phase shifting, or you don't get the same effect of two separated speakers, you just get two directly infront of you
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18:05:49pikenice work on iriver, saw the dirlisting. soon there hopefully :)
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18:24:20jypCan someone explain me the extact behaviour of load_context & store_context ?
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18:30:00[IDC]Dragonjyp: it save the complete processor state into a piece of memory
18:30:51[IDC]Dragonto allow a task switch
18:31:00jypnow what I don't understand is how it is used;
18:31:12jypwrt. program counter
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18:31:58jypif you restore it as well you'll endup inside store context everytime you do a load, right ?
18:32:46jypmaybe I should just implement it and not ask questions ;)
18:33:29*[IDC]Dragon is not too sure about the PC
18:34:42jypI'll write something & experiment... I come back if not working
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23:30:21PnkyChknhi, anyone around?
23:30:57PnkyChknhi there, quick question
23:31:42PnkyChknI just got a new hard drive for my Studio Jukebox, and I'm trying to install it, but there are these four screws in each corner of the bottom of the HD, and I'm not sure how to take them out
23:32:40Bagderare you sure those should be removed?
23:33:16Bagder"Remove the four hard-drive screws on the sides of the AJB6000. You require a star bit to do this. "
23:33:29Bagder(quote from )
23:33:41Zagoralso known as a torx bit
23:33:57PnkyChknno, I got those screws out
23:34:00PnkyChknthese are bolts really
23:34:09PnkyChknand they're on the hard drive itself, not on the Archos
23:34:31PnkyChknand if I don't remove them, it doesn't fit into the player (and I know it's supposed to fit because it's the same brand as the hard drive I'm replacing.
23:34:52BagderI think you're doing something wrong
23:34:57Zagori've never seen anything you need to remove off a harddrive to fit into the jukebox
23:35:09Zagor(and i've changed a dozen times)
23:35:43BagderPnkyChkn: when you put both drives on the table next to each other, they aren't equally thick?
23:36:11PnkyChknno no, they're equal thickness
23:36:26PnkyChknit's like this
23:36:58PnkyChknon the one I'm replacing, there are the same four threaded holes (where I assume these bolts once were on it)
23:37:05PnkyChknbut on the new one, there are bolts there
23:37:11PnkyChkner a nut
23:37:34PnkyChknlike something you'd need a hex wrench for or something
23:37:40PnkyChknI'm not sure what to do with it
23:37:55Zagorsounds like you got mounting screws included with your new drive
23:38:23PnkyChknso how should I go about dealing with it? Buy a tiny wrench?
23:38:44Zagori don't know what it looks like, so I can't say
23:39:09PnkyChknI must be off, but thanks for the help
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